Beginner's Guide: What you need to run an SME | Werner Du Toit | Skillshare

Beginner's Guide: What you need to run an SME

Werner Du Toit, Rethink the way you employ

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9 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Introduction and overview

    • 2. Things to check before you lift off

    • 3. Role as CEO

    • 4. 4 Steps

    • 5. You, the pilot

    • 6. Your passengers

    • 7. Your control tower

    • 8. Your fuel gauge

    • 9. Make your own


About This Class


You started a company, but it all seems like a big puzzle with pieces missing. Now what?

In this class, you will learn the basics of what you need to make your life easier.  

PDF Copy of the Presentation 

Some parts of the presentation have examples in hyperlinks as follows:

  • (V) is a video about the software
  • (E) is an example
  • (S) will take you to the software developer's site

Additional Resources:

Map on how to use Google Keep

Map on how to deal with emails

Map on how to map work process

Map on how to use ToDoist

Map on Business overview

I have also created a resource link which I found useful for the software solutions discussed in this class: (Disclaimer: this will take you to a unlisted page on my website)