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teacher avatar Steven Healey, Helping you make to most of LIVE video

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (48m)
    • 1. Talk Show Introduction

    • 2. Creating a broadcast (Aug 2017)

    • 3. Preparing the Show

    • 4. Going Live

    • 5. Updates to the Agenda

    • 6. Behind the Scenes 2Gents and Social Sharing

    • 7. Summary

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About This Class


You can now go live on Facebook with 3 people on the screen .

Not only that you an have ten people waiting to come on screen in the green room .

Talk Shows are fun , educational and informative. This is the best form of networking ever,

Show topics are limited only by your imagination , pick something you and your guests have knowledge of and are interested in.

Create your show , schedule it to Facebook , promote it , create your show agenda and Just go Live.

Or create your show on the spur of the moment and Just go Live.

You can produce shows without appearing on screen yourself.

From the show page you can highlight comments and questions on Facebook and they will appear in the final recording which is stored by Facebook.

This course contains everything you need to go live on Facebook with 3 people.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Steven Healey

Helping you make to most of LIVE video


I am a business video chat show host and producer on Belive tv , show producer, live video  trainer and author

My mission is to help you use Live Video effectively and promote your business or cause in 2019. I achieve this goal  via 1-2-1 sessions ,Udemy courses and producing shows for you

I am the co- author of Live Video Streaming: How to grow your business online   

I have created Udemy courses about Facebook Live , Youtube and Messenger Bots . 

I manage the Belive tv Live Video Hub . This is a Facebook page where you can watch over 180 live shows from broadcasters around the globe

As a business chat show host on Belive tv   I have hosted over 1000 LIVE shows since falling in love with the medium.  

