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Best Life Skills For Adults to Learn and Take Charge of Your Life

teacher avatar VINOD KJ, Teller of tales|Youtuber|Blogger

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (2h 4m)
    • 1. Skill share intro new

    • 2. Thought Power

    • 3. Emotional control

    • 4. Lessons on Adversity

    • 5. Understanding fear

    • 6. How to have an amazing social life

    • 7. Understanding depression

    • 8. Emotional detachment

    • 9. Learn to accept the situation you are in

    • 10. Your life is nothing but the story you believe

    • 11. Conclusion

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About This Class

Welcome to the course on Best Life skills For Adults to learn and How to take charge of your Life

Every single individual wants to be happy and live a fulfilled life. when you ask this question to your self are you happy and fulfilled, what answer do you receive, If no comes the first thing to mind then this course is for
I am going to speak about unquantifiable things which cannot be measured but yet impacts a great deal in your life

So what are You going to Learn:

1. The Power of your Thoughts and how your thinking matters a lot

2.Emotional control and how important it is

3.Adversity is the stepping stone for your life

4.FEAR-Understand Fear to overcome it and live free

5.Emotional Detachment in life is essential

and many more.


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Best Life Skills For Adults to Learn and Take Charge of Your Life

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Teller of tales|Youtuber|Blogger


