Talk Show - 3 people on Screen on Facebook Live (Updated October 2017)

Steven Healey, Helping you make to most of LIVE video

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7 Videos (48m)
    • Talk Show Introduction

    • Creating a broadcast (Aug 2017)

    • Preparing the Show

    • Going Live

    • Updates to the Agenda

    • Behind the Scenes 2Gents and Social Sharing

    • Summary


About This Class


You can now go live on Facebook with 3 people on the screen .

Not only that you an have ten people waiting to come on screen in the green room .

Talk Shows are fun , educational and informative. This is the best form of networking ever,

Show topics are limited only by your imagination , pick something you and your guests have knowledge of and are interested in.

Create your show , schedule it to Facebook , promote it , create your show agenda and Just go Live.

Or create your show on the spur of the moment and Just go Live.

You can produce shows without appearing on screen yourself.

From the show page you can highlight comments and questions on Facebook and they will appear in the final recording which is stored by Facebook.

This course contains everything you need to go live on Facebook with 3 people.





Steven Healey

Helping you make to most of LIVE video

I am a business video chat show host and producer on , live video trainer and author

My mission is to help you use Live Video effectively and promote your business or cause in 2017. I achieve this goal via 1-2-1 sessions ,Udemy courses and producing shows for you.

I am the co- author of Live Video Streaming: How to grow your business online

As a Udemy Instructor I have created courses about Facebook Live - the courses are listed here

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