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Beginning Calligraphy with Inks and Watercolors

teacher avatar Mathi Jagaveran, Modern Calligraphy | Watercolor | DIY | Culinary

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

27 Lessons (1h 15m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Project Introduction

    • 3. Straight Holder

    • 4. Universal Insert Pen Holder

    • 5. Pen Holder Comparison with Nibs

    • 6. Oblique Holder

    • 7. Nibs

    • 8. Inks

    • 9. Paper

    • 10. Watercolors and Palette

    • 11. Plastic vs Ceramic

    • 12. Other Tools

    • 13. Stroke Practise I

    • 14. Stroke Practise II

    • 15. Stroke Practise III

    • 16. Stroke Practise IV

    • 17. Uppercase A - D

    • 18. Uppercase E - L

    • 19. Uppercase M - T

    • 20. Uppercase U - 1

    • 21. Numbers 2 - 9

    • 22. Lowercase a - h

    • 23. Lowercase i - t

    • 24. Lowercase u - z

    • 25. Project 1 - Calligraphy Monogram

    • 26. Project 2 - Watercolor Wreath with Quotes

    • 27. Project 3 - Watercolor Washed Placecards

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About This Class

Do you love Modern Calligraphy? Are you confused where to start your calligraphy journey and what tools you need to buy in order to start learning? Here is the perfect class for you!

Modern Calligrapher Mathi who is a left handed letterer, will be teaching you all the basic knowledge that you need to learn in order to be successful in Calligraphy world. She also going to share few wonderful project that you can create at the end of this class. She will be sharing with you all the lesson that she learnt while she going through the learning process, so that you wont repeat the same mistake again. It will enhance your skill and make you become a more skilled calligrapher in a short period of time.

Write your favorite names, quotes, birthday cards or even wedding invitations with this simple yet beautiful calligraphy letters. In this class you will learn from the basic tools for beginner calligrapher, A - Z, 0-9 and symbols with watercolor and inks, and we will move on to practice few words. At the end of the class we will be creating three fun projects which are a Calligraphy Monograms and watercolor wreath with your favorite quotes and a watercolor washed place cards. You can choose any of the projects or even better if you post all the three project and share it with other class members.So they can learn from you too :)

This class is perfect for beginners and even intermediate students who wants to drill their Basic Calligraphy skills.No prior knowledge or experience required in order to join this class. By the end of this class, you will have all the basic knowledge on Modern Calligraphy and you will have experience creating 3 beautiful projects that can be gifted to your friend or someone special to you!

Click Project tab for more information on class project and if you guys have any questions feel free to post under discussion tab!

Make sure to Read the full Project Assignment before getting started.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mathi Jagaveran

Modern Calligraphy | Watercolor | DIY | Culinary


My name is Mathi Jagaveran. I'm from Malaysia. Currently I'm working as a Freelancer Quality Assurance Engineer. My hobby is lettering. I love Modern Calligraphy and I'm a Left handed Calligrapher. I've been practicing Calligraphy for nearly 1 year and I'm obsessed with Floral Watercolor too :)

Follow me for more Hand Lettering, Calligraphy and Watercolor and some interesting cooking classes...

