Being a Teacher: Understanding Teacher´s Mindset

Ilse Lozoya, Music teacher and Online Educator

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5 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Being a teacher: Introduction

    • 2. What is a teacher

    • 3. Fixed Mindset

    • 4. Growth Mindset

    • 5. Teachable Moment


About This Class

What is a teacher? Who can teach?

Do you have the correct mindset toward your own learning?

In this class we are going to make a brief reflection about what is a teacher and how valuable is to be aware of what is growth and fixed mindset in order to help our students to achieve their learning goals.

Finally we will understand what is a teachable moment and how can we identify it.

This class is about your learning, it is an introductory class which purpose is to make you reflect on your teaching and learning nature.

Join this class today and let me know how is your teaching evolving.