Best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategies for 2017! | Jerry Banfield | Skillshare

Best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategies for 2017!

Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

Best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategies for 2017!

Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

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18 Lessons (1h 45m)
    • 1. Enroll in the best SEO class for 2017 Jan 27

    • 2. One immediate SEO tip I hope is valuable for you

    • 3. Introduction to the Best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategies for 2017!

    • 4. The second most powerful strategy for SEO in 2017

    • 5. What I am doing on my own website for 400 Google organic search visits per day featuring Alexa

    • 6. Analysis of the entry pages on my website which are doorways for traffic to find me on Google search

    • 7. Case study featuring a top page on my website bringing in thousands of search visitors every month a

    • 8. The best strategy for making the most in depth posts as fast as possible to rank high in Google

    • 9. SEO tools featuring Yoast SEO and nofollow links

    • 10. Google webmaster tools, Fiverr backlinks, and playing the big SEO game

    • 11. PRO TIP 1! Your website host makes a huge difference

    • 12. PRO TIP 2! HTTPS is official a ranking factor according to Google

    • 13. PRO TIP 3! Register your domain for a long time

    • 14. PRO TIP 4! Lock down your own name in search results

    • 15. PRO TIP 5! Get into the Google knowledge graph

    • 16. PRO TIP 6! Update the date published every time you make an edit

    • 17. PRO TIP 7! Make a free coupon page

    • 18. Would you help me teach this class?

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About This Class

See what SEO methods I use to get 200,000+ people to find me in organic search on Google and YouTube every month! Hear my Search Engine Optimization plans for 2017 to get to 300,000+ a month by the end of the year! Enjoy a class featuring Google webmaster tools, alexa, YouTube analytics, WordPress pages, Yoast SEO, Google search on a competitive term, answers about Fiverr backlink gigs, and more!

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Jerry Banfield

Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes


You can become a MASTER OF DIGITAL MARKETING by following me on Skillshare and watching my classes each day!

BIO: 6 years sober, 4 years plant based diet, 7 years married, 4 years parenting, and 9 years as an entrepreneur online with 103 video classes on Skillshare, 21 books, 1082+ blog posts, 2,500+ YouTube videos, 1,000+ podcast episodes, and 70 songs on iTunes/Spotify!

