Beginners Learn Fast & Easy by Doing | DaVinci Resolve 16 (Free) | Create 1st Video in 25 Mins | Chil Tanada | Skillshare

Beginners Learn Fast & Easy by Doing | DaVinci Resolve 16 (Free) | Create 1st Video in 25 Mins

Chil Tanada,

Beginners Learn Fast & Easy by Doing | DaVinci Resolve 16 (Free) | Create 1st Video in 25 Mins

Chil Tanada,

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5 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Introduction and Download DaVinci Resolve

    • 2. The Different Pages/Tabs

    • 3. The Edit Page/Tab and Importing the Video Source Files

    • 4. Main Editing Workflow

    • 5. Deliver Page/Tab and Exporting the Video

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About This Class

Learn the Easiest and Fastest way to create your first video with the World's best, free, intuitive, yet advanced Video Editor - DaVinci Resolve 16.

Why spend hundreds of dollars a year to do Beginner to Professional Video Editing, when you can do it for free with DaVinci Resolve.

For those who are interested in DaVinci Resolve and haven't created their first video yet, I suggest you just GO AND DO IT! So you have your first experience doing actual creation. That to me is the best way to learn.

I designed this tutorial to make it as straightforward and simple for those with no experience, to confidently take their first steps into the exciting world of Film & Video Production.

All you have to do is download the program, my files I used to create the sample video, and follow this 25 minute step-by-step tutorial, and Viola! You will have created your first video and hopefully there will be no stopping you from making valuable, interesting, fabulous videos in the near future.

Be a Creator! Start Creating, It's Fun and Rewarding!

This course will cover all the elements you need to create your first video, including:

  • Adjust audio volume
  • Multiple video Audio Tracks
  • Adjust photo duration for the slideshow effect
  • Adding video and audio tracks, working with multiple tracks
  • Mute audio tracks
  • Scroll on mouse to navigate tracks
  • Fade in and fade out for both video and audio clips
  • Use curves to smoothen fade in and fade out
  • Add title text, change font, add stroke for more visible text
  • Add video transitions - Cross Dissolve
  • Edit with blade, split clip
  • Deliver, render, produce video
  • Format mp4 not quicktime
  • Add to render queue, start render

Course Goals:

  • You will not be intimidated by advanced video editors like DaVinci Resolve 16, in fact you will quickly learn to love what it can do for you.
  • In less than the time to watch a movie, you will have created your own mini movie.
  • You will learn the basics of video editing in DaVinci Resolve's Edit timeline page.
  • You will learn how to combine multiple video files, photos, audio files into one edited video file.
  • You will learn how to use transitions to smoothly go from one scene to another.
  • You will learn how to add titles and text to videos.
  • You will learn how to export your video to the proper format.
  • You will be able to unleash your Creative Passions and produce your own unique videos.

Go forth and set the world on fire with your ideas!

All the Best to You!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Chil Tanada



My Mission is to help People turn their Passions into Success by helping them build and grow their Online Business.

I make tutorials so people can learn to use the latest and best tools to create their own Websites, Graphics and Videos, do Online/Email/Content/Affiliate Marketing, utilize Social Media to grow traffic, build Online Courses and Membership Sites, and more.

In other words I'm trying to make "DO WHAT YOU LOVE" possible for you.

I believe that everybody deserves a chance to channel their Passions and release the Creativity inside of them, share it with the world with today's awesome technologies and thereby, live a more Fulfilling Life.

Visit my website at find out more.

