Best of Both Worlds: Design a Mural through Digital & Analog Workflows | Mimi Chao | Skillshare

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Mimi Chao, story + illustration |

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7 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Intro | Class Trailer!

    • 2. 01 | What You'll Learn

    • 3. 02 | Designing Digital-First with Procreate

    • 4. 03 | Designing Your Mural

    • 5. 04 | Prepping To Paint Your Design

    • 6. 05 | Painting Your Mural Design

    • 7. 06 | Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Welcome! In this class I will show you how I design and paint a mural using a combination of digital and traditional tools. Murals are the framework—the design thinking skills are universal!

You'll Learn:

  • How to take a good reference photo and drop it in to Procreate
  • Design with your photo so you keep context in mind
  • Experiment in Procreate, making the most of digital adjustment tools
  • Translate your digital design onto a wall
  • What paint and materials I use to paint my murals (here's a link to my list!)
  • Tips and advice along the way :)

All Levels Welcome!

If you know how to draw already, great! Now you'll be able to get your paintings onto a wall. If you can't draw, no worries—start with simple shapes! Some triangles make a great modern mountain motif. There's lots of simple inspo on Pinterest :)


My Experience

I love using digital tools to enhance or streamline my workflows even when I'm working with traditional media. I started with digital painting and when I had the opportunity to paint a large mural, I was really nervous! I didn't find that many video tutorials on how to paint a mural, but luckily I have an amazing friend who gave me some advice and also I also found some good articles along the way.


Class Content

Now, three client murals later, I want to share my experience by using a small wall in my own home to show you each step in my process. Being able to use my own personal mural as the example also allows me to talk freely about my design process and how I tailor it to fit the space and emotion I want.


If you've enjoyed my past classes, I think you'll enjoy this one too. There's something in it for everyone, even if you just want to sit back and enjoy watching some mural painting timelapses :)

Cheers! -Mimi