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1. Skill share intro new: Hi and welcome to this course on the best next gills to take charge of your life and minerals from India. And I'm also the author of the book, if you like, looks like this. So how different is this personal development course from others? In this course, we're going to see about all the unquantifiable things which cannot be measured. Heavy needs to be managed in your life to have a fulfilling, successful panel lovingly somewhere. Or those really started with the course with the power of you touch. The first question you had thoughts on autopilot or I may judge of your parts. Chances are that if you're talks on autopilot, then the life that you expect, it's really not going to come. Next. We'll just go along with emotions. How are you a person with motions, IU, person who's in control of your emotions, or are you kind of a slave to your emotions? Yes. Of course, we look upon our control emotions and also how to manage had manipulated. Next, we'll go on with accuracy. This is saying that adversity can either make a parsing on principles in this course will help you to teach more and more adversity, which can be a stepping stone in your life. Then we will slowly start to go wrong with the most dreaded fall at a bar in the history of mankind, which is nothing but f VAR false evidence appearing real. I will teach you how to understand your viewers are also slowly or calm your fears in this course. Then we'll go on with emotional attachment versus emotionally has, when should you be saw attests to emotions or should you learn to put your emotions in order for your life? Then last but not the list, again, will go in depth into creating your own stories for your life. What will happen if your life was hooked him, someone who reads the pages of the book? Should it sound very boring or should it sounds very interesting? You are the master crafters of your destiny. And also you have every power in this work to really write a best book of your life. In this course, I will help you to teach you what are the best things that you can do in your life, crafting your own story. Then they will go up or down tomorrow. The most immoral things, which is called as exoplanets. Are you possible Iraqi fighting against your life? Telling that I can vary by really you should accept your life and then solutions will come automatically. I will teach you an acceptance as one of the most important things that would really help people in fulfilling and successful history. So why don't I just look forward to see you and say discourse. Thank you. 2. Thought Power: Hi and welcome to this new media on thing better, live, better. Before I get into this lecture, I'm going to ask you a question. So how are your thoughts on control, decision control, or some kind of on autopilot? If your thoughts are on autopilot, chances are that your life would be like a car speeding in a highway without real proper breakthrough ideas, thoughts out. One of the most important things in a person's life starts create your own reality. The way you spend your day or V, you spin your life is nothing but your control over Europe. Dominant and repetitive terms. You keep thinking every single day and every single report. If you really think so that your life kind of sucks, I'm miserable normally likes me again of things that are happening in your life. Chances are that you would be thinking continuously negative thoughts about yourself and others. This is really going to happen to you. So I'm going to give you a stack with you for an example about how powerful toxins. I want you to imagine your mind to be the most 40 guiding industry. So the fertility of your mind is very heavy. So what all seeds you put in your mind? It will start to grow up and, and really beautiful and a bountiful harvest. Sow the seeds, good seeds like happiness, love, kindness, compassion, and confidence. If you put it into your mind. Instead growing up and gently and beautifully. Similarly, your u r would have heard about things called beads. They grow in our speeds, nobody needs to waterway. They'll be like brushy and something like that. It keeps on growing automatically. Need to want to write your Muhammad really grew. So beads, Toslink, malleable and translate greed, hatred last gradually, jealousy, anger. These tanks are the examples of beads. So Ben, you put vt on your side. It also grows Equivalently because you know that this is some kind of very firmly. The big problem with weeds is then they start growing. They also tend to uproot the good things already planted in your 14 side. So if you are master gardener, How did just look after your plans? You take care of it, you put up some urea or something, then you want on it. So it kind of grossly. Similarly, when you really need to have good tons, you need to care about yourself, your mind, and what is that you really think about? Make sure you plan good seeds into your mind. Guiding hand, hey, LB, I can tell you that your life is really going to be so very happy, successful, beautiful, contented analog life. Next, this circumstance, it's not going to be something bad. It just released a personal himself. Sometimes a person is having a bad circumstances, may be these kind of circumstance. Help him to just identify what sort of person he is, what he is thinking during those situation in some gain of stuff like that. So now the most important example I'm going to give about this power of thoughts. I know you really like this. I know that everybody likes hamburger in imploding MY hammer fruity Galea for. So you would have seen a hamburger with the Barnard top and bottom and bottom. And in between you have the toppings, the banking, make garbage, whatever it is. So imagine this hamburger to be your lane. That top portion of the hamburger is nothing but your the bottom portion of the hamburger is nothing but the middle portion, which is sold to see what are the toppings and everything is nothing but the dot. So imagine the middle portion to be bad. How do you think the hamburgers taste? Kind of bandwidth? This is Martin thoughts, industrial life. Your thoughts has to be like laughter beings who love cheese and wonderful, tasty. So the time between your budget and your death can really meet so many good men. So the intruder, I hope so you're liked this example with hamburgers. Next is subconscious Dutch. I know that you know the term subconscious Don's rate. Even though when you sleep, your mind is actually working continuously, Never Sleeps. Something's happening in this. And so what are you see here? Field and look, then your conscious is directly going to be programmed when you sleep into your unconscious mind. So what do you see? Hear, feel everyday determines a lot in your life. There is a scientific evidence that we think are most like 50 thousand to 70 thousand thoughts per day. Can you really believe it, even added? Not believe it, but maybe only just a few times would be useful during our conscious sitting in life. So your subconscious stocks should not be programmed in a very bad manner to affect your life. What do you watch? Maybe if you're watching some kind of pornographic movies or continuous violins movies for that day. Benjamin's again and again, again and again. And use, which induces a lot of fear these days. Maybe your subconscious mind is really going to be programmed in fear. Wristband. Nano. Second question. Do you, how do you think the CEO dark bounded on one end of the spectrum? I can have this loan-based touch. The next end of the spectrum, Hi, can see fear based to touch partners your thoughts about it in this spectrum I want you to, I'm going to, this is the question, this is the homework for you. If your thoughts are on the low based end of the spectrum, chances are that you will have a wonderful life, wonderful relationship, everything will be coming on site. But if your thoughts are on the other spectrum of fear, remember, elbow B also has fully test and also as politas, this folded avert really determined a great deal in New Wave. So if your spectrum is towards fear, you are really going to have a very bad life. You maybe heard emotionally, you may be hurt physically. Menu or thoughts are in a fear-based magnets. So now you can understand that thoughts are very, very powerful in your way. So what you, so shall you reap the saying goes where what you saw as mapping, but the thoughts and what you read is nothing but your life in general. So what are some of the steps that can be taken to keep your thoughts on check? Yes. The number one I'm going to tell you is creative visualization. I want you to just after this lecture, I want you to just take ten minutes of your time. Close your eyes, sit down in a place where really you're not going to be distant. And I want you to think beautiful things that is happening to the other. I want you to think that you are happy at this moment. You don't have any hunger or you are Bedford. At this moment, there's good things that is happening in your life. There's good things happening in your relationship. May be good things happening with your came, good things happening with your work. I want you to creatively visualize those things for just ten minutes. All I ask is this ten minutes of your time. Think about only beautiful things, mapping nor negative things. If you start doing this thing around for like one week or so, I promise you that most of you negative aren't biting. And the second is physical activity. That is a good relationship with mind and body does not separate the mind and body are not settling. Menu, indulge yourself in some kind of physical activity, can be walking the line, meaning going to the gym or what all stuff you really late. There is a chances that dopamine levels in your brain really bolster dopamine is nothing but b happiness campaign caught this plane. It has been scientifically proven that exercise releases dopamine in your brain, which really makes you feel. So. Chances are that you're negative 0.5 and we can slowly come out to be you not even released. You'll start to feel so good about your life. Next is start the day with a positive affirmation. Even if you previous Nate was kind of burst, maybe some job-related or your family later, start the day. But super positive information tell that this day is really going to be so very good in my life. I will do really well today. They'll do vary and major. I believe in my school, I will do very end my relationship and thank God for and being highlighted. So standards, David, very fast information. If you're really going to YouTube, just type positive affirmations. Download the video, plug-in your headphones. Just fin another five or ten minutes listening to religious positive things. Minuss times k, because this is really going to matter a lot. They'll begin date is already one of the best things that you can see. Right? Next is focused on the good things that you count your blessings and not your aromas. This is very important. We may think that we don't have what does, there's a huge difference between needs and once raped needs is something that you really need in your life. But why is it just wanting you just martyred. But those are things you may not need to. You may feel very bad that your neighbor has a bigger car than yours, or maybe a bigger house than he was. It could be anything. But really, I want you to believe that you are really blessed. More than many people in this world, there are people who are starving everyday without food, I can see many people or me having a very real Patrick life. Many look at those people. I really want to feel for that. And so very blessed in this layer. So this is a very important thing. Be content with Marty val and lambda practice. Gratitude if possible, I want you to, I'm going to give you another activity to, if possible, take a piece of paper and write ten things for what you are really truthfully can be. I have good. Finally, I have a wonderful child. I had wonderful parents, a wonderful job that takes good care of me. I'll just write it down in a piece of paper for ten things, at least. Maybe if you can do this exercise at least once or twice in a week, chances are that you would not really have so many negative thoughts in German because you are really so very great. The next is positive friends and positive mentors. You are the sum of five people that you meet and speak. Every if your friends circle, somebody keeps telling that I lost my job, I lost my money, gone, everything's gone. If you really keep meeting people like this after a point of time, you are also going to be linked them. Make sure you are surrounded by positive people, positive friends, positive mentors, then you really start to have positive thoughts important yesterday. The most important conclusion that I'm going to tell you here is your mind, what is between your two years is the most powerful supercomputer in this universe. You are the programmer of this supercomputer and what are the programs? It is nothing but the power of your thoughts. So think better. Live, better. See you guys. Bye. 3. Emotional control: Hi and welcome to this new media on emotional Kendra. We human beings things so that most of our decisions are rational women. And we go along with numbers, dead sticks, and all the other kinds of stuff. But in reality, I want you to ask a question to you or said, what a board, every single decision that you take, your right. 