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11 Lessons (2h)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Art Materials

    • 3. Techniques - Understanding Gouache

    • 4. Cityscape Part 1

    • 5. Cityscape Part 2

    • 6. Seascape

    • 7. Landscape Part 1

    • 8. Landscape Part 2

    • 9. Landscape part 3

    • 10. Night sky

    • 11. Bonus lesson & Final thoughts

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About This Class

This class is curated for beginners who want to try the medium Gouache. For everyone who want to understand the nature, paper, techniques, brand of gouache that can be used, this might be very helpful class. It covers 5 paintings in total and all of them can be done under 15 - 20 minutes helping you learn wet on wet, wet on dry, blending and many more techniques.  

Meet Your Teacher

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Dhritikana Nath

Watercolor Artist and Instructor


Hello Peeps, I am Dhritikana Nath an artist instructor, teacher, content creator from Delhi (India) and from the time I have started painting landscape was the subject that I did fall in love with. Among landscape painting lights with vibrant colors is my favorite. Overtime I am smitten by the beauty of water, clouds, sea, animals, flowers and everything that is there in Nature. I keep exploring all these subjects with different mediums like watercolor, gouache, markers, soft pastels and more.

I am a strong believer of the idea that anyone can paint if you put an honest effort and for excelling in painting there are only 2 rules practice and frequency of painting. I did start my journey in 2018 and I would say it’s been calming, meditative and even helped me a lot to improv... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Wash is a versatile medium, also called as opaque water colors. The quick drawing nature off the Pains makes a really suitable for doing plainer sketching . It has become highly desirable now between illustrators. Artist on designers Hi, guys myself with a gun. Enough plan. I am on hearted stamp instructor From when I got the idea off crying on new medium, I was so lost. What people? I should use the brand off wash colors, how much it is different from water colors, the various new techniques that I must know. But I did slowly figure out that it's not much different than watercolors as the course gets activated with water. This big nosed wash last covers all of this. The paper brand off colors alternated in case you do not own any washed oops brushes on different techniques. We will cover all the basic techniques like wet on wet, wet on dry blending, leading and much more. The complete class has broken down into five paintings covering for Sonny Day by the sea. Ah, beautiful city escape kind of green dress. Lynn landscape gazing at the night sky hand. Oh, bonus lesson. I'm really excited to teach you all off it. In one single class, none off. This painting is going toe. Take you more than 15 to 20 minutes. Yeah, I will repeat it. It would not take more than 15 to 20 minutes. Let's dive into it on start on next video lesson. 2. Art Materials: Let's discuss a bit about all that materials you will need to complete the class projects First is wash. You can even use poster colors if you don't have wash. Wash. Figments are very fine. Can't stay. Come in tubes where a supposed to color pigments her course on the Common Jars Pastika list might not be an exact replacement for wash, but still it is great to work with for paintings we will be doing. You can walk in layers, even for poster colors. On the medium is water for wash, you need to own only three basic primary colors. Brew yellow hand red to start off along with the white tube off course. Even with these basic primary colors, you would be able to paint all the pain things that I would be teaching today. We would need a palette to makes our colors. We would need only four brushes to complete this painting the bosses off flat shader Brush by Princeton size eight. The next is our Princeton Neptune, half an inch flat brush. Then you have a script liner brush by Princeton. Size two on, then is my Princeton Neptune size to brush. These are all the brushes. I would need one pencil to draw on and then there's one Raisa hand along with it. Let's keep a scale for in case it is easier for us to draw the lines on door. These are the basic important things that we need. Along with it. We will need a people on which we will paint. Now. This paper is ah, hard pressed paper. Now what is hard pressed, hard pressed doesn't have any. It is absolutely fine. The completes office is smooth enough for your paints to go with the paper that we have used US. Fabbiano 100% Court in paper on the wash is from Winsor and Newton Professional grade. We will need two jars off clean water, one would be or fresh supply off water and one where we would be cleaning. Our brushes even need some tissues for dabbing off any ex trappings that we have on our brushes for cleaning your brushes. And we will need one inch tape to tape down our people. That's all we need from the art supplies 3. Techniques - Understanding Gouache: Let's understand wash. It's a no big medium. Unlike watercolors, which is transparent, it's usually becomes semi OPIC. On addition, off water you can work with wash on any surface, canvas or people. But what rest is the preferred one for painting with wash has it gives the best result on average. You would have seen that wash is more exclusive compared toa watercolors, as it has more pigment in its finder. Compact watercolors. Ondas more vibrant on reflective you can activate wash with water just like water colors, but the ratio off water tow figment Asper. My preference is to parts off paint on one part off water. Wash always gives a matte finish that way, and you do not need toe all the colors for painting. With Warsh, only the three basic primary colors yellow, red, blue and what do off white is enough to kick start your journey. You will see in the upcoming class projects how we have mixed a shade to produce many other shades, which were not available. Way will see three example of how we can use wash. I used a very light, transparent layer off yellow and add more water, just like watercolors, which is not the way I preferably use it. The second way is hiding more pigment on. Then, if you want to make it lighter, you would have more water, which is again, not the correct way on