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Beginners Paper Quilling

teacher avatar Anusha Rajendran

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (1h)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Basic Quilling Tools

    • 3. Quilling Supplies

    • 4. Make your own Quilling strips

    • 5. Quilling Shapes 1

    • 6. Quilling Shapes 2

    • 7. Quilling Shapes 3

    • 8. Project 1 Sun

    • 9. Project 2 Butterfly

    • 10. Project 3 Greeting Card

    • 11. Project 4 Mandala

    • 12. Framing

    • 13. Thanks

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About This Class

Creative and Relaxing art form with clear step by step instructions

Paper Quilling is fun and easy to learn. Even if you are a beginner, you can easily learn this and start a new hobby that will have you wanting to do more and more. All the techniques used in this course are easy to master with practice. Just follow the step by step instructions and you will be amazed at how easy it is to create these beautiful piece of craft. This paper quilling course will also help you to get inspiration to make your new quilled decors and gifts.

No prerequisites! This course is suitable even for beginners. You would just need some basic tools and supplies to get started. 

What you’ll learn

  • Get introduced to the tools required to do paper quilling
  • Learn to roll and make different shapes using paper strips
  • Ideas to create beautiful quilling projects with clear step by step instructions
  • Get creative and make your own quilled items with the ideas and techniques
  • Learn a simple and fun filled new skill to keep your brain active

