Best PowerPoint Add-in iSlide: The All-in-One PowerPoint Add-in | Yuan Liu | Skillshare

Best PowerPoint Add-in iSlide: The All-in-One PowerPoint Add-in

Yuan Liu, Founder / MOS Master / PowerPoint Design

Best PowerPoint Add-in iSlide: The All-in-One PowerPoint Add-in

Yuan Liu, Founder / MOS Master / PowerPoint Design

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15 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Install iSlide

    • 3. Apply Trial Premium

    • 4. Theme + Diagram Library

    • 5. Color Library

    • 6. Icon + Picture + Vector Library

    • 7. Smart Diagram

    • 8. One Click Uniform

    • 9. Matrix Layout

    • 10. Matrix Crop

    • 11. Circular Layout + Circular Crop

    • 12. Crop Pictures

    • 13. Adjustments Editor

    • 14. Tools

    • 15. End

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About This Class

Good tools are prerequisite to the successful execution of a job.

PowerPoint add-in, iSlide is perhaps the most amazing PowerPoint add-in I've ever seen. It can ease the whole process of PowerPoint Design. It provides us with more than 2000 templates. Nearly 3000 color schemes which many famous companies are using. With more than 10,000 layout designs for our design reference. It also provides an icon library, a picture library for free use and a smart chart library to easily create fancy charts.

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Meet Your Teacher

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Yuan Liu

Founder / MOS Master / PowerPoint Design


Hello, I'm Yuan. I'm a PowerPoint desginer, letting people better present their content through visual elements. I hope my class could give you insights and capabilities on how to build your outstanding PowerPoint.