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1. Introduction: hello and welcome to beginning calligraphy with inks and watercolors. My name is Muddy and I'm a left handed calligrapher. One year ago, I came across more than calligraphy through Instagram. I went through some off the calligraphers work and I just fell in love with them. And I thought, Why don't I try this? That's how I've got interests into this beautiful lettering work. I took a few online classes and a special mention to more than calligraphy Summit. I've learned a lot in this short period of time, and now I'm gonna teach you guys everything. That anguish I knew when I first started. Most off us think that to be a modern legal for you need to have perfect handwriting skill . You need to be creative, and you must know how to choose colors. And as it drops, I'll tell you, anyone can be a calligrapher. Yes, you do can be a professional choreographer if you're willing to spend your precious time in practicing and have that basic spewed to keep you move on to the next level. And I'm here to teach you guys that basic skills in this class. I'm going to walk you through the very basic off calligraphy. I will begin with the tools introduction right to purchase them, how to take it off your tools. And then we will move on to the basic stroke practices. How to construct uppercase letters, lower case letters, numbers with both inks and watercolors. At the end of the class, we will be creating three many projects to show off your skills. First will be calligraphy monogram. The second project will be watercolor Reap with your favorite puts the third project booty , watercolor washed placed cuts. So whether you are looking for a new hobby, just want to make you and look, look pretty or even to study old calligraphy business. This is the perfect plus to you. So what are you waiting for? Just hit the enroll button below and let's get started. 2. Project Introduction: thank you for an drool in this class and let's move on to the details about the projects that we're going to create at the end of this clubs there are totally off three projects. It's your choice to select anyone off them. But I would be very happy if you pull it along with me and probably all the through projects. The first project is really gave more for this project. We will draw a single read using himself and then we will draw them using black ink. Lastly, we will write our name initial as a monogram in the middle. Off the ride. The second project, we would create watercolor read with any off. Your favorite words are ports in the middle off the ride will sketch three using pencil and then paint with watercolors. Last leaving we fight all favorite woods, our courts in the middle. The last project will be watercolor washed place cuts, but this beautiful place cots. We will paint watercolor abortions as a background, and then we will write our name using eggs or watercolor. So let's speaking our calligraphy journey in the next lesson. 3. Straight Holder: we will start with a straight ban holder. This type off pen holder is the best choice for left handed students. If you think you are a beginner, I advise you to start with straight holders because it's a very reasonable in price, and it's made of plastic. It looked like a regular pen, but this is the longer one, so you can write as he would write, using a normal Ben if you ask me which one I would prefer. I love straight holders. I'm as a left handed calligrapher. Find that straight holder much easier to control rather than public order. Once you get familiar with the straight holder, you can move on to use public older. Now I will show you how toe in, certainly using straight holder. If you have the tools with you. Yes, for along me. Take your street holder and your closely. You will see small lines surrounding the top off your straight holder. Just insert your name facing what's you and try to insert it. Don't push it too hard, and then if you step at the site of the name, it should not regal and that's it. Your Ben are ready to be used 4. Universal Insert Pen Holder: previously, we have discussed about straight Holder. Now we will discuss about Universal Insert straight holder in this holder, this holder you will see for metal surrounded by a ream on bottom off the pen that's called Universal Insert. This universal insect straight holder can accommodate a wide range off nips. You can see all the names are not insane size. Some are big, some are smaller. You can use this one universal insect straight holder with all signs off nips. Now I will show you how to insert Nico G in Universal Inside straight holder. If you see closely on the top off us, I insert straight holder. You will see evil mental like a flower. Better write a below it. You will see a split. You can see that the nip has been inserted right below the split. In the method, lift off the universal in Syria using the plastic holder. Without any matter, you can stick the nip in anywhere. Just look closely. You should insert the name right below the split in the mental and your universal insert Van holder are ready to be used 5. Pen Holder Comparison with Nibs : Now we have three different size off name one is blue pumpkin broth, extra fine, and another one is Niko Jean IQ. So we going to compare this treatment with plastic Holder and Universal Insert straight hold. First we will try with Nick Oh gee and plastic straight holder. We can see that it can be inserted and then we will try Seiko Ji with Universal insert Straight holder singing. It can be inserted. Now we will try blue bunking with plastic straight holder. Yes, it can be insider and it's working fine. No giggling at all. And then we were in, said Blue Pumpkin In universe, I insert straight. Hold down. Both are working fine. No digging at all, So we will try. The last one brought extra fine. Nip it in the smaller one for us. We will try it with plastic Holder, I've tried a few times, cannot be incident at all, so we will try it with universal insert Straight holder. It can be inserted no wiggling at all when I step at the site off the neck. So the conclusion here is universal insect Straight holder is the best one, which you can use any size off names to write your lettering 6. Oblique