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Beginning Drawing: Learn the Basics of Line Drawing

teacher avatar Keryn Bloxham, Artist/Teacher/Photographer

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Beginning Drawing: Get Started Drawing by Learning the Basics of Line Drawing

    • 2. Materials and Set Up for the Art Lesson

    • 3. Hedgehog

    • 4. Flower and Butterfly

    • 5. Rabbit

    • 6. Swan

    • 7. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

If you want to learn to draw and paint but you have no idea where to start, then this class is for you. 

We will be doing simple drawings of animals to get you started.

We will draw shapes by creating a solid line drawing, and then add a bit of watercolour paint for fun if you want to!

This class is for anyone wanting to learn to draw, regardless of your age.  I use this starting point whether I am teaching children, teenagers or adult beginners.

Knowing how to correctly draw shapes is the foundation to creating pretty much any realistic artwork, and once you have learnt this skill, you can apply it to draw subjects you are interested in.

Keryn started drawing as a child, spending many hours experimenting with line, shading, and colour, especially with drawing animals.

She believes that drawing and painting is more of a learned skill than genetic, much like reading and writing.

In this class you will learn:

  • Deciding where your picture will fit on the page
  • How to sketch shapes lightly in pencil
  • Refining your shape with a sharpie or pen
  • Adding a quick colour wash

You will learn the foundation of drawing shapes in this class so that you can go and create your own simple drawings.

