Behind The Retouching: Architecture Retouching

John Ross, Professional Retoucher

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    • Behind The Retouching - Image Review #6


About This Class

Behind the Retouching -  This image is featured in Advanced Photoshop Magazine #128. This is a walk through of the layered file used to create this composite image. By watching the choices I make, and hearing me explain why I do them, I hope they can help you as well.






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John Ross

Professional Retoucher

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My name is John Ross, and I specialize in high-end Portrait, Product, and Scenic Retouching. I’ve been working in the printing, photography, retouching, marketing, and graphic design fields for more than 20 years.


Most recently, my retouching work has been seen in Advanced Photoshop Magazine and Photoshop Creative Magazine.


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