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1. Introduction: Hello. Welcome to begin a squealing course. My name is Anusha on Diving instructor for this course. Thanks a lot for joining me in the schools on. I'm very happy to have you here. Let me start with a short introduction about paper Quickly. Better quelling is basically a paper craft that has been popular since many centuries. Back in paper, quelling thin strips of paper are rolled glued on, then shaped on. These shapes are then put together to create a very beautiful quelling projects. Quitting is easy functional on inexpensive art form. I want to get comfortable. You can feel that it makes you incredibly relaxing. Even if you're a complete beginner, you can easily learn the scores and start making your one beautiful piece of art. And I hope you enjoy this course. 2. Basic Quilling Tools: Hello. Welcome back in this video. I'm going to share the details off basic willing tools that you might require. Basically, having the right tools for any new craft will make the learning process easier and the tools that you might require today some of them you may already find around your house, and some you can easily get it from your local crops toes, and they're not expensive as well. So let's get started. The first and the most important tune for any beginners to start this craft is this lot of willing tool. Always go for one that will have a good grip for holding, and if you notice the tip of the stool, you will find the metal and the top portion will have a slit on. This is this'll, or we'll have to insert your paper and start rolling to make coils the next to list reasons . I'm having both straight and angled ones. However, angle treasons are more helpful for lifting the coils from the template board on gluing and placing them in York Willing projects, and you would also require a pair of sharp scissors for cutting or trimming the ends off paper strips the next onus. The template board The stool is really helpful, and it will make your willing process easier. If you notice the store, you can see different sizes off circles ranging from the smallest to the biggest, and you control the paper strip into oil and place it in the respective size that you would need, and then you can take it up and blue on the stool ist more useful in quelling products that required repeated patterns of similar size is you cannot make it out of this template board . The last tool that you would require this this new applicator. It is not a must to How about it is preferable because it has got a very fine tip on, and this will help you to just apply tiny amount of blue to your willing projects. You can just fill this bottle with some craft glue and close it and start using You try to be, and also it has got a cap to close the tip so that it will prevent the glue from getting dried. And these are all the same top tools that you would require for this course 3. Quilling Supplies: Hello. Welcome back in this video. I'm going to share the legals off the quilting supplies that you would require. As they already said. Quelling is an inexpensive craft, and you don't need to many supplies all that you would require Car paper strips on blue coming to the blue. Any craft glue that dries clear on dry, isolated lee quickly must be suitable for the swelling projects. Next is the paper strips, usually paper strips already cart and is available in the market, and you would be able to see different colors off paper strips available in a single back. Or you can also get single color paper strips. And there are also different verities of paper strips so you can choose according to your project requirements. And the most commonly available sizes of paper strips are 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. and 7 a.m. and 10 white. And coming to the question way to buy all these willing supplies. Basically, you can get wide range of willing supplies, including the tools from Amazon or even from etc. Or you can look for them in your local crafts tools as well. So these are all the grilling supplies that you would require. So if you have got this ready, you can move on to the next station. 4. Make your own Quilling strips: Hello. Welcome back in this video, I'm going to show you two different and simple methods to make your one paper willing streets. It's like you need not by the ready cut willing strips all the time. If you prefer to make your wound, you can always do that. I'm sure you how the first method is by using a ruler and a craft night. Place a color paper on the cutting board and marked a bit that you would need and just cut it straight. Using the craft knife like this So you're grilling. Stoop is now ready. You can always choose the victim the paper strip based on your requirement. Though this method looks simple, it is big time consuming. However, you can always go for this myth. Or if you want to make your one paper strip in a customized to be, it's as simple as that, and your paper strip will be already to make it willing projects. And the next one is a pretty quick and simple matter. It is using a manual paper shredder, so just take a color paper of your choice and inserted from the top and started beating the handle slowly until you reached the other end of the paper. So it's old that, and look how quickly you could create a many willing strips in one go curator's. It is really quick and very useful. But one drawback. Here it is like you can't create willing strips off different wits. It will give you one fixed with Greenstreet. In this case, I'm able to create one the three mm like willing streets. However, if you want to create quitting strips of different with, you have to go for ruler and craft. Nice cutting method. And with this I have shown you two different methods off making quelling strips. However you can choose. If you want to go for ready cut strips available in the market or you want to make your wound, the choice is completely yours. 