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Beginning Photoshop


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    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Create and Edit

    • 3. Filters and 3D

    • 4. Class Thumbnail


About This Class

A class meant to teach how to do some basic things on Photoshop, as well as some tips to make your life a bit easier in the world of Photoshop.


1. Intro: Hi. My name is Vamp. And this course we will be looking at a photo chop, particularly how to apply. Filtered how to, um, make a three D object from a three d layer 10 into a three d object to net back again. All that jazz. And maybe maybe you will learn some tricks along the way. We will also be at the end, exporting a thumbnail and getting that ready. So you actually get it. See a creation of thumbnail and the or getting t that hope Rogic through and through that I am doing with this. Hopefully your guy get some tips out of it and feel free to watch. Hopefully you guys enjoy. 2. Create and Edit: Okay, So when the fit open photos up you are greed head with basically that you could most likely you will do that by default by keeping let me just because so you can open the your projects. But but you might not happening projects which, if you are watching it, course here very well. Probably Maybe have 12 projects on no project. Oh, but that's OK. You can just collect. You can even open and image from wherever or create new if they buy tendra preparing for your reliable reason your economic, the tip file and big news that way to the same thing. Choose your file campus size rather that you want to be. I'm going todo this that 12 80 by 7 20 that I have here. But you can actually pick any that you want detail hair from what I made. So if they're not many therefore year don't worry. You can just id wever with and height that you want. If you might follow along with exactly what I do in each. You know, the beach of videos of this course definitely feel free to copied uh, height. And with that, I am currently using. I mean, I tude white for the purpose of this toil because it will make a quite a bit easier. And without father do Let's just hear create. Okay, so we have all white canvas. No, I'm going to unlock that, which means that we can actually, we will be able to mark on and stuff happens like their race it tool. I'm actually a great thing. Where? As if I if I had the lock on it, I wouldn't. I've been able to do it like I could lock that. And they would say, And he is a rates a topic of locked, though, that collect on the lock to lock it or like on the lock and unlock. It's well, so you're free to actually edited. Or, if you wanna keep it like, say, you have an image book sample with going to the breast Well, and you know you a quick image, whatever. Let's say that looks brilliant, Teoh that do a little bit more. Okay, let's say that an awesome assortment of colors and you won't keep it. You don't want to go away, but you don't lock it. You just they knew, You know I'm right. Like duplicate, You know, very a new layer. You can hide this layer and then that just a duplicate layer so you can do whatever with it . Say you want try one air. It's you want race, like after their. But keep that there. You can do that. You can do that? Nope, Actually, and that to ality. Say you won't give it up. Half of it. You could just hit delete half a minute Gun just like that. Just like that. No muss, no fuss. Half of it. Gonna tell you what we want this march chunk on your a muting the latter tour right now and then t late. There you go. Now there is Okay. Diesel act. I hit control D You could also right click and you know, eat that way. But yeah, I find it easier for the Control e. And then, uh, it be a want more precise. You go to a polygon toe, basically it just, like, more precise in the way. And then to leave that now Say you want something back actually, with you may not know that you want this back, lets you select everything. Let's go ahead hold control and click on here. Okay, then let him control Chef. I inverted. That means selecting everything that we you know, don't have selected their. And then we can right click on it, feel hit, content aware and it would dry. It's better to feel in based on that side, though. You know, I tried it best. And it's not It's not bad. Not this same. You can see both image it. Look, yes, uh, back. You know, it tried in that content. Select a usually that better worked like a green for background. That that a quick run down of 13 tours and I get some sort cut as well. Um, three d widow wouldn't be going into a bit of three D in the next video. Actually, did it just a little intro and to things for you. And let's say we don't like that one. We want original. Yeah, that they read, you know? Aren't you glad we created a duplicate layer Because that we have Teoh a love again every day 10 on the good thing we did a doctor taxed hair If you Why it right thing down. That makes no sense. Yeah, you don't think you can do shadow birth in the other stuff. That the text to pull you Now the texted ended Tebow for now until you after i z Then it becomes, uh, non ed aboard tax the It's not a text anymore, won t you did Back now, of course, you could get that same effect by creating another layer collecting bulk the lay earth I holding control and then merging the layer. But thereafter, eyes thing, it's actually quite a bit e the debt. Egypt like a basic simple video on you know how to basically open the file bay a file, create what you want in the next video down. We will go more into greedy like that and even built us, though definitely feel free to check that out. 3. Filters and 3D: Okay, so let's actually look at some feel too well, Ted, actually very important