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Best Google and YouTube Organic Search Engine Optimization or SEO Strategoes!

teacher avatar Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

31 Lessons (3h 40m)
    • 1. A new way of thinking about SEO using all websites available.

    • 2. Take your next step now in boosting your SEO by choosing a new place to grow!

    • 3. How to find your niche and see what you already know that has traffic.

    • 4. An example of what you can do with the information in this course.

    • 5. What works to rank high in Google and YouTube revealed right away!

    • 6. Google SEO secrets explained especially minimizing bounce and click back

    • 7. YouTube search secrets, shortcuts, and power ranking tips.

    • 8. WordPress and YouTube content strategy that multiplies your SEO!

    • 9. Which keywords should you use getting started?

    • 10. How do you find the best keywords to rank high on in Google and YouTube?

    • 11. Final exam for this WordPress and YouTube SEO secrets course!

    • 12. How am I getting my organic search traffic to grow every month?

    • 13. Why this strategy works so well

    • 14. Hands on with the details of executing this strategy

    • 15. Hellobar tutorial for getting conversions on your website.

    • 16. Using the Google keyword planner + suggested search to decide what title to use.

    • 17. Getting started with Google webmaster tools and adding your website.

    • 18. How to get Google to immediately index your website using the submit URL tool.

    • 19. Google webmaster tools search queries explained in depth.

    • 20. Fixing errors shown in Google webmaster tools the easy way.

    • 21. Crawl Stats Page Load Indicator: time spent downloading a page (in milliseconds)

    • 22. Deadlink checker basic use and how I fixed a lot of broken links on my website

    • 23. Deadlink checker finding and removing a lot of bad old posts to boost SEO

    • 24. Dead link checker removing individual links and turning off comments.

    • 25. Dead link checker follow up. Nearly all bad links removed!

    • 26. Alexa for simple analytics and tracking growth each month.

    • 27. Hiring people to write SEO articles is usually a waste of money and time.

    • 28. Buying YouTube views will not help your videos rank higher.

    • 29. Using Fiverr to build backlinks for Google search is very risky.

    • 30. Copying content from another website will send Google a negative signal.

    • 31. Trying to cheat Google +1 might work at first but the penalty will wipe you out.

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About This Class

For 3 years, I struggled to have any success with search engine optimization and made nearly every mistake you could make! In 2014, I started learning about SEO and realized all I had to do was make awesome videos, upload them to YouTube, get them transcribed, and put the words plus the video together on my WordPress website to get Google to give me nearly unlimited visitors!

You get everything you need in this course to build your website and/or your YouTube channel into consistent growth towards numbers you would never have believed possible for yourself!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jerry Banfield

Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes


You can become a MASTER OF DIGITAL MARKETING by following me on Skillshare and watching my classes each day!

BIO: 6 years sober, 4 years plant based diet, 7 years married, 4 years parenting, and 9 years as an entrepreneur online with 103 video classes on Skillshare, 21 books, 1082+ blog posts, 2,500+ YouTube videos, 1,000+ podcast episodes, and 70 songs on iTunes/Spotify!