Holder: Since I focus on straight holder, I will talk few things about only Holder to give you some picture, how it looked like and how it functions. There are two types off, probably holder, one with metal public hold and another one with class. The probably holed up the one that I'm holding its plastic only holder. Hobbling holders are created to make slanted writing easier after a few weeks off practices . Using straight holder, you can purchase public holder with metal plunge, which have a premium feel and not hurting off finger after a long breakfast. If you have a plastic oblique holder, you can try that, too. For right handed people for right hand public holder, the plunge is on the left side and for left hand public holder, the plan is on the right side. If you are comfortable and able to create a perfect calligraphy letters using straight holder, then no need to protests and public holder unless you wanted to write in a slanted style. Now I will show you how to insert name in a place holder similar to the straight plastic Hold I on the left side, you will see a small line on top. Often Holder. Yes, that you need to insert the name may make sure it's not wriggling and your bleak holder already to be used. I'll see you in next lesson. 7. Nibs: in this class, we will mainly use Nico Jeanette's as a strict plant holder recommended for beginners. Niko Gee, also a good recommendation for beginners. The function off the name is toe help hold the things, and it helps to create those beautiful pain and think schtrops. So the ecology is a pretty strong name, and it holds why the bed off things compared to other nips, which means you don't have to read it quite often. Re dipping the inks very often can discourage you, especially if you're just starting out. Even though the ecology is strong, it's flexible. The more flexible a neighbor is, the more easily able to make thick, down stroke as the times spread. But and the thing abstruse has its times spring back together. 8. Inks: There are different types off calligraphy ins in the market, and it's totally personal preference when it comes to selecting ends. I personally love so me ink. I found mine at local art Supply Show, but it's easily available in online at Stop. I'll give you a few online stallings three. To pair the calligraphy tools easily so me ins dries movement and has slightly shiny effect . You need to use good quality paper. Avoid incomplete. You have India ink or Higgins in. It's totally fun. You can use that to, But don't forget to try something. Think you will love it? 9. Paper: No. Let's talk about the paper that we are going to use for practices and paper for the projects. The 1st 1 is Rudy Adat Pad are blank pat This bad comes in variety sizes. The the dot bad issues full for you to write in one straight line. It's like a guideline for you. This paper has smooth texture, and it won't lead if you think it's expensive and not available at your local at store. I have another suggestion for you, which is printer people. But this is a quality one, its premium Digital Danger and Liza paper, and it weight 85 gram per square meter, and it has smooth texture. This very important because sometimes when you push your nips especially, very fine names too deep into the paper cranes cash on the fibers off the paper will spray all over your beaver, so it's advisable to choose small. If you couldn't get the same brand, at least try to find smooth textures paper with a suggestion with like 85 grams or more than that, use watercolor paper. I suggest you to get small, textured, hard pressed watercolor paper 10. Watercolors and Palette: So far, we have discussed about pen holders, neighbors, things and paper. Other than that, we need extra tools to. I will start with watercolor. Any good Brent off watercolor will do. I have Windsor and Newton Ward, Colas said. I have mental watercolor. I bought it in tubes and fill it in. What a color palette like this and let it dry for two days before I use it. If you have other brands and these, it's just fine. Next watercolor palette to make some watercolors. If you have watercolor filled in palette like this, very good. Those who don't have please get one. 11. Plastic vs Ceramic: Now I'm going to demonstrate to you why ceramic plate are better than plastic water. Gala ballot. You can see here when I'm It's watercolor on plastic service. The color are not combined. Together they're separating. Now let me show you the difference in ceramic plate. But he makes the watercolor. They are not separating at all. So mixing watercolor using ceramic plate will be so much easier than the plastic pallet. I hope this tips will be useful to you are. 12. Other Tools: small kitchen table are tissue paper to clean the ink on Libs. Any glass filled with water to clean the nips. Dinky dips. This one is optional, but it's very comfortable to use. We will fill the ink in this tiny bottle and dip it to write calligraphy. If you don't have it's OK. You can use any small job. Fill it up with so much ink and you're good to go. Next. Read Made Needs storage box. I'm using a small plastic container to stop all my nips. I also have a very tiny plastic tubes to start ALS. The same deck off nips together. Next, we will need watercolor brushes. I'm going to use mental Walk a brush in this class. It's normal, Ben Type off brush. We just need to fill with water and use it as a normal watercolor brushes. It comes in three different sizes small, medium and big. If you have a normal watercolor precious, you can use that to 13. Stroke Practise I: Before we start with our stroke practices, let's gather all the tools such as dinky dips, one cup water tissue paper or any wiping clock and holder with nips prepared earlier and, most importantly, brings out the practice shed that I provide you under class Project section. Now let's did the name in ink and start writing the important tip here. Don't forget. You need to dip the name until half size off the neck. 28 until you touch it. A pen holder. Now let's write. The first group is the slanted line, which is pick down stroke just full of the guideline and write it. Just watch how I write those lines and then you can strike practices. Okay, now, if you see empty Gap like this, it's time to