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1. Enroll in the best SEO class for 2017 Jan 27: welcome to the best search engine optimization or Seo course for 2000 and 17. I think you're going to love this class because I'm getting Hundreds of thousands of people are finding me for free every month they've built my entire business online. And I bet you found me through my organic traffic discovery system. Getting organic traffic through optimizing your entire business, not just search engine, optimized your keywords, but optimize your whole business with sir s CEO in mind. That's what I do. And I'm going to show you the inside of that in this class. How I'm getting hundreds of thousands of views pouring in through YouTube and how Google organic traffic is bringing in bore people to my website. I'll show you some little pro tips that have taken me five years to learn working online things that make a huge difference in S e O that I almost never see in any of the tips. So look for the pro tips in this part of the class in you'll see those Would you enroll in this class and now to commit to getting more organic traffic to having an amazing experience out of working online to see the very best in five years of what I've learned about how to get ah, lot of organic traffic. Thank you so much for getting started. I appreciate you being here with me. 2. One immediate SEO tip I hope is valuable for you: Thank you so much for getting started with this class. I'm really excited to share all this with you now to begin, would you do a simple exercise with me today? Think about exactly how you got here. Think back. See if you can remember. Where did you first see me online? How did you first find my videos? Did you find me on skill share while you're browsing? Did you originally find me on YouTube while you were searching? Incoming role? Did you find me through an ad? I asked you to go through this process because the better you understand how you found me. What you really want to do is get other people to go through the same process with you. So the easiest way to see what's working is to diagnose what works on you. Diagnose Exactly how did you get here? Now, if I have the guests, it's very likely either got here directly through my organic traffic on YouTube or indirectly through my organic traffic on YouTube. That means directly you found a video you searched on video and you came in that way or indirectly you came Here is a peripheral result off the organic traffic from YouTube, meaning the class was ranked high enough on skill share for you to see it while you were browsing or my website got shared by someone who found me on YouTube. And then you ended up coming in that way. Now it's possible you found me another way. You originally listen to my audio book or you saw an online ad. There's lots of ways to find me, and I hope when you look at and see OK, what process did I go through to get here with him? Well, I searched. I had a problem. I searched on YouTube. I found his video enrolled in a skill share class to avoid the ads. Okay, so I originally found him when I was searching for a problem. When you trace this process all the way back, then you can see exactly where the best opportunities are for you to work. Because if you can see own Well, I had a problem and he put up a video that helped me with it. Therefore, you can see exactly what actions open for you. Well, I guess I could put up videos solving the problems. I know about and then I'd get people to find me that way. So to me, the ideal in S. C. O. Is to understand the process you go through is a user and then be able to essentially replicate that process. That way there's no guesswork. You do what works on you, and you are constantly learning about what works on you as you go for it. So I hope if you get anything out of this class, I hope you get that self awareness that understanding all the time when you look around and find people online, remember, How did you find them? Did you find them by clicking? Add Did you find them by Google search? Did you find him? On you? Goes Did you find him through word of mouth marketing? Did you find them by searching for something else and clicking on display ad The more you can isolate this process, the more you can refine your own process. Now what I ask of you in this course I am a student on skill share. Just like you are planning on watching some video classes later today because I want to see if I can learn programming and then teach it. Yes, that sounds pretty crazy, doesn't it? Especially if you've got this on to speed Dennis. I was really crazy really fast. Would you leave a review on this class if you find just one little thing that's helpful in it? That's my method of going about other people's class son skill share. Unless someone outright lies or cheats or does something horrible, I never leave a negative review, and I always leave a positive review if I even find one little tip that I can then immediately apply. So I hope this course is filled with little tips that you can immediately reply. Would you help me share this with other people, let someone else know what to expect? Say, hey, I liked his tip about figuring out my own behavior. When you do that, you'll help me a lot with being able to keep teaching these classes for your online. And that way you can depend that I'll always have something new to share with you and you'll enjoy learning with me. So thank you so much for getting started with this class. I'm really excited to be here with you, and I hope this is helpful for you. 3. Introduction to the Best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategies for 2017!: welcome to what I hope are the best s CEO strategies for 2000 and 17. I'm grateful you're here, and I'm going to show you the very best up front right now. Here they are, based on my ability. I'm getting over 200,000 people to find me every month. If you look at my YouTube search 161,000 and then if you go over to my Google search through YouTube and then if you go into my website search, it adds up. If you put everything in there close to around 200,000 results that I'm getting from organic search traffic every month. So here's the number one tip is think outside of the S E o box. And if you see the giveaways bar on the top, yes, I'll be giving away $10 in Bitcoin on the live version of this course. I'll switch it back over. This is going up as a skill share class as well on S e o. So the very number one tip think outside of the box. Don't just think about getting people to your website, for example. This is what I feel like most of us. Consider it s CEO. We need to build up our website. Get back links to our website. I'm showing you the best s Seo strategies for 2000 and 17. And it does not include doing those things. Primary. If you want to get the very most search results Now let's look at this. Honestly. Do you really want to get the most results, or do you want to do it a certain way? This is really tricking. I've been frustrated. A lot of clients, they say, Well, I want this result. They pay me to help. But then when I do it a different way well, no, I don't want it done that way. All right. Will you want these results, right? Yes. Well, no, not that way. If you really want to do the very best with getting organic search traffic, organic search traffic is gold. Online videos on YouTube are by far the number one way to do it. And I'll give you another formula to do it right after this, without videos on YouTube. So the number one s CEO strategy is to work on the world's second largest search engine instead of the first. Google is the largest, but YouTube searches the second largest. And for me, I actually get mawr search results from Google search to my YouTube channel than I do to my website. Now I've made Massive s CEO efforts on my website and they still can't compete with my YouTube channel. My YouTube channel gets 22,000 views directly from YouTube search and then it gets thousands are from Google Search. Excuse me to my YouTube videos, but it gets 100 and 61,000 views. All zoom in so you can see this better. Ah, 161,000 views from YouTube search go to my YouTube videos every month. And if you count the follow up from those that goes over to my website, about half my website traffic comes from YouTube and that's about as much as I get on my website from search. So just making video after video after video After video on YouTube, you will get that YouTube search traffic YouTube search traffic is relatively easy to get compared to Google, so I'm going to show you more about that now. So I've got I appreciate everyone who's here watching live on YouTube. Now I hope this helpful for you. If you want to learn search engine optimization, it's very search. Engine optimization is a very valuable skill online, so I'll show you here. YouTube search 161,000 views, actually, 22,000 views in addition of that from Google Search. Now that means people typing in a Google search somewhere and they find my YouTube video. That's more than I can get on my website now. There's another huge difference right here. So let me show you this. The average view duration is five minutes when someone finds me in Google search. Now the average time people spend on my website is two minutes. So not on Lee is YouTube surge and Google search much more effective at getting me views and traffic overall. But the view stick, let me show you this. So, on the YouTube search, the average views five minutes and on the Google search average use five minutes. But on my website, it's only about two minutes. So not only am I getting way. Mawr on YouTube surge, I'm getting twice as long off a viewer and in fact, what often happens. Many of the views are about the same, but YouTube is producing many more really long viewers, people watching 40 minutes 50 minutes and our and that's giving me a chance to build deep relationships. So the number one tip I have for S e O in 2017 is go for YouTube. Make videos. You will get so much more back out of your time making videos. And you know, I practice this because this is going up not only in a YouTube video live but also on Facebook and skill share, I believe wholeheartedly and what I'm telling you. That's why I'm doing it. So the number one tip for S. E. O is to look at you tube to bring you search results much more than your website. All the hustling and tricks and things you'll do on your website or nothing compared for most of us to the traffic we can get on YouTube because most everyone works on their Google search. But very there's very low competition still on YouTube. So for SC on the number one thing go where there's low competition now. I appreciate you getting started with this, and we're going to dive much deeper into S E O, including Website s CEO, in great detail here. And I make sure I get this number. One thing on said here first so that you know this going forward. 4. The second most powerful strategy for SEO in 2017: The second most powerful strategy for S E O in 2017 is to do this. You want to partner with 1/3 party who already has a very powerful website. So all the hustling you're going to do on your own website is nothing compared to what you can achieve when you partner with 1/3 party, let me show you an example. So this is an actual course that I made and got ranked. Even though I'm banned from you to me. I asked them to put this back up and give it to my co instructor, and they did that. So when you search for hacking course in Google, I'll have to zoom in so you can actually see it when you search for hacking course in Google. Now think about it. The hacking course terminology. These two words are quite competitive. Being up on the number one search result in this produces thousands of dollars of sales are month. This is a great keyword to be on top of, so let's see who's on top scroll past both ads and look, this is the course I made here. But what? You'll notice it's not on Jiri banfield dot com is If it was well, that'd be great, but it's on. You know me dot com. Now you, to me, has a very high page rank there, one of the top websites in the world. So how did I get this here? I paid the co instructor who now is the only instructor on it. Erman I paid him to make the course. I put the course up on you to me, along with a bunch of my own videos. In it, I did, ah, bunch of marketing and advertising YouTube videos, and I got this ranked up here at number one on a very competitive search term. Now this worked on a bunch of my other una me courses. This worked on Facebook ads course. Now there's no co instructor that, so that one just got banned, and I totally lost that position. But I had some of the top courses search terms on a bunch of different categories. Doing this. If you search Facebook ads course, my course came up first above everyone else's websites. Who does Facebook ads and you can see it's here on hacking. There's a bunch more things you confined just like this. So one of the most powerful s CEO strategies to do is to partner with 1/3 party who will give you the tools and ability to rank a page high on their website. Because on your little website on my little website is very hard for me to go compete with a website like you know me. And that's why big websites have huge power. Because look, you search for hacking course. And not only does this you Timmy