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1. A new way of thinking about SEO using all websites available.: The single most valuable thing I can give you out of this course is a new way of thinking about S CEO. Here's how I used to think about S e O. It's my website against the world. It's especially my keywords versus other people on there. So when I first started out, I searched things like Buy Facebook likes religiously, and I would agonize that I couldn't get on the first page. I was so frustrated, and I tried all these strategies to boost my rankings, and that's how I looked at S E O. For the 1st 2 years online, it was miserable. What I give you in this course is a way to think about Seo in abundance. And this is how I do s CEO. Now there's my website. Plus, there's all of my, you know, me courses. Plus, there's all of my YouTube channel. Plus, there's all of my Warrior Forum posts. Plus, there's my gigs on Fiverr Plus. Now there's my new profile on clarity where I can get found organically and there's my linked in profile. There's my patri on page. There are all of my courses up on skill feed. That's how I think of things now It's not this me against the world mindset. It's me in all of the places I am And it's not just Google search, it's YouTube search. It's you to me search. If, in fact, you probably found this course by doing something like this s CEO and then you saw O His course ranks first in S E O. He must be doing something right for s CEO. It speaks for itself. That's how I think now. So if you look at the traffic my S C. O course has gotten in the last month, it's a perfect example of this. So I go to the source and Google Analytics. You can see I've got 400 Google Analytics searches just to this course alone in the last month when I used to agonize over keywords and try and do all these things. That's 5 to 10 times as many search results as I used to get per month alone on this one. You Timmy course, most of these are you to me type searches, searches like this or recommended courses. Most of these are organic search type traffic from you. To me, that is incredible thousands on just one course. If you saw back here, I have all these courses. What I'm doing now with my s CEO is I'm not sitting there asking What can Google do for me to funnel people on my website? And how can I take advantage of those people? That's what I used to do when I do now I look at where are all the places I am? And how can I benefit those places from being there? You to me wants traffic to their website. They're one of the top 1000 websites in the whole world. You, to me wants more search traffic to their website. How can I help them when I help you to me get traffic to their website They pay me very well. You can see on this Facebook course alone 1200 search traffic from Google. You, to me is very happy with all that organic traffic coming in. Meanwhile, they're sending me thousands more people because they want to sell my course. So my entire s CEO strategy now is about how can I work together with existing websites? How can I work with websites like linked in to have a great profile linked in wants people to spend time on linked in looking at profiles and contacting people. How can I make a better linked in profile that shows up in search results? How can I make better YouTube views that show up in YouTube search results YouTube wants to give people great videos to watch. How can I give you two great videos to show so that YouTube will then keep sending the hundreds of thousands of people to me? How can I make a great patri on page that patron consent people, too, and that can then give Patri on a better appearance online. How can I make better forum posts? The Warrior Forum wants Great Forum post. It looks good for them. They already have a powerful search ranking. I don't have to boost their page. Rank s CEO in 2015 is all about using all of the resource is you can use and all of the resource you already use to get found. You get found in linked inserts YouTube search patri on search. Even clarity is a really cool new thing I've just signed up for. I can get found by people searching for something like, Ah, Facebook. Expert on clarity. You can then see all of these people who are showing up on here that have a clarity. Accountant. Look, I've just got started here. I am. I'm unclarity. Fiver. What kind of great gig can you make to get found in fiber search? Tons of search results pour in to all of these websites every day and their internal searches get used like here on the warrior form, all kinds of things you search for here I show up. And the thing is, with this new way of thinking about search, if it's just my website, then I have to deal with just my page rank, which is low and just my traffic. And then people don't even come back to my website very easily. But when I think about everywhere, I could be all the time. Then magic happens. So thank you for watching this. And I hope I've shared an awesome new way to think about s CEO with you. 2. Take your next step now in boosting your SEO by choosing a new place to grow!: I am honored. You're continuing with this course and I want you to get the most out of your time here. You will get the most out of your time if you try and take what I'm telling you and apply it to what you were doing. No matter what you are doing, what I'm sharing with you can be helpful. Not only that, you can help other people in this course succeed also. So here's the very first thing you condo's. Oh, to take your next step towards s CEO success as a student in this course First after seeing that last lecture, think about somewhere you could try to get found on. Besides Google search, it could be YouTube. Search linked in search, some forum search Ah, website like clarity. Fiver you. To me, it could be anywhere. Think of a website you already use so you don't have to think about the ones I just showed . You think about the ones you are using already. Where are you searching already? Are you searching for five or gigs? Have you been searching on a forum? Where are you searching already? And if you're already a member of a community. Think of what you could offer to that community that you would end up getting found by other members. So find an opportunity that you can start doing right now, even if it's just one form post. Even if it's one YouTube video. Think of something you conduce do right now to take a step on your S e o. Figure out an exact community you can start trying to get found on and then click on at a discussion. I recommend doing it on the desktop version off the course, click on, add a discussion and then share that community with us. Share it with all of us in this course. So, for example, I'm going to get found on you to me or you to me s CEO. Talk about where you want to get found and talk about the community you want to get found in, or the website you want to get found on somewhere. Besides Google search because when you do a good job in another community, you will also get found on Google search. You will get ideas for your website for your YouTube channel. Tell us what community you are going to start working on getting founding. It's often so much easier to get started in a community than it is to go straight into Google Search. So tell us in the discussions and you can see how this will help other people. If you share ah community, you're trying to work on something like I want to get found on you to me. Then talk about what you want to do, what you will create that will be worth finding. You can talk about that and then you condone raw ideas from other people. You can inspire other people. You might give someone an idea and they might take it and say, Wow, this is really good And you might see their idea And you might say, Wow, I can actually do better at this. There's enough opportunities for all of us to work together by sharing in the discussions. You can do something positive. You can inspire other people in the course, and that will in turn help you the most. If you want proof of that, Look at me. What I'm doing, I've given you this course. I've given 20 course on you to me and I'm getting fantastic results out of it. I now I'm a full time you Tim instructor. So join me. Do a little bit of that positive giving Make a discussion. Talk about a community you can get found in talk about a search engine you can get found in besides Google. And for all intents and purposes, Bing or Yahoo talk about that in the discussions and then see what people say. Ask for feedback. And I guarantee you you will be feeling like you've committed and given something to this course, you will be ready to really take your s e o so far beyond where you ever thought it could go that in a year or two. And you look back, you won't even recognize what you used to do before at a discussion. That's where the next step towards that get started. So thank you for being enrolled in this course. I'm honored you here, and I will continue working to serve you effectively in this course 3. How to find your niche and see what you already know that has traffic.: do you want to get really good at S E O. All you have to do is start doing things in seeing what I'm showing you in action. This is a course about doing so. I will try consistently to give you as many practical things to do so that you can figure out exactly what I'm showing you firsthand. So here's something to try right during or after this lecture. Try and find something you've searched for in the past, or that you need help with. Now find something there's not good help for, and then figure out a way to make a good video explaining whatever it is you needed help for. So any problem you're having, take a look for it on Google or use YouTube? Take a look for it in YouTube and find out exactly what they're already is. Find something you need help with or you needed help with. Before that. There's not a good explanation for these kinds of things tend to provide very powerful search traffic. I'll show you two examples of where I've done that, So the first example is on a website called patri in dot com. I'm grateful to be on here. People pay me to make videos on YouTube on patri in dot com Now when I started using patron dot com, one of the first frustrations I had when I click on the home page, right click on the featured or I click on the search, I got frustrated with the inability to just find a leader board. Show me who's making the most money each month the way they do it. They just kind of feature random creations. They don't have a good system for just giving a straight up ranking of who's making the most money or who's got the most patrons. So, of course, the first thing I did was go to Google on I said, Okay, maybe someone else knows. Or maybe I'm just missing the page. While the more I looked, I realized no one had a good list off the top Patri on earners. So what did I do? I made a list of the top patri on earners. Their top patron creators tips highest paid most popular jury banfield dot com This is my top website Post article, so you can see I've got the top search result on this and then I click on it and this is the exact format. I made a video on it, and then the actual blawg post itself has helpful links to then go into patri on in search and figure out exactly who the top creators are. So what I did is I started off with a problem on a website I was already using. I said, What is lacking here in terms of just what do I need? And I realized this is annoying. I wish someone else had a poster video about it. Step two, I went into Google and looked for it. I realized, Wow, there's not one. Then I went through in made one and now I get all kinds of traffic to this page, thousands of clicks every month. Same thing on YouTube. Exact same thing on YouTube and YouTube is really good. You would not believe how many things are not clearly shown how to do on YouTube and especially recent things. So often people search for generic keywords like this. You might look just for Facebook ads. So if I zoom in, scroll down past those two ads, OK, I've already got the third and the fourth ranking Facebook ads video. But here's the thing. Most people who are savvy and you are probably one of them are not sitting there searching for two word search terms on YouTube. They're searching for things like this. Facebook Ads Power Editor 2015 a very exact term, looking for a very exact video. And then I realized, after looking at my search data, Oh, people need help with this very specific thing I already know how to do. And when I first needed help with Facebook ads, there was almost nothing good on YouTube, really showing what to do. I've put tons of things up there because I had a problem that I realized I could also help other people with. So now you look at something like this. Facebook God's power to 2015. I've utter domination over this term 1st 3rd and fourth, and you can see my videos reflect that. 32,000. 50,000. That is what I'm showing you how to do and what you can start doing right now. Step one is to find these things, and you want to find things related to what you already know how to do so. You may not know about Facebook ads. You may not be on patri on, but if you go into Google, there are things you already know how to do. There are a lot of things you've already looked for help with. All you have to do is take a look at what you've already looked for help with. Think about the problems you've had and you've dealt with and that you now know how to solve. See what happens. Most of the time, people will look for something like this that's really specific. They won't find anything. They will give up on looking for helping just try and do it themselves. I know, because this is what I did. I searched for help with Facebook ads. I found a bunch of crap. So what? I did just close out YouTube and went and learned it myself. What I didn't remember to do until much later was to go ahead and give what I learned to the people who needed it. I forgot that I originally needed help with that until a year later. You don't have to do that. Anything you are doing, Rather is playing League of Legends trying to make videos doing S CEO. Anything you've had frustrations about, that you've learned how to do Google it or YouTube it. See where the gaps in coverage are. I appreciate you watching this and hope this lecture has given you something very concrete to do to figure out what opportunities you have right this minute to be successful, getting traffic on Google and YouTube. 4. An example of what you can do with the information in this course.: Here's an example and more of an explanation about what I'm doing and the idea being you can set something cool like this up for yourself based on whatever opportunities you find available now, if you've noticed what I'm showing you in this course may or may not be very obvious as to how it actually works. So here's an example of the full system for how it works, how I did it with the intent that when you go through this course, you can get ideas like this that are related to what you're doing. So here's a full system for one of my top keywords and how I'm using it and some surprising things about it. So if you look at my search queries, I'm grateful. My clicks have went up 17% on my website in the last month over the month before. That's amazing, So I'm up to 7500 already on what you'll notice is my second keyword. Down here is top Patri on, which is going up significantly, and searches for my name are also going up a lot, too, which means people are talking about me. But what you'll notice. There's lots of other related keywords. Top Patriot, Highest patron, highest paid. There's lots of similar keywords here and what I did, I did not know. And I explained this in the course. I did not know these would be keywords worth having or keywords that people were looking for until I went and made some of these pages. I'll show you. So these pages I went and made some of these earlier pages first like this patrons on patri on page or one of the pages. That's a lot farther down here. Like my experience getting patrons on Patron, these were Some of the first pages are made, and then I found that search term. So if I go back over here, I found this search term was very valuable. So then I went and intentionally made this page, and now you can see this page gets around half of the total clicks I get to my website, and now the next question likely to ask is Okay, great job getting clicks to your website. Great job getting people find you. Why is this term valuable? And I've got this question because if you go into Google keyword planner, what you'll notice is, Google says there's nothing in there about this keyword. And if you're good with your S e. O. Already, you'll know using the Google keyword planner is a good way to figure out what kind of keywords air valuable, how much they're worth, what kind of competition there is. And so if you take the exact keyword I used, if you go over the top queries again and you take this exact keyword, which is in fact getting 200 clicks in the last month on Google and you put it into the keyword planner, this is what you get. Google has no data about it. Google says There are no searches, so this looks like it's not a valuable keyword. The thing is, Google is not very good with newer keywords or with keywords that people aren't running ads on. So what you can do is click on Patri on to get a broader search term, and now you can get an idea of more the potential on the keywords related to Patri on. And again, though, you'll see there's no suggested bidder anything. No one's running ads on this keyword. Google doesn't have much data, but what you'll notice. If you put the more specific keyword in, you can see I'm tapping into 90,000 monthly searches. But still, if you just use the Google keyword planner on the specific keywords, it might not look like there's much value. So in order to show you the value, let me show you the monetization system I set up and again. I first I went and found the key word just haphazardly. I noticed this was showing up in search results on something I just wrote because I wanted to. So the first step is to just do what you want to Don't go after these keywords right away. But then you use the keywords as they come in to see what you could create in the future. So I did that. And then I created this and I didn't have a way right away to monetize it. But eventually I made this system. I'll show you right now. So to begin, I have a patri on page. I have a page recon. See, I'm grateful to have 107 people that are pledging collectively to 99 per video to support my work. My YouTube of my podcast. So I have a patri on first. So it helps to talk about things you are using because then things like this are possible. So what happens when you search you search for top a tree on and this is what comes up top a tree on craters. This is my article I wrote. And then I keep it updated so that when people see it up here, they see Oh, look, this is a most recent date and it has exactly what they're looking for. You'll notice I have put the keywords in here based on what people were searching. So now when you click on this, then you come to this page which has top patriotic creators on what you'll notice. I have a hello bar up here now with a clear call to action that encourages people to click through and go pledge to me on patri on because the whole point of this page other than listing the patron creators, the point of this page is to show that I will do pledge for pledge, and this ends up working out good for me to earn on patron. So then I have the Hello. Bar up here. So then you click on the hello bar and already did that. And then this is where it goes. It goes here, except when you're signed in on patri on. If you're not signing, it just shows You hear If you're signed in on Patron, it will pop a specific message window up to me so that someone can literally go from searching to clicking this to sending me a message on Patri on asking me to do pledge for pledge. Then when they do pledge for pledge, I do a video every single day. And so all dollar per video pledge could be worth $30 per month to me. So if I pledge a dollar to them and they do just a few videos and they pledge a dollar to me and I do 30 it works out really good for me. Now you can limit contributions, but still, it works out really well. So this is a system that is based on trial and error and effort, and based on taking an opportunity, I found I found this opportunity in my keywords, and I made it into the biggest search term on my website, which is a very small search term relative to all search traffic I get. So what you're seeing is one small thing I've done. That's a part of a big system that works constantly to do things like get people pledging to me on patri on like get people taking my you Timmy courses on my website. When someone comes in there, they also can click on these other links and end up buying a you to me course. So I've got smooth ways to monetize set up everywhere that don't depend on paid ads, and that gives people really useful information that they're looking for, like thes search links that show you exactly how to search Live for the top a tree on creators. So the idea is you can build a system like this that capitalizes on the opportunities you have related to what you are doing. I don't know exactly what videos you are going to be creating or what post you're going to make on your website. What I do know is if you use a similar system when I've used to where you just do what you want to, then you zoom in on the keywords that are actually working to get people to find you. Then you doom, or of that, and then you combine it with what you are doing. So if you're on patron, you combine it with Patron. If you're on YouTube, you combine it with link to your YouTube channel. Whatever you do, you put together everything you do in a system that works for you from start to finish. And so this takes time and effort to do right. And I want to show you before going forward on the course Mawr about how detailed the system I have for maximizing the traffic and making money out of it is so that you can get an idea of where you want to go. You can get an idea of what you want to aim at and say, Okay, I want to set something up. Maybe where people go to my YouTube channel, go to my Etsy store, whatever it is you're trying to do, you can understand that building a system to funnel people from organic search into what you want them to do and, most importantly, give value to people on things they're looking for. So thank you for watching this. I've shared this in response to questions I've got. And so I hope it's much more clear now about what I'm doing and what value I'm offering you to discover for yourself in this course, regardless of what you're doing and how you're doing it. 5. What works to rank high in Google and YouTube revealed right away!: If you want the secrets to growing your search traffic on YouTube and Google here, they are very quickly up front. I will go into much more detail on all of these so you can see fully what I'm talking about . But here's the executive summary. First, if you want to rank high on Google and YouTube, No, that Google owns YouTube. This helps with understanding that the search engines are very much fundamentally the same . So once you know that, then it's easier to process all of this information. Because anything you learn about Google search is likely to apply in YouTube search. So knowing that to start really helps, then on YouTube, the one critical thing me zoom in on it. YouTube advertising. If you notice I've got a ton of cheap views, most of these views are one or two cents each with YouTube advertising globally, and then you'll notice the gigantic amount of views I've gotten from search results. And this is gigantic because it's in traffic categories that don't have a whole lot of views on YouTube. Things like Facebook ads very competitive to get views out of there because there's lots of people that want those views and not a lot of people that are actually searching. I've gotten a huge share those by using YouTube ads. So that's my one critical secret for ranking high. And YouTube is getting minutes watched with YouTube ads. Now there's a lot more detail toe what goes into that? But on YouTube, you want minutes watched. You can see here 6.2 million minutes watched, and you can do that with you two bads further on YouTube. You want videos that get subscribers, likes favorites, comments and shares out of your YouTube search traffic and that get, ah, high amount of minutes watched. So the easiest way to do that is to make really long videos. You can see my average view is four minutes 53 seconds on YouTube search. That's because I