Best Lightroom Shortcuts to Speed Up Your Workflow and Edit Like a PRO | Edin Chavez | Skillshare

Best Lightroom Shortcuts to Speed Up Your Workflow and Edit Like a PRO

Edin Chavez, Changing the world one photo at a time.

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9 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Lightroom Shortcuts Solo Mode

    • 2. Lightroom Shortcuts B&W

    • 3. Lightroom Shortcuts Crop

    • 4. Lightroom Shortcuts Previous

    • 5. Lightroom Shortcuts tab

    • 6. Lightroom Shortcuts B&F

    • 7. Lightroom Shortcuts Lights Out

    • 8. Lightroom Shortcuts Full Screen

    • 9. Bonus (info plus edit)


About This Class

In this course, you will learn 9 of the best Lightroom shortcuts to speed up your workflow. These will help you get faster with your editing this way you can start mastering Lightroom. If you are a beginner or a pro, these are game-changers. Watch the bonus video! 



1. Lightroom Shortcuts Solo Mode: and this course, we're going to cover my favorite light room shortcuts to make her work full that much easier. First thing is first, my favorite short cut off all shortcuts inside a light room is called solo mode. And when you first open lie room, you have all this panels here all open. So a great way to keep your light room nice and neat and organized. You're going to right click on any of this panels and you're going to check your solo mode once you check that, as you can see, all the other ones collapse. The great thing about this is when you want to come use a different panel, well, you have to do express on it. It will collapse the other one and open up the new one. So here, if I want to do my basic panel, I'll click on that and they will just open that and closed the other one. A really, really nice, clean way to keep your lied room organized 2. Lightroom Shortcuts B&W: how to turn a photo black and white with one keystroke your president Wiki. And as you can see that term, sit until black and white your president wiki again, and he turns it back into color. Just a really quick and easy, simple way toe. See if you want to keep your photo in color or black and white. 3. Lightroom Shortcuts Crop: next, we're going to cover crop tool. So if you click the crop tool right here, you can see we have the crop tool up. But now let's say you want this image in. This is called a landscape form. Let's say you wanted in portrait mode, so would you want to do is just President X key, and it will call crop it into portrait mode. You click out off the crop tool and there you have it. It's a really, really, really amazing tool. And the shortcut for crop is your Archy. So you can pressure Archy, come back and then reset crop. 4. Lightroom Shortcuts Previous : next tool is the undue tool. So let's say your ending an image and you mess up right, So just grew up right here. And I brought the temperature down all the way down. Or you just make some kind of mistake that say you bring the vibrance down and now you're images gone old. Your edits are gone. Well, a really, really awesome easy way to go back. Is your going to do a control or command? See, So you press control or command. See, you pressed it twice because I did of the mistake twice, and it brings it back to that original one. And if you make a bunch of mistakes, you can go back as many times as you want to go back to that. If you only present once, let's say you did that. Whoops. What you do is Commander Control Z, and it brings you back to your normal image. 5. Lightroom Shortcuts tab: Another awesome tool to use is the tab key. So when you press the tab key, you have your panels. Here you have both of your sides. If you want to get completely rid of that, you press it again and it's completely gone. So it's a really good way to just check on your image in full screen and full mode. And it just makes it look really, really clean and really, really nice again. That is the tab key to bring your your panels on or just completely vanishing from the image. 6. Lightroom Shortcuts B&F: another. One of my favorite shortcuts is the Y key. When you press the Y key, what happens? It is the before and after. This is a really, really amazing tool, so you can keep checking on your work. Um, during your edit. As you can see, here's my before Here's my after you press the Y key, and that's the After he gets rid of it, your president Waikiki again and you can see before and after this is really, really important, says you keep editing and keep doing your edits and keep changing the image. You can always go back and forth and you can see your progress with a simple key, and that is the Y key. 7. Lightroom Shortcuts Lights Out: another awesome shortcut. It's called the lights out lights out mode and that simply you press the Elke pressing. The Elke will simply shut the lights around the image off so you can just look at the image of president and makes a darker, which is a really, really awesome tool to use. If you want to kind of sit back and enjoy your work and maybe see what else you can do to it, you don't have to look at all the other Mass and on the screen, just simply President Elke, and you can have the lights out. Very, very cool. A shortcut to use. I use this all the time. 8. Lightroom Shortcuts Full Screen: and finally, another amazing tool is you're going to use your shift and F and what that does it that brings down your screen size. You press it again, and I just makes it a little bit larger than your present again, and that makes it completely full. It takes up your screen. Now when I'm editing, I like to have no distractions, nothing at all. So this is basically what you will see me doing when I'm editing again. That's your shift key, plus the F key. At the same time, we just hold on the shift in press the F and you have three modules. It's really, really awesome a shortcut. I highly recommend it, and those are the best shortcuts for light room that I love to use that will speed up your workflow. There are a lot more, but these are the most useful, especially if you're just starting out 9. Bonus (info plus edit): All right, guys. And now for D edit Here is this beautiful image. Let me show you the settings. This was shot 100 in 11 seconds of 22 years old. 100. I used a 10 stop in D filter and this was right after sunrise. As you can see, the sun is right behind this clouds. So let me take that off. That's the I key the information. There's another bonus shortcut. Information. Press the I key and it'll give you all the info on that particular photo. So let's get started. Will right Click will reset all the settings on. Let's go through this image together. First thing I want to do is I want to open on my shadows. That way I can see my foreground and I can see this image a little bit better. Next thing I want to do, I want to bring down the highlights. What that allows me to do is just is simply get more clarity out of the sky. Next thing I want to do, I want to come down here to my lens corrections. I'm gonna enable from a removed chromatic aberration and enable profile corrections as you can see this allows me to see the image that much better. And right now I have