read it. Your name. You cannot continue to write. If you get those gap between the lines, make sure you tap the Access Inc at the side of the border so that you won't get ink blotches on your paper. When you write, just write it slow and steadily. - Now you pause the video and continued to write until you're finished the next two lines below it now Let's continue with the second stroke, which is thin. Obstruct. The 1st 1 is the down stroke. Now we are going to write up stroke. Watch carefully. You have to start right from bottom. The 1st 1 we write is from top to boredom, this one from bottom to talk. That's the different. Blaze your plan carefully at the bottom line and move slowly to the top off the guidelines and you should getting straws. If you don't get it right in, your first strikes can try again. Slowly. You will get thin lines now off the video again and continue to finish the next two lines. Let's ride the third stroke, which is thick down stroke previous to stroll has funded type. Now we're going to right straight down straight. 1st 1 it's slammed dead. Now we're going to write this straight, so see the differences. Now you pan should move from top to bottom. Watch carefully how I right. Then you try to practice it. This is not a competition for you to finish it quickly. You must patiently right each strokes so that it will strengthen your muscle memory. This stroke seems very simple and easy. Come back to the stranded stroke that were previous E and what's the video again? And continue to finish the next two lines. Fellow. Now we're going to write at the same type off stroke, which is straight down stroke. But this time it's skin stroke. You have to give very little pressure to create this True. Previously for the thick stroke, you need to keep a very high pressure to let the Inc float. So for this one, we just need to give a very low pressure. The purpose I create this practice for you. I want you to control your hand in giving the high and low pressures. So just tried it slow and steadily on wanted you to finish the next two lines. See the caps get really your neck. This continue to write until the next to lie, and I will see you in the next lesson. 14. Stroke Practise II: I hope you finished the first stroke practice shade. Now let's more onto the second practice shape. The 1st 1 is short horse on the line, but you need to create a thin lines. This is very simple practice, but you need to hold your pan in correct position. In order to get smooth lines, you should hold your pen slightly slanted at 40 wife degree, not 90 degrees like this. If you hold straight, then you will scratch the paper that's share using them, and it also caused damage to your name, so please hold it at 45 degree to get smooth lines. So pause the video and continue to write until you finish the next two lines. The second stroke is in L shape, where you need to start with tick down stroke and thin horizontal line. Make sure you could draw the pressure. Give a slightly high pressure when you write down stroke and very low pressure on the horse on the line. So thick down stroke and thin horizontal stroke. The basic roll band right stroke is pig down stroke and think up stroke. So please remember this route the down stroke on thin horizontal stroke. So post a video again and complete the next to Rose. Let's continue with the third stroke, which is opposite off L shape. Previously, right, think down chauffeurs and then thin horizontal line. Now it's totally opposite. You have to write a thin horizontal line first and then write thick down stroke. Hold your paper in one hand when you're right, or you can take your paper on the table so we can focus on writing thing or is on the line and thick down stroke. Suppose the video and continue to finish the next to Rose. Now let's write the last stroke, which is a kind off a shape. First that with a thin upstroke and then continue with thick down stroke. If it looked difficult to you, just watch carefully how I write it. Then you can start to practice it thin up, straw, thick down stroke. There's no gap between those two straws. You just need to combine both off them. Thin upstroke Pick down stroke. Just continue to ride until you finish the next two lines. If you have any questions, feel free to us in discussion section, so less jump to the next lesson 15. Stroke Practise III: after we use snips for a long time, the things on the net with dry and you should clean it very often. Now I will show you how to clean the name, take out the nape from pan holder and did the nip in water for a few seconds. Take it out and clean the ink. Using red tissue or any white being blocked, clean it carefully until there is no ink on the neck. Once done, cleaning inside the nick back to the van holder and let's continue with our third stroke practice sheet. Now did the nip in ink and adapt the Access Inc and the side off the bottom? The first stroke is the combination off our previous stroke practice that looked like a This is the combination off. It usually start within upstroke and think down stroke. You just need to continue writing it. There is no cap. If you need trust, stop from where you left and you can country again. After a few seconds. Remember, right? Slow and steadily post the video and continue to finish the nice to rose. The second stroke looked like a combination off letter B. Very simple. You just need to start with thick, slanted dumb stroke and then slanted upstroke just need to come to you that it's no gap. Give it a try, right it slowly, thin upstroke the down stroke. So complete the next two rules. Don't forget to upload your works on the project section. I would be very happy to see all your words. Now Let's strike the third stroke. It looked like combination off letter E or C. You have to start with thin, slanted upstroke and then dig down stroke. The dance troupe should look like 1/2 circle again thin upstroke and take down stroke. Just need continue writing it. So finish the next two rules and we will continue with the last stroke practice. The last stroke. It's totally opposite off what we wrote previously, but this one you have to stand with slanted. Think down stroke and slander. Pin up stroke. Make sure there is no gap When you write these