have a lot of our long videos that makes a lot easier to rank high because YouTube ultimately wants people to spend as many minutes on it as possible, so they reward you for getting minutes watched. Now that is my critical elements of success on YouTube, Specifically now everything I'm about to show you on Google Search also has an application for YouTube search. So here's how to rank high on Google search and thes things apply for YouTube search. Also, the difference is you don't have the hack or what, However, you want to put it of using YouTube advertising artificially boost your Google S E O the same way you do on YouTube. So on Google, the weight of rank high is this. You look at this post its keyword matched in the URL. It's keyword matched in the post title. It starts with a keyword matched YouTube video, and then it has two plus 1000 words with tons of links and references in the post. So this is a formula to rank really high on Google 2000 plus word post, starting off with a YouTube video and everything is keyword matched. That's my formula, that I'm getting growth like this on my website, where the clicks keep going up where you can see the top pages. Almost all are going up. The keyword positions are going up the click through rates going up the page. Clicks are going up, the impressions air going up. Now I can't control the impressions, but what I'm showing you will help you control off the other categories, you can see the results of this on. Alexa just cracked top one million websites in the world, mainly off of my strength in search results. So if you want to be successful on Google, that's the basic format. Once you understand the format, now you're ready to see it in action. So if you want to be successful on Google, you need to understand exactly how this search process works. So what I'm going to do next is cover the actual process that happens when you do something in Google. So when you type a search term to see exactly what the keys are to getting a higher ranking on here to coming up first on the ranking. So I appreciate you looking at the overview off what strategies air absolutely crushing it for me on Google and YouTube search. And then where I'm going to show you is what you need to know about Google and YouTube search that will help you be really successful doing these strategies 6. Google SEO secrets explained especially minimizing bounce and click back: Here's what you want to know about how it actually works when someone searches. So understanding this will help you do all of the details correctly in this process. So when you type something in the Google, Google puts these results out in order, it thinks you're most likely to engage with them. How does it come up with this order? That's what you want to know. And here are several critical factors that Google uses to determine this order. If you look in my Web master tools, the key factors are shown right here. Not all of them, but several of them. So if you look at these things, click through ratio and I'm sure you already understand the importance of having a good click through ratio, What you might not understand is exactly how you get up to opposition high enough to get clicks in the first place. Well, Google's got to know your content is out there, so using WordPress. If you use the Yost s CEO plug in and I'll spell it out for you, Yost s CEO plug in. It helps a lot with getting your website in Google correctly. The WordPress, Yost s CEO plug in makes it easy for me to do all of my s CEO. So when I go to edit this post, I'll click edit, and I'll show you where the plug in appears. The plug in is down here. It makes it easy to put these things into Google in the exact format that allow me to get my average position up there by getting clicks and by making appealing results. So when you search for results in Google like this, ultimately, Google wants to find the right combination of text matched with the keyword search for that gives the user good experience. Well, in order to get shown, you need to first tell Google that you are trying to get shown on that. The Yost s CEO plug in helps me focus exactly on the key words I want to get ranked on. So the Yost s CEO plug and helps me aim at the keywords I'm trying to rank on by focusing on my S CEO title and my meta description. Now, this is pretty basic right it is. But the idea of learning the basics is to then figure out the secrets of how that impacts what works. So what you want is to use the S e o plug in to control exactly what appears here. You want to control this title and you want to control this text. Once you control this text, then you have a lot better shot and optimizing thes principles that I will show you. So when you search for something in Google and you control this text what you want to optimize for our user clicks, you want to attract clicks to your title. But at the same time, you also need to tell Google about the keywords. And this is very tough because lots of markers will tell you that you can't both do s e o and do really good marketing or attractive titles altogether. And I think with enough effort you can. So it's tricky. Here's an example. I've struggled with a lot as my website. How do I title my website? So that starts with my name and it explains what I do and it makes sense for search. Well, here's how I do it. I start with my name, say what I am and then things I want to show up on you to me keywords instructor, entrepreneur online. Then in this description, I put all of these terms I want to show up on along with my name at the end. Now show you this in another context. So if you look for top patri on earners, you'll notice that I show up first on this, and this has a lot of people searching for and not a lot of good content. So if you want to get a lot of people clicking, you've got to find little niche terms like this that have a ton of search traffic and that are not very competitive toe appear in once you have that, then you got to maximize these titles and the text in order to get clicks. But that's just step one. So I've shown you where to do those in WordPress and I've shown you how I'm match the search results with what people are looking for now step to which you don't see a lot about is what happens next. So I think you probably already knew the importance of click through in getting ranked high . What you might not know is what happens after you click, and how important that is in ranking high. So once you've clicked on a search term now Google's not done evaluating how much you like that page, and this is why this format works good. As a YouTube video here, it encourages people to click, play on the video and keep them on the page. If you want to rank high. If you want to get up here in these terms, if you want your average position to climb, you've got to keep people on the page. Once they click. Simply getting people a click is not enough. Google wants people to stay on that page after they click to it. So if you want your position to go up, you've got to get people to stand the page. You'll notice, regardless of how high the position is. I'm not going to get a good click through if I don't have a good enough position because I have to get a top position before I can get clicked through. No one's going to see me until I'm at a high enough position to get clicked on now. Once I'm up there, then I have to optimize for click through. But an important thing for ranking high is getting people to stay on the page, so every time you actually do get a click is to keep them staying on the page. So I would argue that growing your search traffic, it's more important to get people to stay on the page than it is to actually get that click through. Of course, of no one clicks in the first place, you won't get anything. But if you just maximize, click through and don't maximize the page value, then Google is not going to show you high. Here's an example of what I'm talking about. So when I open a new window and I go search for something like Facebook ads 2015 I searched for that. Now what happens here is when I click on this first thing, I see an update to news feed. This is a junk. It's not helpful now. It will rank higher because it's on the official Facebook website. But what I do is I see that and I say, I don't want that I go back and I backed out. So what that tells Google is I did not have a good experience on that page. Google seat calls that click back, and I don't recall hearing. Hardly anyone talk about click back Click Back is so important. And that's why the strategy I show you works because it minimizes click back. So when you start with the YouTube video right here and you clearly match keywords and you have a lot of content a lot of words on here, you help minimize Click back, especially this video right here. And I know this is starting to get technical, and the idea is, I want you to understand Click Back is what the secret hidden ingredient that will help you rank a lot higher. So if you minimize, click back and maximize click through, then you're likely to go up a lot in the rankings. So you saw what a click back was right there. And now, if you have the official Facebook, you are l. A giant number two website in the world. You can get away with having some click back, but what happens then? The second position add gets a click out of that, and then you have the chance to move above. Whoever is above you in those search terms, so what? You can see on my courses a consistent climb. You can see on all of these rankings a consistent climb up in average position, and the one of the huge factors to that is not having a very high click back percentage. So I've got a good click through. In other words, people are clicking. But then the people who do click through are not that likely when they see this to immediately back out. It's also called the bounce rate. Oh, that's a great way to get ranked higher. That's a huge secret to being successful. And the WordPress Yost s CEO plugging combined with a good YouTube video and the knowledge of what I just shared with you. That's what you can use to start powering your search traffic up exactly like this. So I appreciate this time you spent with me and I hope explaining to you where the results show up in Google. The basic process and the importance of minimizing click back has been helpful for you. 7. YouTube search secrets, shortcuts, and power ranking tips.: YouTube search success is very similar to Google. Search success. So on Google, what works is having a long, detailed keyword matched post where the URL and the topic and then the keywords in the article match exactly what you want to talk about in YouTube. The very same thing applies, except where it's actually included, is a little bit different. So if I search for one of my videos and I'll just search for Facebook ads 2015 very good topic to be on. You'll note, I have the first and second result below the ads, so this strategy absolutely crushes it on niche terms, that air really good to rank on. This is an exact type of search you wanna be on because it's someone looking for something new. And if you're making things, the fact that it's new will help you stand out from all of what has been created. So if you just search for Facebook ads, you'll notice that there's a lot of older stuff in here, and then bam! Here's to off my brand new tutorials in here also, so Facebook ads a more generic term, but it has more search results now on YouTube, you'll notice a key factor in the highest ranking videos. Now this video's only 12 minutes, but the next three are long videos so similar to what you want to do in WordPress to rank high. You want long videos, but you also want minutes watched on those videos. It doesn't do any good to just have a long video if it doesn't get watched. So on YouTube, the same principles apply about clicking on a video, except the difference is instead of just spending time on the page, YouTube gives much more detailed results on what the user does when they click on it. So it's much more important on a YouTube video to get engagement on a WordPress post. All you need to do is stop someone from clicking that back button right away. Now there are little strategies you can use to disable the back button. I don't recommend those personally because Google will not let you do certain things like run AdWords if you do things like that. But if you want to use that to maximize your S CEO, you can try it. But what you ultimately want to do is minimize organic clicks on the back button that tells Google was a bad search results on YouTube. You've got to do much more than that. What you need to do on YouTube is get people that interact and genuinely care about your video. You want people hit your subscribe button that tells Google they loved your video. You want people hit that like button, even if they had dislike. That tells Google they at least interacted with the video. And, most importantly, you want them to spend time on the video. Now you can work around the time factor by using Google AdWords. That's what I do are used Google AdWords for video to make YouTube ads, and I get gigantic amounts off advertising minutes watched on my video for really cheap. That's why, when you saw that search result, not only did I have the third, I also had the fourth video on the generic term Facebook ads and I had the 1st 2 videos on more of a niche term. So the minutes watched is huge on YouTube because YouTube wants people to spend as much time watching videos as possible. So if you tell YouTube that your video is worth watching. You can do that by getting people watch minutes on it so minutes happen by running ads to start a huge short cut you can use to get minutes watched on your video. But then, having a longer video gets more minutes watched also, and that's because of what we call out liars. So when you have people watching a video, I'll take you the audience retention. You'll notice that a lot of people don't actually watch the entire video. What they do is they tend to drop off right at the beginning, But the longer you have a video, the MAWR, you will get these really long minutes washed. So if you'll notice in the video, watch the absolute attention. You'll notice that when you drop it down at the very beginning, you've got 100% of the people watching it. Fast forward to two minutes on this video, and I've only got 39% of people watching it. Still, that's a pretty good rate of continuing to get people watch it, and you'll note that the people continuing to watch it adds differs greatly. However, what you'll notice is going farther out on this. I've got 3% of people still watching the video after 2.5 hours that bumps up the average view duration a lot. So if you can make a longer video and keep people watching it, then you will rank much higher. This video on Facebook ads able to rank high because it has a long amount of time. So the idea is, you want to make videos on YouTube? Not for that 100% of people you want to make videos for that 10% who will spend a ton of time watching your video? That's how you rank high is to make videos that 10% of the people watching it absolutely love and that they will continue watching on and on and on and on. That's how you get a high ranking on YouTube. I hope this has been helpful for you to explain how important the average view duration is on your videos and to explain the huge short cut you can take by running ads on your videos to bump your minutes watched. And then once you get that organic search traffic to maximize your video for engagement by telling people in your video to engage with it, to subscribe to, like your video to comment down here on your video. So I appreciate the time you spent watching this. You can understand how much I care about every minute you watch based on this, so thank you for watching this, and I hope it's been helpful. 8. WordPress and YouTube content strategy that multiplies your SEO!: the rial magic ranking high happens when you can match your YouTube videos and your Google search results together, and this is a simple way to do it with WordPress. You just make a video post, drop your YouTube video right at the beginning of the post and then make a transcription off the video below. It's the most beautiful thing ever. The reason is you on Lee have to then make the actual video. You can use a software to do the transcription, or you can hire someone to do the transcription. But the only real work you have to do is make the video, and you can do a talking head video you into a screen capture video like this. You can do the video, however you want to. The awesome thing is, all you have to do is make that video, which often will take 5 10 20 minutes. If you're just doing a quick talk through something video, stick that video at the top of the post you something to get it transcribed, a little extra S CEO, and then you've got a post that does two things at once. So when people search for something and they find you. Your video helps minimize the likelihood that they'll leave, which helps increase the amount of search traffic you get to your website. Then, when someone actually watches your video, you are getting minutes watched on your video on this video. In particular, I've got 11 minutes on average, watched on it and if I go to my overall analytics, you can see there's lots of watch time on my channel. The reason I'm able to do this it because I'm pairing up my channel and my WordPress website seamlessly. So the whole thing I'm trying to do is get people paired up between my WordPress website and my YouTube channel. You'll notice a consistent effort to send people on my website to my YouTube channel and then on my YouTube channel back to my website. So the whole idea is I want traffic back and forth between my website and my YouTube channel. It's an interactive effect, so let me explain that real quick. So when you multiply something together that's called interactive. So if you just add one plus one, then you get to and if you just multiply one times one, you get one So if you're just doing a little bit off getting people to your website in your YouTube channel, it's not likely to do much getting started. And that's why a lot of people don't pursue a strategy like this to get started, because it seems like Mawr to just keep them separate into your own thing. But here's where the magic happens if you just try and do a little bit on your YouTube channel, so you make 10 videos and you do a little bit on your WordPress website. You make 10 posts and you're not integrating them. That's 20 things you've done total. But here's what happens when you multiply it. You've done 10 posts on your website that match 10 videos on your Channel 100. Ah, hell of a lot bigger outcome, and the reason it works like that is because it inner acts with what's going on. So when someone searches right here and then you not only get them to go to your website, you get them to give you minutes watched on your YouTube channel. It produces this feedback loop, so when I get someone to search for me, they go watch this video. Then all of a sudden, I am telling Google that that WordPress post over here is really good. On top of that, now they're spending time on my channel. Now Google is saying, Oh, this guy has a good you tube channel. We should rank his YouTube videos higher. So then, when you do something like you search for Facebook marketing 2015 then you get my video comes up for that. And when you click on my video for that, then it sends you back to my website in the video itself, and then in the video description, it sends you back to my website. So then someone that searched on YouTube has told Google, Hey, this is a good video. They go spend time on my website all of a sudden, Now they're putting time on my website, and when they want to remember me, they're likely to remember my website and they'll just search for all Jerry Banfield. And then, okay, I went to his website. That's an interactive effect. It's way more powerful than just getting someone to go to your WordPress website or just getting them to watch a video getting them to do multiple things in combination produces way more results. Let me go back with the calculator and show you how this works on a bigger level. So I've got 250 plus posts on my WORDPRESS website and 250 or so videos on my YouTube channel. That's 500 total. If I just added them up and didn't work them together, that's about 500 units off productivity. But here's what happens when I multiply them 2 50 times to 50. 62,000. And that is because I get this interactive effects. So it's like this. A rising tide lifts all ships. You have to have your WordPress website and your YouTube videos linked up and working together on the same strategy so that they're in the same ocean so that when your YouTube channel goes up, it pulls your website up. When your website s CEO goes up, it pulls up your YouTube analytics. When your YouTube channel ladies go up again, it pulls your S e o back up it all. Mary's together and it gives you this forward mo mentum. So Google loves forward momentum. That's why my search traffic keeps going up and Google loves new content. When you can put videos and posts out and you only have to actually make the video, you don't have to actually make the post. If you do this like I'm showing you, then you get this fantastic multiplication effect where your U two s CEO directly impacts your website s CEO. And not just that. But then you get branding, too, because when someone searches for Facebook marketing, they find me and they searched for something else, like Patri on tips or YouTube stuff. And they find me. I've got a lot of people that came and said, How are you showing up on all these things I've searched for? And it's that repeat recognition. So when someone searches, finds one of my pages leaves and at some other point, then they search on YouTube and find me to than that produces a very powerful impact. So all you have to do to do this, make a video, stick it on your website, get your video transcribed either by software or hiring someone, match all that up, and then bam magic ridiculously powerful s CEO strategy. And if you can get some low cost WordPress hosting. You can do all of this at almost no cost. So I hope this has been really helpful for you in explaining exactly what you can do to get fantastic interactive effects between WordPress and YouTube that are so much greater than what you can do individually. So thank you for watching this. I hope it's been helpful. 