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Beginner's Guide to TickTick: To-Do List Manager

teacher avatar Francesco D'Alessio, Host of Keep Productive

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Trailer: TickTick Beginner's Guide

    • 2. Creating your Account & Pricing

    • 3. New Tasks & Managing Your Inbox

    • 4. Organizing your Lists & Tags

    • 5. Sharing Lists & Assigning Tasks to Others

    • 6. Customizing Your Settings & Sidebar

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About This Class

TickTick is one of the most popular to-do list applications for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and Web. 

It's a fast-growing tool and many people enjoy the simplicity and nature of using it to manage tasks, plan the week ahead and organizing projects with others. TickTick is a great all-round to-do list app for work and life. 

In this Skillshare class, we cover the following topics: 

  • Creating a fresh TickTick account¬†
  • Managing your Inbox and Today list¬†
  • Planning out Projects and your Next 7 Days¬†
  • Sharing Lists with Colleagues¬†
  • Customising your TickTick layout¬†

This is one course requested by the community as a popular task manager that fits most needs. 

You can sign-up to TickTick using this link here and subscribe to us on YouTube here: 

Meet Your Teacher

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Francesco D'Alessio

Host of Keep Productive


My name is Francesco, I'm the host of Keep Productive on YouTube

This is our Skillshare channel covering productivity tools, hacks, and advice. 

Our most popular classes include: 

Finding your perfect to-do list application Get started with Notion  How to become a successful student 

We can't wait for you to join our classes and lessons. 

