Being a Travel Blogger (Even When You're Not Traveling!)

Theresa Christine, Freelance Travel Writer + Blogger

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9 Videos (33m)
    • Introduction (Video 1)

    • Types of Posts (Video 2)

    • Types of Posts (Video 3)

    • Types of Posts (Video 4)

    • Types of Posts (Video 5)

    • Types of Posts (Video 6)

    • Types of Posts (Video 7)

    • Types of Posts (Video 8)

    • The Final Task

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Project Description

24+ New Travel Blog Posts (no travel necessary)

Within this project, you'll be building up your brainstorming portfolio for your travel blog. This will be the place you turn to when trying to organize your editorial calendar and deciding on the posts you want to write. 

In each video we will go through one type of post that you can do as a travel blogger without having to book a trip. That means that by the end of the course you will have 7 types of posts to refer to when you're feeling stuck, 23 blogs to turn to for inspiration, and countless new post ideas to add to your editorial calendar.

Throughout the course, you will be sharing some of your favorite ideas that you come up with along the way. For the final deliverable, you will choose one of these ideas, outline the main points you would want to write about, and explain why you are most excited about this piece (and mega bonus points for sharing your finished post!).

By sharing this and hearing from others, you'll quickly come to realize that you can be a travel blogger no matter how often you travel.

When creating your project: 

When posting and sharing your brainstorming ideas, share as much as you feel comfortable. I'm a firm believer in being a river and not a reservoir, because great ideas beget great ideas. Sharing your thoughts will inspire others in the class, and their work will inspire you. :)

For the assignments, simply refer to each video number to keep things organized. This way classmates and prospective students will get the same chance that you did to discover the types of posts and wonderful examples in each lesson.