ALL THE BEST TO YOU!!! See full profile

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1. Introduction and Download DaVinci Resolve: Hi. I'm chill from sharing your passion dot com. My mission is to help you transform your passions into success. Hi. In this video, I want to show you how easy it is, even for beginners to make edit and produce your first video using The Vinci Resolve. And she resolve is simply the best free video editor around. It even competes with the expensive adobe products like Adobe Premiere or Final Cut, which cost a couple $100 a year. DaVinci Resolve 16. The latest version is free. There is a paid version, but you might not need it. The free version is really powerful. So the first step we need to do is go download DaVinci Resolve and all you have to do is type Pinto Vinci Resolve download. This is the link Black Magic Design. There the company behind Davinci Resolve. Click the link. You can go through all the description of how great this video editor is, but it might take a while, but anyway, if you don't have the time, just go straight down to the very end of the page. So there it is. The ventures. All 16 is free, but the Vinci results Studio 16 is $299 this includes more advanced features. For the most part, I've been able to produce even advanced videos using the free version at some point in the future, maybe I'll be needing some of these advanced features, especially if I work in a team. But right now, the free version is really, really, really good. So just click this download now. Button. It's, ah, pretty big. The file sizes pretty big. Just install it. It's pretty straightforward, and I'll see you inside the Vinci result once you've installed it. 2. The Different Pages/Tabs: Okay, so this is what it looks like inside the venture, years old 16. And it has a few tabs here, but we're really concerned with edit and deliver. But let's just take a quick look into the tabs. Here's the media tab. This is normally what you used to bring in your files. This is the cut tab. If you're doing a lot of edits and you're cutting a lot of footage, this is where you might want to do it. This is the Edit tab. This is where I do everything. Actually, you can bring in media, and you can also do your cutting and editing. Here. This is the fusion tab. This is a little bit more advanced. We can get into that later on. In other tutorials, it's about creating effects. Here is the color tab. The venture result was always known to be really good at caller grading or changing the colors into cinematic almost movie grade quality. But in recent years, DaVinci Resolve has gotten better into the editing site and bringing it up to the competition and competing with adobes, Premier and Final Cut and Fillmore and all those other ones. This tab is fair light. This is where you can control your your audio and deliver Once you're done with your editing. This is where you go to export your actual video, and it will assemble all your edits into one nice file, and I use MP four. 3. The Edit Page/Tab and Importing the Video Source Files: or Okay. So let's go back to edit. Okay? We're back in the edit page, and so we need some files to make our video. Last year we went on a nice Caribbean cruise. I took some footage, and I can share it with you. You can check the description section. Baloo and I will link to these files on my website. That way, once you have these files, you can make the exact same edits I'm doing so you can get that necessary practice. Okay, so now I'm gonna grab my files. These are my files. I have one audio of my recording, my recorded voice, three images, pictures and three video clips. So let's just select these and simply drag it and drop into this section here. Your media pool section. Okay, Now it's inside the Vinci resolve. Don't worry about all these things. These panels. Um I know it can be a little intimidating at first. When I first saw this software, I thought, Oh, my gosh, this is so complicated. But eventually within, like a Knauer or two hours of practicing with it, it all becomes second nature. And you know why this panels here this panel is here. This palace here in that panel there. And later on, you'll see that this panel activate. So don't be intimidated by the complexity of the user interface. After a while, you really get used to it. Okay, so my main file here is this video file because this contains the background music I want to use throughout this little video we're going to create. So what we're going to do is create a video that has various elements three videos, a voiceover and also three images. We're going to assemble that and create one video file about this little island we visited . 4. Main Editing Workflow: did to get started. I'm going to bring down the main file, the main videophile, Because this is the file that has the music I want. These guys were playing a really nice Caribbean feel steel drum music when we arrived at the port case. So let me just play this for you, Okay? So one thing about this clip, I think the ah recording of the audio is a little too loud, so I'm going to bring it down a bit. Here, you can see the Vinci results separated it. This is the image of the video, and this is the audio. And with this particular clip, I felt that their recording is a little too high. So I'm going to reduce the volume of this video. And it's really simple here. I just click down here until my mouse pointer turns into this up and down arrow. Then I can dragged down the volume. I can just adjust the volume higher or lower, but in this case, I'm gonna just a little lower. Maybe something around there. Let's play it again. Let's try with that level. Okay, so this area is our timeline and these are our tracks and because we dropped one video file here we have two sections here the video part, the image part and audio part. We can add multiple tracks. So if we have other items like pictures or other videos, we can drop them here also. And the higher you are on this video track is what's going to show up on the on the screen . You can have multiple tracks here. Multiple layers and whatever is higher than the other one is the one that takes precedence , the one that will show up on the screen. So let me just show you an example. That's dragon image over here, Kate says. This is just an image. It doesn't have a audio