Best WordPress Website Creation and Hosting System with Affiliate Marketing! | Jerry Banfield | Skillshare

Best WordPress Website Creation and Hosting System with Affiliate Marketing!

Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

Best WordPress Website Creation and Hosting System with Affiliate Marketing!

Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

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12 Lessons (2h 2m)
    • 1. Welcome! I wish this class was available for me when I started my business online!

    • 2. Executive summary of my website with WordPress

    • 3. Part 1 Introduction! Best WordPress Website Creation and Hosting System with Affiliate Marketing

    • 4. How to build the website, hire help, and earn money making websites on upwork!

    • 5. Affiliate marketing setup with footer links plus a bitly custom short domain

    • 6. What email marketing provider do I use

    • 7. The system I used to get 400 blog posts on my website fast in my voice

    • 8. WordPress plugins, collecting emails, consistency, and more questions

    • 9. Part 2 Introduction! Why I switched to the Google Cloud Platform managed by Kinsta

    • 10. With my faster website hosting, I have improved my website rapidly!

    • 11. Why I deleted my email list!

    • 12. Thank you for watching! Would you help teach this class?

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About This Class

After 5 years doing business online see what I use on with Wordpress to create and host my website while making commissions from affiliate marketing! See my hosting plan using GoDaddy managed WordPress at View my domain registrar GoDaddy at My WordPress theme is called Enfold at I was a customer at HostGator before with a dedicated server and would go back to them If I had to switch, I would try managed WordPress hosting next with Bluehost at because they are officially recommended by WordPress. While I designed my own website, if you need help hiring a freelancer on might save you thousands of dollars versus finding a company to make a website for your business.

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Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes


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BIO: 6 years sober, 4 years plant based diet, 7 years married, 4 years parenting, and 9 years as an entrepreneur online with 103 video classes on Skillshare, 21 books, 1082+ blog posts, 2,500+ YouTube videos, 1,000+ podcast episodes, and 70 songs on iTunes/Spotify!

