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Best Stories for Self care and Self Wisdom Live Fulfilled

teacher avatar VINOD KJ, Teller of tales|Youtuber|Blogger

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (1h 25m)
    • 1. An intro into story telling

    • 2. The story of Fear

    • 3. The story about Comfort zone

    • 4. The story of the Stress Bucket

    • 5. The story of Limited Thinking

    • 6. The story of comparison

    • 7. Story telling conclusion

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About This Class


Stories for Self care and Self Wisdom is a Class designed to Provoke your inner child towards freedom and Happiness.

This course will deal with the Five most important concepts in Life Such as "FEAR" "STRESS" "COMFORT ZONE" "LIMITED THINKING" and your "COMPARING ATTITUDE" deeply through a storytelling approach.

You, Will, learn every chapter in the form of a Story and there is an activity at the end of every Story which you will need to sit down and complete.

This course is intended to help you think deeply about yourself and to know more about the life you really wanted.

So what Stories are told in this course?

1)The Story of Fear and how you should understand Fear to overcome it

2) The story of your Comfort zone and how to push yourself above it to achieve real Freedom

3)The story about the Stress bucket and why there will be always SALT in your Life

4)The Story of Limited Thinking and how you should be a LIMITLESS THINKER

5)The Story of Comparison and Why YOU SHOULD NEVER COMPARE.

Take your Time to go slow to move fast for Life is a marathon and not a Sprint.

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Teller of tales|Youtuber|Blogger