course comes up, but another, you know me course comes up also to you. Timmy courses in the top of search results. So I would say the very best thing that you know me is good for is for search engine optimization. However, there's lots of other websites you can do this with. You condone it by posting things in forums. You can do it by partnering with If you see, for example, there's another website that already as the top ranking, why not offer to write a poster, put something on their page and then you can partner with them. You get them more traffic and then people find out about you. If you can partner with the website that already has the traffic and the search ranking you want to, Then you can do something like this. Being up here allows this course to make tens of thousands of dollars of sales every month . The difference between being first and second on a course like this is tens of thousands of dollars a month in sales. You can see that's why this course as of 5000 votes and it's probably got at least 10 if not 20 or 30 times in many sales the next one. So you to me and 1/3 party websites that you can collaborate with will allow you to do things you'll never get to do on your own. Now I'm still going to go through and show you how I do things on my website because even though I've just showed you two methods that are way more effective to get a lot more traffic, you probably still will have the desire to do some S e O on your own website. Now I take my YouTube s CEO is the primary thing I dio and then I try and also practice on my website. Good s CEO and I try and make it functional and helping get more search results whenever possible. When I was on you to me, I completely disregarded my Websites s CEO. So if you can make a really good third party partnership, you can completely disregard your own Websites s CEO because that third party partnership will be much more effective now What you'll notice here Ah is a few things I can point out . So if you do have a UNA me course or some third party website, you really need to work on each of these aspects in the description, the title and the text. So your course title needs to be a clickable title, not something optimized for Seo. You'll see it as hacking course in the title. But the title is very clickable. It also has a short U R l for penetration testing. So that is another part of the course. So that's something. If people want to learn about penetration testing, I recommend a nice short. You are like this wherever possible. Try and avoid really long you Arles like this. Like how ugly does this next? U R l Look, now you can use really long you are else like this. But these are much easier for other users to share in their natural format and to get back links. Now, the beauty of using 1/3 party website is the ability to use that third party was website free coupons to do back Ling's So one of the best things about you to me for search engine optimization, they allow you to get of out free coupons. The free coupons generate a lot of sharing which generates a lot of back links which generates great S e o position. Now you can try and replicate this on your own website. It's very difficult. Using the right third party website will give you everything the rank up higher in here. And if you learn exactly what text goes in the description, you can do things like write your description so that it shows up here effectively in the course. So I appreciate you watching this and learning here how you can partner with 1/3 party website to do amazing things to rank high in terms that you never would be able to rank in otherwise, 5. What I am doing on my own website for 400 Google organic search visits per day featuring Alexa: Welcome back. Thank you for continuing toe watch in this class, so I'll show you now my own website. I've given you two very powerful strategies upload YouTube videos partner with the third party website. So the YouTube videos gives you the most traffic. Partnering with 1/3 party website can give you really profitable traffic. Now I'll show you in my Alexa count here This I'll show you what I'm doing on my own website. So I'm getting about 1000 visits a day or so to my websites. You can see most days there's about 1000 900 or so My visitors are up 9% which is awesome, because I've turned off all my online ads since December 3rd. So I've turned off all my online ads and I'm still getting more visitors. My websites up time is, is is good. Now, if you want to see exactly what I used to host my website, if you want to see what I use for everything in my business, just go to my resource is page over here and then you'll be able you'll be able to see everything there. And I've also got a nice tutorial on skill share that shows you exactly what I use on skill shares. Well, so here's my organic search traffic right here I've got I'm getting about 4 500 search referrals a day right now. My website, which about 14,000 month now that's really good imagining getting that many referrals a day . When I first started, my website just seemed amazing and I'm on. I'm not on a lot of popular topics. I'm Mont Patri on is the most popular topic I'm on. I'm on a lot of technical tutorial subjects. So if you compare this traffic see, I'm getting way more views from Google search on YouTube and then if you compare and I'm getting more than 10 times the amount of views on YouTube, but still, I'm doing pretty good on my website and the search results are actually up 5% the search results are consistently growing. Now, I've turned off my Facebook ads here, so I'm getting a lot less social War for also will scroll past that and you'll see now on the link referrals. I'm actually I'm getting 9000 link referrals directly from YouTube. So, in addition to all of this traffic. So on YouTube, I'm already getting well, that's my actual total YouTube search. So in addition, all of these YouTube views I'm getting I'm also getting 9000 MAWR views directly linked from YouTube. So YouTube is just an absolutely incredible traffic source, and many of these you direct links are also from YouTube. So at least half of my website traffic is directly from YouTube or indirectly as well. Now you'll notice this. Now let's take a look. The minutes now the average minutes on my website is one minute 59 seconds. Don't make a dirty joke. Don't make a dirty job. Don't make a dirty jump. So the the Google search you'll see if someone comes to my YouTube channel through Google Search. It's five minutes, so someone is on my website way longer. More than twice is long. They are on my YouTube videos. Is compared toa how long they're on my Web site. So again, huge sales pitch to do videos instead of website pages. Now what mobile is a big traffic source, but not for me. Most of my visits are desktop, so you'll see 78% of my traffic is non mobile. So even though people get so excited about mobile, 78% of my traffic is not from mobile. Now what I've done, I've broke down the individual pages, so I'll show you the depth. I'll show you how I'm getting 14,000 search results from Google to my website and how I'm getting results all over the world from YouTube from U. S. A. Mexico. The most of my visits are from the U. S. A. In terms of one country. But 2/3 of my visits are not from the US. I'm grateful I'm getting 10% of my visits are actually from India. That's really cool. So I'm I made a website that is global, and I think if you think global for your website, you'll have the best chance to get the very most search results. So this is what I'm doing on my website and what I'll do, going forward to show you mawr about how exactly I'm doing this on my website and I hope it will give you some ideas for what you can do on your website because it is worth the time to put some energy into building a nice website because once you get people on YouTube, the main way I've make money currently and have made money is by sending people from my YouTube channel see all this traffic, my toll YouTube channel ist 689,000 views in the last month. The main where I've been making money is from sending people from my YouTube channel over through my website. So people go through my website and then the websites very helpful for making money. So it's nice to be able to get people to your website. So I'm going to show you what I do on my website that helps me get so many search results and helps me convert the results. I get both in organic search and from YouTube over to sales. 6. Analysis of the entry pages on my website which are doorways for traffic to find me on Google search: what strategies am I doing on my website to get the most traffic and to get the most entries? So what's working best for me to get people on my website is word of mouth marketing and Google search for my name. The top entry page on my website is jerry banfield dot com. That's often from word of mouth marketing that's from me showing it on YouTube videos. The majority of people coming a jury banfield dot com directly are word of mouth marketing in YouTube. Then the second top page of my website is a direct link from YouTube. So the four plus 1000 views I'm getting here it's the direct link from YouTube. So this is the second most popular page people come to first on my website and what I'm showing you here. I'm showing you the certified site metrics with the Lexa. I'm showing you them with Alexa because Google it's a little more difficult in the sense Google analytics is so deep it has so many different things. You can do it. Get this a little bit easier to communicate the point, and you might have already seen Google Analytics. I'm giving you what Matt might be a fresh approach here. So this is the top entry page, these tomb and then the next one. This is an organic search page, and then this is a YouTube direct link and then this organic search. So out of the top five of my pages, one is word of mouth searches for me and a combination of YouTube videos. So jury banfield dot com is kind of a melting pot. All kinds of people come there. And then the second top pages from YouTube, organic traffic and then the third top pages from Google Organic search directly to my website. The fourth is from YouTube and the fifth is from Google Organic Search directly on my website. So out of my top five pages, two of them come primarily from S. C. O. You could say that I've done on my website, and this traffic on this Facebook ads page is very valuable. I've got a friend. This page has been up for about two years. And even though there's a 97% bounce rate, this gets people introduced to me. This I have a friend. He's been in my mastermind group for a couple of years now and he found me originally doing a search on this Facebook ads account. Disabled. That's how he found me. So these are the entry pages on my website where people come in what you'll notice. My website has a lot of death. You'll notice there's a ton of pages on my website that people enter so that what you want to do with organic search is to have to think about organic search like fishing. You want to have asthma, any lines in the water as possible. Now I'm going to give you an exact recipe in this to catch the most fish, so to speak. I'll show you what the two top pages on my website for organic search have in common, and I'll show you that so that you can replicate it. Now you'll see there's so many pages on my website thes air entry pages, so people are coming into the website from there. So these are some of my most valuable pages because these air pages people are going directly to their It's like the doorways to my website, so each individual page you want to look at it as a doorway. You're getting people in the door with you. So each of these individual pages then are getting people in the door. So there's hundreds of these pages that are getting at least 10 people in the door every month. And now what I'll show you is the total page views. The total page views is different from the actual pages people are entering. So, for S e O you are. I want to make the most out of every single person who is actually on your website. So looking at the viewed pages can help you see what people are doing after their entering . You can see the percent of time people are spending places, and then you can see the most important pages toe work on in terms of S CEO for your entry pages and then for pages that people are just looking at. You can look and see what you can do to make each of your top pages better. So for me, I'm getting ah lot of my top page views on these three categories here. So I work and consistently look at these three most viewed page is as a top priority. I look at them over the other pages on my website and make sure there's good opportunities for me to convert sales on these. So I've shown you the depth I have on my website, hundreds of pages that bring people in hundreds of pages that have at least 20 people looking at them every month and that have at least 10 people entering on the website. So to me, a good S CEO approach has both these top pages that bring in this one page alone brings in about 100 people a day, and this page brings in about 60 or 70 people a day, have top pages that bring lots of people in. But then you don't usually discover pages without having depth without having all these different pages to figure out and take a chance at having a top page. So