Belly Dance Beginner: Level 1. Dancing to "1001 Nights" | Triana Moreira | Skillshare

Belly Dance Beginner: Level 1. Dancing to "1001 Nights"

Triana Moreira, Begin your dance journey!

Belly Dance Beginner: Level 1. Dancing to "1001 Nights"

Triana Moreira, Begin your dance journey!

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9 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Intro and Safety

    • 2. Hip Accent and Hip Drop

    • 3. Twist, Balancing, Figure 8

    • 4. Camel and Reverse

    • 5. Snake Arms

    • 6. Egyptian and African Circles

    • 7. Choreography Follow Up

    • 8. Dance to 1001 Nights

    • 9. Final Thoughts & Project

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About This Class


This class is level one: beginners. It focuses on the fundamental steps and movements of bellydance. These are explained in detail to make sure beginner students understand the correct technique. The movements included in this class will be useful to advance to the next class level. 

Included steps and movements are:

1. Intro and Safety Posture

2. Hip Accent Up and Hip Drop

3. Twist, Balancing and Figure 8

4. Camel and Reverse Camel

5. Egyptian Circle and African Circle

6. Snake arms

7. Choreography Explanation 

8. Dancing to 1001 Nights

9. Final Thoughts 

At the end of the class the students will apply the learnt movements to a basic choreography to the famous song "1001 Nights". This will be the class project. 

This is my first class published online after 10 years of teaching bellydance in classrooms. I am a professional dancer who has studied for years and performed in different venues and events and worked as an artist from my performances and lessons. Now I am opening my horizon to online lessons. 

At the end of this class the students will master the beginner steps and rise their dancing abilities until they reach an advanced level on which is possible to work and perform as a professional dancer. With my classes I have shaped professional dancers over the world that now work as performers and teachers.

This class is also valuable to reach and connect with your inner goddess and develop confidence, health and happiness. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Triana Moreira

Begin your dance journey!


Hello and welcome! I am Triana, professional oriental dance teacher and performer. I have been working as a belly dancer for over 10 years, performing in venues and theaters in Amsterdam, Spain, Mexico, and more. I have also studied with the best Egyptian teachers at various international festivals. I am taking this knowledge and sharing it with you through my classes. I want to help you learn this beautiful dance and find your inner Goddess! You can find out more about my performances and classes through my social media. Feel free to contact me for any questions or comments. Happy dancing! 

