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Best Online Teaching Business System for Skillshare, YouTube, and Patreon for 2017!

teacher avatar Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

19 Lessons (2h 26m)
    • 1. Welcome to my 2017 online teaching business system

    • 2. One huge update Jan 2017

    • 3. See my business system in action today for yourself

    • 4. Why do I make a clear goal for my business system to aim at

    • 5. YouTube is the foundation of my business system online for traffic and feedback

    • 6. My Skillshare stats and why I send YouTube viewers to Skillshare

    • 7. What I am really excited about for 2017 on Skillshare is the revenue change to minutes watched

    • 8. Using Patreon to get students to pay directly

    • 9. Offering services with Patreon

    • 10. Online teaching is a big opportunity today that I hope you are empowered to take the next step with

    • 11. Is it worth doing 4K video and other high quality upgrades

    • 12. Should I make classes in english or my native language

    • 13. Will I get the best result with multiple channels or by putting everything in the same place

    • 14. Basics of starting a great YouTube channel and 5 tips for outstanding marketing online

    • 15. How it it working Jan 2017 Update

    • 16. Class length, competition, and most minutes watched Jan 2017 update

    • 17. Choosing what to teach on Skillshare Jan 2017

    • 18. Get $20 to post the first class project Jan 2017

    • 19. Asking for a review is key to getting more students Jan 2017

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About This Class

See inside the online teaching business system featuring YouTube, Skillshare, and Patreon! This is the best online teaching business system because most all of it is available for free with the ability to consistently build high levels of monthly recurring income on Skillshare and Patreon matched with giant traffic potential from YouTube. The beauty of this system is that you can start it most anywhere in the world if you can accept payments via Stripe, PayPal, and/or bank deposit!


Jerry Banfield

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jerry Banfield

Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes


You can become a MASTER OF DIGITAL MARKETING by following me on Skillshare and watching my classes each day!

BIO: 6 years sober, 4 years plant based diet, 7 years married, 4 years parenting, and 9 years as an entrepreneur online with 103 video classes on Skillshare, 21 books, 1082+ blog posts, 2,500+ YouTube videos, 1,000+ podcast episodes, and 70 songs on iTunes/Spotify!