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1. Trailer: TickTick Beginner's Guide: Hello, everyone, and welcome to the skill share class all about Tick tick before we dive in, let's give you an outline of what you'll be learning in this class. So we'll be talking about the free to do list application Tick Tick, which is currently available on Mac, IOS, Android and Windows. It's also available Food, Web, and the application is a great to do this application. For those who were looking for a way to organize all of their tasks, we're gonna dive into everything from creating your account or the way to mastering some of the premium features on everything in between. You'll learn how to manage the inbox function inside of tick tick on many more of the features that make it such a special to do list application. No, of course. Hopefully, this course will give you an idea of whether this application is suitable for you. You can also take our skill shed class, picking the best to do list application if you want to start from that point. So I'm really excited to have your role in this class. If you like to as well, you could join us over on YouTube. Keep productive to join regular weekly tutorials and webinars all amount productivity software so guys can't wait to dive interdicted with you, so let's jump in. 2. Creating your Account & Pricing: so Hey, guys, we are here with tick tick and you can go and find tick tick, tick tick dot com. Now what we're gonna be doing is demoing how to create an account on the Web version. Now we will move to the Mac version, but do remember, most of these applications are pretty similar, and you'll find most of the features in all of the experiences. There are a few discrepancies, but naturally will note these near the end of the video. So this is tick tick dot com. To create an account or you have to do is go up to the top right hand corner now before we dive in. The availability of the platform, as I mentioned, is Windows. There is Windows Edition. You get a 15 day free trial, but access it fully. You need to be on premium, and also you have the Mac version, which will be demonstrating from Isabella's IOS, Android and Web. So you pretty much bunch got on most devices Now. One thing being sent said there is a chrome extension, but it almost works as a mini window to tick tick. Andi, I don't necessarily think it's an effective application. But you can also download it on Firefox as well. So you do get those extensions which gives the ability to access through chrome and Firefox . Now, other things to know is you can import as well free journalist to do it on only focus. So here is the accounts down a page. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna create a brand new account under my name. I'm gonna put an email address in going to go with the key Productive one. Okay, so once you've added your password, you can create an account. I'll be crediting account from my email today. But you can also sign in with Google that says Google Plus there. But it's natural. Your Google account, Facebook and Twitter. So you do have those other platforms to to press create. You are literally logged into your new account. You've essentially gonna have a bit of tutorial. In this case. We're going to skip the tutorial because naturally this is gonna be a full demonstration of it. Now, of course, we are in the free account woman get started with. So if you got the top left hand corner here, you can go to settings and make sure all that your preferences are sorted straight away. Now the things that are recommends to start doing is making sure your time formats right. The start of your week is okay, cause normally, they said, it's a Sunday, which is typical for a lot of people. Onda Also, you can actually have when you have your daily alert on. You also got the option to have Web reminders on on that will no Jew or new Web devices. You have smart date passing, which we'll talk about later on a few more settings like that. You can also change the language up here, so I guess it is very important to just check the preferences and details like that. Now, when you're getting stunning your account, you can also change your profile. You go and change the past word. You'll have to verify your email, so make sure you go into email and make sure to access that you can upload a new profile photo as well. Let's see relevant information as you go. For example, how many tasks you completed Andi lists you've created now before we dive into in the next section, which were actually to be talking about the inbox and creating your first task. It's important to understand what you actually get in the free account, so let's go through a little bit of an overview. So naturally, this sort of proposition would change where that surprising and off course what's included . But this page tick tick slash about slash upgrade will give you information about premium. Now I'm going to scroll down to this area because it outlines what you actually get in the free account on what your limits are and in the free account. Your limits are that you can create nine lists and inside of those nine. Lest you can create up to 99 tasks on per task, you can create 19 sub tasks. You also have the ability to invite one member per list. Onda also remind the count of two per task. So, for example, if you wanted to set a reminder SMS in, it's a reminder for your Web than you can do so there. You also have an upload attachment count of one per day. So if you're looking to upload more than two documents or files to a specific task or project, then you're gonna have to upgrade. But those are the limitations that you have in free in the next future. We're going to talk about the inbox and creating your first task, because that's one of the next steps that I'd like to dive into, so let's jump into that. 3. New Tasks & Managing Your Inbox: Okay, so here we are with tick tick for Mac. And the reason I want to demonstrate this is because each of these applications looks slightly different, but the experience naturally, is very similar. So this is the Mac application. You can download all the applications from tick tick dot com, and they also recommend it on email to. So I'm gonna show you today about how to use the in box so you can see over here this is how to access the inbox. You have it pins, this left hand panel. And the great thing is, you can see also today and next seven days, which is available in the free account now toe and a new task to your inbox. You simply begin by adding a task. So, for example, let's say I need to clean the kitchen. I pressed. Enter on. That task becomes added to this area now. Obviously, creating a task is very important, and the great thing is, you have the ability to admiral context to it. So over on this right hand side, you can do anything from and a description. So over on this right hand side, you can see more details