the preferred way to use it. The thought which is the most preference is you will use the pigment on. Add some white to make it lighter. I would not go ahead and add some blue with my yellow toe. Give some cream. The green that I'm getting is more somewhere around the submarine on. I do want to even show you how we can get other shades off Prince, so I will take out some lemon jello, had some blue in it and get a few lighter shades off. Green on showed that even if you owned very few shades off wash, you can still manage to produce way more shades. You'll also that I'm moving from deeper shades off dream toe, the lighter shades of green. This is because, just like acrylic, I can go over the deeper sheets off course and still managed to add lighter tones on top off it. - No , let's go ahead and practice a small sunset that we will need for our future projects, because over here we would be learning a few techniques, like how we blend, how we would be putting our reflection, how we would be adding layers on top off. One were These are the basics that we would be requiring for our next steps into the projects. I'm firstly for a small white space for the sun on, but I want to say that the whole process is organized in a way that first we learned the blending off the colors, which will help us to know how we do the graded wash between are yellow orange. I think once that is done, we will do a simple graded wash off blue and white for the water, and on top of that water, we would go ahead on add our sunset colors to reflect the sky. In the meanwhile, we paint the sky. Let's talk a bit more about the properties off wash like it rice very quickly compared to what the colors because the water content, which is way less compared toa watercolors. As I was saying earlier that wash has a very high power off covering because the way the use if we can use it in layers. But an important point to keep in mind is that we should not apply it so thickly on a tense off started tracks up on average shelf life off any war shoot that you can get in the market is usually 3 to 5 years. But if you are addicted toe wash paintings just like I am, you might finish it off in a few months. Then there is one more thing which I have seen from my personal experiences. Anyone who would just like to do a lot off sketch sketches on schedule. So are some quick studies on your journal. This wash can act as a great medium. You will also start. The blue will easily cover up the yellow that we have applied near the horizon, decided intentionally to show you that how the covering power off wash works on. While we go towards the bottom of the painting, we will be applying some white and make it more lighter. Let's first make the reflection off the small son that we can see in the white in the water . And you know that the reflections up your longer compared toa small son that is in the sky . And after we are done with this white reflection, we will add on the colors of the sky in the water. I will go ahead and add some think near the bottom off the painting kind towards the horizon. I will go ahead and add some yellow. No, this thing I am doing because I want toe have for reflection off the entire sky on my water for you will see me adding some lines partners to show the water is moving and the entire color off the water does not seem to be exactly the same as the sky or else you would have seen a complete Stillwater on the entire sky would have got reflected in the water. There is a lot of movement in the water. So I start from my right inside with my brush and moved inwards and again when I go to my left I goto my left inside with my brush on, then moved inwards Had I keep mixing on moving between the colors. Sometimes I'm adding some things and sometimes I'm adding some purples too short What guns ? Once we are done with this river, move ahead and start with our projects 4. Cityscape Part 1: as a big no after I take down my people toe Mom, the horizon line a bit below the 1/3 of the painting high prefer using a scale. It's easy on. Then I have chosen to stumble as my cityscape. You can go ahead and choose any city like New York. Santorini for Mumbai. Let's catch the city with the help off a pencil hand each evening. Sunset sky, where the sun had already set from the sky, still has the beautiful colors. Whenever I need a scale or in Aries oh, I will use it. Toe. Do the sketching that comes really handy. Toe me. No. As we keep sketching the cityscape, I would like to go off the deep into what all we would be learning in this class as this loss is all about painting with wash for big nerd. So the first thing we will learn in our painting and how to get different shades using less colors and still being able to create the beautiful projects moving on to blending, leading on creating currents in water, let me explore subject like creating currents in water. We will explore it a bit more in detail in the next project. So the order of the class project art in a way that they tie back to each other. - Good . Let's discuss the colors of it more in detail. The Fosters Permanent Elodie Spectrum Greg Primary read. Our family includes Black Hi White. You can mix all the colors except by to get the black Toby Frank, who seriously do not need to buy all the shades which are shown over here. Only a few primary colors, like red, yellow, blue and white can help you to get Call the shapes that we will be requiring for this painting. Why is an important color for wash paintings? Because we are not using water to get the lighter tones for a particular color. Therefore, we are white to make it lighter. No one side taken out all the shades on my palette, however. Take my coffin in show instant flat brush around, make some off my white on a yellow permanent deep to get the lighter tones that I would be applying your the city that I have 40 drawn with my pencils. You do not need to worry if you are even covering a few parts off the lines that you can afford drawn because in case off wash, you can always cover it with the next layer. Let's so keep adding some lighter tones off yellow, which is nothing specific in terms off that we're just using the permanently Elodie on. We are adding some bite with it on, applying it to get this lighter shade off yellow. Once I am are done with the lighter shade off yellow. I will add on some read into it toe. Get orangish shade off course. It's not a complete orange. It's more of a lighter tone off orange that