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1. Welcome! I wish this class was available for me when I started my business online!: welcome to the best WORDPRESS website creation and hosting system with simple affiliate marketing built in I'm Jerry Banfield and everything I'm doing is in this class is exactly what I'm doing on my website. I think you're going to love this class because it's a two part class. I initially made this class in December 2000 and 16 showing a set up I was using. That works really good from starting out from zero when you're just beginning your business up till having thousands of visitors per day and selling products on your website. So I show you exactly how I started this. And then when I do in the second part of the class, will show you how I changed my web host to allow me to scale up my business so that I can now if I go by rolling, get a 1,000,000 visitors and one day I can handle it with my new set up. So the first set up I show you is perfect for getting started and then I show you a few changes you can make to scale things up. The beauty of this class is you can see I'm doing everything or have done in upgraded everything in this class on my existing website. So I think the bottom line is you can look on my website and verify I'm doing exactly what I tell you about on here. I think one of the coolest things you'll like I have a resource is page on my website for affiliate links and then I have a footer in the bottom that directs people over there instead of wasting clicks on something like a generic footer. So I've got lots of little tricks like this. I think you'll love in this class plus the best of things that took me five years to discover the hard way which website host? So I use what content measurements off or how do I lay my website. I want WordPress theme All these things that were really frustrating for me. You can simply watch this course and avoid all of the pain and frustration that I've experienced in five years off changing Web host setting my website up with different ways, you can just watch and see what already works for me. If you like what works for me, then it's easy. Just do what I do and you'll have what I have. Thank you so much for getting started with this class. I am really excited to have a chance to share with you today and hope this class is great for you. 2. Executive summary of my website with WordPress: thank you very much for getting started with this class. I am so pumped, passion and excited over the moon that you're here because I think you will really benefit from watching what I do on my website and applying it to your own website. One of the foundations off this class is my resource is Paige and I think everyone should have a resource. Is page on their website wise A business? If anything, just so I can go to your resource is page compare notes and see. What do you use in your business? 10 I use in my business and compare so you can see exactly what I'm using today in my business that rather it's 2000 and 17 and February is one of filming. Or rather, 2018 19. You can go right here to this page and see exactly what I'm using today in my business, regardless of whenever you're watching this. So this foundation off this business is to show you what I'm using so that you can just use that and substitute different options. Now I'll give you an executive summary of the entire class right here in this lecture because I realized for like me or might already put it on two times speed. So I think it's funny if I start talking faster on purpose because then you have to slow it down. And then I will resume the normal talking pace where you can speed it up in all of sudden, be talking really fascinating, like Oh my God, what do I do? What I do. So here's the executive summary. I've got a resource is Page. You can simply look at what I use and this course the two part system. I'll show you briefly both parts right now. So I'm the resource is Page. I've got exactly what I use and I've got a little note here. As you'll see, that explains some of the links on this page of my affiliate links, which means if you click them immediately, make a purchase, I may make a small commission at no extra cost to you. Would you use these links as a freeway to tip me for sharing something with you that you might have already wanted to buy? So I think this is nice to have a little a page. You now get the point this whole page then this is what I use in my business. So you can see which web hosting I used today where I host my domain. Why host my WordPress? Which WordPress theme I used etcetera in all the other stuff in my business is all on this page. So I'm going to do is use this page to show you the basics off what I used to host my website and to get my business online. So here's what I use I start off with Go Daddy. So I've gotta go, Daddy for 99 cents. So I'll click over here on apply coupon. It takes me over here 99 cent dot com So I chose jerry banfield dot com because that's my name. And theoretically, that should never change. Now, whatever I do in my life may change. I'm teaching classes online today, but I've just started playing music in designing shirts. Self. The main thing I get into his music and shirts. Jury banfield dot com is still the right. You are all for it. If I get into selling real estate someday, jerry banfield dot com will still work for that. If I start taking space trips and going to Mars than jerry banfield dot com will still work for that. What you want is a domain name that you never have to change because it takes a long, long mom long, really long time to get your domain right good and to bring it up and search. Because Google doesn't trust brand new domains because anyone can thought the brand new domain and try and get traffic. Google likes to send visitors who are searching toe websites who are established, improving, trustworthy, so get a domain name. And ultimately, you want Google to send people to your website. So get a domain name. You never have to change and get in domain name that's transparent. Don't get a domain name. You're just going to be filthy with new a bunch of nasty things with and then just throw it out with your name. You'll behave better on your website, and that's good. You don't want to waste your time doing things that aren't like that. So grab. I got a domain name from Go Daddy Go, Daddy seems to be the consensus from where to host a website now. I used to have go Daddy website hosting, and I switched away from that. I've since switched to Kinston a dot com, because kinston dot com is scalable for my current needs. So Go Daddy managed WordPress website hosting was really cheap. Now, if you don't like Go Daddy, you don't want to use Go Daddy, that's fine. But there is one main thing you really need. It's called managed WordPress hosting. If you get anything out of this class advantaged WordPress hosting, that's what you really need. Because you combine WordPress, which is the content management system or, in other words, the graphical user interface that you can simply put stuff on your website and it will organize it without having the code. What you really really need is managed. WordPress hosting 27% of the Internet is powered by WordPress and managed WordPress. Hosting is what you use to get that power at your disposal for the lowest cost and the highest speed. So go Daddy managed WordPress Hosting worked really good for me for the first several years of my business until I outgrew it. Any managed WordPress hosting that's cheap. If you do well, if you get 1000 plus visits a day to your website. If you start doing things like I am on my home page and selling courses, if you start doing things like that, you will outgrow your cheap managed WordPress. But I suggest unless you can afford, if you can afford the $100 a month right from the beginning to go with something like insta , so you never have to change. I've got a direct link to Kinston, which is not an affiliate link, because they do not have an affiliate program right now. So I have a direct link to those thing I'm using. But if you want the absolute cheapest and you don't plan on having 1000 visitors a day and selling a bunch of products on your website within the next year or two, then a managed WordPress hosting will be the lowest cost, and you can get that from about anywhere. Go Daddy. It's something as little as five or $10 a month. You get the highest they have for like, 20 month. It's really cheap. So just you can Google manage WordPress hosting and get that about anywhere. But I recommend if you have serious traffic. And if you want the absolute best performance on your website, go, go look around my website. You don't have to believe me. Click around stuff, see how fast my website loads. You could just roll through things. Blawg Resource is services. I mean, I just go click everywhere, and it just loads everything stupid fast. Look how fast that is. That is amazing. My go Daddy did not load nearly that fast. Now for ranking and Google, Here's a big trick. I've got four year. This is called in the Google Webmaster Tools. It's called crawl stats. It's over here on the left column under crawl crawl stats. Now this a little bit of advanced temple. This the executive summer something. Listen up front now. My go Daddy website was getting 1000 visitors a day and slowing down. But on Ken's toe, look how fast Google is downloading my website. That gives me a much better spot in search results. So what? I hope this Executive summer has given you a good introduction into the big picture of the whole system. The last thing the plug in is then a WordPress theme. So you need a domain you need manage WordPress hosting. You need a WordPress theme. This is the theme I use, and if you use my link here, I may get a much is $15 or so, maybe less. And if you buy the theme directly after using my link, you don't have to buy my team. Know if you buy anything through theme for So this is the ANV Addo and Votto marketplace, and I recommend go to this marketplace either you, if you like the exact look of my website or would like anything similar, all the colors can change the basic layouts. You can grab my exact theme, so that's what I did. I had a friend rhyme Are that rhyme? Are dot com He was using The Unfold thing. I literally grabbed his exacting because I liked house Website looked that much, so I grabbed his exact theme. However, you can also go shop over here. You can click on WordPress, you can go shop all the themes, and it will give you all the best teams in here. So it'll show you exactly what everyone's buying. You can sort through and see the most popular items that everyone's using now so you can just scroll on the marketplace. There's tons of WordPress themes you might like. If you want a corporate theme, for example, you can go look around here and see the corporate themes you can sort them by the most sales so you can do best sellers. For example, you'll see that the unfold theme I have is one of the best sellers. But there's another one that's an even better seller. So I recommend Grab a proven WordPress theme that has consistent support because all you need to do then is just put stuff on your website. You don't have to fool around with any of the technical details. You could just put stuff on your website. So I hope in the nine minutes so far of this executive summary, I've given you the most critical points off this class up front. I've given you a system to start off. I've given you a system to do affiliate marketing, have given you a system to get your website hosted to scale up, and then a nice little trick I like is to have a link down here that asks what Web hosted WordPress theme Do I use instead of just giving jury Banfield copyright 2000 and 17 instead of giving something like that, get people that ask a question and then people go down here and click, and then that gets them on. My resource is page instead of sending them directly. So that's another change I just made since the original lessons. So what I'm going to do now I'm going to give you where I originally filmed this course in December 2000 and 16 and then after that I will give you much more in detail about what I was using. Then and then I will come in again at the end and show you a few of the changes I made to this existing system in more detail and explain more why I made them. If you find anything in this course that you like, if you find one tip that you apply, would you please leave a positive review on this class? Why? Because that's what I do when I go take other classes. If there's even one thing, one thing, all I look for one thing. Can I get one tip that's helpful? Can I get inspired to try one new thing based on that class, If I get one new thing out of another class, I leave a good review. I say I put a thumbs up or five stars say thank you very much for having this class. I learned to do this, whatever I did in the class and I actually did it. So I encourage you actually apply something because it doesn't matter how many things, you know, it matters how you translate what you know into what you dio. You can know how to build all these things, but I've actually got a website online. So it wouldn't matter if I didn't If I knew how to do this or not. It matters about doing it and putting it out there. And I appreciate the chance to share with you. And here I make these videos every day in one class or another. So I hope this is really useful for you. I hope you love and enjoy the class 3. Part 1 Introduction! Best WordPress Website Creation and Hosting System with Affiliate Marketing: posting system. So here we go. Thank you very much for watching this. This video has several purposes that I'll try and explain right now as best I can for wherever you're watching it. This video's going live on YouTube and Facebook, and it's also as a free class on skill share. There's a $10 big coin give away at the end of the live free video here on YouTube and Facebook, and there's $100 giveaway each month on skill share for premium members. The purpose of this video is to show you the best way to get your website hosted and a made online and even to simply integrate honest affiliate marketing with it. So I'm gonna show you what I'm doing on my website right now. I'll give you a few alternatives, and I'll cover each of these scenarios rather your business owner just contemplating making a website online. Whether you've already got a website online and you want to make affiliate commissions or whether you'd like to start doing more websites and build, that is a business. I hope this will be useful for you because I make free tutorials on a daily basis that's I'm grateful to have the chance to do that because I wish someone would have told me these kinds of things when I started my business five years ago. So first, let's look at my website and see what I'm using right now. This is my website. This I created this website myself using a theme and I'll show you the exact theme I'm using on this website and I'll show you each thing I'm doing with it. So here's my website. I've got a nice menu up here with links to everything. I have YouTube videos here. I have links to subscribe on YouTube. I've got links to my Facebook group. I'm selling courses on my website, so my website makes about two or 300 a day in sales. I have my books on here that I've got direct links to, and all of these things are built in and very easy to use. I didn't have to custom program anything. All of this is very easy to do and get help with. So this is my front page. My wife says it has a few too many things on it, and she's probably right. I try and throw in everything I do right here on my front page. Then I've got links to some of my most essential areas. Like