about the task. You can complete the task from here. You can also add a Judah, for example, if you want to add a due date off this week, for example, on Sunday, because that might be a relevant time. You click OK and it automatically gives a Jew date that now up here, you can also give it what's called a priority level. We'll talk more about this later on. When it comes to prioritizing some projects, which is good, it's an effective way to bend to coordinate what? So it's important thing. For example, I'm going to give this one a low priority, and you can see that the icon here, the color off the box, has actually changed to a light blue, which is indication of low priority. You also have the ability on a description here and also change it to this view off sub tasks in which you can and as mentioned, up to 19 per task. So, for example, if I wanted to break this down into more details, I could and I could also move the position if I had multiple off them. Now the great thing is, well is down here you have the ability to move it to any of the other lists we've grated. In this example, we actually haven't created any lists. You also have the ability down here on a comment, which is useful for when you're using a list with other people. Now I can delete this task from here on down in the bottom right hand corner, I can add tanks, which is a premium feature. I can upload an attachment which, while limited to one per day and premium features well, is the task activities allowing you to see more detail. But you can also duplicate the task to sew up. Here, too, is if I'm setting a due date. I can also set the reminder to a day early, two days early or whatever you like. Now the great thing is you can set up to two reminders per task, which is a very useful thing Now. If I wanted to set a time to this, for example, Sunday it's a 2 p.m. I could do that quite easily, clicking okay to define it now, of course, that's pretty much how you add a new task, adding the relevant context points and it's quite important to know there. Once you get used to this, you will save a huge amount of time. So the great thing is well is you can also add a little bit more detail on each task. So, for example, if you want to add the completion rate off each tacit example, let's say have completed 20% off the kitchen to date. Then that's great. You can indicate it up here. And this is used for for if you want to break down how far you've gone in a project. Now you can see a little indication like a pie chart of how far you've completed the project to, as well as an indication I've got a reminder here. Now, I'm gonna add a few more tasks and sim box, just give you a demonstration of what it's like to add a few more tasks at speed. Okay, so you can see that I did a range different things. For example, as you can see, added a task with no date when you give it no date. It goes into this area off your inbox called. No date. When you and a date it either goes into two different areas today. Tomorrow, Andi, even into this tertiary era called Next seven Days. So, for example, once I added organized study video, it went on to Sunday. You can also see here that it automatically detected the text available inside off the task a title and also put it as tomorrow at 2 p.m. Now I can get rid of this text and it won't actually affect the status of the task. So when you adding a task, it is called smart date passing when you, for example, and a task like feed the dog, you could put Sunday at 3 p.m. And the task will automatically be associated that time. Now it's really the case when you're doing with anything. So, for example, you want to say plan how smooth. But you wanted to say so. For example, next Tuesday at 3:30 p.m. You can do that, and once you press enter, it automatically arranges it to that date. Okay, so if you want to, you can actually go into your settings and look at smart date passing, for example. You can remove the text in the task, which is something that a lot of people like to do So. For example, let's say by new phone Thursday at 2 p.m. And I pressed Enter. It is automatically room moved from the task title but goes into a different area. I know that some people like to have it in there, but if you don't want to, you can easily have that there. Okay, so I've added a few tasks inside of the inbox area. Now there is an area called today which is really valuable once and it to it. And you could be really simple with this. You could drag it into today and you can see that the clean the kitchen will appear in the today area. Now, if I go over to today, I can also see today what items I've got on an outline of what time That is as well. On also what's being completed already today, which is something that I know a lot of people like, you know, if I want to do, I could got his top right corner on click hide completed, which is something that I know a lot of people like to do. You've also got the ability to sort by title tank priority on my list, but in the next demonstration, which actually show you how to create lists and really organize some of your tasks. 4. Organizing your Lists & Tags: So guys, in the last feature we touched on adding some your task to an inbox area and also to your today area. Now this is a really valuable practice. As you get better and better at task management, you'll be able to add more task your inbox and also sort them into what's called lists. Now let's allow you to be a bit more organized with your stuff and think of them as a way to coordinate all of your activities. So, for example, let's say we're gonna add a new list. And just by pressing that at list, you get this prompt appear on your screen. Now let's say you wanted a few personal tasks. Now, for example, I'm gonna type in personal and add a color to it. You get a range of different colors, and you can even add it to a folder, which you can create a new one from here. In this case, we're not going to do that. You can also hide it as well, which means this list won't be shown in the or today and tomorrow as well as next seven days to, for example, this is perfect for static tasks and activities. So if I go ahead and hit save, you can see that personal appears on the left hand side. And you do get that color icon there too. Now, once you've got lots of different lists, you can obviously shuffle the order of them, and I'm gonna create a work one here too. So, for example, I've just created a work one, and you can move the organization as well. So once you've created a list, you get this, like, separate view. So, for example, every task you add now toe a list will become a task inside of that project, which is something that a lot of people like toe have an area, all of their most important things. So, for example, let's go to import inbox, and you can also see that I've got a few tasks here now. What I'm gonna actually do is I'm gonna drag a few of the personal ones