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1. An intro into story telling: Right from my childhood, BE loved to hear stories, right? And he also allowed to just tell our stories to others and inspire people. High M winner from India, pen and the author of the book, if you're late, looks like this, sort of this person with governance and causes other would this course, I'm going to break one of the key fundamentals inlet such as fear. You stress the time you take time out of your comfort zone. You're limited thinking approach and how you stand comparing yourself with others. These phi essential concepts, I'm going to tell it to you in a kind of storage mode, right? Because we all loved story, right? This course is really going to be highly visual. Annenberg times won't bore you with kind of like kind of mundane steps, which you would have read a lot. Loading misuse this course, even in this course, ANOVA, tell you about how to overcome your fear or stress or anything. Rather, I'm going to work with you through an activity. Each of all the five chapters didn't have an activity which a really want you to be very serious in doing this. Because the most important thing in life is more than anything. I want you to know about yourself. I want you to learn about yourself. I want you to understand about yourself. So when you start to understand more about yourself, your life is really going to be so very happy, fulfilled campaign choice. So I promise you that new perspective towards here life is very hard to change by the time we completely forest. So what i waiting for, look forward to seeing you inside this core histories. 2. The story of Fear: Fear is the most powerful four-letter word in the history of negativity that it has the highest level of influence in everyone's life. Fear has killed many more lives than accidents and all the natural disasters combined. A person is killed many times before his death due to fear. Lives of many frequent and being continuous panic attacks, depressions and worry. Really due to a high degree of fear. There are many who say that we need to fight against fear never to give into fear, and we all need to understand that what you are really persist. The most important lesson is not to fight fear, rather than understanding fear. The more you understand fear, greater will be your power to control. Fear follows us everywhere in making presentations, in work, in families and all other things. We're just being followed by fear. I hate to say that there is no root two fearlessness, rather only a deep understanding of fear. And going into the depths of fear. Weekend really come out of fear, is it not? So, so now by the dam, you would have understood why fear really is? No, I just wanted to do a very small story about fear and how it stops you from going to the next. So I'm going like once upon a time, yes, I'm going to tell once upon a time, there was a kind of a traveler who was just on a journey to a very kind of far away land. So he started the journey in the early morning while he was walking out on the places that it was almost like nighttime. So there was no ONE late at those times. And you just wanted to finish the journey and reach the police. So he was on a mountain path actually. So it wasn't a mountain by the we're slowly working with a small bag seconds kind of working. So what ultimately happened is that now he's not able to see what is in front of him, but he really did want to freeze a journey. Wasn't going off little bit afraid how it might go or some kind of any other wild animals would be there or any kind of roadblocks or things like that. But still the tail of one or two more. So he started moving on kind of slowly. So ultimately he heard some rocks falling from the Monteverdi was kind of a little bit afraid. Still you just bent on suddenly what happened is that the ground around them like ten of slided away. So just sliding and ultimately IV hard was like breathing very fast that he's going to fall off this cliff. But ultimately he just landed on a branch of a tree. So we hold on to the brands like this, we'll just hanging like this for But he was scared of us a little bit lucky he thought that, oh God, at least really made me far off from the mountain. By luck, I got hold of this tree whose hands were aching like anything. And he was just thinking like if they leave the spree, what would happen to my family, what would happen to my kids, my business, and all the other things. Many things were going on in the mind, but you must slow frame so much fear. He was not able even to sleep late. How can you sleep? Because he was holding this tree-like, died because he will fall off. So this entire night was really a nightmare for this level of E divided I do like this growth halts or thinking like anxious thinking that came because he was afraid that he might lose his life if he just lets branch. Good morning. Started coming slowly, the sun standardizing. And then what happened is that many looked only started to smile. The reason because Heidi just pushed this 500k literal, went to three inches demos ground beneath his feet. And he could have saved over there or you could have slept and cried, continue this journey. Hardy was afraid and hanging the branch. He never, ever took time just to push his feet a little bit like half feet. You'd have formed this grounding. It could have rested and come up. This, this part. Fear. Really discuss those one or 23 hinges. You can push yourself to the sphere. This sphere would really not. Having arrived on this case, many of us who have felt the same situation, you would have done this for. I tried doing this. I really learn a lesson or I might have come more from my fear. This is white meat or in our life and difference. We don't push that, extract all three inches inside the fear to really just understand our capability. So this is the story of what your hopes are that you enjoy the story and hopefully you think something among the story. Whenever you are faced with fear for some care fearful situation. What happens if I just scored a two or three in just inside the grass is always greener on the other side of the fear is. So thanks to the story and I have an activity also for you that we need to work on what is happening in our life about fear. So stay tuned for this activity and I want you to do this in a very sincere thing, right? Thank you. So hi there and welcome to this activity on fear what we're going to do. But before we just start to get let me just do this, put you forward. What does what is some kind of fail cycle that we really face a boat ride? You can be creative anyway, like you aren't, or it can be just a blank thing because you can do whatever you wanted. Just Augusto simple sheet of paper would also be enough. But if you have n off, little bit Grady off, if we want to spend some time doing some activity like this that he would supposed to because it's get you'd get a hang of low, loving what you do and the kind of generally you would feel beautiful Lockean or let's get stat, right? So let me just produce some kind of, so this is some kind of situation that we're in. Okay? So the first thing that what we will do is we are going to be like, Yes, when the situation happens, the first thing you are doing going to happen is just the same old phi of r You have been facing late. So now what do you do, according to the story and all the other things that two steps, what he can do can change your life first, this like I want you to just like. Do it. This is the first step that you're gonna do it. Do it anyway, no matter what. Let's see the second situation, two here. Sorry, not the bin that I really wanted. That K. Now, this was the first option. Now this comes the second option. Again, you will have fear here, but know what you're gonna do is avoid reality. Yes. This is doing it and you're just going to avoid it. So this is the most important thing here. It, what we really do, right? We don't want to, if it doesn't presentation or something, we didn't want to do it. We just tried to avoid it. We just big that date's not come and we just make up some kind of all kinds of excuses here. So, but what did we just ultimately get out of all those things? First is you as you shall screw up. Yes is going to happen. Ok. Do it anyway. So what are you going to do? The same thing. You may screw up or you may not screw up. Both of the things can happen in this kind of situation. But the most important thing is in option number when, when you're going to do it anyway, you know what happens here? You are going to get some kind of lesson from this yes, lesson is really that you will understand. First thing is, your fears are not too big that you are first imagine, Yes, that's the most big thing. Second, you're going to have some gut to do this again and again, no matter how bad it happens. So this is the thing that I wanted to do you anyway, do it anyway, no matter what. So what happens in this cycle is here. After learning the lesson, you are not going to be in the fear. So once again, this is going to cut off. Now let's see what happens here. You screw them. Now here, since you avoid, you are not going to get any lesson here. So the ultimate thing that is going to happen is this is like this cycle. Then you don't read any lesson or don't get any lesson. The cycle follows Ag. So feared. Here's a cool is really going to repeat in your life. So I think you have understood that doing it any way will be a prey might wind age in life. It's not like some kind of bad to be courageous. You had to be bold or nothing. I think you, I don't want you to be like, kind of like so many crazy or anything. It's just a way to do it anyway, those two inches down into your fear can really do to use some kind of grade, grade him. Let's get so small x's. Like what I feel and this is what happens if I do. So