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Keryn Bloxham



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1. Beginning Drawing: Get Started Drawing by Learning the Basics of Line Drawing: Hi, Uncle Bloxham. And I might add ist I am a home schooling mom and I also teach students to draw and paint. So I started drawing when I was very young. I love painting. I love coloring in and draw or anything like that, and so are pretty much always drawn and painted. And I just slowly, you know, I slightly increase my skills and got better. And this class here is to help you if you're just on your beginning journey, whether you're a child or you're an adult beginning or maybe your teenager, nobody's told you had a joy it I'm gonna teach you just the basics of how to draw a simple picture. And we're gonna add a bit of color to that, whether you have got some water color paint. So maybe you have some Jovi's or crayons kind of pants or something like that. We're just gonna add some color for fun, but I just want you to learn the basics of line drawer and just looking at the shapes of the lines, adding your heading, the oval shape and the in falling in the details. So that's what we're gonna look in this class we've got actually for little projects for you to does. See this grab. You know, very handful off a four paper. And we're just gonna work through just a few products to get that as I'll show you how I would do each one. And then you can pause it and just wait on it. And you can create your own pictures. And then from there you can go find your own things that draw and just apply the same concepts that we've been in this class to draw your own pictures. 2. Materials and Set Up for the Art Lesson: today instead of focusing on just one project I thought we would look at for quick, simple projects that we can do together just to learn the skills and as it takes a little bit more than just one politic. So I thought it would get too. So you were going to draw a He choked, and we're gonna do a flower with a butterfly with it, and we're gonna do a rabbit and a it's one. So what you need for this is gonna need to paint so doesn't like it. So, actually or Toby, we find you need a shopping or vivid I per fish i professional athletes because of its After a while, they came to kind of bleed on the other paces paper, but for practicing it, is it just fine? You need a brush with me, one that's a little bit Feder just come like this, then your skinny little one that you get with most of the practice states. But if you don't have a brush like this, get what you have, it'll do. And I have to say, student, sit off colors, which I'll be using, and you can over 30 it if you want to get Jovi's or crayons makes and color pencils if you don't have water colors, Just adding color is just a fun thing we're gonna do in this cross. But the main thing I want you to learn is how dio I don't know where to draw your lines, How you gonna draw them? And, yeah, I will start to get a piece of cardboard to put underneath your paper is your work. So you're gonna get a second wife or paper just printed paper. It's fine if you want. You can work in a sketchbook or something, but make sure you put something underneath your paper. When you use your vivid, it's gonna go through your paper and mark whatever's underneath with us. Your piece of cardboard or your table. We're disk or, you know, the next page in a sketchbook. So make sure you have something protective to go underneath the paper. Sir, this begin 3. Hedgehog: we're gonna do the heat talkfest. This is a fun, easy project. It's, um The little girl had little six year old in one of my classes and she pointed this one and I thought it was so super cute that are here with you. It's just so gorgeous. And she was just six. So it doesn't matter. How old do I? You can. This is not gonna be really hard, but it's just got to get you moving and get you drawer into. The first thing we gotta do is figure out the overall shape. You can decide if you want a little one or a big one, but I'm gonna go for a medium size. You talk and they win. Eight is little heat coming down, little noise and a little line coming out for a snout? A little I and a year now what we're gonna say we're gonna put some fate end. So I think we do is we draw the big shape. First they put in the details and then you got a grave your shopping. So now you're going to just make sure you're happy with their everything iss We're going to draw it in said they sort or the knives. What part of us here, Lord and part of us, he had. All right. I like to leave. A little bit of what? In the on that. Oh, yeah. And now, instead of around the body like we did, it has got to do some spikes. You just going out from this kind of from the heat. You can do this with a crayon or event or Shafi. You know, I'm very I'm not. Recall the shapes exactly the same way. All the spines, I just stick out slightly different directions. So I kind of get to the age of my line. I just kind of make sure, like a true fastpass line. Trump may be with us. Put in a little foot. I realized that foot way to five act. So I'm gonna bring it further forward just a little. Put it here. A little. Put in here. Dance. I'm gonna get my point. If you want, you can edge color with something else. Maybe some crayons or something. I let Jovi's that don't use it very much, but I do like them get a load of water on France. Just gonna use brown paint and I some he drugs it like kind of white snouts. If you're fainting, he drawled from something else, maybe you would probably the colors on it, but we're just gonna enjoy finding a bit of color on this. Doesn't have to if if it and you could be creative if you want. If you like, you can even edge a few bits of grass or something. But you can't really use this over top of weight point. But, you know, in the end, I'm only sign my name. It's really good to get in the habit of signing all your work because then after becoming Addis and you want to tell you what you can get used to putting