I'm getting along with the on, and I will keep blending that follow with the yellow that I have now. I will add some people tones off orange into the sky. It would be more off red and less off the yellow in it. I will keep applying it on on top. I will apply some purple. How do I make this purple? It is a very simple process. You will add some blue with some far mind if you don't have Carmine, I'm using the primary raid that I have. I'm adding both of them on getting a purple kind off color for my evening sky. No, Once I have applied on this purple on the sky, I need to have us mood blending. I will start applying from my yellow below. On I will come towards the top to get the final blending because right now, if you see it seems like or division like so the pope comes in a division than they have strong, strong lines on These are all hard edges that I'm getting. I need to make it soft on, blend it smoother into the background. - After doing all of this, I still feel that the yellow near Yodo cityscape is not vibrant enough. So I makes some yellow deep arm some bike to get the shade off yellow on. It will show the light me or the city, so wash allows you to layer on. That's what we are doing over here. If you are not happy with the first layer, you can go ahead and add the second there. If you're not happy, Even with the second layer, you can go ahead and at the third level. So it is unlike the water colors where we do the pleasing part, your we do the leading So one after another we keep on letting each photo it acquired spaces for So I will mix my blue on some Recto, get the color off the water Now the color of the water off course will reflect the sunset sky that we have about. Therefore I'm using all the colors that I have used for the sunset side to make the water and on top of the water we will even show the currents which will come up in the but to off the project. 5. Cityscape Part 2: guys through the close project that we're doing right now. We are just trying to build on our basic techniques and understand how the washing behaves on people. We are trying to understand their different techniques that can be applied on the paper, how we can do the lettering on how the complete look off painting with wash can be finished . I'm just going to highlight the cityscape with the black color as it is the evening sunsets kind, not much off detail. I'm going to add on to it. Do remember. You can use postal colors rather than wash. It discloses 10 terms of properties to wash. It is just back, though. Particles are more courts and they come in jars, whereas the particles off wash are more fine and becoming tubes. There's nothing much that I need to explain over here. Therefore, till we are painting the city escape, we would be just taking the video at two X speed because so I do not have, like a lot in particular to explain you. It is a simple, flat color off blood that I'm applying on the people on. You just need to absolve the hand movement. You can take the smallest brush off Princeton or any of the brand that is available with you are keeping these skyline for. - I mix my colors now like I will take some more amount off new on than some bed to make the purple that I need for painting my currents. All I'm doing is right now mixing the colors. I am using my flat brush to mix the colors on detention black also so that it is dark enough. No, you will see that I would be interlocking my parents for stand trying to apply with my brush, which is Princeton Flat Brush Berg. Then I think that they it might give you some pickle line so you can switch on to the tennis rush that you have on hand. It is just an interlocking between the different lines. They're shorter lines there longer lines, and I born into locking them with each other. Take the minister script, liner brush or any other number zero Number one. Number two brushed back is available with you and start making small small tent in lines. When you are moving toe words, though cityscape, because the lines which are towards the bottom what the painting would be more tickle compared to when b and moving up towards terrorizing, because that's how we would be chewing the perspective. - Take a simple shade of Carmine on. If you don't know how to make the car mind, you can just go ahead with some bread. Had some bit off black hand if you want even attention off new in it so that it gives Qala , which is close to the water that we have already painted on. Are these short short lines in tow your painting status? The water I see the sky looks really empty, and I would love to go here than at some boats, but I don't want no Justo overdue my sky with, like a lot of boards in it. What I would do is I would take a deeper tone off lax on blue if you want, or you can even go ahead with only black. Just make a small body off the board, extend the wings on only two wings you need to make that completes your book. You can observe my brush movements if you are not too confident enough off how to make the bird. Now the border, making it at an angle one of the windows sign, making it a bit longer than the other wing as the birds. All this flap their wings and bought off them cannot be at the same time hard, the same face on at the same length. Therefore, always keep in mind that it's nature on nature will have it's or not differences in terms off when you show the birds or trees or anything. Now it's time to peel off the tape where if you are having our issues with peeling off the tape, you can take a hair dryer, blow it around the edges where you have put down your tape and tape known your people just on the edges can you will see that it would become very easy for you to be low. Always remember to peel off the tape at an angle rather than doing it at 90 degrees. This gives you better. Hold on. The people will not rip off. See you guys in the next time project where we would be painting some beautiful water. Skip 6. Seascape: These are all the shades we will need to complete this painting Primary red, blue, green, yellow, cocoa, black. I'm white. So course you need to take down your people. And once you take down your people, we need to draw the horizon line. Now, in this case, we would be drawing or Seascape on for the Seascape. I would keep more off the space for the sea and a bit of flange that I would be showing on the best would be those it ISS. The Horizon line is a bit above the 50% off the paper that I have not. The paper size is 7.5 into