Better (and Easier) Strategic Planning For Small-Business Owners And Solo Entrepreneurs

Shelly Moreau, Generating Strategic Writing Results

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7 Videos (32m)

    • SKILLSHARE What Strategic Planning Is

    • SKILLSHARE Class Project Mission and Vision Statements

    • SKILLSHARE Your Plan's Outline

    • SKILLSHARE Action Plan I

    • SKILLSHARE Action Plan Part II

    • SKILLSHARE Project Management and To Do Lists


About This Class


Class Description

For small-business owner and solo entrepreneurs, every day is a new opportunity and possibility for growth and success. But that doesn’t mean you should pursue every thing that comes your way.

You can’t afford time-wasting, trivial tasks or projects that don’t fulfill your long-term dreams and goals. You need a clear plan to guide you to making the right decisions that are worth your time and energy…

A Strategic Plan fits the bill and I want to share my expertise with other small-business owners and solo entrepreneurs like you so you can create your plan for success too.

This class will help you transform your vague business ideas and goals into something feasible and concrete you can envision and achieve, and frame those aspirations within realistic activities and steps to lead you to success.

Following this course, you'll have a clear path to follow to business growth and success.

On the way through, be sure to pick up your copies all the documents I've created to help you through this course.

My goal is to help you create the strategy you need to move forward with confidence and certainty.

Best wishes for your business success.






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Shelly Moreau

Generating Strategic Writing Results

About Shelly Moreau

Before turning to a career as a professional copywriter, Shelly devoted nearly thirty years in an administrative support capacity, serving many companies, in a variety of positions and industries.

As she continued delivering administrative expertise, she also wrote numerous how-to and procedures documents for her workplace’s needs. And as years rolled on, Shelly became more and more enamoured with writing until it became bigger than her.

In 2012, after much consideration, she surrendered to the longing to do something that provided deeper fulfillment. That’s when she decided to take the leap and turned to copywriting as her new profession.

 A New Career

Today as a professional copywriter, Shelly works with business owners in varied industries to help them generate effective marketing results through great messaging.

But Shelly also continues to rely on the previous skills and business mindset that guided her through nearly three decades. It’s that knowledge and expertise that influence her every day as she manages her own business, establishes mechanisms and systems to keep moving forward, deals with clients, and reaches for her goals.

And it’s from this influential and extensive background and her ‘way with words’ that this resource (among others) and course have sprung.

To date, Shelly is the author of five publications (and two info-graphics) on the subjects of copywriting principles, real estate writing, direct mail marketing, and strategic planning.

Shelly also  produces a regular monthly blog and YouTube video - sharing her expertise - and continues to develop new and valuable information products for small-business and solo entrepreneurs to benefit from.