I'm grateful you've spent this time with me here. I will dive in deeper and show you what some of the top pages on my website look like. I'll give you a formula next, an exact formula to make a top page on your website 7. Case study featuring a top page on my website bringing in thousands of search visitors every month a: thank you very much for continuing with this S e o search engine optimization Course what I hope is the best s e o course available for you totally for free in 2017. So what, I'm going to show you here is the inside of a top page on my website. This is one of the most valuable pages on my website in terms of it producing results for me. So it brings in results for me, and it's simply is creating value out of nowhere. And that's the most amazing thing to do with SCL. That's why you want to do S e O. This page brings in 2000 plus people a month and many of the people that brings in end up watching my videos. They end up getting some help and then sticking with me over time. So here's a basic formula for a top page. A top page should have something like a video on it or something to keep people watching longer. As you noticed in my analytics, the average person who's watching my video spends about five minutes on it, so I've got a video right at the top of this page that someone can click and start watching about the exact topic I've made here. Now this video has gotten a little old by this point, so maybe I'll make another one on it. Also, the whatever paid you have should be immediately helpful. One of the reasons this page as a low bounce rate is because it has the exact information on it that's needed. If you don't know where the appeal form is, I have a direct link. You click the link. So what people are searching for this is a painful problem people run into. These are some of the best types of pages to have online. This is an acute, painful problem people run into so ah, Facebook ads account. Disabled means that you've got your account suspended or banned from advertising on Facebook. So this is a very painful thing that people encounter that I'm able to help with, based on my experience, getting almost every kind of account I've ever created, suspended or band online. And after having clients have this problem, I thought to go make a post about this. So the best way to get people to come near website is to give them help with a really painful problem and to give them immediate help for it. So many people are just looking for the appeal form. They're going through there searching for Facebook. Ads account disabled, and they just want the appeal for him. They don't care about anything. I'm going to say, for example, things like Don't bother with an appeal, learn how to do something else, learned that they don't care about that. Most people just want to solve the problem in the exact way they think it needs to be solved. So they Google, they've. And then as soon as I show them the Facebook ads account appeal form, they click off over here there and then they're completing the form. So this helps me get a high ranking Google because then I'm giving people what they want on the page right away. Once they go through and it clicked contact, they click close. So even though you'll see the bounce rate on this page is really high, Google is very good at detecting if people got what they wanted. What Google ultimately wants is for people to get what they want. So when someone searches Google wants them to find an answering. Google knows there's a good shot that if they clicked on your website and closed your webs , close the tab, then they got what they wanted. If the user goes and clicks on your website, looks for a minute, clicks back. Google knows that the user didn't find her, thinks the user did not find what they want him. So if you want to rank high in search, you need to be able to give users what they want on your page, and you need to be able to give it to them fast. So I've developed this page over years, and I've discovered people really want that appeal form. So I put that up there right away, and then most of the rest of this is to qualify people for the page, and this is kind of a Wikipedia style page. So this is what I've found works. The very best for CEO is to make a Wikipedia style page. Look how long this is. If you are hiring people to write s CEO articles of 300 or foreign words, forget it. What? You really need to have a top ranking our article on a competitive subject is usually you need something off two plus 1000 words. So this is two or 3000 words here and then I've got all of these. I've got these case studies on here. A guy literally gave me his phone number to put on this page. And then there's comments from other people on here, too. So this is Google's basic formula for what it thinks is a really good page. Now, having a Facebook ads course on you, Timmy, was worth mawr search traffic than this page every month. I believe I got maybe six or 7000 Google organic search results a month from having a course on you to me up in the top subjects. Now, if you look on YouTube, the traffic doesn't compare to this page. However, for this exact problem, this page works really well. Now, if you compare it with a YouTube copyright strikes, so if I look over here, I have a YouTube channel copyright strike. This gets 274 results per month. Meanwhile, if I go show you the watch time on the actual videos and we look for the YouTube copyright strike I, I guess off to search for copyright instead of that. So if you go search for this just to do a little comparison of the traffic numbers. So if you look at this one, the same video gets 5000 views for free every month on YouTube and on my website here gets 274 results. So if you can make a video about a problem, it's ideal because then when someone comes to your page, it has a video and the page. So the ideal way to do this is to put a video on the page, and then you can actually get the video transcribed, so it's faster to make a video. I can talk about 10,000 words an hour. I can only write about 2000 words an hour, though, so I can make a 3 to 5 really in depth posts in an hour of talking. And then all I need to do is get them transcribed. So this the formula I've done across my blawg So I will go mawr into this strategy to show you now how you can make Mawr really deep post like this with much less effort 8. The best strategy for making the most in depth posts as fast as possible to rank high in Google: what is the very best strategy I've found from making a post as fast as possible that are likely to rank high and get a lot of search traffic? The basic strategy I've found is to simply make a video about it and then get the video transcribed into a blawg post. Or I've even got my videos transcribed into entire books. So I had a video course on Google AdWords. I got that transcribed into a book, and now my friend Michel Guerard is helping me promote the book by putting parts of the book out for free and blawg posts. So to me, this is an amazing system. If you want to do something like make a video course, you can make the video course you can then get it transcribed into a book. And then you can use parts of the book as Blawg Post, and you can use parts of the video courses free previews on YouTube That's worked really well for me. As you can see, Michael's actually made this post now I actually dictated. So the nice thing is this. Posters in my voice I dictated this. Michael edited it to read better and now this post is out on my website in my voice. One thing that works terrible. It's just useless to try and hire someone in my experience to write posts on my website because it's not in my voice and many times when people are writing post for someone else, they don't do him creative. They kind of just right mawr of the same as what's already out there. And if you want to get search engine optimization traffic, you really need to be able to put things out that are original. When you hear the way I put all these things together. Most of these ideas aren't unique, but the exact way I put all of them together is unique and that is what draws people. That's what draws Google to see that you have a good website. That's what draws people to your website. So I've got this huge post on my website now with all these screenshots that's intended to be really helpful. That's available for free on my blawg and I didn't even write any of it. I did the video tutorial just like them what I'm doing now and that's a beautiful thing that in the future. I have the option. I can simply hire someone to do more of the same thing. Turn this video literally into a block post just like this. In fact, Michel Guerard might even do that. He might turn this video into another block post on my website, and then the beauty of it is at the very end of it. The book is promoted on for Google AdWords. So if someone's actually read through this post, this post has a very good chance to rank high in organic traffic. And if someone reads through it, it even then promotes a book. So that's a complete system from start to finish. That I think is just awesome for getting out pages on my website that so lots of these pages on my website have been created just like that that are bringing in traffic on lots of these pages. Where people are entering here are originally dictated his videos and they're working great to bring in search results. For example, this time travel is really it's bringing in 800 people a month, almost all from search results, and it's bringing in a dictated video. So the video's literally just transcribed and then put on there. So this gives me the ability. When someone comes to my website and looks at my blawg, this is what gives me a blogger. That just blows me away. I've never seen someone who doesn't do blogging as their primary thing that has a blawg with this many posts on it. To me, having a deep blawg promotes trust that promotes consistency. When you see how maney things I've made on my website, it gives you trust like I'm serious about my business. Like I'm here. I'm working on it on a daily basis. So these air, this is Psalm off the block post on my website. I have about twice a Zeman AEA's this. So what makes for a great website in terms of S e O is having lots of pages with original content on them. So all these blogged posts make for they give me the ability. A rising tide lifts all boats. They say the more of these great blawg posts I have them or all my individual blawg post can rank higher Now. The problem with this is that it's such a slow strategy compared to doing something like YouTube. Now, after five years of having, I've only I've had my YouTube channel for five years. I've only been working on this website for a couple years, but still, at this rate, my website might be a fraction of my YouTube channel in a couple more years. But I've put I've planet a bunch of amazing seeds with my website here, and the longer these air up, the more of these blawg post I keep pointing on the Mawr search traffic. I'm getting to my website every month, and that's giving me the chance to continue to build and grow my business. The more of these videos I make, the more I can easily have turned into blood posts. And then occasionally I still write a block post. Now, whenever I write a long email to my email list, I go ahead and turn it into a blawg post also. So I went through and wrote this out at jury banfield dot com slash cheap. I wrote this as an email in my email list, and I figured I might as well convert this into a blawg post. So now I try whenever possible to convert the things I do into Blawg posts, like if I write a long email or description out, so that way, I'm using my writing twice. I'm giving the writing. I make a chance to show up in search results. So having a deep blawg like this is one of the very best ways I've found almost all of my organic search traffic that's not on my home page. And that's not directly linked from YouTube or that people aren't searching for. So most of my Google organic search traffic comes in from my blawg, and most of the posts on my blawg are based on or dictated from or partnered with a video. So when you do these two things together, it's a powerful combination for search results. 