into the personal area, and you might notice well that some of these are actually being removed entirely from the in box, but they aren't being entirely removed from next seven days. That's because they've got a due date. And if I go over to personal. You'll be able to see their all personal task now inside of that list, but they are still accessible through next seven days. They've got this blue coloring down the left hand side, which indicates they're part of a personal area. If I finally just go and drank the last one in and then I drank the other two to the work area, then what I can do is I can see in the next seven day view that I have some work related tasks. And the great thing is, there's loads of color options inside of the free technic account for you to be able to add more. So, for example, let's say I wanted to add 1/3 area, and I wanted to call it may be a project or, for example, let's say I need, you know, courses because that could be a part of the area I'm working on. So, for example, I'm gonna add it to a new folder, which is called YouTube, and I'm gonna press save and as you can see here, once I save it, it becomes part of a folder. Now, this is so accessible on because I haven't hidden it. It's still accessible is a list. So, for example, let's say I went to work and I moved one of these tasks because it's no longer relevant there to this area. You can see that this task appear so you can see here. I've added that task there, and I can give it a Jew date, which means that it should appear inside of the next seven. Dave, you. And as you can see, it is a different indication of color. Now. Fold is really good when it comes to organizing all the different aspects of your life. A lot of people actually have folders for work and then have all the different projects as lists below them. Some people have personal on all of different aspects of their life. Their, for example, could be a blawg. It could be financed. It could be chores, but it is a good way to get started, so that's a great way to create new lists on also folders. Now, over here you have something called tags and tanks can easily be created. Now, tags help us to add context with task and maybe in some examples, give us a bit more of a nudge to complete a task. So, for example, if I'm inside off the organized notion course on this is a filming related task, I could go to the bottom right hand corner. Click tags on associate filming to it. Now, once I click OK, you can see that the tag appears here. Now. What's great about the tank is if I and Mawr, for example, organized study video is something technical to do with filming. I can associate the filming tank to it, too, and once I click into filming, I can see exactly the tasks related to filming that I could do. So, for example, let's say I've got a filming period of time scheduled for next week, but I have a lot to different tasks that are different to each project or list. Then what I can do is go to this area and go, okay, I can get all this filming stuff dumb. So, for example, my next seven Dave you it highlights all of the filming Tacit, I've got done. Now you can have this for so many different areas your life. So, for example, let's say you wanted to associate easy tasks with a light blue, for example, if you were like okay by new phone is actually an easy task because I know what I'm doing with that on my associate. Easy to it there on also, I guess cleaning the kitchen is an easy task to so I can click easy there. You can do that with absolutely anything in your life. And, for example, if I want to get an easy task done, I could actually see all of my basic tasks to get done. So this is a really neat way to be able to see things in advance and be able to add even more context. So that was a basic demonstration off some off the list abilities. Weren't you gonna show you how to share a list in next feature? So let's dive in 5. Sharing Lists & Assigning Tasks to Others: Hey, guys. So in the last feature we talked about creating lists and also creating folders is a way to organize yourself in tick tick, and that's totally awesome. Now, the best thing to do now is to start sharing a list with another person you may be working on. Now. You can do this for your work life. For example, if you're trying to organize tasks with one of your colleagues, Tick Tick works really well. And do remember you only have one member per list inside of the free account. You can also use this for personal life as well. Let's say you're working or you want to get some more chores done in the house with a partner, then this is a great way to do that. So let's go over to a folder that we created earlier called YouTube. Now let's say I want to create a new list inside of that. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna create articles and give it a different icon. Sorry color, and I'm gonna add it to the YouTube folder now. I actually don't want this one a pit to appear in my next seven days because it might be maybe a bit too overwhelming, or maybe a bit too much when other people are signing the task. So I'm gonna click Save now. As you can see, it's Bean added inside off this folder system. And the great thing is, you now get this new area called old Tasks so you can see all of the tasks inside of all of the lists in the general folder, which is quite useful and very much something that a lot of people like to do. So let's say I go over to articles again and I go down to share now. Sharing a list is something really easy to do. So, for example, if I paste the email in, I compress send on, you can see that Alice has been invited. Now the good thing is, you can enable a sharing link to send to other people, and this is great if you want to copy it to your friends so that they have instant access to the account, and you don't necessarily need to remember that specific email address for that. Now, if I go out of this and I start adding in tasks, let's add a few articles to write. Okay, so I've added a few tastic it started. And because this is now a shed list, it now doesn't appear as pending. So Alice has accepted the invite to this task, so you can also begin to assign task to other people. So, for example, if I went up here, you can see there, assign it to nobody yourself or Alice. So, for example, if you've assigned it to Alice, you can see an icon appear here. Now, what I'm actually gonna do is I'm gonna add some tags as well. So, for example, I'm gonna put this as a maybe a medium level task so that she knows that this might be something that might take a little longer. So, for example, if I wanted to give it a Jew date as well, I could add that to the end of the month and click OK, if it's a repeating task, I can also do that too. And this is useful. If you've got some routine items that you and your team work on, you could even add a description as well. A sub task naturally, and that's a good way