9. Which keywords should you use getting started?: when you're just getting started in a new niche or with a new website or a new career, how do you find keywords for S e O that work good that are profitable and that are worth doing? If you're using my s CEO course to plan out your content marketing strategy to try and get clicks your website to try and rank videos higher, the first logical question seems to be okay, I get what you're saying. Which keywords do I use? You want to do this because you love it. You want to make videos about things you love. You want to make posts about things you love. You want to try and get clicks rank higher on things you love. The reason is that will be easy and effortless. What you want to ask getting started is what would I love to make a video about before you know anything or before you know very much. So this goes for me whenever I'm starting out in a new niche. For example, if I want to write a novel, if I want to do a new type, of course I don't have any data on if you are starting out in something and you don't know any of what the keywords might be. This applies to you. You want to ask yourself instead of keywords, ask what would I love to make a video on? What would I love to write about? The reason is you want to do something just because you love to do it, and this will make it easy to get started. Getting started is very hard because you don't know anything. When I do a new subject on my website, I don't know anything about what keywords I'm supposed to use. That's a really hard That's really daunting. So Onley question, I ask is What do I want to make this about? What would I love to make this about? I did that with what I've shown you, that I'm ranking really high on. I wrote about Patri on the first post. The one you see that's ranking high is not the first post. The first post I just wrote about Patriot. I just made a video about it because I wanted to, and that's where the ideal point to start. That's a secret that you don't hear because there's so many people trying to do things as a means to an end. You want to start off with what you're passionate about because getting started is so challenging. You just want to start out of love. I love making these videos I'm doing with you right now. You can see that energy throughout. If I was just doing this to try and make money or to try and get email addresses or as a means to an end, you would feel that energy. You know, I'm telling you the truth because you can feel it. My body language, everything I'm communicating through honestly with you. You can feel that. And when you are doing this strategy, your audience can feel exactly what you're doing to. So if you start off on Lee focusing on where you can make money and how you can do this as a means to an end, your audience will feel that your end product will not be very good. And it won't matter. All of these other things you tried to do toe learn. So when you start, you want to make sure you start with what you love, because when you make something about what you love you will do a much better job with it. You'll put your heart into it. You'll put your soul into it. You will do a great job. So when you get started, forget about keywords getting started. Start on, Lee, with what you love and know that you will get the right keywords matched with what you love when the time is right. I do this now because I learned the hard way. I tried to start with keywords all the time. I tried to do things as a means to an end. I tried to do things so I could make money. And I always made crappy end products that took way longer to create. This takes almost no effort. I love doing it. And then I can get data on what keywords I should use after I know what I like to do. So to begin with your WordPress and YouTube s CEO, you want to start with what you love and forget keywords. You will get the keywords in time. Eventually you will get the keywords, but get started. Forget keywords and know that when the time's right, you will have the keywords effortlessly given to you. I will show you once you've got started. Once you've already made several videos about a topic you like. I will show you how toe effortlessly find the exact right keywords. You don't need to use a keyword tool. You don't need to try and guess. You don't need to do a bunch of research. You don't need to buy a bunch of products. I will show you how toe effortlessly find the right keywords once you've started an area you like. So, for example, I picked Patron was one of the areas I picked when I first started my website that I liked and I just wrote a post about it. I picked a lot of other ones, too. Then I zoom in on the keywords that are working on what I made because I liked to make it in the first place. So I hope this has been helpful for you and figuring out where to start Keywords make starting much more frustrating when you haven't done a video or you haven't written a post on something. Starting with keywords makes it frustrating the old saying, putting the cart before the horse, you make the content that then you go back and figure out what keywords you should highlight. So thank you for sharing this with me. And I hope this has been really useful for you with your S e o and your WordPress YouTube strategy. 10. How do you find the best keywords to rank high on in Google and YouTube?: once you've got going with your WordPress and YouTube strategy. Once you've made different blawg posts combined with videos, what do you do to then find the best keywords to rank on? Here's exactly what you do, so I'll show you what I mean by getting started on my website. I've done all kinds of posts on all kinds of topics that are in all kinds of different stages of getting started. When I first started on making posts and videos together on my Web site like I'm showing you, I just put up things on whenever I wanted to talk about. You can see I still do that. I just throw things up that I feel like talking about. That's the key first death. Okay, how do you follow up with that? The best part is all you have to do, then to find the right keywords is just go to your Google Web master tools. You go to your tools and you go to your search queries, so if you scroll down at the bottom, you'll see search traffic search queries, that's all. You have to do it so absurdly easy. You don't have to use any keyword tools. You don't have to do all this guesswork. All you have to do is look at the actual keywords you are already showing up on and then intentionally make content based on those keywords. So this is exactly what I did on my website. I made things that I wanted to talk about, Unpatriotic on and a bunch of other topics. The one I was getting a lot of fast impressions on was patri on and on this Facebook ads account Disabled. I noticed I was getting a lot of impressions and clicks on those. So what did I do? I intentionally wrote Mawr posts and made Mawr videos on those exact topics. So what I'd first made on Patron with something more general, its way down deep on my post. What I then followed up with was an exact keyword match term. Based on what I already saw, I was showing up on on my website, so there was no guesswork. I didn't have to try and figure out what worked. I could see what actually was working and do more of it. This is an application of the Peredo principle, a k a. The 80 20 principle where you do positive reinforcement. So this whole strategy is beautiful because it starts off. You just do what you love. You don't force yourself to do anything. You just do what you already loved to do. There's no reason you can't do that. You can just do whatever you want to do. Then you look in the search results and see what are you actually showing up for. And then you aim what you like to do it. Those specific topics. So that's what I did. And that's how I've got a page now that's bringing in tons of clicks, and I just do that over and over and over. You can see I did the same thing on PATRI on review after this page after the top. A tree on page was also ranking on that. Then I went back and intentionally made a page on patron review. Same thing with Facebook ads. I went back and made ah page on Facebook and account disabled instead of just on Facebook. Ads account disabled so you can make things very closely related and you can do the exact same thing on YouTube. And if you've paired this strategy together, this works beautifully because you can have a little differences. So what I've done, I've gone into my YouTube channel creator studio. I mean, the analytics, traffic sources. I did the same thing on YouTube, so I just started out making videos on what I liked. I made a lot of really crappy video starting out, but the most important point is I made them and I kept going. I made more videos. Then when I finally made a video people really liked on Facebook ads, then I could see in my search analytics. That's where I was showing up. Then I intentionally made a bunch more videos on Facebook ads. Along the way, I realized that was showing up on Facebook marketing. Now I'm intentionally making more videos on Facebook marketing, and this is for my entire channel search traffic. So the more generic terms show up higher what you can do to get really good terms. As you go into the analytics, you pick exact video or group of videos, and then you go down to the traffic source. Then you get much more detailed keywords. This is how I got keywords related to the year. You'll notice I'm showing up all over the 2015 results. That's exactly what you want. So there's no guesswork again. Same thing on YouTube. You make videos about what you love to make things on. You'll notice I'm showing up on some of these gaming terms. I just wanted to make a video on the new XO zombies, and now I've able to see exactly what I've shown up for on some of these, so that I know for future videos. Okay, people are going to want to know exactly what to do on the Easter egg. They're going to want to know exactly about Xbox one game play. They're going to want to see so low gameplay. Specifically, they're going to want to see world records. That's the beauty it just is so easy to do. There's no forcing yourself to do a certain strategy. There's no having the research things, trying to make videos on stuff you don't know about it. You don't want you start off. You just make stuff. You make videos and then get them in the post so you make posts and get them in the videos . You make things on what you love to start with, then you go to your web master tools and you see, what are you ranking on already? You go to your YouTube analytics and see what are you ranking on are ready. Then you intentionally make more of that. And if you need to tweak a title sometimes, then you tweak a title of something you already did make. That's the beauty of this. It's 80 20 applied to your s CEO strategy. You're looking for positive reinforcement, and you're likely to get the best positive reinforcement when you're in your element when you're doing what you love to do. So this whole s CEO strategy that I'm showing you with YouTube and with WordPress is all designed to maximize you doing what you're already doing. So it doesn't matter what nature, and it doesn't matter what you're making videos on this strategy will work no matter what. And it will work best if you're doing things on what you love to do like I'm doing right now. I love to do this. That's why it works because I love to do it. That's what you are unlocking right now is a secret to doing what you love to do and then discovering the keywords behind it, then ranking high on it, then being able to do more of it. So thank you very much for spending this time with me doing what I'm loving to do. And hopefully I've shared that feeling with you, and you are empowered to do what you love to do more effectively. 11. Final exam for this WordPress and YouTube SEO secrets course!: Here's where you get the value out of this course. This is a course based not just on learning, but undoing. You want to do something and show what you're doing. So if you've applied these principles, the ultimate final exam for this course is to apply these principles and then come back and inspire other students. So, for example, I'm doing that right now. And here's how you can do the same thing. You go through and learn this, you give it a try, and then you come back. When you have data showing how well it's worked, you come back and click at a discussion and you put in a title YouTube channel Search growth for mine. And what I will put in here to note that it's working is final exam for me. And I put that in to show this is my final exam. This is proof that I'm playing what I've learned in this course, and then I post a screenshot of my search traffic. And this is from one year to the next year giant growth in search traffic. I post this and the idea is I'm posting this with the hope to inspire other students. And when you go through this course, you can inspire other students. So it's one thing toe look at me is the instruct and say, That's great. This guy can do this. What does that mean for me? You have the opportunity. Is a student to show other students what you are doing to maybe make connections to network and to inspire someone else. When a student goes through and learns from me and tries these things, and then they see that you've posted your final exam showing what you've done, that's a really powerful proof to the student that, hey, I should stick with these things and they will work. So the ultimate goal of this course is for you to post a final exam showing where your search traffic has increased, using the principles you've learned in this course, combined with what you already knew and what you are getting out of doing what you love so that can come in the form of something like YouTube analytics. It can come in the form of something like Google Web master tools and showing a screen shot of your clicks going up or your search traffic or any other way, you are tracking what you were doing. So that's the ultimate goal of this course is to prove to the other students that this works for you. These principles air set up for you toe work in any different area. So here's where you get that value out of the course. This first section explains to you Ah, basic overview of what you're trying to get out of this course and more steps to contact me in the next lecture. Then this section section to immediately gives you the core value of the course. What works to rank high and Google What? Google s CEO secrets work, including minimizing, bouncing, click back that I rarely see anyone refer to that are really important and that show you exactly the strength of combining your WordPress and YouTube channel for maximum s CEO, then YouTube search secret, short cuts, power ranking tips. If you just want to get a quick value out of this course, you can skip Teoh any section like this to a specific lecture to get what you want. Next lecture WordPress and YouTube content creation strategy, how it multiplies your S. E o. And then on awesome lecture about which keywords you should use getting started Tons of questions about this, an awesome answer to which keywords you should use getting started and then how to really take it to the next level. Playing 80 20. Finding the key words, you are already ranking on it, figuring out how to rank higher on them. From there, I give you hands on showing you exactly how to do this on YouTube. Exactly how to go through and do it with your WordPress. Posting strategy. Hands on holding your hand all the way through. These are deep, detailed lectures that show you exactly how to do it and how I'm doing it myself. Then at the end, a wrap up and some bonus materials, as I put things in like Hello bar tutorial, showing you how to then take your organic traffic and make money off of it and direct people a certain pages on your website. So I'm honored. You have learned so much more about this course. I look forward to seeing you post your final exam in this course, showing exactly what you've learned to inspire your fellow students there. Over 12,000 people in this course who could all benefit from you leading by example, and you doing well for yourself and then sharing that with them. So I'm honored you're here, and I look forward to sharing with you the best of what I know. And it's what is working for me with Google and YouTube search to get consistent, predictable growth. 12. How am I getting my organic search traffic to grow every month?: Do you want to see how to get traffic to your website like I do from Google Organic Search , I am grateful to be growing rapidly on Google Organic Search. You can see. Last year my website had zero sessions. Not even one Google search result this year. 7860. But here's the really magic. Look at this at the beginning and then watch where it is now. You can see I'm getting around if 80 to 100 a day now and that's just the beginning. You can see this is trending higher. There's no telling where it's going. The level offer if it will. The question is, how the hell do you get started doing this? Where did I start? I started actively doing what I'm going to show you right in here, and that's when all the growth started S CEO and getting traffic. Google was one of the biggest frustrations I've had in my business, and I'm going to make it really easy for you to do exactly this. And if you want Mawr details, I'm going to show you now, even more so, out of that 7800 that I've gotten over the last year compared to the zero I got the year before. Take a look at this. This is my last month of search traffic. That's nearly 1/3 of what I've got the whole year in one month. Actually, it's yes, it's over 1/3 of all the search traffic I've got in the last year I've got in the last month. And here's why. What I'm getting is month to month growth. So this is a couple months ago. This is last month, and then look at this month. What I aim to do is keep the numbers grew in the green every single month, because if I'm growing every month, that leads to fantastic results. Now when you're getting started, this takes a while because Google wants to test out your content and wants to slowly put you up where you're supposed to be. Google doesn't want to risk throwing up things that might not be good for its users, but once you show Google you have great content. Google will keep throwing Mawr and more people at your website, and you can see it's not even about the search terms. It's about the volume you can see no single search term has more than around 5% of the total, and you can see some of the things like my name. Search results have been consistently accounting for around the same amount of traffic, but it's in all these details all of these terms where I've got ah bunch of clicks coming in and I will show you the strategy that works for me to do this, because figuring out how to do this was really frustrating. But now I've got a system that's ridiculously simple for doing it. Using YouTube, WordPress and video transcribers on oh desk, you can do this entire system totally for free. Assuming you have a website, I recommend you get a WORDPRESS website like mine with a custom URL and get it hosted. It gives you a very professional looking appearance that's trustworthy to the world for a low price, and you can pay $10 for domain on something like Go Daddy. You can pay around $10 a month on something like Host Gator, and you can have a professional looking appearance for just over $10 a month. And if you set it up that way and then do the strategy. I'm showing you you can count on consistently growing, and I am thankful to have this kind of growth, because if I tried to pay, if I tried to pay to get these 2000 clicks that I got for free in the last month, it would cost me between 1000 to $5000 to pay for those clicks. Not to mention, I would have to spend a bunch of time of Google AdWords managing the ads, optimizing them to get my cost per click lower, and it would still cost 1 to $5000. Four. Having value on your website Organic search traffic is one of the biggest concrete things you have that shows value. If you ever want to sell a website or have a business sold or get valued, having that traffic is one of the most concrete things that gives you value. The power of organic search traffic is it's free, and it's generally consistent. Look at my traffic over the last month, almost every day, around 80 to 100 results. Some days it's a little over some days it dips down to maybe 72 but I'm consistently getting growing amounts of traffic to my website. Now here's the simple answer for how I do it. I write content. I write posts on my website that Google loves, and I'll tell you much more about how to do that shortly. So I create content Google loves, and then I share it on Google. Plus, there you go. I just do the little plus one button and I share it that way. Google nose. I did it. When I write a new post on my website, I just click on it and I go plus one it and there. Google knows it's up there. I don't have to comment or anything. I just share it. And that way Google knows the content should be indexed. Google knows the content is on line, so that's how I tell Google where my content is. And here's the key. If you want to show up on search results, you need to have a good user experience. So what is a good user experience? Well, let's do a search together. So first is generally takes figuring out what people want. So what happens? You search for something like my name and then my website comes up along with all these other search results for me, and I'm happy. It looks like I've gotten all the search results are under my control for my name, which is beautiful. That's what you want. And then here's the first result Up here, I click on that, Then I go to my website. Here's what Google uses to determine where you should show in search results. It's the user behavior. What I just did. That's part one. Part two is what I do next. So if I go back out right now and go to another search result, that's going to tell Google that I didn't like what I found on the last search result. What Google wants is to see a good user experience out of its search traffic. So Google ranks each link based on a good user experience. So all I do is create everything based on making a good Google user experience. I try and make everything so that the data Google has says that people love my website. It's that easy and the tricks to it. Of course, I will give you much more detail about Okay, So what does Google consider a good user experience? So I just gave you the basics, but for ranking high. The articles that are ranking high consistently have the same approach for me, and it's because of the Google user experience I just told you about. This is one of my most successful pages. What do you notice on this page? As soon as someone drops on this page, there's a huge video toe watch right here or Google user experience. The time someone spends on a page is a good indicator of the experience if they search for something. So let me do another search. Let's say another of my successful pages is having my Facebook and account band. I have a good resource for this, and so you can see Google's shown me up here first, probably because it suspects I'll click on it after going to the last one so you can see Facebook and account banned. My website comes up. A good user experience, according to Google, is when someone searches and has a problem, clicks on it and then stays on the page long enough to get whatever they needed. So staying on this page enough time to read through and figure out what's going on. Okay, so I've read this page. Obviously, I know what's on it. But for a good Google user experience, Google expects a click through and no click back. So they expect the user to go to the page and either interact with the page more or to just close out. Because Google then says, OK, that person got what they needed to when they searched for that term. Now let's take a look. Try something else like something like s CEO tips. So you can imagine this is a giant lee competitive term. Everyone wants to be on s CEO tips because then theoretically, there's opportunities to get more out of that. You can see all these paid ads air trying to force their way up into the search results. But most of the time, people go straight for the organic. So let's say I go right here Quick s CEO tips your mother would love and this these air some good tips on here, but OK, so I read through him like I whatever. All right, I already know how to do that. Now I go to search result to and I stay on here and to see these s e o tips are saying the same thing. I'm telling you, right, great content, right. Unique content at new content all the time. These are all things I'm going to tell you. Create a great keyword phrase. She's a phrase is popular, but not too popular. These air good s CEO tips. Now here's the thing, though. If I back out and keep going to all these new articles, Google's like Okay, Yuck! Google's like Okay, what do you want? Right here and this page? You can see how fast I backed out of it cause that one Yuck! I don't want that. Let's go to search engine watch this time And there's the ad. I think I'll back straight out of that, too. And here, now we'll go to the Google. Do you need an SC? Oh, that's funny. Google it all back out of that one, too. No. All right, let's say this one has all the act, the things I like, but it doesn't. So let's go to a different one. But here we go. So this arc, this has some pretty good things on it. So Now, let's say you just saw how I searched. I backed out of all those other pages and then I came down to this one, and I'm going to stay on here for a while now. What does that tell Google that tells Google that I did not like the search results I got on the 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th and seventh results. But it tells Google I did like this one. Google knows that I do. Or Google thinks I do like this search result because I didn't back out. Google assumes that I'm satisfied with what I found because I didn't back out and go back to that other search term. If you could understand that, you can understand exactly what I'm showing you for my search engine strategy. And I don't like to say s CEO anymore, because s e o to me something that's done on a page and I will show you exactly how to do that. But I used to My understanding of S e O was more of gaming the system, but now I have on understanding of S CEO is being applying good on page principles and then giving Google everything in the actual content that tells Google. It's a good user experience. So a good user experience is something that I just showed you. When people click through it and stay there and then close out the page and say, OK, Google, I found what I wanted to. I don't need to click and go back anymore. I don't need to go anywhere else. So one of the easiest ways to give a user a good experience and to tell Google that the user had a good experience is to start with a