9. SEO tools featuring Yoast SEO and nofollow links: after you've got your block post strategy. After you've seen all of the rest of these things about search engine optimization, there are still things you can do to improve the search results you get on your website. So what I call these things are kind of search engine optimization, best practices. So these are little tips and tricks I hope will be helpful for you that help you rank higher. Now, most of these are what you would call small games. So you're playing little games. YouTube is a big game. A look at all of this on my YouTube channel. It's a big game, and it grows much faster. That said, it is helpful to polish off the website you already have, and to make the best of it as well. So what I do. I use the Yost s CEO plug in and you can see the full list of things I use in my business. And if it's not on there now will add to it the Yost s CEO plug in. I have jury banfield dot com slash resource is got my business list on it, and then this is what I use. So I'll give you some quick tips for that. I like Yost s CEO because it's free and it gives me some basic features that really helped me out with getting some S e o. So here's the dashboard. And then one of the main things to do with Yost s CEO is play around with the options it has. So, for example, this is a jury banfield dot com slash resource is page. Now on this resource is Page. I have a bunch of affiliate links because I link to something I actually use. So then I've got a bunch of affiliate links on it. So one thing that knocks your search engine ranking down is linking out to a bunch of websites in search engine terms. There are links called follow and no follow. Now, most of the big websites on Lee use no follow links. Google searches based on in part and at least originally it was completely based on the idea off. Essentially, Google's original name was back rub. You rub my back, I'll rub your back. That means you have links. Then you link to my website all link to your website with the idea that websites that linked to each other Well, then both rank higher while now this strategy with YouTube and Facebook has been largely ruined because Facebook does no follow to everything YouTube does know followed everything . So some of the biggest websites in the world don't participate in Google search voting anymore, so to speak. And then most of the websites, like smaller websites, don't know to change links to know, follow. So I think it's ideal on a website to use no follow links on your entire websites on my home page, Yost s CEO. Currently, I don't see how to change the entire website to know follow. But right now I've got no follow on my pages with the most back links and especially the Philly it links. So I've used Joosep's CEO to change this over to know follow. So then when there's a all these links on my website, I'm not essentially giving up all my link juice or I'm not lowering my website ranking with all these links on my website. So on the pages were I've got the most links I've set to know. Follow another strategy. You can dio what brings down a lot of pages. So this is my these air pages on my website. So I've got a lot of blawg posts, but then these air actually pages on the website. Another s CEO tip you can do is you can delete You see, I just put a bunch. I was motivated to make this today because I have a bunch of old pages on my website, for example, with a bunch of old una me coupons that don't work anymore. And then I went through and deleted those. So one of the most powerful things you can do with your CEO on your website is to go a forward. Go ahead and delete those old pages on your website that are messed up that are broken that are no longer valid or delete pages on your website that are landing pages or don't have any good content. What Google would like to see is a website with all high quality pages on it. The more low quality pages you have, the more pages with a bunch of follow back links that our affiliate links or poor quality are bad user experience. The more those you have on your page, Google kind of gets an idea of who you are, based on the quality of your pages. So when you combine Yost s CEO, you go through and delete. As I've deleted a bunch of these old pages that just have a bunch of broken back links that were used for sales, I go through and delete those I apply No follow. I try and follow the keyword recommendations by Yost also. So Yost will help you optimize your page for best impact. So if I go over to edit post on this Facebook post, then I have options. It will show me the S CEO on this post. Now, it often take a while the low. But you'll see the S CEO on this page is good. So Yost, if you enter the keyword down here, gives you the ability. So I put this focus keyword in. And then Yost has this nice analysis I get here. It has all of these different things that show me exactly what to do. So the nice thing if you use Yost s CEO, you don't need to learn all these s e o strategies yourself. You can literally look at thes green and red bullet points and then that will allow you to optimize from there. And now on this one, I will go ahead and change this one to know. Follow an update that so I hope these tips are helpful for you with your website. As you your especially use your WordPress website and try and get it to rank the highest. I'll answer a couple more questions in conclusion here. 10. Google webmaster tools, Fiverr backlinks, and playing the big SEO game: thank you very much for getting to the end of this course. I'll show you a little bit about the Google search Council, and I'll show you answers to a couple of quick questions. I hope that the end will be useful for you. Now. You notice I haven't spent much time in the Google Search Council. Why? Because it's not worth my time to pour a bunch of time and energy fooling around the Google search console. The one thing I think is really valuables toe Look at the crawl stats now. My, I currently use Go Daddy for my managed WordPress, and I'm not impressed with how long it's taking the download my website, because when I first started, it was much faster. But any I can see how long Google's taking the crawl and download my page, and I can see that is taking between 1/2 2nd and a second so that that's decent. I could have lower late in C, but if if you've got a shared service or something, one of the most helpful things you can look at look at your crawl stats and see how long Google's taking the download. Your page If your page is taking longer than this, you more than likely need better hosting. And maybe even at this rate, I could consider better hosting. So you want your website. You don't want your website crawl time taking a long time because Google looks at it. If your website takes a long time, the load and a long time to crawl is probably going to be a bad user experience. So one of my favorite things is this little crawl stats option over here, and that's helpful, then, to see what Google is encountering when it comes to your website. And then now, if you the index status is a good thing to look at as well, you can see how many pages and files you have been. Next live 1800 pages and media files indexed on my website. So that's how many different things Google is found on my website. That's a good thing to take a look at as well. Now you might want to spend a whole bunch of time in here in the search analytics, but you really don't need to. It can help to go look at what people are searching for, but you don't need to obsess over these things. That's why. Haven't spent much time with, um, like I've said, this is a small game to play. It's much easier to get into these YouTube analytics and play a bigger game fooling around on the Google search, Consul most of the time, looking at all your pages. I mean, I could go over here and do things like I could go trying. Okay, Well, what's my click through? What's my position on this? Okay, my average position. 14 My average click through. Okay, what's my average? But I could go look at all of these things, but that's not worth my time. Is not worth the time to go through and look at all this data. It's worth the time to create more content to put more on there. And the only thing you really need this data for is learning. Learn from this data. So the main thing that's nice to look at is just to use this data to learn and to see. Now you can see like the links to a website, you can see there's 24,000 links to my website on YouTube, so most of my website is getting linked on YouTube and you can see where the links are. And then one of the most helpful things to do is just to sort out and find your clicks. So to look at the pages, people are actually visiting because based on the pages people are visiting, you can figure out OK, well, what should I do to make this deeper? So one of the first pages I got a lot of traffic to was one of these patron pages. So then I made another one, and then I made this one. So the one thing that's really worth your time is look at where you're actually getting clicks to. Don't worry about what your click, the right, what your position is. That's a big waste of time. Right there. You can spend all of this time in here and doing all these other things. If you're learning something that's good if you're competing and if you're viewing, your competitors are saying I'll hire they up. That is a complete waste of time. I don't fool around with that. So that's why you're here with me is because I don't fool around with a lot of things that are wasting my time. Now I'll give you something else. That, in my opinion, is a waste of time s CEO. Back links do not buy s CEO back links. Do you want an example here? I'll show you doing it wrong. I had one of the top ranking websites when I started my business and started doing S CEO on the term gaming addiction. My original Web site was Tell Paul with gaming addiction. I had one of the top articles or I have one of the top websites on gaming addiction is called gaming addiction dot net. So an exact match domain, This is back when I played little games a lot, I would look and see where my competition is. Well, this articles up here and this one's up here where my and then so guess what I tried to do . I bought back links and guess what happened. I was when I bought the back links I was on, they didn't have this part here. Back when I was doing this, I was upto like third when I bought the back links, or third or fourth somewhere in the middle of the page. but not at the very top. I was on the first page when I bought the back links. I killed it. I killed my websites Ranking Buying back links. Most of the things you are going to buy to try and help out with your CEO are likely to mess things up more than their help. So I'm suggesting don't ever buy back links. You want back Ling's, put them on your YouTube channel and I don't recommend going to any individual website just to buy back links. I recommend make a really partnership like with the union example, I made make a really partnership where you're working with 1/3 party websites, so avoid buying any back links and I would generally avoid trying to game Excuse me, I would avoid trying to game the S e o system at all. Don't play games with the S e o system. Just simply do good work, create good content on your website and preferably partner that with a YouTube channel, create things that really help people. And then you'll be able to get lots of people to come in your website. I'm grateful my website gets about 36. It gets over 1000 people a day that come to my website. And as long as I played little games like buying back links or little games like stalking my competition finding Okay, well, this pain, as long as I fooled around with that, I never got anywhere. You want to get somewhere focused on doing a good job and creating things that help people . So I thank you very much for watching this. I hope you have a wonderful day today, and I hope you've enjoyed this course. 11. PRO TIP 1! Your website host makes a huge difference: Are you ready for the first pro tip in this class? The pro tips or things that I've had to go through and learn the really hard way over a longest period of time? And now I've got something that is absolutely ultra helpful in terms of Web hosting that I never saw before. Anyone mentioned in there s E O posts. While for SC own its web hosting, your Web host has a huge impact on your search ranking because Google values websites that load really fast and give the user a good experience. Users want websites to load really fast on their mobile devices. They want websites to load fast in Sweden, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, the US, Mexico, Brazil, wherever you're at uses, want a fast page load time and especially in countries like the U. S, where were spoiled rotten. And we've had good Internet for quite a while. In a lot of places, I have almost no patients for a slow website, and when you have a slow website, you work so hard to get ranked on those results and then guess what happens. Someone searches and clicks in, and it takes more in the second or to load and they back out. I've backed out of lots of websites because they've loaded slow. And a lot of people have backed out on my website because it loaded slow. Now, the problem is, you usually can't do anything about your page load time depending on how your web hostess So let me show you. This is I was using Go Daddy Managed WordPress right here. These were the page load times. Now, when I started on go Daddy managed WordPress it was around 2 to 300 ping. But when I got to this kind of traffic level up here, when I'm pulling 1000 plus visitors a day on my website, then my go daddy was maxing out and taking forever to load pages. That means more people backing out on search results. That means people viewing fewer pages on my website which tells Google than a worst user experience. That means lower search positions. Now you might ask Well, what happened right there You went and literally cut 90% off your page load time. I switched website hosts. Let me show you which one I used after I use now after five plus years off, struggling to find a good Web host I Googled and Google and Google and Google and Google and washed video tutorials and red block post. Now here's how. Here's the breakthrough I had. I almost switched because of Affiliate offered to another website. They offered me a nice bonus and I