Beginning With Hand Lettering: Paper to Vector | Parul Chandla | Skillshare

Beginning With Hand Lettering: Paper to Vector

Parul Chandla, Designxtype

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9 Videos (43m)
    • Introduction

    • Contents

    • Finding Inspiration

    • Rough Sketches

    • Refined sketches

    • Vectorizing The Lettering : Part 1

    • Vectorizing The Lettering : Part 2

    • Placing The Lettering

    • Thank You


About This Class


I'm Parul Chandla, a freelance Graphic Designer, and Hand Letterer and In this Class, I will take you through my process of how to create a vectorized lettering piece from scratch step by step. If you're someone who always wanted to get started with Hand Lettering but couldn't find the means or right guidance to do so, this class is for you. I'll be covering all the basic stuff that you'll need to kick off your Hand Lettering journey without going too much in-depth so, you don't feel overwhelmed! 

Even if you're new to this, don't you worry! No prior experience is required for this class. As we go along, I'll share some tips and tricks that I've learned since I started Hand Lettering that you may find useful. In every video's end, I've included a Quick Recap part to quickly go through what we did in that particular lesson and I've also mentioned some things like certain shortcuts and tips that I forgot to mention during the lesson. So, make sure you don't skip through any video and watch every lesson till the end.

You don't need any fancy equipment for this, Just pick up your favorite pencil, a sketchbook and let's get started!





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Parul Chandla


Hi and Welcome to this channel!

I am Parul Chandla, I'm a Graphic Designer and Hand letterer based in Melbourne, Australia and take great pleasure in my work. I have a passion for Design and Typography and have always found the concept of bringing something that existed in my mind to real life quite intriguing and art has always succored me to achieve it.

With this channel, I hope to help people like me kick off their artistic journey.


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