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1. Introduction: Hi, I'm U N Microsoft Purple ones is the most popular education for limitations. Let me have a brief summary of PowerPoint is a person's first get atomic seconds waiting to break down the topic into different sections. If section includes several points support, that section inserts After we get dropped, the open invitation comes from Point. It's on way to set arse impediments Vaccine defense, Sin colors Last year, Permission structure to consider the information. This'd basically the process. A purple design in this course introduce Amazing apartment, adding, I slide. It is our apartment inside industry steps. Which car asshole processed or properties on provides us is multi true cells and templates that nearly story cells and skins Project 100. Was it otherwise? I think elaborate people in every delivery. - I feel rather cool, right? Of course, that's export homely used slides These points on Let's get started 2. Install iSlide: Korean store. I slides open the website s title cc. Click free downloads, search your PC and install it restart per points and is here next to our home tab. I slight. After installing, I slide this descent use with other starts were open poor planes to disable the auto starts , Go to my slight dissenters, click more arrow settings and checked out the starts. Okay. In the next course as saying how a trial, our premium membership. 3. Apply Trial Premium: when it was saying, I slice ends up, agree to premium membership toe a lock premium content, but in the worries you until you are not a premium member, I slice can still help. Has a lot in purple undies. I we can first apply toe, have a trial or 70 premium membership. You can check my course in four toe Klik a Referral Inc into their email accounts and that you received confirmed email. Which looking person working this? You could also generate such a referral in bare cells. But clicking the profile invitation you can sending rotation. But emails for another email counts out to our friends looking through s nights using the coming in fourth in the confirmation email. Okay, I've had become a premium member. We can start to explore. That's nice. That's first go to resource is group. See how they can easier Prepon design 4. Theme + Diagram Library: we can quickly creates. Let that using my slides by clicking similar Ibori have a preview of Isla attack and choose one we like. Choose the rest. Expect issue. But Metro's air screen says there are instructions and the ends our whole to use these templates. There seem colors and symptons for defense in this template. And when we checked this late template recon fence, electro slide templates, racing before it's very simple, which was a few pitches. The reason is, let's let makes it very flexible to let us cut my slice. Basant Knees Colleague Attack Room Blefary This step from library is a graph your layer delivery. We can have the mouse out of those seven nails tohave preview of each of their Graham Kallick filter. Check those atoms and their each option to show that diagrams we want, for example, collects rate and the magnetic field option. See, now it only shows those programs with three text boxes. Select it there. Graeme. We like left click to insert this diagram into a new blank slides right click to insert it into the car slides. In this way, we can create a sled back in short time. Yes, it's better than any other slide deck with fixed placeholders. Richards worry in communions to add or remove placeholder. Go to inserts, header and footer and checks. Let number. And for her, if we don't want him, show your slides. Okay, In the next course, I'll introduce color library. 5. Color Library: same color is the color scheme used their politicians. Those same colors in color. Elaborate are either for a Fortune 500 or related industries integrity together but a slightly tenders. We can apply any all those color schemes to representation by clicking. Apply toe also lies or apply to car slice. See the callous tale with auto change out of this creature. Another color scheme. But if colors in accreditation applied's but using a chopper or directly in putting the color values, the colors within be traced. Only the objects used the same color in the color palette allowed to change colors. The concert in the future color schemes but different categories. Of course we can custom and Palestinian, which use the clicking the color schemes. Manager Clicking on calorie wants change input color value or use the edge over toe. Pick the color on the screen press s key. The finished color pick. Okay, this is pretty march with color leathery, let's continue to explore the rest. Other memories 6. Icon + Picture + Vector Library: isolates has that econ library People elaborate and Director library for for use. We can collect any other celebrities when there were. We need those with two elements to enhance the understandings of our contents for regular library. Those rector fails after pieces of shapes that group together. But using those elaborates in a slight We don't need to searching tonight to find such as econs pictures anymore. We're convenient, right? Come to the program reinserted there placeholders for pictures. We can collect a police order. Then collect picture we want to put here in peaks delivery. The picture can read fits into the police holder. We can clear the picture. Go to form it, Kelly Crop So Drew pictures position for those default econs. We can still use the same message. Click on the icon which you want to modify. Then I can in a collaborator it also replace the current ankle. Okay. And then this course Now introduce this Martha Graham 7. Smart Diagram: compare it with the stale or proper in charge. I slice. Martha Graham's are more beautiful and well illustrated, which we can easily drop. We were his interest. Alex. My tegra. We can have a preview of its tegra. We can also filter option to choose the type of their Grammy ones. The leak to select a smart a Grammy are slides. There's an editor option. Click on its toe. Open the editor window. We can at their grams change the color and said, Well, you off Easter. Well, where is the threat? But using ice light, we can create many beautiful theater charts, which can make her slice very interesting and easy to understand. You can explore to offend the one that may shoot her knees. Okay, you know that's course. Let's go to it. Isn't group see how those commands can eat our purpose design 8. One Click Uniform: in the standard specifications group. Their uniform functionalities to uniform fins, paragraph guys and color uniform is a very important principle. Important design which can make our supplies no consistence and professional. Khaliq unit for fence. We can unify Asian fence on the let infants. If our slides continue for offense, check that the forcing most. It's OK, you inform Petkoff most all cases for less basing 1.2 less pacing is a good option, which is comfortable to read. Uniform guys, guys can't have us Online are constants, which is also one principle with its decorates. In Poor Point is, I become Otis letters. Torture us guys. No more guys means the guys can be moved. Our editors and the normal you local master means those guys could only be edited on the slide master reel uniform color. When clicking uniform color ice lies with looks, truths, lies. Those objects with colors would be listed here. We can select those objects that will apply uniform color and their existing colors. Italy stouter colors contains our slides. Those colors with a question mark on 19 colors, means it's reaching toe another color scheme. Those colors wouldn't be traced. How the most on the color the pulp of shows where the color is being used. Double click on the youthful. You know that worked for the red colleges to replace car colors was below seem colors click on the existing color nest. Collect the same color that will replace this color. Click down arrow to implement it. Apply. Done. Okay. And then this course now introduce these unveiled. 