almost got lured into switching that and thankfully, I had a poor experience setting my website up with them. The problem is, most Web hosts don't take advantage off. The of Resource is available online to make ultra fast speed in the cloud. Now Web hosts like In Star Taking Advantage of This, which is listed on jerry banfield dot com slash re sources of you go to jerry banfield dot com slash resource is you go find managed WordPress website hosting on the cloud here, and I actually, there's no real coupon on there, so I'll edit that I do not have an affiliate link on this because they do not have an affiliate program. So I am not getting anything for telling you this. I'm telling you what I've used to get a huge lowering on my website time. So why is Kinston is so good. Kinston uses Google's infrastructure to host my website, and all they dio is handled the WordPress end of it and the technical details of getting into the Google Cloud platform. If you've heard of Amazon Web services, it's similar to the Google Cloud platform. I believe there's Microsoft. Observe a tzar and there's Digital River, so there's a few different options that you can use to have hosting on the Google Club platform. I chose Kinston because they just use the Google Cloud platform. There's another Web host. If you search for Google Cloud Platform managed WordPress. Those are the exact terms you need to search for to find a little bit of selection. There's another company. They will give you the choice to host on which ever on those other cloud hosting services. What I've learned is that you really want your website hosted on the cloud. The problem is most of the established Web host you may have heard of, including several that I've worked with already. They just have things set up on local servers. The problem is, what if your website does is good is you hope it's going to sure if you have a website with hardly any visitors. Like when I started with Go Daddy Managed WordPress. I had less than 100 visitors a day, and most Web host can handle a few visitors. Even if it's a little slow, they can handle it for a cheap price. The problem is what happens when you do get everything going with S e O. What happens when all your dreams come true and Google starts dumping hundreds of people, if not thousands of people in your website every day? What happens then? While most of the time you're going to crash most any other Web host you have if you have a Web host that even a dedicated server if you things go really good, let's say you get a viral post on Facebook. I had a friend. He got a viral post on Facebook. Guess what? It crashed his website. It crashed his website because you dumped thousands of people in your website at the same time. In most, any host you have is going to crash unless they're using some kind of cloud based computing platform, which provides instant scale ability when I'm using kin. Sta. If I get something that goes viral and 10 or 100,000 people come through my website. Kinston can handle it. Just Aziza. Leah's If there's 1000 people coming through it now, the downside The downside is I gotta pay with for the band with, and that's the main. So I'll show you the pricing. And there's ways you can control the bandwidth, though. But right now, if my website goes viral and I start pulling in 20 6100 visitors a day, I'll be dropping my server. I'll be doing a ton of server band with everyday also, but theoretically should be having a lot of good things happen. Sales sign ups students theoretically should be worth it. The key is with something like in stone or with another host using a cloud platform. The server band with is likely to be an issue. So right now, I've used about half of my server bandwidth in about half a month. Now your server bandwidth and this comes into your page load. Time is all based on how much data your website is sending, so one thing you can do to optimize that you can get a content delivery network like Cloudflare. The problem with that is, sometimes it does weird things and asked a load your website. And then if Cloudflare goes down, your website goes down. So I'm not using any content delivery network right now outside of my Web host. Now what I was able to do, I had to megabyte two megabyte. Now, if you're in, if you're working in gigabyte pricing, having a two megabyte image three different times on your home page really sucks the band with dry. So as a part of moving over against, I've also started optimizing because kids the charges on bandwidth. I've started optimizing all my pictures and my website to not pull so much data, which that's allowing Meetem even faster. Speed up my page load times because obviously, if you have to send data that takes extra time, and that depends on the client's Internet host. If someone's using a really slow Internet host and you throw a few extra megabytes their way, that's going to slow down their page load time. So when you do something like you move over to a cloud based host and then you have to control your bandwidth and you combine that with starting to optimize your images. For example, just make an image that smaller I fool around him was lazy and copy and pasted my audible Creation Exchange or a C X. I copied the 2000 pixel by 2000 pixel images that they required to submit your book for approval. I copied that and just threw that on my website without even thinking about the data. And then once I saw the data, I went over to Amazon, grab the same images which were now 36 kilobytes, and then put those back in the home page, and that drastically dropped my data. Now I have a free course coupons page to another strategy to do is just totally do away with a lot of images and just straight up to a link page. So I've put a ton off traffic and energy into promoting this new free courses page out here on my website, so you'll see if I go over here into the behavior and I look at all pages on here, you'll notice this is now one of the top pages on my website, and the beauty of this page is there's no images. It's straight text. So it pulls really fast it little load really fast anywhere in the world. So when you look into your website hosting, you want a website host that has cloud power. Because if things go Aziz well, as you're hoping they're going to go, you need to build a take advantage of unexpected opportunities. That means your product goes viral on. You know, right before the Christmas season, most Web host, you're going to crash. You're gonna miss maybe 50 75 80% off something like that happening which, in my experience, some of my best months have accounted for as much income as entire years combined. You want instant scalability, and the instant scalability will force you to optimize your website because of the data pricing and all, that translates into a much a better experience for users, all of which can be seen at google dot com slash web master tools slash crawl stats. Thank you, Jury. I've watched 10 minutes for you to tell me where the hell to find that report that you've been looking at the whole time. Yes, this is in your search console console on Google Web master tools. You go under crawl and you had crawl stats. This a very important page, one of the pages that will give you an indication of how fast Google thinks your website is . Hint. If Google thinks your website is fast, it will rank it higher than the exact same kind of website by someone else. You. If you want to outrank your competition, then go in and grab a better Web hosting your competition. And this is why encouraged to be able to manage your own website. If you've tied your website up with some third party provider, you may need to figure out a way to withdraw from them and more than likely or third party providers not giving you this kind of hosting. Now, keep in mind unlimited page views and visitors. The any other host promises they often do hidden ways of scaling you. So while Go Daddy managed WordPress that I could have 800,000 visitors a month. What they didn't tell me is they had stuck my website on the corner of a virtual private server where I would easily max the memory out and when you max the memory out longer page load time the processor that you get allocated all tied up. And this is what you get really long page load times. So you need somewhere that will actually really give you the ability to just have your page views and visitors mitigated by how much bandwidth to use the nice thing about kin stuff. You've got WordPress as your Khan as your contact management system, which I encourage. Kinston will actually migrate your website over for you. And this is the thing That was the deal breaker with me with the other hosting company. Almost moved. Teoh. They told me it was $199 to migrate my website and I said no, thank you. Kinston moved it over for free. I've paid Kinston total of $100. They've been extremely helpful. And I'm extremely happy with my website hosting experience. So I hope this pro tip is really helpful for you. This took me so long to figure out this is one of those little search things. One of those little search things. It doesn't seem to make a big difference until you start looking into how it affects the whole system. This makes a gigantic difference for your search position. I can't wait to have the chance once this has been in effect longer because I just changed my host. Google's not going to instantly reward me with the whole town of search traffic. You see how long Google looks back here? But give this a few more months and I should be seeing my search positions rise all over the place just due to my website going faster. So I'm really pumped about this. I really appreciate you getting all the way to the end of this video, and I hope this is extremely helpful for you. 12. PRO TIP 2! HTTPS is official a ranking factor according to Google: Are you ready for pro? Tip number two? Let's go. Get up and go. I don't want to know. Aren't random catch line were continuing on pro tip number two H T T P s or the secure connection is a ranking factor. Now, this is one of the absolute easiest things to get set up. If you have the right website host, I was able to get an h T T p s through. Go Daddy pretty easily. Accept. It was something like 40 or $60 a year. Now, the nice thing is, if you use kin sta you get an https ready to go with you. So it comes with a free SSL. So then Google said, officially, the https is a ranking factor. So S CEO is a combination of putting all these ranking factors together. While it's a small ranking factor, it's really easy to do. If you have the right web host, they will do it for you. Or if you can just grab an SSL certificate. If use managed WordPress with go daddy or another company, you should be able to just throw on S S L S s health certificate right in there. So make sure take that extra time and energy or get the right Web host where you can have https on your website. That makes a huge difference. I think in customer trust, because ah, lot of things with customer trust, our unconscious and one of those little customer trust things to me is if your website is on https. My mind just says that's a little bit more trustworthy. I don't have to go look for the verified safe by whoever seal I see. Https in my mind says, Oh, that's like the big site. It's like Google or Facebook. The big sites work on HDP TPS. It is absolutely vital in maintaining a secure connection. If you're accepting orders on your website directly, that is likely to be required by your payment provider. And currently 16% of the top 10,000 websites are using https. That means that is one of those big, subtle, unconscious things that you could do to boost customer trust as well as rank higher and search. So I like to put https on all of my links because so far hardly any of the other my name dot com guys have their website on https. I've got mine on there. So it's not on Lee a helpful ranking tip, but it's also helpful for customer trust. So this is really easy with the right Web host. Or if you can just get an SSL certificate with the Web host. My website is absolutely https, and it's been that way now for a year or two now is it worth it? To get one of those enhanced trust security certificates, there's, ah, bunch of paperwork to fill out for those last time I checked, so I think just a basic https will work fine. So that's pro tip number two. Get that website on https. Every little ranking factor adds up, and if Google tells you officially it is a ranking factor, then that seems like an easy way to get a slight advantage on any of your competitors. 