a really, really nice cannabis to start working with. Next thing I want to do, I want to come back here to my basic panel since I'm not quite done and I wanna come into my vibrance and I want to bring this all the way up maybe like, ah, 80 four, that might be a little much, but it actually looks really good because the image was really flat to begin with. So I really, really like that. I might want to even bring it up a little more, but I think that's good for now. Next thing I want to do, I want to bring a little contrast into the photo, and that just makes the colors a little more punchy. As you can see, that may be said that for you see, it looks a little bit flat, the colors of flat. But if you look at it when you give a contrast, it just makes it punch. He just makes it really, really nice. Now, another thing that really, really bothers me about this image is the people in the have been burnt in the image. As you can see, here's one silhouette of a person not to get rid of this. People were just gonna zoom in. Do you just, Ah, click on the photo. You know you're gonna come into your brush tool to your spot removal tool, and we're simply going to get rid of that image. Well, first, let's get rid of this little, uh, that little buoy and the water is just It's just kind of weird. And now we can concentrate on this silhouette. Now we'll bring this all the way down. Maybe right there in light room will do its best to kind of match everything up. But as you can see, there's a like a dip there, so we'll just have to raise this up just a tad, and that looks really, really good. Now we'll zoom out of that, check her work, and that looks pretty good, pretty close. Maybe there's still a little bit of a different there, so depending how much attention you want to put to this thing will just raise it up. And that looks close to perfect. We'll click done. We'll zoom out and that looks pretty good. But now we have some more over here, so we'll do the same in this side. So we'll come here. We'll click or spot removal tool here, and I will just go through this one by one. Here's the chair will just much the sun with send. Here's more silhouettes. You can barely see it, But to a trained eye like myself, this is the first thing that I see. When I look at a new image, there's another one that looks really good. And here's another one. Just match the sand with sand, the sand line, and you'll be all right. Here's another one and we click that and then we match. The sun would sound and light room. That's a really nice job off matching, um, everything around it to remove that's particular spot. There's a little one, and now we have all those removal Quick out of that and we'll zoom out. And that looks really good. However, here there is a some guy right here. The silhouettes still there. Right, So we're gonna zoom in. I bring this up a little bit, and now we're gonna do the same exact thing except We're gonna take our time, and we're gonna do it a little more. Careful now, when you're doing this, make sure you don't hit the actual object next to it. Such as a lifeguard tower, because it will create some weird effect. Um, some blurry effect. See? See what I mean? See that blurry? I'm not sure what the right ward is for it, but see what that creates. Let me get out of it so you can see it. Uh, right there. See that blurry effects? So we don't want that. So the way to avoid that, let's delete that was simply just want to stay away from the green from the green object. In your case, it might be something else. In this case is the green object. So we'll click out of that and look at that. Matches perfect. Click out a lot. Zoom out. That's pretty good. There's still a little bit a little thing right here that I can see. I remember. Guys, make sure and take your time doing this. It is your photos, Asian masterpiece. I'm doing this kind of fast for the sake of this tutorial. I don't want to bore you guys too much. So they're real, remember? Take your time. Do it right. Zoom out. That looks pretty good. I don't think anybody will ever be able to tell that to the naked eye. You can still even do a better job and make it a little bit better. A little bit nicer, A little bit cleaner, but this looks really nice. After we're done with that, I'm gonna come back up here to my basic panel, and I just want a d a s a little bit, but this doesn't basically gives him or contrast. And that makes the colors pop a little more. So just bring the haste to love. Just a tad. Maybe a plus 12. And that looks really nice. I'm pretty happy with that. Maybe even a little bit more like plus 15. 13. If you can get to the number, just type it in there. 15. Enter. And that looks really nice. I'm pretty happy with that. Um, what else can we do to this image? This image looks really, really good. I mean, you can be done with it and and be proud of it. You can come up to the temperature now. If you want to make this more yellow more a little bit warmer by the sun, just bring it to the the yellow side. That looks a little bit overdone to me. Maybe bring it back down a little bit. To me, them that looks more balance. But it is entirely up to use all taste. So make sure you do that. Um, the sharpening I would bring the sharpening up just a tad just to make sure everything is nice and sharp. Sure with a very sharp camera today. So I don't really need to have your image is a little bit fuzzy. You can always come here to the sharpening a way to do the sharpening tool. You can bring up the sharpening hold your option key and bring this masking tool up. As you can see, it brings this weird black and white thing not remember everything white is being sharpened . Everything in black is staying the same. So I just want my lifeguard tower basically sharpened a little bit. So just bring this up to write about their let it go. And there we have it. No one last thing I'd like to do to this photo to finish it up just to make it look really , really amazing. I want to come up here to my local adjustment and this is a radio filter. I'm going to click on that. And now what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna draw an oval over this lifeguard tower. Now, when you're doing this, do not be afraid to go pretty far out. That where you can get some nice blending options and some nice blend around your image because his detail panel. So it doesn't create confusion. And now what I want to do is I want to just bring up the exposure just a tad, not too much. Don't overdo it. See, that's overdone. But I just want to bring it just a subtle, subtle hint. And all I'm doing is I'm brightening up this lifeguard tower that way. Just a little bit more colorful, a little bit nicer, a little bit brighter. And it's a subtle change. If you come down here to the switch button, you can turn on and off. Here's off, here's on. And as you can see, it's just a very subtle, very beautiful change. And the image looks really, really, really nice. If you want to learn more about local adjustments, I do have a whole another class where I break them all down and go over him in a few different images so you can learn about it. Thanks so much for watching guys.