I'm going to just give you an example here because fear is entirely different from, for all the people write for. I may fear something you may feel or some other thing and all the other things that we do. An example first is what I feel is I like driving going for a long rates. But the big problem happens when you start driving is whenever a hinder and uphill or downhill and select my mind becoming so blank, I fear driving in this. So what happens when I just don't do this big problem and you don't do this matters. Like ok. So that two miles, the first thing. Do it anyway. Okay, so what I've, what, um, what is going to happen right now? Doing it anyway. So first is, I would screw up. Second is embarrassment. Third, we can also assume that people are going to show that meringue. This will happen. But ultimately after a point of time, yes, I am going to pray. So this is one kind of fear experience that I have still have nodded right. But I really wanted to try it because we're just waiting for the time unit tuition model, maybe not going to go for any journey. But the next time I'm really going to do this anywhere. No, not just the music in example. Presentation. Yes. For me, this kind of situation was really very awkward on the first time when he was working, it was like Iran, some 30-35 people were there. The first thing iss I screwed up. Yes, it was very bad. But the thing is that after just five minutes, it went pretty well. And this is I don't know whether it was luck or something for the, for the second presentation was also screwed. But I kind of really manage. Now for the third time. I really did not screw or as he calls them. So this happens for every single one of us. Can be presentation or it can be anything or whatever it is for many others like I'm not giving you an example, gambling, flying, like fear of files. It can be like fear of relational, whatever stuff, whatever you want. It's true because it's for different. So the big thing is whatever this I'm just going to ask you only one thing here. Do it. Anyway, no matter how bad it looks or how bad you can think of it, when you just start doing it any way you will understand that the depth of your fear is very less than what you would imagine to take this excise, it may look like a very kind of simple exceeds anyhow, but it is kind of like a very modern XA is pick your own team and doing all this gain of tuffs. But cause even if it's just a small journaling, Just do it. Better understand the things and stuff like this. Ok, so I want you to break this kind of this fear cycle. Yes, the sphere cycle should never be with you. It's like this is like kind of guard brigade. Yes. Yes. I want you to break this weird cycle. Home petawatt all happens. So I hope you enjoyed this activity. Anyhow, I want to take your time and do your own enough. It's a fun thing, right? And just meet you. Another activity should base shear together. Mm-hm. 3. The story about Comfort zone: Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Success and money are not the in development. If you step out of your comfort zones, there are many that will follow if you are just really good jumbo. Permanent happiness to evade the person who's addicted to his comfort zone. Only pleasure and banishing Happiness is a photo of your comfort zone. Understand what you really need. Do we need happiness? Do you need success? Though? You need a good and a fit body? Understand that without sacrifice, there is noticing. If you want something, you need to push yourself harder, nervous, no secret before them. Chucked out of gold, plan to reach your destination. Break bigger goals to small chunks, creates more timely goals that will set for every week and review the same consistent Newton, I've honestly slowly break from your comfort zone. If you want to publish your own book, you need to write treatment to visit. Nuts are circulating everyday, building habits consistently. If you can't write a 100 words everyday, slowly increase to 120 words. Patience is the key here, and consistency is a keyword. So here. So more out of your comfort zone and experience life acidosis. Now you would have understood for comfort zones is out about right. Now we are going to just go into a story two different what comparisons are aborted. So again, once upon a time, yes. Now we are going to very, very far off back to history where like kind of kings ruled the murder. So there was once a great king wide lived in a great big palace. And the big thing is that he has a kind of a very good king. He cared for a subject. He cared for the people who care for the work, people working under him when he's just a king that who prefers peace rather than one. And also subjects also loved him like anything because he was a kind of very good game. So this King got so many gifts from all the neighboring glands, like diamonds, gold, and so much pressures. Which other kings Rayleigh gave him because he was such a good person who had a good relationship with everybody else. So of all the gifts that King receive, there was one police to give that he loved so much, and then was nothing but two eagles given by a queen from a neighboring country, making us so or 400 of the screen may be elope the Eagles so much. But now comes the twist in the story. The big problem with this gift is these two egos refused to fly. You know what Eagles rate eagles flying and things. But these two really keep refusing to fly at all. The do's hold onto the branches. Just for some brands, it was a gift. It just held on to this branch very tightly. You nobody gives clause rate holds papers. So completely refusing to flight. So this king Monday called Bird trainer and asked him might get Regina, This is one of my most favorite, gives that a god. Hey, I really want you to help to make these two eagles fly. So this trainer toward yes, your non-hybrid do it for you. So he went, he took the ego's almost like one month passed by. So now the king was kinda very curious what is happening with this most births rate making visited the trainer and the train assured that money Eagle bus flying and it obeyed the trainers commons. But the trailer door, adam, My taking, no matter how hard I tried, it is only when Hebrew that is ready to fly. And another eagle just heads onto it, this branch very tightly and just completely refusing to flow. The king asked on like magicians and all the other wildlife experts, everybody came and tried to make this one equal flight. Vehicle. Just held on to this branch. This is the heart of the giggled dot O, eager to Dole speak. So ignore that like this. Ok. So this is what has happened. So this thing made the King kind of very depressed because it has very, very wonderful gift that he has laid. Lacking most depressing news about all this eagle refusing to play spread down the kingdom and many people came and write all they could. But the Yeager simply never go out of its branch. It was all like he does like that. So ultimately, one farmer who like the king so much came to the kingdom, bowed to the king and told him my taking, if you really don't mind, can I take this eagle? Let me just try it. What I can do. So the king just gave this equal to the farmer. And as a farmer to take care of this eagle very well because it uses like it's most police pressure, right? So some kind of weeks passed by. The king was just going around the country. You want to know how the things were going into areas like this. And tending saw an amazing sight. He looked up, he saw this eagle fly England. Anything's, he was kind of only surprise and very happy. Almost all the anxiety that he had within everything vanished. He just went into the farmer and asked him, money farmer, what did you really do for Egan? And very happy because of what you did for me, the farmer, just while the king and told him might be a king, I never did anything. I just cut off the branch. Mr. Eagle had been holding very territory. Once there was no branch, this ego has to fly. There was no opposite. So this is a story for you. So this is nothing but the eager bus holding onto its comfort zone, which is nothing to retrieve books like The Eagle. We also have some kind of comfort zones that we hold on, latch on to this comfortable. Like maybe playing games from morning till evening or binge watching Netflix things again and again and again. But not doing something productive or for our own debug. It also happens with you, me and everybody else. We latch on to the comfort zones like anything. Not realizing that we are destined to be someone so great in life. If he had just. Prof That branch and come out of conferences. So, you know, I'm not even I know that you will love load this Dirichlet Neumann. I really like the study. So now I'm going to end with a story and we're going to do for an activity on a1 phi1, your comfort zones along with me because I also have my own cup positively. And we will find out this. You can just come on up. Your company simply just asked you is keep writing C, U and this height difference. So hi there and welcome to this activity on your comfort zone. I hope you enjoyed the story of the two eagles rate. So, right know BAR that kind of lazy eagle over here. So this is some kind of comfort zone shot which I really want to know. The first table is this went right now, this is the comfort zone. And from here we are just going progress all the way. So comfort zone can be anything for me and just put this kind of netflix, some kind of comfort zone. And then the second can be just like sleeping. Okay. And next is my favorite, which I'm kind of proud of, this gaming. And you can write anything, whatever. What are you leg? It's just no activity, just lazy, just somethings like this. Then next two then we can just go around like kind of we're gonna progress for the next stage rate, I'm going to just come out of my comfort zone