13. PRO TIP 3! Register your domain for a long time: Are you ready for pro Tip number three in this s E. O course. Here we go. Pro tip number three. Now, you're not going to believe how simple this is and how common sense it is. But as soon as I say you're gonna make all of course, that makes so much sense. So why is it I never found this tip anywhere else. I actually heard this tip from a guy I worked with on Fiverr. He told me that he found out this tip from the inside himself. Pro tip number three A domain registered for a longer period of time. Looks mawr trustworthy. If Google sees that your domain is registered for 10 plus years, Google figures you're not going anywhere. If you register your domain just from one year to another, that's probably what most people do on their website. So one simple way to stand out is registered your domain for a longer period of time. I know some registrars will allow you to go is long as something like 20 5100 years out. I don't know if that's necessary, per se, but I grabbed the very longest time to go. Daddy gave me Go Daddy gave me I something like 10 years on my domain. So little I just did a go Daddy who is on my website and look at this. My register Registration X That's what a mouthful, Your registrar. A registration expiration date is 2026. My domain is registered for more than nine years in the future, and I auto renewed attack on a year at the end of it every time. Now, this is one of those just s CEO is made up of a bunch of little factors, and the websites that tend to rank high tend to do well across the board on all the factors They registered their domain a long time, so no one could steal it. They get https. They get their website to love fast. They get lots of back links. They have viral things to share. This is one of those little easy things you can do to get another little ranking boost. When you combine this with the 1st 2 I think you could be pulling down some really good traffic, especially if you follow the rest of the class. So again, really simple tip register your domain as long as possible. It's You can picture the engineers on Google's sitting there making up the S e o album thinking Well, what else? You know, just trying to put the kitchen sink in on everything we can possibly used to rank websites . And one of them says, Well, can't you imagine that if someone registered their domain for 10 years, that's more trustworthy than someone registering their domain for one year? Yes. So one of the easy things Google can do is just automatically polo who is on your domain, See how long it's registered and then put that as a slight ranking factor on your entire website. Think of it from Google's point of view, if your websites about to expire next week, that is less trustworthy than someone who's paid 10 years in advance. So, sure, I realize it's a little extra money. I recommend. Pay is for in advance so you can within reason. I don't know if it's necessary to do 100 plus years, but give 5 10 15 20 years of your domain registered and you get a little ranking boost. How cool is that? 14. PRO TIP 4! Lock down your own name in search results: welcomed a pro tip number four again, another very straightforward tip that I'll show you right now. Lock down your name. Look at the search clicks on my website Now, out of all these things I've done out of all the things I've put on my website look, which gets the most actual clicks, it's Jerry Banfield. And why not? It's jerry banfield dot com that people are looking for me. They want to come to my website so locked down your own name. Take the easy stuff now a lot of us try and compete. We try and fight with other retrying take from other. If you try and get into it, take the easy stuff Make sure you lock down your own name you wouldn't be may ease to how many people I search for. I looked their name up and I can't find their website. This is why encourage toe have a website with your name dot com. That way, when word of mouth kicks in, you'll get search traffic to your website. Now, picture this. Would you rather if people are searching for you, have them go straight to your website where you can present things to them, Or would you rather have them go somewhere else that maybe you have less control over like a social media account, like 1/3 party website? You want to lock down your own name, and the easiest way to do that is to do a your name dot com or if you need to a your name dot net dot org's etcetera. I think it's nice and clean to just have it first and last name, even if it is a nickname, technically, Jerry's and Nick name. So I locked down my name, and that is the number one queer to my website. In fact, out now, out of specific keywords and the home page out of all my pages is the most viewed page. So if you look at all my views, there's 8000 page views on the home page, and then out of all the search results, there's 1400 klicks specifically for my name. And then there's variations on my name. Jury Band filled one word. J. Banfield you to me, jerry banfield dot com. When you lock down your name, you make word of mouth marketing easier. You want to take advantage of word of mouth marking the best search clicks you can get or someone who's heard of you and then goes toe look for you. So having those kind of search Clegg's, that is the ideal form of traffic. If you can get people a search for something, the ideal thing is for them to search for you by name. So if you've got a crowded name like one that's very common, like Dave Smith or something like that, I don't even know if that side common. But if you've got a name this comment, just figure out a way to make it unique so that there's not a lot of competition for See. There used to be some other guy who, when you search for Jury Banfield, some other guy's Facebook profile came up first and now with my website. When you start for Jerry Banfield, my website usually comes up towards the top. It's and I've got a huge YouTube channel. I've got all kinds of other stuff online. You want to get your website up there in tow, one of the first things that people find out about you. This is one of the areas where Google will give you a huge benefit for S E O. And you want to control what people are finding out about you. Then when people search for me, I want them to see my courses right away. I want them to see my books right away. I want them to see my social media, my blawg, my inspirational. And I want them to be on my website now. If they searched for me and they do something like find my Twitter account, that's great. But I might They might get totally off on a tangent looking on my Twitter account. They might end up going on and clicking on ah, hashtag like hacking or something. And then all of a sudden, they've totally forgot about what they were originally doing searching for me. So this seems really obvious. And yet you'd be amazed how many people I've seen who don't pay attention to locking down their own name online. You lock it up, you lock it up, lock down your own name online, make sure you get up there and take all your own search results for yourself. And then when you apply all the things I've told you in here, along with that, you can maximize what you get out of your word of mouth marketing, and then everyone who's hearing about you won't end up coming to your website. 15. PRO TIP 5! Get into the Google knowledge graph: welcome the pro tip number five. Are you ready for this? Get the rial Ultra nasty By pulling down that top knowledge graph result. Google has a feature they added in recent years called knowledge graph. If the result has something like this, this is currently my top page. So if I tab over, this is the post on the page and this is my search console reading for it. So this is my top page 3500 clicks of this page. Check that knowledge graph beast mode out right there. Now I'm able to do this because I've straight up got, like, an Excel spreadsheet kind of format with exactly what people want to know and then Google nose. If they're looking for top patron and hours now, think about it this way. Would Google rather give them what they want immediately straight from Google would rather Google have to rely on my website to give it to them. Google much prefers to give people what they want as fast as possible while relying on your website as little as possible. So what Google's figured out how to do is pull certain sections straight from a website And then whoever does the best job of communicating that wins the knowledge graft battle. So now look at this complete s CEO domination. Now you search for top patron earners and this is just beautiful, like the whole top page. The whole thing is dedicated to my information. And then there's over here you click and it goes to my website. But you can see you don't even need to go and click to my website cause Google's giving me props right here in the search before you've even went there. So if you can make something in exactly in line with what people are searching for, Google will actually pull straight from your website. And even if you don't technically ranked number one now you can see there's a website here that helped me get the data for this, No doubt. And then there's a reddit post down here. And then there's me right here. And then there's a patron official page. And then there's something other patron dot blawg Don't use the sub domain. Put that in another pro tip and then you see all these other post wall out of these. Google likes the exact format minds on Google has realized that users just want this particular information. They want the exact information out from here. And then Google has decided that is what people want. So even if that's not exactly it, that gets me from third result to taking over the whole top half of the page here. So if you can figure out exactly what it is you can offer in search results like this, if you can figure out what people are searching for that you know about, and this usually comes from self knowledge. So I was interested in who the top a tree on earners were. I looked around a couple years ago and couldn't find them, and I said, Well, I'll just make a list of them manually. I figured out a way to search through and find manually who the best earners were. I made a little list of them and then that turned into my top individual page in terms of search results on my website. So if these were some of the very best opportunities to get the most traffic with the least work by doing the most good, if you imagine something people are searching for unusually. It should be something you've searched for and found lacking. So I searched for this and I said, Well, this really stinks. No, there's no list. I want made a list. Now someone else probably got inspired by seeing my list. They went, made a better one. So then I update my list off of theirs. So there's lots of great things you can do like this. So I appreciate you watching this pro tip here with me. If you can figure out ways to get into the knowledge graph, you can just do unbelievable domination on Google search results. That why I found lots of people have said I saw you before and Googling for patri on things . So even if you don't get a click to your website here, this is a great opportunity to make a first impression with someone on a term that you might see them again later. So I appreciate you watching this. I hope this pro tip is really helpful for you. 16. PRO TIP 6! Update the date published every time you make an edit: Welcome. Pro Tip number 66 Change that publication date. This might seem like a little thing, but I look for this a lot on post. You see up here it says January 26 2017. So I just took my own advice right before this. So I went over here, I surged and I looked in and you'll notice it has the publication date on here off the post , so it starts off right here. This is the publication date I had on my post before, Which was July 9th. While would you rather read my post when it was published? January 26 2017 or july 9th, 2000 and 15. This is a little tool that I've noticed a lot of bigger websites start using quite actively . For example, mail chimp. They have a very good blogged. They keep people up to dated about their email marketing. And this is where I actually got that tip. I noticed that all of their articles were ridiculously new. So what you can do anytime you edit a post. So I went over here on WordPress. I pulled this up, and then when I did, I went in here and edited the date that it was published. So there's a little option over here to edit the date it's published so I can actually even be more of a try Hard and port January 27th on its since I updated it today at 10 02 So now when I go over here and it's published, it says January 27 2017. So now next time Google updates the index, it will say January 2017 instead of July 2015. Now, if you were looking for the top patri on earners, would you want to see a post from a year and 1/2 ago? Would you want to see one from literally today or yesterday? So these little dates on here can help you out a lot with getting that slight edge in search results. When you put all these things together, you're going to be way ahead of the competition. Now, if you've never done this before on Google, there's a really helpful thing you can do. You go over and click in tools on Google and you go to all results. Over here, you click on past year. Now I do this a lot to filter out all those old results because lots of times, for example, when I was researching Web hosting, I search for managed Google Cloud hosting, and I didn't want to see some post from five years ago. I want to see something that's brand new, so I noticed on Kinston. They also have the blawg updated a lot, so I use this search tool a lot I go to past year. This allows me to surface some people's blog's who are active in writing right now. Also, instead of finding all these old forum post from five years ago that aren't relevant anymore. So keep that publication date up, and that will help you get on top of some or search results when people like mere doing stuff like past week, past month past year to get the