Cha... See full profile

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1. Talk Show Introduction: Hello, It's Steven, and I'm here today to talk to you about something entirely new. If you know about be lined up TV, they have brought out the question Answer session, which is one personal screen on you can interact with a live audience on Facebook. You can see their comments. You could promote their common shipping. Answer questions. Be life face to face allows two people screen, and you can do much more, UH, with two people. Then you can with what? But now they have announced that they are going to release the bean on a talk show, which is three people on screen at the same time in a variety of different formats, which you can use to produce a show to go live on. First book with three people on the screen, all talking on chatting about your favorite topic. Now be lined up. TV is currently in beta, but when it comes out of beater, if you take this course, you will be ahead of the game because you'll know exactly how it works from day one. I've enjoyed beater testing over the last week or so, and we've had grateful and it has a great potential because you can have three people on screen on day 10 people in a green room, and you can swap and change people bring them onto screen on. But it is a fun way to broadcast. It brings the whole thing toe life on. If you want to know more about it, join me inside the course. I don't give you the inside track to be in live TV talk show three people screen. See you soon. 2. Creating a broadcast (Aug 2017): be lined of TV have made an update to the way that we create broadcasts. So let's get started. The first thing you'll notice is that you can create. So show. That's one personal screen interview, two people on screen or talk show, which is three people in spring. No, there are similar. So I'm going to go with the talk show, and I'm going to create a show which is actually starting tomorrow. So torture on the first thing they want is the title. Now I make the title is descriptive the shows you can. As you can see. I got a note pad and I've got the title already in there, so I can just copy and paste the title in. The next thing I'm being asked is where No, you can go on your own timeline. You can go on a page or manage on a group you manage by an event. Okay, if you got an event set up, weaken. Do testing only now testing, and he's brilliant. If you want to check your camera and microphone, it doesn't go to Facebook on, and you can have as many test events is you want. They do not count. If you are on the 16 shows a month, they do not count as part of your 16 shows. But I'm going to go on a page. I manage. No, you have to be a manager or an editor of the page. So on a page I manage. I'm going to select the pages. So it goes after Facebook on brings back a list of pages. Well, this is the blowing for Britain show. So it's going on the blubbing for Britain page. Now, this is the first change you can see there a textbooks. Now, this is where you can actually describe what the show is all about. Now, I've been thinking about this on on the same note pad that I had. They show title I've written was effectively, I never view of the show, and I'm doing one for each of the shows I do every week so I can just go to the pant. I can copy the text. I'm just passed it in. Now you'll see that is tightened everything on the links when they go through, because this text is going to go through with the poster Facebook. So the links that you put in here will go straight to Facebook. So I'm asking people to like the page, which is small. Call to action on, then tow. Watch last week's broadcast while waiting on, then obviously acknowledging that this is from belive dot TV. Now if you used to be lined up TV tank and then it will get picked up by be loved up TV on anybody's looks watching out for be lined up TV shows so rather remind Now you can create a shed. Your broadcast, which is what I'm gonna do. Onda. I'm going to create a shed. Your broadcast on this forecast is on August 3rd on, and it's going to go out at 10 10. I am. That's my time zone, which is the UK. Anybody seeing this will see it's It's five o'clock Eastern. Find him Eastern and 2 a.m. Pacific. So our audience is on blubbing for Britain. Ah, journalist speaking in the UK my email. I've also got on the note punk, and I'm gonna copy that in and there No, you're not going to fix again. Spanned. It's just going to advise you that the show is jeweled correctly. Andi will salt hadn't said time. If you shen you were dating time incorrectly then please, uh, delete whole. Forget that one and do a correct to show. Okay, um, there's no editing. So remember that double check everything, make sure you've got the debt in time, right? You cannot an image to the broadcast on going to end an image. And it's going off to my directory. And I've got a direct recalled. Beef will be loving for Britain on, and I can bring up the image from the loving for Britain Page on, and I'm going to use that one. Okay, Andi, that's it. So we gotta tighten. We've got the page. We've got the blubbing for Britain page. Is that correct? One I've copied the text in. And do you read it by and check for any spelling mistakes? This is going through to the post on Facebook. You cannot change it afterwards, but it's easy to get it right in the first place. It's a scheduled broadcast is going out instead of August a 10 a.m. There's my graphic. There's my email address is going to send me a message as well. So it beyond messenger on now I can add branding. Now it's just another change. Because when I had the branding, I can add a logo now I could use any below goes I've got. So those air for three shows Oregon and a new logo Onda blowing for Britain again. I'm going to don't actually have a formal logo, so I'm going to use a show picture instead. Okay on that will upload. So that would be a top right hand corner of the screen when you broke us live Broncos. I can select the brand colors and it shows me the ones that