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1. Welcome to my 2017 online teaching business system: here is the best 2017 online teaching business set up ever. I think you're going to love this. And the best part is what I'm doing is exactly what I'm saying. I'm going to show you inside right now. Now the first thing I need to do is qualify myself. What have I done? Teaching online this year in 2016 is December towards end of December. I've made $248,000 in profit in 2016 from teaching online. My goal is over $500,000 in profit in 2017. Using the exact system I show you here, the beauty of it is you will see me doing and I'm doing what I'm saying. So here we go. Here's the system. YouTube, skill Share Patri on you Put these three websites together Exactly how I show you how to do them here. And I think you have the chance to make an amazing teaching business anywhere in the world . The beautiful thing is here while I'm filming this live and streaming in on YouTube and Facebook. Right now, I am also recording this and I will be up loading this to skill. Share this an amazing system that I think you're going to love. Now what I will do is continue show you each individual part quickly, and then we'll go into the details using screen capture tutorials. I appreciate you getting started with this course and now explain why these three. Why YouTube Skill share and patron YouTube equals feedback in traffic. I'm grateful there are already people watching right now on my YouTube channel Live as I've just started presenting this in the last few minutes. YouTube is incredibly powerful for getting feedback in traffic from YouTube search YouTube , suggested videos and YouTube browse features. These are free organic traffic sources and organic traffic is what you want to base your business on. In my experience, having a business online for five years, YouTube will give you comments and give you the feedback you need to make better and better and better videos. I started teaching on YouTube, so I practiced this myself. You two was one of the first things I did in my business. Then what do you use Skill sharing? Patron for skill sharing, Patron are for your recurring income. You use skill sharing patri on so that you make a good income each month because just doing videos on YouTube, you need a way to make more money. Unless you've got at least I've got I'll show you. My YouTube income are make 1500 a month on YouTube on 700,000 views. You're not likely to have that many for years getting started but skill share patron, both given the chance, even with just a few 100 views to make good recurring income skill share is very good for relationships and making a little bit of money quickly. Just putting a class up on skill share. Talking your mom into signing up to be a premium member for 99 cents and having her watch a couple of your classes could easily make you your first few dollars on skill share. And then you talk to your friends and family. You start telling them what you're teaching while you're teaching it, you make things that help them. You can pretty easily make. I think your first few $100 on skill share within a few months of teaching and then patron is where you offer services and depth and where you make the big money after you have had people watching your YouTube videos after you've had people watching and classes on skill share, or even just straight from YouTube to patron, you make patron by offering very high level services there, and you get recurring income every month on it. This is the exact business system I'm using. And my question is, would you help me? Would you help me with my business system? And I help you with your business system? I make these free classes on a daily basis to help you. So I'm asking you, Would you help me now? This asking part is an essential part of your business system. You've got to ask other people to do what they are going to do that will help you. So I'm asking you, Would you watch my classes for free? Watch them on YouTube if you don't want League of Legends videos If you don't want all my daily inspirational videos, and you could just watch my classes free, most of them free on skill share. If you love the videos of the classes, would you please share your favorite videos in your favorite classes with someone else in your life that you think could use them. If you find this information really helpful, you'll feel even better about it when you say, Hey, look, I found this guy's video online. You might like this for what you're doing and then, if you want to help me earn a little bit of income if you would like access two tens of thousands of premium courses yourself for 99 cents a month, you get all skill share classes. That's all of my skill. Share classes, premium and free, and you get all of everyone else's, too now 99 cents the trial offer. I think it's eight or er, $12 a month. After the 1st 3 months, when you use my link, you'll get 99 cents for three months. To me, that's one of the best values and education ever. There's thousands of helpful courses, 99 cents a month. I get paid about 5 to 10 cents a minute, starting in 2000 and 17 for every minute you watch. So if you watch that means every 10 minutes you watch, I get between about 50 cents to a dollar. So if you spend lots of time watching my courses after paying 99 cents to join. Then you can literally pay me more than you paid toe watch. So you pay 99 cents. You can literally help me make 10 2030 40 $5100 single. Handedly, If you would like me to answer your questions, I have a Facebook group on patriot. So what you see me doing here and explaining my business online is the exact business you can set up to if you want answers to questions. Would you join my Facebook group? I have hundreds of questions and comments coming at me everyday on YouTube and Facebook. I simply do not have time to answer all of those questions. I've made a Facebook group where, if you're willing to give me money every month to be a member of the Facebook group on Patron, I will give my time and energy to answering your questions into helping you build your business online. And that's the way I've got my whole system set up. You can see my entire system now through the basics of what I just gave you. You can get, you know, exactly how to get me to actually pay attention to what you have to say and respond, and then the highest level value I'm offering. I do have a client level for 1500 plus a month right now, which includes everything below the mainstream thing, I guess with one on one call. If you want to join me here on my livestream, then I've got a one on one call for you available on Patron. And this goes up $25 for everyone that schedules it. You can get advice. I will look at your business, live with everyone who's following me online and give you feedback and promote your business at the same time. So I will show you today much more about the inside of how this works. But the beauty of it is in how long? Seven minutes, eight minutes. Almost. I just gave you all the essentials. I just showed you all the moving parts in my own business, and I just kind of pitched you at the same time for how to participate. So in eight minutes I've showed you how the whole system works from start to finish. And now I hope you're inspired. I hope you're motivated to go in and say OK, I really want to learn how to do this. Hands on. What I've given you is enough. I hope to get you excited. What I'm willing to give you and I'm going to give you now I'm gonna show you the hands on details for how to do this. So on skill share right now, I'm going to actually pause this. I'm gonna hit the record button and we're going to start a different section. If you prefer the videos like this, skill shares the place toe. 2. One huge update Jan 2017: Thank you very much for getting started with this class. I'm so excited you're here that I'm going to continue updating this and the rest of my skill share classes with new information. So what? You see, the 1st 8 minutes of this was from my original live stream, where I made this course of free class. Now I've learned something extremely valuable, and I'm putting these as updates in the class. So I put this right at the beginning to make sure you see it. I don't want you to miss this because there's one big mistake that I made in this teaching plan. So I want to make sure and get that explained to you. So I'll show you right now what the mistake is. And then all you need to do going for listening to this is to just adjust what I've said here. So a skill share right now is paying on minutes. Watched its January 11th 2017. Instead of paying on premium enrollments, skill shares paying on minutes washed. So you see, I've got a minutes watched graph here and what you'll notice in the this strategy I suggest getting up all these classes and putting them up for free. Well, that you can imagine my frustration then, as I've put all these free classes up in the last month and my minutes watched have not went up. I assumed when I first made this that if you had any class up a free class or premium class , that premium member minutes watched would count because it makes sense. If you are premium member new enroll in a premium class, you get paid for that Will skill share just basically changed the premium enrollment to premium minutes washed in premium classes, but I assumed that that would count for free classes. So that's not correct. You need to have premium members watching premium courses for the minutes to count according to skill share customer support, so you can see I've created This is a free class. Well, by the time you are likely to be watching this, it will be a premium class because I'm going to put update after update into this class. Now, the skill share teacher and manual terms and conditions do not allow you to put up a class for free somewhere else and then make it a premium class on skill share. Fortunately, there's a very simple system I'm able to use to fix that. All I need to dio is record some more videos for this. So what I'm going to do, I've just putting this intro video in here in the beginning, and then as you go farther into here, the updates will be added in at the end of the class. So the point is, I want you to build a check back over and over and come back and then you'll see the updates at the end of the class. So what I'm doing to convert a free class to a premium class? I just need to add exclusive video content that's not available anywhere else. So I'm going add this and several more updates to make this a better class for you and to then have the chance to actually earn some money off of it. Because right now all the students that have watched in this class I've not got any money off of, so you see, skill share. This class has got 1500 minutes watch, probably mostly by premium students. And now, if I actually was getting paid for that I would have earned between $75.150 dollars already just for this class. But because I made it a free class, I'm not earning anything out of it. So I'm grateful. I figured this out just 11 days into the New year because I could have went along and done this four months. So I hope that you've made it and watch this part of it so you don't go through and do all the rest of it with the free classes. Now I think free classes are a great thing to start with. If you don't have any videos online, I think just doing all your videos for free is ideal. To begin with, however, already have 1200 plus videos online on my YouTube channel. At this point, it's about self sustaining. I want to keep making money. So I put this very important update in here because this makes a huge modification toe. All the strategy I put in here with the simple thing. Then once you put all your video classes up for free, then you simply add to them and switch them to premium. So it's very easy to switch a class to premium. You just go to edit class and then you go to class info over here, and then you can actually switch the class from free to premium. Now, I'm not switching the class to premium until I've added at least 30 minutes of exclusive content to the class because that means then the class is not completely available for free and that there's a significant portion of it that is not even available anywhere else. So then the nice thing about this strategy is if you start off and make free classes like I've done with this one, then you have the best shot to get found in the browse class features. So this new system is encouraging you to make fewer classes and continue to update the classes you've already made and then get them ranked higher, get them up into trending classes over here. Now, one thing I don't do I don't go check for my classes and the trending classes. Why? Because that's a waste of time. All I need to do is look at my stats and see what classes people are actually watching. See where people are posting discussions and then try and make those classes better. So I appreciate you today getting started with this class. The best thing you can do if you are enjoying this class, is simply to just watch more of it. Use it and then, if you're enjoying it whenever I'm enjoying a class, are make sure to leave a review and recommend a class. Because if another instructors helped me enough to even get me to do anything, I make sure to go leave a review. For example, I'm taking FL Studio class the instructor help me figure out several different things in FL Studio, and I left a good review because that's a great return on my investment. I spent 2030 minutes watching the class. I learned several things. That's enough for a good review. So if you learn anything in this class, would you please leave a review? And I'm going to? If you see an update at the end, there may be and update. You really appreciate it. The end of the class featuring a giveaway. So thank you for watching this. I hope you enjoy the class 3. See my business system in action today for yourself: thank you very much for continuing with this class. Now, the very best thing you can do if you want what I have. If you want t to be able to teach full time online like I do from the comfort of my home, do what I do and the best way you can see what I do. Go look at my YouTube channel. See if you're already watching on YouTube. Thank you. Go look at my YouTube channel. If you haven't seen it already, see what I do there. If you haven't seen my skill share, go look at my skill share skill. Sure dot com slash r slash Jerry Banfield Now also trigger the special 99 cent rate that you can get in for the lowest cost on there. And that's all lower case to its capitals in the and the presentation. So go look at it there and then patron dot com slash Jerry Banfield. You can literally see all the parts of my system. I encourage you to go look at thes each of these parts because what you want is an idea of what they look like when they're built out and what they look like when they're in action. So when you see how my YouTube channel, my skill share my patron looks, then from there you have the ability to get an idea of what you could do to fill your own YouTube channel, Patron page and skill share paid up with the unique skills that you have. If you don't think you can teach anything, just start looking at all the problems that come up in your life and how you solve them. Every problem you have in your life that you saw this something you could teach and something people would appreciate learning, especially as far as it goes with technical skills. So if you really want to see this entire system, just look at these things yourself. Take a look around, judge them for yourself. Give me feedback on them. I've provided you the best ways to give me feedback. If you comment on YouTube outside of the live stream, I'm not likely to see it. If you comment on skill share, I'm not likely to see it. If you use pay trying to get my Facebook group, I am likely to see it there. However, my friend Albert Reid's comments online. Albert may see it and respond for you, so nothing beats looking inside the system itself. So I appreciate you. If you're on skill share, getting started with this class and then what I'll do is explain to you more about the why and then we'll get into the details. 