video in the top and then to have the exact whatever the search term was. Have it down here. So it's obvious that you can scroll down and read if you want to, or you can watch the video. People love videos. The reason people love videos is videos communicate so much mawr. There's a voice. There's a narrator, and especially if they're screen capture. I always try and do screen capture because there's so much more depth to screen capture as a visual person, I'm in the habit of looking at things first, so a good Google user experiences easiest to get when you have a format like this and everything is carefully done here. So I'm giving you an overview right now what I did to get these kind of results and this kind of double digit monthly growth. So this is an overview of how to do it. Step one you are. L matches the primary key word Step. Well, I shouldn't say step, because that's not I'll show you actually creating it, But I'll show you from top to bottom. So top short keyword most closely matching keywords video right on the page so that people can watch, because if there's just writing on the page, people are not likely to stay long as you saw on those s CEO articles. I just Googled. Even if there's just writing, people are not likely to spend much time in a patient, are likely to back out even if the page was good. If there's a video on the page, people are likely to spend a lot more time on the page. Not just that, but then I'm getting minutes watched on my YouTube channel also, and that's really valuable. Even if people don't watch the video and encourages interaction with the page because you can see they have to scroll down. You have to scroll down to get all the writing, so it encourages immediate scrolling instead of just stopping and backing out. And then next, the content you can see the content is set up here to give people a lot of useful things. I very carefully wrote this for the exact search term to solve a problem. So I wrote this page so that it's useful no matter how old it is, because I've dropped a direct search link in on Patri on so people can see the top creators by patrons using these direct links. And then I've got a little table down here to make it easier so you can see I've put a lot of this is a massive post. This is a couple 1000 words. So that's the next big thing. Is giving Google enough depth to really know what you're talking about. So those are the basics of how I did this strategy. Those are the basics of what I'm doing, and the key is I'm doing it all the time. Look at my website and see how often I'm doing this. If you look at the newest posts. That's four new posts this week. Last week, several more new post. Some of them are buried down here and down here in the recent post. But if you can see you scroll all the way down in the bottom of the page. The oldest posters June 30th on this page. So that's within the last six months, and there are more than 50 posts on this page. That's why I'm getting this kind of growth, because I keep doing it. If you saw on those s e o tips, they say you create great content and then keep doing it. So I'm continuing to create great content consistently. And the more I do it, the more Google is starting to understand that the content I'm making is consistently good , and it gives my brand new things. I make ah higher ranking in search, and the beauty is it doesn't matter that my sight as a low paid drank all Google cares about is how often people click on it. When I get click throughs of 70 80% Google will put me at the very first position nearly all of the time, but the best part is, it tells Google my website overall is good and it starts some of my new things off a little bit higher than they would be otherwise. So thank you for following along and I'm going to go into much more depth about how to actually do this, and I'm going to show you actually doing all of it. 13. Why this strategy works so well: in the last part. I showed you what I was doing to get traffic on Google, and I showed you how consistently I'm growing bigger and bigger day by day. What I try and do is always stay in the green. I always try and stay in the green. The green is growth, and that's what I want is growth. I want to get a little bit bigger every single month. That's my goal because if I grow like this double digit growth and impression and clicks, then I know the graphs going to keep going higher and higher and that free traffic is where I have opportunities to do everything else. Almost everything good that's happened to me in my business in the last year has been from organic search traffic. When I was just starting out and I had zero search traffic and I was using a company website that did awful and organic search, everything was direct marketing. It was all direct marketing and that's frustrating because as soon as you stop direct marketing, the client stopped coming in. Organic search is incredible. Almost every good thing that happens to me now is organic Search and the best part is it's free, but the hardest part with it, it takes patience. I started actively putting things on my website around May right here and you can see it's taken a while to get going. But now that it is going, I know all I have to do is keep doing this. All have to do is keep writing all of these posts. People come to my website and they say I'm overwhelmed. How can you write this much? Well, there's a big, huge trick to it and it's very simple. This has been the miracle discovery of the year for me, and I'm giving it to you right now. Here it is, I can write. I can write 2000 words and our I can talk 10,000 words an hour. So when I make a video, I can talk 10,000 words in an hour. So when you see a post like this, it's a small fraction of the whole video. And here's what I do. Let me show you my recent posts. I wrote four posts on making money on the Internet, all based on exact keywords. Then I see people are looking for If you notice the same video is at the top of every one of these. That's because in this one hour video, I said 9000 words I got. I hired several people on oh desk to transcribe my videos. Now all I have to do is copy and paste the transcription of the video. Here's a perfect example. This was one of my shorter videos. All I had to do put the video up there. Let me take you over to the video watch page. You can see the videos 11 minutes long and the entire post is transcribed here, so I don't have any intention of the user actually reading the post most of the time. What I've done is just transcribed the text of the video. So Google has everything they need to show this in search results. Google can see from this exactly what I'm talking about. What they user. In the last part, I showed you a lot about what happens when people search when the user comes here, the users more likely to want to take a look at this video and watch and see exactly what I'm talking about in the video because the video has a lot more depth. I say all of these words in the video, but the video shows so much more. So I'm doing to fold here. I'm giving Google all of the data. Google needs to rank this correctly in search results. I've told Google what this page is about, but then I for the user, I've made a video that gives the user good experience. So I'm working with the intent behind Google. Google wants a good user experience. The video is set up to make a good user experience. And then I'm working with the practical limitations of the technology. Google can only index text. So right now, at least their voice technology is getting better. But Google can only analyze text right now. So if you want to show up in search results, text is critical. If you don't have text, then you can't show up very well in search results because Google needs to know what all is on the page. So, for example, I have words like photo shopping here that are not they're not actually in the video. But if someone searches, can va versus photo shop, I can come up in those search results because I've talked about photo shop in here. I've talked about linked in in here, and I've talked about design experience. I've talked about a lot of things related to what this video is. Four. If you just post a video, Google doesn't know all of the text that's included in that video, even if you have a good description on the video. So this is my strategy that's worked so well and I'll take you around my website. You can see consistency. The one thing I do very consistently is I Post videos at the top of Page is now. Here's another perfect example, and this is one of my transcribers Joshua that doesn't exceptional job with his transcriptions. He makes it into a great blawg post by taking Screenshots out of the video, so that's an even better way to do it. But see some of these, like launching your Facebook. The idea is to show up on the exact long term search result. I want an evergreen article that's up here all the time so you can see on some of these. I have put the same or similar video up, but what I have, then is unique taxed. I have unique text on all of the actual articles with it. So what I'm telling Google is I'm writing a ton of unique things on my website. And then I'm telling the user, Hey, I've got this awesome video you should watch. You should stay on this page and not back out and go to another website. So this is what is working exceptionally well. It's both giving the user a good experience and giving Google the data it needs to correctly Index like this page. I'm showing up on this already passive income playing league of legends on YouTube and this is part of my YouTube channel strategies. You can see I've built a bunch of these. So what I'm planning on is taking those exact searches. But what I'm also doing is hedging my bets. Because if you look at this traffic, I have, let's look by pages, I have one or two pages here that are accounting for a huge portion of my total clicks. This one page accounts for half my clicks. Half of my clicks, this one page this other page which used to be a few months back one of my main pages. This page still accounts for around 20% of my total traffic. If you'll notice my home page comes in third here and in accounts for Onley around 8% of my total clicks. And if you want to get a lot of search traffic, you have to think outside of the home page. You have to think of having a lot of these kind of big pages on your website. When I was trying to do search results before, all I did was agonize over my home page. As you can see, I get nearly Was that 60% off my traffic? 70% of my traffic I get from two pages that are not my home page. Thes pages solve problems people have unpatriotic on. It's frustrating to try and find the top a tree on Creators. I created a page that shows the top Patriot creators in great detail on Facebook. It's frustrating getting your account disabled. I created a page to show what to do about it. These other pages are the strategy I've shown on my website here, and some of these have came up very quickly, like this one how to get past the 2000 follower limit has came up very quickly. I've never seen my pages come up and get clicks so fast, so consistently, and that's what's exciting is it's not just one page, it's a bunch of pages. And I'll tell you, it took a while to get this page up there that top a tree on craters pages right here. Now look at the date on this thing. August 23rd. It's just now blossoming and search results. Really well, three months later, it took three months for this page. You can see on some of these other pages. It was coming up, but the average position on it was 5.2 right there. And then this month it moves up to 2.6 and then on this last month, now its upto 1.7. And some of these other terms are up to number one, so it takes a while. But the beauty of this strategy is doing it consistently and bringing all of these pages into the mix, bringing all these different pages. This page I put up very recently I just put this rank of video on YouTube up, I think last month. Where is that one? That might be so recent. I don't even see it. The idea is, the faster you rank can put things up. It's incredible how much more action? Oh, yeah, This is incredible. Look at this October 20th. I just put this up and it's already coming in. It's already moving up quickly, so that's really exciting. You can see once once you get this strategy going, you then get positive reinforcement from Google. Google will then take note. Take your content more seriously when you're doing good ranking and getting, ah, good user experience. Google will then imagine your next article might be better. Wikipedia is a prime example of this. Google is pretty sure the content on Wikipedia is really good. Most of the time, I will bet you a Wikipedia article doesn't come up ranking at the very bottom, Hardly ever. It starts way higher, so the key is to ranking highs to start higher. If you start so low that no one can find your article at all, then you're just screwed because you're never going to get up high enough to get found unless people find you on that 10 page and click on you. But the Mawr, you are able to figure out what people want, make an article written exactly towards that, and then get a good user experience. Google will try your new articles in a higher position. That's why some of these websites, like Forbes and that have a lot of articles on them. When you actually click through and read an article, the user experience is often terrible, as I just showed you before. There's a pop up ad annoying, followed by ads all over the page, followed by an often very short article. But Forbes has a lot of good articles on their website, so Google gives them the benefit of the doubt on a lot of their articles that aren't even is good, and then they usually have to sink instead of rise. But if you have a website that's newer, you have to rise and you can do that like I'm showing you by creating articles that are very specifically aimed at search results. So I'm aiming at a very specific search result. Here's a recent example of what I did so this 10 steps to get your business to $10,000 monthly. This has been doing good in search results. You can see it showing up on things related to $10,000 a month. This wasn't something I set out to do on purpose. I just wrote it, and especially when you're getting started, it's hard to aim it keywords. It's hard to aim a keywords when you don't know what cured you. Shame at. And the bigger a keyword is, the harder it is to aim at because other people are aiming at it, too. But now that I've seen people are searching for things related to $10,000 a month, look what I've done. So I intentionally went and wrote a post called Make $10,000 a Month online free, And it has a video sharing the exact same information as in this Post note that this was one of my older post that didn't have a video matched with it, but that I can put a video on. But this new post has a video on it immediately to get people watch it, and I'm intentionally going after these search terms. Now that I know people are searching for things like make $10,000 a month. I'm intentionally going after those search terms, and there's a lot more lucrative terms out there. I don't even know about such a specific affiliate programs that I can do this with two. But what I'm doing now is I'm just consistently creating things on what I like to do, and then I'm doing positive reinforcement on it. So when I see this article, my number one article was not the first article I wrote on patri on one of these. I think it was. This one was my first article. Once I saw this article was showing up Good. Then I wrote this one. Once I found that one was showing up good, and I started trying to figure out what people were searching for. Then I realized, Oh, people want to know about the top patron creators. Then I wrote that one. So my whole system, everything I'm showing you is a positive reinforcement loop. It's the 80 20 principal. I'm trying to find those 20% of articles that get the most search results. But you can see this isn't actually this is a 80 20 principal taken down a level because this one article is accounting for 50 percent of my clicks. And this one article has more than double the next article, which has almost three times the next one, which has almost three times the one below it. But I didn't get straight to this one. I did not get straight to this one. I made one of these first, so you can see all these new articles. I'm doing all these new articles I'm doing. I'm trying to reach farther up in the here by figuring out in here what's working. So I already made one YouTube marketing strategy post. And now I'm figuring out Mawr exactly what people want. While the search result in here says you to marketing plan instead of strategy, you can see I'm consistently using these pages here to try and find more of these pages here because in the previous month, if it'll show my data, you can see this page was on the way up then. But it still wasn't up to the level of this one. You can see I had a lot smaller pages in here. I didn't have asthma any of these huge pages, but now these bigger pages. I've got a lot more of those. So I'm going that now show you exactly how I make one of these posts really quickly. 14. Hands on with the details of executing this strategy: you've seen now how I've gotten exceptional growth in just the last few months and Google Organic Search. You've seen the green numbers in my Web master tools showing that my clicks are consistently going up. Now the question is, how do I actually create these posts in WordPress and YouTube? And what can you do to repeat the same process? I'm going to show you exactly what I do to do this live as I do it. So the challenging part with that is I'm doing this actually for myself, which will go live on my website in all the detail. The advantage of that is there's no theoretical. There's no this minor might not. This is what I'm actually doing for myself and how you can easily repeat it if you have something as simple as a WORDPRESS website. Ah, YouTube channel. Ah, screen capture programs such as snag it and then some hosting on your own You, Earl, which you can get from host Gator for $10 a month or something even lower than that, or higher if you want faster speed. The beauty of this is how easy it is to do, and you might want to scale it up using transcription people on oh desk, which I'm doing. But I'm going to show you the whole thing from start to finish. So first starting off depends on where you're at. So let's take a look at this again if you're down here starting off, going to work a little different than when you're right here. So when I was right here, let's show you some of the articles I did. This is an example 10 steps to get your business to $10,000 a month, and this is part of my you to make course, which is 0 to $10,000 a month online. But this is the type of article I wrote. So I just wrote it, and I didn't know exactly who would find it. So I showed you in the past step how I figured out what I'm finding. So if you're starting out, you're stuck kind of just doing things like writing whatever article you might want to like . Here's an article I wrote I just wrote about books I read that have helped me. So I didn't know exactly what kind of search results that would inspire So if you don't know what keywords people are looking for, then that's where you start. You start off making a YouTube video about something you want to make. If you do know what keywords people are searching for. And I do have a pretty good idea. Here's where you start. So I'm in Web master tools and I want to download this table. I want to download this table to see what keywords my website is already ranking for. I want to know what I'm already doing, right, so I can do more of it. And when I want to do now is find what I'm doing right when it comes to s CEO. Let's check out what I'm doing, right. Well, black hat Seo techniques don't know about. That s e o plane. Now, that's one of the old articles I had on their here. Now that's a good one. Important s CEO terms. So what I do now is I have a file. Then I take these terms like this, and I put them in a file called Validated Keywords. I know people are actually looking for these things, and so I don't want to do anything like that. So s CEO might not be right. So now I try another key word that didn't work, Son, I try. Let me try traffic. Alright. Increased site traffic. I know. I'm showing up for that. Let's see. So that's the only one. Let's try website. So this is where I'm doing my keyword research. I'm seeing what search results I'm actually already showing for, so that I can intentionally aim an entire article at that best website to buy YouTube views . So what I'm doing now is trying to find the right key word to match what I'm doing. And if you're starting out in a new area, it's challenging because you may not have any good keyword data on it. So I'm in a challenging spot for this particular because I already made this video. So if you don't have keywords to research, you can just do it like this. So I don't seem to have much existing data on what keyword I want to use. So now I can just go up here and start and scroll down and try and find some articles that relate to what I might want to put up there So I'm seeing ranking videos on Google. What I want to do is find some things I'm already showing on, especially that I'm already getting some clicks on and then intentionally aim article directly at that. But I have to have something to start with. So I'm scrolling through these keywords and I'm just trying to find one that has maybe a click and I don't see any because I haven't written about this too much already. So since I don't, I might have to just freestyle it. But I will keep looking and see if I can find a search term where I'm actually showing already. It looks like all halves rank YouTube videos. Let me try Google. Ah, here's a nice one. How to ranking Google in 2000 and 14. That's a sweet one right there that from my previous keywords that I know that these year based keywords can be good. So that's a sweet one. So sometimes it just takes a minute to search through and figure it out. Google Sites tutorial Probably not that how to rank on Google, and that's how the ranking Google this is how to rank on Google. That's interesting. It's a slightly different wording, but it might be worth it to try a couple of different tutorials or a couple of different articles. I rank down the keyword Google. All right. Google I had for it sucks how to how to rank for Google Hummingbird. That's a really cool keyword. See, when you came in an exact keyword like that, that's really cool Rank high in Google. All right, that's another good keyword. And what I will do is I'll show you I will do an actual article with that exact key word title. So this takes a while, as you can see, but the rewards are well worth it. You. Some of these key words you've seen, I found these keywords before I went did a specific article about it like the how to rank YouTube videos. And then that worked really well. So I did another article on it. So it takes repetition. It takes doing this a lot. But you you keep doing this like I've kept doing it. It's working really good. So I've went through all these already. So I've got several new ideas over here on my pad now, the only thing I need to do is figure out which one of these matches when I have. So what I have is a 78 100 7800 word post transcribed from a one hour, 15 minute video that goes back to what I said about the strategy. It works because I can talk a hell of a lot faster than I can write. So having success on line and in life often is not about miracles or magic. I mean, I believe miracles come from your understanding of a higher power, and I believe that is a huge part of life. But as it comes to practical things, I believe it's mostly a function of time, effort, systems and learning. In other words, you can use thes things. I'm showing you to get the same results if you can build it for yourself. So if I can talk 7000 words an hour, that's more than three times as fast as I can write. It makes sense for me to talk first and have someone transcribe it, because that's how I get the most content out. So that's what I have here is a transcription, and when I want to do with this transcription is figure out where I can break it up into the first post. I want to chop it into three unique posts right here. So I'm going to do a new post and new posts. I got three new posts in WordPress. When I want to do is chop this up into three different posts that have keyword titles matching the research I just showed you. If even one of those works, Well, if just one of those works, well, then I'm in business. I'm in really good shape to have a exciting