I've used before Or I could select different ones. Know any selecting the college. Just click there and it brings the coats up and you can move around until you happy with the color. Or you can just leave it as it wasa. I'm gonna go back to that one. Ah, I can hide because preview phoned or I can show it so you can see that I've got representation of the screen that's gonna go out. I've got my logo top, right. I've got my brown colors on the final thing. Kind of is a friend, so I came as many Broncos you want. I can have as many letters as I want and I can't have friends. Now. You can design your own, and I put a link to how to these on your own, which is a YouTube video on the YouTube video via Antenna Onda. That's very helpful. No, that's just trying a few frames. So there's the first friend, second friend, third friend, and some were just cycle through the actual friends and got with balloon, um on. Then space will and then the holiday mood one. No, if one of those doesn't suit, then create your own, store it on your hard drive and upload it. If, however, you like one of these, then just select the one that you like, and that's the one that will actually go onto the show. Now, just a note. You don't have to keep the frame on during the show, you can switch it on and off. So if you've made a friend, which is a marketing frame of your own with your business details accessory, then you can hide it and bring it back to the screen any time you want. So I've got my logo top, right? I got my Brunk colors, which is the color of the text that's going to appear when I put messages onto the long screen. Remember, it appears in the recording, too. Andi, I've chosen the friend that I'm going to use, so I'm going to save the branding, and that's just for this show. But it will be available in future shows. All the low guns, all the bronc Elice on the frames that been designed, a new valid will be there when you come back and create your neck. Sure, so we'll save the branding. That's the branding saved, and all that's left is to create the broadcast. And here we are, on the broken screen on, and the broadcast is set up and ready to go on. It's changed. Also suitable was at 10 o'clock on. Then you get the nurses to what happens next? No, what? You created the show. As you know, you can go into the agenda, and you can put in Welcome to the show on the agenda. Item on, then please share, which is called traction. They should make several times throughout the broadcast as people join you during your broadcast a cell Desmond to agenda items I can share them on screen. There will. I know I can hide them and I can also hide the frame. Let's hope and um so that's my choice. So I got logo top right on a frame for wanted and then the text, and those are all the elements that make up the screen. Now, as far as the friends go as a cent, I'll put a link to a YouTube video by Antonia. We actually tells you have to correct your own for him using Google docks, and it's for a simple, straightforward even I can use it. So that's how you create a broadcast on Relying Doc TV on If you go to the page. I'm just going to the page now, and I go to posts. This is a loving for Britain page on Facebook, and when it refresh those, you'll see there's the broadcast and all the text that I typed in is there on a links that I gave are active. So my advice is that you prepare this text advance and used as a template for each of the shows that you do on. Then when you go create a new show. Just edit it. So the next time I come here will be going for Episode 87. That is the new way to create a broadcast. Enjoy using it. And I'll see you in the next lecture. Thank you. 3. Preparing the Show: right on the B live TV main page on. I'm going to sign in on that will. Then give me a list of my shows. Now you can see I've got to share Angel today at two o'clock on the six o'clock and we're going to the host page. Having created the show, I can then going to the screen. I can't go on camera the moment because I'm on this camera. What I can do is I can set up the agenda. So I've been set up the agenda press. Plus Now I got a list of titles which always use, which are Welcome to today's show. What we're doing here is actually structuring the show because I can show these items on the screen as the show is running. So it is a way of structuring the show. I'm gonna hide that now on type in. The next title on the next title is Ah, we can see your comments. This is just to encourage people to get involved in the show. I had a gender item and ah, uh, another one, uh, call to action, which is to share the broadcast app. So those are three General ones. Precent. Darren Grant on to aunt today's topic, which is social sharing. I'm going to talk about all things social sharing. I'm gonna move that up just underneath the introduction on board. We're going to be talking about first book Andi Twitter because best have different approaches, so I can now move those up top. Okay, bye. With me alone there in Texas. Second normally, uh, go first, but before Twitter. So that's the agenda for today. Andi, I'm gonna show you how comprehensively connect this. If I go back now to my broadcasts, we'll take a look at today's show. We'll, Angelica And he is the host page on Dhere is the agenda. They're prepared her today. An agenda for today is welcome to the show men topic is how can I improve my vocabulary and then we're going to go on to looking at some questions. So I got a question on answer session where the question is in German on the translation is English. Question is in German translation in English and so on. Andi. Then I'm being challenged in the life show to give examples of each know. What will happen is that during the show. Well, say Welcome to the show on that will come upon screen. Then we'll show the topic of the day on Jellicle. Talk about that on. Then she was saying, What do you think this means? We'll show the first question on the screen on and why will say it in German and then I'll translate it into English on