4. Why do I make a clear goal for my business system to aim at: why have I selected $500,000 as my goal in 2017? I think it helps to have a concrete golden aim at when you are doing your teaching business online. That's based on realistic expectations, depending on what you've already done. So I made 248,000 my business. This year, I'm in profit. I made 70 something 1000 last year. I made 36,000 the year before I lost money the 1st 2 years of my business. So I think it's reasonable to aim for 500,000 and to set my business up in a way that will actually do that. Now I'm aiming for 500,000 because I want. This is the reality of my financial situation today. I am amazed here, a statistic that 40% of Americans don't have $2000 for an emergency fund. I have $43,000 in cash in case of emergency because I have massive expenses every month with paying all of these $272,000 in loans, most of which were borrowed to get an education for myself and for my wife. I have a Masters degree. My wife has a J D. She's a She passed the bar in Florida. She's an attorney. We did what we were told to do. We borrowed money to go to school in 2000 and two. I had no debt at all. I've graduated high school debt free, and I borrowed a ton of money to go to school. And I want you to be able to get an education completely for free from me and from people like me online without ever having the ball money to learn very valuable professional skills. That's why I do this. I want you tohave it better than I had it. My wife and I bought hundreds of thousands of dollars to get ahead. We were sold a big fat lie that if we bought, paid, involved all this money, that it would be worth it, that we would get an education that would put us ahead of other people. What we've got instead are massive debt payments. I pay over $20,000 a year in interest, mostly to the U. S. Federal government. I want to stop doing that. Would you help me be debt free by 2018. I have already paid. In the last year, I've paid off more than $100,000 of debt. This year alone, I bawled money to start my business and keep my business going. I shredded all of that with your help in one year. I think with your help that you can help me become debt free in 2018 because the more financially situated I am, the better position I am to help you. The more you help me, the moron help you. If I don't have to make $20,000 a year in debt payments, I can pay you the money to do simple things like share my videos. If I wasn't paying the U. S. Government $20,000 a year in interest, I could pay you that money to do things like hit the share button. How simple is that? The more you help me, the more I'm able to help you. So that's the why I've set up. I've set a clear goal of my business and I've built the system. I've shown you to give me the chance to make $500,000 in profit in 2000 and 17. I've said everything up. I've aimed at a clear goal that I think is reasonable based on my situation, and I am going forward with the belief that this will happen in 2000 and 17. I will show you the inside of the system now, and I will do your best if you're watching live to answer your question. So if you ask the questions on this when it's live, I will try and answer them at the end. If you are seeing this after its pre recorded or if you're seeing this on skill share, the only way to get me to see your questions is to post them in my Facebook group, which cost $25 a month to be a member. I appreciate you watching this video, and I'm excited to continue showing you so much more right now. 5. YouTube is the foundation of my business system online for traffic and feedback: The most essential part off this online teaching business is YouTube. I'm grateful there's 19 people on YouTube watching right now, and there's also 17 or so on Facebook, which the biggest differences, having no one watched versus one person and having 10 or 20 versus having versus having just one. Having people watch live allows my videos to get out to a much bigger audience that allows me to make deeper connections and relationships. So the most essential part of the business system I'm showing you is on YouTube because without traffic and especially without traffic that's loyal to you, you're not going to be able to make a good teaching business online. Let me iterating this again. You are not going to make a good teaching business online more than likely without people who are finding you specifically for you. If you just try and put course up on skill share. If you try and set up a patron page, you're going to go more than likely nowhere. If you try and teach on 1/3 party website where you have to actually sell courses, then you're probably going to spend a lot of time and energy making courses that no one buys the key. And I had this set up before I ever tried to teach online ID a YouTube channel with hundreds of thousands of views before I ever made a course online. So the YouTube channel is the first step. The YouTube channel is completely for free. The YouTube channel can be done with just your iPhone or smart phone to start or most any computer. With Webcam. You can make videos on your YouTube channel so your YouTube channel is the key. Starting place in the YouTube channel is where your growth lies now. Anything I'm going to show you later is a reflection of growth from my YouTube channel and or the work. I've done a result of it, so I'll show you the inside of my YouTube channel. Now I'm grateful there's 111,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel today. I've been making videos online for five years. I've uploaded. Let's see, we'll go over to my videos tab and I'm I'm looking to see how this looks on wire cast. I'm actually using a Mac pro toe livestream this and record this at the same time, and I'm on my Windows computer showing these screen. So I have 1260 videos uploaded to YouTube, and that is why I've got so many people following me online. That and I've spent a lot of money on ads, but now I'm doing everything with no ads. I have no Facebook or YouTube ads running right now or Google AdWords. So what, you can see this is my YouTube channel Now. I've got 700,000 views within the last 28 days on YouTube, which is good for $1600 in revenue. Now, if this is how many views I'm getting after spending $30,000 on YouTube ads after having put all these videos up after all the work I've done on YouTube, now you can see the ad revenue on YouTube is not good enough for making money. And that's where skill sharing patron come in. The ad revenue alone on YouTube is about $2 per 1000 so I have a viral video with 2.5 million views. That's good for about $5000 in ad revenue. I've made 1200 videos. It's very hard to get a video to 2.5 million views. Now, you don't need a lot of views to make this system work. Even with 1000 views a month on your YouTube channel, I think you have the possibility to make a full time income if those 1000 views then translate to people taking your classes on skill share. And if they translate to people going on your patron page, YouTube is where you get the traffic. Let me show you the traffic on my YouTube channel, and these are the main place. I'm getting traffic. So the browse features the browse features is something I'm getting because off Ah, lot of people have already watched my videos. The main source of my traffic on YouTube is just browse features. YouTube literally just gives me more and more. I have so many videos I have so many people have watched one of my videos that there's so many people in the world. While I said so many people lot, there's a lot of people in the world who are able to see my videos in their news feed on YouTube because they've already washed one before, or because YouTube is tested it so many times that YouTube actually allows me to reach new people in the browse features. This tends to be more of a high end channel feature, at least in my experience. In this, a newer one to the blue collar work. The bread and butter of doing work on YouTube is right here in YouTube search. So if I just select this an isolated you'll see and I'll go to views. I'm getting about 5 to 6000 views a day from YouTube search. If I had to pay for those views in Google AdWords to get a similar quality, the click cost will be anywhere from 10 cents at an absolute minimum. So that's $60 at an absolute minimum and then, more than likely anywhere from a dollar to $10 a click. You're looking that my search traffic on YouTube alone is the equivalent of 100 to $1000 a day in paid advertising on Google. That's the power of YouTube. You really, really, really want the search traffic now. It takes a lot of time to grow the traffic, though, so let's look over the last year at my YouTube search traffic so you'll see the search. Traffic continues to grow and grow. And then I got a new video. This hacking video that went viral, got a lot of traffic, and then my search traffic continues to grow and grow a little bit over time. So you'll notice that it's a steady growth curve over time. And then if I look the last 365 days, you'll see I had this one day where I got 1700 search views. But at the beginning of the year last year it was a few 1003 ish 1000 a day, and now this year it's up to 5000 YouTube search is incredibly valuable because YouTube search you're right there when someone's looking for you, and nothing beats being right there when someone's looking for you. Paid traffic, by comparison, is total garbage to being right there when someone needs you. That's why you don't have to have a ton of YouTube views to make a high impact. Now, if you're showing me ads on Facebook when I'm about to go toe bed, there's almost a 0% chance you're there when I need you. Now if I'm having a problem and I go to YouTube and search, then you're gonna be right where I need you to be right when I need you to be there. And I'm going to be in the mood where I'm more likely to want to get to know you. That's the power of YouTube. And you really need that organic traffic to make a great business. Almost everything you might say great about my business is a result of people just like you being here, watching who found me when you were looking for me. So you needed something that I had a tutorial video about. You went looking for it, and there you are. And now the more you do that, that's the foundation of good work on YouTube. The more you do that, the more you'll start getting word of mouth referrals as maybe if you were looking for how to teach it online. More than likely, you've watched a bunch of my videos are ready. But if this your first video in your first class, you more than likely were browsing or looking around how to teach online and either someone else told you about this or you just found this on your own, and the more you find things in your friends finds things on their own. Then you do word of mouth referrals. So there's a huge amount of my traffic. Now that is, literally people searching for my name or a certain video that I've done based on their friend or a family member or acquaintance online telling them about it. Your YouTube search traffic is your foundation of getting all the good things you want to happen for you. Online. The YouTube search traffic is the most valuable traffic you can get. Getting started getting started, you're going to have a very hard time getting anything except YouTube. Search traffic, usually. So the best thing is you just put out what you already know and you see what people are searching for. So I'll go into my key words here, and then what you can do. You can see what people are actually searching for that I've made. So my hacking for beginners has gotten the majority of the views thes hacking videos I did with Erman, and then you can see things like AdWords, and then you'll see 13,000 views just from people searching for Jerry Banfield. And the beauty of it is when you find what people are actually finding you on, you can start learning to refine what it is you do. So I understand. Then I can see these terms that people are searching for and see what people want out of me . I see there's a lot of views from Facebook marketing, Facebook ads, Lennox tutorials, hacking two tours. I can see what people actually want that are ending up on my channel. And the more you do on your own YouTube channel, the more you can collaborate in areas to make things like the hacking video. So I collaborated the top videos, the top two videos I've made. So the top two out of three videos I've made online in terms of views are collaborations. The hacking video I made. I paid ah, freelancer hundreds if not thousands of dollars to make the tutorials because I could see there was a need for it. I paid a freelancer to make the Dettori ALS to give me copyright to them, and then I put a paid course up, and I then put the hacking video up. I advertised it and thats now the number. One thing I'm found in search results on this League of Legends Video. I paid a coach 30 year olds an hour to coach me online, and then I just threw this up on my channel. I didn't even think anything of it. YouTube gave me almost all these views for free. Now, in this AdWords tutorial, I actually did do this entire tutorial myself. So how about that third place on my actual full participation in the video? Out of all my other videos? The more you do work on YouTube like this, the more you can combine your skills with other people skills, and then you can have the ability to eventually do what or from the very beginning, to do whatever you want on your YouTube channel. Now look at my YouTube channel here. I just did a video. Best tips for Bronze League of Legends Players. Here's a podcast video with one simple rule I use every day to enjoy Mindfulness League of Legends videos. Here's a patriot on video and zombies. I do whatever I want on my YouTube channel because I see that some of the people who watch these League of legends videos may end up then taking class with me on skill share may end up on Patri on May end up sharing a video with someone who ends up doing that. I then put everything together on my YouTube channel. I can do whatever I want on my YouTube channel now and then. What I dio is I say okay, if you want. If you just want the classes. If you just want the tutorial videos, then go over to skill share where you can learn. So my YouTube channel is where I meet people, so to speak. My YouTube channel is where I get the traffic and once I've got all this traffic from my YouTube channel, then I send the traffic out to skill share because a few people enrolling on skill share does a ton for my organic ranking on skill share, and that gives me the chance to reach more people on skill share. But without YouTube providing that initial traffic boost to skill share, it's very hard. It takes a long time if you don't have you to. Now that I'm encouraging my YouTube viewers to go over to skill share, it's much easier to make money on skill share. Now, as you'll see in the analytics here, I'll go back to the overview and you can see 46 million knee and minutes watched on my YouTube channel and the the YouTube Let me go. The last 360 YouTube revenues messed up for their. I didn't actually have ads on on that for most of that time to build my channel up, so I turned the ads on here. So let's just look at the last, like, 90 days. So I have 14 million minutes watched on YouTube, and that's earned me $4000 now. Skill shares really good because of a premium member watches you get a lot more money. So let me show you how much I would have made on skill share on my YouTube channel In said So 14 million minutes watched. Let's just do that now. Skill share says that a premium member minute. Let's go pessimistically five cents a minute Now. If people would watch that much time on skill share, skill share theoretically would have paid me $700,000 versus YouTube, which paid me $4600. So let's divide by $4600. Skill share minutes watched are worth approximately 150 times more when they're from a premium member than having the minutes watched on YouTube. So what I am trying to do on my YouTube channel now is encouraged. People look, go over to my skill share if you don't want all the live streaming stuff. If you just want my tutorials. If you don't want any gaming videos. If you don't want all the podcast, just go to my skill share and just watch there. So it's a nice, simple natural sales pitch, and then I encourage people. Look, you can watch most of my new classes for free, but if you want to watch most of the old ones, you need to be a premium member, which you can then get at skill share slash r slash Jerry Banfield for 99 cents. So instead of paying me, you pay skill share, and then when you watch my classes repeatedly, I will earn money off of your subscription. And then if you get too sick of my classes or if you just want to explore, you can watch all these other classes on skill share thousands of other classes from other instructors included in your subscription. It's kind of like Netflix for education. So imagine this compared to hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. So this is what I do to teach on my YouTube channel. This is my YouTube end of my business set up here. So YouTube is the foundation off my skill share business. So now what I'll do is dive deeper into skill share, and I'll explain MAWR. Some recent changes on skill share that makes skill share really good opportunity for creating new classes. 6. My Skillshare stats and why I send YouTube viewers to Skillshare: So here's my skill share stats. There's a Kuhlmann, you see Ah, 163,000 minutes watched on skill share. Now there's a really exciting change on skill share that's got me pumped and motivated on skill share. But first I'll show you my earnings here on skill share. I've earned 7000 $750 that skill shares paid me to teach online, and I've done this the hard way. Up until the last month or two, I've put almost no effort into promoting my skill share classes. I paid my friend Joseph. I used to teach on you to me. I paid my friend Joseph to just put my you Timmy courses on skill share. And this I have got a bunch, of course, is thousands of students, and this about what you can expect to earn within a year. If you put a ton of effort and energy just into skill share without doing things on YouTube , and I'm going to guess that you're going to want more than $7000 in a year, assuming that in a year you put out 30 classes on skill share, which would be a full time job four year and you'd have to buy and invest equipment to do that. But I guess you'd want more than $7750 out of it. So what I what I've been doing now you can see my earnings on skill share of jumped up significantly here since I've started promoting skill shirt on my YouTube channel. Now, the way you get money on skill shares have premium members watch your content. So I've got a premium referral here, and then I I am able to make referrals on skill share here using my referral link. So I've got my referral link here, which is just the one that's posted right on the top skill share dot com slash r slash jerry Banfield. And then what I do. I give my referral link out on my YouTube channel just and on Facebook, just like I've got in the video. It's linked in there, and then I make a simple pitch that I just explained. Look, if you you just want to watch my tutorial videos, you don't want any of the gaming videos, then you go on skill share. And then the minutes watched by premium members are worth a lot of money. There's upcoming change that skill shares made. I'll do that in the next video. It's very exciting, and I'll dive into that after this. So on skill, share what you really need. You need to refer people who already have found you, like on YouTube. You want to refer people over into your classes who then watch all your new classes because there's something really cool that happens on skill share. So I'm gonna hit. View my profile over here now. Skill Share If you're worried about building an email list online if you use skill share, you don't need to bother with that. And if use patri on, you don't need to bother with that skill. Shares on Amazing Thing. If someone follows you on roles in your class skill share will email them every time you make a new class. So all I have to do now is put out a new class just like this one and skill share will email. All my followers skill share will send 3000 people an email with my new class, and it's effortless. I don't have to write a promo announcement I don't have to design the email. Skill share sends a very simple thing that says, Hey, Jerry Banfield posted a new class. Here is the link, So it's a lot more valuable to have people following you on skill share that then our premium members and the way to sell premium membership is to be a premium member yourself. Now I've made this class available for free because of the skill, shared terms and conditions. I also have made it available for free because I'm trying to make everything I create available for free. However I have. If you look at my courses, I've got at least 20 or maybe 30 or 40 premium on Lee courses. So there's a lot of my course is the first year of Zahn skill. Should I made Onley available? The premium members. Now this one's available to anyone. If you