amount of search traffic continuing to grow as you saw. It doesn't. You don't have to do a whole bunch of exceptional things. You just need a couple of key words and a very small amount of pages to perform really well in your website. So that's what I'm trying to repeat that. And I'm trying to figure out in here how I can divide and conquer up. So it looks like I might have a logical split right here at 2500 words, because if I'm going into saying Let's show you how this works right here, then it might make sense to split it right there, or it might make sense to split it right here based on what I was writing about in there. So it's tricky sometimes to match this with when I'm writing, because the most important part of the post is at the top. So I want to find a split point where I can get a good posting here and eventually I may be able to have my transcribers include all of this in their work. But for now, it just makes sense to do it this way. But in the future, I will be able to have it divided up more so that I don't have to do this. Step on it. But if you're just getting started with this, you might end up doing this all yourself. Or you might have just hand her get a transcriber to do the whole video. So either way, this is something you'll likely need to know about doing this. So what I've done is now I've dropped this first part in here, So this first thing I might have to go off the keyword farm a little bit and say WordPress posting strategy from maximum s CEO results because that looks like a good title based on here. And I bet that something someone else is looking for. It's a WordPress posting for maximum s CEO results. So that's something I want to give a try here. I just WordPress posting strategy for maximum s CEO results. And now I delete that and try here. What word? Press posting strategy do I used to get incredible growth in cool organic search. And then I start by asking this question and then I say, Watch the video above to see my WordPress posting strategy executed live there. So I say, watch the video above to see my and I can preview it too. Let's see what this looks like so I can see I've got wordpress posting strategy and I might have it too much, so I might just say I might Whoa, I want to do that. Change this back in the paragraph. Delete. There we go. In the video above. Now that's the beauty of this. Now, I just put it up here and now this transcription serves as the content Google has, so I don't even need to do anything else. I don't know if someone's actually going to read this, but I've got it all up right there. And now I have start doing the details of the post and I I will wanna I'll try saving a draft of this to make sure I don't lose my work. And they're now what it makes the post link. So I want to make my post link 75 characters or less. So I go back here and this is a and I want to see how long is this u R l I've got I don't want this u r l to be too long because then Google won't like it. And it's all about making Google happy. So it's exactly 75 characters. So I'm going to Dili the four out of here, there. So now what I do is I just finish up this WordPress post I click video and I go down here and click Google for the category I scroll all the way down on the bottom and I have the enfold theme. I really liked the enfold theme. I found it Rhyme are showed me then fold theme. I've been using it ever since. It works really good on my website. I've gotten a lot of good feedback about it. So here's what I do next. It's no, I have the video in here and I'll put the focus keyword up in here. I want to do WordPress posting strategy, and I'll even throw 2014 in the title here and see if it fits Scarface. See if it fits and then I start off. I write this meta description as if it's an ad. I'm writing this meta description because I want people to click on it when you see these kind of things on here. Like I'm getting the average position on one point. Oh, and it clicked through of 70 80%. I've written the meta description just like an ad. I want people to click on it, and I want my keyword to match. Exactly. So I'm going to verbatim paste somewhere in here. My exact keyword, which in this instance will be here and make sure I include there. So see the now I used as many characters that I couldn't have written this just like an ad. See the WordPress posting strategy that gets me Google organic traffic growth every month in 2014. In this free maximum s CEO results video tutorial. I've given the key details of why someone would want to read this. 15. Hellobar tutorial for getting conversions on your website.: So now you've got this traffic to your website. The question is, what do you do with that traffic while it's there? How do you get people to go to the pages you want them to on your website? The strategy I'm showing you encourages sending people to a ton of different pages on your website. So what you need is a strategy to get them to go to the right pages on your website. So on my website, I'm trying to send people to the jury banfield dot com slash you to meet Page because that's where all my you Timmy courses are. That's where I start making some money. And I'm also trying to send them to the landing page which is just the home the block which has all the free articles and content on it. Well, they're already going there a lot by default. But what I want to do is get people in my unit me page. So they're converting on my courses and paying me something. So when I've got all of these blawg posts like this, you click on my blawg and you can see the strategy I do on my website is just tons of posts . It's January 13 today Look, January 12 12 12 10th night. Those are the newest post, and then there's all kinds of new or post on this page. But the problem is what happens when someone's on this page? How do I actually get them to go click on my you to meet courses Page or go to my Blawg? And that's the challenge with this strategy. So here is how you work around that. I get them to go to this page by putting a hello bar on the top of my website and it's available. Hello bar dot com. It's free for the 1st 25,000 visits, and then it's ad supported. You can also pay, like $10 a month, like I've done to get a pro account where now I have almost all the features unlocked and I don't have to show ads, and I only have to pay $5 every 25,000 visits after the 1st 250,000 So what I'm showing you how to do is put a hello bar which looks just like this up to the top of your website. I show you how to put that onto all of your pages so you can direct people to your money making offers or to anything else you want. So here's how to create a hello bar real quick. You just click, create new, and then you can see what it's going toe look like when it's up on top of the website. So this wordpress bars just on here for me. So my website by default starts right here when I'm going to do is have this Hello, bar on top of it when I want to do is have a click link to it, and I want them to go to this exact link. So I go over here and copy this link. Put the Lincoln here. That's the link I want them to go to when they click on this. Hello, bar. Want them to look at my you Timmy courses? So they're more than likely on a blawg post page. So I'm not showing this on my jury. Banfield dot com slash you to meet Page. It's going to be on a page like this. This is one of the top pages on my website, so they're not on a home page or on the courses. This will only show on pages besides that in order to get them to go to this page. So I don't want open that Nuland window. So I click next and now I take the hello bar branding off. I want to push the page down rather than go over top of the page. And then I want it to remain at the top when people scroll down that way, when someone reads this 2000 plus word article, Look, the hello bar still up there at the very top. So then I click next. And now I want to choose a background color because this color is kind of obnoxious. And that's what hello bars using for the default. So I'd like to do something. Maybe blue like that looks good to me. So I'll do that for the background. The text looks good on the click box. Looks good. So then I click next. And now I put my message here, and this is what I can do in order to get them to click here. What I want is to make sure I've got some compelling text on there. So What I need to do is find some text that will get people to click on that exactly. And I can do that on my Utah Me instructor profile. More than likely. So I opened my instructor profile up here. When I want to do is just take the name of some of my courses and put them up there and then maybe copy that into the hello bar text. So I'll put this up here, and I don't want it to be that long. Obviously, as you can see, that's not likely. Look very good. So when I want to do is add some kind of shorter called action. I want some kind of shorter call the action that encourages people to go click on my you Timmy courses. So what I want is to communicate to people exactly why they should click on it and go to my you Timmy course page. So what I'm going to do is think of a message I can put for that and then pauses the recording and then type the message. And then I'll in positive talk to you about the message. So here's what I've done. What I ultimately want to do is do a b testing and see which of these convert the best to get people to my you to meet Page. So when I'm going to do is just make a laundry list of hello bars and see which ones convert the best. What I want to do is use titles from my you to me courses so that people can see exactly which ones are likely to convert. So if I put text up from one of my you Timmy courses, then if I'm sending people the page, I can have a good idea that they will actually convert. So what I've done is put the title of one of my you know, me courses up with a read more link, and that's how I have one about making this. So then I hit next, and then I want to put this on specific pages. So what I want to do is put this on Lee on certain pages, so I will set some conditions up and then I put the URL is not jerry banfield dot com. So I want to do is exclude the home page and then when I also want to do is exclude the you Jimmy Page because there's no reason for this to pop up when I'm already advertising my you Timmy courses. So what I want to do is exclude the people on these two you RL's. And this way I put in the URL is not exactly jerry banfield dot com because if I put includes, then that would exclude my whole website. So I don't want to do that. And that's what I can do then to exclude home and you to me. So then I save that. And then this rule allows this Hello, Bart, and not pop up on the home page or on the other page. And now I hit done. And now this Hello Bar is ready to go. So this hello bar now will send people over to the pages on my website that I want them to go to, and it shouldn't appear on my home page, but it should appear on every other page besides this or the You know me now, sometimes it takes a little bit to get loaded. But what will happen is it will be up soon, and then I can start testing all of these different. Hello bars. So what I can do is hit a B test a new bar, and then I can go through and do the same thing on here. What I really like to do is just copy this one with create variation. So now it's taken the exact same settings from the last bar, and that's what I want. I want the color to be the same and now all I do is change the text. Now I've got a nice little new title here. See how to get Facebook likes for one cent each. I've got this new title. It's got the exact same rules. So now I hit done saving. And now I've got two different variations of the same hello bar so I can do the exact same thing I get. Create another variation, and I can just try all these different text combinations until I find the ideal method for getting people to go to the unit me page. So that's what you want to do with Hello. Bar is make asses many variations as you can so that you can test them and see which actually works the best, because some of these will not work very good. But if you can get one that converts good, then you can count on selling your offer or getting people to write page on your website, whatever you want to do so you can see here another simple variation of it based on a you to me course title. So then I just hit next. It uses the same rules and I hit save. And the nice thing is, I've got all these up now and then I can get stats on all of them and all. I need to know about our the conversion percentage. So I just create all these variations. And then all I want to do is know what the conversion percentages and then delete ones that aren't converting and keep and make new one similar to the ones that are converting. So again, I made another quick variation. I hit done. I saved that. And so now I've got four different hello bars, and that's what sweet. So I've got four different Hello bars. They all go to my you Timmy courses and then all I need to do I just want to go and see how these actually perform on my website. So we'll take a little bit of time before these actually load on my website. So you can see I just refresh it and they haven't loaded yet, so it'll take a little time for them to appear on my website. But then they will appear right up here at the top and then start funneling people over to the links I want. So if you are trying to get people to your key conversion pages on your website order products off site this is how you condone what you go to hell. Oh bar dot com Set your website up, makes a mellow bars and send people where you want them. I appreciate you watching this video and I hope sharing how to get traffic exactly to the right page of product from your organic search traffic will prove really helpful for you. 16. Using the Google keyword planner + suggested search to decide what title to use.: Ah, big part of doing successful CEO is figuring out exactly what words people use when talking about things. So in other words, what words do people search for? I'm going to show you an example as I try and figure out on my Utah Me course. Should I call it Facebook marketing and the ads? Or should I call it Facebook ads or Facebook advertising? So what I can do? I can use the Google keyword tool. So this is just adwords dot google dot com slash ko slash keyword planner, and it will take you straight into your campaigns. What I want to do is ask Google. What is it that people are looking for? So I can just say search for you here. I can go Facebook marketing, Facebook ads, Facebook advertising. I typed those in and then what I want to know is, what exactly is it people are searching for? So I can see the main search term is Facebook ads, then Facebook advertising, then Facebook marketing. So that's really helpful. As I pull over to you to me here. Then I can see which in you to me is suggested. So what? I can see Facebook marketing and then Facebook ads are suggested on you know me. So when I want to do is put this course title into what works both according to Google and what works according to you to meet. So what I'll do is say, the complete foot Facebook ads and marketing course that gives me a good, solid search term based on what I know people are looking for and what's most relevant to my course. That also matches me with Google and with you, to me, the main search term on you to be his Facebook marketing. However, I can easily just put marketing all by itself here and use it with the word Facebook over here. So that way I've got a powerful e keyword verified search term. If people are searching much more about Facebook ads, I want to have that in there, especially for my course. So this is how you use the keyword tool mawr to just zoom in on what exactly you should use to phrase things you're looking for. It makes it a lot easier than to know exactly what you should call something. S CEO is more of just matching your language with the language. People are looking for it in. So thank you for watching this. And I hope this quick overview of how to use the Google keyword planner and match that with wherever you're trying to get found is helpful for you and seeing exactly what you conduce you to get the best results out of titling and out of your s CEO work. 17. Getting started with Google webmaster tools and adding your website.: Google Web Master Tools is the foundation of good s CEO research and practice on your website. Google Web Master tools will tell you exactly what's going on on your website and give you the opportunity to deeply Diagne OSHA s e o search results. If you use Google Analytics, you can also sink your Webmaster tools to get your actual S C o keywords on your website. So I will give you a general overview off what Google Webmaster Tools does. The first thing you will want to know is how to add a website to Web master tools if you've never done it before, So the easiest thing to do is just Google that and go through and read what Google says to do. So If I go to Google Web Master tools, I just go to google dot com slash web master slash tools and whatever language Yulin will come up there. There's a nice button here to click at a website, so all you have to do then is click. Add a website. You can see I've added a lot of websites on mine and I want to go in and delete some of these when I have time, so it's easy to add a website. You just click on, add a website, you click the URL, and then what Google will ask you to do is put some verification code in to show that you own the website. So once you put that in, you'll need to follow Google's instruction to put the code on your website. If you need help with it, just view all the Google documentation for how to do it and stick the code in on you, the website where Google tells you to. Then you'll get this data, and here's the big thing. You want all the data right away, and you won't get it. Google need you to put the coat on your website, and it usually will take a little bit of time before you actually get the data. So if you haven't set up Web master tools yet, you want to go through, get your website done so that you can see your website listed on google dot com slash web master slash tools as soon as possible. Once you've got that done, then you can go to the dashboard and get to know each individual section of Google Webmaster tools 18. How to get Google to immediately index your website using the submit URL tool.: have you seen a company or product or service somewhere that promised to instantly get your website submitted to Google and to instantly get you ranked on certain keywords usually related to ones that match your exact website title or company name? Well, here it is. Google dot com slash web masters slash tool slash submit dash u R l This is all you need to dio. So if you have a new website or a new girl, you go straight to this link and if you need to search it, you can just go Google submit URL you can search it and it will come straight up there. Three words submit. You are all right, They're all you have to do. If you have a new website is just put that girl in there. You just type it in with the whole link. You type in the capture and submit request. That's it. So I love seeing companies that are charging lots of money for this because I know exactly what they have to do to get it done. It takes however long it just took right there for me to type that. Oh yeah, and then let me type the caption there, and I don't need to submit this request because Google's already got my website completely indexed. But if you make a new website and it's not showing up anywhere on search results, just give this a try. Sometimes you might make a website now no links to it, and Google won't know about it using most platforms. That won't happen too much. But if you've done your own HTML or something, if your website when you're putting, the exact you are Ln so if I click a new incognito window and I go to google dot com, and I put my exact you are Ln then there's no way your website should not show up when you put your exact you are Ellen, either that way or that way. If that's happening and you're not showing up, all you have to do is go submit your You are all right here. And if you want to instantly get people's u R L submitted to Google and instantly rank on the first page, well, this is how you do it. It still might take a little tiny bit of time before Google gets everything indexed and displayed correctly, but this tool is it the Web master tools submit u R l and this you don't need to use If you're in your Google Web master tools and you see you've already got your Google index status. You've already got hundreds of pages indexed on your website. You don't need to do this. So if you have a brand new website or you are all you Google doesn't know about, just go toe. Web master Tools slash submit URL 19. Google webmaster tools search queries explained in depth.: If I had to guess, I would say the main thing you want out of Google Webmaster tools is your search traffic. So here's how you get to it. Left menu, click Search Traffic. Then you want search queries and you can zoom in a little bit. Then you can see the queries right here the overall numbers on everything. So on mine, you'll notice the's green numbers indicating growth. The main thing you want is consistent growth. You want toe always be growing because 8% might not seem like much right. But if I do 8% every month and I have 5700 clicks and I times 1.8 Next month, 6200 that's one month, two months, three months, four months, five months, six months. I'm up to 9000 clicks at 8% growth. Six more months. 