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1. Intro and Safety: everyone. And welcome to this belly dance class. My name is Janet, and I will be your instructor for today. - Today we're going to see the basic elements of billions. I'm going to start by showing you the safety position we will use throughout the entire class. I will first have my shoulders all into my shoulder blades and live the chest up. Also, I'm gonna took in my hips. I'm gonna use my clues and my belly up in my hips. This will create a straight line on the back which will be perfect to do all the movements of belly dance. So remember to give this position author of class at the end of the questionable does to a very fun choreography off the some 1000 and one nights. This is a classic, and I'm sure you're going to love 2. Hip Accent and Hip Drop : the first movement of today will be heap accent up. So we're going to put our feet together, our belly tempting like in our safety position. Shoulders back arms to the site, going to start by flexing my reckoning. Then I'm going to change to my left knee. So this will be flexing each leg when the opposite is straight. Now I'm going to do an accident of the me back meaning when my right knees flex I'm good at Take my knee back with my right leg. And once I do that, the opposite leg is gonna come to a flex Going to try to keep the movement only with my case and keep my upper by relaxed. We don't want to take a movement jumping all the way through our head. Once a simpering over body from our lower body, these grease and Essen up, my niece will create this movement. We can also walk this movement May. We're going to do step back, come back, step back, come back. So we're going to do, right? Left, right, left, left, right, Brands, which ever like I am walking with, is the leg that I'm going to do the accent. Right? Let's right. Left, right. Left France in the same category. We're going to do the opposite. We're going to do a hip drop. We're going to start with our left leg, back and right leg forward. This will put us in a diagonal position to the left, and we are going to use the back leg to do and accent back. So I am going take all my body of my way to a left leg and I'm going to kick back again. My right leg has no weight whatsoever. It's on Liam. Near point of balance, my left. Like I have all my weight. And I'm going to kick it back this way. When I keep back with my knee, I'm going to let my hip drugs and getting this movement at keeping my upper body separated from my lower body. Open our arms to second and keep back. This will create uh, you drunk. The accident will be that down that we're going to do the opposite leg. All the weight will be on my right leg and my left leg will be on its findings. For about, we are going to do a small drill to finish this. First, we're going to do a keeps up. We're going to start up both feet on the grounds. One, four, six. We're going to step back. We're going to stay, but all right. 3. Twist, Balancing, Figure 8: Now we're moving on to our second basic roof again. I'm gonna keep our feet together, and we're going to do the twists. But we're going to try to do accents forward in a twist movement. Accent forward, Max and Ford. We're going to try to think pace faster and again tried offer, Buddy. Instead of going opposites, we're just gonna try. We left and do all the work. A few old fire from we can do this very slow. We can also go very fast. We can also do it twists with only one that we're going to step with your right leg front again from tweets. Twist waste. Now we're going to do our left leg twist. Two. If it's going to look from our left to right, we're right. Like doing one step back. Three, four. You're right. Right. Three, four, Try another. Move cold. We're going to open our flex hip with apart. We're gonna pull him to the side against separated from the upper body. I want to remind you of the safety position. Keep your belly tucked in for these movements and your shoulders back and just lift it as you can see, my chest doesn't move. My chest stays in one position. My little with time, your kids will be more flexible. It'll be able to reach further points. I'm going to combine both movements into something called the eight figures. It's a horse until eight that we are going to drop with our hips in this horse until eight , which is also the sign off, the infinite we're going to use both. So again we're gonna have our next shoulder with apart our safety position. Hape stuck in to create a straight line back and first we are going to twist forward with the right hit balance out. So again, I'm doing the balancing movement to diagonal, which I twisted twist balance to his back balance, twist, balance with bounds twist With this movements, we want to keep it connected and flowing in one move. So I went. Now I'm showing you the step by step so you know what we're doing on each heart. I want you to try although stuff and do one together. We can also do this move in the opposite way. We can twist first back with the right leg bounce and bringing forward bounce and well connected. He's going to look so 4. Camel and Reverse: No, I will continue with another step called the Camel. In this step, I'm gonna get on a dab. And also you can see the movement better than on relation that goes from the upper belly to the lower belly and ends Hips start by imagining that I have a wall. Right for you can even do these on an actual wall. Half my wall here. And I want to touch all the kinds of the wall with my belly. First, I'll start touching the wall with my upper belly, Middle Valley and Leslie the lower belly. So when I push my upper belly forward, I'm pushing with the muscles of my middle right here, washing like upper belly. And then I'm pushing my middle belly and I will push with my group's my lower back. After this, I will take back my hips into opposition by talking in my belly back. So we're going to practice a little bit. You stirred glutes and your lower abdomen to talk, Billy and And once you have this movement, you will see that when you draw your hips back, you will use this. So, after we touch all the points of the world. We will Tucker Billy and bring it back into center. So we're going to do it again. Upper belly, Meaning very lower belly. And you with this movement. If you are a beginner, you're just learning this movement. You can make a bigger amplitude of this movement and make it big if you're a beginner. This is a really good way to feel the movement in your body when you're thinking big. So we make it big, Really? Doing a big operation, touching all this thoughts of the wall with a chest upper belly made of value over Bailey in the marina back to the center in a big movement. When you want to take it to a little bit more professional movement, you're going to forget about chest were gonna keep the chest still and we're going to start the movement on Lee from the upper belly. The movement will be smaller, but this would be more professional now. I will do the opposite of this movement. The reverse camel. Now, these movement we will start from the legs were gonna flex, the less likely, and then we're gonna first start by pushing or hips forward with their goods. So first, we're gonna push forward contractor belly in and then take this movement. Uh, again, if you're a beginner, is good to have a big amplitude off the movement. So try to exaggerate this. I get we begin by bending our knees, talking in her belly and pushing with Lex, uh, all the way to our head, we will create an opposite wave. Bush Push, push. So this is a big amplitude movement again. If you want to make it in a more professional manner, it's also good to stop the movement in your offer bills. 