Best SEO Practices - On-Page SEO (part 1) | Jay Marz | Skillshare

Best SEO Practices - On-Page SEO (part 1)

Jay Marz, Web Developer, Graphic Designer and SEO Specialist

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4 Videos (19m)
    • Introduction

    • How to Structure your Site for Easy and Automated SEO

    • How to make Google Pick Up the Keywords you want

    • How to get more People clicking on your Rankings in Google


About This Class

Hello everyone! This is Jay Marz once again! For this class, we are now going to continue that part series of Best SEO Practices Course. This time, we will dive into the 1st part of how to do On-Page SEO the right way. This is to let Google know what your page is all about.

We have several lessons to tackle for this first part. And at the end of this class you could expected to know about:

  • How to Structure your site for Easy and Automated SEO
  • How to make Google pick up the Keyword you want
  • How to get more people clicking on your rankings in Google

We will only use

  • Computer
  • Web Browser
  • Internet Connection

Now for the next video we will tackle how to structure your site for Easy and Automated SEO. So Enroll now to get access with the entire class! See you in the next lesson.





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Jay Marz

Web Developer, Graphic Designer and SEO Specialist

Hey skill sharers! I'm glad to be connected with you.

I am Jay Marz, an Information Technology by profession and a skilled Internet Marketer for 5 years. I have also been developing and designing several systems and applications such as Android, Web Apps, Business Systems and more. I am also enthusiast in Internet Marketing that I excelled at SEO, CPA, Social Media Ads, Youtube Video Rankings and many more. My skills in graphic designing and modeling also partakes with the knowledge an...

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