scheduling a call here. I've gotten email subscription widget. I've got courses listed. I have blogged post Twitter follower of Facebook like and then I'll show you where I'm doing my affiliate marketing. So take a look down here on the bottom. Take a look down here on the bottom and see these little links I've got now each of these links. I just rewrote this. It says if you can't see it down here, it says click to see where I registered my domain, who I trust to host my website and which WordPress theme I use. I set it up this way to encourage people to click toe look, instead of just simply saying what I use. That way, I'm taking the best chance of getting affiliate commissions, and then I'm encouraging people to go look for themselves. Whereas I used to just say I have go Daddy down here. So if someone already hurt has heard go, Daddy, they're probably not going to click or look after that. So what? I've got you When you click over here, it takes you through an affiliate link and then it sends you to go. Daddy, where then? I have a coupon. Is an affiliate for a 99 cent domain. And go. Daddy probably gives everyone else 99 cent domain as well dot com. So I've got that directly linked. So this is exactly what I use for my domain name. I've had domains with several other providers. I am by far the happiest with go Daddy. And they don't give me anything except affiliate commissions if you use my link. So I'm just telling you this because this is what I use. I tried doing it differently. When I started my business, I tried to pick some web host and domain register, I found, and it was horrible, horrible, awful, terrible experience. Go. Daddy works really good. Which is why I also used Go Daddy Managed WordPress. This is what I use. Go Daddy managed WordPress. Now this exact phrasing combined with Ward presses key the website. I've shown you how to make here at most of the feedback on it's been very positive. It looks good. It's got tons of functionality. I've made 50 plus $1000 in sales on this website directly through the website and then my entire business system has made hundreds of thousands of dollars profit this year, with my website being the foundational passed through most people that have ah lot of my sales have come either through my website or actually on my website. So this go daddy managed WordPress Hosting is very effective and it's very cost effective. So why I have the managed WordPress hosting because you get the benefits and speed of having a dedicated server without the dedicated server price. I had a host gator dedicated server before, but if you're just running wordpress, you don't need that much power. I have the developer plan here for Go, Daddy. Because of the 800,000 monthly visitors, I have 36,000 now, so I want room to scale up. I have a 10 year Yes, a 10 year Web hosting plan with go daddy that I've already paid for. I think it was about 1500 or $2000 or something. I got the 10 10 years of it. I got the very lowest price for a long time, so I use Go Daddy managed WordPress hosting right now. However, I will show you if you just hate go, Daddy, for some reason, I will show you additional options in a minute. This is the WordPress theme I used then. So what you need what I just explained right here is a three different parts of this system . So you need a domain registrar, you need a web host, and then you need a WordPress theme. That's all you need to make the website. I'm showing you, registrar for your domain, a managed WordPress hose and then a WordPress theme. This is the theme I've bought. This is the unfold theme. As you see when you click the bottom of my website. Which WordPress theme I use it takes you over the unfold responsive multipurpose theme. It's one of the very best selling themes on theme forest, which is one of the best websites to go get WordPress themes on. It has excellent support. You can see 100 and 10,000 sales in here. And then the support for my just looked for an answer today because I just realized when I I had a link on my menu and I clicked it. I want that to go to a different window. I don't just want that toe open in the same window. So I just googled the solution. This theme is outstanding for the support and my entire website is made with it. Now you want to choose a good WordPress theme from the beginning that has ongoing support. Why? Because the worst thing you can do on your website is to choose a WordPress theme you don't like. Because if I try and switch WordPress themes now I have 500 plus pages on my website. It will be a nightmare. So this is a good theme I can use indefinitely. So I'll go over that again real quickly to show you the entire system. And then if you're feeling overwhelmed like I don't know how to do this, I'm gonna show you deeper into how to do this. So you need a domain name. I recommend a dot com or you can get something else. If it's then very nice, like you could type in and find something short for your name. Like I could do like Jerry B or something like that and search for a domain name now that dot com has taken. But I could have something like Jerry be dot CEO Might be cool. Jerry, be dot biz or something like that. Jerry, be dot l a jury, be dot tv a shorter domains. Nicer. So that's a good way to do it. I recommend a name. Domains. You see the name of my domain at the top jury banfield dot com. I recommend something like that. It looks polished and professional. Then one more time managed WordPress hosting. Now you can get managed WordPress hosting from plenty of other providers. I will show you some alternative options in here, and I've got them listed in the description I use. Go Daddy. There managed WordPress. Hosting works very good. It's not perfect. It is very effective, though. One of the things I love it has a great built in cash. The first WordPress hosting I had was horrible. You had to plug in all these extra options. Go. Daddy's got what you need in WordPress. Hosting is very effective and fast globally. You don't need to buy any add ons, except I did buy a security certificate. So that's why you see my website as H T. T P s, which is very good for trust. Then the last part of the system. You need a WordPress theme. So once you've got all three of those, then it just comes down to how are you going to build the website? So I will show you how to build the website and then I'll show you the affiliate marketing after that. So you've got the basic system I have down on my website and just using what I've told you so far, you can go forward and put together all of these yourself. You can even build these for clients, and I'll show you more about that too. So once you've got this basic system, you can make yourself a nice looking professional website online for a very low cost. The things I just showed you, you can get for about 20 or $25 a month, and you can have a very you can have a website that functions Justus Well, as's mine and minds, it's not perfect, but it functions very well and it's consistently received positive feedback. So for $2025 a month, you can get a professional website online. That then can make you thousands of dollars a month and profit if you set it up and make it helpful for other people. So thank you very much for watching this beginning part of the video. I'll take you through some of the more advanced steps, which I hope will save you thousands of dollars or make you thousands of dollars. 4. How to build the website, hire help, and earn money making websites on upwork!: So the next key step is now that you're ready to go deeper in this, you need to be able to build this actual website out. So I'm guessing if your savvy enough to be learning and doing things online, you can learn how to do your own WordPress website. If you want one just like mine, you use the same theme, the same host. I do the same type of domain and you can just play around with it and you'll pretty quickly learn how to start building out the exact same things that I do on my website. I love all my website looks here, and that's why I'm showing you how to do this. Now if you don't know how to make, you don't even want toe learn. You've got too much you have to do and you probably already left and quit watching at this point. But if you like to learn how to get some help with this, you can hire someone to make a website just like this for you. And then all you do is pay them to actually do the work. And then if you get good at this, if you If you can be on the other end of this process to. So if you know how to make your own website like the skills I have to make this website, I literally, if I wanted to, could have a full time job easily online, just making websites for other people. All you need to do is be able to make your own website, using the exact system I've showed you and other people will hire you to help them make their website. So the key to doing this is on up work dot com You goto up work dot com up work dot com is the world's largest marketplace for freelance workers online. If I put the time and energy to in it, I would guess I could get my rate on up work upwards of 50 or $100 an hour to just sit there and work on my computer. I actually make more than that doing all of these things online, so at this point, that's not even worth my time. I've been working on line five years, though, and I've done a whole lot of things. I think if you were just getting started, we haven't made. You don't have much money coming in online currently up working, being outstanding way to get some more work and get paid to work online. And the better you get at what you do, the more you raise your hourly rate, the more you raise your hourly rate. Then you'll start to have more and more opportunities. Your belt with work less for clients still make a good income and have time to set up your own business. And now I'm grateful you've given me the chance today. I can just sit here and teach everything I know, and then that makes me recurring income. And that, to me, is one of the highest paying things you can do online is to get out there for free and then make income from it. So thank you for helping me do that today. I hope that when I'm sharing is helpful for you doing the same. Rather, you are trying to save some money or whether you're trying to earn money this way, so I'll show you the whole process. And I hope it's helpful for you because I have a client who's paid for the one on one call so I'll go over the Patriot in. I'll show you I've got a patron page. I'm grateful there's hundreds of people supporting me on Patron. I have a one on one call option. So the client has paid me hundreds of dollars to have one on one calls with me, actually thousands of dollars when you combine the cost of all the calls I have, a client has paid thousands of dollars to talk to me one on one. But I'm telling you right now, totally for free, exactly what I told the client that saved them thousands of dollars buying a website. And if you know this as potentially someone who wants to build on serve clients, you know you can get worked this way. There are companies out there that are charging thousands of dollars to make websites, and what are they basically doing? Lots of them have someone working at a rate you'll see on up work to make websites, and then the owner of the company's getting rich off of you buying websites while the actual person doing the work making the websites getting about $25 an hour giver. Take it maybe less. If they're hiring someone not in the USA and maybe more if they haven't in house worker. The point is you want to. If you need a website, you want to go directly to the person who actually builds the website. You never, ever, ever, ever want to goto a company to build it because you're paying mawr for the company's involvement, and then you have no relationship with the person who, actually major website. You want to go directly to the person who has the hands on skills and up work dot com. I've got it linked in the description. Up work dot com is exactly where you can do that. I've spent 50 plus $1000 hiring freelancers on up work dot com. So I believe in the strategy. I'm saying, so what you do? You find a freelancers on up work dot com You type in WordPress here and now. I recommend using the advanced filters because WordPress and this is why I recommend WordPress. If you use WordPress, it makes all this simple. Now, if you try and go and get a custom program website, you don't need that. You don't need that at all. Use WordPress use a theme, A pick your own chemo and then hire someone so you can You can search then for WordPress I recommend use the advanced filters you can pick if you Onley want people from the United States, for example, You can pick freelancers in the United States. You can specifically select where you would like your freelancers to be from. You can go in your advanced filters if you'd prefer. Actually, let me do Canada about that. So you say Okay, I want Onley freelancers in Canada toe work on my project. You can do that. You can see this guy are actually this looks like a gal. This Gallas earned 90 plus $1000 online making websites and doing similar jobs on oh desk. You can see how much money these people have made. You can see that there's a great opportunity in both directions. So what you do, you play around thes advanced filters. You get them at exactly what you want. I recommend click this independent freelancer option So you screen out everyone who's under a company. You picked the English level you want, so I want native or bilingual English and then I like freelancers who are active recently, and I usually prefer you can get a good bargain. If you go with any freelances with any hours, you might be able to get a good bargain. But if you want to get those who are very best who have already worked, you could choose a higher level, so we'll just see what it gives us right here. You can see how much they've made. So here we go. There's a guy in the United States here, $50 an hour. I can pay him to make a website, and now, while a company while a company might charge two or $3000 I bet you most all these guys could get my WORDPRESS website set up in 10 hours or less of work. My client, who, as I showed you on patron, spent thousands of dollars with me through my one on one call system. My client hired a guy on WordPress for I think he hired one for 15 or 20 or $25 an hour. He built his entire website for about $1000 so most companies were quoting him anywhere from 2000 to $6000 to make a website. He got his entire website built for $1000 or so. He literally paid the entire cost of my coaching off in terms of savings. So I earned the money and a freelancer on here earn the money instead off a company somewhere else who's charging a lot of money and then paying their worker this much or less to come to work and sit down and make websites. So what you do, you find a freelancers on here, and then you make a job. You make a job for them to do, and then you invite them to the job. And if you want to, you can interview them on Skype. If you want to, you can have them make a sample website. You can pick a freelancer out, and I recommend I've made a lot of money hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not a 1,000,000. And by working with freelances online, I recommend always casting a bigger net. So these freelancers, for example, Spencer here. I don't know any of these people. I just did a search for this. Spencer might be tied up and have a bunch of work right now. on his life. Brian might be tied up, but Dustin might be wide open. Dustin might tell you. Hey, ag knock. You tell him what kind of website you say. Hey, I like Jury Banfield's website. I have a few YouTube videos. I'd kind of like something like what he's got. He