Better Visual Storytelling || discover & play with contextual contrast | Lucy Lambriex | Skillshare

Better Visual Storytelling || discover & play with contextual contrast

Lucy Lambriex, Let’s feel great around the camera!

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12 Videos (11m)
    • Intro

    • Take a moment

    • What is Contextual Contrast?

    • Small, large & forced perspective

    • Proximity

    • Real fake

    • Now & then

    • Sit still, let's move

    • Interspecies

    • (Don't) act your age

    • Out of context

    • Grande finale


About This Class

Visual Storytelling is here to stay. If you want people to pay attention to your brand or cause and to remember it, visual stories are it. In this new series of classes you will learn about and practice with several aspects that make for a compelling story.

Visual stories can consist of one image, a series of images, cinemagraphs or video. In this first class the focus is on Contextual Contrast, which is a lot fun to work with and it will hugely improve your visual stories. Contextual contrast appears when two different objects, qualities or meanings are juxtaposed. 

The class is full of short and simple assignments to help you play and practice with this aspect of visual storytelling.

Come join me on this short and playful adventure!

Lucy Lambriex


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This teacher is amazing, it makes you confident, it's clear and it's very inspiring! :) I love all her classes
Soraya García

Knitting is the new black!

Pure Gold lessons.
A pleasure to watch!
Charlotte Kan

Teacher: Hand Embroidery / Sewing





Lucy Lambriex

Let’s feel great around the camera!

How would you feel if cameras were your friend? If you are camera shy or feel intimidated by photographic technique, keep reading! No matter which side of the lens you are on, I make photography and video creation a less daunting experience. 

If you need good portraits for your business or private life, I'll help you gain the courage to show up in front of the camera for your portrait or talking head video. Even if you are camera shy.


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