drugs, all are combined together. Make sure your hand move and your palm should dress on people. And if you see when I write, I place my plan in slanted 45 degree. If you write using 90 degree. It won't work, and you are going to damage your name, so continue to write until you finish the next to Rose and let's move on to the last practice ship. 16. Stroke Practise IV: So here we come to the final practice sheet for the basic strokes. Let's start with the first stroke. It looked like letter s. You should start with small in upstroke than slanted down strong. Lastly, thing upstream. If you're a beginner, just watch how I write this for a few times and then tried to write it. Practice makes your lettering perfect, so continue to finish next to rules. Now let's move on to the next stroke, which is in all shape. Start with thick down stroke and thin upstroke. Give pressure for damn stroke and no pressure for abstract tick down stroke and thin upstroke. If it show a gap between the lines stand, it's time to read IP your neck, so continue until you finish the next two rules and we will move on to the next stroke, so continue until you finish the next to Rose and we will move on to the third stroke practice. Now I'm going to show you how to write the third stroke. This is quite difficult for beginners, but I believe you can do it. So just fall along with me. You have to start from first line in your guideline. The first line that I write is the thin Kobe line. Then you need to move down, thus picked down stroke. And you need to repeat until the end off the guideline. Just remember when you wound down, it should be thick stroke. And when he woke up, it should be 10 structures. Watch me how I write it first, and then you can fool along with me, Complete the next to line. Now let me show you how to write the last stroke. Start with thin upstroke and thick down stroke. This need a lot off practice and look at the pattern. It should be from big circle. Do small circle. Print out this practice, shed as many as you want and practice it until you get used with this strokes. Once you familiar, it will be very easy for you to write all kind of alphabet and numbers. So let's jump to the next lesson and I can't wait to show you how to write alphabet and numbers 17. Uppercase A - D: Before we proceed with the lettering, let me show you what other tools that we need. In this lesson, you will need a straight holder with Niko Jeanette inside a particle, a brush pen. Or you can use normal watercolor brush in any brand of watercolor wet tissue paper or any wiping cloth. Dinky dip, Sumi ink and one cut off water. So let's get started. Make sure you print out this practice sheet on the class project section. First, I will show you how to write. Ever been using ink deep your nip in the ink and remember my dibs. You should dip half size off this nip and remove the excess ink by tapping at the site off the bottle for uppercase. A. You should start with thin of stroke. Think down stroke and in mid stroke when you see the went whole is empty. It means you need to read up your neck After you dip. You can notice that it's no hole and the band hole it's filled with ink thin upstroke, the down stroke again, then upstroke and lastly, the mid stroke, the upstroke thick down stroke and thing Mid stroke. Now let me show you how to write these EPA, but using watercolor, I will show you once. Watch carefully, and when I write other alphabets such a specie D and numbers using watercolor, I will apply this same technique. So when you write using watercolor, please follow these steps. Take your watercolor palette at a few drops off water in ballot, let it sit for about 2 to 3 minute and then pick any off your favorite color using watercolor brush and add in the middle off the nip, which is the location off the vent hole to have the excess water color at the site, off palette or any container. Let's start to write same step. Start with thin, obstructing down stroke thing upstroke again, and then 10 minutes took. So post the video on. Continue to write either with ink or watercolor until you finish the next to Roseville. Oh, remember the rule. Take down stroke thin upstroke and mid stroke. Now let's write like a be using ink First. Start with the down stroke, the upstroke tick down, stroke again. Pick downstream. In order to master this lettering, you should remember what it's down stock. What is upstroke and mid stroke, so it will be easier for you to catch when I say down Stroke of stroke, Mid stroke take and exit. Now let me show you how to write letter B using watercolor. Just follow the same steps I'm using. Green galactic down, stroke thin upstroke take down stroke again the down stroke. So just continue to write until you finish the next tow rope that's jumped to the letter C . You can use only ink for all the practices are only watercolor. Fall the practices. It's your choice. Now I will show you using watercolor for legacy in mid stroke, take down stroke and in abstruse again in mid stroke, take down stroke and then upstroke. You can see that it's a gap between the lines, so every feel, the need with watercolor and drunk and feel the gap that's going to be right now to see. Watch again, he admits. Straw dick down stroke and thin upstroke again. Now let me show you using ink. Same starting mid stroke, pig down stroke and fill abstruse. So that's it. You can continue to ride until you fill the two lines and I will show you how to write Matadi. Start with the down, stroke thin upstroke and take down stroke again. Again, You should hold your pen at 45 degree No. 90 degree. If you hold 45 degree, you will get a small strokes. This continue to write unduly filled the next two roles. 