might tell you I could probably set that up in five or 10 hours. I could probably set your website up in anywhere. If you had the hosting and everything ready, I could probably say you up a ah functional website Decent website in just a few hours. So most of these guys can probably build you a website in just a few hours. Now. Think about that. If you learn how to build your own website online, you can charge 15 20 plus 60 $70.75 dollars an hour to make websites for other people, and you'll be saving them a bunch of money versus having ah company do it up. Work is incredible for getting jobs like this done so you can find a freelancer on here or you can become a freelancer online. Just learning WordPress on your own. If you don't know what you're doing with WordPress. You can go and find someone in here to do a good job for you. Feel free, browse down. Look at this guy's made $100,000 on up work building websites. Do you think he knows what he's doing by now with working online? He's got a lot of different different titles in here now. One thing. One trick to do is look for someone that has the WordPress in the title. So he's a WordPress developer. He's made 100 plus $1000. He's worked 8000 hours. He's in Argentina. This guy looks to me very trustworthy to hire for a website, but you never know for sure. So just hire people, interview them and then have them give them an idea. Give them a website, give them everything you can give them. If you like how my website looks, go ahead and get everything else set up for them and then say, Hey, I want it similar to this, and you can use any other website you like and just make sure it's wordpress. So this system allows you. You can both use this to get paid or to pay other people to hire you to make a website. And this to me this could save you thousands of dollars or make you tens of thousands or even 100,000 plus dollars. If you're willing to sit down and learn it. These air skills that a lot of people need everyone wants to have a website of their own up today. Learn how to build your own and ah, few questions. Don't. How do I put this nicely? Don't waste your time messing around with free websites. Get a u r l Look at my girl. Here, get a nice You are like this. It doesn't cost that much. Spend a little bit your money Save some money somewhere else that take a cheap meal from the grocery store and get up instead of going out to eat one day and get a nice You were all like this with their name using a free website Looks terrible if you're if I'm interviewing you are I'm learning about rather I want to freelance with you If you've got a you are like this You're probably in the door. If you've got some free sub domain, you are all like your name dot Some website dot something dot com. No, I don't. Even because I know you're so cheap you won't even spend the time to go build your own professional looking website. So that, to me, is a reflection on the quality of work I can expect from you. If you want to freelance online make. If you want to do anything online on an ongoing basis, make a website, make a website. The URL is the biggest choice you have. And if you're going to hire someone to build your website, you need to be able to make a good choice about the You are all So do it something that will never change or shouldn't ever change. My name should stay the same indefinitely. So regardless of what I do, I can just all these different things I do. I just link them on the website. I have this resource is page on my website that lists all the things are used in my business here. So whatever it is I do, I just put a new page on my website. I've got my blawg up. I put a new page on my website, so I've got the more things I do, I just throw it all on my website. I recommend doing it this way most of the time instead of or in addition to accompany website. If I had started out with several company websites and company websites aren't as personal , they don't make his big of an impression and company websites are kind of a throw away. You can make a company website and you can do whatever you want on it and who cares? You just leave it alone, not go back to it. I think the best investment of my time is to continually build a website where I'm always updating it. Look at my Blawg here. Look how Maney pulse are on my blawg. This is the advantage of doing your own website. My website gets 30 plus 1000 people a month to it. That's hundreds of thousands of people a year. That's 1000 plus people a day better on my website and this is why I recommend doing it this way. Because this kind of website is easier to scale up. It's easier for people to remember. It's easier to make a really good impression, so if you come to my website. You know, I don't mess around. You might not know what I don't mess around with or you might not figure out what I do after looking at my website. But, you know, I take working online seriously. I take my business seriously. I pride myself on doing a good job and making a good effort every day on my website. So with a website like this, you can make that same impression. And if you want to work online, a website is one of the first things you want to do in just learning that skill are getting help with it can give you a huge positive difference on the money in your life. So I appreciate you learning about this with me here. The next thing I'll do is explore how you conduce, um affiliate marketing on your website too. Make a little cash out of referring people of the Web host that you use 5. Affiliate marketing setup with footer links plus a bitly custom short domain: Here's how you do affiliate marketing with your WordPress website. Now, this is a really easy system to use that I think almost anyone can use it as a website if you use my exact system and if you're kind enough, if you know. Okay, well, I want to get my website domain host and were pressed him. If you'll be kind enough to use the exact links on the bottom of my website, I really appreciate it because then I get a an affiliate commission. If you go by everything, you register your domain, you buy website hosting and you sign up for the WordPress theme. I'll probably get on average of 20 or $30 out of it. So if you want to do that, I appreciate you doing that. And that's the exact affiliate system I recommend. Look at this little footer down here Now. A lot of websites I see basically waste. Therefore, dir that means they have something like just copyright Jerry Banfield on it. Can you guys see this down here? I'll scroll in some more to make sure you can see the footer so I'll scroll in and just will go into 500% here. So this is my footer on the very bottom of my website. Now, most people just waste this space. They simply put something like a copy right down here and waste it. So what I've got I have this written out to do some simple affiliate marketing now, So far, it hasn't made that much money, maybe like $100 or a little bit more. But I just switched it to this system to ah be able to get more clicks and hopefully more sales on it. The way ahead it set up before I said, I use go Daddy for website hosting in the Unfold theme. So there was no point in clicking the links. If someone saw, okay, uses go, Daddy. Then if they go actually by go Daddy, I don't get anything out of that. So I've got a little system here. It says click to see. So if someone if I don't believe I have any competitors. But if someone you would think of as a competitor another Internet marketing guy or someone who's looking to start a business or who likes my website and just wants to copy it if you're curious. Then you get down in the bottom. I've got a call to action. It says click to see And then it says where I registered my domain. So then I encourage people just to do the research, essentially to just click, and then what you have, it goes through an affiliate link. So I'll show you the exact system I use for the affiliate links. And then it goes straight to a go daddy domain landing page. So this goes straight to the go daddy domain page specifically Now, before I had this set up and I just improved the set up on this today, which is what motivated me to teach it. So I've got it set up here. So if you if you're curious as to where I registered my domain, then you just click on it and it goes through a link and you say, OK, it's registered with go, daddy. And then, if you're interested in looking up your own domain and if you actually go through him by it here, I get a little commission out of it, and then the same thing next here, who I trust toe host my website. So if you click on this? It goes exactly to the hosting I have. So I have the developer hosting plan here, and you see the special offer they have Now you get basic managed WordPress hosting for only a dollar a month. So that, to me, is an exceptional value. I used a developer one here, so then it promotes curiosity. But you can pick any of these and do managed WordPress hosting. And then on the last one, it says, What WordPress theme do I use? Then I encourage you to click and go over and look at this theme. Now, The beautiful thing is, even if you don't buy this theme, if you go over here and you look at home and you go shop through all the themes and you go over here and look around, say, you just go over here to popular WordPress items and you just see over here, if you buy a theme, then I actually get a commission off of it as well. So I've just I've had these links down here for a while, but I just reformatted them today to get some more clicks. And now I'm making a video about it. So this is a simple way to do some affiliate marking. Now, what do you need to set these up? You need to be able to grab some affiliate links in order to put these on your website. So go, Daddy. I'm a go daddy affiliate. I'm also a host Gator affiliate and a Blue host affiliate. So I use Go, Daddy. So the most honest recommendation I can make is the world. The host I use that said, I've been ah, host Gator customer. Also, I was very happy with host Gators support and service. And if something went wrong with Go Daddy, I would plan to go back and switch to host Gator, or I would plan to go try Blue host. So what I've got no in the description on this video, you'll see I have some alternative options to go look at other Web host. So if I copy, I can copy the link out of here to go to the host Gator one. So then I can put that in there directly. And then in the link to this video, I've got links directly to WordPress managed hosting with host Gator. So if something happened with Go, Daddy, I would consider going over here back to host. Gator is a customer now. I used to have a dedicated server on host Gator, which worked very good, but it was also $4000 a year, so that was more power than I needed. I learned that all the power I really need is managed WordPress hosting. So what did you do? You Do you go to C j dot com. Now, if you use go daddy or host Gator or Blue host these Air three hosts, I would recommend choosing from if you want managed WordPress. If you use any of these, you can go to commission junction dot com, which is C j dot com and then you go over the commission junction and you can grab your links over here to these three. And then you can even make a video like this and compare hosting providers whatever hosting provider you get, you can then put affiliate links in your footer down here and then for the word press theme . When you're on the WordPress theme, I'm on the end Vatel market, which is on theme forced its at theme forest dot net. If you click my affiliate link for the theme specifically, if you go down here and click this link, you will come to theme Forced Dot net. And then when you're on theme forest, you'll be able to sign up for an account, becoming affiliate there so you can then become an affiliate and make an affiliate sales on WordPress themes also. So if you have a WordPress theme that you bought on theme forest, you mind as well use. Afford her link to be an affiliate. Even if you don't make commissions very often, it's probably worth your time to just set that up and see what happens. So between using Commission Junction to get the links for your host and I'll go show you the Blue Host one. You get the Commission Junction links for your host, and then you get the theme forced links for your WordPress plan. And then you've got affiliate marketing done in your whole system. So this if if go daddy, let's just say they canceled my website service and gave me my money back for some reason. Then my second what I would do. I would go to blue host and give their hosting a try because they're what's actually recommended by wordpress dot org's. Now WordPress is what I'm using to manage its my content management system. So doesn't it make sense? I would choose the hosting recommended by WordPress. Yes. So I would give blue host to try if something happen with go, Daddy. So if you don't like go daddy, for some reason, would you pre And you want a managed WordPress hosting link, Would you please use one of my links straight to blue host or hosts Gator? I think both of those are really good options. So then the last part of this whole system I have, I use. So once you get these affiliate links, the affiliate links are often ugly. So you'll you'll notice what I have. I have the links set up in these jerry dot tips one. So I'm going to zoom in and show you how this works on bit Lee here and then what you've got I'll take the border off to So what you've got in here when you goto Billy, you can hit create a bit link so you'll see my actual blue host. WordPress Link Looks like this so manage putting that in the description on this. It's ugly. What you want to do. Look at this nice branded short link. So what I do to get a branded short link I go to go, Daddy. So I've got where I registered my domain here. And then what I did. I put my domain name searching here. I just searched for Jiri. And then Then you'll find the jury dot dog. You can find these little websites these little short links where you can get a nice link. And there's also the dot tips link. So what you can do is grab your own domain here and let's say some of these, like I could say, like, Jerry be dot tips Or I could do Jerry be dot tips. Is that in here? I'm not sure where that went, so I I got a jerry be dot tips out of co Daddy at some point. Not sure wherever Alice, let's do Jerry that tips. I'll see if that's already taken. Yes, it's still taken, so let's see if I do Jerry be dot tips. There we go. Thank you. Figured that out. So you see, there's Jerry be dot tips Now let's say I wasn't the first jury to go to get the dot tips domain. So what I did, I grabbed a short domain. I got jerry dot tips, But if you wanted, for example, to get your own short domain with their name, you could just use like your first name and last initial. So if your name's Mike B, for example, you could do Mike be dot tips. Or you could do I see who's watching. Right now. There's there's cozy Honda is watching so we could do something like honda dot tips. Nope, honda dot Tips has already taken, so you might have to do something like a Honda or whatever your name is. Louise is watching louise. Dot tips is already taken, so you could go like Louise be dot tips. So then you grab a short domain. You get the short domain from Go daddy or wherever you want to get it. You get this short domain. So then what you get to do after that? You go into bit lee bit dot Bentley dot com and you connect your short your custom short domain in there and then you get these beautiful little links like this. Do you see, instead of having this really ugly link right here, I've now got this branded short domain, and it's really nice, because now all of my links, I'm hoping to get you