Best Facebook Marketing and Ads Class for 2017!

Jerry Banfield, Teaches 84 Skillshare Classes

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    • Enroll in the best Facebook marketing and ads class for 2017

    • Thank you for enrolling! How is the class setup for your maximum return

    • Best Facebook marketing strategy for 2017

    • Best Easy Facebook marketing strategy for 2017

    • Best Facebook messaging strategy for 2017

    • Within 5 minutes, positive replies come back

    • The best Facebook marketing happens with my profile

    • Facebook groups are powerful for networking and learning

    • What works best for marketing with Facebook pages

    • Facebook page insights tutorial

    • Facebook page post creation tutorial

    • Facebook page profile picture and cover photo creation

    • Graphic design tutorial with canva for the Facebook page cover photo picture

    • Start learning about Facebook ads here

    • The Best Facebook Ad I Ever Created on 10,000 Tested

    • Scaling up the best Facebook ad I ever created

    • How I analyze and improve my ads over time

    • Getting a Facebook ad mainstream and expanding targeting

    • The Facebook ads strategy I was using in August 2016 is nearly the same as now!

    • Making an ideal offer for Facebook ads

    • Facebook ads power editor tutorial

    • Boosting a post with a page post engagement ad

    • Why I took a month off of advertising on Facebook

    • The benefits of taking a break from Facebook ads

    • The best I can do is make a business I would enjoy working with as a customer

    • 7.2 million views on my most viral video on Facebook!

    • Give and take on Facebook

    • Live questions and answers about Facebook, YouTube, and working online

    • Start listening to my Facebook marketing and advertising audio lectures here

    • Starting with why!

    • Understand how you act as a user and you will see what you can do as a giver!

    • All feedback received is helpful!

    • What works on you might work on others!

    • What is working the very best today for me on Facebook?

    • Lipstick on a pig!

    • Case study with a shop owner.

    • What is the most powerful way to use Facebook for getting organic reach?

    • Video is the most powerful form of communication online today.

    • How to make magnificent videos on Facebook!

    • The power of producing videos daily!

    • How easy is it to start making videos on Facebook?

    • Branding on Facebook

    • The importance of knowing exactly who the potential client is.

    • Personal Facebook profiles have amazing power!

    • My personal profile helped me start and grow my business first.

    • Working at the right pace.

    • How to know if I am working on the right pace!

    • Facebook groups are the easiest way to reach the newsfeed.

    • Facebook groups help make personal connections and are great for learning!

    • Facebook pages and advertising explained.

    • Your first Facebook page likes should be friends and family.

    • My ideal Facebook marketing and advertising strategy.

    • Daily progress rather than perfection!

    • Alternatives to making videos.

    • The best tips and tricks I know for Facebook.

    • Would you help me teach this Facebook marketing and advertising class by sharing your class project


About This Class

Enroll in this complete Facebook marketing and advertising class for 2017 to see the best of what works for me on Facebook with 2+ million likes and 600,000+ free organic post reach each week at

The class begins with what I think is the best Facebook marketing strategy for 2017 by using live video in the publishing tools on a Facebook page or personal profile.

If you are not able or interested in making live video on Facebook, the next best Facebook marketing method is building deeper relationships with existing friends and new friends using a Facebook profile.  Watch as I demonstrate my Facebook messenger strategy to promote my podcast free to my most active Facebook friends.  Look inside the exact message I send and see how I suggest adapting it to get clients for social media marketing the way I did to recruit hundreds of clients worldwide to hire me for help with Facebook advertising.

In less than 5 minutes from when I start sending the messages, watch as people I have not spoken with in months or even ever instantly respond with a promise to try my new podcast.

Learn how Facebook groups are the best way to use a Facebook profile to do both networking and learning as a part of niche communities.  Hear the story of how as a member of the Udemy studio Facebook group I learned from instructors making hundreds of thousands of dollars on Udemy and copied their exact strategies all the way to the point of mysteriously leaving Udemy as they did.  For organic post reach, Facebook groups are the easiest way to make what you share arrive in the newsfeed of other people for free.