a name on everything I never used tonight my paintings until my teacher told me to name everything when I want everything. So now I do. Yeah, I think it's kind of cute. I love to see your pictures. See your pitches on the bitch is 6 a.m. How about playing the role by some kind of trick if you do that, But well, yeah, I could put a little bit of green grass just for fun. I don't have to exactly follow your lines When you to grassy the Enjoy it. You got heavy 4. Flower and Butterfly: this next one we're gonna do is we're gonna do a flower with butterflies. So again, we're going to sketch it out with paint. So put enough of it and mean colored and so does pay attention to the shapes. That's what you really focused on the shapes and copying the shapes as well as you can. So what do you know how to copy what you can see? You can pretty much draw anything. So now we're doing the flower in the butterfly. It's doesn't have several drawing, so we're just gonna start with, you know, a flower were just kind of kind of figure out. We want a flower here, figure out what you want. Your smile and butterfly owned a butterfly up here, someone here. So now it is going to draw my details and gonna go OK, but a fly You're the same to pace. Keep leader my wings This way. You want my trust, even with the other laying much as you can name, it's partly that's even almost even, maybe same with flowers on decent storks. So, as you can see here, I'm not drawing really hard. I'm not putting my pencil really hard Nor am I scratching back and forth of working. So I'm not kind of like sketching like this. I could do, but kind of like it's this kind of normal. We have drawing ways of getting some press down here. My flowers on both seemed a piece of my flower fist would have some peoples around it. No, just treat it. I'm happy. Pretty good apartment. Just change a few things I said My vivid Zagreb. You live it the middle of the But if I were just kind of color black ways, it doesn't have to exactly follow your lines. You might before. I just want to make sure that I look even. It was fine. Lips, though, is if it on that Well, you can even find Citrus 19 out. How eight sweetness. You should see her much flowers. You can still see my paints, the lines they know exactly lining up. But I don't need to draft my name. No, but it is something you can choose what you want to do. Wait, it becomes you want Sometimes when you use your water colors, you need to just put some water on and let it sit for a bit, so the color will come out of there like student watercolors because it takes a while for the trying to kind of come into the water. - I'm going to see how I'm holding the fight brush as well. Some people scrubbed like this guy, so make sure you can use it like a pain You can do, like big brush strike sometimes. But then how do you use the brackets? Really good practice. Whoops. It's my you like, So if you don't let it dry first you call a bleeding out. I have a life. We got to leave my yellow but dry And it the, um, blue set the yellow towards itself. This one's not dry either. I see. So I'm gonna make sure that touch that one. Otherwise, it's gonna be the same thing. These two options. When you do find number one, wait for it to draw. What's your guy? Touched it and come out again. Number two. Don't touch it with your next piece of point. That's next to it. You can't even squeeze your paintbrush and take a little bit of plant back off Indians. It works. Yeah, that flouts. That grain doesn't well again, could you? Yeah. What court is easiest, Lee home? Hey, cha guys. But kids limb, It's 5. Rabbit: Now, I don't know about you, but rabbits in one of my favorite animals. I've always had Pete. Rabbits were not always, but I've had a lot of people habits in my life, and I adored him. So we just did this little bunny and, yeah, just enjoy the crises. Take your time and just we're gonna add a quick wash over the top for this rabbit. We need to just look at the site. So we have a shape of the heat, gently put it on. I put mine is slightly doctors. You can see it. You conduct quite light. So the shape of the body have years by It wasn't in the right place. I was gonna be about here. Those from whiskey is what, another foot? Keep this rather simple. Gonna put a few little bits of fluff and a fluffy child. Okay, Now I get my limit. Start with the I. It's look really cute. Fleet. The shapes don't be in a hurry. - You gonna create fear, So you just want to make sure it looks very that he might be a little big. Maybe I could have made my rabbit a little bit bigger, but I got myself sites right When we get some point, I kind of like great bunnies. I don't know about you, but let the Grayson was gonna mix a little bit of a little black. You can tell of the purple. It's up to you. How you do you regret? But I wanted to, like not I was going for a very light kind of color. Every must've money. Reason I love watercolors is he could very quickly put a bit of color on something without having to get your color pencils and painstakingly do everything. A little bit can be really quick. - Okay . How did you go find some other pictures of bunnies, maybe. And see what shapes their copy them. 6. Swan: Now we're going to do a swarm now. The most important thing with Swollen is to get that heat and make really smooth. So you just don't want any like Wiggles down. Its unique. If you had some of those in the field is it will be fine. But despite its I'm getting unit really straight and it's working together. Take your time. If you need a pause, a video just pulls it and at the end of the video will hit. I'll have fight the full screen images Well, that you can just pools and wit from no, this swarm. You're welcome to do 80 there. The vivid at line or you can do a peon outline is to make it a little bit at least thick line. So I've actually got two options. At the end of this video will be these two options that I give you can pours on whichever one you like. One of my students that she created one. I thought it's quite