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Being a Teacher: Understanding Teacher´s Mindset

teacher avatar Ilse Lozoya, Music teacher and Online Educator

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Being a teacher: Introduction

    • 2. What is a teacher

    • 3. Fixed Mindset

    • 4. Growth Mindset

    • 5. Teachable Moment

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About This Class

What is a teacher? Who can teach?

Do you have the correct mindset toward your own learning?

In this class we are going to make a brief reflection about what is a teacher and how valuable is to be aware of what is growth and fixed mindset in order to help our students to achieve their learning goals.

Finally we will understand what is a teachable moment and how can we identify it.

This class is about your learning, it is an introductory class which purpose is to make you reflect on your teaching and learning nature.

Join this class today and let me know how is your teaching evolving.


Meet Your Teacher

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Ilse Lozoya

Music teacher and Online Educator



Hello Skillshare community!!

My name is Ilse Lozoya I am a pianist and educator, I love to teach online because I can share about music, piano, and education with student around the globe and I think this a wonderful thing in our days.

 My Skillshare classes are dedicated to music students, if you are a beginner or a advanced student I am pretty sure that you will find a class that can help you in your music journey, you will find classes basically about piano, music theory, ear training and education.





Here are the links to my classes:


        Piano Technique 101 #1   - The 7 Min Routine - See full profile

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1. Being a teacher: Introduction: Hi. My name is incidentally, welcome to this sculpture class in this last murder to analyze some important topics that I related to or teaching this Senate Territory course. And this is the first off many classes that I'm going to be teaching about the teaching early learning experience. What is to be a teacher? Are we achieving or personal and professional goals through our teaching? This first class I'm going to discuss with you important topics like having a girl's mindset, why this is so important and how having the correct minds it can affect us when we teach and it can really affect or students learning who can teach. We're going to discuss a little bit what is important and who can teach. Are we always teaching somebody is just not teaching? This is important, and we're going to analyze that. How can we take advantage off the online application or professional development? So join this class. I'm so excited to share all this information with you that I really passionate about teaching and teaching with other teachers sharing or experiences and how can really become better educators each time that we teach, even if we are or lying teachers. Maybe we are tourists. Want to one? Oh, we are kindergarten teachers. We are maybe a elementary school teachers. It doesn't matter what kind of teacher you are. I really want to share this information with you. I'm pretty sure that it's going to help. You had encouraged you to improve your teaching welcome. 2. What is a teacher: in this video, we're going to choke about teaching. Who is a teacher? Many have on a specific year. A specifically about. What is a teacher who can teach? Maybe your associate teachers were the classroom. Only the teachers of that working daily with students in the classroom are cold teachers. Maybe you work with Children. Maybe you're on elementaries school teacher. So what is a teacher, which are the requirements to be a teacher? We can write down all the characteristics that goofing death are necessary to be a teacher , to be a good teacher. What did you truly believe? Did you think that everybody can teach or only one do decide to become a teacher in that moment is one. Do start teaching. The reality is that we as human beings, our teaching all the time. We can't use the baby as example, baby. Some Children know everything from their environments, good things and bad things. It is very common to see parents struggling because their Children under something in appropriate from someplace like school. Or maybe they heard a non polite expression from an adult in the family. So everybody teaches. That's a reality you're teaching all the time. Sometimes what we teach. It's according to what we want to teach. But sometimes if my such is different anyway. Yeah, teaching we have Cuban a message. So it is not about teaching. It's about how to develop strategies to give the desire message according towards to the needs, how to facilitate or students learning, guiding them in the correct process. Sometimes we are not aware over teaching. That's something important kind of common. Sometimes we are teaching bearer things that we our wealth. But sometime sometimes is not the case. So what kind of teacher didn't choose to me? Here's where our journey begins. Get the skills to teach when your passion what is passion to really go in that journey and start a quiet our skills and being honest with ourselves? No. Our students and develop a better understanding off the learning process so we can guy their students in that journey. We've girl minds it we're going to analyze this and the next lesson 3. Fixed Mindset: Let's talk about the teacher's mind, said. Why is important to have de correct minds it as teachers and as human beings? What do you think about the learning process? What did you think about your teaching? Basically, there are two types of mindset. Well, we call fixing mindset. ISS. I would give you an example. Have you ever thought that you are not able to learn something just because you are not capable of What did you think eyeballed your student? Have you ever thought that this particular student is not capable to achieve the goals because he's not intelligent enough? Have you ever thought that there are some areas of knowledge that you are not gifted enough that Drew don't have just a gift to go under that knowledge? This type of mindset sets important PATA meters about or teaching and about the learning process. What do you think about your learning and this moment off or society that we are living? There are many Taqa skills that we need to develop, and sometimes you just and you want to leave that for the young people, or do you just think that it's not for you? It's very common that parents tell their kids that they are good for subject or bad for another, something sing like Met. For example. Sometimes a child has been told since the beginning, dead math is difficult, and this is a very common example off, creating a fixes mindset about something, just the stuff Lish established that you are good for something or bad for another. What happened? What happened with or students is that they can't really girl thinking that math is difficult. What do you think when you have a student that do you think that all are capable off achieve or the goals that you are have set as teacher? What did you think when you watch a kid? Did you think that he's capable of that? A fixing mindset led us to believe that there are abilities that cannot be acquired. Our knowledge that cannot be learned seem to because we are not gifted and sometimes, unfortunately, as humans. And that's the teachers. When, as teachers, we teach that minds it, we share that mindset with your students