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Beginners Watercolor Scenery Painting | Step by step tutorial

Paint Academy, Step by step Art Videos that enrich you

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12 Videos (33m)
    • Introduction

    • Paper Tilting

    • How to Make Colors in Palette

    • Discussing Color Tones

    • Three Watercolor Techniques

    • Picture Drawing

    • Coloring Sky

    • Coloring Houses

    • Coloring Hills

    • Coloring Fields

    • Coloring Small and Big Trees

    • Coloring River


About This Class

Beginners Watercolor Course- Scenery Painting in Watercolor.

This course is for the new to watercolour and will teach you all about how to start a watercolour painting.

Here I've used Handmade Paper, Camlin Artists Watercolors and Squirrel fur brushes.

In this course we have discussed how to make colour in palette and how to mix colour with one another for watercolour painting. Then we have also discussed every watercolour techniques part by part before drawing that we used in this picture. By seeing this and practicing you can easily do this painting.

Here we have shown step by step drawing of this picture. We have mentioned all the colors that have been used in the palette. Thus you can see which color is used when it's being applied.


The discussed watercolour techniques are mentioned only for beginners. We have tried that as a beginner you can easily learn this. In this video from starting to ending we have described in details about how this picture is made and why we use those. So we hope that by seeing this full course and practicing you can easily do this painting.

We have create a another course about Watercolor Materials. From which you can find out as a beginner you will use which Paper, Paint, Brush, Palette. And that will give you an idea of exactly what do you have to use. Here is the link-

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Easy to follow!!!





Paint Academy

Step by step Art Videos that enrich you

Paint Academy is an art organization where group of Indian artist teach different mediums of art.

We teach various art mediums like Watercolor, Acrylic, Pastel and Ink & Pencil works. We're making art videos in You tube. But those videos are not narrated, not fully described. So under the pressure of our huge fans now we're making narrated videos as well as discussion on the several new techniques on this platform to help those. This is our goal.

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