123456 I'm up to 14,000 clicks in a year. It doesn't seem like much, but if you can get consistent green numbers here, your search traffic will goto unbelievable places. How do you get consistent green numbers? Well, that's what I've shown you in this course is you consistently add new, high quality pages to your website. That's how you get it. Now, Once you have this data, how do you analyze it while you can start with queries if you want, and you can see the main thing I get clicked on is my name. That makes sense from a word of mouth marketing point of view that is very good. Also, if 1500 impressions came for my name, and that means I have a lot of people talking about me within the last month. That's really good, and I can see the clicks than I have hundreds of them going to my website and then down here I can see the rest of the terms. I'm ranking on number one in terms of the highest individual terms. So most of these air terms I'm top on like top Patriot, highest patron, biggest patron and most of these air all on one post. But you'll notice that I have a term here that is a very long search term. If you can figure out the exact error message people will use to search for very good, and then you can scroll down mawr terms, I'm on well, this only shows one out of 25 when there's 3000 different terms, So I find it helpful. I like to go toe 500 rows and then I can really dig in and just get going down here with all the different terms. You'll quickly. No, Google starts not actually tracking clicks Now. The Web master cliques often differ from Google analytics. So it seems the amount of raw clicks Google will show by term here is greatly diminished, which means Google's adding some kind of simplicity to the actual clicks. So what I can do? I can download chart data. I can look at this in a C S V, and I can actually prove that to you because Google says, I've got 5000 clicks, it's tracked, and while then I didn't improve it very well. Using that approach when I want to do is download this table. The chart data Google shows by each day. Now, if I actually tracked a number of clicks this way, I'll scroll down all the way to cure 3 66 You'll see. Google Onley actually has reported 2430 secs riel clicks by keyword. So what? This means this data is actually about half or less of the rial click Scher getting so It's a limited perspective on the total picture. So if I click basic and I click order with change, I can actually see a much better bigger picture on this point of view. I can then see the change, which is very valuable in terms of figuring out where I'm growing and figuring out which keywords I'm really doing good work on. So you'll see on my name. I've actually shrunk a little bit, and that's OK. And if you looked in it, some of these other key will judge, you'll notice most of the key words are growing, and that's what you want. You ultimately want more green numbers than red numbers, and you want these big keywords like patrons success. Huge growth on that, and you can't boost post because you're shared. Loggins been disabled. Very niche. Things like that. You want those green numbers. So that's how to use this page on. What you can even do is download the table like this with change, and then you can click on it to go into Microsoft Excel and then you'll actually get to go into Microsoft Excel. So then a cool little thing I can do. I can actually aggregate the change, and I can collectively see what all my changes combined. Now. The problem is that doesn't work well with the infinity sign and some of the other things. But what I can see if you just look at individual keywords by percents doesn't account for outliers like up 1000%. Overall, I'm up 5000% by individual keyword percentage. I can also do the same thing with change. I can go highlight individual change here and you can see collectively in the rankings. I'm up 5000 positions because my up has consistently went up more than down. So that's good, because my ranking in my click through rate, it's continuing to go up and I could do the same thing in change so I can see collectively how much higher I'm ranking collectively among all terms, and I didn't select every single one. I can go down and select more down here collectively, among all terms, I'm up 1800 places in the rankings in the last month. So what this all points to is a lot of good growth. Now that's how you use the queries. When I click on the top pages, it's a lot the same. So this will actually give you more data on clicks. You can download this table. It works. Exact. Same is what I just showed you, except instead of by query. It has it by page. So then what I can do is tally the clicks up by page and then you'll notice by page every single click is actually accounted for. So what Google doesn't give you sometimes are the clicks by individual keyword, because there often are longer keywords, and I would guess it would get messy for Google to do it that way. But what you can see then is clicks by page, and every one of the clicks is an tracked, and I can do the same thing. Here was selecting this, but it might be a little messy to do it this way, but I can still then look at my overall percentage by page. I can see my pages air collectively up 2400%. I can see my average position. Excuse me if I just go click on change, then on the pages that actually have clicks, I can see I've actually dropped a little overall in the page rankings because some of the pages like this have dropped 90 spots. But overall, up on the top 10 pages, I've went down 6.5 positions, so that might not be ideal. But the thing is, my clicks are continuing to go up. If you look at my actual impressions, you can see those air up. And if you look at my clicks on the top 10 those air up significantly and to click through rate is actually around the same, depending on how you run it. So you can get deep into your data by doing it this way and using excel, and you can look at each individual thing like Okay, this page is down 1% and clicks. This page is up 13%. That's really good, and I usually sort by clicks, but you can sort by click three consort by change, average position, all kinds of things you want. And then you can see how detailed your actual keywords are that Google doesn't quite give you that much detail. normally, so people are searching for the actual name of my course, and I'm showing up on all kinds of other search results, like blogging Sarasota marketing consultants there so that things I'm not intentionally trying to rank for, I'm there. And it's interesting to see people are searching for my name without a space instead of with the space to. So you can learn a lot from all of the data in here, especially if you look at your top pages. You could see Okay, look at all these keywords I'm ranking on and you can see that it's not as much one exact phrase, but it's showing up on all kinds of different keywords. And when I did, I used this data. The original pages I had that were ranking good were this one and another similar page to this one. They originally ranked good, and then through the keywords, I found the idea to create this page, and now this page has been at work horse. So you'll note, I did the same thing with Patri on review. I found that in there, so I created that specific page. So what I do is I use all this keyword data to figure out what is it people want to know about? And how can I give them what they want to know about? So in here, for example, promote you to me courses. Same thing. I find people want to not to promote their you to meet courses, so I write about it. The data, in this view, is gold, and it takes a little bit of time to get it. When you don't have as much data, it's extra important to zoom in on figuring out what people want. This page is a good example. I found people want to know how to make 10,000 month. So I wrote about it. Same thing on this one. I found people wanted to get past the Twitter follower limit, and I found that firsthand for being frustrated with it. Then what I did is wrote about it. Now you'll see my average positions 51. But there's so many searches for this, I can still actually get some clicks. Same thing on this. There's get 10,000 Twitter followers free. There's so many searches for this that even at Position 43 I'm still getting a good amount of clicks. Same thing on this. You see, I have a Facebook ads account, disabled page and a Facebook disabled and account. I wasn't able to get as many clicks as I wanted on this one post by itself. So I went made another post that can also get some new clicks on its own that might be better. Make money on League of Legends. Same thing here. I found I created an original post, and then what I did is I expanded on that and zoomed in more. So what you can see in this data will give you the chance to build your content according to what people want. And that's what's most important is that you give the people what they want. If people say they want more articles about patri on based on what they're searching for, if they want to know about the top patriotic creators, then you give them an article about that. You give them a video about that. If you realize oh, people are looking for a Skype recorder or they're looking for a review of a certain product, then you give them what they want. When you give people what they want. Google will give you what you want in the search traffic, and it adds up when you've got a bunch of pages that are doing well. You notice these top pages bring in 3000 but there's another 2000 plus clicks I'm getting from all these individual pages, and all of these pages started as smaller pages down here. It takes a lot of time to grow, and the longer you work at it, the more you zoom in on what people want. You will have the opportunity to get pages down here to come flying up here in the search results. It takes a lot of time. Sometimes it's taken me five plus months to get this page up here, but you'll notice the more pages you get like this. It's easier to pull another page up there. So Google Web master tools, especially in the search queries, has so much good data for you that you can literally figure out exactly what you should create based on what you see in Google Web Master Search queries. I appreciate you watching this and hope this has been useful for you and figuring out where your big opportunities are to find Mawr. Search clicks to your website 20. Fixing errors shown in Google webmaster tools the easy way.: in your Web master tools. Understanding the basic dashboard is important. And once you've done that, then one of the first things you want to do is look at your search appearance to see how your website is appearing in Google. Google gives you, for example, your search appearance. It shows you all the different ways you can appear, well, one of the easiest things to do. You go to your structure data, and you take a look at and figure out where your errors. Because it often could be easier to fix something that's wrong than to try and figure out exactly what you need to do more of and actually do it right. This structure data shows you all of the data Google has about your website. You can see Google's got a lot of data about my website, thousands of items actually indexed from micro formats dot org's and schema dot org's. Now I notice right here. I've got errors, so I click on that and I find all 39 items with errors are on one page. So the easiest thing for me to do What's that Page oral clients. Oh, this is an old page I'm not using anymore. Well, let's fix that. Then I go in to hear I click. Move to trash. Look there. That page has been deleted now, so that's the easiest way when you find an error is to see if it's on a page you really actually need. If you've got ARIZ in here, you want to get those fixed because error send negative signals to Google about things you're doing on your website. You want to have the data set up in a way that Google likes, so there I just deleted the page. So the easiest thing is, if you've got air on just one page to delete it and start over and if you've got your search appearance looking good, other than that error, usually you conduce that by using some kind of WordPress plug in or theme that already has Good s CEO set up on it. So that will handle getting all of this structure data in Google. Otherwise, you'll need to set up your site map so that your site map clearly communicates where everything is to Google. So that's a basic overview of how you quickly fix an error in Google Web master tools. Just delete the page. And if you need the data, what was on that page? Just remake it and start fresh using the format you've already used on another page. 21. Crawl Stats Page Load Indicator: time spent downloading a page (in milliseconds): one of the ranking factors Google considers, and one of the key variables for user experience you can do something about in your website is how fast your website loads. If you're in Web master tools, there's a very good place to take a look at how fast Google thinks your website is. So if you go on your Web master tools, you pick the website. I'm already on jerry banfield dot com, and then you go down to crawl and then you click on this tab crawl stats and then you go down. It shows the pages the kilobytes, but the main thing is down on this little bottom window. Times spent downloading a page. This is a big one for user experience and something Google considers four ranking. The reason is this is a reflection of how fast your website loads. If Google needs a lot of time to download your website, then that's bad. That usually indicates you're loading slow, and if you're loading slow, people are going to leave. If they found you in organic search, they're going to bounce. They're going to click back into Google and you're not likely to. Rank is high, so here is where this tab is again. It's in crawl on the left side crawl stats And then it's right here and this is something interesting. I'm showing you right now, which is why I'm filming this now. So these are my crawl stats. This was on my host Gator dedicated server. The crawl stats were much higher before when I had a host Gator shared server. And this is where you're hosting Makes a big difference. So I had a host gator dedicated server. That was 4000 year right here. I obviously did not want to keep paying that much. So I switched right here, toe a go, daddy virtual private server. And as soon as I saw these numbers on the crawl stats, I said, Oh, this is really bad And I realized I had made a bad change in my hosting. So then what I did, I talked to a friend, and now I'm on Go Daddy WordPress managed hosting. And this here is the first day the day switched What? You can see the page load time dropped drastically. And that's good because it's right around where it was with my host Gator dedicated server , except I got nearly 10 years of hosting plus site protection and SSL for five years in two years, respectively, for less or row around half of what it cost me to have a host Gator dedicated server for one year. So I will share more about this in the hosting section. The key is you want to look at your crawl stats and see exactly how much time Google is taking to download your site. If you're somewhere around where I was on my dedicated server, where I'm back down to now around half a second, you're in a good place if you're higher than this, especially if you're up here where my virtual private server was before I switched off of it. If you're up here, that's bad. And you want to make a hosting change because of Google takes this long to download your website. Your users air taking longer, and your users are not going to tolerate taking much longer than this to download your website. So I'm grateful I've found this little crawl stats. This is what inspired me to switch off of host Gators shared hosting because my crawl stats were up here and higher on host Gators shared hosting. So now I'm grateful to be down here again on a much lower price hosting and I'm grateful. I know where this pages because I can always monitor this page to see exactly how fast Google thinks my website is loading. 22. Deadlink checker basic use and how I fixed a lot of broken links on my website: Here's how I'm using dead link checker toe Help improve my existing links on my website. So here's a simple thing I found deadly checker. I put my You are Ellen here and then dead link checker checks for links that aren't working . So that means I'm trying to send traffic out on that link on my website and it's not working. Google will mark. That is a bad user experience. And so that will lower my search position. Maybe not a whole lot, but it's better to fix these things if you can, especially the big ones. So when I've notice is this share on VK Link is broken every single time. So what I did before I made this video, I went in and found Okay, well, where's that link on my website? I went through on my WordPress website and I found it here in my theme options. You see, I had this checked before VK link. So what I want to do is just uncheck that And then I hit save all changes. So now I've removed all of those from my website so that will remove a bunch of dead links from my website. What you want to do in anything is trying to hit the main problem. Because if you are big into the 80 20 rule like I am, there's usually on your website. Probably 20% of the things you're doing are causing 80% of the problems, and usually is you notice how easy that was to go unchecked. The VK link. Now in time, all of those dead links will be removed. And that will look a lot better than when Google's indexing my website and it notices I've removed hundreds of bad links. Then it should work out a lot better. So I found that originally it shows you which page it's on. So another thing I want to do is find why have bulk bad links on there? So if you'll notice I have this no text, I have a bunch of errors trying to do links on this one single page. So all right, click tab, open up this page and you can see, then what I've done is linked to my Amazon products on here. I tested this out for seeing if I get a good result using any affiliate marketing and the problem is it doesn't seem to work good in terms of actually making any money, but also now I'm on my bad links that are not working. So if I click on this, I can see what it means. Well, then it's not exactly clear four or five method not allowed. It means it's not supported by that resource. Using get on a form ritual choirs post access. So that probably means it's something to do with how I'm popping up. The picture on some of these links is what I would guess, and that means it can't index that without actually being on the post. So just in straight up text robot link analysis than that doesn't work. So I can see that That's a problematic thing I'm doing on one page and now it might just be then that I don't want to do any more of that on any of the other pages. So even if there's not an exact change that I'm trying to make, I can learn. Okay, I don't ever want to do that strategy again. It took a long time to build, and it didn't work. Good. So that's what you can learn, especially using deadly checkers where you can do little things on your website that you can get a huge return out of in terms of cleaning up the bad things. You don't even realize they're going on in your website. So what I've done, I've removed this one problem all across the website with one click. And now I've learned a couple of lessons about what not to do going forward on my website. So I appreciate you watching this. And I hope this look at how to use Dead link checker on a basic level and how to make quick changes is helpful for you. 23. Deadlink checker finding and removing a lot of bad old posts to boost SEO: another really good thing you can do in Dead Link checker is start cleaning up your crappy old pages. Often having good s CEO is less about making a lot of new pages as it is about cleaning up all those old, bad pages that Google doesn't like. So I try and make a ton of good new pages now. But up until recently, what I had not done was go through and clean up a lot of the old crappy pages. This often will happen when you import and an previous website you had or whenever you use some kind of copied content, whatever you often did to start out your website, and then you forget about that. As you go forward and do better, you'll find these crappy pages bring you down. So I'm seeing these bad links the pages air so bad that the links aren't there anymore. Thes are horrible for S e O, and I'm better off deleting all of these because the content often was on a previous website. Originally, there's not a lot of words in the post. They're not getting any search traffic anyway, and then they have dead links like this that don't go anywhere. So Google is considering this just a terrible S e o experience. So there's an easy thing I can go do on WordPress to clean this up. So what you're seeing is a bunch of old posts that need to go. I could go through and manually delete each one of these like this. I could go move to trash because this is a terrible post with a broken back link that no one's linking to anyway. However, what I could do that's a lot easier is sort these by date because I know my older post tend to all be crappy and they were all imported. So one thing I do is bulk select all of my older post and just wipe them. Now that could be risky if I actually have posts that are doing good. So I don't want to go too crazy on that all at once. So what I want to do or go back to some of these old ones and try and match them, and I can quickly just look at the post here and see what it looks like. Anything I'm doing, where I'm linking a bunch of old things out like this where I've got old back links to my old company website I sold. Probably don't want to do that. So what I'm going to do is just go through and check all of these pages here. I know these air. Just crappy pages. Based on my S CEO here, I did nothing on them. I imported them and most of my old content was really bad. So what I can do is just go through here and go delete all of these at once. I'm likely losing a lot more from these pages than I'm gaining. So as you can see, I'm going through and manually selecting knees like this. Page originally appeared on another Web site too. So I'm going through in just deleting all of these old posts because this is a lot easier. And it will make things a lot faster than just trying to go through and select one at a time. For example, I just saw this one. This is a really bad post with a bunch of broken back links. And when I can dio, I can also double check and see Are my getting any actual links am I getting any actual traffic to these pages? So I go to Google Analytics for this. I go to behavior on the lower left. I go to site content, all pages, and then when I do, I want to go down to the bottom and see Okay, What kind of traffic am I getting these pages? So you'll notice five Skim through here. There's a lot of search results. I'm not getting traffic to do you notice? There's also a lot of pages. I'm not getting much in the way of traffic to it all. And a lot of these old posts. You see, they aren't even showing up down here. They're not getting almost any traffic at all. So these air bringing down my S CEO and they're not getting any traffic. As you can imagine, that worst case scenario. Here's one of those new pages. Very low traffic to it. So this absolutely confirms I want to go through and delete all of these old posts. I know where the posts were made because I can see from the back link checker A lot of these that came up in the page. Most of them are May 2013 or later. So when I want to do is go through and just wipe all of these. I imported them straight from another website I had before off of the Blawg page. So now what I want to do is just straight up. Delete them. Now, this one that was originally good post on another form. But it didnt work good. So I now have got to the pages that I originally actually wrote. So what I now want to do is make sure I will actually, right Click Tab to take a look at this page. And now this. You can see another bad page on here. Definitely want to get rid of that. Now I can manually check a few things real quick and see how these look. So this one that looks pretty good. So you can see that's not imported from my old blawg and same thing on this one right click tab. And here's another very good one. Deep post. So this is where I started actually writing rial post. So now I just go through. I've selected all of these old bad posts that are showing up all over my dead link checker that are likely anchoring my s CEO. So all of these air selected now I go to bulk actions, move to trash. I hit, apply. And now I clean out a whole bunch of the junk all at once from my website. It will take a little time, but Google will soon notice. I've produced a lot better user experience on my website. So I've cleaned all of those out. And now what I have I can just right click tab on anything that's left and make sure Then I want to get rid of anything else. So I select that one and I right click on this. And now I know from remembering that these air original post most of these air pretty good . However, that one not very good, I'll delete that one and then I can see most of these are pretty good actual posts. Ah, bulk action this one to post move them to trash. And now I've gotten rid off a ton of bad content on my website very quickly using dead Link checker. And I can even go into trash and take a double look around through these and I don't see traffic that I've remembered on any of these pages these air often very bad, low quality pages. So that's all I have to do is go down through here and just I can even totally get rid of these because I'd rather just make new content. So I will bulk action, and I don't have to actually delete them right now if I don't want to, because you can see this doesn't have a page on the website anymore. So if you look through the categories, if you right click, actually, all I have to do is refresh this page and you'll notice that that page no longer exists because I just removed the depth in that category. So that's a very good thing to do. You want to get rid of all of those old posts on your website, and you can do that easily by doing what I just showed you. So I removed too bad pages that Google did not like it all, and they're in the trash, so I don't need to delete them from there. If I don't want to, I can just leave them there. I've removed them off the website and if for some reason. I realize I need to restore them later. I can or they're automatically. I can go delete them later if I have not used them yet, so that's a powerful way to go back. Use dead Link checker and take bulk actions where you can very quickly wipe huge sections that are not working on your website. You don't want bad links that you are trying to send people toe on your website to give Google users of bad experience. And if people aren't going no page on your website, it's better. It doesn't even exist at all in Google's mind. So I've just done two big actions with a dead link checker that have greatly cleaned up my own s CEO. So I hope going through this with you is helpful in seeing how you conduce. Oh, it on your own website. 