9. Matrix Layout: metrics. Layouts can be used for metrics, duplication toe. Build layers of all shapes and sizes. Insert a rectangle click metrics. Nails horizontal amounts less imposed for radical amounts Improved. Three. It's a basic units building ships that's Shoes Percentage offshoot for horizontal spacing, for example, 200 means that spacing between ships is equal to the wise off the shape. Okay, let's make the spacing smaller than that. Okay, this is whole wheat use metrics, nails. We can't use this layouts for presents. Customers bending. Let's add some shadows with those rectangles fitting with color in search brand logos. Recess them, forfeiting through the rectangles. It was cool, right? Okay, you know that's course introduce Mitch is cruel. 10. Matrix Crop: Mitchell's crop can be used to cruise ships and pictures really picture Choose Mitchell crop amounts. It was set horizontal or vertical amounts or crops. Ships spacing to set horizontal or vertical spacing. Beaten crop ships says horizontal amounts straight. Article three as well. The number is spacing fields is a percentage wise and head across IPs as my screen aspect or issue is 16 to lie, to make the spacing equally sized. When to set hearts on her spacing toe worker spacing 9 to 16 said Horizontal spacing 0.9. Where to go Spacing. 1.6. That's how I look. No excuse. Another usage on Mitchell's Corp is to make her slides into ACRI system. We can put our contents until with degrees. And how many Greece is our content taking up? Okay, insert a rectangle. Let's crop it into horizontal for vertical straight. Apply. No, they are 12 small pictures over Congo's. We can merge any of those pieces together, but it's our labels. Collect those rectangles. Go to home. It's more ships union to march into one rectangle at little squints into a creek Asset Khobar. So I don't meet you. Go to foment. Have to family anymore. Okay, Open picture library are upload our pictures, fulfilling those rectangles. - Cool in the next course out. Introduce secretary layouts and sicker crop. 11. Circular Layout + Circular Crop: secretary layouts it just like matrix labels, but the uniform off Socorro duplication You search a circle colic. Sick real ales. Let's duplicate phone. Address the studying angle. Instant distance between the centre and outer circles. Okay, Kelly the Centre Circle host and press ships and can show to amplify it. Messed Cally. Secular, Cruel. The secret crow will cross circles into Rene's. Okay, we were back. Let's cut it into two rings. Check from center. The most center one would be a circle, but just the size of the centre circle in a dress that altering his position. Feeling electorate. Send it back. Okay, nest in protest. Very easy. Rice. For more details regarding metrics and circular operations, you can collect help, Icon on top, right or the interface tohave studying. There's okay in the Nets course interviews. Crow Pictures 12. Crop Pictures: We can carry pictures in Petraeus into the same size by clicking cropping pictures. Here I got a bunch of pictures, a leak, crop pictures. Let's said there was 160 pc height netease pt A play? No, they're in the same size. We can click metrics, tales toe arrange them properly, row by row to make up you trouble I said five years ago. Group them together to fit it in your slides. We're cool, right? Collect any other pictures? Go to Fumento Crawl to adjust the position of the future A stupid Kate This light this time use the same methods but a crop those pictures into square make some spacing between them. Apply Can show A to select them all go to form itr Cruel crop The shape Let's choose Thurman's. Okay, now let's remove one picture from the second rule. Remove Chew Russert three from the force. Okay. Group each row of pictures line from center hold ships to move them up. So fitting last gruesome altogether places anywhere you want. Input test for a cool rights. Okay. And then that's course Now introduce adjustment. Chidester 13. Adjustments Editor: reinserting ships to slides movie offense. Some saves her one or more points. We also call it adjustment handle. We can change the shape but changing the patrician or the yellow points with the help of a trustem editor, I see. Insert an arc shoot. Hold ships to let it be a regular arc right click for mission. Go to lay option and their silly lying. Let's make the Ark seeker deputy change your kept. Have two rounds to make the address around it. Okay, colic or just in the editor, we consider decree number to adjust the lens of the Ark. The range of the numbers is front manners. 180 to 180. The toe points is menace, Nettie the Right points it zero if you want you reports answered, presented or something, for example, you're sensing is 88% of the whole. It was this familiar to get a resource off decree number first said the first adjustments. Manners 180. Calculate his manager results inputted number in adjustments. You insert a holo. Sandy began the ark. There's some test. Okay, pretty goods. This is pretty much with descent group when we complete our slides. We can call you evaluation commands tohave. It's an ignition off our slides. The evaluation reports can be over, a reference on where we can optimize. And still, if you want you studying death or how any questions regarding these and group, you can click the heavy icon on top rights of each interface. Okay, you know that's course I'll introduce to screw. 14. Tools: in the test group. There's Esports where we can see as an image presentation. Escort images s personalized into pictures. You can see that all supplies or to select a slice. Say, that's right, Only presentation. We can sit press sores. If these confidential fell s part, we do we consist, such as resolution, its duration for the slides we can Esper offense. If our slides contain custom offense, then we can send defense toe. Others tow. Avoid display mess even if their PC has a help. Joint images, if I want you post, are proper work online for this play. We can't use this drawing Images trust are constantly eels wise. Other trying images equally Haider all molds hold it on for months. Okay for us that we can see at a to pick image on the post, its compressed. If the signs are presentation, is big. We can use its compress for reduces to a smarter size. Check those options, which you want to delete like women ho and use Soleil's invisible contents. Offset Contents knows etcetera, but a plane comprise their local, and there's a fountain lunatics and the kids we can have overall analytics of says or slides, which can high pass and identify where we need to optimize roofs for sled. Ni is seen near File Micro buys double click directors like night. We can see either contains multiple high quality images. Comprises, Go to picture formats. Khaliq, compress pictures. Check these two options. Choose a weapon resolution. Okay, let's click the found that it takes again. It got smaller. Okay, This is pretty much it was to screw some cure for listening. 15. End: Okay. This is pretty much was discourse. Veterans is my other courses. I hope those courses could help. Your sense lies professionally and efficiently. If you got any person or any fit that I'm glad to be here for you. And you have something where much?