that will show after I translated it and repeat that exercise all the way through on. Then we're gonna go onto the examples that I've created and will again say them in German and explain them in English. Onda sort of break them down, as it were, But this is how you can actually use the agenda function within a show to build up the agenda. And this is past the preparation off. The show is to build upon agenda. Now, you can also use it for something you're not gonna show on screen, and that is notes. And you can have many notes as you want. Now, if you were interviewing somebody, you could actually that's going to be shown on screen. I'm gonna hide that, but notes you could issues on the agenda you can use to actually put people's biographies in our any notes that you want to make about the show before you go live. So this is all part of the planning setting everything up so that you have it toe, hand. When you go along, you use click a button on you can show it on screen. So this has been preparing. I can't go on camera if I wished on will try that for a moment or pick my mini camp, pick my other camera on and my microphone and connect the camera on their AM and I content myself up to the broken screen. OK, so now you can see two of me one, and you considered difference in the camera bottom, right on the cameras on screen. That's different between your internal camera on your PC ons, using an external camera like a large texi 9 20 So I'm gonna take myself off the life screen. Enough. See you in the next lecture 4. Going Live: when you create the show, you received an email from be lined up TV on. What you do is you actually click the link and that takes you over to the be like page for your show. So everything is ready and, uh, we get the notice as to what we should do. Shouldn't change anything other than normal. Be lined up TV. Don't change the Facebook post. Do start within 10 minutes of the advice time because otherwise Facebook will delete your post on you have to start a new show, Onda. The next thing after that is to continue. Andi, you need to set up your camera. Don't go straight into Go on, click on. Select your camera on also select your microphone. Then press the button and you'll see your cell phone screen and you're good to go as you can. So I'm no in the lobby, which is where we can have up to 10 people on gonna switch like on so you can actually see me. Uhm, I'm going to go up to broadcast, so I know on the broken screen I could bring myself down again. An architect was off back up again, but The next thing we have to do is I have no messenger because I'm going to copy the link to the clipboard on. Then I can go into messenger on dykan, send the link to Angelica, and hopefully in a moment or two and get liquor will appear. So that's the first step. You camera sorted Andi Capri the link for your guests and then send it out to them. So I'm going to messenger typing, Uh, show like, uh, presslink. Return on. There's a link that's gone to Angelica. So we know set up. Got Onda, uh, frozen. Just waiting for him going to join us on. What I've done is I've added the show title so I can actually put that on screen when we got going. So that gives people not even talking about right. We're in the final minutes that can't down 55 seconds to go. We have everything lined up. Ah, Onda, we looking recently good on camera. So, uh, I shall press the book as soon as it arrives, and we can go live, um, onto Facebook onto your business page. I'll just check that to make sure we have gone life on then we're gonna start the show proper. Yeah, I've closed. I've only got two brother tubs open on. That's Thisted tab on the Facebook time with you. Your pain showing. Right. Are you good to go? Good afternoon, Facebook. And welcome to ask Angelica. Episode 13 Hello, Angelica Vega. Uh, between good waiter. 5. Updates to the Agenda: Look, this is Stephen on the bean of your party on, and we're gonna take a look today. The changes have been made to the agenda. Now, when you click the agenda, but you will see that he now says a new agenda and that's what we're gonna go for. New agenda. Andi, I'm going to add, and I seem to it. So I already got this ready. So welcome to the show is our first title and I don't. And then the next one? Yes. Please share, Um, the next war. Join his own camera. Now with the journeys on camera, what I'm actually going to do, Yes, I'm going to come from the link. And so that link I can just copy and paste later on in the show. Quick tip on. The final option on this is thank you for watching at the end of the show. Now what I'm actually building here is welcome pack. And up until now we couldn't paste it and create it, and that would be it. But what I'm going to now this is the difference. I can no save it. So save it by giving it a title. It's the welcome pack on. That means that that agenda is no permanent recorded. I can use that in every show that I do. I can act to it at any time. Ah, please ask questions. Um, there it is. The agenda's been updated. So that's the agenda I'm going to use in every show from now on. But I want another agenda for today's show. Okay, So in this one I'm going to put that is I'm going across to be like page and be like weekly . Um, with Joe. Come and I'm gonna take a link so I can use that letter when I'm talking about the show on the one I've got for today on today's show is Happy birthday. If you could spell birth there, Jeff Adams. Now I can say that agenda I'm gonna put show on October. No ings. Okay, so if no, look, I've got my welcome prank and I've got my showing up to overnight and I can switch between those lost in life. So let's go mad. Let's create a new the show. Let's go back to my private phone on my broke ass. Andi, I'm going to create a gold cast. Okay? It's a talk shin, and what I want to do is another copy of the life dot TV up because what I'm going to do here, he's going to my profile. Andi Going to broadcasts on this sometimes happens on my brokers. Now, tomorrow's show is, uh, myself and Tina Xiang