five inch that I have taken, so it's kind off scot size or you can even do it on a smaller paper. If you want, I would leave it up to you the size of the paper that you want to select. But it has to be the cannula size people. Oh, for painting this. Let's makes some green on some clue. To get the stock price color, you will see that since I do own only or few shades off wash, so I would be mixing a lot of colors to get a particular shade off bluewater particular shade of green or whatever. The other shades that I required. I will keep blending at the colors, can take it down at some blue and some white on Do you have against Ain't the sea. You have to keep anything to see in the similar way, and you will see that when I come to finishing off my layer, you will see that I had more off white on the blue becomes really light in case off wash. We always are some amount off white on, then make it light, aware us in terms off watercolor. We usually are water to make a lighter. I would go back towards my horizon and add some more blue and green in it because I want to have some deep turquoise color over there on. I can only makes my blue and green to get deep. Their course to show the waves are near the shore. I would add some white on the That's how I would be painting my waves before I even paint my leaves. Exactly in white, I would first make it lighter tone off exactly blue and then on top offered. I would add some light you more ask for wash weakened walking layers and working on layers makes it very easy. Therefore, I can get the exact effect which I want. I have taken my flat brush, which is a size eight, and it's so has a very 10 point. So I will go ahead on some comments into my water. And it is simply by taking your deeper shade off new in green that that we didn't already makes for a horizon and he would hard on into the water, showing these currents. I will not have a lot of these lines, only a few here and there. But oh, show these currents. No, - I will try to make the horizon orbit more deeper in shade with the blue. One thing that I already have as a next time I would go have my clouds about peace horizon and they would be completely in white, which would be very vibrant and beautiful has an outcome. After I complete this painted, - let us had some waves. New York the lang easier for the short area you can see on. We would be executing the step by adding some white wash have a great my tennis replying a brush to show the currents into the waves. It's a simple movement off brush. You will had the white wash and pull the brush towards the horizon a bit to show off you shot on small lines. Now these short and small lines that you are seeing ads, the texture. So the waves on it seems like the waves have a strong movement. No, - I would like some white wash into my c justo get somewhat step into the water until you would know that there's some other other kind off leaves and wife spaces which we can see always in the sea. And let's start some more white waves into our ocean because the waves will not only pure the shore, it would also if you're a bit far off and we need toe show even those waves. I need to go ahead and other the short line timeto add the shoreline. I would need some chrome yellow now the school yellow. If you do not have, don't worry at all. You can go ahead with two parts off yellow and one part off red tow. Create the score yellow orders. What? You can do it at some bits of green on the horse, some Persian blue toe. Get this feel kind off color off the yellow, which can just selfies just like groom on the push it off room to look like the short line . I would even go ahead and at some bits and parts of green toward because I do not want the color to be completely like a yellow. Any shoreline that you have will have different, kind off mud colors into it. It would not have just quit shining yellow all shining moment a word. They all have textures. I'm. Those textures are better taken out if it makes a lot of colors and to our shoreline. All of that said, we should be more aware of the colors also that we are mixing into the shoreline. We do not want toe overdue in bits and parts off any anything, you would see that I am adding on some down. I'm creating this down by mixing some bread and some green on this brown again. I would be adding into my shoreline. I would start from my bottom area on moved towards my horizon but that would be only the protector. What's my shoreline on right now? What I'm doing is I am creating some deeper tones off my waves because when the waves strike the shore, there are some spaces where there's some shadow that has created kind. This depression that I'm adding on would basically had me. You sure those shadows the most important thing for any big nor before we start popping in the clouds is so slightly outline the clouds that we want to think now the clouds would be toe just above the horizon and towards the bottom of the sky area. Before I start with my sky clouds, I would pause to think Bill part of my style. I would do graded wash. Now how do you do a grated bush? You will see that I particularly do not own this blue. What I've done is I have taken some portion of black. I've added on my blue on need the deeper tones off the blue, you will go ahead and add some white toe. The exact shade of blue that we have made now are taking towards the bottom part off the Sky State. Now you do not need to touch the cloud area at all. It should remain like good. Once we are done with a graded wash on blending off the colors, we were the start with the cloud area. I will use my Princeton brush size a tow start, adding my clouds and the clouds would be forced with the white wash that I'm adding on to my people. You will see that I'm creating some clouds like shit. Now the ships are already existing because we didn't already draw it on the paper on. I'm just going on and adding the white color on top along with the white color. You would always see that I act something. Three stones. Now these great owns our because I want to show that the clouds are water leading. They do have some water in them. On. It can always bring sooty parting anti, blending this three color into your clouds. So, guys, it's always good to add some loose clouds on top off the clouds that we have only drawn what it helps to shoo USCIS back there. Some bluestones off clouds existing about the clouds, and they are free floating it gives or nice some look and feel to your