18. Uppercase E - L: Let's proceed with the letter E. We start with 10 minutes stroke. Continue pick town stroke and another thing down stroke. And lastly, in AB Strom, let me show you again. Start with teammates, stroke, pick down, stroke, another thick down stroke and translating of stroke. That's what I want to let up. If you prefer to use watercolor, you can use it. For now, I'm using ink for lead to have Let's start with things or really Mitt stroke, pick down, stroke, small thing upstroke and, lastly, filmed Mitt Stroke. If you think it's difficult, keep refined the video and watch how I write it, and then you can start to practice it. So let's move on to like a gene. Start with thin, really mid stroke. Continue with the down stroke King of Stroke, the down stroke and then stroke again. Let me show you again for let Aggie start with thin baby stroke. Continue it thick down, stroke thin upstroke, pick down stroke and then upstroke. Let's warm to letter each. Think Rabies stroke. Think down stroke. Think of strokes. Another Think down stroke. I think that's true and lastly didn't need stroke. Now let's write letter I It starts with thin curly of stroke. Think down stroke and last 18 upstroke. Let me show you Again. It starts with thin curly of stroke, pig down, stroke and last 18 upstroke. Let's write letter J. First, you have to start with. Think early stroke, thick downs, shock and think of stroke. Well, let a k you have to start with. Think of stroke, then move down a state down. Stroup, I think I'm struck again. Pick down stroke Another thick down stroke and lastly thing upstroke for letter. L start with thin of stroke, pick down stroke and lastly, 10 minutes. Truth, I repeat again, if you think it's difficult to write any letters, just keep rewind the video and watch it slowly and pause the video and start to practice it . So let's move on to next video 19. Uppercase M - T: now let's write letter m Start with small pig down stroke thing Upstroke Dig down stroke Think upstroke Take down stroke and last sleeping upstroke Let me show you again Filling the gap between the lines with ink Think upstroke take down stroke and last sleeping Upstroke fall at the end We start with a small tick down stroke Continue with thing upstroke take down stroke thin upstroke And lastly small pick down stroke Let me show you again for like they all start with big down stroke then upstroke And lastly Curly makes true for let it be Start with small things Upstroke take down stroke then upstroke And another thing I'm stroke Continue with pick down stroke for Lata que seem like like the whole but at extra actually down stroke at the bottom Think down shock pin upstroke and curly downstream Following are same like letter B but at another thick down stroke at the bottom For later As start with small things upstroke tick down stroke continue with thin upstroke the down stroke and lastly the upstroke Let s is quite difficult for beginning us So watch it a few more times before you start to practice it Follow that t start with think early of stroke, 10 down stroke and lastly thing abstruse 20. Uppercase U - 1: Now let's warm to let you for this practice. I'm going to use watercolor to learn more on how to fill watercolor using Nip. Please watch my previous video. First, we're going to start with a stroke. Think down stroke in upstroke, pick down stroke and lastly, thing off stroke. Fill in the gap between the lines with the watercolor. Watch it again For letter, we stand with Tim of stroke, the down stroke and last sleeping upstroke watching again. Who let the W start with small things of stroke? Pick down, stroke. Think of stroke or the down stroke and Lance late in upstroke. Let me show you again for letter X start with its up stroke picks landed down straw in a stroke and lastly, pick slanted down stroke. Next, let's drive Letter white. Now I'm going to show you how to write letters using watercolor with rating effect, you just need to apply color one at the top off the name and color to at the bottom off the neck. Let a why you need to start with, then upstroke they down stroke. Think of stroke, pick down stroke and last sleeping a stroke. You will notice the Grudin effect. After you write 2 to 4 letters in a row, fill in the gap between the lines with the watercolor four Letter said. Start with incurring. It's stroke pic. Don't stroke. Then it's stroke on another pill curling. It's stroke. Let me demonstrate the greedy in effect. First, choose any light color and right First letter for the second letter had another color at the bottom off the neck and continued the right. I hope you can see the greedy in effect now because the video and try with your favorite colors. Let's move on to numbers. I'm going to start with digits zero this one similar to let it all. You have to start with the down stroke and thin stroke. I remember one start with Think off stroke, pick down stroke and lance sleeping. It's true 21. Numbers 2 - 9: for number to stop with the upstroke ticked down stroke and Curly Mitt stroke. Let me show you again for number three. Start Big Thing. Upstroke the down stroke another thing down stroke and continue with that stroke for number four. Take down stroke thing. Mid stroke and Lance lead the down stroke, the down stroke Thin mints stroke and, lastly, pick downstream. Fill in the gap with ink for number five, stab attainment, stroke, pick down stroke, another thick down stroke and Kean upstroke the number six. I'm gonna use watercolor so start but take down stroke thin upstroke and Lance Lee. Think thoroughly down stroke. Let me show you again for number seven start but thin curling. It's stroke, dick down, stroke and another thing made stroke. Watch it again. Remember eight. Start with thick, curly down stroke and end with think early of stroke. And lastly, the number nine You have to stop it. Curly thing off stroke and end with dick down. Stroke 22. Lowercase a - h: So far, we have successfully finished practicing uppercase letters and numbers. Now I will show you how to write lower case letters. So let's begin with Collector eight. You have to start with tick down, stroke thin upstroke, take down stroke and then upstroke when you have a gap between the lines, continue to really pure neighbor think and continue to write Fill in the gap. So let's more onto letter B started off strong pick down stroke. Think upstroke and curly mitt stroke. Read a pure name on filling the cap with ink. For letter C started calling it stroke. Take down stroke and thin upstroke again curly mid stroke the down stroke and then obstruct for letting Dean start with thick down, stroke in upstroke, ticked down stroke and then upstroke again. For this set of practice, I will use watercolor. Let's write a letter. Start with 10 mid stroke pick down stroke and lastly thing upstroke to admit stroke. Tick down strong. Think upstroke. Keep repeating it. Let's more onto letter. Start with the upstroke, the down stroke, then upstroke again and lastly, curling. It's stroke for letter. G start with thick down, stroke thin upstroke. The down stroke anything upstroke for Let a hitch start victim of stroke. Thick down stroke. Think upstroke the down stroke. And lastly, think upstroke. Once I demonstrate each letter, make sure you pause the video and start to practice it until you feel comfortable writing those later. Stan, you can move on to the next letters. 