Bestselling T-shirt Design Mastery With Adobe Illustrator | Merch By Amazon, Teespring

Masuk Sarker Batista, Bestselling Instructor, 75000+ Students

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38 Lessons (2h 5m)
    • 1. Enroll Now

    • 2. Get 7-Days Free Trial Of Adobe Illustrator CC

    • 3. Setting Up Your Artboard / Create A New Document

    • 4. Quick Explanation Of Important Adobe Illustrator Toolbars

    • 5. Add Custom Color For Quick Use

    • 6. Save Your Current Artboard And Export Your Design

    • 7. Section Intro - Colorful Typography T-shirt Design

    • 8. Add Text In Artboard

    • 9. Create Different Shape & Use Clipping Mask To Finish The Design

    • 10. Section Intro - ROCKSTAR T-shirt Design Using Basic Shapes And Art Brush

    • 11. Create Different Type Of Shapes For Designing

    • 12. Create A Custom Shape & Use It As A Art Brush

    • 13. Finally Add Color To Finish The Design

    • 14. Section Intro - Design A Comic Based T-shirt

    • 15. Add Shapes To Start Designing

    • 16. Add Text And Customize Them To Finish The Design

    • 17. Section Intro - Simplistic Slogan Based T-shirt Design

    • 18. Add Slogan In T-shirt Design

    • 19. Collect Images, Customize & Put Them In Design Artboard

    • 20. Section Intro - Create A Hot Selling T-shirt (Legend Who Was Born In *****)

    • 21. Adding Text In Artboard

    • 22. Adding Shapes & Customize Text

    • 23. Export The Design With Transparent Background

    • 24. Section Intro - Create An Amazing Fitness T-shirt Design

    • 25. Adding Text To Start Designing

    • 26. Adding Shapes & Customize both Shapes, Text Using Free Transform Tool

    • 27. Adding Color On T-shirt & Finish The Design

    • 28. Section Intro - Design A Cool T-Shirt Design Using Only Fonts

    • 29. Add Text And Create Shapes

    • 30. Give The Finishing Touch Of Design & Export It

    • 31. Section Intro - Turn Your Plain Text To An Awesome T-shirt Design

    • 32. Design Different Shapes

    • 33. Use Of Clipping Mask

    • 34. Make The Design Colorful

    • 35. T-Shirt Design Within 1 minute - Awesome Tricks

    • 36. Finding Vectors To Do Your T-shirt Designing FAST

    • 37. How to Create a Grunge Effect in Illustrator

    • 38. Conclusion + BONUS


About This Class


Do you want to learn T-shirt designing from the very beginning to advance?

Do you want to save money on hiring designers & create your own t-shirt designs?

If 'YES' then you are in the right place. Even if you've never touched Adobe Illustrator in your life. Because I teach you How To Design Bestselling T-shirt Using Illustrator With Easy To Follow Step-by-step Videos.

A short introduction about myself: I am Masuk Sarker Batista & I have been selling t-shirts online for 4+ years and still now. In that time I have gathered lots of experience & I know what people are looking for when they want to buy any t-shirt. Also, I am a best seller in Merch by Amazon & Redbubble platform. 

We all know T-shirt industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and in online it is a fastest growing part of this industry. You can easily sell your designed t-shirts on different platforms. For example Merch by Amazon, Teespring, Teemill, Redbubble etc. And you will able to make money by selling your t-shirts. 

Selling T-shirts is a competitive business with a lot of sellers fighting for the attention and money of targeted buyers. In my 4 years of experience, I have noticed one constant factor. Which is: GOOD DESIGNS WILL ALWAYS SELL BEST.

This online course will teach you how to design eye catchy t-shirt that will catch the buyer's attention and these things will be invaluable to your T-shirt selling business success. Not only that, but I also dedicated an entire section with quick and easy techniques that you can follow and apply to ANY T-shirt. 

This is actually fun to learn by actually doing. And after taking this course you will learn how to design t-shirts in illustrator with different tools and techniques. Hopefully using these techniques and using your creativity you will able to create much more amazing t-shirts.

Among the lectures you will learn about colorful typography t-shirt design, Rockstar t-shirt design with few different shapes and using art brush, Comic based design, Simplistic Slogan Based design, Fitness related t-shirt design and also we will design some hot selling t-shirts. 

Here I also share few cool tricks and by using these tricks you will able to design your t-shirt within few minutes and I will keep this section constantly updated with new and interesting techniques regularly. This course definitely will blow you away!

I will guide you every step of the way and are here to make sure you succeed in your ventures. I hope you are enjoying the course. Please contact me anytime for additional questions/support. I'm always here to help you to achieve your learning goals and looking forward to your success.