for the shop because they let you obtains certain things. It's an aspect distort. Like Okay, let's say we want you this filter. We don't want to do it too much, but we, you know, want to do it a little bit. And, you know, we want to see how it looking, because that will always let's see a live version of power looks but that more you can do with filter like Let's stay. We're using this magic tour here. And we selected this here. Hey, we just want this built. Actually that Not that. Probably not a diabetic sample. We will use last tour. The lasted to what? Basically a free form tour. They we want this, but right here. So we laughter toe. Then we get Qazi in low. We can feel toe just that part. Get fine. No problem. No harm, no foul. No must no fuss. Have a think and then that looks like more background. Me So yeah, let's say we want there. That seems like it. Way more in the background. And what before, but but that off more filters we can do. Um, let T. That's a doctor and blood You could spend all day in here, but I'm just going go through some of them. More common filters over our motion blur motion blur are beyond it. I use more like when I'm trying to make some backgrounds. Like in the this might be seen that the good background then I could change your feet thing . You can change the angle however you want. Teoh. You can type that angle in here, but I usually like keeping uh, 90 sometimes 60 degree angle AP or a perfect in that like I am sometimes you candid type in 60. And didn't it would say at that angle like that? See, that looks cool. That looks but let you eat, idea Don't want anymore. And Rosie that soak Z as in zebra, the controls the or commands the sea or on the Mac. Um, I believe that commie insee Don't quote me on that, but yeah, there we go with that and that's what we talk about for in the blood like it that you could go into all day. We have to get through with the distort. That's exactly what it says It does. Like let troll Well, for example, that you distort a all the way one way. What? That So tell the way that the way like that's a OK. And there we go with that. We don't want to keep that change, though, but that could be useful in certain case in their ears. Now, the tool I used quite a bit shopping, nor did too actually show you what shopping does. I may have to make everything a bit belay there. Okay, Now let's go to shopping. I like smart shop in the back, but you could play around find with Beth four year. Okay, so you okay? Hit the thing about shopping. You never want to shop in something too much. Otherwise, they end up looking more blood. Yeah. I'll tell you what I mean. If he is shop in something, it the max that's not make it necessarily better. But I'm hoping I'm hoping it showed here, Um, in the that shop in, you can change what you're trying to get rid of. We're trying to get rid of thumb of the motion blow we just created. Maybe we create a bit too much. Here, let me we do it again, but only take a little bit. Gaussian, you know, just like a little bit. Lie, not unreadable. Play by players in the York like best scenario is basically a scenario that would happen if you had to stretch and image a bit bigger then you like like and then that what? Your deal. Go to shopping. You could do reckless shop in. But like I said, I like smart shop in that. My favorite thing I can tell you do not want to up in too much. I'm helping you go the some difference because if you're shopping too much, you will get a stop in mess. And believe me, that is a shopping back. We would go with him. And I don't know if you can stay activity in the world when I keep this. Okay, that there we go. We picked image a little bit, but But that off, let's say we want to go to three d. Okay, Can take a moment because it literally ending a three d like for you. And they are okay, we can convert that. No, malaria, we actually always did did create a three d map, which isn't. Why? What you want. You hit back control. See, what we want is we go ahead three d from a new thing. I know what you're thinking. Why did I do that? I wanted so your guy that difference between truth, Brady. And you can, of course, image bigger and smaller, just like you could with any three D thing. You can see that it is, in fact, three d. You can play around with the exclusion excuse in explosion, and yeah, you can get help fund. What? They're actually gives me a great idea for us, but yeah, you can just have fun with now. You can actually put something on the side here. If you want what you would do in this case, it you would double click on the material and then hair diffusion, you here at detector. And then you could impor like your own 10. Like, Let do that. Yeah, that's what we want. That's what we like. Now. I'm no, he hold shift, which is going Let me see it directed without it, you know, going over and, uh, no to file. Hiss save now. It saved that material. And I think you can teach the material over the appeared right here. Yeah, you can do that with any material. It's not really specifically what I picked. You could be creative in do that. Okay. Actually, it looks like it part of a book finding thing right now. No. Yeah, that's actually I think pretty cool that one of the in the read the thing you can dio now what? We will do it. We will. I'm but a smart object, you know, just so we make it back into mega non three D image for the sake of this idea. And then after guy, why have a changed we make we can I don't leave. It's really, you know, in defeating then X that No, no, let's say we want to blow it one more time, but that time were your most in blood. Okay, but say we wanted it in more places. So what we would do it we control. Okay. Uh, but that hair control J duplicate. We would control J that hair, and finally we control J that bits here. And then what we would do is we would and throws shift to select order layers. We merge the layers and to one. Now it one big crazy image. Now, keep in mind on Lee what you have on the canvas with to this, um 12. 