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Beginning Turns for Lindy Hop

teacher avatar Paul Riding, Dancer and Twitch Broadcaster

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Tuck Turn

    • 3. The Inside Turn

    • 4. Changing Places

    • 5. Scoop and Send Out

    • 6. The Six Count Cuddle

    • 7. Put It Together

    • 8. Dance Demo

    • 9. The Project

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About This Class

This is the second class in our introduction to Lindy Hop Series.  Here's the link to the first class if you missed it.  This is a dance class designed for all levels, including beginners and "those with two left feet."  It is an introduction to turns for lindy hop, one of the original swing dances. 

Paul and Laura teach lindy hop in Southern California and are very excited to bring classes to a global platform.  Paul also live streams a lot of his social dancing and competitions on 
twitch.  You are welcome to stop by there, say hi, get a feel for the dance, and ask questions.

Lindy hop is a partnered dance that came about in the late 20s in Harlem, New York.  It was danced to jazz and big band music predominantly by black dancers in clubs like the Savoy and Alhambra Ballrooms.  By the 1940s, swing music and dancing took the world by storm.  Today it is danced all over the world and continues to bring joy to dancers of all ages, ethnicity, and backgrounds.  We suggest learning more about lindy hop, the classic dancers that helped create and define this dance, and more.  This site and the Lindy Hop Wikipedia pages are great places to start.  

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Paul Riding

Dancer and Twitch Broadcaster


Hi!  My name is Paul and I'm a dance instructor and twitch streamer from Southern California.  In September of 2019 I quit my full time desk job to pursue my dreams of opening a ballroom in my local area.  I believe we can make the world a smaller place when we dance and create art together.  Swing dancing has brought me so much joy in my life and I'm passionate about passing it on to others through lessons and live streaming.  

I am live streaming my creative journey and experiences in the world of lindy hop. Utilizing, I work to share, inspire, educate and invite people to the lindy hop community. My regular broadcasts include my competitions, rehearsals, social dancing, dance lessons, travels and other entertaining segments.  P... See full profile