to get started. So, for example, let me add a few sub tasks for So I've added a few sub tasks for Alice, and that's a good starting point. I can then add a priority level, and you can see here you're starting to build it. Outlined to this task. You can see here that it means that this is a task with plenty of some Tassan. I can even organize the tasks by, for example, time title tags. Priority on Paris Sign E in case you have lots of people in the group. But do remember, per lest you only have one extra person that you can add. So, for example, appear I can also see the show completed as well as shared a list abilities here know if me and Alice wanted to have a chat about this inside of comments, I could also do that, too. So let's leave Alyssa comment down here so you can see there. I've added a comment below. Now, this is a great way to get started. And if you wanted to move this to a different area, you could quite easily do so. Although once you move the actual task, the other person will not be able to see. You can see that the indication of a shared list is available with this person down in the bottom right hand corner. So this is a simple way to start using task management with individuals. So in the next future, we're gonna talk about a few of the settings. You can optimize your account with Andi. Then we're gonna finish off with some of the premium benefits off using tick tick. 6. Customizing Your Settings & Sidebar: Okay, So in this future, weren't you gonna show you how you can customize your tick tick account using the free experience? Now, you may have just noticed something on this left hand side. A new area has appeared. Now, once you're sharing a list with someone else, you also going assigned. Task yourself naturally and you can want to sign the task to yourself. You can see this new area code assigned to me, and this is a great way to view all of the task other people have dedicated to you. That's just something to know when you're using your account. Now, if you go to the top right corner, you confined your settings area here now settings is a great way to customize your account and really improve your technique experience. So you can see here that you couldn't be customized about whether the item tick tick appears in your doc. On also, the more the technical side of stuff. For example, you can actually switch off date top passing off through here too, if you want to. That means that for example, when you're adding tomorrow at 3 p.m. It won't highlight that as a task. So, for example, you can remove tax from the task name, or you can actually keep the men if you want. So that is something that I know a lot of people like to do. So let's just add smart passing on. No, If I go to my account, you can see your account details. So, for example, let's say Alice wanted invited me to a list. You can actually invite Francesco it keep productive. Dot com on it will invite that person. Now you can upgrade. You could upgrade to a premium here, which you can either go for a monthly or yearly account, and we'll actually demonstrate what that means. Near the end, you can customize this left hand side bar. As you can see in this top left hand corner, you can have all showing, which is all of your task at any given time, throughout all the folders that you have. So let's demonstrate what that looks like. You can see if I press all it's a breakdown of the timeline, but you can also see, for example, going to sorted by the tag used Onda, also by the priority set. So, for example, if you want to add another priority to, for example, this task, it will organize it based on the most important task. So if I go back to the settings area, you can actually had have and hide different areas. So, for example, if you don't want today there, you can hide it on enough. Same with tomorrow, same one next seven days on. Also assigned to me too. Now, you can also get rid off the calendar area if you're not using the premium, which means that every time you click on it, it won't offer you a premium. You can also see and have completed, hidden or off, or actually showing you could also have tanks and custom list there. So that's a great way to customize the left hand side bar. You also have a task. Defoe So, for example, is if a default date is given. So, for example, you added a task. You in bunks, you can have that as today. So, for example, whenever you add something it goes to today if you haven't added a specific due date, which is something that a lot of people like you also have the ability to add a default reminder, a default priority level. For example. I know a lot of people clicked low so they can upgrade it later if it's more important. And also the add to the bottom of list. All the top of the list, which a lot of people like to have known you can actually connected to a local calendar, for example, Apple Calendar. But if you want to go for a subscription to 1/3 party that is a premium feature, you've also got some in court enable Pomodoro timer, which is something that I know a lot of people enjoy. So on the Mac version, specifically, you have this ability to add tasks to reem box through your menu bar. You also have the ability to access the Pomodoro timer, which is a technique so that is an added bonus to using the Mac version. Now, if I go back to the settings area, you can actually enable the Pomodoro Timer and actually go into detail on the duration, the time break and also the long length between each break. And that's very useful for many Pomodoro users. That's one of the mega bonuses off using this account now you do have a host of premium filters. So, for example, you can use these different themes as your premium account. If you have one, that is, you can also use a pure color, and you've got a range of different colors to get you started. So, for example, if you wanted to turn your area blue, pink, green or even yellow as a way to get started, I particularly like the green one. So I'm going to stick with that now. On this right hand side, you have the ability to customize a short cut, which you can do in the Windows version two. So this is a great little way to customize your account on did Actually in the free account . This is really perfect for when you're getting started. So that was a simple demonstration of all the basic free functions inside of tick tick. I will in the next future be talking about the premium, so that might be a decision maker, for if you're choosing premium or no, so feel free to watch the next one. If you found that useful, the entirety of it and you wanted to sit with basic thank you very much for joining this class and feel free to give it a review as well as joint is over a new tube. Keep productive. We are where you can learn more about app, select tick, tick and many more. So, guys, thank you very much and I'll see you guys next future if you decide to join us to learn about premium.