want to sell people on premium membership, though, you need to have this little star by your name. Well, think about it. If I'm trying to sell you shoes and I'm not wearing any, well, that's a pretty ridiculous sales pitch. Don't you love it when a salesman tries to sell you some I like to ask real estate agents. When I was considering for being a real estate agent, I asked them. I asked them about their house. Do you own your house? I don't want to buy from a real estate agent who doesn't own their own house. Why are you trying to sell me a house or make transactions when you're renting? That doesn't make sense now. I'm not saying everyone has to do a certain way. What I'm saying is having a transparency. If I tried to sell you on being a premium member when I wasn't a premium member, that to me is called a scam. I'm trying to get you to do something that I won't do. I pay. I paid $96 to be a skill share premium member for a year. I got the three months for 99 cents using my own referral link. So if you go sign up for skill share, you can use your own referral link and you can. Then you can then refer yourself and get $10 back for using your own premium membership. So if you've already used Meiling, thank you very much. If you use your own link. You can actually get paid $10 back on skill share using your own link before you get charged fully. So if you want to teach on skill. Sure, I think it's essential that you have the little star by your name indicating you've got ah , premium enrollment. Because why am I? Why am I going to suggest that you enroll and become a premium member? I'm not doing it. I watch other people's courses. I'm a premium member. And then I suggest the same thing for you and being a member of my courses. And then you get the nice thing with this is so if you're teaching on 1/3 party website and you are selling your own course of someone pays $10 or 20 or 50 or whatever it is, then all they get your course. The nice thing is selling a skill share membership. You don't just have to sell yourself because I kept this browse button here and you get all these other classes for 99 cents. So these aren't You're not just paying for my class, see if it's up here. I zoom in a little bit for a limited time. Give your friends three months of skill, share premium and earn months and earn free months when they sign up. So then, when you make a referral here, you get access to all these other classes. So when you are when you sign up and you get a premium member of skill share, then you can basically sell the entire skill share business model. It's the difference between trying to sell a movie versus trying to sell a Netflix subscription, a Netflix subscription, then pretty much speaks for itself. You don't even really have to sell someone on that. You might. You could easily say, Look, you watch my movie for free on Netflix when your subscriber and you watch all these other movies for free on there, too. It's a lot easier to sell an entire website than it is to sell your own product specifically, so that's the beauty of the skill share referral systems. You can sell an entire website instead of just selling your own courses, and what I do now I'm making all my courses available for free, because when I make all my course available for free, then I can put them up on YouTube. And I recommend to start with the new business model on skill share to put everything up for free, to make the most money to begin with. Because of a change, they just made the way you used to get paid on skill share. You needed to have premium classes. But now excuse me, you just need a premium member toe. Watch your classes. So I'll explain why this If you've already been teaching on skill share, why this new change is really exciting and my thoughts on how to earn money on skill share . So I appreciate you watching this with me, and I'll see you in the next lecture. 7. What I am really excited about for 2017 on Skillshare is the revenue change to minutes watched: what I'm really excited about teaching on skill share is this new revenue change. So, up until now, why you had to do to make money on skill share was get someone to be a premium member or have your classes taken by premium members, and then you got paid based on enrollments. So as you look over here in my classes, I had the following premium student enrollments, and this is what led to me getting paid. Now that really stinks. If you make classes like I do where people lot watch a lot of minutes because the old skill share system rewarded people from making a lot of really short courses that were attractive doing rolling. It didn't reward you for actually doing a really good job making a very in depth course as you'll see 66,000 minutes watched in September 2016. But on Lee, 250 enrollments. The payment I got was on Lee. I mean Onley. It was $300.366 dollars for the September payment. Even though people watched. 66,000 minutes of my course is now the new payment system, according to the details of the new payment system. In September 2016 I would have received between 3 to $6000 instead off the $366 I did. So skill share is turning into an amazing opportunity for earning money, putting up free classes. Now, this is really cool. So I'm gonna show you the block post and explain this So long story short skill shares changing from their business model from premium enrollments to premium minutes watched in their classes. So this is a huge change because you no longer actually need a premium enrollment. This means I can now earn money on minutes watched by premium members in free classes. So put all those things together for a minute, Let all those things sink in. So what I can do now is literally make every single class I have available for free. I can then make a reference to getting a premium membership and then what I can do in my YouTube video descriptions. As I've done in this video description, I put a link to every one of my skill share classes. And then if someone actually signs up, is a premium member. Then every minute they watching, all my classes will now count towards my income. I think by the end off 2017 I should be able to be making 10 to 25 plus 1000 a month on skill share using this new system, because I will now get all of my classes up for free on skill share. And then all the free students will help me get social proof, enrollment, discussions and reviews that then will attract more premium members. This is an amazing change. I'm really happy they've made this because now what they're focusing on instead of just getting numbers of students and classes they're trying to get the same is YouTube. So they've switched YouTube used to do views, which is similar toe enrollments. Everything on YouTube now is all about minutes watched. YouTube wants you to spend as much time as possible watching content on YouTube. And now skill share has made this exact changes well. So what I can do in all my YouTube videos now and you'll see in the YouTube and the Facebook description. I've linked every single skill share class. I can link all my free ones and then if the person actually signs up to be a premium member through either my link or skill share, selling them on being a premium member than they'll get an email on every new free course I make. And then my free courses will actually generate great revenue from premium members watching them. This is an incredible business system because I now can put all these videos on YouTube and directly linked to my skill share classes with the very simple value proposition that you don't get the gaming in the podcast videos on skill share and that it's a better place to discuss and interact with other students. And you'll get an automatic email whenever I make a new class. So this a beautiful business system now, because on skill share, you can literally make every class available for free. So Holger asked before about where to get started now with the old skill share system, I would have said to build your YouTube channel it first on waste your time with skill share because skill share asks you if you make a premium course to not give it away for free on YouTube. Now, though, you can make almost all your skill care share classes available for free, just like this one is. You don't have to pay to take this class. However, if you are a premium member, I will get five or 10 cents, roughly for every minute you watch and think about that. You could literally make me hundreds of dollars a month in watching my classes just by spending eight or $12 a month for you to have access to all my classes and everyone else's premium classes. So what you've got on skill share, you've got a bunch of teachers who made premium classes to make money. And now there's a huge switch where skill share wants more instructors to make free classes because free classes bring more students that they can then sell premium membership to. So this is a time right now to hit those free classes hard on skill share. And then you put the same class up on YouTube. Just put the exact same class up on YouTube, which I'm literally doing. I'm live streaming this. I'm recording it on my computer, and I'm going to drop the exact same class on skill shirt. If you're watching this on skill share. I recorded it live, so there's exact full recording of this. And then you may have even found that first and then came over to skill share from there. So then every minute a premium member watches on any of my classes now earns me money. So this is a perfect chance to just make videos for free to get the most traffic possible on YouTube, put them up on skill share also, and then you have the chance to actually make much better money on skill share than on YouTube. And then, from there you've got a good chance to work your way into patron. So if you're a skill share insider already, if you've already been on skill Shar answer a few quick questions about this here. So when will this change go into effect? It starts on January 1st, 2000 and 17 and I'm grateful they're doing it now because if you calculate my stats, I have 163 1000 minutes watched. That's premium minutes, so if you would have divided that skill share would have paid me anywhere from 10 or 20% more to twice a ZMA much so if it was 10 cents a minute, they would have paid me 16,000 instead of 7000. So this change more than likely would have worked greatly in my favor this year. And now with this free strategy, I'm giving you till work even better. So this new change takes effect on January 1st, and then you can see their recommendations in the new system. So you get a percentage watched of all premium videos. So who is going to lose out in this system? People have made a lot of short classes on skill share for Premium on Lee are likely lose out in this new system because people making free classes that attractive very most students and then that our in depth and our new should have the chance to do very well. So if you've already made a lot of things on skill share and you're not doing anything else with it, I would guess this is going to mean a decrease to your income. Now the cool thing is skill sharing. The stats is added. A minutes watched so I can actually see on my minutes watch Now, my minutes watched have been really low in December because I haven't put a new class. I've only put one new class that 16 people have enrolled in, and now that I'm able to put up free classes now, I can get the very biggest audience for it. And now that I'm linking everything on YouTube, I can bring as many people over is possible from YouTube and then e I recommend reading this entire post here. It's on the skill share Blawg if you want to get more details on this new change, so I'm really excited about this new change. I think this is at the perfect time for me to really do an effective partnership between my YouTube channel and my skill share. So I think when you create new classes on a regular basis on skill share, you'll have an outstanding chance to make some good income online. On your minutes watched as you've seen from my analytics, the minutes watched here versus my income, and then you compare that over on skill share. The minutes washed on skill share versus the income. Even without this system in place, it's a huge difference, and I'm grateful for everyone who signed up to be a premium member with me on skill share. So this is where your enrollments really come. In a place you really need to get these referrals. You really need these referrals. He need these premium referrals so that you have more and more premium members who can watch your classes. So that really adds up over time. So I appreciate you watching this about skill share, and I will then go into the patri on part of this business system. Ah, bit more from here because, as you've noticed, while I think it is possible to make some good money getting started and maybe enough to sustain your business, I think if you really want to make the big levels of money, you're going to need a way to get recurring payments above and beyond what's on skill share . So the next step of this, then the final step is to build out the patron part of your business. 8. Using Patreon to get students to pay directly: welcome to patron dot com. This is where you really make the high end money in your business. I think I think skill share and YouTube offer an amazing way to build traffic and to get started earning money, making videos and teaching online. I think Patron is where you get financial independence and absolute financial freedom is possible from Patron Patriot is currently the number one way. I expect to make money over the course of the next 10 years. Why it? Because Patron is a place where basically you give money in exchange for the artist doing something. So there's all kinds of creators. Patron is a community for creators, so there's musicians on Patron. There's artists, there's painters, their podcasters. And the beautiful thing about Patron is. Instead of having 1/3 party, for example, I've made millions of dollars more than $2 million in sales and online courses. Third parties have taken over 1.5 $1,000,000 of that. Now let's think about that for a minute. People paid millions of dollars to take my courses, and someone, mostly third party and other companies took 1.5 plus $1,000,000 of that now think about the hundreds of thousands of customers who paid a higher price than they would have needed to pay to pay me directly and think about this on a record label. If you buy a record now, you might download all your music illegally. I don't know how you go about things. I've downloaded a lot of music illegally, and now I've stopped doing that because it doesn't support the artist at all. And at the same time, I think that buying a record supports an artist, but it doesn't. You're actually supporting the artist staying in slavery? Yes, literal slavery. The artist has to keep working for label pretty much indefinitely, and most artists get almost nowhere trying to work with 1/3 party anyway. And then the ones that do itself. I buy I Love Kesha if I buy a new Kesha album, which I'm sure is going on in a different arrangement, at least then the last one. If I buy cash on for $12 do you don't know how much she actually goes and sings the songs and writes some of the songs? I guess Do you know how much she gets out of that, she's probably lucky to get a few cents out of selling an album. To me, the producer, the exact the record label takes almost everything. The distributor's take almost everything the same thing. When you play video game, when you pay $59.60 dollars or whatever you pay to buy a video game, the distributors take almost all of it. The person who sits them programs the game for you. The personal makes the things in the game you love the developers, the coders, the artist, the storyboard planners, you know, much they make. If you pay $60 for a game, they're probably lucky to get a few cents. And on top of that, they don't get passive income. They have a job. If they quit making the next game, they don't get any most of them. I'm sure there's different arrangements, but most of them don't get anything. If they quit working, they have to keep making the next call duty to get paid. When you buy a gate when you pay for legal legends points, the reason legal legends have been able to be so successful is that at least the company itself cuts out a lot of the third party distributors. So when you buy a skin from them, they make the money instead of having a bunch of other people make it. But still, when you pay to get a skin on League of Legends, the person who made the skin for you more than likely gets almost nothing. The company takes almost everything, and the people who own the company make almost all the money that you pay them. So, Patron is giving artists and creators around the world a chance to cut all the other middle men. L When you pay me on patriot, I get 90%. Patron takes 5%. The payment processor takes 5%. Either striper PayPal. When you pay me on patriot, I get 90% of it. And the beautiful thing on patron is the social proof. So I've made a lot of money in my business online this year, and no one could see that without me going and actually showing the income. And I've showed the income with the hope that you see that Ah, you see the power of it yourself. Now I'm patron. When you sign up to give me money. You can see there are 100 and 66 other people, including my mom and my wife, that are paying each month to support my work. So you cut the cost drastically. You cut all the minimum out, except for 10% to patron and a payment processor. 