part to it. That's why it didn't create on Audio section. This is our play head and wherever you are in the timeline, and that's what's gonna be showing. So because this video track is higher than this video track, this one will show. That's why this picture is showing that when we get over here, that image ended, and now it's showing the next lower level of Ah video track, which is our original one in video one. Okay, So that's how that works, Kate. Let's just go from here to here. Play that. So it quickly went from showing this image and then now showing the the guys playing the drums. Okay, so we can make adjustments to these photos when you bring in an image, it comes in with the duration of whatever is in your preferences right now. My preference C five seconds. So you can see here. This is the timer. So when it hits four seconds and 29 frames because I'm using 29 frames per second So each second has 29 frames. And when I got to the and when I got to the end of this file, it's four seconds and this is 29 frames. So So that's pretty much five seconds right there. So whenever I pulled in an image down here, it's going to play for five seconds. But we can adjust that we can grab the end here until it turns into this this icon and we can make it shorter down to four seconds. You could see it says four. Or you can expand it longer. Make make this image show for eight seconds. Nine seconds. Okay, So the next thing I want to do is add a second video clip here, and I'm going to add it onto 1/3 layer. 1/3 track. So we have video, one video to So just right. Click over here. Add track. And now we have video three. Okay, so I added a video three layer. This is where I want to put my second video clip. But I don't have an audio three down here. So what I'll do is right click here, add track stereo. So now I have two audio tracks, but I need 1/3 1 right click. Add track stereo. Okay. So now I have three audio tracks down here. Now I'm ready to drag down the second video clip, which is the video of the port. I'll grab here video three and position it somewhere. Here, I'll shorten it up. I don't want to take too much time, okay? And you can see down here in the audio. The audio three. This is the audio of that clip, and it's just wind noise. I don't want that wind noise in my video, so I'm going to hit em here to mutes it. So now it has no with noise. It's only playing the steel drums music. Okay, so now we have two videos And let me show you how it transitions from showing the drummers play. It's now it shows the port and it goes back to the drummer's. So OK, not have my main video with the music. I have a picture or photo to start the video. Have my second video over here, By the way, I'm using the scroll but 10 on the mouse to go navigate through these tracks here. When I'm in the video track, I go up and down with the mouse wheel. It goes up and down. And when I'm in the audio section, if I go up and down with the scrolling button on the malice, it also goes up and down. That's how I'm able to do that. Okay, so we have our main video with music initial photo in a second video. Okay. And the next element I'm going to add to this video is, um, my third video clip, which is a clip of the beach. Let's drug that to the same video. Three track and position it. But there and shorten it up a little bit. And you'll look like this if we start it right back here, play. Okay, So clip of the beach, and then let's add some work pictures down here. Okay? So we have two more unused pictures, so let me drugs this to the video to this is where I have my pictures on the on track to video track two. And the last image I haven't used is this one. I'll bring that to the very end. Let me zoom out so you can see all these elements. I'm going to click this minus sign here. Okay, So now we have the main video with music, and we have the first image into image two videos over here and two more images over here. And as you notice because this video, these two videos air on video track three, that means they're audios on audio track three. And since I've muted that, we won't hear the ah, the wind or wave noises over here. Next, I'm going to drag my audio where I say, welcome to this island, and I'm going to drag it to the very beginning in the audio to position which is right below audio one. Remember, in the video section, whatever is higher up in the track level, track layers is going to take precedence and will show over the ones below it. But on the bottom, on the audio section, if all of these are activated, the audio will be heard. So watch this. I'll start this video now. Welcome. So you could hear the music and you could hear my voice running at the same time. So it operates a little bit different from the top or the videos of images are so what I want to do is lower the music so you can hear me do the intro. One easy way to lower the audio of the music is to go to this upper left corner. See that white thing? You can just drag that. This is like a fader and it's going to fade. The music in it will be low here, and the volume will start increasing of the music until it reaches the full full level here . So let's try that again. Welcome to the beautiful island of ST Kids in Okay, The music came in a little too early, so let's drag that over instead of a leaner increase of the volume of the music. I can do it on a curve, which is better in this situation. So it's going to come in lower and an increase on a curve like that. Okay, let's try that again. Back to the start. Play. Welcome to the beautiful island of ST Kitts in the Caribbean. Okay, so that's pretty good. OK, we can add a title on the video. Three. Track. That title means, you know, text. Let's go to the beginning. Click here and over here it says titles. See that? There's other things here. Effects, generators, transitions. Here is titles. Let's add a title. Highlight that titles and over here text drags this text over here. So now we have a text area here and now look over here in the under The inspector it says, Ah, rich text, and this is where we can add our title. And in this case, let's just say Saint Kitts Island. Let's change the font to open sons extra bold. You can see that it's kind of hard to read because the white font is mixing in with some of the white buildings over here. So what we can do is scroll down