5. Quilling Shapes 1: Hello. Welcome back in this video, I'm going to show you how to make different shapes using paper, quitting streets. All willing products are made from a few basic shapes. So it is very much important to get family rice with the different shapes so that you can make your wound healing products before we get started. Just take a printout off this reference sheet I have attached to the section and have it really so that as and when you make a particular shape, you can stick it onto the space allocated for that which will help you to refer at the later stage off. Whenever you need it in the spot, we will see the first, most basic shades. Just take one quitting strip from the cell back the strip. I have taken itself five mm Boyd orange color strip and take this lot of grilling. Tool, I say already said the tip of the quilting tool will have a slit on that is very Haftar in 30 paper strip. So insert the end of the paper, strip into that slot and make a small bent like this so that the paper will stay in place and hold the slaughter Quillin tool in one hand and start rolling it slowly like this. Wild rolling. Always make sure that the paper strippers align as he started. Slowly. Keep moving your left hand slowly. You have to do it really slowly to get a nice coil, so use your left hand and hold the paper strip like how I'm holding. You should not hold it really tight else. It will be very difficult for you to rule after. Just hold them in place and keep rolling. Always make sure that the people strips online so that you will get a smooth top. So face going have almost come towards the end. Being completely rolled on it, you can see it's all, well, a light. While removing, use your right thumb and gently push it upward so that the oil will come out of the studio Onda. Now we have to glue t the end of the paper stir. Just apply very tiny amount of blue. This much will do. Just press it and hold it for a few seconds for it to get stick. That's all. This is called tight coil. Here it is, and we're going to stick it and three different sheet. Just you the small. Drop off blue and stick it down to the reference sheet. That's all. Tight coil is done. Next one is going to be a noose coil. So whatever shape you're doing, you have to always inside the paper to the slip that is available at the top of the willing to make a small bed and start rolling it. Do it slowly so that you'll get a uniformed coil. Keep rolling it. I always hold the role coil in. Now your left hand. It's going completely using a jump and push it forward. Take it out. So this is the tight coil, so we're going to make it loose so far that you have toe. Just gently release them, and you can see them unbinding so you can release it as big as you want. So I'm going to make this big loose coil. So once you are happy, just hold it at the center and place tiny amount of glue to the end. Impressive. A bit on hold. It's a few seconds for it to get stick, that's all. This is how the loose coiled look so loose coin will be the base for all the different shapes, which we're going to see at the latest teach. Let's stick this into the reference sheet, applying little igloo and sticky. Don't press it down. Did you get stick the next one? This open coil. So this again insert the end of the paper, strip into the slower, make a bay and start rolling it open. Goal is nothing by the loose coil. With the ends open, we're not going to glue the end, so it's being lowered. Take it out and place it between your fingers and just let it loose so that you don ones. When you're happy with the sites. Hold it at the same time. We're not going to glue the end. We're just going to let it open. That's why it is called open coils. We can stick it into that Afrin sheet, apply some blue to the reference sheet and just place the open goi. Stick it, that's all. This is how it looks on. Next one is a teardrop shape. So as he said, we will start with the loose coils, so that will be the base. So the point very have stick. The end of the strip. Just hold the loose, Carla the center and just make a picture one corner off the loose. Quite just press it firmly so dark it retains its shape. And that's all your teardrop is now. Ready. Play some blue to stick it onto their friendship. The final shape that we're going to see in the spot is a code to your drop. It'll also resemble a leave shape. For this. Take a loose coil and hold it at the same time. I pinch it at one corner of big, loose coils. You will get a teardrop on, and you have to slightly bent the tip of the teardrop towards one direction so that you will get a codes to your drop like this so it resembles the leaves. Just press it formally so that it three times that shape apply some glue and stick it down to the breath in sheet. So in this part we have learned the five basic shapes that will be used in most of the quelling projects 6. Quilling Shapes 2: Hello. Welcome back. In this video, we will see the next five shades. The 1st 1 is the ship. I'm starting with the loose coils. Placed your loose coils between the two fingers of both off your hands and president formally at the opposite ends, and that's all you will get the nine shape. This is how it looks. Just make sure you pinch it at the exact opposite cornice. Apply a bit of blue route and now it's daily dose. Stick onto direction sheet. Next one is the crescent shape. Take a loose coils on. I'm going to use the willing to not be slaughtered and but the handle part. Just hold your loose coils in your left hand and, uh, place the handle. OPIC willing to like this Andi push it inboard on, bring the two corners of the coil together and press it really will. Now you could take off the building door, and you will be getting 1/9 crescent shape instead of willing to. You can also use a pen or a pencil, just a plight blue and stick it onto the death run sheet. Don't forget to stick. Oh, that she it's as and when you make it so that you can referent at the needle point on the next one. Is there in coil? Asked the name. Suggest it will look exactly like a real for this. We're going to use a slotted killing tool, but not the slaughtered in but the handle part off it. Year after quitting, strip around the handing off the quitting, too. I'll play some glue and, uh, wrap around the wings trip. Hold it for a few seconds so that it gets stick and does. Now it's stuck. Start rolling it until you reach the other end of the paper strip. It's not manage me that you have to use one lead. This willing tool. You can use anything that a cylindrical in shape, like a pain, nor sketch prints or even Pence's. The choice is yours. Just keep rolling until you reach the other end. Do it slowly based on the object that you're using. To wrap this up paper, strip the size of their in coil will bury so you can choose accordingly. Just keep rolling until you reach the end being rolled completely. You can easily take it out and hold it tightly and apply little amount of glue. Yes, you can see it looks like a re. Always make sure you apply very tiny amount off blue. That is very much important. To get a neat finish, just press it and the rink oil is done. Apply some glue and stick it onto the reference a sheet. The next oneness SME soca was enormous half circle. Take a loose coil and, um, hold it between the fingers of both your hands. Just press it. Two words. The dull on Make sure the top part is donor. Just paint it a deep two corners. That's all your half second beauty a place and blue on. Stick it down to the restaurant sheet. Final sheep in this part in says Square again, take a loose koryu on the first. We're going to make a I ship like place the coil between the fingers of both your hands and being Chaddy. Oh, post ends exactly opposite ends like this, you will get it. I'm sheep, render gated 90 degrees and do the same thing like pinch it at the exactly opposite ends. You have to press it really form so that though you will get a shark Arness and this quiet shape it's now been. Apply some glue and stick it onto them. The French eat so with this may have completed the next five willing sheets. 