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1. Introduction: I am Laura Kohl and welcome to our class Beginning turns for living. If you've graduated this class and you have not taken our previous class for fundamentals, we recommend that you go back and take that first. Because that has all the information you need as far as your footwork and your connection in order to be able to accomplish the turns is that we're gonna teach you in the class today. Now, that said, this class is gonna operate very similarly to the last one in which I want you to do go class by class or a lesson by lesson. So the couch over and get ready to be active and, uh, go through and complete each each idea because they will build on each other throughout the entire A. So far as history is concerned, we have a little section about the history of the dance. But we will link more history below just so you could learn about the dance while you're while you're doing it. Because the history of this dance is really important. So check it out. Enjoy the class. Get your water model ready. Get ready to move 2. The Tuck Turn: all right. For all the lessons today, they're actually going to be six count moves. The last lesson that we did your coming around that level of eight count moves. But we did go over the six count basic. So forgotten about a little bit. Go back, wash that read capital six count basics, and we're gonna start just from there. So we're going to start off by doing a 60 on Basic. Just always feed on the same page. Just go straight into the structure. Uh, this tough turn will do from two different angles, so you can see it looks like this one that you got 123461 to start breaking that down. First thing first things first is that we're going to go into this 123 and four. And on that 34 there is no turning it. Okay, we're going to just crept into that 123 and four. Okay, again, just hands connected. This is connected. But nothing's happening as far as turning like it. 12 and four. And then on 56 leads, you're going to raise the stand up. So falls go longer and this hand here. This right hand it's on the back, is the thing that's doing. The leading is not a French type Motion with that is right here, guides underneath. You need to just try that motion. Right hand guiding left hand grazes this archway and the right hand guys. So, uh, counts for that. We're gonna take this one team three and four and then I and sits and you're still you're but we're underneath yourself. Uh, let's just got a little bit how we follow this. Basically, my goal is not to move unless asked two. And when asked Teoh until redirected again. So what I feel from all of these, this is he says he out of rocks up and we're actually very much detective here. He moves into him and I'm gonna keep going into, like, stop. What we have is a little bit of wind up feeling we're wound up that he says How we get to that way feeling well, I like to add just like a little bit of juice are rock steps. I'll give a normal rock step Wrong step, step, Step on this next rock step Just one step away. Just a little bit. 123 and four. And it creates this little I feel. Have you noticed that rock star also causes me to fully face my leader. So normally, interest account for about 45 ankle. But when he gives me that seven Rezian way that each other even a little bit farther depending on how far. Okay, we'll do it for you. A couple first direction. So instead, use the leaders. Nice shot here won t 6123 Hey, this direction again. 123461236 Again, this hand is leading leads, right? Raise your right hand. That's the one that needs to be done. Lead as far as that goes. I'm not shoving her through eyes. A nice Would you like to go under? 3. The Inside Turn: All right, so we just finished. Tuck, turn. We're now going to follow that up with inside turn. Looks like this. 123 and 45 since 1236 All right, so we're going to start this out over here in this open position. Before we begin, I want you to know this is not a requirement. After I see a lot of her dancers always always execute this, and it's not necessary. If we want Rocket out of basic training, that's that. This is a nice choice to do this inside turn. My. So what's happening here is ever want to our rock? Step 12 you're going to the lead. You're gonna ask you follow to come across with your left hand. You're gonna think about left hand, comes by your nose, left hand coming by the nose is your follow. Because across it looks like this. 123 and six. There's a little bit of a difference here with Dr. Okay, Top turn, turn starts on five and six. This one starts a little bit. We've got 123456 All right, leaders. Asher, follow comes across. What's happened here? is that you are going to take this right hand and as follows back is exposed to you. You're going, Teoh, take our right hands and place it back on the back. Okay, follows. That's gonna do action on you. 123 and four six Yes, follows. Here's how we execute what we're being extra do I feel very rock stuff for my me, he says. Then when we're here and he puts his hand on my back Exactly what he said in June, Trump said your arms up alone as opposed to you as possible so that you can clear back. Uh, just for example, if we don't do that, this is what happens, Teoh. And it's very over. So you dropped. Do be aware Teoh in and close to you because if you stick it out, you can clock for me across the face and they usually don't. Yes, detector two different directions so you can see it. No one Teoh 6123456 On this Directions. Yeah. 123 states one Teoh 123 Over 6123456 4. Changing Places: All right. Next we're throw at you is also an inside turn, but we're adjusting the end It Okay, so we've got starting out here again. We've got this insight term that we just learned. 123456 But this time leads. I'm going to travel around the left side. My fault. Okay? I just think not changed the direction of the term or anything like that. The only difference is that we bring this up. I are those. We're going to continue following the direction of our okay. Going Teoh again. Continue that movement. Changing places with our with the steps that looks like this You go. 123456 Okay, this is repeatable. We wanna go. 123 and four on six. Well, 234 My six last. All of the nice thing is, basically nothing changes for us with this pattern X such that you don't have to worry about around chop you Every one of your arm used to get out here, Here, down here. Whatever you feel 5. Scoop and Send Out: eyes are kind of gather back together or six camps. Stupid. OK, so we just are changing places. 123456 And now we're so you're going to come back together on it. Should actually feel a little bit like swing out when we do this. So I'm asking my fault to come forward on this 12 and then we're going to keep a six count pattern. 456 Watch it again, just from this open position. 