in the habit for all of my links to use my custom shortened links. That way you'll recognize it. Oh, Jerry Customs, shorten this himself. Now that that's a really sweet part of it. Then instead of it being something wasted, like goo dot g l orbit dot li. Then it's jerry dot tips. So, for example, if you look in the description on this, you'll see a bunch of http slash Jiri dot tips slash a certain link. So for your fill a marketing thing, it's really nice to have these Brandon links like this. And then what you can do is track the clicks through these links. So, for example, I just created this Go Daddy managed WordPress one just a few hours ago, and it's got four klicks already, probably three of which were mine. So you can see that I use this link to then track the affiliate clicks I get so that then when I compare inside off c j dot com. I can see how Maney clicks. I'm getting actually through my short link versus how many clicks I'm getting in their reporting system. So then, technically, what I have linked down here on the bottom, you'll notice. If you look on the very lower part of the screen here and you, you'll see a jury dot tips link also. So if someone someone hovers over this, they can't just see that it's an affiliate. Linker. That's on Go, Daddy. But you'll see the jury dot tips. So I think a custom shortened domain and I think bit Lee makes this free. I think I don't think I'm paying anything. I think this is a free service that if you sign up for a bit Lee account, you can get your own custom shortened domain. Ian, I've got a bunch of these custom short domains, these short little tips here. So then it's a nice jerry dot tips, and you've got all the other little links to it. So I I'm I love using it this way. This allows me to have a very smoothly integrated affiliate marketing system, and then what I do to scale this up. I'll show you the page on my website here. Where did I put that? They're so then to scale this up. Then I've got this on a larger scale. On my resource is Page. So I have an entire page on my website where I have my whole business system WordPress hosting WordPress theme. So then I have an entire page on my website. Now, the beauty of this page is it's here to be helpful, and it has affiliate marketing in it. So this page is not just strictly then affiliate marketing links, but it's integrated into a useful system. So I show you everything I use in my website on this one page. Like I've got a link to get your Bitcoin wallet. I've got my podcast hosting, and then I've just I've got affiliate codes linked in everything on here. And then you can just go grab, for example, if you want the exact mike I use you click on that, it goes to Amazon. I have I I will be getting rid of my home office water delivery, so I'll be removing that soon. But you can see all these different things I even have exactly what I used to get a loan for my business. So I have a link to lending club and then for search engine optimization. I've got all the company's specifically listed down here with all the products so that Google send some people this page also. So this is a beautiful affiliate marketing system I've got on my website. And I hope in this quick, relatively quick and my long winded terms, I hope in this tutorial today I've showed you from beginning to end. If you don't even have a website or thinking about having a website, I've shown you what you can have a website look like, how easy it is to get some help with it on up work. I've shown you exactly. It took me years to figure out these things that I've just shown you here for free. So it took me years to figure out what was the best Web hosting solution. What kind of domain to use and what wordpress themes the best. It took me years to find this stuff. And then I've got all that for free. And then the nice thing with WordPress, it's easy to integrate little things like this. So I've got these little pop ups on my website with hello bar, so that then if you go click on one of these, then you can enter your email address, and I've got a nice, smooth email collection system on my website as well. So it's nice you can easily plug in and add things toe wordpress if you need the additional functionality. So I appreciate you being here and watching this. I hope this is helpful for you to see exactly what you can do online tohave a website up that people enjoy. That looks professional. That's easy to develop, this easy to get help with, and even how you can earn some extra money working online now to finish this up, I, well, a see if there's any questions. If there are any questions, I'll put up answers to those. If not, then I'll do the give away for free. I appreciate you making it here and hope to see you soon again. 6. What email marketing provider do I use: I've received some awesome questions, and I think you might enjoy hearing the answers to. So the 1st 1 I'm going to go through and show you here is what email marketing system do you use? So I use mail chimp for my email marketing. There's a direct link on. And if you are on jury banfield dot com slash resource is scroll down towards says, or just do a controller apple after find, scroll down and find the email marketing here. I have direct links to mail Chimp mail. Chimp is free to use if you have less than 2000 subscribers and if you use my direct link to sign up for male chimps. So if you use the link straight on, my resource is page to sign up. Mail. Chimp will give you a $30 account credit if you go over to the 2000 subscribers and have to start paying, and they will also give me a $30 count credit, which I would appreciate because my male chimps like $75 a month or something now. So here's my mail chimp list. I have 6200 something subscribers. I'm very grateful for that. It's funny. I sent out a campaign today, so let me bring this report over here, so check this out. I sent out a campaign today offering $10 bid coin giveaways on every live video. So that went out to to 46,245 subscribers. I actually lost 22 subscribers sending an email out, offering free giveaways. Isn't that funny? So this is the inside of male chimp. I do not think you need anything besides mail Chimp. Now, here's something I hope will be really helpful if you had the actual time and patience to make it all the way this far into here Now, a lot of businesses Ah, lot of people online will try and sell you on expensive email marketing software. You don't need it. Why do they sell you on expensive email marketing software? Because one key reason, because that expensive emails marketing software will give them a huge commission if you go through and take the time and are kind enough to use my mail chimp link, which I don't even think anyone's done yet. So if you're the very 1st 1 I appreciate it a lot if you actually go do it. I only get a $30 credit and you only get a $30 credit. Well, you get a $30 credit, which will effectively give you at least a month additional free on some of these other email marketing software. You have to pay ah bunch of money to use them. They're not free to start off with. And if someone, if I were to use those in make affiliate sales, I probably could make thousands of dollars a month in affiliate sales if I took the time and effort to promote it in the middle of everything I did to share that email marketing system with you. So lots of the things people are promoting they're doing it because it makes good affiliate commissions. I'm showing you the base level here, the cheapest and most effective solution I found. You don't need something expensive to do your email marketing with This is very effective. Mail Chimp is very effective to do your email marketing with for the average person and for probably 90 to 95% of business owners and website owners online, you don't need anything besides mail chimp. It's free on 2000 subscribers. The cost scales with your subscriber list. So my subscriber list as it grows my email marketing cost increases also, so you'll see these air my campaigns, the most recent ones. I've done this. Subscribers continue to go up each month, and then I pay a little bit more each month that I'm on male chimp. So I'm telling you this. I'm grateful that you, in one way or another, have already given me enough income where I don't need to try and sell you on expensive stuff to make money. I can just share what I'm using that works with me. That's really cheap. I started using it because I used to be really cheap in my business, so I signed up with the cheapest email marketing provider I could find and got on their plan. I also got my mail chimp, my first mail chimp account, suspended on the very first email. I tried again a couple years later, and now my strategy for email marketing everyone has to go to my website first. The reason is you have to go to my website first because or to YouTube directly or something like Facebook directly. Because if I send you to an affiliate, Lincoln Mail chimp, I might get my email address. I might get my account suspended. Male chimp has a very low tolerance for B s ing around with affiliate marketing. So that might be a reason people don't like mail. Chimp is well, so the simple solution. I just do all of my affiliate marketing on my website. And I've I've made good money at least $20,000 in the last year or so doing affiliate marketing, mostly on you know, me courses. And I've got all this affiliate marketing set up on my website. So if you wanted to affiliate marketing with male chimp, just set your own website up and send people there and try and set things up like this, this is resource is pages helpful. Even if I don't make any money off of it, it still is helpful. And that, to me, is a guaranteed win. If I do make some money off it, if you do go grab the coupons on it, that's a bonus. But my main objective is for this page to be useful. You know how long it took me to find all these things I use to figure out what website host . What to record videos with wire to get a Bitcoin wallet. What to use for email podcast hosting what to use for tracking my finances. Graphic design which monitor I use. Man is taking me a long time to find all this stuff, and you can just have all of it. It's all listed right there. You and you can just copy and paste stuff. You can see that I use Go, Daddy and go straight there. You don't have to give me anything out of it. If you would like to, then you can use the links directly. If not, that's fine. So this sound I do email marketing. That's how I integrated with my affiliate marketing, and now I'll take some of the additional questions 7. The system I used to get 400 blog posts on my website fast in my voice: thank you very much for continuing the stick with me. I've got a bunch more questions. I'm going to just try and answer and rapid fire mode. If you're watching live, I will try and just answer them as fast as possible. So I first Mike has asked a bunch of times what I've used, how much my post costs. So I'll go over here to my blawg. All off my posts are in my own words. So all of my posts, I've actually spoken them or written them. All right, Maybe there's a couple like five, but almost all of these posts. I spoke them into a video, and then I paid to have them transcribed into words and put on my website. So you'll see there's a video here, and then what I've gotten this post are all the words from that video. So it ended up costing me about $20 on the average post to take one of my videos and put it into a blawg post. And then then I'm letting these stay over years, and I'm watching all the Google organic search traffic and seeing exactly where the search traffic comes in from and Then I configure where to do more post on. And this is what's helped me do more post here. For example, this post this post comes from the Google AdWords book that Michel Guerard transcribed for me. Michael transcribed that book, and then he took this section out of the book and put it in a blawg post. So this book, my Google Adwords book came and this post format is based on exactly what's worked on my website on other posts. So one of my top post, I wrote a post about Facebook advertising getting your account disabled. The best thing I've found is to keep all of your posts in your voice. Now, the key trick for this is that you can talk a lot faster than you can write When, for example, I wrote this post on eight examples of how being cheap hurt my business. I think you might really like this post on my blawg eight examples of how being cheap hurt my business and you just go to Blawg and this post. This is thousands of words. This took me hours to write. At the same time, I could have spoke this entire post in maybe 20 or 30 minutes. So the majority of my blawg posts I've actually had transcribed. Now what's the easiest way? The ideal way is if you confined someone on up work, who will transcribe your posts and post them on your website for you. That's exactly what I did. I paid a single mom who was going through graduate school, 20 something dollars an hour and every hour or less she could transcribe a post and put it on my website for me so that the post was finished and ready to go so you can search for help on that. And then everything's in your own voice. According to my data, putting pulse the other people have written on my website is nearly a complete waste of time. Nearly complete waste of money. I paid a guy to write post for me. His post never got any traction. The problem is, you need tohave original creative posts on your website. You need to have original content, and if you're paying someone to crank out something for you, it's usually not going to be original enough to get good search traffic you really need to create from your own voice and then you'll have a great opportunity. So I I answered the post question in a lot of depth, and you can use free things. Tutorial Lab says You can use voice to text converter. It can convert your audio to text, and that you can do, You can do I. I don't take the time to write many more post on my website now, and I get help with that. So if you want to help, there's a simple system you could use. You can get hired by their people to do this exact work for you, so I'll try and answer several more questions now. And I'll just I'll do this in the next video since I went so 8. WordPress plugins, collecting emails, consistency, and more questions: here are answers to several rapid fire questions I hope will be useful for you. So I've been asked, Have I used it lead pages or click funnels? In my experience? Now that's not everyone's experience. My experience lead pages is not worth using. Why? Because I can just make pages on my website. These. I have a course page on my website, so I'll show you my course page. Thousands of dollars of sales have come through my course page. Now I use woo Commerce that's listed on my resource is page to make this. So I've driven hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales through my website. Without lead pages, you don't need to spend the money. Lead pages is something like 500 or $1000 a year, depending on what plan you get. Yes, there may be cheaper options. It's not worth the money. You don't need to spend the money to get lead pages Now. The nice thing is, if you do use wordpress, you can actually plug your lead pages into your website. I personally don't ever do anything with anyone else's lead pages. If I can click on your ad in its a lead page I'm done. I'm gon If it's some kind of click funnel, I'm done I'm gon you know I don't waste my time trying to get I try and reach the people like me out there The people who do not ever go to a webinar I will not go to your weapon. I don't care how many times you show it to me. I will not go. If you put it up for free on YouTube, I