7. Quilling Shapes 3: Hello. Welcome back in this video, I'm going to show you the last five basic willing shades. The 1st 1 is going to be a diamond shape. Take a loose coil and place it between the fingers of both your hands and pinch it at the opposite corners to make up. I shape like this on drug Hated 90 degree on president again at the opposite cornice, but not to formally, but little gently so that you get a diamond shape like this. If you press it so hard, you will end up in a Squire just president. Away you get a diamond shape, apply little blue, then stick it onto the reference sheet so the next one is a triangle. Take a loose coil and president one off the cornice to get it to your drop. Who the pointed edge of the tear dropping one hand and flat on the rounded bottom on pincher T. Two points so that you get a base of the triangle. That's all your triangle shape. It's no done. Apply some blue and you can stick it onto the reference sheet next one Issa, but shape take a loose going and, uh, push it inward. Using your finger at one end of the coil on just pressed the other to cornice like this, and if you let it loose, he will get a beautiful but shape. It's so simple a plague, Lou, and stick it onto the reference sheets. Next one is an adult again. Start with the loose coil using your finger. Press the loose coils in vote. I'm bring to tips like this, and you have also need to Presti other rounded end to make it shot. That's all it's done. Apply glue and stick it on the bed. A clean sheet. The final shape is the hot shape. It's so simple for this you would need to use coils and convert each of the loose Carly, Do it to your drop chic just being checked one off the ends and you will get up to your drop ship. Make a teardrop shape out of the other Cordless ville on. We have to stick these together to get a hardship. So applying glue to or not decide to the teardrop Bring the other teardrop shape together. Just hold it formally so that it gets stuck. Just press it a bit like this and get stick that so heart shaped is now ready. Apply glue and stick it onto the reference ship. So that's it. With this, we have completed of 15 basic willing shapes, which we will be using in most of the quelling projects on. But that's all about the shades for now. Next session, maybe you want to some of the basic projects. 8. Project 1 Sun: Hello. Welcome back in this video. I'm going to show you how to make this simple on beautiful son shape. For this, I've taken three millimeter white and local paper streets for the center coil. I'm going to use two strips, so you have to glue them together. Apply some glue to the end off one of the quisling strips, Little bit of blue on. Bring the other end of the willing strip together and stick it So you will get that long grillings trip. So we're going to make a new soil first inside the quitting strip and start rolling on makeup tight going first. Take it out on duh. I'm going to use the template board to make a loose coil. I'm going to use the biggest size in this template board. Carefully place the tight coil inside that the size and, uh, just take it on little online by itself. And using a angle. Tweezers. Take it out and hold it in one off your hands and apply some glue to the end of the big for strip. Just ticket. Hold it for a few minutes. Did you get stick and the center part of the sun the snow ready? We're going to make the oh the But for this have taken one willing strip again. A local off same three m Avoid inserted into the slaughter. Quelling tool. Start rolling it into a tight coil. Take it out and use the template. Bored I'm going to make ah, the loose going off second smallest size. Use that Jesus. Take it out and glue the end of the quitting strip. Just ticket and I'm going to make a triangle Shape off this loose coils. So to make a triangle first convert it into direct your drop shape. Pinch hit one off the ends and flat and be round end of the teardrop like this and just president the two corners to get a triangle ship. So to make the sun, you would need seven triangle sheets. This suspend, you have to make use of the template bull to make a similar size off triangle. So before sticking, it just arranged the triangles around the loose coil on check. If it is old looking good. So it is always better toe arrange and see before sticking the sheets together. So this is already know. So all good toe glue them. Just take one of the triangle and apply a tiny amount of glue to one of the sites and stick it to the news Korean in the same way. Glue all the triangles to the loose coin. Whenever you are playing blue to any of the swelling products that you make all this make sure you don't use to much of blue because it not give you a need. Finished. Have you stay local er, For this project, however, you can use any color off your choice and any ripped off your choice. If you want the project to be little more picker, you can use even five them and white willing strip So the last few triangles to blue. And is this the last one and glue them? Let it to mind. Understood for a police. 