right now. So first thing what I'm gonna do is I'm going to be afraid definitely because this urea is some kind of ISO secure and ever so very happy. Now this one like what happens is like what we are going to have is lack of confidence. When I enter here, this should be the cost for everybody. Then the most important, This, you can be rejected. That's for sure. Then. Okay. Low self-esteem. K Then what toward things? You'd be so very and she has many just progress from comfort zone to fear. These are things that happen really, if you really want, you can be back also from fear. Many people, again, the comeback to these areas to, so this becomes your old life right now if you're just coming. Now we are going to break this. The door opens here. So you understood everything about this lack of confidence, rejection, self-esteem. Know what you're gonna do is you're going to just develop, right? Read books. Gay. Stand up for yourself. Yes. Standard four. Q. Then just lack of conferences, online courses. You're just growing up right now. Kind of skills here. Yes, skill share is something very great. Learning, then rejecting, getting rejected again and again, you will come, build up some kind of hope. Then faith, BSD, the things that happens in this kind of learning stage. Now after this, now comes the real life. You're going to be develop. Yes. The last thing can be called as self actualization. Yes, you are happy. Now comes you understand yourself. You start to really work pretty hard. Hardworking then what happens? You will solve what problems? Problem solver? Yes. These are some of the things that what will happen if you just progress from your comfort zone twos played to growth zone. So this is what I really want you to just break free from your comfort zone and it's kind of really standard, be beautiful when he is just more of your things. So now I want to say is, is like this, I want you to really do it by yourself. The first thing is like edify your comfort zones, which you really did last time, like Netflix. Okay. This is for you. It can be anything, right? I'm not going to ask you anything. Gaming. Then move, vibe, like kind of feeling of enough. Yes. I don't have enough base. I don't want anything. No working NOW. Just lazy. Okay. Many things name, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But you need to take some time to do it, right? So what action can I take comes the second step. I know that I cannot cut NETFLIX, YES. Do something like product table. If I'd been watching Netflix continuously, like maybe L just one action taken like like every day, some kind of reduction? Yes. In weekends, I can do something right. Weekends tried to involve some kind of volunteer activities and thing like that. Then if you really like, just just come out of this stuff, running or something like walking. But come out of your comfort zone is something that I really wanted. What action you can take. It can be different from UN me rate. Okay, now comes something, what I really love doing. Yes, I really load some drawing. Then model just takes peaking. Yes, I love speaking. He is speaking with people. Yes. This is what really loud then what I'll I loved. Cars and bikes. Yes. Cars and bikes then from age or like tracking? Yes. These are things I really love to do it. But everything God spoiled by this so-called come for. Yes. And I really loved doing when I was a kid, was like enough like something. This is very, very important. What I really want you to understand. Now, what can I learn will just pick up an activity. You know, I know that you really can't come off your comfort zone something very easily like we'll just keep like 30 days? Yes. The days every day I want you to just somewhere across smart that you have been doing this activity. It can be like some kind of measuring in your calendar or something. They did. Maybe take a, some kind of like drawing course, something, but you really learn drawing course. Then I really love illustration. Then something like My favorite photograph, a or B. Youtubers, yes, you can just add your own YouTube channel. Make a skill surplus. Like what I'm doing right now? Yes. So these are some other ways that I really think that you can come out of your comfort zone. I really want you to come out of your comfort zone straight from here to all the way to Grotius. Get, are there, learn fear? Yes, this is very, very important in your life. So hope you really enjoyed doing this activity together, support. I really hope so. So that's it for now. The next activity, guys, bye-bye. 4. The story of the Stress Bucket: Raging storm breaks even the strongest and the boldness priest loading the storms of it is not the strongest or the bravest who sat away. Instead, the survival is the one who can read and learn. We cannot change the forces of wind that challenges us, but we must learn to sway and dance during those storms to stand firm. The only requirement is just to ask yourself, is it what being stressed? So how do I deal with this? The most effective remedy to combat stress is to slow down. Sudden reaction or restlessness is like boring learning while in a raging fire. Be DNA kind of pressure that is derived from the relationship. Stressful office atmosphere, stress due to fail business ought piling depth can be handled. Don't iffy practice, Philip, Go the building tension and learn to relax for something. Men under stress. Just paid for ten minutes and then go on to make the decision. Those ten minutes can make a huge difference in handling stress. In the words of Blaise Pascal, augments miseries derive from not being able to sit in a great home alone. Do remember, take a deep breath. It's just a bad day. So by now you would have understood what stress can do to your laid. Some 40K of beautiful smile story right now. So again, ideas. Once they've ascertained of Buddhist monasteries, it waited like up a border Higgs where everything was very wonderful, beautiful nature and all the other things. And there were many students in this book is more Raspian direction of good and very vice Master's teaching the students every leaf of bid less than. So this was kind of going on where the students learn good amount of wisdom from these great masters. So one day in a class, one student asked a master, ODM, must I have a doubt why he does. A person becomes a vital honey modal Bennie, so stress Debord. Yes, this bikes must die. Understood, this is one of the most important questions asked me. The student, which is entail, bird is facing right now. You do this. The just, this master understood some always to give an answer, right? So he asked his students, go to the kitchen, bring a glass of water and also the big job site or let's do it on down all the other students but kind of sockets, Vaseline does happening. What does BARDA we gotta do? So the master asked the students to follow them for a small one. So along with the master, the students also followed for work. And after point of time, they reached a small lake, beautiful lake with a Stillwater and wonderful. You can imagine how beautiful it would be to seed, right? So now this master asked the student, take the sum of the style from the jar and put it into this small glass of water that you have. So the students who are the, some kind of some solid from this jar and then they mix it the water. And he showed it to the master. The master asked the students to just take a sip from this class. One. His students just sit from this glass of water or the water. So kind of Socrates, everybody's expression was like this. The master once again smilingly told the students, now do it thing, empty this glass jar of sight into their later. The students ought to be the same thing as told by the master. And now the master asses students, no taste this partner from the link. So the students like they took the water and the hand and they just started drinking the water. One way. One drank the water from the lake and told the master that already mastered this water. This as sweet as before. There is no saltiness year now otherwise, Master looked at the students and ask them, stress is nothing but the sand in your life, there is always going to be citing unit. But it is you who decide whether you want to remain as a small glass of water or just click this big play which can dissolve on the side. Yes, there is always going to be soldered in your life. Start our stress is going to be an integral part of your life. But how do you manage your stress is really important. So the choice is yours whether you want to remain like a small glass or saying this, every one of us is bombarded in this lake. Everybody is learning like very fast printing and every day, rather than just running a marathon, it all happens, just came, come in from Berg every single place. But the most important thing is how you manage it is really going to be very mode and then you add an, a deep stress. Makes sure don't kind of react immediately, give it the just, just ten minutes. Ten minutes can really make a huge difference. So this course, this session is not over right now if we have an important activity of how you got to handle your stress bucket, of all the cells are getting poorer and you're like, I'm going to be the smaller glass a partner, big lake. Let's find out. Right. So hi and welcome to this activity on your stress bucket is this is just a drawing that I did for the stress bucket gain of thing. So you can identify this place as the most important thing. This is your life. So let's get started right now. Let's just understand this bucket was defer. This bucket can be divided into zones like from one to like nine or ten zones as you please. So this is a level that is this green highlighted is nothing but d stress level that you can't really manage. So maybe like 5.5 or something that you really can manage without any problems. So, but