Being a Travel Blogger (Even When You're Not Traveling!)

Theresa Christine, Travel Blogger, Freelance Writer

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9 Videos (33m)
    • Introduction (Video 1)

    • Types of Posts (Video 2)

    • Types of Posts (Video 3)

    • Types of Posts (Video 4)

    • Types of Posts (Video 5)

    • Types of Posts (Video 6)

    • Types of Posts (Video 7)

    • Types of Posts (Video 8)

    • The Final Task


About This Class

You don’t have to travel 365 days a year to be a travel blogger. Yup, seriously.

Sure, there are travel bloggers out there who are 100% nomad but there are also plenty of travel bloggers out there — let's be real, probably more — who aren’t. They enjoy a job that keeps them in one city most of the year...they prefer living close to family members...they are sorting out finances before making a move...or they only have 2 weeks of vacation a year. (Sound familiar? Keep readin'.)

Whether you aspire to one day travel every day of the year or you simply enjoy travel writing as a hobby, how can you successfully blog about travel when you’re not traveling? It’s a unique form of writer’s block to feel like you have no experiences or travel stories to write about simply because it’s been a little while since your last trip. But to be even remotely successful at travel blogging, you also have to be consistently publishing content. What’s a travel blogger to do?

Well, I’m here to help you kick that writer’s block's ass and get content and posts queued up in your editorial calendar. By the end of this course, you will have a plethora of different types of posts to create and different brainstorming techniques so that you can write regular content for your blog, no matter how much you travel. You simply have to know how to dig up that content and use it in the best way possible.

So open up a new text document on your computer or grab a pen and paper, and let’s get started!

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If you ain't sure where or how to start a travel blog, take this class!
There's tutorial on being a travel blogger is just the tutorial I needed to watch to get me excited and eager on starting a travel blog. The tutorial is inspiring, informative and interactive. I enjoyed participating in the tasks and reflecting on past holidays and travel adventures. Thank you Theresa for the tutorial and inspirational lesson :)
This course is the best one I've taken so far. Theresa has a developed a content-rich course with loads of examples and exercises. She has an nice friendly tone and you can tell she speaks from experience. I look forward to taking all her other classes and would highly recommend this course. Thanks Theresa!
Sylvie Hanes

The Appreciative Traveler





Theresa Christine

Travel Blogger, Freelance Writer

I'm Theresa, a travel blogger and freelance writer living in Los Angeles, CA. On Tremendous Times, I help people create more adventure in their lives every day, around the world and in their own backyards. I'm the Managing Editor of The Dieline, and my work has appeared and been shared by The Burning Man organization, HOW Design Magazine, The Dieline, LunaLuna Magazine, The Examiner, Elite Daily, and more. 

* Appeared on HuffPost Live to discuss the changes in the Burning Man community
* Speaker at the sold out Women in Travel Summit 2015 and at Yeah Field Trip 2017.
* Appeared on the HPL Podcast with Brooke Schoenman to discuss a trip where I took only my purse
* Snorkeled in 35° water in between tectonic plates in Silfra and wrote sponsored posts about the journey.

Stalk me on my portfolioInstagram, and Pinterest.