80 by 7 20 p. Canvas thing that we have here on Lee Gap heart will be safe till you don't, will you? About the extra outside edges. They're not even be seen. Oh, now that actually pretty cool. Now we go to file, and then we okay that more than one way you could just save and then name. And then there you go. Oh, you could hit file and then go to export. And then same for Web legacy. And then here you'd be of a typical feeling. A J. Paige again, uh, in G. Oh, you know what you want? Normally you'd pick Jay Peg from here and that you can see it's saving at the low it image thing that can, if you want to hire, you could go to the original on. That is very high. Probably because we did the home three D thing we did. You need to do that. Three. We did kind of, and then take away that optimize okay. And then we But we would hit save if we want to say it. But I'm not going to hit save. And that's basically it for in the like my need file I built is that basic Wyndham And then I felt it built is and a little bit into three D. Yeah, that's that basic Just of it. Definitely play around skillfully to a bun with more tough more filters like a ted that literally a ton of them That liquefy option where you literally did it in the and liquefy they that know not of liquefy occassion For you you could always the grip a little bit more We could in Maine's dense is the little bit, you know, ended tap fun with that. I actually I've always liked the liquid fight, or it's that barely finding you can make interesting And then after you're done with that, okay. And that literally liquefied it for you. So yeah, definitely this. Ah, what you get from that? You definitely definitely play around with the filters. I encourage you to. Filters aren't just for show puts. Do you? Just Oh, add actor grain. Oh, add actor noise. The because some people might think, Oh, built digit to add noise Now built It can be way more then just to add noise And yeah, hopefully that got you thinking about feel too possibly three d I did hope that helped you in general, on the 4. Class Thumbnail: Okay. Now for the final video end it course, I thought I tell you guys how to using the image we created how to actually, you know, make at thumbnail. Because there today actually going to be the thumbnail that your guide will see on this course I know how very mada of me. Right? Well, first I start off by making a copy. Control J after we talked about written are making a copy. And Kate, I make a mistake. Um, Now, this isn't going to be like a super super fancy thumbnail. We are going to keep that background for the most part. That gonna be the gist of everything. But we are, however, going to add Let's go to documents at this image. Then we might make that and meant a bit bigger. I don't know where I might play. I might get pay here. It looks kind of clean hair on, but, you know, let's play around with a bit again I'm gonna create and that copy because I can't have problems. Okay, We could play here, You know that A cool door Rick on. I don't think I want to. There we could just simply play in the middle of it directly in the middle. It was what, exactly it is. And at very lean that way. Or let's that actually try something that would go here. We will make a copy. A copy will go here. Uh ah. Were you ever had something that seemed a little bit often? You don't know if it really off. Not okay. We're going to go ahead. Murdered. BofA deal layer can actually take this in the corner on high death. Uh, the in just a week. You get so the who, it's a crack it. Yeah, it should be perfectly with there. There we go. That's protectively bad. Uh, okay, that I did it again. You got probably, I think I think that actually looks good. I think. Listen to what we go with now. I'm glad you guys are sticking around to this final bit. And I thank you guys for doing so because there is something we are going to do right now with you're going to double collect that we can get other filter up tinted because what I want to do, IHS right to Yeah, a little bit. Drop shadow going Not too much of a drop chatter enough to make a difference that I catching. But no, you much. No, I think about that. Maybe we're playing around, but this Brad a little bit, I think There we go. That bit eye catching, right? I did. You realize that it may be a little too close in the corner, so we want to do something like that. And I know what you're thinking. The rest it to pulling. But actually, that shows exactly what the course is in the nutshell. It chaotic that photo, sir, About the shop learning furthers shop about those up. And, of course, we're going to It's safe as we're going to call the this, uh, image we could save me. Add forgets up file. But on it No se at the J. Paige because, you know, J pegs easier to upload. Typically, the loss of why Oh, okay. What they ideally idea? Well, yeah, but Jeb Pectoral deal to upload to decide if I'm being on this and we'll keep at nine. We could play a tie it quality with 10. But really, it doesn't much matter within image like this in particular. No. Yeah, that is that and that will do it for this course. Thank you for sticking around. I hope you guys learned a thing or two and hopefully, hopefully your guy feel free to check out my other courses. If you guys want that actually funny. I would be doing a thumbnail because of the fact that I had, Of course, the talk about thumbnails, content creation and how thumbnails are actually important. Yeah. Oh, believes that puts has helped you guys later.