the big thing is, none of us will be in this fucking UVB. Almost everybody will be here. That is today's tourists scenario. This is a truth actually. So this area, there's a low area up to seven. Maybe you can manage your stress without much problems so you will not feel like lack of sleep or anything, depression or anything. Some stuffs that happens because of stress. And this is the buffer zone. This is going to be the maximum thing you can be or after nine, the big problem with this bucket of start going DO flow is going to be really difficult for every single one of us to cope with stress. So most of us will be in this zone, I think so this can't, this is something like. Very common. So this is a coping mechanism where if you really have a copa from your stress, all you need is to open this tap over here and let this bucket so the level of the water really comes down. This is what is called as a coping mechanism here, which I'll be speaking about right now. So this is the stress. Some of the most common statuses for You can also be submitted different. So what I really put down here is it can be a workload, it can be upheld normally fewer, maybe really ever be so very stressed bases happening to me. So workload, you know, at right today we have so much workload, targets and all the other kind of stuff. Then this is negative feedback. Somebody gives you a negative feedback of your like. You're not doing this thing. Gordy are not capable of doing that or things, things like that. Put you under deep says because you keep thinking again and again and again by your egos like kind of trying to tell you no, no, no something. Then comes the deadlines. Then for students, it is exam pressure and deadlines, both of them exam dates will really keep a stressed. It's not only for students but also for adults. Do this happens right? Then another most important thing is this financial problems. Yes, even I have a deep stress about financial problem because I'm not good in finances for the truth of that, then family issues, pretty much everybody has as it can come in any form, by Sister, Datta, father, mother, and all your strength and most Him. And another important thing is this is trying to meet expectations. Yes. This is one of the most important thing. We just tried to be someone, right? We just wanted to fulfill the dreams of another person by even not trying to just fulfilled her dream. So this are some of the things that lead you to stress. The activities that I really want you to do is identify what does all these kind of stresses that you're putting into the stress bucket. So the level goes MOD buffer zone and is really going to overflow. So this is one of the most important things I want you to do. First of all, take a paper or a book or a journal, whatever you like it, identify and write down all your stresses. What does just pushing your of this buffer zone, it can be anything. These are just the examples that are listed on your stress can be anything. But I want you to write down in a very deep manner, such as examined if it's a family problem, I want you just not like i did assembly problem. Now, I want you to specifically the family problem whether from varied comes because the more you specify, the more you are going to get into the root of this. So this will be a very modern exist. Take your old aim in doing this. It can also take some kind of ours definition, but still it is ok. Now we will go into the most important thing. This is coldness coping. You'll need to know what is coping mechanisms. So some exemptions for coping skills. But I put it here like, let's see what are all these things? The faster the four most important thing is like lower your expectation. Yes, this becomes very modern. We have a huge expectation from yourself and from others. Sometimes you may be some kind of a Where you expect more from your student or you may be a manager or you kind of expect more from your colleagues and subordinates. The big problem is, nobody can fulfill your expectations. This is the truth in this world because you are anemic and nobody is u. So I will go to this in the last asks for help. Now take responsibility is one of the coping skills, is taking responsibility for your hospice that you really face right now. The more you want to run away from your stress, the more it is really going to torment and torture you. So identify your stress and take responsibility for what is happening around your life. If you are a person who's just avoiding responsibility, then I don't think it is really not going to help you at all. Then analyze the root of the stress. Yes, I want you to go into the root of this test sometimes if foreign Example four, let me just take my exam. I really like kind of become so many stress because when somebody tells me some kind of negative thing, I just started thinking about this. Then I came to understand that during my childhood, diverse late criticized from my parents right there. They expect me to be some kind of perfect. I was not meeting their demands. So this the thing that I carried from my Chandler kept reflecting here. So I had to understand and analyze this root of this test to identify what I really need to know about the stress. So next is, don't be too serious. Yes, you are going to lose anything in your life. Just think like that, don't be too very serious. I have seen people taking life to be too serious and they're burning out like in things they want to just learn and begin on the goals and targets and all the other things. So more you start doing all these games of stuff. If you're becoming too serious, I don't think you'd really be coping it out. Then is take breaks often and go for vacation season. This is one of the most important thing I'm telling to people. Some people think that when they're invoked that they should not take leave, they should have a 100% Netherlands and all the other stuff. If you wonder numbers or if you want your life, I would say that he disabled your life and not about the numbers. There are some people who can manage continuously, but if you are not one among those people, take some breaks and go for some vacation, take your bike, take your car, goals, they go enjoy some, just some leads that pressure that is holding in Sandy. And the most important thing is helps them in our voluntary Yes. Really going to just make you come out of your status because many go and help someone or you volunteer for some good cause, maybe does for some kind of child education, or maybe you're just providing food for some kind of needy people. The big thing is when you start helping someone, you will identify that their life is really some kind of very bad than yours. So you'll start to find some kind of gratitude in your life. You'll just start to see the good things in your life. So this is one of the very important thing, volunteering and helping somebody if you can do this, is, I guess most of the times if you do this you're statistically they gotta come down. I promised you guys. Next is creative learning. If you really like some kind of a drying or illustration or some things like that beast do it because if you are a person who was kind of analytical or some thing, maybe you're good at numbers, maybe I'll go to Data or something, but you're stressed about doing these things again and again and again. But when you do something creative, like just a simple thing like a coloring by yourself, a coloring book by yourself, like sketches or something like this and start maybe doing it because I will just slow down your thinking that you are not just running became something there's no targeted, you can take your own name. So this is really going to help you. And another important thing is if you are a kind of a personal spiritual, I would suggest you that learn some kind of spiritual books. You'll get to the root of the meaning that there is nothing in this old world really. What for you to be stressed abort. So this thing comes directly from spirituality. And next is learning from mistakes. I want you to learn from your mistakes. If this many people who have an opinion, they like to put you down that you made a mistake, made this, he made that this happens and officers, as happens in many places I am seen many people. We want to put down someone, right? So just don't be, don't just get stressed because of these people. Learn from your mistakes. Don't make the same mistake again. So that is the only thing that is available to you. But if somebody tells us that making mistakes is bad, don't you ever believe those people in other coping and very important thing as journaling? Yes. Maybe they want you to write down everyday what is happening maybe before the time of your into sleep? Yes. Take some time to write things in a journal. It can be visual, it can be colorful again, you can stick things like that or maybe just ordinary writing. Do this for at least one week. I promise you, you're gonna find deeper meaning within yourself. And next, any modern thing is PMA. Bmr is far less progressive muscle relaxation technique. Go to YouTube and type this BMR. You will have some kind of videos for the, it'll help you to sleep better. They, they'll tell you to lay down. They'll slowly just more around your body that is from me or top of the head to your feet. And they'll tell you to relax yourself the more you are into this BMR kind of stuff. If you can't do this BMR everyday before you asleep, I think you even have a good night sleep. And the next term dominates did thing for coping as it's called us, Yoga, Nidra for sleep. Yes, this also another procedure which will really help you to sleep. So these are some of the coping skills and the most important thing is asking for help. Yes, delegate the Central Asias. The big thing is many of us refused to ask for help. This is being like We're not asking for a v, are taught