99% of all the decisions that you take the only be completely emotionally driven. Because we have so addicted to all our emotions. And the big thing is they're not all that our main tells may not always be true. So what happens during this problem offsetting emotions, somethings you become so many angry, frustrated, nervous, and all these kind of situations are really going to ruin beautiful relationship that we have with the family. It could be with the kids and friendships. There are many pain of friendships where there could be some deep friends and a lot of frustration in shorter different, and most of the things is this, even this good friendship can be ruined by these gain of a certain emotions. So emotional control is one of the most important necessities, a person's life. The people who know how to control them emotionally can really be successful in their carrier or maybe in their life, and they will have a better relationship with every single prisoner. So why do we really become so very emotional without any, you don't understand what is happening. And only the big problem in today's scenario is that we are being trained to blame another person. So when a husband and wife problem, relationship problem happened, non-media husband blames his frustration towards his wife out in the same case, the wife relates her frustration towards us, aspirin or even in a book, if you are a colleague, you may feel that your bosses. So that is a reason I'm getting emotional and frustrated every day. If you ask your boss the same details that you are not very stable in their motions. So this happens sake, vice versa. The most important things happening. So Ben in emotions. So what do you really happen? Strong emotions really bring very strong words out of you and you start to hurt people, don't you think so this has happened in my life, your life, and in every buddies life, like words spoken can never ever be taken back? Yes. Even though after your standard emotions that you spoke very harshly to somebody else, if after some finer fame, if you kind of ask sorry to the wastewater, use book will really remain a deep scar within themselves. And it is very difficult part of a human being to forgive and forget. It is really not going to be that easy and not many people have been trained to forgive and forget that very easily. So what are some of the things that really that causes us to be so very emotionally. The fast thing can be called as work frustration is earlier it was only a spin go to work, whereas a wave remains a good homemaker who takes care of their kids. And there's US, Ben. Maybe sometimes he puts a stress on us. Family too, because of the high work or mark pressure diabetes, might look at today's scenario. What is the cost of living is very high. It is very difficult for a single person's income to sustain its own family. So the wife also has to go to her. When both of these people go to work, they have their own share of frustrations is ignored. So what happens? Both of them are so very emotional that they started fighting in their own houses. So this creates a big problem even for their kids. So the smoke frustration is one of the most important thing that could really drive. The thing I want to tell you is that come after your work that is free of whom, make sure your workplace is completely over. Now, the second thing comes here and really speak to your family's piqued your kids, ask them what they want and don't ever bring your work into your family life. Many people have an obsession towards work that then they concentrate so much on the work that they lose their family violence between themselves. It can be about their designation. It can be abort their fame name, or anything that they haven't worked, which pushes this work scenario into their family, to their family members would be feeling, even though they sometimes support him for this book. The reverse is also going to be big problem. They feel that you are not concentrating more on the family, that they, that you don't load them Lakes again of things. So a happy family life can lead to a happy work life, but a happy work life will not be equal into a happy fun really. This is really very important thing to me. Take integral. So afterwards, make sure that you have a proper life, work-life balance in your life so that you don't become, Bring the stresses of audiobook into your family and our Don't you become emotionally to very stretched. The second thing is that remains, when you are in for an event with a person, make sure you dig to grapes. Martin, as far you. And second is for the person during the time of revenge, are if you feel so very emotionally in this revenge taking scenario, you were, your emotions will only be paying off a really so very negative. Revenge is a very bad thing that you have to do grapes at once. Yes. And the cycle of revenge will never, ever stop. You become so very emotionally unstable. You become so very anxious, you become so very depressed about this. And a person who will never, ever have any kind of emotional stability during the stage of remains. Instruments can be anywhere, would be in your family, it could be in your workplace, or it could be even with friends, or you're feeling some kind of a betrayed. And this happens to when your good set of mindset that you read. The number three could be about your status? Yes. Today we hear the word stress related to every single medical problem that it can happen. If you're having a heart attack, if you're filling a chest pain and if you are really feeling out of the thing that you come to blame is only yours. There's going to be very, very important. And many people don't have a way of dealing with their own specific stress happens for every single individual. But the most important thing is, have you learned to manage your stress? Is the greatest lesson that you can't learn men in during times of stress. I know that it's really going to be difficult. You will not agree with me for what I say. When you're feeling very stressed about I want you to take some of this, maybe five to ten minutes if you can really spend some time alone, though, some deep belly breathing that is diaphragmatic breathing like this at least for ten to 15 times. And the decision you take after this, it can be really hit with vending claims are stressed. Never ever take a decision because a decision that you dig buildings can not be a correct. If you asked us, don't ask somebody to give you some gain of five to ten minutes. And then you will say, this five to ten minutes is really going to be the most important thing in your life. Stress really needs to be managed. Autos, disagreeing, birth, a gear life, great data. So some of the things that I do is that I use an app contest in-app payment, which is available on please don't pass me as absolutely. There's just a very ordinary after you have a timer with some Kaner from background music. Yet on the it can be also a guided meditation. So use this app, do your best and also they're at either absolute. So you will have heard about expats come out but everything, whatever it has freed hemp yourself in your glazing is most important thing, is I want you to spend some gain, a longtime everyday, maybe early in the morning, that what you get for ten minutes, sit down quietly. If you are a person who was a believer in God, prayer can be abandoned them mostly great desk things that it can't happen. Bead, whatever religion, sit down, prey for some time. You'd see, really see your life. So what does a real kind of, which IS I just to make sure that you come out of your emotions. I must a person who was greatly stressed about I had so much anxiety within myself, but I found a huge deal of how to come out of these kind of things. The first and foremost thing that I learned is never, ever take life too seriously. This is the first lesson I learned in my journey. How I came away from this emotional problems or anxiety or stress, is lifers really going to be default? Every single person does not going to be very small. In the book that there is a term cordless dukha, life is really going to be suffering. You have to accept this shit happens every time in your life. But if you are really going to be worried saw vary about this shitty things that going to happen in your life. Your life is really going to be very bad. If someone shouts at you, hired one day shouting that come out of this year and get out of this year. It doesn't have to stay in say to make you saw very emotionally. If you're having a problem with your boss, your boss isn't a bad moon and he keeps shouting. Get the Watson Dozier and get the words out of this year, that would be fine. Don't make its TMC. So it can become really very bank for your life because you don't know how every single person on bread. Similarly, there may be also stressed about other somethings. So they just want to vent out their anger, do it does about their problems. It is not about your problem. You did not make a mistake for this. So never, ever take Lafe, do very seriously for what happens in your life. Maybe you can take steps to come out of this, but really don't be very, very serious abroad your life. The second thing that a learner is good journal to do journaling every single day. If you can really do it, this is one of the greatest things that you can really help yourself to be consoled very emotionally. Steven, if you've ever read biographies of great many people, the most important thing that they claim to this access is generally put your thoughts in an order. It can be any book, just meet in a book or something like that. And you can ask them, like, why do you can ask them to just write something on no matter Bardot negative things or no Mega Mart and only positive things even if you feel so that you aren't and just be grateful to something else, just write it down in your book and these can help you. Or the time or the period of time you can says fine that you are negative things really coming down up to use that to give yourself a time for money. Money is, start writing what are you feel in your life? Maybe negative may be positive. And if you are a person who just closely as some kind of illustration things, there are so many courses how to write properly elicitation in your agenda. Maybe you are artistically, you can do this 2C and next. Meet them. You're alone, at least in everyday. Make sure you spend at least ten minutes of being alone. Just start thinking for ten minutes, How beautiful is your don't just be running every day, not giving time to just them all the time or maintain is one of the most important names allowed, allowed this time that we're nobody disturbs, maybe switch off your phone, switch of everything, give yourself ten minutes. You can just sit alone, doing a meditation or listening to some soothing music. Or at least if you are a religious gate, spend ten minutes in some kind of a deep. This is very important to control your emotions. And next is exercise. Exercise increases your dopamine level or the feel-good hormone field, we're hormone in your life. So if you had just got out of x-rays because he was press hectic work schedule and all the other things. Make sure you put some time for exercise every single day exercise. But really, if you don't push your stress away and increases beautiful dopamine thing in your body. So at least access can be like taking about going for a running. It need not always be like that. You have to go spend yourself some money in his gym. Many simple exercises like running itself can really happen to change your life. This is very, very important. And the last is, I want you to forgive yourself and forgive others who would have betrayed you, would have wronged, you, would have told harsh things to you. It can be anybody, it can be from your family, can be worked in, can be a friend. Never ever carry the burden of this emotional things on your part, learned to forgive yourself, bad things happen to every single person can be to you, it can be the person who even betrayed and who even spoke to you very harshly. So learn to forgive them because forgiveness is some sort of like Godly act way is a very difficult task. But if you really know how to forgive, your life is really going to be very wonderful. You'll really have a happy life and you wouldn't self experience the great kind of changes that is happening in your life. So thanks for this video. Anyhow, just have an activity of just spending some time alone. And if you're really interested, please, please just post in the discussion forum than how you really felt after spending some kind of a long time in your life. I hope this video diamond ileus with you and just see you later. Bye Friends. Thank you. 4. Lessons on Adversity: Hi and welcome to this new media on adversity. You would have heard the saying, when the going gets tough, only the tough gets going. This is one of the most important quality in a person's name. Every single person, men faced with difficult dams often break up. Yes, they may break up. This may shatter their mind and heart like anything else when being faced with difficulty. But there are some people who understand that adversity or difficulty is a part of life and then being able to find some solutions for it. So these are the people who are successful. These are the people who have faced any amount of failures. But only great ability than they, they don't just back off. This becomes a very important characteristic of the business. So let's get insane. When we are faced with difficulty, what does the exclamation that you say? Oh my god, why me or guard radio would mean this kind of situation. These are some of the ones that we keep honest, at least speaking to ourselves when we are faced with difficulty. But if you can change this omega one way meet to bring it on God for I am ready for everything. So this kind of attitude you have in your life, no matter the adversity that you face. Things that are really going to be kind of difficult in this adversity. What are other self-help books you while we are, no matter what our online classes you take for overcoming adversity. Sometimes these can be helpful, but really do understand that once you put all the steps that you have learned into action alone, your life canteens. It does really not very easy to just read and to change your life. Nothing works like that. It takes some time dork ammonia failures. It takes them time to overcome obstacles and then you've got to be successful. This is what I bursitis all apart. You would have noted diamond, right? Almost everybody knows Damon woman longtime, non-linear. But do you really know how diamond diamond is formed? Think from cold. Yes. Of course, under tremendous pressure underneath the earth for so many years becomes transformed into a time. There's colon one sane and there's Daymond on unsafely. It is for non-living things, for demon for us, a person who has put up with so much pressure for a great amount of time, he has a chance of becoming. Now steel are not forced in some kind of stuff, but knows US. Steel are forced in a thing called as adversity. You are not born with this kind of nonsense demean. Almost nobody is born with a gain of nine things. But when bad things happen, It is a board to you. How you just look at the bad things. Do you look at it as a thing that you want to just double down on foreign are something that this is some gain of steppingstone domain layer. So if you can't think your adversity or no matter what I'm speaking about Amy, amount of bad situation that can come anyway. It can be financial problem, it can be relationship problems, can be. Do I know my data entities? But if you can really stand and face Finland cancers lays this nearly not that, that is really not going to be something very easy. So the last video, we'll define life as a game of Duke carriers. Don't guard. Suffering is a part of you. Cannot run away from the suffering, but you can always run away from suffering. Will not really think what is Nathan's standing, don't facing F3 singles DOM that life throws at you is going to be very hard to buy. Detectors are dishonorable BY most astronomers character a person again about labor, more storms and things and hurricanes. But usually really no, just to be happy, just to deal with the stamps rather than if you standstill, if you're really going to break up like something's far adversity. What can you do? Some people can help you to come out of adversity, but the most important quality is your own self trust and self-belief. This is really going to be some of the most important thing that you really face in your life for adversity. So what are the things that are really dictate how you faced adversity in your life. So the number 1 first is your childhood days. The way we behave as and this greatly dependent on what did happen in our childhood days. If you are a person who's been pampered so many milled by your balance, chances are de Ven difficulty comes, you'd really be beaten. Yes, a bumper tail will not have the confidence to shatter the obstacles. Why does Stone, and it'd be very difficult for him to take decisions. When a Bamba changes their IRBs relays on somebody to make himself come out of the side proceeding. So if you are a tail like that thing for something when faced with diversity, what does your action? Now you are an undergrad, since you're watching this media, assume that you are an adult. Many fewer pampered if any, fear of being loved or GAD So much, you need to break out