10 minutes after that, it will be completely dried and it'll be ready to use. And that's all. Such a simple to make our son isn already I hope you enjoyed making this project. Maybe move Oneto. Another beautiful project in the next session 9. Project 2 Butterfly: Hello. Welcome back in this video. I'm going to show you how to make a beautiful butterfly bookmark for this. I'm going to use the orange color five. Mm. Feeling strip I've glued to strips together, and I'm going to make a loose coils for that. Insert the quelling strip and start rolling it. Take it out on bond. Use the template board on, and I'm going to place it in the second biggest size. And for the next one, I'm just going to rule one strip off for same sites and same color. Just roll it and place it on the size three. So take it out and, uh, glue the end. Close it and pinch it at one corner to convert it into get teardrop. Take the small coil. Onda blew the end. Pinch it at one off the corner to make a teardrop. So I've made one big and one small teardrop, so we have to make a similar size off One more big and small to your drop using a template board. Now, let's arrange it. So I'm going to stick one big teardrop. It one small one like this. Apply some glue to one of the sides of the teardrop and stick it to the small one in the same way stick the other Paris will. This much of blue will do. Just stick it onto the small teardrop. It looked like this. Next I'm going to take a black color quelling strip again. Five women quitting strip and start rolling it tight and place it on the template. Both sides three. So take the loose coil out, then glued the end. Just press it flat all over All through right from the top to the bottom on You will get this shape like this Place it at the center, stick together So apply some glue to one part of this shape Basic at the center. Take the other half and apply the blue stick It just don't let it are remind Understood for a few minutes and then it will get stuck. Take a small piece off black Alec, willing strip and just fold it into half and stick it like this. At the top of the center, I play some glue to be folded part and stick it at the top at the same time. That's all Hello it to dry completely. I have taken a car, stuck and punched a hole at the top and tied it up with a thin satin ribbon. And this is going to be the base for the bookmark. On top of this, I'm going to stick the butterfly that we have made again. The choice off color off this butterfly is completely yours can just choose the colors off your preference. Just apply glue all around and stick it at an angle on top of this book back like this. Press it so that it gets stuck a lower to dry completely. That's all. Such a beautiful and bright but a fly bookmark. It's not really I hope you enjoyed making your wound by the fly bookmark, and in the next session we will No Oneto, another interesting project. 10. Project 3 Greeting Card: Hello. Welcome back in this video. I'm going to show you how to make your wound. Flower shape. Greeting card. Let's get started. I'll show you how to make a flower 1st 1st I've taken a light purple five. Mm White quill Inkster I've inserted into these Nordic willing to and start rolling to make a tight going Take it out and you need to use a template boat because we are going to make a flavour So all the president's needs to be off similar sites I'm using. Ah, size too. Just make a loose coil, take it out and apply glue. Stick the end and I'm going to convert this loose coil into a teardrop. Just president. One of the corners and your teardrop will be ready. You would meet 60 year drops to make one flower off same size. That is more important. So we have to stick all this teardrops together to make a flower, So apply some glue to be pointed. Site of the teardrop just little bit and glue the other teardrop in a play glue to one side of the teardrop. Stick it together. So this is half of the flavor, and you have to stick. Three more to complete. The flower shape could be the same. Practice Onda glue at one off the end of the teardrop, Andi starts ticking. So the last Beckton supporters, you have to apply glue to both the sides of the teardrop, his place it and hold it for few seconds so that it get it out completely stuck dry them for a least 10 minutes. Just hold it like this and it will be stuck. But next we'll see how to make a leap for this article. Fire. Mm. Boyd, leave green shake, willing strip inserted into the to land a role it to make a tight coil. First take it out on day. I'm going to make it as a loose coil by placing it in the template board off size, too. Take it out and glue the end of the strip and they have to convert it into a curved teardrop. So for this pinch, one off the end to make a teardrop first and then to make it go, you can use the pointed edge of the cooling tool and just bendy tip off the teardrop in one direction so you will get a Coke to your drop, which will look like a leaf. You would need six leads off similar size. To make this greeting card, I have made two more flowers in the light of shade of purple, off same size, and I've also cut the green color paper strip into a seven centimeters long, and I've taken a card stuck, but white got stuck. You can use any color off your preference on Take the cut grilling, strip the green ones and just position it. And in a way that it is like a two centimeter lower to the previous strip like this in a step fashion. So we're going to stick up each of the squealing strip one after the other, a play very little glue on. Just to get in the position like this on the next quelling strip must be to center me just below the previous one, just below the previous one on the 3rd 1 is going to be a little below that 2nd 1 So the stem part of the flavors are now really next. We're going to stick the flowers, so I'm going to start with the very light purple flower. Just apply some glue to the center of the flower and stick it on. Drop off the wrinkle acquitting strip. Press it, and the next one is slightly darker shade of purple again. A place some blue at the center of the flower. Stick it out top of the second green click willing strip. Just press it for a couple of seconds, and again I'm going to use the lighter shade off populace lover. Just glue it on top of the third green, garlic willing strip. Next is so the leaves, so I'm going to use to lives. For each of the flowers, I play a little bit of blue around the corners of the village on place one on each side stem. Always make sure you don't apply too much of blue on Ben. Sticking the needs for the second flower. Make sure you stick it slightly below dander. First, lower leaves like this and for the third clever, have to slightly lower the position and then stick it. That's all. All the shapes are now glued to the car to make it more beautiful and going toe stick a flat back ball to center off each of the flower. It make about the car. Look even more beautiful, Mitzel, and you can dry to your wound. Wishes on top or on the border. I'm using a little pain, and I'm going to write a happy birthday green tea. - And that's all. Such a beautiful and simple to make breaking card is number early. You can surprise you allowed ones by making this handmade greeting cards and customized based on your requirement, and I hope you enjoy making this project. 