123 as I scoop up my partner is a continuing that circular momentum. We couldn't do it without the term. You could just go one Teoh from the side. 123456 But less circular, Circular momentum. This is kind of fun to play with. So again, we're gonna just follow that. 1234 1230 this feels very much like when you have seen this my missus. Okay, we're swinging out now, but the difference is the very end. Instead of really singing at the end to continue to the end of spring up, all you seeing closed and he is a very definite triple step Feel so that causes me to respond. Also, mashes. So I'm gonna move on from there. Were these two different ideas of coming in and actually sending out, we're going to do a send out this being this close position here and we're going todo 1234 Okay. It's a simple way to get out into the open position. Right now, The only thing that we know is that okay, so that send out watching again. We've got one too great for from here. Now, there's something going on here that I think makes this move a little bit more juicy. And that's for me. I'm doing a forward rocks. Okay? You're again not familiar with four rock step. Might be your first time trying it in context, but we get it in that first must. Okay. Should be a rock step in any direction. So I'm taking this forward, Ross. Set 12 and know this that I give I give us a little bit of space. I opened this up so that s O that my father can take that space. It's stretchy. Disturbs me away. Watch it again. We're not artificially creating that stretch for not like shoving around this way. We're just letting it breathe. And then I like watching a couple times, guys. 1234 Okay, the whole of those moves together, we'll sent down, gathered. We've got way feeling really slowing news. 6. The Six Count Cuddle: six Count Cup. Okay, we're going to do this. It's an inside turn, but it looks like this. We're gonna go 123 Control. It's really what this is is it's a lot of decoration on our basic. Okay, so we're going to take the same site term concept 123456 This sign weeks, we're going to say, Hey, what did you make this seem to? Yeah, Dio, I make sure that that's clear and offer honestly, as early as you want to send out, you know, 1236 Or I can even slide down to that. 123 and four. Okay, we're here. We're gonna do that sentence. I turn this time, leaders, we're keeping our right hand connected. Okay, So comes through. 123 and 456 into this couple position. Watch it again. Want to pre painful. You know, it feels exactly the same. Your differences were a little bit tighter. Okay, followers, and sometimes just cause there's a lot of different bottom types. Followers, if you feel like super super cramped here, just communicate that I would on leaders be aware. You think there's a lot of give spaces like a lot of Justin space to make sure that you're making your do your best. Me off full of your pulse if you're not comfortable. Trick I'll do is I'll just let go if I don't like it. But I still like to have this hand You don't know. I take back. So also, if somebody is hurting, you like them now for their sake. Okay, so that's said as long as it's comfortable coming into this decision Six we're going to now , do they send out from here and send out that last lesson? We've got that one, Teoh. Now you can do it here on these. I didn't leave this action with my forearm on on horseback through this same one team three . Honestly, I might just adjust it. So when we get here, I got to say, you know what may be practical. Yeah, yeah, 7. Put It Together: All right, let's put it all together. It s so we've got a few different ideas that we can all have a week together in different wars. We want to encourage you to try exploring. So for example, we have our base, except in another inside with 112 people for one. 8. Dance Demo: all right. That's actually the end of the moves we're going to discuss in this class. So we wanted to spend a little time putting it all together and give you a demonstration of how to incorporate these moves into your fundamentals. That less gives you some context for the greater picture of your dances. Greens of these two glasses combined, for example, we're gonna break it all down, for example, Same when we get this sent out here. 123 and 46 were in this open position. And what does this feel similar to possibly the end of your swinging right so we can actually go from here. 12345 cents on. Very similarly, if we come into a close circle after sitting out 123 gain. This gives us the opportunity to do you send out or your doctor a little bit to music for you and just trying to see if you can pay attention to the different moves that we've taught in both classes. We'll start out with doing just are six Kamloops, and then we'll add in way 9. The Project: all right. It is homework time Way actually, have quite a few people take that first class and anybody submit their videos yet? Um, and that way, you really, really want to see all dance? So you've got it in your heart to put something on the internet of you dancing. Please, please. Before that, we would love to see you dancing Worst toe about what we want. So your assignment for this class is to put us on and film yourself dancing all of the moves that you learn in this class. So you do not have to do the moves from the fundamentals. Plus, you can stick with only or six count footwork, but we want to see that you could do all the moves which include are tucked. Turn our inside. Turn Teoh closed are inside. Turn where we switch places. We have our cuddle. We have the discounts, Woo and the send out. That's a lot of six count six. Countess, if you can't think of all at once like I couldn't please, please like don't worry about stopping going, okay? Which one? Or actually even write it down? Okay, we did that, but we really want to see him moved in and out of each other. And it's also always okay to do a basic in between. So you do a basic, then attacked. You can hang out to another basic or a few of them than to pass by. You can keep it simple. Keep it in your head as best as you need to organize it. Yeah, So if you want to have an additional video of that are after that with all of your eight count previous, uh, work from the other place combining that would love to see that too. But we really want to see the contents of this class executed. Aside from that, thanks for taking the glass. We really appreciate all this or we've gotten on skills here so far. Other places to watch us dance on is on twitch. You go to definitely, you know, not twitch that TV slash Paul dances. You can also go to our website audiences dot tv check the streaming schedule and different opportunities. These for lessons and that sort of thing. We got a lot a lot of online stuff going on, and I would love to have you is a part of our community. So thank you for taking the class. Enjoy and have fun