of your coupon because life is something different. You would have seen the movie called lesser Iraqi rate, sendMessage standalone advisers. And that life is not about lilies and DCIS, but lay for something that beats the hell out of you and more Michaela, how many things you fire, the ability to get up, it remains Emilia increase. Then the second is slave to reminiscence. If you are a person who is emotionally unstable, your mind would be clouded in emotions and will not get you into a solution. More menu are really faced with adversity in your life. Source sensitive about life, then you've got to just back off. You have to think what you should do to change this kind of character. Because even a small situation can look like a big one that is standing in front of you. It is only your perception of what adversity matters. Simply to put it, it does not the events that caused you to be depressed. Rather, the thought about the event is causing you a great difference. So be sure not to be a slave of your emotions because you, any decision that you take in times of this emotional instability will not have a good or service, will have very bad consequences. So let us just give an, I want to give you an example for this emotional things. So let us imagine a dopey beggar just sitting in the street and begging. So one day somebody comes up to him. Just shapes in very neat cut to saddling, wonderful soap. Then he puts a blazer and a quote and then hold me, look, it may look like some kind of a great business mentoring. This is why does also emotions, simple emotions, you make it your gloated with one of the best things. You assume that the sum of something that is so very important and you lose your life because of this motion is split down your emotions like anything. And after us flipped on, it will be mapping something that you can really faced in human labor. So emotion plays a very big part in managing your adversity than when you're faced with adversity. Don't just play to just completed in one go, take just one baby steps at a time. For example, if you are in a financial debt, Can you just close all the credit cards in one go? It is not going to be possibly. So take some steps, one step at a time. It is going to take some time, really do overcome some sort of problems. But taking one step at a time slowly will help you to understand the adversity that you face and also clear your mind in order to just go forward with. And then many of phase with some kind of adversity. Recently, looker for things in your past. Ulam order Khamenei, great problems in your past laid almost everybody who would have faced so many problems in their life and below them come or because the cycle of happiness and sorrow keeps changing in a person's life. Take some cues from the past events. How did you face diversity? Link may be off before five years or something. How did they come out of this? Fuzzy confident? How did a physicists or take some pain of unrest o nought Dick and I raised from some kind of external while on external person or from some book, you will, or something in your life that could be a bad thing, may be the death of somebody you will face your overcome, something like that. Take a great advice from what you learned from this end up play into your present, live like that. The last is your lifers itself. By the age of one against all your greatest weakness that you really, the most important thing I want to end here. Thus, if there's no enemy within, no enemy outside can do you any harm. It all lies in your mind and what do you perceive of university is really going to help you all. Now a smart activity that I want to give it to you. So in this adversity list, so for the first column, we just put up two columns here. Okay? So the first column, right? Something like this. Just an examined, I'm gonna give you aortic link, depth, relationship, work, family, and health. In the second column, height wrote, What does something that is happening out of all these problems. So depth, I became really depressed. So in relationship, I started to feel very lonely. Book, I'm Haley, unsatisfied and inefficient in my work then family. At this woman, I really don't have any solution to the family broadens NFS and hence this, I vary so much, have lack of self-confidence. So these are the two columns that I prepared for adversity. Now had just done this bed and start raping solutions for every single adversity that you face, pick your day. Maybe this X-rays can go on for like half an hour or whatnot. But take a pen and a paper. I don't advise you typing in a computer because there is so much connection between your hand and, and play. Writing it in a higher way that is, taking a pen or pencil can really connect you within yourself. This is my personal opinion. I don't know, I'm sorry about your technology gurus out there. But still this connects me. So Radon for every single thing, for example, let me go over the fasting. So why am I in depth? What did they do? Why is make credit card payments, credit card limits. So hey, I'm eating outside frequently, am I buying things that they really don't need? I'm a drinking so much alcohol in my life. You might have so many problems, but her Did you really budget your life? Maybe if you can budget your life, maybe you can just go on with this much money I have descended for groceries, then this is for a homerun. Maybe if you can budget, your depth situation can come from maybe it is not that you would have understood this kind of depth situation. The second it was for relationships watch at all. I you're spending more time with your family. Are you speaking with your kids, able to understand your spouse and your kids, your parents, what do they expect from you? Why are you not meeting the expectations? Don't always just put the blame game on your balance or your family or his bosses. Look inside of it than yourself. Some kind of deep introspection. I want you to write it down. Maybe after you later don't, you will be able to find some solution. Maybe you're able, we are spending so much time in vernacular or even on your holidays. You're spending more time and more autos. When was the last thing? Did you go for a vacation with your family? Maybe that can help you break. Next is what? So any Marta's a problem in your work? What? Why does your boss feels very bad about you? Are you lacking some kind of skills that you need to learn to make your work better. Maybe identify the skills, learned the skills maybe after some point of time, your things can take. So this is just an example, what it gives you a hope. So you would have understood, because adversity are the problems, are the obstacles that you face in your life is different for a different kind of people. Like, isn't it true? So this is what I want you to understand about adversity. So I hope that this video would have been useful for you, right? So just post your comments, how you overcome your hand proceeding. Thanks a lot for watching this video and see you next time. Bye. 5. Understanding fear: Hi and welcome to this new video on fear. Yes, FEA, the most great test and the breaded four letter word in the history of mankind, fear I spoiled a person's relationship with this other fellow beings or with this other countries or other human beings or something like that. It is point enter. When bonds are based against the country in the name of fear. The most important increase in fear of a people that makes them to be so very bad decisions in their life. And later, it's going to be on recreating segment. So in today's scenario, most of the suicides are teens who sage or even adults who saves in any field. This happening just not because they don't have self-confidence and self-esteem or anything, you know, for all the bad things that are happening. The thing behind all this is nothing but this four-letter word called as fear. Suicide rates, depression, anxiety, and all the other things. Men, using only this word contests. Suppose this fear can come in kind of anything. Fear of losing, fear of being loud, fear of success, fear of failure, fear of non-acceptance. There are so many names that fear this going around in today's world. Each one has their own fears. For some it can be like a fear of driving, so others fear can be hides, fear of flying, even for fear of speaking to a new person. So I'm not gonna go into different kind of fears. Might my journey about fear. I have been a very fearful person how through my life during presentations would be like I can go panic like anything. I was not a person who was just a get-together with people. I had many difficulties even with speaking with the new people, looking at a person's eyes and speaking, my journey towards his fear has been so very bad. But after a point of time, I started understanding the things that happen due to fear. I started reading more about fear. And in this video is going to be the lessons that I would feel. So the number one important thing, except on acceptance of your field. In the self-help era, we would have heard this word like fake it till you make it act as if you are very confident, put your chest held high up, then look at, look at people in the eyes. Once you start doing all this kind of the other things, your mind will not know the difference between faking and real data. So ultimately you will become more confident, more self-esteem, things like that. But the most important thing which I came to understand is I cannot keep always faking about myself to other people. Maybe my mind going except that I felt like my heart barter seems said we tell that my dear friend, what do you do that? It's just only thinking. In reality, you are not a fearless person. Just acting what you read is just a mask that you feel. This has been my encounter with fear or this figure Dylan, make it gimmick martyrs me. So I don't want this in my life. I want you to be authentic here. If you are a person who was fearful, except the first thing that you are fearful about something, it can be even about speaking with other people. But first and important step towards this Overcoming fear, this acceptance of your theory. First you learn to accept, look beneath the layer of ego that you have. Then you would be able to face the fear. This is the first step, acceptance and means the first step. The second step, this, there are no pills to cure. Your fear is, many are afraid when things are getting so bad and life, people tend to go towards drugs or alcohol, but for some time in the air and then the influence of alcohol may be that that night or the time with the alcohol may sound good. They'll forget everything there then some kind of a fantasy world. But what happens after this fantasy world is worse, fantasy experienced alcohol one time or they are directors to come out, the handler has to pass late next day. What happens? You still live in the era of modern drugs you take for anxiety or depression or mark all things. It is just the way that you need to understand your viewer has to come from big thing you, nothing can be done from externally or some kind of things. The next is, third is understand the reactions that happens in your body when you're afraid. This is very, very important. Many of us are not aware of things. Sometimes when you are afraid what happens? You are it's like some kind of butterflies flying in the stoma grade. You'll have heard this right? So other people when they're afraid you'd feel nauseous, that vomiting sensation. They hands and legs become so kind of tight. Their heartbeat racist litigating day would have feeling of drawling In the center area of digits. So these are some of the feelings that happen when you are a beginning equity division. For example, let us take, this is the first presentation that you're going to make in front us. Maybe some like ten or 15 people. All the people that will, you know, in the same classroom. But what happens to your heart? It starts going like bidding very, very fast. Your body, body of mode becomes sort way without any thought labor rate. These are some of the things that happen when you are really afraid. I want you to be aware of the things martyrs happening in time. So feel awareness, utility of body, that all is well and it is going to be okay. I am not going to spoil this presentation at any cost. Even if it gets point. Nothing so bad is really going to happen. And may only. So this is the first step. Be aware of what your body is claimed to tell to you and tell yourself that nothing bad is going to happen, no matter how bad is the situation.. Next is homeo status of the modernist. Your body has an inbuilt mechanism towards this fear. You know that some of the fear is good. Like Viola tardy, like if you just touch a hot object, you need to take your hands out because it is going to really harm you. So your body wants to keep you in a position where it is. Highly protective and highly self-centred, like. It raises the body temperature to make sure that everything feels okay. This is what does the homeostatic listings of a body. So in ancient period, in, when we go very long like maybe it doesn't or to those in hears that does, you would have learned that man has come from ape and other things like. So. All those times v as a human being was, for gathers was living in, It's maybe in faster something you need to take care of yourself. Suppose menu fold and wild animal is going to attack you immediately. What the reaction happens to your body is that your amygdala, which is situated in the center of your brain, sends signals to the body. Very fast. Chemical reactions happen in your body. Adrenalin is pushed into your bloodstream, your digestive system stops. Your feet would be like when I'm ready to run and your hand should be date, your message would be date. So these are some of the things that will happen within when amygdala hijacks your brain. So this amygdala hijack while something that was very useful during those earlier days when Man has to protect himself from by the animals and the salary level was very difficult. But even though we have come across many generations after that, still this amygdala hijack works on us. When during a presentation you might have heard this fight or flight or freeze response. This is nothing but your amygdala getting hijacked. Your prefrontal cortex, which is very useful for taking emotional decisions, stops at that point of time. And amygdala fully takes control of your body. Example when doing a presentation, you will feel numb, bright, you feel very tense and nervous. But your mind does not understand the difference between a tiger facing you and when you are doing presentation, we need to come out of this Amygdala Hijack and tell your body that you need to cool down my friend, nothing really is going to happen. So I understand the homeo statuses and also the reactions happening in your body during this time of year. The next most important thing is external control versus internal control. Mostly modern thing is, then you have given control of your mind to others, to external situations can be a parent's, It can be relative, that can be a boss's. Things are really going to be very, very bad in your life. Somebody is trying to control your life because you have given the control of yours to another person he takes control of you. Wonder happen when somebody takes control of you, you are at the mercy of this person rate, then what would happen to immediately you would be in a position of fear. No matter whatever