90% of what you pay goes straight to me. Now think about if you could do that for a video game. If you cut out all the other people getting rich off you buying the video game, the video game will cost about a dollar, maybe two or $3. That's the power of patron. We can cut out all these other middle men making all the money on the artist we love. And this is why I have put my whole business model now, outside of YouTube and skill share, the whole rest of my business is on Patron, you basically pay me to keep creating and working for you. You give me a salary which I'm honored $2500 a month for me to keep making everything available for free for you is an outstanding salary. I think by the end of 2000 and 17. I will have good potential to get this with your help toe $100,000 a month. Why? Because of the snowball effect, the more people that are giving them more people will want in on it. And I'll show you how I've set my patri on up to make simple rewards, that scale that allow me to offer all my services through Patron and then provide social proof to be the very top a tree on page in the world. I only need to get to about 30 to $50,000 a month, and I will be the number one patron page in the entire world that includes rock stars. Want Patron That includes podcast established TV shows Be than if you are willing to help me do this. I think this will draw a lot of attention from around the world that someone will come in from all kinds of places. And how is this guy making this much money? Every month on Patron, it will prove that it's a legit system for doing business online. It will show the power of it, so I'm willing to be held up and essentially criticized along with praised by the world in showing the power of patron. So I've started this out by explaining why I like Patron. I've started out by explaining the problems Patri on solves, and then the next step is I'll show you how I've put my whole business on Patron. And I hope this will be useful for you in seeing how you can put your whole business on Patron. And the key to me is to think why you might put your business on Patron and I hope I've explained that effectively here. 9. Offering services with Patreon: I appreciate you continuing. Learn about patron with me. What I think is an amazing opportunity on Patron is to essentially put your whole business and all your services you offer on Patron. All of the services I currently offer are in one place and their social proof, and they'll all recurring income. Now that solves almost all the mistakes I've made in the history of my business in the history of my business one. The biggest mistakes I've made is not setting clients up on recurring income payments. It's much easier to get clients to pay you a one time fee. It's much more effective to screen clients out and avoid working with clients who won't set up a recurring payment with you. I try and avoid working with any clients today who will not put in a recurring monthly payment because I don't want toe work on a one time project for you. I already have enough I'm doing online. I want to do work and make a relationship with you over time, because that's when you can usually do the best work together. All the things I've shown you that I've collaborated with other people on weren't made overnight when toe work a long time on it. So what I've done now is put my whole business in all my services on Patron. So here's how this works again. You get all the traffic on YouTube. You get all kinds of people watching your videos for free on YouTube. You get them over to skill share to make the time they spend with you more valuable. So if you're on YouTube with me, if you would go over and watch on skill share, that's much more valuable for me in terms of earning some income and then for teaching on skill share. I think it would be easy for you to start making a recurring income teaching on skill share if use it on YouTube. But then what about people on skill share? Who say, Jerry, I love your classes. I want a one on one call with you. I want you to answer my questions on a daily basis. I want to be on your live stream. I want you to be my client. What about the opportunities you get on skill share to doom or than just teach? I think patrons a perfect answer. So the key with Patri on is using these rewards as services use these rewards as services so and make really, really, really good rewards. The difference between good and great patron pages is giving rewards. People want. So what? You'll see my patron pages not here. Just give me money. Although that's a part of my patron page. The main thing is, people are giving me money in exchange for me doing something specific. So the first reward I have here is all of my courses for free for $10 a month. I'm very grateful that within just a month or so, 24 people have signed up on here to give me $10 a month in exchange for all of my courses for free. All of my new courses for free are available on YouTube and skill share, and then all of the Old Course I made are available either through direct free coupon links or I realized I have a bunch of skill share. Premium class is that some of which are direct duplicates for my other courses. But a few of them aren't so. What I'm doing is for $10 a month, I will actually give you all of the video files for all of my courses, as well as coupons to all of my paid courses. So if you don't know what I mean with paid courses, I did a business system before, and I'll talk more about this in the future where I made all these paid courses to buy on my website. Now, Yes, I made lots of money doing that. But the problem is, as soon as you stop, the income stops and what we want is predictable, recurring monthly income. So I've got all these course on my website, and then what I offer is all of them for $10 a month on Patron. It's an incredible value compared to buying one for $9 and that's the foundation. Then off my rewards and then anything you go higher, you get the lower level reward. So I have a Facebook group. Now, when that you just are making your YouTube channel in your skill share, you want to answer every single question you get. You want to have someone comments on a video. You really want to comment back, answer the questions. Get to know every single person following you now you could say I've screwed up. In a sense, I have too many people following me to do that. See, it's not better toe. Have Mauritz different. I can't possibly respond to all the comments I get every day online and make new videos and have time to be a dad and have time to be a husband and have time to go to my AA meetings every day and have time to exercise every day and have time to talk to my mom and my brother, my friends on the phone and have time to have some friendships and play some video games. I don't have time to do all that. I have a very few amount of hours, maybe about 40 or 50 or 60 hours. I can work each week and I literally, if I wanted to respond to every person following me online now, that would literally take all the time I have. I wouldn't be able to do anything else. So the nice thing is, Patri on allows you to solve problems that happen as a result of your business growing. This is a problem that's developed as a result of my business going. You shell these minutes, watch 53,000 comments on my videos on YouTube in the last 90 days. I don't even know if I spent 40 or 50 hours a week if I could respond to all those 53,000 comments. So what patron allows you to do is solve problems. So now I realize that you might want me to answer your questions. So the only place I consistently answer questions for free is on live stream videos. However I spend, I try and spend like an hour or so every day in my Facebook group reading what e members post. And right now the group is small enough. I'm able to read every single post by every member, and I'm able to read most every comment by a Remember. So what I've done is I put on patri on a reward to be a Facebook group member, which is really cool because you can't just set up a Facebook group member and charge for it. According to Facebook terms, you can't charge to use Facebook services. Now what I've done, though I've offered access to this closed group as a reward on patrons so This does allow me within Facebook's terms and conditions, to then provide access to a community where I will answer your questions on a daily basis. And to me, this is one of the most essential things about building a great business online. Now, if you are like me and you started your business out online and hardly anyone else in your life is there to talk to about your business, I'm lucky. I had a bunch of friends who I played video games with online, who are willing to talk for me about my business. My wife was willing to listen hours and hours and hours of me talk about my business. You might be in a position where you don't have anyone to talk to about your business. Having a community of people where you can consistently talk to them build relationships is incredibly valuable. So I'm able to offer this on patri on now for $25 a month, and you can literally offer the exact same thing. This isn't hard, like you can literally copy my rewards. You can Okay, you can get all your course for free. If you do premium courses, you could offer a download folder or you could do private YouTube videos where you get all the class refer. You could literally copy these 1st 2 rewards, the exact same as I have them set up. You could literally make your own group and set it up. And then when you do that from wherever you're at today, you can continue to place this in all of what you teach and do. So I've got these two rewards. Now, these account for a significant portion of the total income. This is $240 a month. And these 17 patrons, then that's close to $500 a month or so. So then you go deeper on these rewards. I've got a new partner level that I'm expanding soon where I'm going to allow you to use all the videos I want As a partner, I will give you a license to reuse all of my videos. However you want, you can literally grab my videos and edit them and put them up on YouTube. I will give you all the video files as a partner. All you need to do is go take the files, edit them and put them wherever you want to. You could literally make a whole business using my video files. You might never even have to film a video. You might just watch my videos and say, Damn, his videos will be a lot better if he actually edited them. You can just edit them and put them right back up. You could call your channel, Jerry Banfield edited or Jury Banfield polished or something like that. Jerry Banfield upgraded. I'm offering. I'm building this out. Still, I haven't quite finished this, but at the partner level, I'm going to offer a massive set of rewards. Offer you a listing on my Web site with a link to whatever you want, a skill share page or YouTube channel. So I think it's really important to have three of foundational rewards where you offer a lot of value. And then here's another idea. Word of mouth marketing offer to mention people. I am looking to spend the majority of my 2000 and 17 advertising budget on this exact service, So what I'm looking to do is network watch. Members of my Facebook group now get to know them and what I'm playing and do, the more money I make, the more money I'm going to give back to my Facebook group members to do word of mouth marketing for me to share my videos, to talk about my videos, to make something new about my videos. So this is my plan is, and then I'm offering it from $97 a month. I will mention you right in the middle of the video. So I hope is I'm explaining all these rewards you can see out of set your patriot up to make the very best out of whatever it is you have today. So I'll give you an example of this. So I have a friend Jordan Arsenal. He is He is signed up on this word of mouth marketing levels, so you may have seen it several times. Now I've mentioned his channel naturally in the middle of what I'm doing because he signed up at the word of mouth marketing level. Now here's where the big money really comes in on Patron, This is why I love patron simple scalability. If you're like me, or if you're like my friend Jordan Jordan is obsessed with scale ability. He won't hardly do anything in his business that's not scalable. Jordan's been working online for about as long as I have. He's done things like made over $100,000 with Google AdSense. He's traveled the world. These very much lived the four hour work week. He talks with me every week, and he is. I'm grateful that he signed up on the word of mouth marketing level, so he's obsessed with scalability. So starting at the word of mouth marketing level, I have scalability built into everything I do. And this is I'm checking how long I've been doing this. This is where you get into the big money. So let's do the calculator for a minute here and look at this. So what I've done, starting at the word of mouth marketing and on the next two levels, is I've made a simple little rule. $25 gets added to the monthly cost for every person that signs up. Now, why do I do this? Because if you're going to offer services that are tied directly to your time, the Facebook group is not tied directly to my time. I can spend. If there's 10,000 grew members in it. I can spend an hour a day and audio will be a part of the Facebook group. For all my courses free and for my partner program. Those are things I can very much just get a little help with. For example, a freelancer could easily process all the partners on my partner page, and that requires almost no effort. That's scalable. So if there's 100,000 partners, then I doesn't take me anymore work. Now. If there's word of mouth marketing work, then at $97 a month, if one person signs up, I'll do it. But then, if the next person wants to sign up, I'm gonna charge $124 a month. So I've already got Jordan. I'm already pitching Jordan in the middle of Mountain, my videos. So you already have proof that someone else is paying for. Then that proof then gives you an exact idea of what to suspect. So you have to pay more in order to get the same thing. I reward the people who sign up first, so it's 97. I might put it up to 99. So what I do then I can Onley do word of mouth marketing for so many people. So I simply increase the cost $25 a month for each person that signs up. The more people that sign up, the more the reward has clear proof that it's good. So if there's one person signed up, you can see Okay, well, that's nice. Your friends signed up and is paying you to promote him every month. Well, then the second person signs up when I start getting them, and there there's a little more proof that it's worth doing so then I just keep increasing the cost. $25 a month per person. Now, by the time someone comes along at $447 a month, they've probably seen me do word of mouth marketing for 10 or 15 different people five or 10 different times. They have clear value. They have a clear desire, ah, craving, maybe even to be included in the middle of that. So by the time they come along, it's worth $447 a month or I don't have to do anything else. This allows me to naturally increase the price based on what people will pay and value over time. And then the beautiful thing is, if someone cancels, I'm only going to drop it $25 a month. So let's say Jordan cancels and he's paying. I think he signed up a $75 a month when I first offered it. Then it's, let's say, he canceled. So he cancels his $75 a month payments. So that's one less thing I have to do. Well, the price only goes down to 4 22 because someone already paid $422 a month. So when Jordan cancels, that eliminates one spot of work. This allows me to continuously scale my business naturally over time. So if someone is willing to pay for 22 they already paid it, then I replace someone paying $75 a month who canceled with someone paying $422 a month. So over time is it goes up. Maybe a few more people cancel. It goes down and it goes up a little bit, and then it goes down a little bit, and then it goes up a little bit and then it goes down a little bit. You see, over time I'll continue to have the same amount of work to do, and I will continue to get paid Mawr and Mawr and more money to do the same amount of work as people cancel and new people join the differences. When someone's paying $522 a month, they will have clear proof that it's been worth it for a bunch of other people. I'm offering it at $97 a month now because you don't have any greater indication than one person signed up for it. And I am only doing it for one person. So if you want to get in on it, that is how I've set it up. And now I have this same thing set up with one on one colic step. I started that at 1 49 with one on one call also includes word of mouth marketing, if desired. It doesn't have to if you don't want it to. So then for the one on one call, I've already scaled with one on one call up within the first month or so, up to $224. So this has the same property. So then, if I'm managing one on one calls with 30 or 20 or 30 people a month, the cost will be up to $774. But then you get to be on my livestream, and by the time you're considering doing this by the time it $774 you're probably have seen hundreds of other people's live streams are ready, you have clear proven value on it. So I've got a a business system that I've set up on patri in that has built in scale ability in these rewards. So this is what's really sweet about Patron. It's a very simple way to scale your business up over time and to continue to build higher and higher monthly payments naturally so you don't have to offer $1000 services to people to start with, you can offer really low rewards to begin with, crank them up until people won't buy them anymore and leave them there. This way. I know someone. The last person who got a one on one call paid 198 or 99 or something dollars a month, so I know it's reasonable to ask the next person and pay to 24. So it's a simple overtime scaling system that then if I maintain 100 calls per month, which would be a lot over time, even if I maintained 10 or 2030 calls a month over time, the cost will consistently go up and amount of work I do will stay about the same. And then I've got one last level. So if you want to take clients or do an extremely high value service, then you can offer that as the maximum reward. Now I encourage most of these. When you're setting up your patron rewards, you'll see there's an actual pay Tron at every patron. There's an actual patron at every ward level. So this is clear social proof than anything you sign up for. Someone else has already signed up for, So there's already 24 people at this level 17 at this level to at this level there's already one at this level, three at this level and then one at the client level and then with the client. I offer a lot of value with the client So the client one scales up $500 per month per client. I have no incentive to take on a bunch of different clients because every single client requires a lot of work. So any client I get the cost is $500 more per month and with a client, then I will help you on a daily basis, and my friends will be available that I work with. And the Facebook group will be available on a daily basis to help you with your business. This coming Creating ads, feedback, live streams. When your client you get all the benefits down here, the calls you have the full benefits as a client of all the other levels. So I'm very grateful to have gotten one client this month. And that way, if the client cancels out $1000 a month, then I lower the cost back down to $1000 a month because I've reduced that workload. So I'm available. Then if someone else has been waiting in like I'm not gonna pay 1500 a month, then I'm available for that person to come in. All right, now it's down to 1000. The idea is if the price ever drops. Anyone