that we are self-dependent, self-reliant, we are everything. So this is really going to be a very, very bad thing. I want you to ask for help if you really cannot do it. Let me just tell me tell you about my personal things. I was a person who was very stressed, very anxious, very depressed. This was two iodide reading, lots of books, lot of doing all the things which I've listed here, but none of them was working for me. So ultimately, I had to go and see a psychiatrist. I went and met a psych ghettos. She just told me the stress bucket thing. She told me that you are a 38 year old guy. So if you can imagine yourself to be some kind of a tug carrying a heavy load at 38 years, you should be getting something like 50 tons. But you are only able to carry 40 dense if you 4110 has been placed on you, you just break. So this was your problem. So I see this. Dopamine, what should all be done for reducing all my stressors, something like what has been listed. And he also told me that I'm some kind of a perfectionist, expecting wonderful results from everything that I do. I need to come out of this lake and after perfection mechanism and learn to accept my mistakes or that I really can come out. So this is the one of the great thing that I heard as I read many things and all the other things were not working, but ultimately I had to ask for help. You really cannot do it on your own. I feel its not something like very bad to ask him. The moment you ask for help, things are really going to change. So these are some of the steps, things to come out of your stress levels. And if you think that watching Netflix and gaming is really a coping skill, I would say that all these things are not a coping skill, but rather these are distraction mechanism. They are not coping skills, they had just distraction mechanism. There's a huge difference between coping and bisection. And after destruction, the stress comes back. But once you start practicing this coping skills, you'll be really able to manage your stress bucket pretty effectively, right? So just take your own time and ended for your stresses and just come, I know that you cannot come off your stress, but only thing that I want you to learn is how to manage your stress like in those activities. That's a, So I hope so are you just take this very seriously because stress is one of the most important things that keep killing people every day. They make you brought new diseases, they make your immune system B. So make sure that learner come out of all these things so that you can really be very happy. So thanks for this activity, guys. I'll see you in another one by. 5. The story of Limited Thinking: The goals for you are not enough. My parents said, You are not destined. I inverted in those plays and live day after day, all those lays clouded over me. What sort of insult toward me? Slowly, I believed that I was eliminated person. Then one day I rise the y standard in my heart. I knew that I am the Phoenix. On the very day. I understood that I am limitless. So I clearly broker beings. We became domesticated by the goal, just like a small puppy being drained poets biscuit. If you drag your team, you get good basket. Weave are dissatisfied at work. Doubles its models and we became one of them trying to swim against the tide. We are assure on the part that we go doing. An artist becomes an engineer, sculptor becomes an occulting our happened because we accepted that we are destined to be. As such. The rules are given verbal. Someone told me I cannot sing when I was a kid. I believe it was true. And they never saying after that, the simple term, I can't and you can't became by hunted in my heart. Never really question those words. Now, what became my food and sleep? I never improve. Now's the time to really question self beliefs and values. In the verge of Buddha. Believe nothing, no matter value, read it. Or who said, no matter if I exceeded, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense. Now we're does a time to break free from the invisible virus of prison, of Human Rights. It is time to lose him and escape does change. That had so long held us. So make sure we break free because we are mark limited, rather VR limitless. I, your boss enough. Limited thinker. If you are, I want you to listen to this story that we go on right now. So what's in a village? There was a circus going on. This was a canyon of this. A first time. Some people in the village and witnessing the circus. The circus was kind of wonderful. They were close. They have adjusted lions jumping from this things and all, and then penguins doing all the wonderful stuffs and allow the other beauty, wisdom that is happening in circuits you would have weakness that gets right to the right. So just kinda very beautiful. The people were very joyful to witness something that children's learning narrower. This third studied with guarantees in their mode. Then everything. Everything was witnessed with real gi that people coming out of the canyon and all the other Why do you call them this thing? Blasting, fica, cousin, everything kind of time, which really was very good for children's and for peoples. And we're having a good time with a very happy. So this chip and we're just going in saving surplus witnessing Marnie area after another, like there was white group. Michael, not all the other things, but some thing kept speaking something insane. He saw an elephant, very huge elephant type to a small stick. This was proved in the ground with a chains from the elephant's feed to this sticky birthday. The elephant really was not trying to break the chains for the stick or anything is Michael was Curve thinking this one with this infant deaths, not the leaf and know that this is just a stupid that it was Moses feet like this. The thing can break and change Kim break-in because elephant is so much more Kosslyn, many questions are popping up inside Michael. Michael didn't know what to do and it was spate of maybe you're over children. They very curiously, very, very curated. So ultimately, Michael happen to meet an elephant trainer over there and circuits to stray animals, just super waving all the early Muslims like everything is going according to the work of if, then this might've pulled trainer, trainer have what's my wife? What do you want right now? I have one big don't you help me create lister. Okay. Tell me, wasn't out. I see an elephant over there. Such a big elephant. I eat two distinct. Why does it not break out from the state? Visit really an elephant on it as some kind of flame thought possibly a trainer for some time looked at the boy. And really this was kind of very modern question that is going to change his life. So Trainer straightaway looked in the eyes of the buying and told him this elephant, then it was very small like you. I tied it into the stick, putting a smile, just a rope around its leg and putting into the city, they defend, trade the more the stick, because since it was a stick was put so much into the elephant, tried and tried and tried like smart babies trying to walk, rate it trite, but it could not break the stick. We played for many days and months. Ultimately, it couldn't break free because elephant did not have the splint. Don't break the stick. So the elephants started growing up, okay. Even though it had grown up, thinking what is inside its mind that this tick is stronger than me. The stick the stronger than this elephant store right from its childhood, believed that something much stronger than himself. And no matter what happens, this elephant will not break free from the stick and the chains and go into the white forest. So this is the spate of this elephant for the rest of the slave. So now my dear micron, don't be like this foolish elephant. You are not an elephant. You are a human being, right? Can grow no matter who ever tells you that you are not fit to do this, you are not capable of releasing this or your dreams. No matter your parents, no matter your friends, no matter your teachers or anybody who tells you you cannot do this. Never, ever believed those birds because you are sole greater in your capacity to become someone so great that you really want. If you have dreams, go pursue your dreams. If you have dissidence, God do it. If your goals go, do it. Nobody on earth has that much power to stop you either than you? Yes. Yes. This was a story that you really need to remember when you're faced with some kind of Tao scholar, whether anybody tells you that you're not capable of doing that. My parents, teachers, or anybody who's never ever really do work you allow hang. You'll just go on with your life. So next will be an activity for limited thinking. Yes, be able to just analyze what kind of limited beliefs you have. Ok, so stay tuned for the activity. And we didn't say this, right. So hi and welcome to this activity on limited thinking. So I want you to write down your limited thinking buttons. I want to just put one tabular column like this. So what does my limited thinking patterns and I want you to ask a question every single time. Is it true? And sit way? Yes, these two questions that are very, very modern for limited thinking parents. But before you do this activity, I want you to explain what this limited thinking phenomenon is, our habit, and you should really know more about the limited thinking. So let's get started right now. So this is fairly limited thinking graph. If you can dream it, you really can activate. Yes, this is you with all your limited binging beliefs that have really got I explained right now. So the first one can be called us catastrophizing. Yes. This Earthlike used that to worry when just some thing happened in your life. Let it can't be an ordinary thing, but you kind of just make it bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and ultimately do very big gas balloon. It may be