painting. Once I'm happy with the clouds on the left hand side, every load, the same procedure on my life inside. I don't not want toe. Keep expanding a lot on the techniques that I would be using because technically means saying for the left inside cloud as well as for the right inside cloud, I would just start some more grease on the That's how I would be blending it with my white kind of make it a bit more X Jordan. So one small and important that I always give during my painting sessions is that never overdo open thing when you think that you are happy with the painting that you have done, you should stop there and then just like the clouds over your if you think you're blending . Has camel correct on? Do not want to show any for the grace into the clouds, and you are happy with how it has turned out. You should just leave it there for me. I'm still adding some whites, and I'm mixing up with my great because I feel that I'm just too much of gray into the clouds and I want to cover it up. Could I help? Okay, so I'm doing the last step for my clouds. Now, I would go ahead on the deepest own agreed that I can get on my palette. Leap a stone doesn't mean that it has to be black. It has to be degree on just card. Small, small, small, small lines and a few dogs here and there. That's how I would be completing my clouds. And I will leave it there. Now. This is these lines and all. You will see more towards the bottom rather than towards the top. Because once you come from top towards the bottom, the clouds become denser and smaller, whereas towards the top area they are bigger in size even for my loose flouts that I did pain. I'm adding on to some grease on some small, small green dots on top off these white news clouds that I had and you guys. So we are done. I'm happy with the way it has turned out. Let's speed off the tape and see if we can get those being inches. Andi, that's all. You have those skates ready with you. You will not take more than 15 to 20 minutes to paint the Seascape because the wash rise up very quickly compared to what colors do take the current kind of people, which is 100% quarter on our press people. That's the only criteria which I have. 7. Landscape Part 1: Let's understand the colors, so we will need an are committing, then our primary primary yellow permanently alone. Be then any dream that you have family read on and white wash. Those are the colors that we will need for this painting you can keep. Black has a handy wash color in case you want any other shades off these blue greens or anything, so keep black 100 with you. Now let's just take some yellow with our flak brush, often in Shang. Let's start painting hard sky first, so I will be doing the yellow in the lower part off the sky, and it would not be more than 1/3 of the painting. Where will be putting up the you know about that would be oil. So, guys, it's very simple. Before I apply my blue, I will apply some white because I want do not want my yellow and blue get mixed on. It would appear as green, which I really don't want for the stinking. Therefore, I will go ahead with some white wash, apply the white wash and then only go ahead. But the blue colors now the blue colors would be in a radiant their defense shade would be on the top on the lighter value off you will come down towards the bottom horizon for no absolve my brush movement, but in detail because I'm just trying toe blend it well. How blending helps me to give being finished my sky on. There are no hard edges that would be left for my sky when you're blending. Try to use your flat brush because flat brush gives so great lending compared toa that on brush. I am not completely happy with the white and yellow that have applied on the skies. Whoever go here, then have some more white on, then yellow onto my sky before I think that my sky is completely ready for this painting. Let's keep on blending orbit to have a smooth finish. No, the first color form I feel that it would be applying would be some lemon yellow. You will see that more off lemon yellow is applied towards the bottom of the painting, and less off lemon yellow will be applied toe still, car tow. What summarize online? This is just so that I can go layers over layers for my bottom area on the the far off area anyways will apply completely clean. Go ahead and keep adding more yellow and more green into your field, so so that you completely covered up. The idea off the grassland on one study here is covered. We will start Harding, the second layer on top of it. Handle as we know in Wash, we can go a little earlier on day. I see that my grassland is still not dry. Therefore, right now is the correct time to add some things on my Glassland so that it is very soft and it gives found nice color. You just need toe. Go ahead, take some green into your palate. Hard off the doctor door. Just apply in a random motion. The small small lines starting from our left and Ghana as well as from the right and Ghana , and works no middle of the painting. Let's make some red and yellow and start painting car hill. So the hill is so a flak wash that I would be doing right now. I would be adding on the final details later in the other parts or the same project that we're painting that's landscape. Do this flat wash on. Then we let's move on to the next part. No 8. Landscape Part 2: Okay, guys, we're done with the first layer down. Let's go ahead and apply the second layer on the hill that we have painted. And once we are done with the second layer, we will want to our grasses Just people people shell off green, red on blue makes ready with you because we would be applying it in the second layer on our gosh grasslands that we have First you need to apply on even coat off wash ones that even caught off washes their on people. You have to apply this color now. Always remember this Even court off wash can activate your wash So user with her very, very like hand brush Very light 100 lei. You have to apply so that the underneath wash doesn't get active Entered a cold. So the technique that I know I'm using its weight on but that I could be with the people and I'm using and just like watercolors. It will of course, move public. The colors on people have a very, very soft edge. You will see that I will again start from my extreme right down the extreme left I have some dimensions Are time some simple simple, small, small lines 100 me on my horizon. That's where I'm not going to overdo at all on I'm going