happens, I want you to believe in yourself, take the control insect u, it is called as internal control. Never, ever allow any single person or any kind of incident to hijack your brain, your brain and your own control should be within you. So this is one of the most important lessons. Data, I don't want to be at the mercy of others. The more I am at the mercy of others, the more fearful situations of fearful experiences, combat and me and ruined my life. So this is one of the most important thing. Next is self-concept. Self-belief system can be called as BS belief system of a person. Suppose you are a person who believe that I'm poor and max, like, I am a person who's an introvert. I don't like to speak with others. I play many times but I cannot change. I'd like to learn this, but I feel like I'm a failure, I'm a loser, isochoric life and complete sort of which you give telling to your cells. So this is your self belief systems. More negativity that you put in, say yourself, the more insecure that you feel within yourself, drives a great deal of fear within. You. Just believe in your life that any person can then anything that he wants and do changes, even if there's no scientifically prove that your brain cells do not remain the same for a period of time. The process is called as neuroplasticity. Whenever you started learning something, more, amount of neurons fire in your brain, and also they have a good connectivity inside your brain. So this is one of the most important thing. Stop your belief system. Even if today you feel so like that you are some kind of idiot or something, remember that you are not the person that you think you are. Things can change. Learn something new if you are bad in some skill and if you feel so very embarrassed in speaking, go-ahead and some speaking sessions, co-ed and some classes. If you feel that you are bad and Max, go take some max lessons if you feel So that you wanted to improve your public speaking, guarding a class in public speaking, everything is available today, hidden and very easy manner. Internet is really not a bad thing to the Internet is going to help you like anything else to learn. So make sure the more amount of skills that you said putting yourself, your belief system about you is really going to change. So your belief system and changed. And because of this fear that you put in can also be changed. Candor manipulated. Next is fantasy versus reality concept. Many of us are in the fantasy land. They don't look at life. In reality sector. Everybody's wearing some kind of coloured glasses. You look at life, how you wanted it to be, and not what is create. Some people are optimistic, Some people are pessimistic. But the most important thing is be realistic. This request a great deal of courage to look at reality. Sometimes when you look at situations, you may be afraid about situations. So many situations with Dr. You into a part of here. But when you start clearing all those bad clouds around you and look at things in a real scenario. Just dig a little bit deeper and look at the things that is right in front of you, designate domain, real fear from you. Most of 99.9 cases, it is only a brain that is making matters worse. And the real situation is really not bad as it seems. Maybe you would have done your first presentation in a bursting, but doesn't mean so that your second presentation is going to be far worse than this, right? You will, practice is really going to be better. Maybe your first book that came out was fibers. What about the second book? It could be better. Maybe your first job, you suck and you are pulled down by many others. Maybe after you change your work, maybe you can improve your skill and you can manage more people. Are you can be a leader to, yes, nothing is just constant in the slave. So look at things in real perspective and not, I don't want you to live in a fantasy land. Next is embrace the pain. Yes, many of us are afraid of pain. We only are focused more of this pleasure approaches. When you have a rod in front of you, one has got to be difficult role and another is going to be easier or Marta's your brain. Your brain would just advise you to take the most easiest floor because it will feel comfortable. But tests, they'll give any meaning to your life? No. The road that is filled of it, tarnished and bushes, maybe the most hardest one today. But that is really going to be the purpose of your life. So look at things in a heartbeat. Come out of your comfort zone in your life, the more you start coming out of your comfort zone. Things are going to be very beautiful on the other side of the sphere. As the saying goes, the grasses greener on the other side. And the last thing, and the most important thing in this scenario is the fear of rejection. When somebody has rejected you, you are in a very fearful condition. And many of the many thing, many times I see a student who has failed in an examination wanted to commit suicide is just a very ink student. But he wants you to end the slave just because he has been rejected by this society. This fear of rejection is one of the most engraving things for committing suicide and all the other matched of that is happening today. P should be programmed to be rejected. The main problem would be I can play and I don't want to really blame Social Media for it. Very new post a picture or something. You immediately want people to like your picture, you need some kind of approval of acceptance rate. If somebody's not liking your picture, what do you really think you feel very bad about you life? So many negative things just happen individually. Just remember no single person or novel and this whole universe can reject you, except you can only reject yourself. If you really learn that not to reject yourself, nobody in this whole universe can reject you. This is a very important route I want you to take into account. Whenever somebody rejects you, learn something out of those things, be prepare and be ready for getting rejected. This is the greatest lesson. If you want to learn more amount of rejections you face in your life, that greater confidence you're going to feel it in your life. The amount of fear that was here after so many rejections and facing rejections, It is really going to come down to your feet. So very self-confidence and saw very self-esteem if you can manage your rejection. So these are the lessons that they learned in welcoming fear. So I don't know about Whorf thought of fear that you faced. It can be about driving, can be a flame. And again, to be about close to spaces like claustrophobia, two, something like that. But whatever it is, understand your fear and just make a note that not all things that you feel is really your mind is just telling you to fear. But if you can overcome all this and you can understand your fears, things are really going to be solved. Very beautiful of all the lessons that I've learned and all the books they have read. The thinker most lessons to work and my fear is one of the greatest things that I learned. I hope so. It can also mean to say, thank you for watching this video and just meet you, explained by. 6. How to have an amazing social life: Hi and welcome to this new video on how to have an amazing social life. Almost every single person wanted to be loud. They want to be praised, they want to be appreciated. They just want to be some kind of hero to another person's eyes play. This is a very common or a natural tendency of every human being, right? They want to be a preceding. It is nothing wrong in this. But sometimes in having a good social left, things really go on premise mood. Sometimes you will have a good relationship with your friends, your family, and any new people that you meet. But sometimes things can get kind of really messy rate, you must file the relationship by being sometimes emotional or something like that. You may lose your friendships. So this atom, all the bad things that happen in your social life. So I'm not going to tell you something like the smile very often shake with the phone, handshake, glutes, trade, napping these rod or things. So I'm going to show you some of my lessons or how to have an amazing social life. So lesson number one, what a learned is, it's about, it's about u. V are, are very poor judges of people. So when we start to meet a person for the first time, we start to Jed Tim, based upon US appearance, color, maybe the color of the shoes as well polished and all the other kinds of stuff that run into our mind. Or maybe after a person stats picking sometimes if a person does not smile or some MC actin angry Bay, we may think that this person has this character. I should not eat not of my level or is not of my mark and be seem to exaggerate things in our mind when we start judging another person. Actually, 90% of the things what we judge upon another person may not be true. Let us take an example. If a person is angry with you for some time, maybe in your office, it happened early in the morning. You would have had a small fight with his wife or maybe is good for us not feeling well, or you would have had a bad day due to some kind of problems. You may not know what he has, but it has very bad to database and based upon his behavior, that single moment. So let me give you an example of myself. I'm actually afoot again. I love to eat so much. Not about my appearance. Forget who was reappearance and my heavy. It'll actually. So I love to eat burgers. So most of the time we eat burgers near or Estonia or a restaurant near tourists when near to my home. So I used to visit there frequently because I loved the workers were there. So the person and the counter who takes the orders, it will not be a person who smiles pretty often. I regard himself to be an introvert and when just eating the burger, I feel that hogging this gave work here. Maybe many people like me may not like him. So they avoid this restaurant on ARF cost, even though the burgers or simply amazing. So these kind of judgments Keep going on in my, my nice guide to judge the people let this be happening. One finds a I. So in my opinion, the judgment about that guy is that he is not fit to be in this job. So this was my judgment. Quite an idiot. I handwrite. Yes. So what happened is at one fine day event, event to this restaurant, I really forgot my valid, you can ask me how it Jackie R4 gating numerical gammas interface of them. So I went there to the counter, so I thought I have to order the things. So ultimately, I never had that violent and my foreign for scanning the board was also not widely because when battery charger is very low. And so this gave what he told us that it's okay. It talking about it. But I know that you come here most often, eat your food. Maybe you can pay me up tomorrow or I know that you live somewhere nearby before the shock losses, you can come into the Union. So how good character he had and he believed in me. What about my judgment? My judgment was fully clothed and rate was too bad off me. Yes. I kind of was a jerk during those moment. So judging people is really not good. Most of our times and our judgment about any single person would really be very bad. Yes. Has been generous device gets dentists, the father and the mother, mother and father, the edges, the kids and all the kind of things that had been so stop your judging behavior. Okay. Number two, never ever give control of your main to others. If you're, think, if your mind is in control of others, maybe you want to scientists face somebody. What about your behavior will be, it will not be really authentic, right? You are dancing to the tune of others, how they want you to look at them later. So you are not attending maybe your real characteristic naught x plus people. Another, another, another people who can really express themselves, be genuine about themselves. It is not fakery that people lately, you may think that you can act so much confidence and so much smiling face. It is very easy to differentiate between a real smile and a fixed my life seen many people just picking this mail. But ultimately, you can understand that this person is really laying and really not up to the mark. So never, ever played to live for another person. Said number third is, what do you perceive about yourself matters rather than how others perceive the other person can think so then you have just some kind of follow radiate or some game. But plenty of blessing upon us. And few people perceive about yourself as a person who's confident, Good, compassionate, loving human being. Then why are you bothered about their own conceptions? So in order to have a good social life, the most important thing is, why do you believe about yourself, your own self-worth, yourself trust is something that really matters. Then the next is the difference between hope and thing. Why does for-benefit drew but socially API, as it matters in life, everybody will modulate, have some great hope in your life. But I am telling you like that most of the demes better than having a whole haven't deep fade thing. You ask them hopelessly, believing that there will not be any bad thing in your life. But fate is normal. Or how bad the lifers you believe or half-eaten yourself, you break the obstacles like anything else. That is one of the most important criteria of having an amazing socially, if you really have an in-depth fade within yourself, the people who are in people when they surround you, the kind of recognize that vibration that you said to them that this person has sulfate for letting himself. So they start to love you and appreciate you. So thetas, one of the most important thing to have an amazing social life, then another important thing, you kind of live in a prison. Do you really know that me living in a prison if you ask this, I don't see any personnel on me. No, it's true. You are having so much present in your head. Things have already hatred, greed, malice, last, jealousy, envy and deception. All these canes are, are invisible presence that you have in your head. You live in this invisible present. You may not be changed to any other, change, change it to any other thing. But you're really living in this kind of invisible presence recognized on this invisible prison to which you are changed and come out, say, one by one, feel yourself be yourself, is going to really matter a lot in having an amazing social life. Then next is low, but you do, don't work just for Name, Fame, designation and stuffs like that is going to vanish. But when you really low, what you do is gonna make a so much great impact on people who surround you. They will look at you like some kind of a great idol that they rule when you love what you do. It kind of reveals many things to people. It's like you have some kind of a shining radar on new venue, just low modulus. This is very important to have a very good societally then be genuinely ally because there are many people who, but they are sorted in sale. I'll tell you for example, there is the saying goes that menu, wanna give somebody two others, maybe a money or something. You example, let me just take a beggar. It is like venue or right-hand gives to the bigger your left-hand should not know. You understood. High hopes are you understood the sting ray things. There are some certain things which need to be done secretly because you really feed so that you have to do something for others, not for some kind of publicity or selfie. Make wholesale. I'm sorry about this. But some celebrities do things like the Bay one has to be done in front of the camera that they happen like that. I'm a guy who's giving many things. It can also be like Biola, simple additions things. Sometimes more factories expressed here be alle, we genuinely alle for others. Genuinely appreciate other's genuinely smile with genuinely help others. These are, are going to matter a lot in having an amazing social life. I hope so that you will take all the lessons that we taught you. These are all my own lessons, smartly and learned and having an amazing sources. So thanks for watching this video. 