very newest results. So put that in there, and that should help you get a significant boost to your search traffic over time 17. PRO TIP 7! Make a free coupon page: number seven the final pro tip as of January 27 2017. Them adding, I hope toe add some new tips later. Number seven make a free coupon page or the very best coupon. Our discount page you can I have just got I've made one of these a few months before, and now I've gotten this free coupon page in really good shape and you'll notice if you look at the pages on my website. This you are all that I've got up on top free courses is starting to climb up. This page is pulled in 100 search results all by itself. And I bet this has the potential to get way up in the top on my search results. Now, this is a very valuable page also because this is where I'm giving free coupons out to all my skill share classes. I've got premium links on here, So if you use this page and you are premium Member, would you please use the premium links? Because then I get paid 5 to 10 cents a minute every minute you watching my course views of free link. I don't get paid anything if you watch in the course Now, The nice thing is, anyone who signed up on skill share simply by putting their email in can use a free link. And they don't have to be a paying subscriber to take any of my classes. I want all of my teaching to be available to as many people as possible. So I advertised this page. I share this page. I'm consistently putting this page in everything now because this is one of my best offers and I've got every single skill share course on here. Now, if you are a premium member, not only am I able to get paid if you use my Lincoln sign up, I get $10. If you sign up for 99 cents for the 1st 3 months, if you sign up, I get $10 which I thinks a great deal for both of us. But then you also get access to 14,000 plus other classes. You get all of mine when you watch mine. They get me a little bit of money for each minute you watch 5 to 10 cents a minute and then when you watch anyone else's classes, they do the same thing. So I've got a free coupon page with a bunch of my own free coupons. I've gotten affiliate offer here through skill share, and then I've partnered with some other instructors to add their courses on this page also . So the point is, I've put together a free coupon page that I hope is really helpful to people. And then there's even a sales letter on the bottom of this for me to pitch my patron page and to join my mastermind group. So my pro tips seven here is to create something that people will share virally and then promote this actively worked to get this page out there, so people share it. This is the kind of thing I hope that people will share. And so far on Facebook, I'm advertising this. I'm getting good shares on this on Facebook, and then when you get your URL shared all over the place, you've got a really good chance of getting back links. That way, you've got something that is worth talking about. For example, you see this patient and you might write about on your bog like this guy's crazies made all these paid courses and he's just giving them away for free. Now, of course, he has premium length sewing, earned some money, but he's giving away all this paid courses. When you make a free coupon page, that is one of the most powerful things you can do that. Pull a bunch of traffic in over the long term, especially if you can work it in somehow toe a free coupon for something that you're participating in. So if you teach classes online, this is really easy. You make free coupons to your classes, and then you you make a page. You can literally scrape all the coupons from my page. Now, ever. These free coupons are limited to 1000 uses, so I have to keep changing these free coupons as people redeem them. So if you scrape off my page than you may have to do the same thing. But you can literally just scrape my whole page for the co ponds and stick them on your own page and then add your own coupons to them. Make you one of these free coupon pages is great because look at all the text on here. So if someone googles this exact thing or they Google this exact thing. Or any time someone's Googling exact courses looking for free coupons. All these keywords are working together then so this is a page stuffed with keywords, and it's a page that then this is one of the most valuable pages on my website now, because when people come here and this in my page traffic, this is one of my top pages. Now, this is the number four page on my website behind at my home page and two pages with viral tutorials on YouTube, sending them traffic. So this page of coupons on my website is on pace to be my top page, and this presents a great opportunity to get back links. This presents a great opportunity for people to share on social media. This presents a great opportunity for all these keywords to start coming up over time, when people search for free coupons for them that then find my website. There are some websites they make a complete living just by putting coupons and deals out there. So if you can figure out a way to make a really good free coupon page, this is better than any free coupon page I've ever seen before. It got hundreds off paid course coupons, and I actually, my friend Michael goes through and checks to make sure that coupon links are valid. So one of the worst things I've seen about free coupon pages you go through and half the links are broken or don't work. So I have pay my friend to take the time to go through and check those links every week. I noticed I figured out how to do this because I realized I was looking for this at some point. At one point, I was searching around online to find free coupons. So if you can isolate, what do you search for? Do you search for $10 off coupons? Do you search for free courses? Do you search for free books? If you can figure out and see the kinds of things you search for it, especially if you can do free coupons in a legit way. Somehow make a master page on your website, and then I recommend just used tax. Remember what I said farther back in the pro tips. If you just use text and make it so people can actually copy and paste the links instead of click on them as well, because some people just don't like to click links or they're paranoid. But they might sit there on your website and stay on the page for a long time and manually copy every single link, which will give you, then a very good look in Google. Someone clicks on your page and sits on their for 10 or 20 minutes copying links. Google's going to think that's really good, that they're having a great user experience there. So if you can find a way to make a free or viral coupon page in your website and then you can advertise that, then you can share that. That's worth advertising. Make your very best offer all in one page. So I've got one page. This page is nice and small in terms off the data, so there's hardly any pictures on this page, so it loads really fast. So then, rather your in Egypt or India or Bangladesh, er, Indonesia, Japan, Canada, Alabama, Mexico, Florida You can get this page really quick. It's got a ton of great things on it, and that allows you then to share it that allows you to make use of it. And it allows Googled Index all kinds of different keywords. And then someone might search for Facebook engine optimization and coupon, and this page might come up then. So this page is fast rising already. I've just that made a huge effort to revamp and get this page out there. And I'm hoping this page then will be one of my top performers because this is essentially a lead magnet all day, every day for me. If someone takes a skill share class with me for free and then later signs up for a paid membership, I potentially could get the $10 referral. But more important than that they're following me. Is you likely are, at this point less. Somehow you got ahold of this another way, in which case you might love coming to my free courses page, even if someone just takes all my course for free. Every new course that comes out skill share promotes it to them with a premium link. So every time I make a new course, I have a chance to either convert a free member to a paid member or, if members are already premium then I've got a chance to keep getting new students and more and more students right away. And then my classes have a chance to rank higher. I had a page set up for I did this with my you to me coupons before when I was on you. To me, it worked really good. So I finally got this set up for all my skill share classes. And I'm trying to keep this up to date so that all of my courses air all available right here for free. And this this way. I've got one page of my website that delivered to massive value. And when you deliver massive value, people will tend to share that lot. And then I've got a system set up to partner with other instructors to consistently get new coupons so that people keep coming back so that they checked the page once a week so that they go book, market and come back every day. Others people check when I make every day online, and that's what I want. I want people come back over and over again. In all that momentum collectively gives me the chance to rank my whole website higher not just this page, but to pull the whole ranking in my website up higher. So I'm really excited. All these pro tips have been really long, painstaking learning process to get some of these pro tips. So I hope these air exceptionally useful for you in your adventures with search engine optimization, seo, organic traffic content, marketing, whatever you're doing today. 18. Would you help me teach this class?: Wow, you've reached all the way to the end of the course. Thank you very much. Out of all other people enrolled with you, there's a few 100 right now. I think you are likely to be one of the top 1% actually watched all the way down to this part of the course. I really appreciate it. Either that or you just wanted to hear my voice in the last lecture and you skipped all the way ahead, Which that's fine too. Would you help me teach this class? One of the best ways people learn is from others who are in the same position. I would you help me teach this class by making a good class project? Put up a screenshot of what you learned out of this class and then share that as the class project in here. Now, one of and then explain exactly what you learned and what you did. Now, one of the very hardest things to do is get that very first class project out there. So I'm actually willing to pay you. I will pay you $20 paid in Bitcoin or dash. I will pay you that to go and set all this up to make a class project to give me permission to use it in any of my videos or case studies to make a class project that helps teach this class so that when someone looks through this class, maybe they see Oh, this is what you learned out of the class. And then they learn what you learned when. Maybe they wouldn't have learned that just by watching the class on their own. If you have questions, Will Jerry How do I go through and figure out how to get a Bitcoin wallet? Or how do I go and get a dash address? Just go to my profile. Just Goto. I'll put the just go to skill share R slash Jerry Banfield and just look for my dash class for here. Or you can look for the skill share premium giveaway system as well. And I've also got a live Bitcoin giveaway class, so I've got several classes on Bitcoin. I recommend you the Dash one is probably the easiest in terms of setting up a free wallet. That's one of the quickest and easiest way for me to send you money and then you can cash it out in several different ways. So I think it's just fun to get started with these online currencies to. But if you're not interested in that, that that's fine. I I choose to do it this way. That way you can put out an address right out in public in the class that then there's no personal information in it. So that's why do the giveaways, because then you need to just put your address, and as soon as I see it, I can send it to you directly from there. If you found anything helpful in this class, would you please take the time, leave a review and say what you found that was helpful in it? These reviews help skill share to realize that out of all the classes I made, this is one of the better ones. And if it is, in fact, and then if when you leave a review, your help other people instead of finding something that might not help them. If you know this helped you, you may be able to help someone else get the same kind of help. So my whole business system is set up to be as helpful for you as possible. I value your feedback. Anything you want to talk about in the discussions here? I'd love to hear from you, so thank you very much for being here with me today. If you like me to talk about something else in the course, please post a discussion Post a question here than that. Well, know that you want me to add that into the course, And that's how On, though, to make new lectures. And they continue to update make this course bigger. Thank you. So much. S CEO has been one of the toughest, most frustrating things I've learned over the course. My business. I'm really happy to have had all these things to share with you. Thank you. And I hope you have a wonderful day today. Hope to see you in another class again soon.