who's watching and waiting should immediately fill back in where that previous spot was, especially after having proved that someone else paid at that level. So this is why I think Patri in is an extremely powerful business system for working online . When you combine that with YouTube and skill share, I think you can have an exceptional business online anywhere in the world and the best part , all of these things I've shown you are free. 10. Online teaching is a big opportunity today that I hope you are empowered to take the next step with : if you've enjoyed this course on skill share, I really appreciate you watching. And I'm I'm having so much fun being able to record a class live as I teach on skill share also in YouTube at the same time. So I hope is you've seen the inside of this entire system. This has been useful to motivate you to see exactly what you can dio to build an amazing teaching business online. Online teaching is the big opportunity that's here today. How many times have you reminisced in your life? All I wish I would have invested in the stock market at this time. I wish I would have bought big coin when it was $10 instead of seven r 800. I wish I would have started teaching on this website right when it came out. I wish I wish. I wish today is your opportunity to make a life off financial independence for yourself online, even though I've got a lot of debt, I'm able to work and do whatever I want on a daily basis. And teaching online has given me the ability to do that. And I hope this business system I've shared here with you is incredibly effective at pointing to exactly what you can do. All these things are available for free. You can sign up on YouTube, skill share and patron for free. You don't need to spend any money in these things now. Ah, what I'm going to do to finish this class up is try and answer some questions on my livestream that I hope will be useful for you. So the next few lectures on this will be questions. The main question I'm to figure gonna have is where do you need to spend money on this? You need to spend money on your equipment and guess what? I have a skill share class that covers the exact equipment I use. So let's go down. If you're on YouTube or Facebook, there's an exact link to the class. So I've got a class that shows you the equipment that I made over 2000 videos on and you have the chance then to do exactly that. So where's my profile at here? School share of still still has taken a while. Tell load. Here we go. Thank you. So look, I have a class right here called software hardware I used to live stream on twitch and YouTube. This is the same I'm using now. The only difference. I upgraded from an I Mac to Mac pro, which you don't need to do until you want to live stream on three or four websites at a time. You can record a video on live stream on YouTube just fine with an iMac you maven bail to do with the Mac book Pro. I like an I Mac with a quad core with good processing power. I actually have three computers right now I'm using. There's only two right now, but I have all the video saved on the 3rd 1 with an external hard drive. So I'm using a Windows PC that's four years old. Right now that the this is actually what you're seeing is on the Windows PC, then the live Sherman recording is happening on my Mac Pro, which is $300 a month for three years, and it's a tax write off, so it lowers my profit and an honest pay tax on it, so it gives me you can get it financed. I got it financed through Apple's finance program, so you can literally get a computer. If you want an I Mac, you can goto apple. Go there, finance and get it financed. You make monthly payments on it to set this up, but summary of this the main thing you need to invest money on his equipment. If it take and you'll figure this out, I recommend setting a simple goal off one video a day. Set a goal to make one video a day on YouTube. Getting started. You are not likely, though. I'm blowing out like a two hour class here on skill. Sharon. This is no big deal for me because I've done this thousands of times. I've got the equipment that just crushes it, God willing, that it doesn't butcher all the video somehow, which occasionally happens. The point is that just starting out makes something ultra simple you can build and grow from. If you try and do one video day at first, it will probably be difficult, and you'll miss several days and then you won't get into it anymore. On my skill share profile, I had at one point that I was teaching classes every day and then, as I've made this change over to set my patri on up. I've taken a lot of time away from teaching on skill share, but now guess who's back. Back again. Jerry's back. Tell a friend, Guess who's back. Guess who's back. So I'm changing my skill share back to teaching glasses daily, because now that I've built my patron business system out, I can get back to teaching actual skills like this teaches skills. This teaches an exact side of things for you to do, So I've got my skill share profile. So the point is you make one video a day. Put that in a class, put that up on YouTube, and then every week or so you'll have a new class done. That's 50 classes in a year. That's 300 plus YouTube videos, and if your video production set up sucks, one video a day will make you fix it. You will drive yourself insane or your quit trying, or you'll get better equipment. I used to make videos just on this windows PC. The problem is, my hard drive interfaces slow. That means when I go to render a video, it can Onley render it at some kind of megabits per second, which I just like gonna pull. My damn heroics is going so slow. I realized one day that to make two videos a day often took hours to film a Webcam video edited and render it so I can't. I have bought three new computers. I bought a Mac Pro for a few $1000. I bought an I Mac for with the external hard drive that is sick, that could go 10 gigabit transfer rate up and down. I bought that for, like, five plus $1000 then I'm renting for 300 a month for three years, which is about $9000 or $10,000. I'm running a Mac pro with 12 cores and the only has a flash drive with a terabyte. And then I put all the other stuff on my I Mac. So I've got a ridiculously six system here that I can literally film in real time, and then I've got a little bit of tolerance for my imperfections. So my skill share classes, I my skill share classes, are just like my live videos here, so if you go on role in these classes, it's a consistent experience so my YouTube experience is just like my skill share experience, and that way it doesn't take me a bunch of extra time. I literally hit the record button off. I dropped these videos straight up with the ugly. You know, as I try and click on at the beginning, I try and go click on it, and I accept a little less perfection. I don't use any script. The one thing I do is use canvas dot com to design thumbnails, and I designed ultra simple thumbnails with my face. I put my face on, I put like one image, and then I put. Now this has several images because it combines old business system with no text. So I'll go do a couple images or I'll do one image and a little text here. The video is very important for the thumbnail, so the thumbnail I do a quick thumbnail on canvas dot com. If you want to see everything I use in my business, just go to my website at jerry banfield dot com slash resource is I've got all this stuff listed on here for you. I've literally got the curtain I'm using for the green screen. I have the exact live streaming program I'm using, which is wire cast. I've got all this stuff listed for you. All you need to do is click on a button to view it. So I've got all this stuff listed up here for you that I'm doing in my business system. And then all I try and do. I now try and do one podcast episode, one game, illegal legends and one tutorial video or class a day. So I have three things I do a day, and that's my core workload now the gaming, the podcast and the tutorial. And I think that I have the chance to make a me and a $1,000,000 of 500,000 profit next year by doing 33 things a day now, then also checking my Facebook group in doing some one on one calls. But if you think about that system, that's a really simple business system. I do a podcast every day. I trying to a game illegal legends every day and for better or worse, the game illegal legends might get cut if my business income gets. If I get a bunch of co paid calls in here than the legal legends Video may get cut because or it may not, we'll see what happens. But right now I'm doing a legal legends video, a podcast video tutorial, video every day. And then what I do from there is I go forward and serve the people already following me. I polish my existing business. I go in and answer questions on my Facebook group, and then I have time that I'm free to do everything else. So this ultra simple business system, I think you can dio if you just make one new video a day, one new video a day, you can run this whole business system and then take the time to build out YouTube channel . Learn new skills that you can teach. Build out your patri on page, write up your skill share profile, figure out who you're going to refer and you go work on this thing one day at a time. And I think you can be making $10,000 a month or more, starting from zero by the end of 2017. Using this exact system, I think you could be up to several 100 a month and you too bad revenue. I think you could be up to several 1000 a month on skill share. And I think you could be at several hundreds, if not 1000 a month on Patri on to do things with a very similar set up adapted to your unique situation. If you're specialties music, then set your stuff up for music. If you know how to play music, play music on your YouTube, general, make videos of it, teach about it and then offer one on one services on your patron page. Adapt this toe. Whatever you're doing. I've learned that if I want what other people have, all I need to do is do what they dio. This is what I'm doing if you want the equipment I've shared with you where you can find a link to the equipment and I'll make another class about my updated version the equipment soon. So I appreciate you watching these class. Now. I will try and answer as many questions as I can in the remaining time here. If you've enjoyed this class on skill share and you're not going to watch this, the questions would you please leave a review for That's one of the most helpful things you can do. Aside from just being a premium member and watching the most minutes when you leave a review, you help other people enough. The class is good or bad. And be honest in your review of this class sucked off. Whoa! If this class was horrible, if you didn't like this class than just help other people figure out Well, this was terrible. This was horrible. You was. I hated this. He doesn't know what he's talking. He's not gonna make a $1,000,000. You don't know He is. Teaching is terrible. He talked to slow. Oh, my God. I hit two x speeding. It was still too slow. And then can you believe he's not actually making them? If you have that to say, leave that and other people can watch it if you Oh, my God! This the best class ever. I took my pants off halfway through it. Then s o that I I was sweating so much I just had to cool off. I got so excited. Put that in the review. Our view is very helpful. So I believe in skill share classes. Very helpful. If you've enjoyed this on YouTube or Facebook, would you please leave a like on the video that helps other people to get in understanding that? Hey, this maybe doesn't totally suck. Or maybe it's good. So I appreciate you watching us, and if you've got questions on the Livestream now, will try and answer them, and I'll take those questions and answers and put those into the additional lectures here. 11. Is it worth doing 4K video and other high quality upgrades: The first question I have is, what about doing a four K video? I appreciate think unboxing for asking this question in the You tube chat, and my quick answer for four K video is that if you conduce oh, it go for it. If you're willing to invest in the equipment for it, go for it. It's always better to try and be on the cutting edge. Now here's what I would recommend not to do if you don't have a computer good enough to render in process four K video. If you're in that connection is not fast enough to upload four K video. Then don't fool around with four K video. It's most important that you be able to functionally produce at a fast rate. That means it's more important that you have 10 classes up, then to have one class up in four K video. It's better to have 10 classes up in whatever HD video you can get up than it is that 14 K video. So take this four K video approach with everything. If you conduce Oh, it nice and polished. If it doesn't take you much extra time, then go for it. What I can tell you is you're going to need a really good computer. If you're going to edit and upload four K video, you're going to need a really good Internet connection. If you're going up a lot of four K video, I have a 300 megabit upload and download Internet connection. I have the tools I could do four K video if I did, if I wanted to. I'm not doing four K video because I'd need to buy another monitor to do four K video and I'm looking at I think wire cast could record in four K video. I'm not sure if even my Mac Pro with 12 course can handle recording and live streaming the four K video on several websites the same time. So in anything you're doing, try and make it as easy as possible with the least resistance. The harder you make things to do, the more you will put in your own way and when I've learned is I get in my way more than anyone else, I'm the one who messes things up for myself. So try as much as you can. Did not do anything that makes your life harder. If four K video is more difficult than doing HD regulation, even probably don't do it. So I appreciate that question. I'll in the recording and take up the next couple of questions here. 12. Should I make classes in english or my native language: thank you very much to Holger for asking in his question. So if you want to get answers to your questions, consistently join my Facebook group. I'm answering these because they were up here on the lifetime. So Holger asked. He's a university lecture and a beginning online teacher. He the the German? He asked specific to the German market. What do you recommend doing the German market or doing the English speaking markets? So I hope this question is relevant for you with any second language. So if you're in India, do you go English? Do you go Hindi wherever you're at? Do you go in your native language first, or do you go English? I recommend starting with whatever is easiest for you. Whatever's easiest for you. Start with that. If you're more comfortable speaking in German and teaching the German people than go for the German first, you can always do more later. I recommend doing whatever is the absolute easiest. First, I actually do speak some ambition. Deutsche, I lived in German, for I lived in Germany for three years, and if I practiced my German, I could probably teach German course online. However, that would be significantly more difficult if your English is so good. That you can talk in English is easily, as you can talk in whatever other language. It is the easiest for you. If you're English. Is Justus natural as your German? Then sure, it might make sense to go for English courses at the same time. It might be easier to start out in German because the competition usually is going to be lower in your native language. Now. Theoretically, if you're making courses on the same subject as me, you might theoretically be competing with me, although I don't believe in competition outside of my own mind, so to speak. But just for practical sake, if you want to get a hacking tutorial up and you put in English, you've got to compete with all my hacking tutorials and everyone else that are in English. Now, if you put one up in German, your only competition really is those other German tutorials. So there's a lot of opportunities you might have in your native language. They're not available in other languages. For example, you might make a hacking tutorial that never goes anywhere in English. But if you make that same tutorial in your natural language, you might get that viral. So I recommend to start in whatever is easiest because the whole thing I try and do with my business is easy. Whatever's absolutely easy, I you could say I'm lucky. In some ways I'm unlucky or uneducated in other ways. English is the easiest language for me to speak, So all my courses are in English. However, I would guess if I spoke another language and that was my native language. I might put do courses in that language first and then maybe tests, um, courses out in English. So I appreciate Holger, thank you very much for that question. And I hope that this answer is helpful for you if if this is an issue that you're considering as well 13. Will I get the best result with multiple channels or by putting everything in the same place: thank you very much. Thomas George, for asking on Facebook and also for being a one of the very first to sign up for the one on one calls on Patri on. Thank you for asking, Thomas asked. Hi, Jerry, do you think it's best to stick toe one topic like Internet marketing or whatever you want ? Obviously rather you want. Whatever you want is more fun, but you're spread your audience too thin. I hope this makes sense. So the best answer I can give to this and I've got this question a lot. Do you stick to one topic? Do make separate YouTube channels. I put everything in one basket under Jerry Banfield, so my website is jerry banfield dot com. My Facebook pages. Jerry Band filled my YouTube's Jerry Banfield. My skill shares. Jerry Banfield, my patrons, Jerry Banfield. Everything's Jerry Banfield. I choose to put everything in one basket because of the simplicity. It's easy for me to put everything on one YouTube channel. Now I have 210,000 YouTube subscribers now, and if I created separate channels for my business and my gaming content, I would bet that I'd probably only have about 70,000 between the two channels, if not less than 50,000. The reason is that it's easier to build on more and more mo mentum. So what the more subscribers you have, the easier it is to get more people know that you're legit or they can expect a lot of other you tubers. I've watched you before. Same thing like with skill share. I've got all my class on skill share, and then I just put all the things I teach on everything on skill share and then same thing on Patri on. I've got rewards that up. You'll all