established in that something is difficult. Another thing is easy, and that can bring consequences to our students. Why did you truly believe maybe you can tell me. Well, yes. I think that there everybody can, you know, achieved many goals and improve on learn more skills. But what did you truly believe? It isn't normal to have a fixing mindset with some areas off off knowledge now with all the areas of knowledge. So this is important to be honest with ourselves and think, What do you truly believe? Having a fix of mindset can leave us to give the wrong message when we teach. So what kind of message are you're sending through your teaching? It's common to see junk Children and see that you know. What do you see? You see hope on there are many things to that can be done there and better war. But sometimes what? You have a student, a teenager? Would his problems his natural problems off his age? Sometimes you think? Well, maybe, but I'm sure she's gonna make it his Pamela's Mass. And he's not very displaying. What are we really thinking? We must be careful with the kind off minds it because having ah fixing mindset lead us to believe that things gonna change that when we talk about skill is skills. It's something that you have there not, and we really getting into our problems as teachers, all the paperwork or daily routine. And we use hope, fix the mindset, leads or students to. I feel confused, feel that they are not capable to achieve goals, to learn new skills. So having this kind of mindset limits bus levels, inhibits learning and stops growing, we must consider. Consider about that. And it's very common that all humans have at least a couple of areas for four lives. We'd fixes minds. You must reflect on that to make changes. It's tough having a fixed mindset about that, too, and really make a change in your lives and your students like. 4. Growth Mindset: Let's talk about teachers, minds it. Now let's explain what his growth minds it in the last. Let's son, we analyzed what a fixing mindset is. This one. Let's talk about girls minds it. Sometimes we can be very optimistic and we wake up and we sing that everything can learn that there are many skills that we can acquire, that our students are capable to do many things and we see or students right on deposit. We saw this image is the last lesson, and sometimes we think that the student, it's not capable of something. And sometimes we think deposit. We think that our students can do anything that even that the circumstances are difficult. They are capable to achieve anything. This is something important. What about their students? Are your students developing this kind of mindset? Do your students think that they are capable to achieve 80 cohere? Even that may be the circumstances are difficult. Maybe the country, the country where you're living, is we have, even with political issues, you're struggling with many economical situations. But do your students think that they can achieve anything that they want to pursue? Well, this is called growth mindset, and we should really encourage for students to have this and we should look at ourselves. And I think that it's the same situation that when we see a child and we all this pictures , we saw them in the last lesson one way. See, John Children. We think about hope but that everything can don't we must have this minds it to ourselves and to or students even that they are older. We must encourage them to pursue their dreams. And they must not think that there are some abilities that are special for certain type of people. Even sometimes teenagers are struggling with many difficult circumstances. We should really encourage them to pursue their dreams. What kind of message are you sending to your teacher having a girl's mindset? It's something that allow us to change that. Allow us to believe that there are many skills that can be learned, that there are many places that we can know that even that we have been struggling. Let's go back to the example of math. Maybe we grew up thinking that math is difficult, that we are not good for math. Well, we can change that if we have developed a fixes mindset in certain areas over lives. We can change now. We can develop a growth mindset because changing is having a girl's minds it. So we must make a personal reflection about how is your minds. It's incredible. How can sometimes be so orthodox and believe that something it's in certain way and we cannot change that well, that's a fixed mindset. So we must really change that on the able to grow and explore and learn and allow our students to do that too. So really, or teaching can be inspiring and leave or students on ourselves to have keep successful mindset that it's a growth mindset. 5. Teachable Moment: Let's check about the teachable moment when a teacher is given a lesson. What if the main purposes is to create a teachable moment in teachable moment? Is that a specific moment when it's to them, is willing to learn it can be created. Tobar Situation An example. Surrounded by a specific environment that prepares a student to understand something and create vaccination with his reality. Sometimes a teachable moment is not created. It just happens as teachers. We must be aware off what is happening in the classroom We are, or students who are or students and be flexible to our circumstances. Sometimes. Imagine that during your classroom and your teaching and fifth grade or something like that , and suddenly acute starts talking about generic wake that happened in another country. Maybe George took into both grammar. But how can you relate that a specific event circumstance and turn it into something that students that your students can take advantage of? This is something that can help you to associate your students. Would your reality and with something else something about science, for example. Maybe you can connect her class with that situation. Maybe you don't, but the reality that in the moment your students are willing to learn something. Sometimes it is not what you we're planning to, so you must be open to those moments any many times it camera souls. In a benefit for your students, you must be able to identify the appropriate moment. Consider everything that it's happened, the circumstances. What is happening to award the student maybe is something that you can only see. Maybe there's a spy either walking into your classroom. What are you going to do? This can help the moment off the learning process. Sometimes we're we want to be so strict and we don't allow your students to talk about anything else. But that can. Sometimes what happens is that the class is just talked, whether if we want to or not everything to stop because of that situation. So we really must be open and take a bandage off that when we talk about the learning on the light turning, it's different. We are not there, but we must know where are they? In the curriculum. We must establish and prepare maybe with an introduction that will help our students to establish that moment. That is really going to help him, too. Be in that teachable moment you don't find a teachable moment. Requires off course requires experience. It's not, that is it will take his periods. You must be aware. So needs awareness. And Jim asked. You have knowledge off your topic and your students surgery really can manage those moments to help them to improve on really create a teachable moment from that circumstance, but it's really satisfying to take those moments and see how your student is really learning.