7. Understanding depression: Hi and welcome to this new media on depression. Wherever you go, I will follow us obediently. Depression, this is what the person's use too many of us in this bowl, right? Many of us even would not know that they are really depressed. So that is the problem that happens with the person who's depressed. There is a huge confusion between more swings and depression. Mood swings are sometimes you feel happy, sometimes you feel sad. And this kind of cycle repeats endlessly. But depression is something that you are really very sad for a week, maybe one or two weeks, or a month, or a few set of months. But you may not sometimes you may not even know the reason why you are said. When these kind of conditions show up in your life, it really means that you are depressed. Many office suffer depression at some point in their life. But ultimately after a point of time, they can come out of the depression and to start to lead a normal life. Situations like the loss of a loved one or very bad drama, like some kind of accident. Can we really put a person into deep depression? But after a point of time, if they can come mod of this depression, then their life can change. But for certain people, this may not happen. Loss of a loved one will put them into a deep depression. Depression is just if you want me to explain why depression is like it is just like a blanket that you wrap around yourself, around your head or something like that. Put it fully and you start dreaming, bad things, sadness, and negative thoughts. But there will not be any single person to wake you up from your dreams. I hope so you'd have understood how bad depression fields to person. So I'm going to just give you a simple example of what depression feels. A board. I want you to imagine yourself to be some kind of a very big, sorry, very small, naughty monkey. Poor lives in a forest with many other naughty monkeys. Like your life is very smooth, peaceful. You play with human monkey friends. And ultimately things are going on pretty faint. But you are a naughty monkey, right? So one day when you are on top of a tree just you look down, you see a small snake crawling handled street. So since you are very not a what do you do? Get down from the tree, catch hold of the snake. Like this. The moment you catch hold of that snakebites throught, the snake slithers around your arm, just locks you up and says It's wants to bite you and I can't imagine how you're feeling. The movement. You just put the snake down. You know that this snake is really going to bite you. Your life becomes so miserable after this incident, you neither sleep nor eat normally, or any of your friends also will not be able to help you because of the fear that this 10K is really going to buy them. So your life really becomes. Very miserable. You are lonely. You don't know what all you do is that you hold this, neglect this, and you lead you, you pray for something good to happen to you. So ultimately what happens? Here comes a smart twisting the story. I come for you. I tell you that you have been holding the snake saw very tight by its throat, that it cannot breed and is ultimately debt. So just draw this nick off. So now if you just threw the sneak away, but you never knew that it has been long dead already. And you were holding onto this sneak so long. So this is what depression desk human, even the incidence that made you depressed passes and goes Honey. You still cannot unburden the emotions that you feel. You become more and more and depressed by thinking about the things that has happened. Previously. Introduced scenario, you would have heard the scene called as Court, the term called as victim mindset. We feel that we have lost things. This has gone, My life is gone because we fade, does happen. And then we are just kind of depressed and things, these tile pulling up Oliver even ever depressions to on social media, right? You may say that I'm sad with some kinds of images or anything else. You will have some kind of, I find that people do like the thing that you're going through and somebody who protect comment also that Hammerstein undergoing the same thing. So let us together do this. Some kind of stuffs lifted. This kind of attitude towards that is really not good venue or depressed played to find a solution for coming out of your depression. Rather, Don't get involved into this victim mindset attitude. Any social media propagates as to be victims. So this is what happened. We ultimately lose being a leader and start being a follower. So this happens in life. So for depression, I won't speak about many things prevailing versus significant release. Suppose losing a loved one are losing body but by an accident can call for depression rate. You should really be depressed. Report was, does happen to you. If you are depressed, you are some kind of property owner human ve, definitely we should be depressed, double Losing somebody whom we know. But what about if you lose your job? Should he be so depressed? No array, you can find another job rate. What happens if you lose an examination or failing examination? Should you feel so very bad aboard dissociated north like organising and you want to commit in your life because of this call really for depression. Norway, you lost a huge amount of money by in a business, by mistrusts from somebody should you bid, pressed. And in your life, because your financial problems, normally, you earn so much in your life and you again do this should require a depression, notional BigQuery depression rates. So the reason for depression can be many, it can be trivial, unimportant things that can make you depress today. But remember that, understand what it does work for you to be depressed. There are many people living in this world who are in a far set of very bad times, then you can't really ever imagine. So when you are depressed for the silly things, make sure you come out of your depression very immediately. Break the cocoon that you are dead in. Come on. Not our veins become hurricanes. Sometimes your mindset makes, creates this wing into a hurricane. It should not be so very bad in your life. The second is self-criticism and resentment. When bad things happen to us, we become far worst. Critic of ourselves should use, criticize yourself so much for what has happened. Every single person makes mistakes and the mistakes RVs stepping stones for the next level. So don't you ever start to criticise too much about yourself? It is varying is record debt, which you really don't. Oh, December one of the best raiders corners marked with a low dose CT may really become severely depressed than the next cause for depression is to play the role of a Mr. Nice day. You want to satisfy every single person whom you meet. Many people who are like the day just need to be acknowledged. They just loved to be seen as a good person. Rather, urine liked to be rejected. So playing this part of a Mr. Nice gave it percent is really going to make your difference. You cannot match for their satisfaction, but they want out of you. You can never, ever satisfy their requirements at all the time and any time. It is the root. So Dover ever claimed to be the Mr. Nice game with any molecules? Behave as your own. Make sure you just revealed genuine and authentic character if you want to tell. No, please just tell nor to a person. When you already tell yes. Please tell us when you want to tell no. And if you start telling S2, please, every single person, you are really going to be far more impressive. And the next is stopped wanting always to be linked. Many of us have a problem to prove ourselves that PR right? All the time. This happens in family, this happens, invert, this happens and relationship, friendship and prevent. We want to prove that we are always late and we know many things much more than others. Really, in reality to say the proof that you are an conformational bias peaks a great deal about this. You really don't know many things in your life as you believe yourself. To be humble and to, except from other people, but they know would be the very best things that you can learn in your life. And you want to start proving yourself right? And when you want to win every single argument in your life, you are really going to be very big plus, because others may not really acknowledged, what do you know? The next is, have no expectations from others. The more you expect from others, the more you are really going to be depressed in your life. No person can fulfill what you really expect in your life. Not even your best friend can satisfy you. Not even your most lovable wife whom you love with all of you hug, cannot satisfy really what you eat. They will have. Kind of difference between you and them. So if you start extracting more and more from others sooner or later, they're going to match up your requirements. And you're going to really see, saw very depressed no expectations from others. But at the same time, be really nice to yourself when things don't go as planned. This leaf is something very transitory. Yes. You don't know what is gonna happen the next moment there, next year, next. That is the real beauty of life, enjoyed a slave and also be very nice to us. And then the most important thing is don't compare yourself with others. If you want to compare the sun and the moon, which is the most powerful, then you're really going to feel very bad because sun hazards tone role in this universe and the world brings a beautiful late in the night. If the sun and the moon really gotta compare with each other, I think both of them are going to be really depressed rate the same way your journey of late is different from your friend or your neighbor or somebody who knew him. You don't know what their journey in latest audible. So never, ever compare yourself with others. If you are a father, the father or a mother, don't you ever compare your chain with another safe? It really brings your child into for MNR. Satisfy u. Some people may be good in creativity, some people may be good in analytical. But if you ask a fish to climb up a tree, I think it is really going to lose, right? So this is one of the causes of depression. Then be very open to changes. If you are a person who is a great Planner in life and things don't go according to plan swat you put, make sure you have the ability to be flexible in order to change the plan and go around and accomplish your goal. If your Barbie saw very rigid in what you do, if you believe that what all you do is correct, sooner or later, you are going to be depressed. You can see many instances of failed businesses to direct somebody, they would analyze the business, they will chart out graphs and plants and this is going to happen. But in reality, if things dreary donor happen like this, they are really going to feel very, very depressed. So be very flexible towards changes in a lake or river who otherwise mountains or goes around mountains and ultimately reaches, it, sees, you should be a person like that to Hawaii integration. Then remember that you are there, this pressure in this world. You have, you may have got your loving balance. You may have got your loving kids or your wife or something like that. There's always somebody to care for you in your life. You are not alone. Suppose if you are depressed, please speak with these people whom they love you very much. There are many people I am seeing about people who end up their life by committing suicide. I don't know how it is possible for them because there are so many people loving them like anything else, then you feel it when your mind is outer fauna thinkable these people for some point of time, the other people who care about you, they love you like. And also understand that no situation is dead bear as your main perceives. There's definitely going to be some kind of solution to part ever problems you face, whatever things you are depressed Apple, just relax yourself, become for something and think about it. Maybe you will get b and nothing can bring peace to you but yourself. It is told by Ralph Waldo Emerson. And one more thing, a very north of caution, which I really want to tell you. Sometimes depression or the scale of anxious. What we have may not be solved by reading books, may not be solved by taking an online course. Or maybe a friends or relatives or somebody cannot help you to come out of this depressed behavior. If you're feeling so very pathetic, if you're feeling so very led down, if you're feeling so very sad, gloomy, and basically no interesting life or lack of appetite, lack of sleep if you're finding any of these kind of symptoms. So seldom, These are all the symptoms of a completely depressed person. If you're finding any of these kind of symptoms, the most environment based I can give you is go and see yourself. Second cluster. Not always. You can always solve your problems. There can be somebody who is an expert in this field that they could help you to come out of your depression. Don't really feel so very valuable that exam, I just give an example. If you have a fever, you need to take some tablet to reduce inferiorly. Can you keep telling yourself that my fever will reduce my fever and reduce that that happened. Normally. In today's world, most of us know about the physical melody or physical pain. So if somewhere or body pains, you know, to take tablets or if you have a fracture, you know that you need to. It's not much as settable mental entities. These people feel so sad for so many days thinking that it is normal and it will change. But ultimately it is not going to change. They would be needed help from outside to put themselves in a proper order for their life. So in case if you're feeling so very bad, don't feel kind of bad to approach a doctor to solve your problems. Drugs or alcohol or smoking or any other things are not going to cure you out of your depression. It's still going to be there. But a psychiatrist or a proper counselor can help you to come out of your depression. So this is what I want to tell it to you. No matter how hard you read, sometimes you cannot solve all the problems. You need to accept it. And concert, someone really bookends on your problems. Thanks for watching this video and see you soon. Bye. 8. Emotional detachment: Hi and welcome to this video on emotional detachment. What happens to us when we adjust our combined sudden emotions? We just become like trees that sway in the wings, right? But what if we can control our emotions? How would your life be? It would be really wonderful, right? So when you are just all come by your eye motions, I want you to look at your cell from a third person perspective. So you can just really come out from all the emotions and then just look at your life in a clear form, which will help you to take effective decisions in your life. So let us look at things like bad things like anger, hate, and grades and all the other things are nothing but