different people. Some people you might even get the one on Wonder the live stream from someone who wants to do a gaming livestream rather than something business related. So I like putting all my videos in one basket because of the possibility of overlapping and the possibility of making really deep relationships. What I want is I want loyalty. I want people that absolutely love the things I create and that you don't have to love everything I create. You may hate on YouTube that I post all these legal legends videos if you don't play it. You might hate if you've watched my legal engines videos that I pulse things besides League of Legends videos. You might love my podcast and Onley and then listen to that. So what I've done, I've tried to make ways for you to choose two separate things. How you want them. So if on YouTube, for example, you want to watch League of Legends videos on Lee, I have a League of Legends play list. You can just stick to that playlist and all it'll have in its legal legends videos. And I put the link to that playlist in the description on every video with my podcast. If you Onley want to hear my podcast, I've got links to listen to my podcast just on iTunes or Google or on my website. And then, if you just want my tutorial videos now, I'm doing all those on skill share. So it's nice because YouTube gives me the chance to build really deep relationships with people. If you watch my YouTube videos, if you watch all the different subjects that gives me a chance to build a fantastically deep relationship with you, that then is likely to produce loyalty over a long period of time. I want you to come back and wash my videos for the rest of your life. That's what I'm going for or listen to my podcast for the rest of your life, or want taking my skill share courses for the rest of your life. That's what I'm looking for. So the YouTube channel, with all of this, gives me a chance to build deeper relationships. For example, there are a lot of people on my YouTube channel who originally saw League of Legends Video that wouldn't have stock watching my League of Legends videos, but have seen one of these podcasts videos one of these tutorial videos that then those were sticky, so to speak. So the more things you do in one place, the more you have the chance to be sticky. And that's what is kind of the Holy Grail and Internet marketing. Working online is sticky. You want people to keep coming back, like Tim Ferriss wrote a book, but that wasn't sticky for me. What's been sticky for me and listening to Tim Ferriss is his podcast. I come back to Tim Ferris's podcast over and over and over again. That's the first thing he's made that got me to stick with him on a regular basis. So when you put all your eggs in, when you put all of your creativity in one place, it's a lot easier to get a sticky relationship with someone, so to speak. Now there is a big problem with this. Let me not make it out like I'm right about anything, because the data will show you there's a big downside to how I do things. So I've got 39,000 subscribers, Thank you very much if you're one of them. In the last 90 days now, I've lost 9000 of those subscribers now. Not the same ones, necessarily. But they could have been subscribers earlier, so you'll see. I lose anywhere from 60 to over 200 subscribers a day because of what I'm talking about. So someone subscribes for a hacking video, and they see this legal legends video in there like this, and they unsubscribe or they see six podcast episodes in like deafness and unsubscribe. So you do lose a lot of subscribers this way. But the nice thing is, you build up subscribers went these most of the 110 111,000 YouTube subscribers I've got really want things from me, so I've churned out a lot of the fair weather fans. So I think it's nicer to have a smaller amount of subscribers toe work with were really dedicated in the loyal. Then it is to just have a lot of subscribers who only want one thing out of you. If you just do real estate, for example, and you make a real estate channel and then you decided to do gaming, you make a separate gaming channel. What if you stopped doing real estate? You've now wasted your whole real estate channel. So with me, I've done so many different things online. I used to teach on you to me. What if I had just made a channel for teaching on you to me, and then I got banned from you to me, my old channel and being useless. The nice thing is the way I've set things up, I can keep using this the rest of my life. I can just stay Gerry Band filled for the rest of my life, and whatever I do will keep changing but where to find it will stay the same. So I appreciate Thomas, you asking that question and I hope this answers useful for you and for you that is taking this in skill share, or YouTube. 14. Basics of starting a great YouTube channel and 5 tips for outstanding marketing online: thank you very much for Jo Aleh. Well, the low for asking how to start a YouTube channel in League of Legends can give me tips and for Burr, asking five tips about marketing when you're just starting with it, I hope the tips I give you hear will be helpful for you watching and for the skill share class in doing this business model. So if you're going to start, the most critical thing to be able to do is start a YouTube channel and do some effective marketing online. The number one tip I'll give you about starting and doing marketing online. Building a channel is too. Be grateful for everything you do have. I'm very grateful for the 19 people watching on YouTube, the eight people watching on Facebook, all the comments. I'm very grateful for them now. There's lots of people that came across my channel and said how awful or fake or scammer I am because I have so many substance, so few viewers. I am very grateful for every single person watching. Even if you're only comments are F you're you're stupid or even that helps other videos get my videos get watched so number one thing, be grateful for everyone and every opportunity you have. So one of the things that really stinks starting out is you just know that is gonna be hard to get people to watch your videos or that is gonna be hard to get people rolling your course. You you have start with zero in. The hardest thing to do is start with zero. So the best opportunity of is to be grateful for one. Be grateful for that first subscriber. Get to know that first subscriber Get to know that first follower, if you can and then be grateful for everything you have for every comment. Now what did I do for most of my business? Most of my business. I was so concerned with building up more and more. I wasn't grateful for what I had. In fact, what I had was proof all the time that I wasn't good enough when I was on Facebook and had just a few 1000 likes. I thought This is just proof that I'm not good enough and I didn't take the time to respond to the comments I got. It's shocking how many opportunities I've missed online to make good relationships on you. To me, I got so many students, I wasn't even taking the time to respond to their discussions anymore. I for many of the early unity course. I didn't even respond to discussions when I only had a few of them on skill share. If you've got one student, get out asked. That's doing to comment. If that student comments interact with them, basic marketing principle is make the best of what you have. 1st 1 bird in hand is worth two in the bush. $1 in your hand is worth much more than $2 that you might be able to make tomorrow. That's why try and keep a good amount of cash on hand. The money I have on hand is worth much more than what I might make tomorrow and to treat your whole business, your YouTube channel. Treat it like that. And if you're just trying to get started, the second basic marketing tip is Get your friends and family involved. Get your colleagues, get your associates. Don't waste your time making someone that you can't tell everything about. So if you're making a YouTube channel, it's nasty that you wouldn't tell your mom about. Well, you might not want to make that. It all makes something you can tell your mom about your dad about. If he's alive, minds not. It will pour me anyway moving if make a make a something you're proud to share with. Everyone makes something you can tell your parents, your Children if you have them, your brothers and sisters that you can tell you your boy you girl about make things you can share with people that you're proud off sharing make things like today. I make things that I would want my daughter to be able to watch and share with her friends . And that's why I'm trying to even work out reducing the toilet humor. So sounds like my daughter is getting ready for her nap here. So I also make things in the make things as easy as possible. Realize nothing you're gonna make is going to be perfect. But that's the motivation. Share things, ask for feedback. I'm OK with having you here, Madeline. At crying a little bit in the background because I'm okay. I realized nothing. I makes gonna be perfect toe everyone and a simple tip for doing more and getting started is realize your videos. Honestly, you're gonna suck at the beginning. Whatever you do compared to what you're capable of is not going to be very good. And even now you might look at it. Man, you've made 2800 videos, and what you do still sucks or is still isn't very good. You're never going to be a little Please everyone. You want to be able to do a good job that for the people who want to do a good job for you , so make things that you can share and you're willing to share with the people who already know you. My friends were essential in building my YouTube channel. I made nasty videos starting my YouTube channel off saying stupid things and cussing and making rants, and my friends laughed at them. My friend shared them, and then, as I started thinking, Well, I'd like to make videos my wife could watch that my mom or dad could watch at the time. And so then I started making better and better videos, and as I shared my videos more with the people in my life, I got motivated to keep making them better and better. I made a wolfenstein video. You can go find it where I'm nasty. I'm cussing, and I wouldn't want to make a video like that for my daughter toe watch now. So I try and make things that I'm willing to share and that if they made the news, I would be happy about. If any part of this video makes the news, I'm fine with that. It's not likely to make the news, but my point. Actually, more people are likely to watch it, then are watching a lot of local news. But the point is, I'm willing tohave anything I do be shared out there. So a simple marketing tip is, do things as easy as possible and accept that you're always going to find some way to critique your work. Be willing to put out a minimum viable product, the course that's at a minimum acceptable level. For me, this is a minimum acceptable level I find for a course. I could spend 10 or 20 or 30 hours to try and edit this into the perfect course, or I could spend 10 or 2030 hour to make 10 or 20 or 30 more courses. I'd rather have way more things out there and available. And then, if there's a clear and compelling need to make something ultra polished for mass consumption, then I'll have the data to prove that. So the beautiful thing with my podcast is so I'm just doing all these podcasts videos on whatever I want to talk about, and then what I've got, I have on some of these that are really well received, like some of these podcast episodes people really like. Then when I can do is I can intentionally try and make a higher quality version of it. So and then two more simple marketing tips to wrap up brand everything based on your name that will encourage you to do things you're proud of. Also brand everything based on your name, because what you do might change. But where to find you will stay the same and finally, consistency. What you do every day is powerful. If you make one video a day, that's more powerful than making five videos all in one day or 10 videos all in one day. Try and do stuff every day. That's why if I want to be a better legal legends player. I'm trying to play one game a day, so I hope all this is very helpful for you. I appreciate you being here. I hope you've enjoyed this course. 15. How it it working Jan 2017 Update: what is the best part about this business system? This a January 11 2017 update on one of the most powerful parts of this business system. I think that I have to show you is the referral. So I move my face out of the way here. So if you look, these are my referrals. I've made 70 referrals earning $350 I have $350 more in payments now, referrals to mere one of the most powerful things you can do on skill share. Because these are people who have signed up after specifically going through my links. These air essentially premium students who can continue toe watch my classes indefinitely as you are likely to be here. Now, these referrals are easiest to get off of YouTube. So this exactly how I do this. So I've got this. I originally made this as a free live stream, so that's hard. Originally set up the class. Now this class has about 20 minutes edited out of the live stream, and now it has exclusive updates that are not available in the live stream. So what I do then is you see this video as thousands of views. Some people like it. Some people don't. But then a few people, when they find this video, they want to actually go learn on skill share with me. So then they come look at the class on skill share and sign up, and then I don't need to refer to them on YouTube anymore. Now why is this such a good system? The main thing that's good about this system is just getting people toe watch in a place where it's worth more. So on YouTube when someone watches you see here four million minutes watched here for 1284 dollars in income. That is a very low ratio. Off watch time to revenue. So what will move my head back over here again? Look, look at this. Watch time on here. So that lead. This is a lot of watch time, and it doesn't equal that much money, given how much watch time. So that's for about every. Let's see if I can just do the division in my head here you divide by 1000. That means there's about 4000 minutes watched for every dollar earned now on skill share. If you're in here watching this class on skill share, skill share pays 5 to 10 cents a minute for, ah, premium member toe watching a premium class. Now look at the difference on that. The thing is, though, skill share doesn't have as much organic traffic YouTube as a ton of people. You can see 655,000 views on my YouTube channel. And then what if you look over at the 123,000 subscribers I've got on YouTube? Obviously, YouTube has a lot of traffic. So the ideal system is to combine both of these together to essentially convert your most excited viewers than into people that are watching your classes on skill share. So even though I have 3800 followers on skill share, my income is comparable to YouTube. Just by having if I look over at my courses down here just by having 2030 5100 a few 100 people enroll in a class and watch on skill share that's producing about as much income as having hundreds of thousands of people watch on for six minutes each on YouTube. So that's the beautiful thing about this business system because any isolated part of it doesn't work as well. If you just do the YouTube videos like this, you'll consistently have a hard time converting your traffic. All the people watching your video into enough income to do this because it's, ah lot of effort to get to this money views, and you're more than likely not going to stay in business long enough just on this amount of revenue, based on all the effort it takes to get to enough views to get this revenue. But the nice thing is, it doesn't take a lot of people watching you on Lee need to get even one premium referral a day. That's about what I'm getting now that is a ton of lifetime income. Just the $10 sign up bonus right away is great. But then the potential to keep watching on class after class after class. So I think if you make a system using what I've shown you here, it's very powerful when you convert the referrals. The key is to convert those referrals because these air 70 people who essentially signed up mostly toe watch my classes on skill share. So if they average watching a few minutes every month, just these referrals alone are likely to pay a comparable amount maybe a little less, but a comparable amount to YouTube just by themselves and then everyone else who already is a skill share premium member who sees me talking that, Hey, there's a skill share the full version of this class on skill share. Everyone that is already a skill share premium member will have the chance to get over and watch my classes. And then the more people I bring into my class, the more people skill share will give me. So I don't focus on watching where I am in the skill share system. So I'm not hunting around on the browse features. I'm not looking and seeing where I'm at in the skill share ecosystem. I'm focusing relentlessly on doing my part on getting as many people from YouTube over to skill share to make those referrals and then continuing the update my courses so that once you've enrolled in the course, there is continuing to be more and more new videos in the class. So I'm very grateful have this system to share with you today. This is such a powerful system, and I hope you are enjoying the class. I'm planning to continue to just add more and more updates to the classes that are getting watched the most. 16. Class length, competition, and most minutes watched Jan 2017 update: here is a huge skill share update that I hope will be really helpful for you on January 11 2017. Now the way a skill share used to work by paying on premium enrollments, you'll see the basic strategy I was doing on that here so you'll notice. While skill share was paying for premium enrollments, I would try and just throw out the little 2030 40 50 minute classes and then try knock one of those out every day while now a skill shares paying based on minutes washed. So there's a two different aspects to this. No, with skill shipping on minutes. Watch now, as far as I can see, it's better to make deep classes and update them now. And I think this is part of why skill share made a change. Because if you look in a class like this, this YouTube bumper advertising class I made, there's 19 students in it. There's only 177 minutes watched in it, so there's not a lot of students and rolling in that it might have been better if I had stuck that entire class over in one of my other YouTube classes that already has mawr in it . Because then this gives me the best shot