Beyond Cats! Expanding Your Art Style with Procreate | Terry Runyan | Skillshare

Beyond Cats! Expanding Your Art Style with Procreate

Terry Runyan, Visual Artist & Creative Encourager

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9 Lessons (1h 7m)
    • 1. Welcome & Intro

    • 2. Getting Started

    • 3. #3 Layers & Masks

    • 4. Collage Look

    • 5. Textures & Patterns

    • 6. Exporting and the Liquify Tool

    • 7. Tips & Tricks

    • 8. Split Screen & Color

    • 9. Final Thoughts

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About This Class


Welcome to Beyond Cats--Expanding Your Art Style with Procreate!

In this class I will be sharing more than just cats!  I will show you how I use Procreate to achieve my illustration look and all the Procreate tools I use in my process.

We will cover:

* A quick overview of the app and the brushes I use.

*  Using Layer Masks and Clipping Masks to maintain the original layer content.

*  Working with shapes, textures and patterns.

*  How to import painted papers for collage looks.

*  Using split screen for research and color with Pinterest.

*  Color choosing and shading for dimension.

*  Exporting finished artwork plus Adjustment Tools.

*  Bonus tips & tricks while creating a complete illustration from start to finish and more.

To learn more about your unique voice & style, check out my first class "Discovering Your Art Style Through Daily Creating."  You can find it here:  Discovering Your Art Style Through Daily Creating

Also, check out the Daily Creating Group on Facebook!  This is an easy going and encouraging group where you can get inspired to create daily or just hang out!  Link here:  Daily Creating Group

Music used:  

* Bongo_Madness-Quincas Moreira

* Castleshire Chris Haugen

* Merengue_de_Limon Quincas Moreira

* Tango_de_la_Noche-Wayne Jones