on its called Be Lively and Fire Talk show so copied out Go back to my broke ass, Andi, I give it an internal title. I could also copy text okay from the previous show, so I'm building it up. It's not going to be on. My timeline is going to be on a page. I manage on that page. Yes, Be live in a quiet page. I'm not creating shed your broadcast, but do you want to add the branding so I'm going toe on our branding being a five Broncos are there. So that's the branding sect on I'm just created or vote creating new show. Last thing I need is my email and credit broadcast. So that's it. Just check back for you. Do it So it's on my page. We love you five. I've got the details in there. I've done the branding. I could go to create the broadcast. Right? So this is a second show, and we're not going to do is having read all that is I'm going to go to the agenda on I can see all the agendas die. Correct, Alia. So there's the welcome packet, Woodcrest. A moment ago so I can switch to that in the I don't need. Um, yes, there's dictums, but be live. Talk show would be handy. I don't need to do things anymore. Um, I could been that one. I could been that one. And now when I'm doing a bit like talk show, I have already got I set this one of her. They're being honest. All the details are need for the show itself. So I've got the B live unity course, the free mentoring program. The YouTube Twitter on be loving five on What I would do down is if I go to new agenda and I pressed the item on We're gonna do some talking points tomorrow. So we're gonna talk about be live, Doc. TV's birthday, 16th October. No, she could spell. I'm gonna go back and edit that, um, that's running for a full day, 16th October from 8 a.m. Eastern until the following morning. I think on then, al Agenda. And I'm gonna also put on there uh, promoting your show. So there's the two of the things that we've been a talk back tomorrow on. I'm going to save this Has an agenda for the show on the 10th. Save the agenda. So they're having I can question your agenda. I've got the one for talk show. I've got the welcome pack, which is for every single show that we do. I've got details for the show today, Anelka Details for a show tomorrow. Now they're going to be some innovative ways in which you're going to use this. I would love to know your ideas on this because you can set aside many men, user, because you want there Also, there will be there. Whenever you create a show, you can come back from a time again. You can add to them. You can delete it if you don't need them anymore. Uh, but as we're just getting going, what I would suggest you do is to do the welcome pack which, using every show on then when you got a weekly show the features that you're going to feature every week in that show Assisted on belive in five So back to where we were and to grow Cast Um, there it is the page we looked at a moment ago. Um, that's the P Live in five. That's it. And again, even now I can see the agenda for tomorrow's show if I wanted So all these agendas saved automatically You can anthem you can do Will it be like to them on dates so simple to use? I look forward, Teoh talking about it on to seeing you will be lined up TV Take everybody on Duh! This met contact Sue. 6. Behind the Scenes 2Gents and Social Sharing : organize. Here we are behind the scenes off the broadcast on Don't take me through the main features off the broadcast itself. First, always a life feed, and you can see three people on screen at one time all able to talk, interact on, and other people myself included, are below love against myself in Peter on on screen, you got Cornelius on Aaron and clear. So that's the first stage into for us. You can have three people live on screen. No, The next stage is the lobby in the lobby, where you can have up to 10 people, all of whom are available. E to bring on screen. Andi. To do that, you just click on the which I rised underneath the particularly user on the mask life screen on Bring things down to the lobby, and then you promote somebody from the lobby on the live screen. Now, when you're actually lithe screen display, it can be altered. And if we go over to the live at, but you can see that whilst on the left hand side we've got three people side by side on the output screen, there are seven different lands you can choose from to actually enhance the experience. So the middle one is three people side by side on. Then you've got varying options available to you. We shouldn't click during the broadcast to change up the laugh so that you keeping your viewers interested. Essentially, what he's trying to do is to highlight personally talking. Now, as you actually recording the broadcast, people can make comments on Facebook and nurse comments on Facebook was showing a list on the right hand side of the screen, and you can promote them. Answer screens any time you can provide to comment once or twice on the comments come in as you're actually talking. So there is a slight delay. But you can highlight comments that are actually coming in from Facebook during the course , especially if they're questions, you can actually add questions to the screen on his customer. On the final part of the screen is the big so right there, which is the agenda. Before you do the broadcast, you set up the agenda on that run, surround the show, so it's the show control and show notes or within the agenda, and you can bring those upon screen as the broadcast proceeds. Now there's no limit to the number of items you can have on your agenda on. Discuss that in a separate broadcast. But this is essentially behind the scenes. Like Facebook. Real life would be like TV, you know, Let's say, on Facebook, I f 1000 people. I don't know if you're actually wanting people to join you, then the bottom of the screen has an invite link. Essentially, if you click on that link, you can then post it onto Facebook and invite people to join you Liable. Now they will go into lobby where Peter annoy our moment on. You can then promote on screen. I know how this