toe under there. Good. Let's have some cake shows are my grounds on The very easy way to apply that shows is with my colleague brush and how I'm going to use Michalik dashes. I'm going to take the backside of my college brush, and I would start applying it in. Our upward motion on this will practically create some grass is now these grasses you can only create when your paper is semi dry in does travel a lot of water. It will just mean the pains, and you will get this beautiful grasses with the color that is underneath, which is the lemon green kind of the color that we have on. Continue adding it on both the sides on the right as well as on the left. No, let's take some depreciate off green on start adding small small lines with help off our script liner brush or the smallest rush that you have on the keep, adding it more and more on the left, Tesla's on the roids. Let's go ahead and at some small trees on grasses near the horizon. As you know, this is the game of perspective, which means that we will start from her. We'll start from the bottom of the painting and window would so rising When you go towards the horizon, it would be smaller in size and shape. Compared to win, you are on the bottom of the painting. - We will learn more details to the ground on the mountain in the next part. 9. Landscape part 3: we are the last on the fun part of the painting, which is adding, finally fails to the class Linden, adding textures shadows to my mountains. Let's start with the grasses on some deeper tones has you must have seen from the rial photos that the grasses some of them, shine on, some of them on in the shadows, so water them must be existing. Therefore, we will paint all of them one underdog, green shade on the other in the shiny one with white wash. You will see me mixing up a lot of things that is your brown. We create the brown by mixing are green and red. So if you even have a few primary, she's that should be enough. Now let's start making the deeper shade of brown. This deeper shade of brown will be applied on the mountains, and they will be the shadows off the mountains. They would be the textures off the mountains for the mountains. It's simply we will move from the left on and slowly moving on to the right on. It's just taking your simple brush that you have can start making these small, small lines from the top from the bottom from the bottom. It would be a bit more tickle compared to the top on. This is using any off your deeper shade. I've allowed some more pictures to my ghost learned as I haven't gathered these brown shake . I would like to add some more brown on my glasses and finish off the final details. So my grassland, - let's paint the sun now. It would be a small SoCal in white wash on. That's all we would be painting for our son. No, - can we are done with our painting? So let's go ahead. Feed off the tape on toe. Know that feeling off the day is the most satisfying part off any painting. Once you were done, let's steal it off and see how the whole painting has stolen out. Let's meet in the next lesson where we will be painting or beautiful night sky, galaxy, mountains, everything put together. I'm really excited. Toe Beach Go next lesson 10. Night sky: so the colors that we will be requiring to complete this painting. The first is yellow, then blue, red, white and black. These are the three primary shades, along with Dwight and black is required to Dona port on down the values. Let's draw the mountains first, and once we are done with the mountains, we will move on to go painting. I have must my moon, though I can go over the layers. But still, I prepped from asking my moon. Okay, so we will be only drawing one mountain. We will not be drawing a lot of mountains, and that's what hided over here. It's a light pencil growing, and once I'm done, I will just is it a bit If you're Viagra, fide marks are shown. Let's make some yellow and red tow ghetto orange and then start applying it on the people. We will go from the bottom towards the top off the sky. Okay, let's start planning the color status, my orange and my pillow. You will see that here. The blending doesn't happen on its own because it's not water colors, so we will apply it on leers and it is always wear. Don't dry. We do not wear the paper and then apply the wash. It is generally on our dry suffers. We keep on applying the wet means as you know that wash can again be used as watercolors. So right now what I'm doing is I will apply my Wei. Don't wait. Take me on the colors that I did apply in my first year are still wet. So I have gone ahead and added some deeper tones off clouds on my sky. And once that's done, I would start applying my blue collar. Now blending with the blue and yellow can give you green, so I usually prepper taking my blue Harding on some with holes my black and do it and then applying it. - Once I'm happy with the blending. Then I will go ahead and start just filling up. The space is on the top, left and right, and Ghana as well as in the middle on. Then keep extending it towards the bottom of the sky. The deeper Don's I will apply at the top on it will keep becoming lighter with the white wash later, which you will have solved while you keep painting. You will absorb that. I'm taking some black and applying it on my sky. As I have told you in the beginning, only when we were discussing about the color start people toned down or we will make depreciates off our flu or any other color that we have with the help of the black On black comes us really highly in terms off wash for making the color way more deport under your values. Now you will observe that sometimes this blue on this yellow we can give you green though I am not getting that ring but still I want to avoid that situation. So I'm going ahead and having some white in between. Now this will help me to get a better control over my colors rather than if I do it with my yellow on with a blue mix. Once I'm done with the sky idea, I think that I will apply some more tones off foreign shishi alot to my bottom area on. Then keep lending it along with that. You will also fact my clouds that I did paint near my moon will also become lighter in value. Now if that becomes lighter, we need to add some deeper tones off bread now departments off red again. I can prepare with the help off Black on mixing someday And once that is done, I will are gone the same since my clear is completely But so the order in which I keep painting this