Beyond Goals and Good Intentions - Building Resolutions You can Keep.

John Starmer, Teach better, learn better.

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10 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. 1 Course Intro

    • 2. 2 GoalvsResolution

    • 3. 3 Mindset

    • 4. 4 Failure

    • 5. 5 Accountability

    • 6. 6 Project Overview

    • 7. 7 Project Resolution

    • 8. 8 Project Objective

    • 9. 9 Project Plan

    • 10. 10 Project Retrospective


About This Class

Have you ever set a goal or made a resolution (think back to last New Year?) with a solid conviction that this would be your time to change the course of your life for the better?

Perhaps you even shared this moment with your friends, loved ones, coworkers...

Then a few months later have you had the opportunity to wisfully, regretfully think back to that exciting moment of resolve only to shrug it off and carry on with life as usual? 

Believe it or not, its not you. Rather it is the approach that you learned about how to tackle challenges is getting in the way.  The idea that good intentions, high motivation and doing the things that are clearly (logically) in our best interest is a strange veneer that covers a seething psychological tug of war between short-term gratification and the long-term uncertainly of many of the goals we set for ourselves.

Even though things like improved health, learning, relationship building or finishing the unfinished are often truly in our best interest, it is also frequently remarkably difficult to start and often if we start, we find the momentum of that optimistic start is so hard to maintain.

In this class we will build short resolution cycles that side-step the psychological pitfalls of inherent in long term plans. Instead we will leverage our built in psychological preferences for the excitement around (little) new things and use that motivation to generate a habit cycle that will actually get us to our goal.