to make a very high organic ranking class. So, for example, when you look at this face Mark bookmark getting class here now, do you think it be better for me to make a new class with more updates or to just add them to this class? I'm thinking I want to just make the updates of this class. You'll notice this classes that got 171 students with thousands of minutes watched. Now what I want to do on this class is get people to come back to it. I've already got 171 students in the class. It's easy to just tell them. Look, I added five or 10 new videos in it. Come watch, then I don't have to sell them on enrolling. They already are enrolled in the class. So you'll see this page on here has 744 visitors on this page. Ah, 171 students, so you'll notice most of the visitors actually don't become a student. So what you really need to do is get your students toe watch more minutes. So if you want your students toe watch more minutes, you want to make updates to existing classes. So the big adjustment I'm making that this class instead of suggesting pumping out one class after another. Now, I think that could be a good strategy to do at first. But you see, now I have 65 classes. Now I need to just be making more deep classes mawr classes that reengage with my existing students. So this even encourages. So I've got this class here with 171 now. Does it make sense to update that, or should I go back even farther here? You'll see I have class here. This is 211 and it's only 24 minutes. So I've already got 211 students enrolled in this. I could very easily double this class. I could easily put five or 10 new videos in it and then all 211. Though students, theoretically, they don't have to re enroll. They could just very easily come back and look at the same class. So if you go down on some of these other ones, for example, this fiver class is four hours long over here. If I make any updates to it, that's a good reason to come back. This freelancing class, same thing. I've already got so many students, these air classes that especially some updates, will give me a chance to have the very top class. So now, if I compare my YouTube course up there and my AdWords course down here in this complete social media course in this Facebook course, does it make sense to try and update thes? Well, let's look at the student count and the view stats in this one. So this one has 300 students will see their 6000 minutes watched on this, and there's no positive reviews on it. So that looks like a really good opportunity for me to make some improvements to this class and then essentially make Mawr out of what I already have. So what I want to do make some improvements. Now, with 65 classes, there's a huge job ahead of me to just make the classes I have better. Instead of continuing to just pump new class out over new class out, I think it's important to be in different areas. For example, if you search for something like Dash on here now I've got this I've got I'm the only one that has a dash class on the website, and there's some amazing categories that I'm the only one who's got a course on QuickBooks on the website. If you search for patri on I, there's only two classes on that. So its nice in some of these areas. If you search for a like AdWords, then you'll see I've got classes that come up. I've got several that come up on here, so it's almost ridiculous. I've got so many classes that come up when you search for AdWords. So what you want to be able to do is make your good class is great. So you'll see. I've got even though I've got all these Facebook class when you search for Facebook, my classes aren't even coming up over here because I haven't spent the time to actually improve them. You'll see the competition for a Facebook class is very high over here, so you'll see that I what I have. The biggest opportunity to Dio is improved. The classes I've already got so a lot of these class time Facebook are pretty short, but then most of them are at least 30 minutes or an hour long. So this class is actually my highest ranking class. And I haven't done anything with this class in a long time. And if you're you're continuing a scroll down here, my class doesn't even come up till all the way down here. Now then, I've got another class right here. So it seems like one of the best things to do at this point is to try and update the classes I've already got. Instead of continuing to make new classes like C instead of me making new class that comes in down here, What if I'd simply put a lot of effort in updating this class? Then this class would probably have a chance to go up to the top Now, Sure, If you search for something like Facebook 2017 then I've got one of the few classes on that one. So even for this, that seems like a logical thing to try and improve the existing class I've already got versus trying to just go through and make new class after New Class so it's tricky. You want tohave. If you search for something and there's no class on it, then that's a really good thing to make a class amount. So, like these rainbow dash there different. So the only crypto currency class up there is the one I made. So if you search for something you know how to do. And then, for example, I noticed there I couldn't remember what it was. Polonia X. So I have the only Polonia X class up here, So it's nice toe have classes where you're the only search term. So if you have skills where there's not one other class on that skill, then yes, I recommend try and build out your teacher profile so that you can get found when there's no competition. Because which one's better do you want? You see of the Facebook? You see how many classes there are on that? There's tons of class down if you make a Facebook class that competitions high. But if you go make a class on some of the other little specific aspects or view no some other skills, there may be no class on that. Like I said, with my Polonia X Class. I have the only class on it. So if you want to learn about Polonia Axe on skill share, I'm the only option. So it doesn't make sense to be the only option. Well, if you're just getting started, you're trying to build your skill share profile. Then yes, I would suggest Get in there and as many places possible for me. I see an A C X class might be really good. That's for Audible. So I wonder if there's any audible there. There's Onley. There's no actual audible book publishing classes up right now, so I can see that's a wide open category. Aiken teach. There's no competition on, so I think it's good Makesem short classes just to get started. For example, I've gotten FL studio class coming up and then I'm learning on FL Studio, so I'm taking this class. I left a review on it, and then there's only three classes. So when I make a FL studio class, I'll be one of the only options on there and, for example, the So it's nice to have a combination where you're the only option, and then when you do have competition to not put out a bunch of little courses when you've got competition. But to try and make one big course because you want those minutes watched. You want people to spend as many minutes inside that class is possible. So if I make FL Studio class Aiken, just test it out. And then, based on how many enrollments I get, then I can know to make it better. But for example, I know now to go ahead and make my Facebook classes better to go improve those. So I appreciate you watching this today, and I hope this is useful for you. 17. Choosing what to teach on Skillshare Jan 2017: Here's one of the best strategies I can think of. If you want to build out your skill share classes now, what most of us think to do is make something on a big topic to start. But that actually is difficult, especially if you don't have a lot of students already. You make a class on a big topic, your classes one more out of a bunch of classes. The key is supply and demand. So I encourage you, and this is what I'm doing. As I continue to make my classes, I'm updating the ones I've already got, and I'm looking for classes where there's no competition on something. I know people want to learn, so you might ask, what is a c X A. C X is what you used to publish audiobooks on Audible A. C X is bringing me $500,000 a month in income. If you already have Kindle books or you already have create space books published a C X I highly recommend. Get your book on audible. The competition is so much lower for good audio books than it is to just have a print book or a Kindle book and guess what? If you want to learn how to do this, there's no classes on skill share. So this is an ideal topic because there's no choice. Then there's no competition and you're doing a great service year helping skill share, have a better website. So if you look over here, I did this on Polonia X, for example. Now, see, this is the best thing. I don't have to have a great course. I don't even have to have a good course. I have the Onley course on Polonia. So if you want to learn about Polonia, exploding X is a place where you trade currencies like Bitcoin and alternative currencies like dash A theory, um, etcetera. If you want to learn about Polonia eggs, you on Lee have one option on skill share. So that's a sweet thing is to be the only option than now. It can be nice. Like if you search for patron. So you know, you know that, for example, right here. You know, Patron already has 4000 students here. Well, if you want to learn about Patron, you have two options. So I've got a proven on a category here that There's lots of people interested in learning about this. So then if people search for it, there's a proven there's proven interest in it. So I know there's lots of people understand learning about this. So then I have the only other option. If you watched this class and you want mawr, I've the only other option on patrons. So I recommend. And this is what I'm doing. Search around for the skills you have, see what other people have already done class on. And if other people have already done a class on it, like Joe Paris already has. Ah, great ever. No class here, then is it worth my time to do a never know class? Probably not. I should probably skip ahead, skip over and do something I know like I'm going to have a wire caste class soon. And guess what? The only wire caste class currently available wire caste class is mine, but I'm going to have a class that specifically talks about wire cast. So if you go something like live streaming, I've already got the class on that, which is nice. So there's no need to teach another one specifically and live streaming one of the most powerful things I found is to teach things based on specific software because people search Isis surge, for example, one of the classes I've watched most lately. I searched for FL Studio 12 so I searched for a specific software wanted to learn. It's more difficult to get people on a general topic like productivity, and you really need more students. You see, there's 800 some classes on here. There's all kinds of productivity classes on here already. So while it might be tempting to make something like productivity, it's less likely to get a good return. Now let's look over so some of these and the beauty of it, this takes on Lee. Just a few minutes. You can quickly search. You can see. Okay, there there's 59 camped aged classes, so you probably don't need to waste your time on doing a Camp Tasia class at this point because other people are already teaching that. So why bother teaching a Camp Tasia class? So I'm looking around over here. Let's see if there's a snag it class. So then there there's now there's one snag a class. So this is a perfect example. Camped. Asian Snag. It are related products. There's only one snag it class, but there's 59 camped Asia classes, so I recommend before you teach a class, take a look at how many classes are out there. The reason for this You can then assess. How much do people need your class? And then you can funnel your energy into doing something that will get you the very highest return. I would rather be the only class on the subject than one out of 59 class on the subject, given I've equal interest in teaching it. So I'm grateful to have the chance to share this with you today. I hope this is useful in planning out where you might teach classes on skill share. 18. Get $20 to post the first class project Jan 2017: welcome to the giveaway available for you in this class. Now that I'm making this class of premium class, when I'm going to do is start offering a giveaway consistently in my classes for the first person to complete the class project. Why? A class project is a great way to get your class discovered organically on skill share. When you post a class project, the class project itself can get trending and show around on skill share. The class project can help people learn and grow with you. So I'm offering you $20 sent in dash, which is a crypto currency. If you complete the class project, you show me what you learned out of this course and then you post your dash address on here . Now you'll I'm sure you like Jerry. What the heck is Dash? I have no idea what that is. I have an entire class on this. Don't worry. Just go look for my dash class. You can go if you want to. Just put in a search bar when Europe on skill share. Just go look for dash, search for Josh and watch my dash class for investing anonymous payments and instant money . It's an hour and three minutes. It'll show you exactly what it is. Why I think it's awesome exactly how to make your wallet and be ready to receive. So within the 1st 20 minutes of watching this dash course, you'll be ready to receive the give away. And then when you post your class project down here, by the way, if you're using Bitcoin, it will be very easy to start using dash and very easy to convert your dash over into Bitcoin. I've got entire courses showing more about Bitcoin, so I appreciate you listening to my dogs in the background here. They're very excited. Someone's at the door. So for this, would you post your when you go do a class project? Would you please share a screenshot of what you learn? How you've applied it, toe what you're doing and then share your dash address along with an agreement? Just say real quick. That jury, you're welcome to use this anywhere you want to online, and then I can use that as case studies say, Look, here's a student. I learned this in this class, and then you're helping all the other students in the class learn along with you. So I often learn best from other students, while on most classes and skill share. There's no class project because on most class on skill share, there's not a lot of students, and there's no activity. So one of the biggest things you do to get your class stand out is to get a class project. That's why I'm willing to give you $20 paid in dash. If you will go set up your class project now, why do I use Dash? I choose Dash because I think it's better than Bitcoin and because you can put your payment address out there in the open now if offer to send you money by PayPal, it's not. I don't know if it's allowed by the terms and conditions or not to ask you to put personal information, such as your PayPal email address right out in the project. I use Dash because you can put your dash address out. It's a one time use, or you can reuse it. If you want to address where I can send you a payment that you can post all out in the open , everyone can see it. It doesn't matters in a way to identify you out of it. And that's why I choose to do the give away this way. So if you're already using Bitcoin and be very easy for you to download a dash wallet and generate your address if you're not just search, look for my class Signed Bitcoin, Look for my clash class on dash. I'll show you how to set up a wallet in everything, even for coin base. You can just set up a wallet that way. So I think this is a fun way to incentivize the class project. And, yes, I've asked you to do a little bit of work out of it. Harvard, I'll give you $20 paid in dash to give make it worth your time. So I really appreciate you being here in this class and your participation in the class project 19. Asking for a review is key to getting more students Jan 2017: If you want your class to get found by other people, what is one of the best strategies here? You can help me out now with it. I will ask you right now. Would you please leave a review on this class when I go to another class and I'm watching it now, I find even one thing even one thing that I learned or is helpful. I leave a review out of it and write a public review, even if you might say it's a competitor. Inner. I watched Michael SAPO, I think, is how you say it. I watched his YouTube class the other day. I learned one thing out of it that was really helpful, that I've applied to my YouTube videos, and I left a very nice review on the course. Single helpful? Itwas Why? Because I know a lot of stuff about working online. If your class teaches me just one thing, that's really helpful. So that's what I do for other people. So I'm asking, would you please do the same for me? If you learned one helpful thing out of this, leave a review on it. If you think this is a terrible class. You don't think anyone should ever watch it or see it again. No matter how many great changes I make to it, then you're welcome. Leave a bad review, a down review and tell people why this class is so bad that they should stay away from it. I've appreciated lots of bad reviews I've read that have encouraged me not to buy products and not to take some classes. So I appreciate your help. I think it's essential if you want to have a class that gets found and washed. My more people ask explicitly for reviews. Now you can ask earlier on up front. I think I mentioned it in the second lecture, so I think ask set the review up as soon as possible. I'm going to start in one of the first couple lectures and all my updates to my classes. I'm going to start asking for those reviews, asking explicitly for the reviews so that people, as soon as you are going forward in the class, you will have in mind if you learn even one thing to go. For that review button, just click the yes thing real quick, and it's emit review that makes a big difference. Or it makes even bigger difference to write a quick review. Hey, I learned a little tip out of this and then then there your time. So thank you very much for watching this class. I'm planning to continue adding more updates across all of my classes on skill share. This the last update for today January 11 2017. In this class, I encourage you to keep coming back. And I'll post discussions in my classes that I hope will then notify you that I've added something new in it. So thank you very much. And I hope to see you again soon.