might watch it. I will not give you my email. Go to your weapon are I will not go through your email. Marketing funnel. I don't do that. I I see it as a way that I'm being taken advantage of. If you really had good stuff. In my opinion now this may not be true. Sure, I'm missing on all kinds of things. True, I'm also not spending thousands of dollars on products I don't need. I do everything in the wide open on my website. And sure, I could make more money another way if I wanted to. I have a business I love and enjoy. And I'm proud of today a business that makes a difference in millions of people's lives and careers, and if that makes me a little bit less money, I'm OK with that. I want to have a business that's helpful. That's the main goal of my business, because I know I will make the absolute most money if I give you the absolute most help. I do not interact with anyone else is closed business system. If I have to enter my email, I'm not going and I won't even I won't go through your landing page so I do not use. I have tried lead pages and lead pages is a very attractive thing to sell. I made almost no effort to sell lead pages at all. I just left a little link on my re sources list, and I pulled in like $20 in lead pages, commissions almost right away, whereas many of these other ones provide almost nothing in affiliate commissions. So lead pages and click funnels these air really attractive things to make money selling to others. But don't you see the point? Most of the money that's being made and most of the incentive for doing it is not toe actually use it. It's to sell it and get someone else to buy it. So I don't think you need these things now. Can they work? Yes, they can work. I have a client. He built up a business system that I guess is working good enough for him. He doesn't need to talk to me anymore. He just He paid for 10 plus calls with me and he He's doing so good. He doesn't feel that he needs Teoh. Talk with me about it anymore. And he's using all these funnels and collection systems. I don't use that if you want what I want. I have a wonderful, happy life where everything I do is out in the open and available almost all of it for free to help people. If you want what I have, you do what I do. If you want one, someone else has do what they dio. So I only use the things I list on here. It's not listed on here. I don't use it. And if I'm not using it, I can't recommend it unless it's something like a backup. So I recommend WordPress toasting like from Blue host or host Gator as a backup I haven't used blue host yet I have used host Gator. I was very happy. So I I show you what I use on here. If I don't use it, I don't believe you need it. Everything I use is super cheap, except for my equipment and wire cast wire cast. The one place I sit down and shell out the money wire casts like $1000 the one I'm using. So that's I. That's an actual software I'm live streaming with wire cast right now gives me amazing abilities, so I I that's what I do. I'll try and fire out some some more questions and answers. Hello, The plug in Jess Watt Solar. I'm just want asked what plugging is that in the background? I will try and bring that up on the side and show you it's called a hello bar. So I'm collecting emails with a plug in called Hello Bar. I've got it ready to go over here and this is hello bar, so you'll see a link to this. On my resource is page over here, so if you hit fine, you'll see a link. Hello, bar right here. It says, Start free. And then this is the inside of hello Bar. So this is another very low cost plug in. Then I used to collect emails and it works. I'm collecting emails at about 1% and that's per page view. So if someone goes through and looks at 10 or 15 or 20 or 30 pages, it shows up on counts on every page. So I'm not only collecting email addresses, but I'm also than promoting. I'm promoting my books. I just relentlessly used my hello bar to promote all these things. So it's called a hello bar and this I think I could just zoom in here to show you there. So this is what it looks like. It's Hello, bar. You can start off totally for free. You're stuck with a branding on it. But for like $96 a year or something, you can pretty easily naturally collect addresses. Now, why did I decide to use hello, Bar? I decided to use hello, bar because I actually do put my email in on Hello bar. I'll show you the exact scenario where I do give other people my email address. So I did this exact thing. I was reading an article on I think his name's Rob Dirks. I was reading an article on his website similar to what I'm showing you here. It was about a specific problem I had. I had a specific question. Rob went and completely answered all of it in a block post on his website. He helped me out a ton. So I write the exact I have the same kind of block post on my website. Thank you to Michael Garrard for showing me how to do that are for doing this for me, using my videos and then transcribing it. So then Rob had a little pop up in the side, which it won't come up now since already closed it before. So I have to bring it up in a incognito window over here, and then it will come up in an incognito window. I'm rolling deep cover. Yeah, and you don't stop because it's well where there goes old song out of the head. So I was reading an old blawg post like this, and I will show you the natural environment where it pops up. Now I have a little widget with my theme to collect email addresses. There but I'll take the top off right here so you can see what I get. We note there went my face. That's not what I meant to do. There we go. Take that off and what? You'll see. I've got the hello bar Pop up right here. It comes in on the top of my website after 10 seconds. I don't want it there right away. I want you to look around for a minute before it pops up. Now the email one pops up after a minute. So then what you do? I've got a little One of the best things I've found is to get some engagement. So then I have a question here. He says yes. Welcome. Would you like to read what is new each week? I guess I should say new with me each week, and then it gives you your email address down here. So this is working on about 1% of my page views to collect an email. It you can do it very low cost. It's an awesome option. So both the thing on the top of the page and this email collection are from hello bar, which is available on my resource is page. It's linked directly on my resource is Paige. If you just search for hello bar and you'll find it on there. So hello, bars what I use and it's very helpful. It has more options than when I use on it, too. I'm just using two different options. You can see I'm using these top pop ups and I'm using the little side pop ups down here. You can do even more things with hello bar. So thank you. That was a great question. Jazz one. I appreciate you watching. Just want says How do you send course? Contents? And I see it questions about getting approvals for you to meet courses, I how to get it. Well, I'm banned from you to me, so I don't see much validity and he talking much about you to me anymore. And I like if you want to use courses I'm using. Skill share is what I'm using. There's a link on my website. Skill share, I think, is outstanding because when you make a new core skill, share automatically sends out emails about it, and I'm recording this as a skill share course also, so I think skill share is very powerful for teaching online. The email marketing is integrated and built in there, so I just want I don't miss you to me. I'm very grateful to have the chance to make a better business system today without, you know, me. So I see, Thomas said about WordPress hosting, Thomas says, Do you get plug in issues that he didn't like that with WordPress hosting before? Yes, that happens. Sometimes. Now what you do is just keep updating the plug ins. Sometimes everything breaks. Sometimes it's really annoying. Sometimes you get errors up in your website. Sometimes you have to hunt around and try and fix them. For example, I have the Yost s CEO plug in and I had a header and footer plug in and my header footer plug in conflicted with Joosep CEO. It produced a nasty little error that came up on my website, which then violates trust. So yes, In that case, I figured out that if I disabled header footer, plug in the error stops. So if you get plug in errors and things like that lots of times you can just disable them. The best thing to do, I try and minimize the amount of plug ins I'm using. Usually the more plug ins you cram in, the more things go wrong. I'm using Woo commerce right now, Yost s CEO and a small amount of other plug ins. I'll see if I can show you the plug ins I'm actually using right now on the other window. So I try and bring stuff over here so I can show live things as best I can. So I'll show the active plug ins I'm using here and right, that looks good. So these air the active plug ins I'm actually using right now on my website. So I've got I've got admin menu editor, which allows you to move the menu around. I've got a Lexus certify so that I get good data on my website traffic with Alexa. I've got all 44 redirect a home page, which is nice. That way, if anyone uses an older, broken u R l, it simply goes to my home page instead of giving them a 44 I've got coined based plugged in , which allows me to take payments via Bitcoin on my website. I've got an image widget toe add witches to my I've got hello bar, And then I have all these woo commerce plug ins and these allow me to sell courses. So if you go click on the courses than woo commerce allows me to make all these sales directly on my website. And then I've got Yost s CEO also, So those are the actual plug ins I'm using. That's 14 active plug ins. So I try and minimize the amount of plug ins I'm using that where there's fewer conflicts. And sometimes if there's an error, they'll fix themselves. Sometimes you can just search around and find a fix. So it's just like anything else. There's problems I prefer to have control. So right now I have control with what I'm doing, whereas if I go and use a bunch of other systems, you don't have control over what you're doing. So this system allows me that I've shown you toe have control over my website, and if you hire someone to help you with your website, then they often confined and fix a lot of these errors for you. Random bike trip says How do you always have good lighting? That's a great question. I have 1234 56 cheap like WalMart or $10 clip on lights that I've bought. And that was a tip from Alexa Fisher. I believe her name was she saw one of my inspirational videos. She got ahold of me on you to me and she said, I really want to help you do better with your lighting So she recommended I do something with my background. I opted for a green screen and she recommended I do something with my lighting. I researched it and lots of other people said You don't need any fancy lighting just by a bunch of cheap clip on lights and put them in the right places. So I appreciate you asking about that. And yes, so I think I think that's the That's what I've done. I think I've got a lot of the questions here. Ah, there's a great question up there that says, What should you do to be consistent? The simplest thing I try and do to be consistent, you see me doing and I try and set simple daily goals and do them every day. So you see me into two, make all these blawg posts. I just made some video or two every day, and that's how I have all those blonde posts. I try and work on my website a little bit each day or each week, and then I'm consistently improving it. Occasionally. I messed something up, but I'm usually improving it in doing better on it over time. So if you want to be consistent, then the key is to set a simple daily goal. For example, these are my daily goals as far as my job goes, and this job I've got doing whatever I'm doing here with your online's paid better in all my other jobs, 10 or 15 of them combined and then times several more. So here's the three things I try and do every day. Every day I try and do one podcast episode because these air good for me, I feel good. After recording a podcast episode, today's episode features my 14 year weight gain and loss journey of £65 or 30 kilograms. So I recorded that first thing in the morning, and then I worked on my website. I made some of the improvements you see, and now I'm doing a live teaching video. So I try and do one live teaching video every day, just like this, or these air also on skill share. So then I tried to a skill share course each day, if I can. And then the third thing I try and do is play one game of League of Legends. Now, do I do this perfectly? No, there's some days I don't do hardly anything. The podcast is kind of my bottom line. I try and make sure I record this podcast every day because this podcast is helping me a lot in my life to do better. So you'll see on this podcast every single day on the podcast, even when I've been sick. Even when I've been traveling back to November 11th when I started my happier people version of this podcast every day without fail, there is one new podcast episode, which has now been going for more than a month. So to get consistency, the key to me is to set really simple goals and then track them. So I have a spreadsheet. I track all the videos. I made all the podcast episodes and then it stops me from telling some story about how I have become less productive because my daughter's been born or how I don't have it anymore , since I'm not on you to me or all those toxic stories that I tell myself that then gets me doing nothing. So I'm grateful you've spent this time here with me today. I appreciate Clash says the podcasts are gate are great. I animal says you're awesome. Thank you. I appreciate your your kind feedback watching this. I'm going to end this skill share class now because I'm going to finish this live video up with the give way. If you want giveaways on skill share if you're on skill. Sure, I'm giving away 100 plus dollars a month. If you're a premium skill share subscriber 99 cents a month when you use my link and you get access toe every course on skill share for that much, not just mine. And if you post in the one premium course I'm making each month and follow the directions, I have $100 a month giveaway there. So for now I'm going to end this on skill share. And then then the live videos were going to do the $10 Bitcoin giveaway. Thank you. I hope you've enjoyed this course today. I've enjoyed making it, so that's a win for me. 9. Part 2 Introduction! Why I switched to the Google Cloud Platform managed by Kinsta: welcome to Part two of the class. Now is where I get back with you from February 6 2000 and 17. I'll show you the key updates I've made. So the main update I've made, I changed my Web host and I change my Web host because I started to Max out my go daddy managed WordPress and I did that because I'm getting 1000 of 1500 visitors a day with sales on my website every day. With mu commerce and the Wu commerce sales tend to take up a lot of data. They tend to take up a lot of resource is so having a couple of people trying to buy my products online, along with having several other people browsing, the website was starting to make my website load really slow. This is often, we think, a life in linear terms, but this is often one of those exponential relationships where everything's fine, fine, fine until all of a sudden you hit this threshold and then the loading time just goes out of control. The user experience goes down to nothing. So for months, my go Daddy website had been loading slow. I've been really annoyed with it and the more traffic I got. The more people who tried to buy products the Mawr, it continued