company painting is first time doing my sky. Then I would be doing my mountains on. Then I would be moving on my mood. Now The second part is making your mountains. Just take some blood wash applied flat on your mountains. You will observe that the black really looks very dark. When that is the case, Go ahead. It's some by on I don't This is one of my favorite spots off beating a night sky that IHS splattering the stars. I will take all brush on. I will cap it with another brush on. You would see that I am getting small on bigger stars. Try to get smaller stars because anyway, biggest are you can be with the help off the brush. So go ahead, tap it and enjoy the process. Let's have some bigger stars on my sky with the help off my 10 brush on it would really become good to absolve the mix off smaller on the biggest US Together, - you will observe that I will add some white. Right now, I'm testing the white on my black because the black is not exactly the color which I want for my mountains. So I will go ahead and make it a great indoor on. I will keep applying the white throughout before I apply the white. You would see that I am applying it on a few spaces because I like to check that give the scholar will go well or not, and it would blend well or not with background off my black on, and I will keep lending it now with the color black, the white color that I have on my brush with the color flat. That's how the mountains will get covered. - I'm pretty happy with the way the mountains have turned out. Now, the color off the mountains on the way the blending has happened. It is a light, pre kindof shade on, not exactly black. Now let's start adding those no onto our mountains, and it would be small. Street lines are few places on a few of the place is probably even empty. These will be more off a shorter line, starting from the peak on than extending it to boards. The bottom. The bottom lines will be shorter and thinner, whereas the beak on the top will be more darker in value in terms of the white that we would be wide wash that would be applying now. Keep painting four or five lines. We do not need to paint the entire modern and fill it up completely. Let's make a few more smaller peaks that, as you will see on the right, there is one peak, which is half 1/2 out of the deep and health within the tape that have applied on the right inside on. Then I am again having one more shorter beak below the the GOP that you see on the left. So these are the three peaks, the small, including the smaller peaks on the bigger big beak. This high will add someone wash only speak and make it a bit more snow clad plated mountains. They have a lot of first. No wonder off on. That's why the snow is shining in the night. Now comes the last part off this painting where we would be painting our moon on first word . We need toe take out the masking tape. Many might be wondering how the mosque in Cape is around in shape. I went ahead and I just did my to insure day, but I had with me on I took this round shape. I applied it on the people. There are a few dots off my stars just still wet, so I have gone ahead and extended it as if they are the shooting stars in the sky. I've always usually prefer a blind, some lighter tones on. What I've done right now is I have taken my yellow that I have on. I have added some bite into it on dime, trying to paint my mom. It's a very simple process. Just add the Kahlo. At few places, you will know that you have creators, so it is not a perfect follow that you will get. We will be mixing some yellow, some orange somebody to get the beautiful color of the moon and including the creators that we would be painting. We're not painting a flat color throughout the entire time. We will be adding some textures with help off other colors. Like right now I'm thinking with orange, making us short truck lines on the moon, which look like a Rico. I feel the orange color is dominating a bit more. So I am going the head and again harding the scene in a show color, which I added to my moon on extending it, extending it a bit more in tow. My orange. Once that is done hard, some more red kind. The yellow condo these moon on and make the shorter lines signed thes short graters. No creators are nothing, but they are like different holds that have appeared on your moon on those holes needs to be shown, but they have off colors itself. I think I'm still not very satisfied, but my moon complete been so on him, going ahead and adding some wide wash on my mood. Once I'm happy after adding my white wash, I will go ahead on and see the final fainting again. There's it's always a good process Stool complete a painting. Go out of that place. Come back to your painting after 15 minutes after half in our and check that if you still like the painting Or do you think that there s a mistake that you have committed or is there any scoop off improvement in the painting that you have already done? That's the process that always goes into my mind. When I stooping one painting off mine, - I'm just starting a few more finally deals onto my moon on and I think we are closed toe done right now we will go ahead on and then the lock. 30 Fighting. Peeling off the tape is always the most satisfying process after painting any off your paintings, whether it being washed, whether it being what the colors be in any other medium. If you have a pond up off it, remove the tape at an angle as always being told why, then this helps you tow avoid any kind off reports off your people. 