5. Snake Arms: will do now. The movements from the upper body, this class I'm going to ours and the reach of the opera by I don't want to include right now, mints. I believe that for my next class. So first of all, let's start with the same that we know. Remember to keep your hips stopped in your shoulders, pulled back and your chest. Lift it. We have our safety position. We're gonna open the arms. Insect. We're going to start by using left shoulder towards your ear lift. No. Once you lift it, you're going to use three in your arm. Three points where you have mobility, the shoulder, the elbow and the worst fingers will follow the movement. Focus and concentrate right now, more on these three spots. So we're going to start. I think the left show to the year continue with the elbow. No drug. The shoulder drugs. Drop the wrist. So again, show her elbow, wrist and we go the same going down. We're going the same with a ride are shoulder, elbow, wrist and the same. First we start with the shoulder off l o shoulder down a low risk. This will create evolution. Oh, wait. So now when we connect both arms, the way to do it one by one meeting that the right arm is up, the left arm will be down. So we will start with Reid are down and we'll leave them the left. Now you can see When I put my shoulder down, I also put it back. And when I missed it in the front, I wanted to try also with this movement Two bands, your upper body with the flow of your arms. As you can see when they balance my over my hips, I live my tips. They were a base. They're just connected to the ground. Very strong base that doesn't Onley from and breaks up with. I will start bounds star to flow with his shoulders, start making the movement bigger and keep a balance. Just a step that would you choreography Usually many that's would just move our arms that were walking But I have a little bit well 6. Egyptian and African Circles: the last movement we will see today. It's called the African Circle and the Egyptian Circle. They are really opposites because one of them is really big and the other one is more small , more focused. So we will start with the big circle. We're going to open her legs to heap with apart, and we're going to start by coaching or hips forward. We're going to do this week power over goods and the strength of our bellies. Gonna keep our spine strengths work for work back. Now this movement, he's going to take some bad things. We're going to start balancing to the right and pushing her hips forward for here and going in a semi circle to the other side. Once we are on the other side, we're gonna take it the same way back. Remember to keep your chest lifted throughout the movement again. Push with your glutes forward to the side and back. I'm going to do yours about two left star pushing forward and back. Let's start straight old throat. So I'm going to do the African circle. In this case, we're going to keep our legs together Also in this movement, we're not gonna keep our legs completely straight like we did on the going to slate Bended knees. Remember, to keep your safety position. All is their importance. And we're going to start playing way Extension off each. Me that is going to make a movement on the hips. So again, as we did in the first movement which wants to do an accident back, this case is not going to be an accent is going to be softer. But we still want to take me Beth in the opposite way. The other leg. So in this case, as with practice on the camel, we're still going to use these movements, Billy very 1,000,000,000 the same way as the knees. Create this effect on the tapes that we've been using for the hip accents instead of making them accents were just self movement of the beast, which ghosts of hips. Now we're going to combine these movements in outside psyching to one circle. So we're going to start by extend left me up and dropping the rag. Now we're gonna take our belly out, extend the opposite leg and then take Are you and this point both legs are flexed. Remember to keep your chest listed because we don't want to do these movements. This is different. We want to keep our chest still and on Lee, move your hips. We're going to do to the other way extending the right me bad France. We can also do this movement on Lee having our weight on one leg. So going to start on my left leg, go into with my wife on the left leg and just I leave my right leg for balance. So again, I'm gonna straight my left me my belly jobs out circle and and this and how? 7. Choreography Follow Up: So first we're going to start with a beautiful both our kids. He's going to go to the left and we're gonna turn our face to the rights our sides. And then we're going to open arms and his accent up for in terms. 123 We're going to reach and reach. Now we're going to walk the hip accent up, starting with left, left, left, back here. We're going to put our arms to the side and do camel. And again, we're gonna do his accent up one to three camel Kim. Now we're going to do keep accent up again. But now we're going to repetitive with the right leg three times. So coming from here, we're going to go. 123 Reach, reach 123 with the left. Where an open. So let's do this for you. Next step is going to be heat drops. We're going to get into a position after deeply we're going to do a hip drops. 12345678 They were gonna bounce. Are hicks front, middle and back with the same technique. Friends may back front men, but to the other side stepping the right leg back, opening our arms to L, going to repeat the same steps that we did on the other side. You dropped a times 5678 and then Bouncer's hip front, middle and back. 123 and that it's a turn. We're going to do that left, right, left step, right with music. Now we are going to go to the next section. We're going to use the twist movement practice for a year, and we're going to start stepping with left, twisting with that right, stepping with right, twisting with the left again left, twist right twist. After this movement, we're going to go with a double step back, starting with the left leg. Don't said back, step back. So I left and right with this step, we're going to add the cattle movement that we practice earlier, and we're going to do one to three, 45678 and turn left again. We're going to repeat the same movements. Step, twist, step twist front again, camel and we're finished with one to three four. This is the a figure that we practiced one to three four turns to the left and post up in this next part, we're going to move to the sound of the violin. So we are going to start from our post up, looking up, dropping her arms to decide you inside, swinging our arms to the other side. And from here, we're gonna leave the arms and the left one is gonna come down looking to this side of your body. Well, the right art stays up. We're going to do local to three, four and rivers in the reverse. We're gonna bring the hand to the face rivers. We're going to do a big circle condition circle of practice before and bring your hips to the side to the left side. We're going to do African, sir. One to three, four cross turn. And, folks, that is for the correct graffiti. We're going to do this left bitch with music and then hold. Yeah, 8. Dance to 1001 Nights: 9. Final Thoughts & Project: thank you so much for joining today's class. Don't forget before and after the class to do a small stretch. The class project will be for you to besties choreography. Try and film yourself and upload a video in the project section. Base will be very helpful for me to give you. Feedback nevertheless, is fine. If you did not want to film yourself, you can always leave your questions and I will make sure to answer them. You can also find more of my classes and performances on my social media, but will be linked in my profile page. Remember, the base classes will be divided into levels, so if you follow each level and you breakfast at home, I'm sure you will master the art of elegance. I will be posting more videos, including more exciting steps, elements that you can add to your performances or even that you can teach yourself. Thank you so much and I will see you next time