Beginners guide to creating patterns to colour 2 | Dawn Summers | Skillshare

Beginners guide to creating patterns to colour 2

Dawn Summers, Artist, designer, maker

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3 Videos (23m)
    • Introduction

    • Building a more detailed image

    • Creating mandalas


About This Class

Building on what we did in part one, this class takes your creativity up a level with a couple of outlines of ways to build a more detailed colouring page.  Step by step instructions to get you going with plenty of encouragement and support.  Great for beginners especially those that are a bit nervous.





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Dawn Summers

Artist, designer, maker

I have a long history of working in the caring professions and using arts and crafts as a medium to use in creating relationships with vulnerable groups. I also teach for the Open University where my speciality is around working with vulnerable groups.

I gave up working full time in this capacity four years ago and now work on a freelance basis in terms of working with community groups whilst working on my own arts practice which just keeps growing.

My website for surface p...

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