11. Bonus lesson & Final thoughts: This bonus lesson is designed to use homey three primary shade yellow, red, blue, white time black. There's really important lesson in that way because we will be painting or dawn where the sun is rising on the sunrise. Colors will only be possible. Let's draw the mountains posed, and then we would start painting with wash. Overall, you will see that I'm using. Five shades are now black and white is very important for any wash painting because it helps us toe beeper, all light and our values. - I had some yellow on my palette from my previous lesson that we had. So I'm using the same yellow that I have on my palette, and I start painting my sky with Once I'm done with the yellow, I start blending it with the orange on how I will prepare the orange. I would be explained. You will often see that I would be using some amount off white along with my yellow to blend it. That's how I will tone down my colors on. Then I would be using it with my orange. Always remember for wash, we need to have a smooth blending off the spy on you. will keep blending the colors with help off your flat brush. No plan. Brush comes really handing when you have to blend your colors well in a round brush. It is a bit difficult to blank. The colors applies some deeper tones off red near the mountains on blended with the orange . I'm mixing some red on blue off course. The amount of Louis really less maximum 10 to 15% on the rest is already to paint my mountains. I will go ahead and paint my first mountain, about which that is a son. Rice. I will keep the space off the sun empty on, keep painting at below so you know it's a sunrise on their during the sunrise. If you also any photos, you will see that there are deeper tones of the mountains on the top and then becomes a lighter. Now we're going down again with the help off. Somebody wash my colors below. Andi, I will go ahead and think another mountain above the sun on that is with the lighter tone off red that I have. I will blend it with my blending brush now kind hi vote completely blended with the background let's start painting the mountains below the first layer off colors like a school like purple color, which we applied or magenta color. Now this would be another deeper tone off corporal itself on. We would be pink in the mountains. I have purposely kept the videos off the foster, so it is at 1.5 16 because we will just be blending the colors and we will be applying the correct amount off. Water on wash on the people toe. Understand how we can paint are gone Dawn in the mountain scene one, Sire Mountain is done. We will go ahead and take one further deeper tone off you find a bit off to show the doctor tones off the mountains below this magenta on the pope amount that you will see that I have a blinder absolute flat wash for my mountain. About the one that I'm painting right now, I would be a grand toning it down with the help off my wife, Portia. Later, during my painting on, I will go ahead and apply some white wash now to my mountains so that I can tone it down on it can become Lytle in value let's move on to the next mountain and it is also again we would be painting with the same thing that we have applied. Now there is no difference. I would paint along the sketch that I've already done, and I will keep thinking it on making it lighter, hard bottom. I will go ahead and apply some black toe the last mountain that I have hand that's the closest to me. You will see that above that I have tried to tone down my mountains, but still it is not exactly the culo. Find the tones that I wanted. So I'm applying some folded white to make it lighter in value on then my mouth and below it will No, not in a way it would be. It is more visible now. Let's go ahead and pain some foliage on our trump call mountains, but as close as to us because sensitise closest to us. Therefore, we will see some threes on top, offered on drive, draw some small, small, straight straight lines on, and that's how I would be painting my last month. And once this system, I would want to my son on being hate in white collar. - There's let's bring the sun now. Now you will always know that in and around the sun when the sun is rising, it would be off some light off shapes, which means that there is a law, the sun. I'm actually come out in open it. - I'm not very happy with the mountain that I had on the top. So I am just going ahead and made having someone de Quito to it. And then again, I would be blending it with some white around the sun so that I can get that blew off the sun that I was. They are telling you all you I would go ahead and at some deeper tones again. Since I'm not happy with my hill that has come up. So Hyla Mountain you can see now This is also so sure that the sun is glowing and I will show that low below the sun where I will be lifting off my paint and hard making it a bit more for a white. You will see this in this process itself and it would come up a bit later. Our rest portions, of course I'm making people and don't so that you can see the glue very well. - Start adding some white pains now for the blue, and you can. You will be also picking up some pains. It's not that we would be only adding the white. You have tow Morse the white with the color that we have on the people on. Then we will be picking up something so that it gives the exact blue, which I need for the Spain ting. - I don't keep this class off purposefully. Very simple and easy, because it's more about a big nurse wash class. And it's not an advanced level. Andi, since we have hors d painted about four paintings before this, I want to keep the bonus lesson very relaxed and easy and hope you are enjoying the process . Before I finish off my painting, I will add some bite again toe the third layer off mountain that I have. Onda will again blended well, hard. That's all I think. Then we will be done with upping. That's keep following the steps that you below soft Andi. Once the steps are over, you can feed off the tape on your painting will be ready. - I will go. The last few touches wherever necessary. And then we had, um I hope you did enjoy the class with wash and remember, no need toe by any expensive bush. If you are a bigger, go with some poster colors to start with. Once you like, the medium marches off you washed Oops! Primary colors. Batters red, blue, yellow, white and some black. So there are only three family colors. Barto. We would need black and white photo basically thrown down or make the colors more deeper. So these are the two important colors that you should always keep for painting with court. Please do upload your projects in the project gallery. Hand back me on instagram Mike Instagram handle his watercolor illustration. Not like it would be off really helps if you can give a valuable feedback, which can help me improve in my future. Classes on Just to drop a small hand. My father upcoming class would be on an interesting topic that IHS night skies in. Gosh, I always gaze at the night sky and often think about the planets Galaxies in finite number of stars. Until now, I could only capture the moment in my camera, but it becomes more exciting if you can capture any off the moments through your painting. Wash is known for the quick studies on paper, and we will also do the same in our upcoming class. Till then, happy painting can stabilised. Peel off your tape on the painting is ready.