Better You, Apply these simple life hacks for an awesome lifestyle change. | Glenn Trujillo | Skillshare

Better You, Apply these simple life hacks for an awesome lifestyle change.

Glenn Trujillo

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17 Lessons (1h 11m)
    • 1. Better You

    • 2. Who is this course for anyway

    • 3. Rise

    • 4. Move

    • 5. Get Ready For Life

    • 6. Tiger Style

    • 7. Drop Out Once In A While

    • 8. Your Choice

    • 9. Different Strokes

    • 10. Thanks

    • 11. Your New Best Friend

    • 12. You And Me

    • 13. Party Time

    • 14. Its Ok To Say

    • 15. The Success List

    • 16. Bed Bugs

    • 17. What Are You Going To Do


About This Class

Have you ever wished that you were more productive? Do you want to be healthier? Happier? But have you yet to find the answer or discover a program that can actually provide this for you? Well that's exactly why I designed the Better You program. The Better You program is a series of life hacks that I have compiled from researching some of the most productive people in the world. I've also applied these techniques to my own life and found that they are not only effective but simple and easy to implement by anyone. So if you're struggling and want to change your life for the better, enroll in this course today, apply these techniques and take laser focused action and you will succeed. This is a simple common-sense approach to some of the most taken for granted and overlooked areas of life. I have condensed them into an easy to digest video course that anyone can benefit from. This is truly an essential life tool that anyone can  begin to use right away. So don't let skepticism or past failures keep you from taking a chance. Enroll today in the Better You program and begin your new life.





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I am a personal coach specializing in Self Re-Creation,Accountability and Relaxation . I also teach Meditation, Visualization and offer private coaching, classes and retreats in the Pacific Northwest. I believe in taking a simple, well organized approach to coaching and utilize a client lead coaching model. I preach life long learning and mind expansion in personal transformation.

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