the result of your attachment cure emotionalism. But if can really learned the art of detaching from your emotions, your laser is really going to be happy and fulfilled. So now I'm going to just tell you a small story about emotional dataset. Once there was a small farmer, he was kind of very content there and I'm very happy farmer already hired was one horse to just keep loving this field from morning to evening and then to just come in the dream very pair, just simplest cup of coffee smoke can be just happy. And the next day stands as it is. So one-day what happened is that a farmer had a horse who used to keep loving the fields link from morning till evening. And this part just ran away from its table into this forest. So the villages came to know what happened to this farmer and they just went to console him. Oh my god, I'm sorry. What happened to you this farm? Or just being very content and very composed and emotionally detached, told, we will see and went back to his favorite reclining chair, sipping his cup of tea, hungry. Then the next morning came this, I'm a horse, bought with him three other horses to the farmer. So again, the villages knew this and begin winter congratulate this firewall. Look at beautiful things that are coming to you. You already have known for horses with you. So you should be happy that. So this part will, once again, without any emotional attachment, replay, we will see a 100 the same task or sipping his cup of coffee. And so after a few days, farmer had a son who has kind of like more very quick. He who thought like a very strong and can do anything is So he just got on one of the white horses and wanted to payment poor guy who'd note though, how far is it? First is to him into the crowd and anti-military progress. Again, the villages, just few of this and came to the pharmacist and started consulting. I can understand that three is a very unlucky number, so that is a reasonable business happened. You said, we're very sorry for what happened. The farmer, again composed ten width or emotional detachment, just told we will see and went back to his tailing activities. After a few weeks, the military came into the village and it was a time of br, the general Just wanted to just pick all the children who were ready for age of military and compulsively just put them in the military duty. So our bows. All the male children were taken from this villages and put into the military duty, fine condition. So this military general happened to visit this farmer too. So we're looking at the farmer's son, who was this kind of limping like anything else? There's gender told you useless for my you'd have a son who's made a fictive being military. So I'm just leaving you and your family N0. So the farmer must contend with Play Again. The villagers, there was a morning time for all the believers because they have lost their levered Melissa. And so they came to the farmer and then they told, it was really very lucky for you to have your son broken sleep. Now, they are not forcibly taken radius. Again, this firewall being emotionally detached from what all situations that happen and already decomposed and just don't even see in wind vector's reclaiming said, bringing his cup of tea. A story maybe very soon. But the moral is to be emotionally tells no matter of what are the things that happens. So what are some of the steps to be really emotionally detached from your life? No matter what, the first and foremost important thing is to keep thing, thing, thing is, be aware of your emotions. Look at what your emotions are planning to distance yourself from your emotions. I look at this emotion admitted person perspective. Maybe your emotion really is trying to tell you something and you are not listening. Just pay listening at your own emotions. Maybe you can come out of this. A simple meditation for just ten minutes, are just focusing on your breath for ten minutes will really calm your mind down and help you to come out of your emotions. Next is, I want you to explore the reason for your emotional problems. I a person who was really so very sensitive around what happens to you. Maybe you can just get your feedback from your friends, relatives, or spouse, et cetera, that you are a very sensitive guy. But if you know that you are very sensitive, then really you can just take some measures. Took look, don't take life too seriously. Rate. Then this any kind of emotional happenings trigger your past from your chain. There are some bad things that happened in a chain, don maybe you, your parents would have been blaming you continuously. And if there is, suppose that just puts the blame on you, maybe you get sued, a kind of emotional brain. These are all childhood rumors and child triggers that really can make you emotionally southern anger or sudden rage and also come from the chamber. Just look at what is the problem or what is the trigger for being emotional. And next is, Why are you losing control when something happens? This, think about this. How better can you solve this problem rather than being emotional, rather than being angry, rather than being a feeling of good. Sometimes distance yourself. You'll be able to identify what do you think's up. Next is the strong by the strong purpose for your life. Many old company and problems. Style by can just help you put you once again into this lifetime and then you're getting swayed by emotions, is it not? So that is a recent BY people tell strong purposes, strong buy is really one of the most important thing in a person's life. Next is try to let it go. Some problems you really cannot solve. No matter how hard you try. Is it possible to put your villain others at their expense? No, right. You can just use them to your bit and things like that by you need to let go of your emotions, let go of things that are happening around, and learn to spend some time alone, this alone time, this solid, you can really be an eye-opener which can help you come out of your emotions? Not so, yes. The next is no tie itself. Make it a habit of knowing about yourself more than what you know about others or abort bottle knowledge and skills that you re trying to them. The most, the greatest knowledge is self-knowledge. The more you start to Norbert yourself, the more you can understand marginally emotions trying to speak to you and how you will be able to come out of your emotion. So these are some of the steps that they learned how to be emotionally detached from this video would have been useful for you and see you in the next week. Thank you. Bye. 9. Learn to accept the situation you are in: Hi and welcome to this new media on acceptance of life. We have been programmed by our, maybe their parents or by a French, or maybe the society to, to fight against all the odds that just come in front of you. We have not been trained to exit assets or could be the reason. Most of the times you keep fighting the people or the situation are with your life. You do. Your personal ego is not allowing you to accept things as they are. Maybe if you really feel so that accepting the person or the situation is really ruining your authority. So many of the situations like this happening of a life, maybe at work, maybe they are going to have a bad relationship problem because we just want to fight against things that are happening. But what if we can exit the situation, interrelate and then many good things can happen. So before I get into the theory of excellence, to start with a very small story. This story, we're gonna go through a dozen lenses along with it to a fantasy land. So once there was some kind of a fantasy land where this adds and kings, both of them will pick it up. So in this fantasy land, there will be always be laid was fighting between these kings. Understandable says. So these wars have been going on for generations in this fantasy name. Some names, the kings would have been the bar and they will kill me beside, after this work hard, many dimes beside would win this war. Cursing the king, returning to some kind of lying dynamite or you're going to die in 24 hours, some kind of curse system. So I'm a hero. The king must call S, never give up. And there was an angry, we said Guard, pass or raise handling. So there was a kind of big fight happening between this never give up and this always angry with satellite entity. And ultimately at the end, our king never give him lost this battle. And the VSAT curses team that you want to turn into a big fat pig in a 24 hours. Sous King was kind of very sad for he really knew that. And once the curse him, This is really not going to back off tomorrow. Maybe after 24 hours is really going to turn into a big fat. So the king was very sad. He called his son, son the lost this battle as you know. So tomorrow I'll be turning into available big fat pig. So to cut off my head tomorrow for the son does not know the next morning came, he went to his father's tomb. He has founded him to be a big, fat and ugly language. So then this brings was aboard, got off vagueness, stored, went aboard a cutoff, this egg of the pig. We told him, knowing this cut off my head. During this time to Silicon Valley story board asked me how the big speakers. So speak though. Don't cut off my head today. I don't know how the big life is really going to be. So didn't he just limb as a fit for one of the bank? And after a week, come and cut off my hair. Okay. And the pigment away from the family to limit other booster. So next week sprints again, intermedius father, when he was revolted, cut off what body you see actually their Esau as Father, having a couple of nice girlfriend figs names. Living limpid happened so many remote to cut off. Once again, the spindle Mycenae don't cut off my head. I'm kind of adjusting to life. Maybe come after three months, then I would give my life really for this who cut off maybe three months passed. This guy, never give up. That's kind of very happy. Again, he married, do other pigs and he wasn't having apartment before relationship with small pigs gotten him daddy, daddy, daddy and I was kind of very heavy, really, never looked very cell. So sprints once again took a swarm. It was a big door than myself. I really don't want to end with like MS. Really very humiliated. I lost everything bottled once then I lost my land and everything within the kingdom to but this life, what I'm having, this big life, this some kind of meaningful to me, my family of all these beings is really the purpose of my life. So I really don't want to die and please don't cut off my hair. I want to continue. And so the moral of the story is, no matter how bad the situation turns out to be, if you can accept your life, you really go to find happiness and what does happen. And I know that in today's scenario, nobody's really going to curse you and turn into a big Korean over be fighting and on this side or this had important stuff happening in her life. But we still have a kind of a lot of problems in our right. So let's see how we are going to face this problem that it comes. The first thing is then a problem or something as a raisin in our life, we feel that someone, or some day, these problems are really going to vanish altogether. Maybe God changed this thing or something like that. And we just end up smoking or drinking or falling or getting addicted to drugs. It made me you don't, except the problem. Avoid the problem. And this problem is still. The second thing. What we do is playing the blame game or running away from the problem that we face. This blaming others. I am poor because my parents are poor. I lost my job because this company's really not good. They find they have not. Maybe this company is not worthy. I am in depth because my parents did not save me any money or I never got a good job because the college event, it's not something. Gaming, blaming, blaming everything, start to find excuses for all the things that really happened. Inevitably, blame game happens. Every bad can happen in your family, may blame your balance, or it can happen in your office to convey MY colleagues, your bosses, and everything. This blame game is nothing but your all day of avoiding responsibility in your life. The next is, then a problem or a circumstance comes. You can say, I don't know what happened to me. Just the humans are nothing but mere puppets in the hands of God. God is a great big drama producer. And I'm just kind of drama. These are some other ways that we really, life meant some kind of problem or a situation. There's also another way to face this problem. When a problem has always, no matter how bad it seems, maybe a bad dept or some kind of a bad situation. Accepting the problem and taking responsibility for what happened in your life. Because really going to be very tough to take responsibility. But if you have the courage to take responsibility in your life, things are really going to change. And yes, taking responsibility does not avoid the problem. By, by taking responsibility, you find many gain of solutions to the problems that you're facing. And how can you be responsible in facing the problem? Learn to exit the problem or a situation or circumstance helps you to be responsible, any overflow. So what are the some of the kind of situation that you really need existence in Europe. The first would be a very bad accident. Many people who have met with an accident, they would have lost their hands. Or maybe the battery will be in families in their feet or they wouldn't be able to walk up and kind of accident happened if they start feeling, hope, can God do this to me, is why this thing happened to meet a loan, you start thinking beginning again over these kind of situation. You really feel very bitter for your life. You feel very depressed. You'd be feeling very anxious. And ultimately, the greater years after this accident would really be these India. I have seen people who have nasty embodied parts. They exit the situation of losing the body. But because accidents and then we are ultimately teams, they value the light to be off some bigger purpose. And the span of that has happened to them is really going to be some kind of enlightenment in order to, in order to look at the purpose of. The second is the last of the known way beyond low distinctly becomes, you become, you become so depressed. Once we lose Canvas poses, it can be to them or their mother or father or whatever it is, who would have no video? No matter how hard you try, no matter how hard you feel. So bad, inevitably come back. You need to accept the situation that I'm in this world of existence, disorder and birth and death. And you may feel very depressed, you may become very somber. You start to drink or drugs or whatever stuff. Except this situation. Like make sure that your life was really should not be wasted because the next would be a very bad didn't spot exam cancer survivors or the people who are in the last stage of cancer or some kind of bad disease, then you know that you're not going to make up for a long period in your life. Maybe your debt comes around in one year or something, some kind of stuff look good in those situation. If you start to feel so many bag, rather than not accepting the situation, you want, even the very little days that you have exit the situation. You cannot do anything, dismantles the labors article, but you can make the rest of the period. And some kind of beautiful based on RWE can be someone who would be some kind of a mentor to others. Or maybe in your story, inspiring story. Who