Beginner's Guide to TickTick: To-Do List Manager | Francesco D'Alessio | Skillshare

Beginner's Guide to TickTick: To-Do List Manager

Francesco D'Alessio, Host of Keep Productive

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6 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Trailer: TickTick Beginner's Guide

    • 2. Creating your Account & Pricing

    • 3. New Tasks & Managing Your Inbox

    • 4. Organizing your Lists & Tags

    • 5. Sharing Lists & Assigning Tasks to Others

    • 6. Customizing Your Settings & Sidebar


About This Class

TickTick is one of the most popular to-do list applications for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and Web. 

It's a fast-growing tool and many people enjoy the simplicity and nature of using it to manage tasks, plan the week ahead and organizing projects with others. TickTick is a great all-round to-do list app for work and life. 

In this Skillshare class, we cover the following topics: 

  • Creating a fresh TickTick account 
  • Managing your Inbox and Today list 
  • Planning out Projects and your Next 7 Days 
  • Sharing Lists with Colleagues 
  • Customising your TickTick layout 

This is one course requested by the community as a popular task manager that fits most needs. 

You can sign-up to TickTick using this link here and subscribe to us on YouTube here