23. Lowercase i - t: after you used the ink indicated for over time it will keep reducing. And it's difficult to date the need to the end of the bottle. So you need to rebuild the ink. Now I will show you how to reveal the digging deep using Sumi ink, open your Sumi ink bottle and likely squeeze your bottle so the ink will floor drop by drop . Be careful. Don't squeeze the board early too much and stop once the dinky dick border full. Now that's tried, elector. I start with the upstroke, the down stroke being upstroke and lastly a small point The upstroke they down stroking upstroke And lastly, a small point for letter. Jeez, that with the of stroke, the down stroke think upstroke and lastly, a small point. Repeat again for letter key Start with the upstroke pick down stroke small dick down stroke another thick down stroke and lastly, being obstruct for letter l start beating off stroke, tick down stroke and and victim upstroke fill in the gap between the lines with ink The upstroke, the down stroke and end with think I'm struck for later admits that whipping up stroke Pick down stroke Think upstroke the down stroke. Another thing. I'm stroke ticked down, stroke and end with of stroke for later end. Start with think of stroke, tick down stroke, then upstroke, tick down stroke and lastly, thin upstroke for letter all start with the town stroke. Think of stroke and end with curly mid stroke for Let API start with the upstroke. Big down stroke, the upstroke, the down stroke And, lastly, didn't meet stroke for a little Q start with Think of straw, the down stroke, I think I'm stroke the down stroke. Think upstroke and end with Mitt Stroke for later are start making a stroke, small pick down stroke, another takedown stroke. And lastly, think stroke for letter as start with thing upstroke, big down stroke and then upstroke again Think upstroke, thick down stroke and Lassie think upstroke for letter T start with tick down stroke, think upstroke and end with curly mitt stroke 24. Lowercase u - z: for letter You start with thin upstroke. Tick down stroke Think upstroke, Take down strong and last leaking upstroke three deep your name and filling the gap between the lines. So let's move on to letter B. Start with thin upstroke the down stroke Think of stroke and think mid stroke for Let the W start within of stroke the down stroke Then upstroke the down stroke the upstroke and lastly thing mid stroke Fill in the gap with ink and continued to write But let the X start with small, then upstroke continue with thick down stroke in upstroke Another small thing of stroke the down stroke Lastly small being upstroke for little Why start within upstroke? They down stroke the upstroke thick down stroke and lastly thing upstroke for letters that started small pick down stroke, Another takedown stroke and lastly think obstruct Yea Finally we finished all the alphabet and number practices. Now begin the fun part We're going to make three beautiful many projects. So without any delay, let's move on to the next video 25. Project 1 - Calligraphy Monogram: for the first project, we are going to make calligraphy monogram For this project. We need pencil Raisa Bent Holder with Nick Lachey. Name dinky deep watercolor people and your favorite one. So let's get started. We are going to make something similar like this. First, you need to draw a circle in the middle off the paper. I'm using a big selloff in deep. To draw the circle, you can use any circle shaped object. Make sure to trace the circle with pencil so that we can erase it later. Next, we're going to draw leaves surrounding the circle. Don't complicate it. Just draw simple, very simple leaves. If you want to draw flower with leaves, you can draw that, too. I'm sure he knew the basic one. So if you want to draw any extra leads, branches or any type of flower, you can draw that depend on your own ideas. So this is the final sketch. Look off the read now in the middle off the reader. You can write any of your favorite letters. Let's say your name is scary. You can write a letter G as your monogram. Now I'm going to demonstrate to you letter G. But you can try any other letters. This is just a simple sketch. If you're not satisfied with your design, you can raise it and started again. So this my complete sketch before I applied ink and watercolor for this monogrammed. We're going to use ink for read and watercolor for the monogram, so let's start thinking the reek. First, dip your nib using ink and start to draw the circle lightly. The circle should not look perfect. You have to create slightly baby type to make it look natural. This is how your circle should look like. Now let's mourn Toe Inc believes. First make an outline of the leaves and branches, then fill it with ink. No, I'm not fully filled the leaves with ink. I leave some space between them. Let me show you in close up. If you want to fill the leaves fully with things, you can do that. But I prefer to leave some spaces between them, so you just need to continue to think all the leads. This is the look after finish thinking all the leaves. If you feel there is a lot off empty spaces between the leaves, you just need to add a few more lives in between them. I'm going to show you how I at those extra leaves now. Now, let's door letter G using watercolor. Make sure you follow all my tips on how to fill the name with nautical and make sure you know the important rule, which is thin, abstruse, and pick down stroke filling the neighbor with any off your favorite color. I'm using light green. I just follow the pencil tracing right. It's slowly, especially on all up strokes, because when you draw a stroke