like it was just a smarter more Hill, but you've just made a mold and out of all the things, maybe this is really not true. Okay, it can be some gain of incident wave. Keep thinking like, could this happen, like things like that when you are just caught up in kind of catastrophic thinking, I want you to just ask yourself the question, how bad can it really get on a scale of one to ten? Or else I am, I am a thinking in the correct manner or, or AMI, really wrong in this kind of thinking pattern. In again, a spectrum of 12k. And most of the times when you keep my asking this question to yourself, you're thinking by dint could not be like ten of, it will be like one or two, but your imagination will be required of ten. But actually it is really not going to happen. So this is one of the most important thing of limited thinking. The second approaches, dichotomous thinking. Either it does like good or bad, right or wrong. You just don't have a middle path in between this, you're harvesting that either I'm smart or aid or amaz to pay. Either I am intelligent or either I am like getter for poor guy. You start to think like this kind of dichotomous thinking by this. So these kind of pattern get originated from your childhood. Somebody who would have asked you to do like this, or somebody would criticize, somebody would have scolded. So you have downloaded this kind of dichotomous Patton. You need to understand whether you experience these kind of pattern in your life. So all I'm asking is Westin your beliefs first and then do this activity. So nova is fixed mindset. This can be legged. Fade. Yes, I'm born like this, are like I am a handicapped person. I cannot accomplish mice. You would have seen like Ken of many people with real physical inabilities accomplishing link so much like dancing and sports and all the other kind of things. What if they had a limited thinking in their life, they would probably not have accomplished anything. So I wonder, throw this fixed mindset away from your life and make you understand that you can learn and master anything. It need not be about that you are some kind of people should be of talent didn't do this. Just by Stalin and with hardware, you can do anything. So this fixed mindset button can be only be overcome by this hard working better. Now getting stuck. How when you have a large goal or large project, the first thing that comes in your mind is, how am I able to do it? What does, what do they lose? Water phase suck water Pharaoh in this project nor nonlinear. You need to understand. I invite you again out of this, this whole Patton and break large chunks of material into smaller patents are, if you have a big project, bring that project into smaller buttons. So you'll be able to come out of this limited thinking pattern of getting stuck. And one of the other most important thing, others opinions somebody would have like kind of criticized you. Yes. You are a loser. Yes. This happens to every single person. Your boss would've told you that you are incapable of doing this work. You are waste or something like that. Because many of us are really afraid of this criticism. And after that there were self judgments. Follow what if what he told would be true or AMI, really loser, I'm a born loser. All these things will come from others opinions. So make sure you just forget about this. Naysayers at 80 and every cost because it's your life. And if you can dream it, you really can active the soil somewhat. These are some of the examples that I gave you about your limited thinking patterns. Now just transfer this example into this kind of activity page. Yes, my bet. Is that true? Yes. I'm just going to give you an example. I am yes. Failure. Many people pink this, I'm a failure. But the question is I want you to ask this yes or no. The Most of the time this would be like it will be no. Yes. You are really not a failure. May be. You just lack the skills, right? And if you have learned the skills, you may not really be a failure, right? If you are, if you fail in kind of some kind of examination or something like that, this is really not possible that if you can just cultivate the required skills and some kind of learning. Yes. Next, my parents told me I am not capable, right. Could be this happens in some of the families scenarios. If your parents tell you that you are not capable, maybe their parents would have believed them like that. It doesn't mean that you need to believe that you are not some kind of a capable person. Maybe you need to prove them wrong. Yes. You need to prove. And also I want you to ask a question. How much did you try? Yes. This is a question. Let's take an example. I'm just doing this kinship class. I don't know whether there is going to be some kind of more students or maybe also possibility that I may not get much students or people may not even like this course. But if I keep thinking that I'm not going to be a success or I'm really going to be failure. I don't think that I will be able to create much more classes than this, right? Even if this class fails, I really have to do another class. Maybe that could be a success. It is all just comes in my faith and belief in myself. If I'm think I am a limited kind of guy, I don't think I can make up anywhere in my life. The same thing. I wrote the book I was, I taught myself that I was a guy who's very poor English and all the other kinds of stuff and all the other things in my life. But I really wrote a book, which I feel very really happy because I was just doing blogging early for a couple of months then after that, write my own book. Minister, I-I just had so much limited believes in my life. There were many things like that. Will the book sale or anything. I am really not bothered about the book is going to sell or not. But I did a project. I was not nm mindset of limited thinking. I know that you also can do pick up some projects, do want You Lao or things like that, but makes you are, I want you to understand this. Come out of your limited set of patterns. If you can remind, you really came Alcibiades. So take time in this limited thinking by them giving yourself like Congress delayed up to ages, finishes activity. Friends. Thanks for watching this and you see you next time. Bye. 6. The story of comparison: Both novelty begins. There. Comparison leads up. Really be memorable and be confident. Handles repro. You know that you shouldn't compare yourself with others. That is often easier said, bendy. Job title, income, grades, house, and Facebook likes the number of categories in which we can compare it to ourselves, to others is really so infinite. So as the number of people he can compare ourselves to, comparison is generally the fast track to unhappiness. It is a recipe for a solid or a desk is keeping you focused on what you don't like about yourself and your own belief? Thank god myself glancing over toward that. And I didn't know where they were in life and where I wasn't. I had made the decisions to rebuild my life from scratch. So of course, I leave us behind. When I started comparing myself to me friends, the more I focused on their bug and not my own, The more I lost control. Eventually, I reached a point where I question my decision and that when he knew I had to change MY perspective because you can't change something you rolled really acknowledge. So instead of resisting of fighting, that you are come to peace with it. Say yes to every part of your lives and from that place, made decisions that will move you in the right. If you're not happy with yourself today. Remember that this is just a snapshot of your life that you are today. Doesn't see anything from value will be against one or two years from now. What matters is embed you are, what matters is your mindset, your attitude, and where you are really hidden. Stone. Stop comparing the DRC and start living a wonderful life issue really? Well then no, you would have understood that how comparison Hall I ruined your lives rate. Let's go into small story to understand how you should really not compare with anybody or anything in your life. So there was one kind of samurai, us silicon have a brain bursts and who just won many wires, killed many kings and help the people to come out of their depressed things like freedom and all the other things. It was a kind of person who will fight and one vars bringing people, freeing kings and all the other games. Like Eva's kind of very, very famous samurai was very respected and feared by most people. Certain. But the big problem with the subarrays, no matter how hard he tried and Khomeini was he raised and one still looks like his heart was some kind of empty. It was kind of never, ever happen. So the salary wanted to really find out what was missing in his slave. Like us rate something, somebody missed, being able to be happy, right? So I went to a Buddhist monastery, were there and he saw the monks or their EMI made one of the monks and the monk. He taught among them. I don't know what happened with ME, environmentally wires and then many things but still like really do not see happiness and I find something is missing from my life no matter how hard. I mean, our tiger. The moral of that, the salary and told him, I'm really sorry. But today I have a lot of work to do. But if you can really waiting evening, maybe I can help you to come out of this problem. So the summary did not del, by way and went off where the samurai felt that he just wanted to watch the monks multi due from morning to evening. So a sad they're looking at all the monks doing amongst we're just modeling the trees were helping the poor of or helping the people. They were just doing very, very ordinary activities. But remain that they kind of very happy levers always like smiling. There was no hesitation or like behavior not uninterested in all the other being given washing their clothes. They