11. Project 4 Mandala : Hello. Welcome back in this video. I'm going to show you how to make a beautiful mandala just with paper strips. And this is going to be the final project in the scores, and it's one of the most beautiful projects to meet. I'm sure you will like it for this. I'm going to use a shade of big color quelling strip five mm wide, ranging from light to dark shades of pink. Let's get started to make the center of the mandala. I have blue three pink alike willing states and roll it into a tight coil, and now we'll start building the mandala for this next time taken one Pinkola willing strip , and I'm going to roll it again into a tight coil, take it out and blew the end of the strip. Just you have to make many tight coils just to stick around the center coil, just a range and see how many tight coils he would need. So you would need around nine tight coils west. Arrange it ended. You can stick them all around the center court. Just apply glue to one side of the coil. I'm sticking to be Santa coy in the same way have to blue all the tight coils around the center coil. Even in this case, you can use tweezers, which will make the positioning easier. Two more to go on the final tight coil. So this complete strong too on the next round is going to be a strangled again. I'm going to use a light shade of pink colored paper strips. Just start rolling it into a tight coil. Take it out and you have to make a loose soil by placing it in the size to 40. Template boat, Take it out OD end of district. Just press it and convert into a teardrop first and then converted DEA triangle so you would need nine triangles, so same size and same color. This is going to be the round three. Just apply glue to one of the sides of the triangle and stick it on top of the I ain't going the same base, tickle the triangles and out. The most important thing to remember while making gondola is like you have to make the shapes off exactly similar sizes. One leader in the finished Mandala project will look nice and to get this identical sizes you need to make use of the template board one leader, you will be able to achieve this. So just blue triangles around the right going and the last triangle. So with this round three is getting completed. Next, we will move on to around four. For this have made are similar size off triangles, but using a dark of being color paper strips. So I'm going to stick the triangles like this again. You would need nine strangler's. Just apply glue to two corners of the triangle. Just take it like this in between the two triangles in the same way you have to stick all the dark pink triangles around this. The choice of colors is completely yours, and you can just make multicolored or even single colored or human double color. It's all your choice. So the last triangle and drum forests done. And for the Round five I've used modern color strip on, made a new soil and have converted into a teardrop. You would need 18 teardrops of similar size is, and just apply glue to one of the sites of the teardrop. Just take it like this. In this, you have to apply glue to both the sides of the teardrop and just stick it close to D previous to your drop in the same way. Have to blue the teardrops all around. - No , it's completely finished your own fibers dead. And the next round I'm just going to use a light shade of pink alike willing strip. I'm just going to wrap around, apply some glue and stick it one part of the tear drop and a place, um, blue at random places and just roll the being colored paper strip around, Just bring it together, drop it around and blew the end. The round six is dead on drowned. Seven is going to be the final around for this. I have used to dark being color shade of quitting strip and made a loose coil of size too. First converted due to your drop on, hold the point of the teardrop on one hand and just push forward the other rounded bottom like this and you will end up in this shape. To complete this round, you would need 24 of similar size is and apply some glue to the bottom part of this shape and stick it around the circle stick each of this as close as possible to the previous one in the same big toe. Stick them all around the circle to complete the loan, so it's almost toe Hoffman. A few more to go, said the last one to complete the round. That's all the mandala. It's no done alone to rest for a least 10 to 15 minutes so that it gets dried completely after a few minutes of rest. It's been completely dried under. Our beautiful mandala is not ready. I hope you enjoyed making this project with me and watch the video in the next session to know how to frame this Mandela and converted into your beautiful home the card. 12. Framing: Hello. Welcome back In this video, I will show you how to frame the mandala into a book spray. First, make sure the mandala that you made is completely dried and measure and cut the card stock according to the size of the box frame that you're going to use. And take the Mandela and apply some glue at random places at the same tour in at some places around the mandala you don't need to much of blue just a little bit here, and they will do. Once you are done applying the glue, carefully stick it to the center of the card stock. Just press it firmly and allow it to dry for a few minutes, and then you can move on to the flaming part on the choice of the card. Stock is completely yours, and you can choose. Waterworld are color you want to, and this is the box. Pray. Plus, you have to remove the backside off it. And once this is completely dried, just place it like this, and then on top of it, you can please this God boot, secure it with this things, and that's all. A beautiful handmade vandalize now securely placed inside a box frame and it looks even more attractive now. It will be a perfect world occur and it looks so nice when you decorate it in your home and even you can give it us a gift to someone whom you prefer to. I hope you enjoyed watching this video on with This are willing Project course is coming to an end. 13. Thanks : Hello. Thank you very much for joining me in this course. I hope you have learned the beautiful out of quelling on God inspirations to make your wound quilt the course and gets. And before I conclude, I would also like to remind you that all the techniques that are used in the schools are easy to master with practice. So keep practicing and be patient. And keep trying again and again until you feel you're completely comfortable making up. You're one building projects keep trying on. You will soon be able to make your one quilt masterpieces and happy grilling. Thank you.