nice, but it just is it, then black line. So if you ever thin black peeing, whether it's a ballpoint peon or maybe you've got alcohol based being that you can use if you're using watercolor. If you're not using watercolor, you're using, like crayon, which is what I did. And one of this once you're welcome to just use any kind of pain because it's not gonna, like, bleed with the water going on to it. So yeah, so he is a So just you can pull that wherever you want. And you can print out What? You this one you like, the best that kind of enter them both on Because I thought that would probably be most helpful for you. So the most important thing about the swan is making sure your unique That's really smooth . Okay, so I'm gonna go and put here. Actually, I'm just kind of decided. Okay. I want my mind swung to be here. TV can come over here, has the water around here. Okay, so you just want to have your mind shapes kind of decided. So I'm gonna have my heat up here before that. It was so good thing of many working again so you can make a few changes. Maybe this funnies. Beefier city. Really Keep away the shapes around eyes in the shape of the bake. It's the most important part of this fear. Good. You know, have some ripples around here, Senna. Give my pain. Anything I don't like. You can neither write about what you don't like looking to stay European and leben What you don't like. It's up to you. You can always tell your pain. And they are about all your paints allies afterwards, if you like. Now for this one, I nobody would use a thin a peen I would have to go for in it. But just because we hear on use of it, understood, happen. I've been here. Well, these last being molasses right now, it was gonna put some reports around the ripples find after baby joined up. I since that. I'm just gonna color and black if you like. You could have left a white spot for the I. It's really hard with a totally that's But what? So what matter if you don't nostril home good. He was gonna add some color. I can't even, you know have been fun with this news. It's, um, color really a color around my boobs. Sometimes when you practice something, you know, question, house kind of tune out about No idea how this? A senator announced. But it's just find a charge we didn't get largest. Place it to the horizon so that you wouldn't even know it's water. Now you notice your pipe of wrinkles a little bit if you really want to get into a war feller, if you mean getting sick a pipe. But for now, this will define. This is just like practice. And if something doesn't work out, you want to say, Look, it was just a practice, you know, that's what one of my students tell us. He just goes, I have this, you know, if it doesn't turn out well, that was just the practice. And I think that's a really good attitude to have, even like when I paint some things, turn out exactly how I want them to. And I'm surprised by how well they thin out other things. Do not. So don't be too hard on yourself. Just enjoy the prices. Maybe I could have done a reflection. It's a really cool light. Do you want to find pictures of Sloane's and plants and swollen with their afflictions? That could be really fun thing today are and speak. I'm friend. He was student colors. Nobody falls penny for myself. A pointless what? Libya rights. But when he was something that you might be finding with this simple because now, if you want you can like trouble in your swollen. It's up to you. If you want to add anything, I'm just gonna add a little bit of shadow a couple areas, but it office from look good or not a little B there's on the wings, maybe speaking sightings of why it doesn't mean it always looks white. Don't looking to dry, either. So it's a It's a tricky balance between something looking barai putting in the shows and things. But don't worry about that. Mostly what we're trying to learn today is about line is about getting your lines done. So you call it is just for fun. So I hope you enjoy that. I left and I would love to see your outwit and not love to see you in the next last. I love to have any ideas that you have what you like to draw. That could be fun 7. Final Thoughts: What I want to encourage you to do now is have a look on Google. Find some really simple pictures to copy. We will be a little cartoons or little animals, something that has a really simple but straightforward line like straightforward, um, sites that you can look forward and draw. So I just want you to do that, disagree in your confidence, enduring what you say Once you've done that, you can start waking on a few heart of things. So I will be probably doing another class where I would just work with you on. You know how to draw people, how to see your pictures out really well. But this one, I want you to get this skill set down really well. That's really gonna help you in the future as usual. Now, if you've created any out that you love, why not take a picture of it right now and add it to the Project gallery? I would really love to see a wig and encourage other students to. And if you like, I could give you feedback on your way. There's nothing like having somebody who is a few steps ahead of you show you may be what you can improve on, something that you've done really well but something that you can improve on. I had that myself, and I'm so grateful that I did. There's only so far I forget is an ad ist without having someone critique my work. And I got to a place where I got really frustrated with my wig and I got awesome teacher who taught May and he critic my work really hard. But I'm so grateful for him for that because my work just got a whole nother level. So she your work and the ah let's be encouraging about other people's work. And if you want to be in touch with May just Google my name Kieran Bloxham. And I'm a Facebook is Keira Bloxham artist. I'm on instagram It cure on blocks him artist with my spaces. So I'm quite easy to find. Just go make a conflicting message. Let me know what you thought of the class. I would love to have your feedback