quickly, you're going to cash the watercolor paper tax shirt. Then it would be difficult to write. - If you're not satisfied with the outcome, do some touch up here and there until you are happy with the result. So Project one done before you framed your artwork. Make sure dis completely dry. That's it. So let's mourn to project to 26. Project 2 - Watercolor Wreath with Quotes: for the second project, we are going to make this beautiful watercolor read with any off your favorite courts in the merry. For this project, we need Sumi Ink nips with pen holder, watercolor brushes, watercolor, pencil, razor and multiple people. First, use any circle object to trace a circle in the middle of the paper. Make sure you trace it very lightly because we are going to erase it later. Next, let's draw a bigger leaves and flowers in Project one. We draw very simple leaves now and going to show you how to draw more complicated one. So start to drop bigger leaves, then continue to draw a different shapes off lease. Next, draw a few simple Promus. Then I will continue to draw a few more leaves. Give a different look. I'm going to draw a bigger to smaller lives. Then another different time off leaves at a few more flowers again and end with another different type off leads. This is just a sample. You can draw any off your favorite pattern off leaves and flowers not erase all the drawings. If you draw very lightly than no need to Idris. Now I'm going to use water brush to color all the leaves and flowers. You can fool all along with me or you conduce different type off colors. First, start to draw the circle again. Make sure the circle should not look so perfect. You have to make it look baby, or start with thick lines and then and gradually changed too thin lines so that you'll read . Look more natural. Once done, let it drive for 2 to 3 minutes and continue to paint. Just follow the pencil craze and fill it with your favorite colors. I'm using a small amount off purple and mix it with water to make it more lighter. If you want your read look darker than you can juice darker colors and use less water. The important tips here is to make any color look lighter or look pale. You just need to add more water, so continue to pain with your favorite choice of colors. - For flowers, I'm going to paint yellow mixed with orange color. If you accidentally add a big blob of water, you can easy absorbing using tissue paper for the next baton off leaves and going to paint red color. It is advisable for you to let one set off leaves colors to completely dry, then proceed to pain the next set off lives. So I'm painting that purple Formiga leaves and for smaller leaves I'm going to paint orange color. So that said, I'm done beating the whole read now let it completely dry. Then we will proceed with lettering. Once I let it dry completely for about 10 minutes, I traced a word low in the middle. Off the wreath. You can write any words that you like. Now I will show you how to trace it. Using in, start slowly within obstruct pick down stroke and will need stroke. Make sure you show the thick and thin lines in your lettering. Another tips here. If you're thick lines, not love that think you can keep moving on the same line to make it look more thicker. So that's it. Wait until it completely try and you can erase View off the pencil traces in your lettering if it is visible. If it's not, then leave it as it is. So project to done. Let's mourn to our last project 27. Project 3 - Watercolor Washed Placecards: for product. Three. We are going to make this beautiful place cuts. To make this you need Sumi Ink pen holder with names Ben So Razor Caesar ruler Watercolor brushes. I'm using size eight and then really bigger size precious to make water color washes, and you also need one cup of water and a good quality of watercolor paper. Now let's make watercolor washes first, but the watercolor people do. The wash is 2 to 3 times to make sure it completely wet. Now big any off your favorite color and paint the lower section. You must paint it quickly before the paper dry. I'm using blue, pink and yellow. If you want to use one color only to collapse, just proceed with that. If you want, you can add more. Wanted to make it look like that now blamed the color by adding water in between them so that you can create a more lighter version on the top and the dark abortion at the bottom. So after complete lady dry for about 5 to 6 minutes while waiting for the paper to dry, let me show you the second place got designed. First you need to let the people with clean water, make sure the paper completely bet. Then only you can add your favorite colors at any color at the bottom, gradually moving to the top off the people. If you need second layer off watercolor washes, you may do it. Make sure you add water to make a color look lighter. Now let it dry completely after it completely dry for your paper into two section and juice . Which side you want to write the name. I'm going to choose the pink and yellow site, since it has two different color combination. Now I will trace named Gary. If you want, you can try your own name, too. If you make any mistake, you can easily raise it and write it again. Make sure you write your name using pencil and write it very lightly. Now I'm going to write using ink. Since there's a pencil gracing, it will be very easy for you to write. You just need to focus on things of stroke and pick down stroke. So I really completed the first place got. Now let me show you how to write the second place cup after completely dry right? Any name that you like on top of the paper? No. Only name you can ride courts, Words. Any wording that you like Even you can write numbers, Dates. It's your wish. I already trace name Lucy on top of the paper. Now I write using ink. If you want to write numbers instead of the name, you can write it too and boasted under project section so that all office can view your beautiful work. So I'm nearly done writing the name. That's it. Thats is the final off the place Cats. I hope you enjoy this glass and all the project that I share with you. Please don't forget to review my class and post your projects. I'm really eager to see all of your works until we made in the next cause. It's by from Muddy