to work bad. Finally, the pain got so great in January around here I lost hundreds of dollars a sales. One day is my video. One of my videos that went viral. I got a bunch of traffic and the sales were so good that the website just totally broke. They I got a whole bunch of errors. All kinds of orders didn't go through the orders that did go through. People couldn't download them. I had my biggest percentage of refunds in one month ever, and that was enough pain to motivate, meaning to learn and say, What can I dio to make sure I never have to switch my website host again? I've been on several different website host. I started on a Web site host so bad I won't name it. I would then went to Google sites, which the hosting was outstanding. The content management system was terrible because it was Google's custom system. It wasn't WordPress and then I went to all this gator on a dedicated server, which was great for only getting a few 100 visitors a day to my website on a dedicated server, which was a ridiculous amount of power for that many visitors. I moved over to her to a go daddy virtual private server, which was terrible. Yeah, I tried to cancel with Go Daddy and moved to manage WordPress down another company. But then go Daddy managed WordPress. They got me in and by giving me a credit on my virtual private server. So I bought 10 years of go. Daddy managed WordPress hosting a year or two ago, and I've got nine years left. Now if I want to start any other little project websites, if I had to start a website from scratch, I would absolutely use go. Daddy managed WordPress again because Kinston costs $100 a month minimum. So this is not for your average startup. Who is hoping to get someone to come to their website? This is for businesses who've got traffic. So at this point, I'm grateful at this rate, I should have 1000 visitors a day to my website indefinitely because Google's just sending me visitors YouTube sending me visitors. So the pain was so great in here, I asked, What do I have to do to never switch website us again? What do I have to do? Have a Web site host that will perform even better than go Daddy did and that will be fully scalable. In other words, if I get some viral video again, that's even more viral than what I've had so far. And let's say 10 or 50 or 100,000 people come to my website in one day now, not forever indefinitely. But let's just say something goes viral and gets out there and all one day I have 100,000 people come to my website now in life. These are the opportunities that most of us try and get, and then what happens to a lot of us is we're not set up to handle that kind of activity were not set up to handle what if you set up a store in real life, you're hoping to get people to come in. But what if 50,000 people show up and want to come in your store one day? Then what you've got is a mess. Your shelves of very quickly be cleared. You have nothing left, you have wasted essentially one of the best opportunities. So I asked What kind of Web so high site host can I get that will provide instant scalability? That means if I absolutely just can't get anyone to come to my website for months and then all the sudden you know, So I want the I don't want to pay a huge cost if if I'm not getting anyone Mawr to come to my website. If my traffic stays the same for two years, I don't want to pay a fortune every month to have my traffic. But then I want to be able. If let's say all the sudden I get a ton, I want to be ableto handle that and I want the website to go Justus fast. Rather, there's 5000 or 100,000 people on it. I don't want I don't want to miss one of those big days. I want to be prepared. So I realized I didn't even know what I needed to know to make the switch. So for days I sat there, Googling actually tried to switch to another host who bribed me with an affiliate offer higher than the standard one that then they were hoping I would pitch and tell you all about their services. But then I Googled on Google. I spent days just googling looking, researching, watching videos. And then I realized I realized what I wanted. So remember how I told you that Google that I loved to Google sites because they're hosting was so good? Then I asked, How do I get a word press on Google? So I Googled something like Google WordPress hosting. So I googled that. And then I started seeing that some companies would actually allow me to get WordPress on Google. But the problem was, you really needed to use and do some coding to get that set up. And then I realized the term I needed was Google Cloud WordPress hosting. So I then started learning and reading Blawg post about how I can install on the Google Cloud. But then what? I realized what I needed. Well, I don't want to have to actually run all the code set this up. So what I really need is Google Cloud managed WordPress hosting. So there's what's called the Google Cloud. It's similar to Amazon Web services. It's similar to Microsoft is er, it allows you to use Google's network to host your website, hosting app, whatever you need to do. So then when I started with, then when I googled this Google Cloud managed website hosting, then Kinston came up right away. So that's how I found a kin star because I wanted a website powered by Google Cloud. I wanted a website that uses Google's infrastructure to handle my website. I've figured after remembering Google sites, I remembered How do I get that hosting power with the WordPress content management and thankfully, kin? STA is an option for that. Now. Kids does not the only option. There's another website that has it will actually host you on several different platforms, so I believe it's cloud weighs dot com on cloud ways. You can actually choose on cloud ways. You can actually choose where you want your platform so you might even like cloud ways. You might like cloud ways better then you like Kinston because Cloud weighs actually allows you to choose which platform. So if you want it on Amazon Web services, for example, you can click over here and put it on Amazon Web services you've wanted on Google Cloud. You can get it on Google Cloud for $37 a month on cloud ways. You can use vulture data centers. You can use digital ocean over here, which seems to be one of the cheapest you can use cup eso then awesome thing is that on cloud ways you can actually have your website hosted on a different cloud engine. So what I encourage is to do cloud manage WordPress hosting and I've made that switch because that gives me instantly scalable power. See with most of the other website hosts. The problem is that they are all using pretty much the same ways to host your website. They've got some server set up in some room and that's where your websites hosted. And the problem with that is that it's difficulty toe handle your server, your website being scalable. So if you get that instant traffic rush, most any website host that's not in the cloud. You're going to just crash your server, your websites not going to work. How many times have you seen something go viral and you've went to the website? The website hasn't worked. My friend got a viral video on Facebook. Same thing he was able. He got his website crashed. There was so much traffic on it. So most any website does not hosted in the cloud. You are looking that if you do, we have a really good day on your website. You're going to crash now. Most websites say unlimited page views and visitors that is a lie. It's a lie in the sense that they make you think it's unlimited traffic, but it's not because you're limited by server space. So if you actually get unlimited visitors, if you actually get unlimited traffic than you are going to crash the server, you're your traffic will not be able load the page. So while they say it's unlimited, the truth is, if you max a server out, you're done. Now it's they won't They won't cut you off, but the server won't be able to handle everything. You're doing it. So the nice thing with kin sta and I would assume some of these other cloud hosting services work the same way. Like the cloud weighs over here. I would guess they work the same way that if you they charge by Banda with and then you've got bandwidth. So what I'm doing on my website? So you see, this is the inside of my kin star account here. I've used 42 gigabytes of data up on my website. So if I get a rush of visitors, the only thing that happens is my bill goes up. So I get 50 gigabytes of server band with right now. But if I get that huge Russ or visitors, my website hosting bill simply goes up and then they also have the ability. If I need more server storage or some, if I need more processing power, I can instantly upgrade that as well because it's all on the cloud. So the beauty of this is this is truly unlimited page views and visitors tied directly to your budget. So if I get and it's tied directly to bandwidth, so what I do, I've got this page on my website for free courses. This is one of the most popular pages on my website, and this page is very small. You'll notice I don't have any images on it now. Google AdSense does have some images on here, but I all I've got this little tiny picture my face on here. So this page is only a few kilobytes, like 300 kilobytes or something. So if I get 100,000 visitors to it, it won't use that much data up. I can afford for this page to go viral and get out there to absolutely everyone. Now. My home page has a lot more images on it, so I've optimized the images on my home page to not take so much bandwidth up. And that helps a website lows load faster based on wherever the person's Internet connection in speed is. So this entire hosting set up has been really helpful for me to both provide that automatic scalability and then to up encourage me to optimize my website because when you get charged by bandwidth usage, it encourages you to go hunt down opportunities to reduce bandwidth usage, and you can see the impact of this right here on the Google Web master tools. It goes into the crawl. You can see when I had my website on Go Daddy over here it was a lot higher, and as soon as I made the switch to Kinston, it's lower and this helps for organic search traffic. Now, when I first had my website on go, Daddy, it was over just a little bit higher. This maybe twice a sigh, maybe 200 to 300. So go. Daddy works really good when you've got a small amount of visitors. And I would guess most any of the basic website hosts like Host Gator and similar companies you search for for managed WordPress will have similar results. But if you really want to get the best I'm using Kinston. I do not have an affiliate link for Kinston. So I'm just telling you about this because this is what I use. I don't get compensated. I don't get anything because they don't have an affiliate program yet. They haven't needed one. They just get people like me looking for them and finding them. So I'm very grateful to have the chance to share this experience with you. And what I'll do is share some other changes I've made in conjunction that were motivated by my change in website hosting. 10. With my faster website hosting, I have improved my website rapidly! : what has been the biggest benefit of switching my website host and of having a fast website . Life often is filled with these positive reinforcement loops situations where you make one positive change and it makes more positive change easier like in my personal life. I stopped drinking alcohol. I go to recovery meetings every day, and that has empowered me to make a lot mawr changes in my life, for example, to change my diet, for example, to change my sleeping habits to change my gaming habits to change. So Maney health to start exercising more. As long as I drank alcohol, I could never stick to any other changes because when I drink alcohol, then I often would go back. I would give up on the diet, or I'd order a big, huge pizza and eat the whole thing because I was drunk and I'd make bad decisions like that . I play a video game again that I had said I was giving up. So you see a website hosting is one of those fundamental things for working online that if you've got a slow website, your brain will start trying to avoid interacting with it. Now that is one of the weirdest things to experience. That's why I shared with the alcohol relation, because that might make sense if your door if you don't have any experience of the alcohol , you it could be a toxic relationship, a job commute, whatever it is in your life that if you understand that principle that when you make a big change in something that's impacting everything, then you have the chance to make a lot more changes that you wouldn't even have noticed or seen without changing that first thing. Likas. Long as I drink, I couldn't see all the things that I needed to improve that. But once I got some help and consistently go every day to get more helping to keep staying sober, then I've got the time and energy to change new things and to keep making my life better and stick to the changes. So on my website, this has been really powerful because when you have a slow website host, your brain is programmed to help you avoid paying and seek pleasure. So what happened for me on Go Daddy? When I kept having these really slow website load times, my brain started trying to guide me away from doing anything like improving my website. So since I knew the page load time was slow, I figured, why bother trying to update things in my website? Why bother trying to do a better job? For example, my books page was really poorly done and before and I didn't even have all the books I had on there, I didn't have ways to order them on Amazon. I just had audible links. So for months, I knew I needed update my books page. But I avoided updating it subconsciously because my website host was so slow. Now, as soon as I changed to Kinston, I've had a flurry of motivation toe update things on my website, and one thing is continually led to another. And I've now got my books page nice and updated on here. I've got links to Amazon. I've got direct links to audible on here. I've got all my books listed up on here and I've been motivated to go do things like I tried to update this page on my old go daddy hosting. But it was so slow the page kept freezing. I couldn't do it. So now I'm able to go update some of my old blawg post to make sure that they're better and it's so fast. Toe update everything. And there's no pain with the website not loading like it was before that I've been motivated to go through and make my existing website much better. See, the weird thing I've learned in business is most of us. Try and get new, get new, get more, get more all the time. But I've found it's often better to simply improve on what I'm already doing instead of trying to always get more and get new, for example, to do a better job with the people who are rez e visiting my website instead of focusing so much on getting people have never seen my website to visit it or even getting people have already came to come back again, but to do a better job on my website. So I made a bunch of positive changes on my website and one thing this is motivated me to Dio was to go put Google AdSense on my website. So this is a big addition to what I originally suggested. Now I didn't mention AdSense. It all and considering trying to put something new on a website that was already loading slows overwhelming. But now you'll see, I've got Google ads on my website that are earning me a few dollars every day and they're not interfering with the user experience. So I've gotten, you see, like this is a blawg post with a side by. I've got some stuff of mine up here, and then I've got some ads on the side and they don't bother anyone. These ads over here don't bother anyone. They