is gonna turn that we don't know. But if you post it on when you actually go live, then you can invite people to join you. You can see them on screen before you bring them up, so there's no problem in that score. You can decide whether or not you want people included in the line broadcast. It's very simple. Just copy the link and paste it, knowing for sure that I reached the people I want to reach because I think it's interesting for So in running a show, you're in control. This is your dashboard, and you can see it. You consider three people live on screen. You can alter the layout of the screen that is actually shown when you're live. You can bring people on and off screen very easily by bringing something off and then put in some of their own on and you can do the agenda. You can do comment. You could do a whole range of things whilst you live broadcasting on Duren control of the show. And as you can see, I'm actually in lobby in a moment. So when you're producing a show, you don't actually need to be on screen. Now, this is of great opportunities because you can broadcast live on a friend or business page . If you're promoted this editor on there, you can broadcast any page on Facebook with the right permissions. So you compere in a show. If you compere to produce the show and the choice is yours, it opens up a whole range of possibilities. You can go live on your Facebook page on a profile on other people's business pages and in groups, so just experiment and enjoy. It's more week about. I've included the rest of the broadcast so you can see what actually happens. Live on. Also include the recording of the actual life share. Now, what I'm gonna do now is going to bring Cornelius down. Andi, I'm going to promote myself. So that's how easy it is to actually do that. Um, on And I can then talk on the show with Aaron on with Claire on, watch the rest of broadcast and see how you could operate things from behind. The scenes are soon. The next lesson. I got this Citi bike you back. OK, A low class on back. Peter, you're back. Now what I'm doing, I know Cornelius is still here. Is bringing your car? If I could have five people on screen the same time, I would you take me also, if you want. Only thought I'd pop up and say hello and write these things. How many people you could squeeze into your green rooms? What has been a good It's been a great test of that plant. Great to see and catch you later on that I can now bring Cornelius bike. And there we are on I'm going to drop myself again and Aaron's back, So I'm going to bring Aaron back on the screen. Okay. So, Peter, how how does this social sharing work for you? How do you manage to do that? Well, no social shipments such as supports. I'm just going to do is go along. Seeing about I just made realize just only that I'm just telling you those you listen to Robert C. So I'm actually sheared in on my personal PGE where I've got most of my audience on. I'm no trying to get them to my seven. A court show Armitage on and I just don't know experiments in a coffee shop in London. Andi, I was quite amazed so many people commanded. So listen to me. Yeah, trying foreperson on, uh, so go lock. I've got feel amount when my own pitch, but knowing to direct him by telling him what I'm doing on a Monday night, and it's working already of seeing some people really liked. And she of the pinch as we sit, how wonderful it works. Yeah, and and I'm I'm also thinking just what I said to Aaron if is the group of people just interscholastic on. Be happy about it. About the sharing. It will be shared and thinking well do happen. But you you simply have No, um ah, you have no grip on it. It just happens because people are happy for you to share it for you. That's the wonderful part of it. We're thinking of social Children by sheer all the time a shell that I Aiken Barker on the sleeper train. We sleep up, train jump on you go your band in your home. I have to get off the run there now to get off up Dean circles nor a can't miss my stop on de. So I go on. Andi, I met this guy from my Toastmasters club. Yeah, yeah, but And then we just recognized each other My coffee in London before we caught the train. Onda spoke to him most of the night and it was amazing how much were hard in common. How much that people be new. And it was absolutely fantastic. No, I've been brought of monastic. Go to one of his network includes on hunger And I said we can actually bring three people the ball like your group. Yeah, and sure that that's that's so real shearing the problem of Gore's people getting on video . That's the scale of it. And then So I'm actually sharing what we can get that I think they there are two sides to this, and it's very important because it was probably more than two sides in the sharing at your own things and making sure your promote and making sure that people promote you. But there's also this aside that Aaron and I come from is that our primary aim is to share other people's things. Is that right there? Yes, you know. I mean, I have a 1,000,000 million ideas in my head. Stephen. I probably ran to many of the bad ones by you to find a couple of good ones. But when it's someone else's good idea, you know, I could I could just break out this tech or that, you know, so tedious to so many people. But to me, it's just my play. I would love to help you with your idea in the technology. I'll press all the buttons. Yeah, so I do it anyway. I do it on my projects and friends projects. And so I share and that this is kind of kind of what I wanted to get two points on this. The first point is, the more technical aspect of social media is Jerry, which is how do you share what we like to get brought as possible read as far as what we are. But it also connect because people was in the traditional that we want to help. Oh, their message and relate. So I, you know, being big, I will do a lot of industries, you know, a lot of industries, and I deal with business. And I realized that 1000 ideas and one good one takes some feedback from that community