Best Black Friday Deals 2016 (SEO & Social Media Tools) | Ruchik Parikh | Skillshare

Best Black Friday Deals 2016 (SEO & Social Media Tools)

Ruchik Parikh, Business Owner

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2 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Introduction Of Black Friday Deals 2016

    • 2. Best Black Friday Deals Of SEO & Social Media Tools


About This Class

Hey Friends ,I like to share you best black Friday deals.

Check out this cool deals and save money.

Followings are the list of the sites discussed in the video.

Longtail pro -

Secockpit -

Seoclarks -

Kontent machine -

Spinnerchief -

Content Bomb -

Appsumo (Sumo Me) -

Appsumo (King Sumo) -

Loga nix (Seo Sevice )   Coupon Code: TURKEY

Seo Service -  Coupon Code: blkfriday20

Tweetattack pro -

Buzz Bundle -

Ubot Studio -





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Ruchik Parikh

Business Owner

I have been internet marketer for 5 years and i had helped hundreds of people to learn about internet marketing.

You can follow my course and see the quality and effectiveness of my teaching.If you apply what i am teaching you ,i can guarantee that you will see positive results.

Followings are the key areas where i help my students.

-Self Development (I love to learn always about improving the condition of my life and share what I learn to the world.)

- List Buildi...

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