24. Dead link checker removing individual links and turning off comments.: So now with dead link checker, I'll show you how to make some minor edits to the little problems that come up in your website. So, for example, I will click on this and you'll notice that I've got a potential back link in here to Facebook on a website that's not there anymore. So I control F to find, and I may have actually deleted this when I deleted the other post. So the nice thing is, that does look like what's happened. So I don't have to do anything with that. So I go through here and try and find the links that are broken. So on this page, I found a H T. T. P s link to my website in here. So what I need to do is remove the https. I found it by clicking. It says home page. So if urologist search here and it says home page, so when I need to do is search for home page in this post. So then I just go find home page and you can see I have a lot of home page links. And now I found the link right here. I edit. I take the s out updated, and then I go to update post, and that's a really easy quick fix I've then made I fixed one individual broken link on my website. Done. Now, same thing on this page. This actually has a link to sign up for skill feed. Now, this is a referral link, so if you click on it, it takes you to a link to sign up in skill feed, so I don't actually want to delete that one. So now same thing on this one. I found this link. I clicked on the page. I searched and found a user who has a no back link on their name. So what I can do is just delete that you are all together on that and I can update, and now there's no back link right there. So I removed that. So what? You can see that's the reason I've disabled comments on the rest of my website. I already enabled it on this one, but I've disabled it because then other people can put back links in on comments and then if they put a broken back link in as I've had a couple of people put on here, then I lose credibility by having those Dead links index on my website. So I easily am able to check through here. Make sure there aren't any more broken back links in the comments. And then I disabled comments on the rest of my website. So that fixes that problem again. I can continue going through here, find out exactly where some of these broken links are, how to drop out, and by deleting those old posts, I removed a ton of old broken back links, so that should help a lot. That one I already know is gone. That one's gone because I know the category. So what I'm doing, I'm looking at this link and then I'm looking down here in the lower left of the screen to see where it says the link goes. So I click on this one and I can go to what the link text said. So the link texts that's the actual text so I can search for it up here and you'll find I have no actual link there. So that's another one that I deleted. So deleting those old posts removed a ton off my old bad back links. So that's a really nice thing to do is to go through and knock out huge chunks of those old back links, make the changes on your website to go ahead and knock out those old back links. So now I have done a great job. I've removed almost all of these old back links off my website. Now Dead link checker is complete as far as my work with it goes right now. So that's just the beginning of getting in and trying to remove some of the bad you may have done on your website. So thank you for watching this, and I hope this is useful for you. 25. Dead link checker follow up. Nearly all bad links removed!: now it's been a couple of days, and after using dead link checker dot com to find a bunch off bad links on my website, I went back and checked again and you'll notice all of the problematic links I have are on this one page. Except then, I have one bad link in this post. So all I have to do to edit this post, I can then very quickly go in and either delete the link or delete the post based on the date that's written and the old school method I used. I'm guessing this was on ban work dot com originally. So I'd rather just trash this whole post. And now what? I've got a lot better looking presence in Google in time. Google will then remove all of those old pages. Now you can see I've got a lot better link profile on my website. I don't have all those dead links anymore, So if you've got a bigger website where you've went through and made a lot of posts over time and your quality is improved, dead link checkers really helpful for getting into all of those bad links when you can get to a place then, like here. I've got one post that's got a bunch of problematic links. I'm just going to leave them in there. It's on Lee on one page, so that's OK. Most all of the problems. I eliminated 95% of the problems very quickly by using deadly checker. So I will consistently make sure I remember the principles I learned from Dead Link Checker and check back to make sure I haven't started adding new dead links on my website. 26. Alexa for simple analytics and tracking growth each month.: for getting good, concise analytics and rankings on your website. I find Alexa is really helpful. I haven't Alexa Pro Membership and what I could do with my Lexus quickly look at summary stats from Ah, third party instead of using Google analytics and see what my website is doing compared to other websites. So here are my certified site metrics. I have the actual Alexa code on my website and these air my certified metrics. So I've been up a Zayas in the top 1,000,000 before. I've dropped down a little bit because I haven't done any paid ads, and what you can see very quickly is that out of the 600 plus 1,000,000 websites in the world, my websites getting pretty good traffic. So I click on certified metrics and I'll show you why I like Alexa. It's got a one page, simple layout, looking at the last 28 days, showing how much traffic I have in a very simple interface so I can see my traffics up 17% versus the previous 28 days, which is really good. I can see 10,000 visitors, which is really cool, and I can see 12,000 overall visits, which count multiple visits and 16,000 total pages loaded. This is great, including the up time here, which is very good to see how much my website was actually online. If you want to know whether your website is going off line when you don't know it, Alexis very helpful for that search referrals. A very simple interfaces. You notice it gets confusing in Google Webmaster tools Sometimes, and not always are these very easy to see these tiny percent of referrals from other search engines. So one simple number, 7336 referrals from search engines up 20% again this month, a miracle and then a nice interface for social referrals. Also showing how many likes I have on Facebook shares. My Google plus ones doesn't seem to be integrated right and up 28% from the last month. And what you can see there is more than likely a paid ad campaign from last month, and then link referrals is good. Also, I can see what websites are sending traffic to me through links, and I had more warrior form visits through the last month. This is very helpful to see exactly what my traffic is doing, including here. Direct referral straight to the URL and my bounce rate. Another helpful metric. How often are people leaving the site immediately? This is a problem with having a website people never been to before. The bounce rate tends to be a lot higher, so I can see my page views or down my minutes. Per visits are down, but they're not down a whole lot. I'm not sure exactly what I can do about that now, but it's good to have that metric up there very easily for me to see. That means I'm losing four out of five visitors on my website right away, which is not ideal. But at the same time, it is consistent with most websites people haven't been to before they go to for the first time. They're often not spending a lot of time on their the one upside with by YouTube channel. I know I'm sending people over to YouTube and with my you know, me course I'm sending people over there and then with mobile traffic, it's cool to be able to know exactly how many people I'm getting from mobile devices so I can see a significant amount of my traffic is on mobile, and then I can see exactly which platform it's on, with almost all of it being on IOS or Android. And then from here I can see the top entry pages in the top pages overall, very helpful just to see the top five, because this means almost everyone on my website is coming in on these five pages. So that's where they're entering. And these are the top viewed pages. So these air very helpful, simple metrics and then location. I can see exactly which countries are most popular in, and then some of these have deeper analytics like I can click here and scroll down and go see more detail, and it's nice. I can see by page by all traffic source. So instead of using Google Webmaster tools where I can only see search, this shows me traffic by all traffic source, which is really helpful so I can go down here and scroll and see especially some of my pages that are growing all these pages that are growing really exciting. The nice thing is, when I look at this, I see a lot of green numbers and a lot of high green numbers up 60 up hundreds of percent. That's really exciting because this gives me the chance to see all of the growth on my top 50 plus pages down here. Very good. This is why Alexis helpful because of all of these metrics that gives you in such a simple layout and even seeing things like this, I can see my YouTube annotation clicks are up 150%. I can know that change I made is really good and that it's OK to ever high bounce rate on this, too, because a lot of people are clicking straight to a you to me course right after this page. But it's also worth noting. I might want to look at pages like this where the bounce rate is fantastically high and try and do something about it. Same thing on this very high bounce rate, and yet I'm getting most of my new visitors on there, So it's helpful to see all these entry pages where people are coming in and what pages people are tending to stick on for longer and browse more of the website. Alexis full of these helpful metrics that can help you get to know your website just from another point of view versus using something like Google Webmaster Tools or Google Analytics to look at your website. The Mawr. You know your own website, the more you can start improving it and making it better. So thank you for watching this. And I hope this look at how I'm using a lex up dot com with the pro membership has been very helpful for me in getting to know my website because whatever I track whenever I'm taking a look at is more likely to grow. So Alexa is one more tool I can use to pay attention to my website and to get this number green every month. 27. Hiring people to write SEO articles is usually a waste of money and time.: have you considered or tried getting people to write s CEO articles for you? This is another bad s CEO strategy. I did that did not work well when I show you in this course of creating original articles and having people transcribed them from a video works way better having people right s CEO articles for your website on Fiverr usually get a 3 to 500 word article for right here $5 or ano desk. You can pay someone. Ah, pretty good rate to get you. Nice articles written on keywords. I hired a great article writer from the United Kingdom. He charged $20 per article. He wrote seven articles every week and he did a good job in the writing. The articles were well written. He had a nice picture with all of them. And here's the problem. This is why this doesn't work out of the articles I had on my band work dot com belonged Originally, the articles that showed up were the really original ones. So what happens when you hire a writer? You often won't give them very niche topics to write about. You often do things like I didn't. You'll say all right about social media marketing, so they'll write articles like this tool 10 tools used by Twitter. Well, if you notice there's a bunch of websites that have high search ranking profiles that have already written about things like Twitter marketing tools. But the problem is, hardly anyone searches for Twitter marketing tools, either. So when you go to hire a writer like this, it's hard to find a writer that you can get to write really specific things. Like I had an article I wrote on my band work blogging at a very low search profile. But it pulled in good search traffic. It was called Why you should never use Google AdWords Express. It was a very original article I wrote, and I got a client directly out of that article that found me an organic search. Out of all the articles my freelancer wrote, they were well written. They were interesting. I never got a client out of those articles because they showed up in search results like this. Well, more accurately, they did not show up in search results because, first of all, people are not searching for generic things very often, like Twitter marketing tools. And if they do search for that, they're going to go toe websites like this Wu rank, hiss metrics, Social Baker's. They're going to go to these websites or twitter dot com, to look at, ah, post from them. They're not going to scroll the page six to find your article, show up on a competitive topic. The problem is, almost everyone writes generic articles like that. Almost everyone's thinking like that. Almost everyone who hires a writer like this is having them right. Generic articles What people are searching for are things like this. I opened it in an incognito window, so I dont bias it with Google. Plus how to get past the 2000 follower limit on Twitter. This is what people are searching for. You'll notice only 194,000 search results on this one versus 267 million on Twitter marketing tools. What that means this is both a more useful termina rank on, and look, I'm actually ranking on it on the first page. This is one of the pages on my website that gets organic search traffic because I'm on the first page of a term people want to know about. People search for exact problems like this. Well, the thing is, if you hire out a writer, they're usually going to produce generic articles like this that there's a ton of competition for. Usually you are the one who has the information that's most specific on your topic. In order to be able to understand what the problems are and what can be done about it. It's usually easiest, like I'm doing right now to make a video about it. If you can find a writer that can figure out where these are, usually they will cost a lot more. But if you can find one that will write you something like that, then it's good. The problem is, if you find a writer that can write thes niche things, then are you going to want to pay them to write an article this long? So this is my article ranking on the first page, using the strategies I show you in this course, and look how long this article is. I made it off of a video, and if I paste the results in its 2900 words, you are going to have to pay a freelancer a lot to write 2900 words, even if you're paying them $6 an hour in the Philippines, there still often going to end up costing Probably 40 50 60 $7100 per article to write something like that. And then that is, if they can even get to the point of getting to that level of content. There are a lot of great writers out there, but the thing is, it's challenging to produce content like that. It's very easy by comparison for you to just make a video, talking about a problem you've already had and then put it up the same as I'm doing right now. I can then put this video up. I put a small percentage of my, you know, me course videos up on YouTube for free toe, then get more people by my courses and things like this I put up there and then they rank so you can see why this works. The strategy I've shown you in the course works and why hiring people right s CEO articles based on my experience spending more than $1000 not getting $1 back out of it. In terms of clients, you can see why hiring a freelancer to write usually will not work unless you've got something so structured for them that they can't go wrong. And what you might as well do is just make the content yourself and then have someone transcribe it. That's usually a lot cheaper. So thank you for watching this. And I hope this look at Seo articles will help you avoid making this S e o article. Freelancer hiring mistake that I've already made. 28. Buying YouTube views will not help your videos rank higher.: buying YouTube views on your YouTube channel might seem like a good idea at first. Of course, it seemed like a good idea to me at first to I bought you two views. I got subscribers. I got all kinds of comments, and you know what happened? Out of all that money I spent, I got almost nothing in return. My videos didn't rank higher. And not only that, several of my videos got removed automatically by Google for artificially boosting my views . Google said. I could re upload the video, but when they removed it, it took away obviously all of the views. So you never want to waste any of your time, money or energy into trying to artificially boost your YouTube views. What you can do to get more YouTube video views is used. Google AdWords. This works really well. Google AdWords for video or adwords dot google dot com slash video. You can see here on this one Google AdWords account I have. This is my main one with my new website. I have other accounts to serve clients with, and I've had other accounts on other websites for mine in the past. But this one I've used for last year, and you can see I've spent $9700 promoting my own YouTube videos, and I've gotten an awesome return out of this. Tons of organic search rankings, tons of shares, new subscribers likes tons of minutes watched on my channel. That's how I've been able to get a gigantic result out off YouTube search results. So I didn't do it buying views or comments. In fact, I tried that early on in my channel. It worked terrible, and it cost me several videos that got removed. So you want to use Google AdWords for video to promote your YouTube channel? You do not want to mess with any of these kinds of gigs because all Google has to do is take a look through a gig like this, offering Riel YouTube views and likes all Google has to do is by the gig and then go through and take out all the YouTube accounts that are faking it and then punish people that have bought the gig like that. It's really easy for them to do so. You always want to use Google AdWords for video like I do now to promote my YouTube channel 29. Using Fiverr to build backlinks for Google search is very risky.: I once used fiver to buy back links for my website gaming addiction dot net. At the time, it was ranking pretty good and I wanted it to rank a little higher. So if you searched for gaming addiction, then my website would often come up pretty high. It was coming up in the 1st 5 to 7 results, and I wanted to push it to number one. As you can see now, my website does not rank up there at all. Well, the thing I did wrong, I went and bought back links on Fiverr. Among other things, I did wrong, but almost all of the S E o things I tried to do knocked me down in ranking. So I bought gigs like this where I'd get lots of live blogged comment, back links all kinds of gigs like this. I bought, like, 50 different gigs on Fiverr to raise my back link profile in the book marking and links category. And you know what happened? I fell from on the first page, ranking pretty good up here and getting a decent amount of search results to getting almost no search results A few months later. Now, on my new website at jerry banfield dot com. I do not do anything like this on my website because I would rather get no search traffic than try and force it, using some of these back link gigs on Fiverr and end up ruining my sites. Linked profile for the long term. Anything you do buying back links. Rather, it's on Fiverr. Or rather, you try and hire a freelancer on oh desk. Or rather, you go to some back links specific website that promise. Use you tons of back links. If you search for back links. I'm sure there's lots of websites you confined that will offer to give you all kinds of back links. If you use anything like that, you're risking lowering your search profile more than you're risking increasing it based on my personal experience doing exactly that. So always avoid doing any artificial back links strategies because Google is onto those people have been doing those for nearly 20 years now to try and cheat Google, Google has a good idea of when you're trying to cheat Google and all Google has to do to figure out where these are is have one little quality control person anywhere that goes and buys these five or gigs and then reports where all the back links come from. Its absurdly easy for Google, a diagnosis when people are trying to cheat back links on them. So just avoid trying to cheat back links on Google, and you will actually get a higher search ranking out of it. 30. Copying content from another website will send Google a negative signal.: Here's a look at the pages on my website Google ascending traffic to right now one of the stupid things I did on my website. When I started it, I took a bunch of my articles I had originally written for ban work dot com, which I sold. I sold band work toe app addictive, and I took the articles I had originally put on my blawg and put them straight on. Jerry banfield dot com. Now what I want to show you is how useless duplicate content is. Even if you originally wrote it and put it on another website. These articles I wrote were getting search traffic on my old blawg. Now let's look and see if any of them are getting search traffic. Now, these are my pages, these air ones working really well using the strategies I've shown you here in my S C. O course, every one of these were created using the strategies I show you in this course And look how much search traffic they're getting. The sheer volume of these is kind of ridiculous. These are all Google search traffic track through Google analytics. I'm scrolling down now here's a contact page it's not created that way. Scrolling down, scrolling down, scrolling down None of these are any of the ones I copied off of my blawg. And when you write something normally and it's available for longer, Google will usually send mawr traffic. Not one of the articles I copied here even got one search result this month. I'm continuing the scroll. I have hundreds of pages. Actually, I've found Here we go. Google sent one search traffic to this old link. I wrote this article before on ban work dot com and out of all of the hundreds of pages Google sent people to one of those old pages that had been copied from just one. Now, given what I've shown you in this course, and given all these search results, you can see here you can see first hand how worthless copied content is. The thing with copied content is Google would rather send someone to the first place. Google found that content, then send them to a website that copied it. So you must never copy content and put it on your website because you will not get any search results doing that. So take it from me learning everything as usual the hard way. Don't waste your time taking content from anywhere else and copying it. You will not get any search results that way. 31. Trying to cheat Google +1 might work at first but the penalty will wipe you out.: Have you thought about trying to boost your Websites s CEO by getting more Google plus ones ? Well, it works really good. If you'll just share what you're doing on your Google plus profile and if you'll share it with friends and plus one it yourself what does not work goods trying to cheat Google plus ones again got smacked hard for doing this by Google. So this is one of the worst things I ever did for S CEO. Although it worked really well. At first I hired a gig like this that promised to deliver riel website Google plus one votes and then I had two plus one button up here and got a bunch of plus ones. At first, my website took an instant boost in search results. It went up significantly in the results for gaming addiction. As you can see from any other searches in here, it is now nowhere to be found on the first page of gaming addiction Search results where it used to be. It used to be right around under the Wikipedia entry. Now it got wiped out after Google went through and did something to catch that plus one bakery I did, so it worked at first, but then I got smacked with the really hard penalty on it. So never try and cheat Google plus one. Even if you get away with it at first, you're liable to get hit with the penalty. As soon as Google figures out where you've done wrong, what is better to do is just try and build up people that you're following and then share your content with them on Google Plus. And then when you get a few natural plus ones like this one got a natural plus one. When you get a few natural plus ones, then that will help. This one got a natural plus one. This one got a couple of plus ones. When you get natural, real plus ones and real engagements here and on YouTube, then your content will really rank higher. So don't try and cheat Google. Based on me trying to do it and not having it worked very well. Don't try and cheat Google with the Google plus ones on their social network