here and we can add a stroke to our font. It's black sizes zero. So let's just drag this. Okay? So now you can read that because it's added a black border. That's fine. And let's play this welcome to the beautiful island of ST Kitts in the Caribbean. Okay, didn't like how the fund just quickly disappeared here. That's at another transition, and another easy way to do it is just using that upper right corner drag to the left and you'll see the font fadeout Welcome to the beautiful island of ST Kitts in the Caribbean. Okay, so how that faded out. So that's that's good. Another thing is transitions over here video transitions and one of the most popular owns here that I use is cross dissolve. Okay, so let's look at this without a transition. How it goes from from this image to this image with no transition will go from the drummers to the port with no transition. It just jumps in move. See that it was just a hard cut in and let's go back. Let's add a cross dissolve. It's just drag this over here in this corner. The front corner. Now, let's take a look at it. Okay? You saw how it dissolved into the picture. That's just one of the video transitions. Okay, let's just take a look at our ending here, please. Okay, so what I'll do is put a fade on the very end like that. And I also have to fade. The drummer's okay, and I'll put ah, another dissolve over here to start that last photo. Let's look at it now. My only problem with that was that I could see the drummers still show up as the photo was dissolving. So what I'm going to do is cut. I'm going to cut the last part of that image. So highlight the video clip, the drummer's, and then I'm going to put my timeline here. I'm going to press control, be to cut it with the blade. So now you can see that there's a cut here and I need to separate the music and the image. So then you right click this section. See this link clips? I'm going to click that. And now this image and the the music can be separated. Let me click away first. Now I can highlight the image of that video, and I do a control X to remove that. So now this section of the drummers will not show at the end. So let's try to play that again. Okay, see it? It nicely faded out with just the graphic with the island things. So I think I'm good with this. It's just, you know, it's just a test run to quickly create a video with some clips. Here you can see how things can get quite complicated after a while, but it's not that hard, right? There's three video tracks, and it's a mixture of images and videos and the title. And down here we have the main music, which I faded in, faded out and my voice over and down. Here are the muted audio of the those extra video clips 5. Deliver Page/Tab and Exporting the Video: Now I'm pretty happy with this, So I'm ready to export this. I'm ready to produce this. So before you do anything else, just save your your changes because you don't want to spend too much time. You haven't saved anything, and for some reason, your computer crashes. So it's smart. Keep saving your work. Just say Save project. OK, now I'm ready for export or to deliver. Let's go to the deliver tab. So here's a deliver tab, the different formats you can select. Since I do a lot of YouTube, I'll click YouTube 10 80. That's full definition. I'll give it a file name. I'll say ST Kitts location. I'll bring it to my Da Vinci resolution is 1920 by 10 80. That's good. And the format I like MP for. It's a little bit more compact, smaller file sizes compared to quick time and then click this button. Add to render queue. This appears and you're ready to go. So just click this start render. Here we go and it's rendering. It's It's assembling all the changes you made with all those files and putting it all together. It's producing it, so we'll take about a minute. OK, it's done rendering. It's finished. Okay, so let's open up the file and view the video we just created. Welcome to the beautiful island of ST Kitts in the Caribbean, - so that turned out pretty well. I mean, it could be better. It could have more transitions and and maybe other elements added. But for a first video, that's pretty good, right? And just to think that the venture resolve this free, it has all the features, the power to create that kind of, ah, video. Although it was kind of simple, you could even go a lot more complex and a lot more cinematic few wanted. It's just incredible how great a software this DaVinci resolve 16 is with these tools and the tutorials. It's really not that hard to create these videos, and I just want people to understand that they can be very creative. They can take the ideas they have in their mind. The photos they have, the videos, they have, the music they create, put it all together, and they can make wonderful, amazing videos that other people will will love and appreciate and will want to watch her, even if it's tutorials or entertainment or are just vlogging. I just really want people to understand that they they have the power to create. It's really exciting for me to create things. And I think people will love creating things, especially to create things that with their point of view and really interpret the things they see and and and mold into a video that is really captivating for people like them. I just want to help people take their creativity and make it really make a video that other people will enjoy that other people can learn from. So we created a pretty basic video of, of combining several video clips and several photos and on audio clip. But The Vinci Resolve is really powerful. There's a lot of other features you can do. There's green screen, there's other techniques of video making. There's other effects you can do. So this is just scratching the surface of what you can do with DaVinci resolve. Thank you for taking this course. I really hope you found it useful. I'm chill, and my goal is to help you transform your passions into an online business. I make tutorials on creating websites, graphics, videos, online courses, membership sites, email and sales, marketing, social media and more. I know it sounds like a lot it is. But the more you know, the more skills you gain. The more tools you master, the better your chances for success. But basically you provide the passion and I provide assistance. And together, let's get your dreams realized. Thank you.