don't cause any trouble over here, so to speak, there just kind of harmlessly on the sidebar out of the way. So I've got all these ads and they actually do make some money, which is nice. So that's a big addition I've made. And I also changed. I realized that what I want to do, I really want to keep people looking around my website. I want people who are browsing on my website to stay on my website. Now when your website loads slow, the logical thing to do is to trying to send people away from it. So before this I was having, I would link externally as much as possible. So in the original course, I suggested on the link on the bottom of the page to directly use affiliate links from there. But now I've changed that. I just ask what website hosted WordPress theme do I use? And now I try and get people on my page with all off the things I use instead of just sending them out toe one or two different things, show them the entire list. So I try and keep people more on my website now, looking around at things I've finally then been motivated to add this new services page on here and I even my website was loading so slow I was starting to try and avoid using it to sell products. I was trying to send people directly Teoh on their websites, for example. But now that it's working so good, I'm back to selling directly on my website so that I can sell courses there and I'm excited . I keep updating more blawg posts and I've been motivated to change the menu. So the nice thing with making this Web host update this is unleashed. Ah, flurry of little positive changes on my website that collectively add up to a lot, so the website toast is one of those things that makes such a big difference. And yet for me, even with five years doing business online, I was still relatively clueless about some of the best ways to host my website. So I'm very grateful now that there is something like insta available that there's another website. I think it was. What was it called? Cloud Cloud weighs, so there's also cloud ways if you don't want to use Kinston. I'm very grateful for these websites that offer such instant scalability that offer the ability to host directly on Google Cloud and Amazon Web services. Because whatever Google does for their website owes thing, I definitely want in on that. So I'm grateful for all the follow up changes I've made as a result of this. I'm grateful to feel good about sending people in my website now and not try and avoid my website because it's so slow. So this has been a really challenging lesson for me to learn, I hope and sharing it with you that you'll be able Teoh, you be wise and learn from my experience instead of having to go through the same thing yourself 11. Why I deleted my email list!: Here's a change you might be really surprised to learn about. I actually deleted my email list since I made this class. Now, why did I delete my email list? I had 6000 subscribers on my email list with about a 20 plus percent open rate. So a lot of people said they were enjoying reading. My emails actually deleted my entire list from male Chimp, and now I do not directly manage an email list. Why? Because having Mawr things in a business often makes it harder to run and manage. So for my planning of my business, I already have. Ah, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter patron and skill share. These are intensive things that require a lot of effort to do well, and these are already enough. And these already all have some kind of integrated email marketing in them, depending on how users to set their setting. So on Facebook, if you like my page, your phone can get a live notification when I go live on YouTube. YouTube has similar functionality on Twitter. You can the same thing. If I make tweets, you can have your notification set up when I get new tweets on Patriot patron sends lots of emails whenever I do something or post something or send a message. And skill share has built in email marketing. Every time I make a new class or on skill share, any time I can send out an email to all of my existing students and then for hosting my classes on other websites, they handle the email marketing for me. So the question is, why do I need 6000 email subscribers? Is that really helping my business? Another thing. I'll show you my YouTube channels. You haven't managed to see it somehow yet. I'll go over here and put the link up to it as well. And that's not the one I wanted. Let me go. Try another. Here we go. So I've got 100 and 30,000. I'm very grateful. 131,000 YouTube subscribers. The question is, why would I waste time with doing my emails? The emails not only taken our two of my time to write every email, but it's one more mental task. It's one more thing for me to think about. It's one more thing for me to do, so does it make sense when I've got 6000 email subscribers to be spending an hour to writing them an email when I could just make a new YouTube video for my 131,000 YouTube subscribers. What about on Facebook? I have two million people that like my page on Facebook. Now, does it make sense to be spending time sending an email to 6000 subscribers? Or does it make sense to go ahead and put a video up that I could do on YouTube and Facebook? Which guess what would automatically send a tweet out on Twitter and then that gives me a way to reach all of these subscribers. If I have something I just want to put out to people on Patri on, I can do that. And then on skill share, it has built an email marketing. So the amazing thing that's happened when I deleted my email list, I realized what I really want to dio is get everyone who is interested in my courses signed up either on skill share are on another website. Get them taking my courses so that when I make a new course, they get an email because what I rather sit there and take the time Teoh email and say, Hey, I've made a new course or wouldn't I just like on skill share skill share sends out an automatic email every time I make a new class, and I believe that stack skills. If I make a new class and they promoted, they send out an email that people weren't even taking my classes. So does it make sense for me not only to be called to be doing the email list, but then I have to plan my business around collecting emails? So that was to me that was the key thing that got me to delete my list. It's not as much just doing the work to an hour to a week to maintain my email subscribers . Sure, I'm willing to do that, but then I feel obligated to collect emails. So once I took now I've got AdSense on the bottom of my website because once I took out the email collection for my had blank space, So now I've got adds that make money when anyone clicks on them, and that, to me, is better than an email subscriber at this point, because I've already got enough subscribers on other places. And then on top of all of that, when I'm sitting there doing work on my email list, guess what, then I'm plotting all these ways to get Mawr email subscribers. So I'm thinking of things like Facebook ads. I'm considering things like Facebook ads to build email subscribers to an email list that I don't even want to spend time using. That often is separate from the rest of my business. So since I've started doing that, I've realized now what I want my Facebook ads to do is go get those sign ups, generates sign ups on and actions on places like Facebook. YouTube, patri on skill share Twitter to direct people to places where I will be able to naturally maintain contact with them. So this is a big change I've made, and this might sound crazy When you see people all over the Web, businesses online are using emails, a foundation off what they're doing. I'm not saying email marketings bad. In fact, I think email marketing is extremely effective, but why do all the work to do it myself when there's all these third party services who will do it for me. And then if they're stuff gets flagged as spam, that doesn't likely impact me. For example, if I make a new skill share, class and skill share sends an email automatically saying Jerry Banfield as New class and someone's like Oh, not this guy's class again and they go flagged The email is spam. Then skill share asked to deal with that, and skill share has system set up. They automatically handle it so they don't care if someone flags my classes spam or not, and they're not likely checking each individual instructor. Rather, their e mails got flagged as spam IRNA, and then it's from 1/3 party Brents off. Other people send them classes, and people have issues with their skill share. Subscription will take it up with 1/3 party. I don't have to get the email list complaints directly for myself. So is really nice now, now that I've realized, hey, I can basically use if I give away all my classes on skill share, I could essentially use that like an email list that doesn't take any extra effort and then even convert people the sign ups there and get my course to rank higher. So it may. Initially all I could see was that doing my email list was frustrating, that it was one more thing to dio that I didn't really like taking the time to write the emails. I prefer to make videos. I like making videos because these air higher impact these go out to more people, anyone. It's really easy for people around the world anywhere to write emails. Most of us do it every day, but not everyone can go make videos like this. So for me, I'm like, I want to do my highest form of work each day and I don't respond to my emails as well. I think if you're going to do an email list, you should be willing to read people's responses. So this is one of the biggest changes I've made. It is since I shared this. Is that along? Achieving my website hosting? I've given up email marketing, doing it myself. Oh, this I did I mention it's $75 a month for my email list on male chimp, and the bigger the list gets, it's been going up about $5 every month, so this might make more sense to you. It saves me about $1000 a year or more to give up my email marketing. Meanwhile, the third party websites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter patrons, skill share stack skills who will have already built in email systems that not only is free , it usually helps generate sales as well. And I don't have to write the emails, so I'm suggesting it might be easier to just not even do email marketing. If you're starting your business to just send people to those social media accounts or skill share stack skills, you know me wherever your courses are or whatever it is you have just send people directly there to start with, so you don't have to waste all the time and energy building an email list you don't even want to use. One of the most annoying things to me is when I go to a website I've never been in here is a pop up asking for my email. I don't even know you. Why would I want to give you my email? That's a like asking an inappropriate question on the first date. We don't know each other well enough for me to be given you my email address. I just Googled something and I'm trying to get some help. And I've been in your website 10 seconds. No, I don't want to give you my email very often. That causes me to back out and leave a website. So not doing email marketing, I think, actually is a much better user experience. And then guess what? I can afford to do things like put ads on my website instead of trying to collect emails ads. They give me anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars when someone actually clicks on them. So instead of trying to pay money and then hope to get money later, I can actually use the same things and make money right now and then Just use the other things most effectively in my business. So thank you for experiencing this change with me. I'd love to hear your feedback and your thoughts and the discussions. There's share what you think about me having deleted my email list. 12. Thank you for watching! Would you help teach this class?: thank you for getting so far in of this class. The last update I'll make here with you is about getting help on my website. I have a friend, Michelle, who goes through and does a lot of work for me on my website. A lot of the blawg post he's turned into my from my he took from Kindle books that he wrote with me and he's put these up as Blawg posts on my website. So a lot of the things on my website I get help with. I don't do it all myself, I trust me show to He goes in and makes edits when there's pages, especially things like I try and get a lot of people to go to, like my free Courses page on my website. Michelle has done a ton to keep this page updated. So this is what I call a page with a lot of value and at the same time it's a page that takes a lot of work to keep updated. There's hundreds of coupons to classes on here for free, and it's got built in affiliate Marketing. On here is well so Michelle goes and takes the time he gets the links updated, he deletes invalid links. So a lot of the best ways to get traffic to a website are too often have pages that take work to maintain. Doing something like putting a list of free coupons up and then using affiliate links is a very powerful way to make money online. This page is working very well for me. I think this page made about, and I just start got this page updated after getting my Web hosting, updated and with deleting my email list, I'm now invested fully in this page, and I believe last month, the first month I put this page out and did it in this format and started sending traffic. I think this page alone made about $1000 last month, just from me and also for other instructors that probably made another 1000 or 2000 for them. And then this page has huge potential going forward to make even mawr in the form of ongoing enrollments in classes. So this page takes ah lot of help to maintain my website. It takes a lot of help to adjust, fix things, to keep things updated, to make new blawg post. So I'm grateful that I've got the help for it. So I suggest Don't try and do everything yourself. Do what you can do best. These videos are the one thing I can't outsource. I can't give to anyone else to do now. Sure, I've had other people make videos for me. But my bottom line videos that I make these videos are the foundation of what I do online. So I'm grateful to have the chance to make this figure today and have time to make it does because my friend Michelle he does so much work on my website. So much work to do things like respond to comments on YouTube. Michelle does a lot of the work that I would love to do if I had the time, so to speak. The thing is, the more you grow your business, the more you will need help to do things you can only do so much. So I'm grateful that I have outstanding help with my business today and that I'm have the chance to be here with you today. I hope you found this helpful. And if you would like another update to this class in the future. Would you please post a discussion in the class and say, Jerry, look, I would like I would like you to add some more to this class for the class project. Would you please share what you've done as a result of watching these class, Would you say? Look, I went I bought this website hosting, or I set this up on my class, so I did that on my website. Would you please tell me how you used this class today? Because that will help you teach other students and it will help me know what I need to make sure to focus on in future videos. Thank you very much for making it to what currently is the end of the class today. And I hope this has been really helpful for you. You can count on me to keep making. I'm hoping to work for at least the next 50 years. So I'm hoping to keep making new videos for you on a daily basis and continue to be helpful throughout your life.