others to give some kind of courage to make the rest of your days meaningful by except LinkedList situation at. So how to accept what is really going on when the First and foremost modern thing, things, learning to be content. Why do you have, the most important thing is count your blessings and not your troubles. The more and more you start to count your blessings you have like you'd start to accept. You write good things. You see on the good things that is happening in your life. It is not about the negative things that you really aspirin, that you aren't a lot of money or something like that. But when you start to really be content with what Miami, we can be a good family can do a good job. Or you can be grateful for your good health. Or maybe even you can be grateful for or a new brand of shoes. And the reason we bought, the problem goes like, I cried because I had no shoes until I saw a man with no see. This is one of the most important things that I want you to take your life. So that is a reason why many people are speaking today about did you make yourself a gratitude journal if you can really do it, right, it maybe once a week on a really good plate. Everything seemed to be thankful for what you have in your life. Your life is really going to be very happy to be content with what next is plain to forgive Yat-sen for all the things that has happened in your life. Maybe you hold onto the gods or some kind of emotional burden in your life. Learn to forgive me awesome. And learn to forgive others for what they do. The more you just keep this Gretsch, your heart, the more you are not going to accept your life as it is. And you're really going to be in a kind of cycle of depression. Then you start accepting things and you start forgiving yourself. Talking others. Your life would really be some. Meaning. Next is, don't play to avoid reality. You are not living in a fantasy world. Maybe in a game where you're not in a game board or in a kind of OB, scenarios, this is your life. Look at life in a realistic perspective. I'm not asking you a kind of optimistic, always. Realistic in your life. Many people are optimistic that we'll do like that. And situational circumstances do not come as they expect. They're really going to be very depressed. So look at the situation and be realistic about except reality. Maybe you're starting a business and you have some kind of a big dream aboard this business, and then things don't happen as you believe. So look at things in a realistic exit reality. It is one of the most crucial ability or human beings. Really many of us lag because of this media, gaming and other kind of stuff. The next fight to be in the present estimate is a history that tomorrow is a mystery, but today is. Enjoy your day. Look at things as the old B with mindful do what you do in a high-interest, which may be mindful eating, mindful breathing, mindfully taking a bundle. We indeed crescent moon. Don't just keep thinking about tomorrow or yesterday, the graphene, the pastoral situations. So these are some kind of stuff that will help you to, except you're like, Now I want you to just an activity for you. There's gonna be a project for this beam. Kind of situations that you're really very, very depressed in your life. I don't lose by using I, you for us the question, are you fighting against this situation? Maybe if you're fighting, look at this problem in a different angle. Like how can you, except this situation, I have given you anonymous instances like this accident or your fader. And again, have situations like that. Look at the situation. If you can exit, how good your life is really moving. There not many things in life you need to. Or, and also, one thing I want to tell you, excepting the situation is really not in that coordinate. Yana covered to exit the situation, calculate cuny not always keep fighting. It does not come early to exit. This is only the most courageous person can exhibit division are less than the situation. Find solution for this sequencing. Thank you, and thanks, bye. 10. Your life is nothing but the story you believe: Hi and welcome once again, we're almost at the last of this tutorial, one of this century, the honor code and the step during or just look it about your life was nothing but the stories that you believe and convince yourself. Quite a big headache, right? You have to know it. So what does this chapter to the oracle? We are, Homo sapiens are just nothing but story making missions. We load to tell the stories about us too many people and also be loud to hear stories about others so as to inspire as he just loved to speak everything students story will tell us the story of Nortel. It just personally been so addicted to the Skinner story telling. So how can you really being sprayed with a story that you want to read? Ten tuples. Let us imagine a life to be some kind of a big book with numinous pages. The pages are nothing but a person's every single day. So when somebody reads your book of life, how do you really want your book of life to be for him? Some interesting, that you are a great many owns your struggle. You're a successful person, or rather, this guy's life is boring. We want your book of life to someone like me know, pure-play. So in order to make this book of life interesting. So what are some of the things that determine how you relate the every day of your life. There is a seeing that garbage in, garbage out. But I really wanted just modifying this court a little bit like garbage in stays inside. Yes. How do you write the story? The story of your life is determined by external circumstances. Module C, Then what you hear, what you watch, also the domains. If you're a person who's really going to watch binge, watching Netflix movies from morning till evening without any purpose or something full of violence movies, your brain would be really doing according to the themes of violins late. But rather, if you start reading something inspirational, What do you want to do after that? Maybe you're also inspired to do something very wonderful life. There are also many kind of stories in our journey of life that we would have heard a lot. You're born in a poor background. Maybe you can't excelling in your life. You cannot be successful like him. You are a loser. You are a saccharide work. Dream smarter. That's what you are capable. These are some of the many stories. Bad you'll have heard from your parents. Could be relatives, could be siblings, it could be a friends, or even from your teachers do. But there are a few people who believed that the stories that others told me is really not applicable to me. And I can change the story, are together and I have every confidence to write the pages of. So these are the people who really aren't successful in their life cannot be about businessman who has lots of money. That doesn't mean what success is all about. Success is something what yardstick, you're really difficult. If. Such as this module equate with happiness, then the yardstick is really different. If success is something that you make a million dollars, then that yardstick parts will be different. So to be successful, it determines what yardstick that you're really sitting into your life. So let's come back to the security of life. Like many believe that somebody has to catch them, push them in this journey of flavor so as to be going through this. But the real fact is that no, even though somebody is there to catch hold of both your hands, maybe it could be a parents or friends or somebody. The real truth is that your own self-belief and your own self trust are the real proof companions who's standing next to you, pushing you towards this terribly afraid. We believe that May be there with us. But this journey of flavors, nothing, you will have to take it very hard for many people religious. But I feel this that you are the only person who just travels in this journey of life. Maybe others just come and go. They are just like passing close by the thing that is going to stand next to use for your own self-belief and your self trust. No matter what all the problems that you face or obstacles that you face in this journey of life. Believed that you have every single Palmer within yourself to change. When problems come, dig deeper, little inside you, maybe you yourself, very hands-on solutions to all the problems that you really face. There is a saying by Swami Vivekananda, all power within you. If you can believe, then you can do it. Yes. So how do you write this book of flavor? Let us come back to another most important concept about passing a person's day or a person's chapter ways, book things rate is really determined by the habits that you release it for four years. So the first question I'm going to ask you is, how do you really start your day when the alarm goes off? Early in the morning? I had a personal keep pressing this nose, but I'm five minutes, ten minutes, 15 minutes. The big problem is the first time you press the snooze button, you're dealt your brain. It is. Ok. The secondary menu stat pressing the snooze button. You'll tell your brain that I have given foreign control of my day. Do You, Hen, You can be as lazy as the backend fascinating thing about our main. Yeah, mine is a great seven. You can program your main to do many things. But the moment it becomes a master, It just really going to be very, very poor Master. This nose, but I'm concept should be the first index-based in your life. Now comes this again, but it's about forgiveness. Yes, I spoke about forgiveness many times in this tutorial. So much important as bulkiness, any nice, you really need to learn to forgive yourself and forgive others are, you know, what is the problem that will be in your life? You will be getting a big backpack on your back, which you will really may not be able to carry forward for long distances. Ultimately, this really going to break your back and you're going to find. So forgiveness is one of the most essential things in your life. A lot of five people who may be betrayed, you, ruined your life or something like that. Learn to forgive them and keep moving on in your life. Other base, when you got to keep thinking of them, how they ditched you, how they betrayed you. The book of life that you really want to write is really going to be very, very academic interest, really non-quantitative. Number three is gratefully learn to write your coffee. Be grateful for what you really are big, grateful for what you really have. And Mark you are really going to be. Being grateful or practicing gratitude in your life can really go a long way to help you in like your best goods from you, book a flight. So others can be inspiratory. And number four is the three words. One of the three words could not guessing. Three words are Y, O, U, because you believe that you are the most greatest pleasure in the small. It does not really costly watch that you are, it does not costly guard that you travel. But the greatest pressure in your life is nothing but you, and you only take some time for your best self development on your part. The greatest lesson that I learned is that maybe I can improve on any skill Writing, beating or what, or even money-making. But the greatest thing is note basal. Yes, It's very difficult to learn about yourself. Band. It is really difficult to learn any skill that you want the light to stimulate. So make it a point to learn about yourself, those three words, why booing determine a great deal in writing the book of Unit or how you're going to carry on January eighth, remember, you hide your greatest treasure. So here come to the end of this session. So I have a small activity for you. So what are the most important things that you really want in your life? Yes. Write it out, spend some time, maybe like half an hour or something of the mystery. What is it that you want in your life? Do you want relationships or do you want happiness? It can be about some carrier group, but what do you want in your life? Ask yourself this question many, many times. Find ways. By, by, by, by, by phi times. Video asks, Christine, you almost get an answer to what you really ask. What do our deep introspection on yourself determine what you want or how you want to write your recovery. Then start starting node, the overall plan for the book, coffee your life, and keep writing a page every day by looking at the purpose of a broad range of purpose that could be mocking today. Thanks for watching this video for you guys. 11. Conclusion: Hi, we are at the conclusion of this tutorial surf, you're watching this first, I've loved to congratulate you for this coming this very long. And also I hope so that this course would have been some kind of useful to me. So I look forward to receive your reviews and comments are how can we make it better or did it so for any value or anything? So in this conclusion, Part one, we're going to just see an overview of what are we learn. We started first with the power of the dots, your own power, what you saw social you reef. So what you saw in your thoughts, you will repeat in your life. Next, we learned about how your mind is a very folding garden. The big thing is that you really need to be very conscious about the seats that you put into the garden and not the beats that come into it. And I hope so that you remember this hamburger story because the center portion determines dots appear life. Next we move on with emotions. What happens when you are suddenly in a kind of emotional more and how it ruins your life, then what are all the other phosphorylations then bring about emotions, Facebook, frustration remains and stress. Then we moved to adversity, which is really the stepping stone in a person's life. So they're afraid, I'm going to say, oh my god, right. Then we moved on with fear. Fea, the most dreaded four letter word in the history of mankind, which is false, evidence appearing real, I hope so you would have understood your fear because there are no pills to stop your fear. You just got to understand your fear and move on in your life. Next, we learned about how to have an amazing social life and what are the kind of the obstacles that stand in the way of having your best life. Like just mental attitude and things like that. And also mind control. Never allow somebody to take hold of your mind and your own position. Abort umami, rather than what others perceive about you. Then we more into depression variable you've go, I will follow us obediently. Depression. He learned about depression in a great deal and how it can really help you to overcome depression and anxiety in your life, then detachment in your life. We learned about the story about the old man no matter whatever this equation and you just had began telling. We will see yes. And next event about acceptance. Not to fight against your life, but to understand and accept your life, which will help you to have a beautiful, successful, had a wonderful life. Then last but not the least, we learned about story making. So when somebody reads your story, how do you really want it? Some, whoops, hmm, he interestingly, not a boring thing. So we also discussed about what are all the hurdles that really come in front of you when you want to just craft your own story. So this is all about this course. Once again, thanks a lot. If you are in this last chapter, look forward to receiving your reviews or discussions or what all stuff I just want to hear from you. That's a few bye. See you some other course. Take care. Bye.