Beginning Infographics: Information Driven Storytelling | Liz Meyer & Gavin Potenza | Skillshare

Beginning Infographics: Information Driven Storytelling

Liz Meyer & Gavin Potenza, Illustrators & Designers

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4 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. What are Infographics? A brief history lesson

    • 3. Sketching & Working with your data

    • 4. Finalizing your infographic!


About This Class


Infographics are great—they share ideas and information effectively, work as essential communication tools and let's be honest, they can look pretty cool.


Infographics are an amazing way to share new & interesting information with friends & audiences all over. It's the reason why we see them so often—they are a great tool for distilling really complex ideas down into easily digestible stories.  

Whether you're an experienced designer with a desire to experiment with data, an ambitious student interested in seeing how we work on client projects, or maybe even a non-creative who wants to get some tips on how to better communicate information to their audience—we're here to help you through your own personal journey.


What You'll Learn
In this class, we'll take you through the process, start to finish, learning about:

  • What makes an infographic "good": concepts & theories
  • How to take notes and record data using your iPhone (or, other mobile devices)
  • Turning those notes into a visual story
  • Figuring out which points would do well as icons to mark definitive moments
  • The different approaches to producing an effective and attractive graphic


Class Project
We're going to create a time-based visualization about a day in your life (or something of your choosing)!

An easy way to think about this is a timeline. Starting at Point A, traveling to Point B, and taking note of key occurrences along the way and calling them out by developing icons. We want to tell the story of a specific journey, and learning how to sharing key moments… all the important events that affected the experience of the journey.

At the end of the class you'll have a really cool image to share with the world, visualizing a specific time in your life.