Want to see the insides of marketing a Facebook page to get the most free post reach?  Start with a look at what works best for me in marketing my Facebook page followed by a Facebook page insights tutorial looking at how I am getting organic post reach from 500,000+ people in the USA each month that have never liked my page!

Get a look at how I create my page posts both simply and for maximum impact with just using a few words and links.  Analyze how I make a quick Facebook profile photo for my page with my face and then discover my philosophy for creating an ideal Facebook cover photo with a size of 828 by 315 pixels currently.

This graphic design tutorial at the end will show you how I use as listed in my page to quickly use stock photos to make a Facebook page cover photo that highlights when I am live and where to find me!

As you continue in the class, I will share hours of tutorials with you showing the best of what I know about Facebook ads all created within the last six months featuring first the newest tutorials from January 2017 and then a deeper look into how my ads have changed over time plus why I took a break from ads on Facebook!

Finally, finish the class with my complete Facebook ads and marketing audio book from mid 2016 rendered into video format to help you go tease out the principles of success on Facebook!

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One of the best courses I have found after two years of struggle
He is very genuine in his message nad provides real examples of what he's talkiing about.
Jerry Banfield is amazing! He really takes care of the people who watch his videos by giving a ton of useful tips to improve our marketing strategies online. Thank you Jerry!





Jerry Banfield

Teaches 84 Skillshare Classes

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How did you get here with me?

In 2005 while I was in college at the University of South Carolina, I tried to start working online. I signed up for an MLM program and a survey website. A month later, I had refunds from both and figured working online was not possible because everything was a scam. The truth was I was afraid to fail again.

In 2011, I moved in with my wife and launched an online business focusing on video game addiction in an attempt to avoid dealing with any of my other problems. In a few months, I changed my business to selling shirts because I realized there was no money in video game addiction. A year after starting my business, I dropped out of my criminology PHD program at the University of South Florida to run my business full time which by then had changed to helping clients with Facebook and Google ads based on my experience failing to do them successfully for myself.

In 2013, I starting sharing everything I knew for free on YouTube because I hoped it would help me get more clients. By April 2014, I was nearly bankrupt after failing at 15+ different business models. I was also nearly dead from trying to drink the pain away and fortunately the fear of death motivated me to get into recovery. Being in recovery motivated me to focus more on being of true service to others and less on what I would get out of it. I started making courses online with Udemy which soon turned into my first real business. I partnered with as many talented instructors as I could and learned from top instructors how to get my courses the most sales.

In 2015, I tried making some inspirational videos sharing what I learned in recovery and got an amazing response on YouTube. To make the background on my videos more interesting, I started making the inspirational videos while playing video games. To make a more helpful website, I hired a freelancer to convert the videos into blog posts including this about page originally.

By 2016, the Udemy courses I was teaching had made nearly $2 million dollars in sales with me receiving over $600,000 of that before they banned me because of what they said were policy violations despite me literally praying to God to follow the rules and being obsessed with following the policies. To make that $600,000, Google, Facebook, and contractors billed around $400,000 leaving me with about $200,000. Then, the US government took over $60,000 and the companies I borrowed money from in 2014 to avoid going out of business took another $50,000. After five years in business and even with great fortune on Udemy which made up for 4 years of losses, I am still barely able to pay my bills and have none of the security of a “real job” despite working 10 times more than I have ever worked anywhere else.

My story is not unique at all. This is the story of nearly every artist. We love actors, singers, and even teachers like me so much. Skillshare and Patreon offer an amazing opportunities to change this by giving you the chance to help me directly with the money you might spend with me another way.

When you follow me today on Skillshare and continue enrolling in my new courses, you will help me continue to make everything new I create available for free!  As a premium member, every minute you spend watching in my courses will result in me getting an average of $0.05 to $0.10 PER MINUTE you watch which will provide a huge help for me in continuing to be available to make new classes for you each day!  Start as a premium member at  I am a premium member myself as you can see by the star on my profile.

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Thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoy my classes!


Jerry Banfield

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