were like doing it very happily. This summary was kind of, he felt in his heart that these marks are so very silly when for ordinary activities ident many things in my life. But I don't think I can match up with these models. Some all some feeling of inferiority kept under his mind and her party waited till the night. Why did you just speak to the moment? And the monk again came back after his work. The summary waited long time. Vent and mental Hall employed him. Dear sir, I've seen you doing all the activities from morning. I'm Kara, understand how I'm so very happy in doing some very ordinary activities, whereas I still can't do or be happy no matter how retract. The monks just smilingly looked at the summary and asked him to group companies. Both of them looked up by the Mongols assembler it, what do you see your then disseminate toward its foreign moon? Yes. And once again, the monk asked, you obtain from the morning, you're seeing the side and now you're seeing the moon. How would you think? Who do you think is the bigger been promoted? Then the summary answered this long dead silence. One of the great things in shines light upon the earth and it gives life to the plants and all the other things. Without sun, we cannot do anything. But the more chains of beautiful light in the night. They taught the whole. I really cannot witness the beauty of the late, but I cannot compare the site and mourn because each has its own roll degree. And each of them on many modern endeavored late morning, didn't like us. Now if the monk congratulated and appreciated this Emery and tour, this is the problem with you. Summary Core still couldn't understand. The monk told the big problem with you. You are never satisfied with what you are conditioned. You are always comparing yourself with others someday or together. They're going to be people who are greater than you, who are more successful than you, or which of them you are angry, you are more skillful than you know, more and more use tags to compare yourself with others, the less than less your happiness is green. So this is the story about the MOOC and assembler. What about us? What are we doing in an array? You buy a mobile phone, and if a friend buys another mobile phone, which is picker and display, are bigger and capacity or anything. We just look at this and we wanted to buy it way. We bike so many consumer things just by comparing what we have done this more and more, we start to compare things or US with others. The more and more depressed we really are going to be. The next activity is that you're going to write where you are really depressed venue start to compile and also join you for this activity hand, right? So stay tuned. Have medieval. So hi and welcome once again to the activity on comparing yourself. So this is the chart about comparison that does. This is me, that is myself. And this should be, you had to be right. I put your now high ARRA by, I just keep degrading myself by kind of comparison. This is just a scale that happens in every single person's life. So by now you would have understood that comparison has one kind of a very dangerous thing which we really should not put it into her life. So what are all the things that you can do in comparison bank DVD for you after this thing would be like write down things that you are really comparing yourself with others. It can be like it could be in carrier, it could be in personal life. It could be anywhere but make, but really kind of understand that comparison just deals the giant away from your beautiful her life years. So what are all the things that a person can really taken for not doing the comparison with others. The West and the foremost thing is that I want you to just understand or know the direction of your life. So there's a very modern thing, this direction off your life. Once you have a purpose or direction or a goal in your life, you are going to be comparing with anybody else, right? Make sure you meet the goals, break the goals in a month wise, year wise or weak ways and start putting on your effort towards that goods. So when you have a direction in your life, your mind would not be just kind of good deli dangling aboard Yaro, your a-level and what does your neighbors level or your friends or colleagues or anybody's level? So we can just start, stop comparing with Yasser. And second is self-awareness. This is one of the most important steps in stopping comparison. Understand, then you just start comparing yourself than another. Then you have this kind of self-awareness. You're going to stop your mind getting into the comparison mode there. All this self-awareness is very important for you to get out of this kind of bag journey off comparison. So BMR of what is happening around you. Be aware of your thoughts, whether it is going negative towards combustion something, put a checkmark to this thing through self-awareness. Now next would be time. When we just start to compare ourselves with some kind of successful person or a, or a multi-person. We just see the result, but we don't just see the journey that what that person has really gone through to be some kind of rage or intelligent or anything else. Because the big problem and social media is. Social media just shows you only this effects on what that person has, right? It doesn't show what their journey, what their failures and all the other things. It just shows him that he's successful more than you. So this kind of phenomenon creates more kind of envy and jealousy without you really knowing what is the journey behind that person really came. Next is to stop your comparisons, identifying your strengths. This is one of the most important thing. Everybody cannot be really strong in all the activities that they do re, a fish can swim and mater, whereas a bird can fly rate this is something different. If you ask a fish to fly and a bird to swim high thing, it's kind of rumination by both. These people should not compound with one another. And also do remember something that when you are going to compare with somebody, Richard, you should also understand that did they work really hard or that is their parents money or something like that. So don't you ever compare your strengths with another person, makes sure that you just build up on your stance. This is one of the most important things. And another is learn to appreciate. Another one. If somebody has gone to promote, somebody's got a promotion in the job where you would have just wanted this promotion or decide that promotion. Just stop all the negative things in your mind like comparing, what did they miss and what did he do? Rather just stop putting all those things to rest and go and appreciate that person In this way, you can just forgive yourself for comparing you with another guy. Yes, this has very modern thing and I want you to love your life. Yes. Don't you just start your life with comparing that these that another person had so many electronic goods then mean other personas. Highly paid then me is getting promotion 0s and a very good job, just top it. You don't know what their journey in life is all about, right? When you don't know something, then you are not supposed to compare. A comparison steals a joy away from your life. This is the most demanding I want you to remember. Love your life. No matter how hard or how bad it is, it is really going to change. Life is a cycle. It's full of append on. Sometimes it may be up, sometimes it may be down, it just goes on and on. And next is count your blessings. Yes, I want you to have that feeling of gratitude within yourself. Look at all the disk privilege or the under-privileged people surrounding you, feel better or good about your life, that you are not in those kind of position. So better, count your blessings and not your troubles. There is a good proverb that I cried because I had no shoes until I saw a man with no feed. So this should be your thing when you just want to compare yourself with one another by taking all the actions, what we have just now learned, I want you to write in your journal or in your book of what are the things that you are comparing yourself with some other person. It can be a grudge, envy or anything that would have developed within yourself due to this comparison habit that you have been doing quite lately. So I write down all the things they ingest. Think about, why are you comparing yourself with another person? Find out all these things. What I taught you, direction of your life, self-awareness, what is the time you are strands and appreciate the things. Just have a perspective of all those things. What you can do about it then slowly to take some time because you would have developed a habit of comparison with another person in your life. So give those times to come out of this comparison and appreciate the life that you really, heck, I hope so that you will do this activity because It's again, a very difficult activity because comparison really hurts. Yes, it's a beautiful life. We are aren't supposed to compare, right? No matter how bad it is. So thanks for watching this tutorial. I'll see you in the next when my gaze Thank you. Take care. Thank you. 7. Story telling conclusion: If you're watching this video, they congrats to you, and a big thanks to you for completing this course. So this course is really based upon an activity. The most important thing is I want you to write it down, put it into words, but you really want or how you want your life to change. So this is the main reason why accreted discourse liked it. I hope so that you have enjoyed this course. And if you really love this course, I just want you to just request you to just leave a small feedback on a review so that he can know more about my course and how I can just keep on improving, because learning is the great part is not so. So. Thank you once again and see you soon.