of what is the norm or what is acceptable, you know, to not that connects these different groups because that norm or that topic And so uh, the second aspect, um, you know, is, of course, that fashion, you know, and Stephen and myself, our passion is in our audience and deacon, Really? You know, that's why we're here and the topics to me. Yes. There's a certain amount of relevancy, those of the social experiments. I want the most possible reach, you know, that's why did the happy aura was like, OK, I want to get outside of my network of business people and broadcasters into the general population with business ideas or knows connect on a project or whatever. And and so those two aspects work hand in hand. It's it's kind of Ah, in a way, a paradox. But in another way, if you can understand the paradox, you really can make it work for you. Yeah, I agree to come back to us, Stephen, about sharing you with my new website. Ah, I will have a page for sharing. So I will take your ah example and I have no put as a creative part on my website. Just what I found. So and I will call it what caught my eye, what came to my lap? Let's put I don't know how yet I have to find a way about it. So I simply gift people who connect to me on the website of whatever that simply give them a stage. And then I'm happy to share their link, their business link, whatever, and that's simply open up to everybody. That's a great idea. The magical networking and getting together on a Friday And having a chap on the ideas Just keep coming on this air and said Servant will work. Andi, I'm sure that one will Will do. Well, thank you to everybody is watching. If you want to join us on camera, just press the link above on da you conjoined this Live on there on what we're finding with these Friday chance is that anything that happened and probably will eso is that with that , I'm going to switch back to Aaron. Well, look it. We're looking for people to get involved on way. Now, look, we got already Currin the said best show, and we have 100% more few wishes last week. Shall we doing well? Yeah, well, they think that the thing is, the thing is that in this certainly in video, if you're on it a regular time and people know that you're going to be there and you turn up on the dot and you talk about what you said you were gonna talk about somewhere around there, then people come back the following week because this is I said it earlier in the week. This is not television. You don't sit there and watch. You don't need to shout at the box at all because what you can do is you can comment. And if you want to say something, you just come live on their enjoying this and that's that. That's the key is this is social interaction on? It's probably the best way of networking. There is totally agree, totally agree. Errands listening Absolutely. You know that I was thinking I was listening to my thoughts, Yeah, trying to make sense of them in the English language. And so this has a lot to do with business. I know we got a lot of business people out there and, you know, social sharing is a big part of getting your word out. And people talk about being genuine to, you know, get inspired that emotional action, that emotional energy and so a big, big hashtag or keyword. Whatever people are hot topic people are talking about is transparency not only in the social aspect, but in the business aspect. And so these elements of social sharing all work together, you know, and you find certain certain combinations that work real well and other combinations, master. And so, you know, just being live and being transparent. It attracts, attracts people. And, you know, and I'm able to get my message across And one of the messages that I received from another and is kind of being this new hot topic of ethical business or beneficial corporations and of these hot tea birds that are getting people to activate emotionally, right? Yes. Dude, they're calling it. Ah, economic changes or political world changes. Whatever they want. He word it on. Um, you know, people are beginning to realize that money is restricted money, money restricts. Okay. I'm telling if I'm working for a client, they say I'm $10 an hour. $20. Now I'm like I would ever do. I don't want talk. Let's just get it done. Here you go. Nothing. No, I don't want nothing. I don't expect. Here's my tip links. Shooting a tent. Whatever you got, you got five bucks. No bucks. 50 cents a penny for your thoughts. You know, maybe the guy's a millionaire is just like here. Do. Here's 10 grand. Thank you for your two hours time. You did more than I spent $1000 on with all these other people putting limits on their price. And so I do it for free. I'll always do it for free for everybody I like, and I give it away. I give away my best stuff here on the right stuff. Sure, I I think there has to you. Great. This finding a balance, isn't it? Between on we talk about is generally about giving things away and charging easy to follow . I don't know if it's just me. Well, I can you hear me now? Yes. Your little Cornelius. Can you hear me? You're You're very squeaky. You call it it. All right. Okay. Carry on for a moment, gents. Right. This is going towards the end of the show on I would know. See you in the next lecture. Hopefully, you gathered some more information. 7. Summary: Hello. I have hope you enjoyed have this course on being armed up TV talk show. We've no three people on screen. No, it is just in beater at the moment, but hopefully of the next couple of weeks, they will roll it out. I'll tell you how to enroll in the beater shortly, uh, in the notes below. But the thing is that this is sort of revolutionary. Three people on screen, integrated chat on a whole host of options that you can actually use whilst your line. If you need any help that old, then you could join the group that David, John and Iran, which is called lvs 17 on. We will help you go live in 2017 using be life Talk show. Thank you for watching catch you soon. I look forward to watching your shows on Be live TV.