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Beginner's Guide: What you need to run across a desert

teacher avatar Werner Du Toit

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Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. 2400 Calories a Day, In a Nutshell

    • 3. Look After Your Muscles

    • 4. Replace What You Lose Along The Way

    • 5. Keep Your Engine Running

    • 6. The Skinny on Fat

    • 7. Rules of The Game

    • 8. Test Your Project

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About This Class

About this class:

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Have you either entered or thinking about entering an endurance or multi-day stage race event and feel overwhelmed about how to fuel yourself? What to do about protein and carbs? How much of what is enough? In this class, I will discuss and share with you what I've learned from my own experience and will walk you through my take on what works and what doesn't.

With this knowledge in hand you will be well on your way to handling one of the most daunting and important parts of getting you to the finish line of any endurance or multi-day event. How to go about navigating the complexity which food has become in our society.


Slide 2 Link: How 6 Olympic Atheletes fuel themselves

Slide 3 Link: 2,350 Calories per day

                     How your country is doing

                     What's in a calorie

Slide 4 Link: What 2000 calories look like

Slide 9 Link: Protein

Slide 12 Link: Electrolytes     

Slide 15 Link: Carbohydrates

Slide 19 Link: Fat     

Slide 22 Link: Spreadsheet to get started

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Work with entrepreneurs @ . I fix the mundane things. Mountain biker. Can run too.

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1. Introduction: a lot of fellow skill. Shearer's My Name Is Banner and welcome to the skill share clothes on what you need to run across it. Is it for this class and project, we'll specifically focus on what you need to think about regarding your food choices. You make to feel you along the way, but you're more than welcome to use this project and knowledge. Any other biking, hiking, running or exploring you might find yourself doing. First off, we will briefly explore why your food strayed. Strategy is so critical, as well as cover some basic knowledge about food. My addiction will uncover protein electrolytes, carbohydrates and fat. The final section will cover your clothes project in some detail what has provided some links and sample that you can explore to assist you along the way I'm looking forward to seeing are you will improve upon my own take on this. So without further ado, let's get started 2. 2400 Calories a Day, In a Nutshell: Hello and welcome back. Forget started. This presentation has provided for you to download below. I've also included all the links you will see in the presentation along the way the separate links below which you can follow with our downloading the presentation first. So why so much focus on food? There are a number of studies which show that eating this warriors arrive at imager at lady cables, but almost non existing at an elite level, shortened gangs form limiting calories and rapid white loss will be fun to a point. But it is impossible to have long term success is an athlete limit your intake lead Athletes, it seems, know better than to starve themselves. Jump onto the newest by fed top athletes are always more worried about not eating enough than eating too much and just make it clear at any point. When I'm talking about food you consume during this laws, referring as much as possible to modern processed told food. So where does the idea of 2400 calories a day come from? Well before the 19 seventies, before there had been off manufacturing process food on an industrial scale, there was little need to explain her aging guide people on what they were eating. Increased number M prices. Food came into the marketplace, and consumers requested information without them. Understand the products that purchased the U. S. Food and Drug Administration or if d A conducted studies at the time, which showed that women typically reported consuming between 603,200 calories a day and men between 2000 and 3000 calories a day. That's dating ranges for both sexes on food labels would take up too much bass and didn't seem practically helpful. Based on this, the FDA proposed in 2350 calories element nutrition Educate this at the time expressed concern that number would encourage over consumption and just that proposed being smoke to I. They instead proposed 2000 calories number, and the FDA found the argument persuasive enough to warrant 20% rounding down from 2400 2 2000 calories of that. As you can imagine, this number is still the subject of much debate, but the psycho simplicity it is the base that is out there. It should be treated as a one size fits all approach, and there's more guideline than a fixed number. It helps to cut through the complexity off riding individual measurement for each person. But we are planning to run across the desert to a number closer to 2000. Foreign calories is more apt bites on actual consumption figures for runners who normally compete in such event. Just as an example of our complex off food choices on the prison, you can easily get your entire day's worth of calories in a single drink. But as they say in the movies, don't try this at our as healthy and unhealthy calories or never created equally so without looking like a complete hypocrite. The supplement I've included, my own fueling plan is more out of necessity than at all, and I will discuss how to go about getting natural Cobbs in on any given day while I'm training or competing a little light on. I know by now you might be asking along those 2400 calories actually lost well. According to the Cleveland Clinic Center for Consumer Health, Murano wise under £65 or 75 kilograms, burn 2000 identity calories of standard marathon distance, which is 26 miles or 42 kilometers. And I know this sounds like a lot, but in average two fronts Writer burns over 6000 calories a day, covering UN ridden 10 miles for close to 200 kilometers. But for 21 consecutive days off, do the fronts. Or, in other words, if you want to burn calories into the two other fronts. On this, I note, we have reached the end of the basics I wanted to cover in this section. The following section will discuss the mine ideas you need to keep in mind while you are completing your project. Light on to you in a bit and thanks for watching. 3. Look After Your Muscles: other skills shares. And welcome back to this annex section off what you need to run across the desert. This is a reminder this close is not a diet program, and I will not advise you to cut anything out of your diet except for saturated fat off course. The truth of the matter is that our bodies need all kinds of new terms brought in electrolytes, carbohydrates and, yes, even certain kinds of fats as well. To be Elfi, this at the dinner day is a feeling strategy for you to go about selecting food. You'll need to be self assistant for six Die period and other things are personally dollars made up the four Q nutrients you need to keep going. Amateur athletes often got something out in a team to lose weight or because it's popular to do so. But this almost always backfires. My perception is that it is better to overeat the right natural foods, then toe under eat the incorrect processed foods. I believe if you look at the different books out their own diet, there's no such thing as a perfect, but there is no denying that natural foods or just that much better for you and something cooked up in a lab or factory at the end of a day. So endurance, sports, or what is known as cattle bolic in ***, it means nutrients are broken down by a body to be used as fuel not used to build up muscle , which is anabolic in nature. Just think about the different bulk between a marathon runner and 100 me to run a white left and you know exactly what I mean. This constant breaking down off energy stores in endurance sport. And you have to build them back up again as you progress. So the key to this part of the equation is to make sure you get enough protein through. Your choice is to ensure adequate recovery for muscle damaging exercise. Die the quality and nature of your protein. Joyce. The better it'll work. As we briefly touched on previously, you might be asking, Isn't protein just a thing for people who want to bobo muscles or left Avia whites? We know now the short answer is no nervous endurance athletes tend to focus on carbohydrate anti compile little if any, attention to protein as a result, brought in deficiency appears often among endurance athletes with inevitable negative effect on performance and health. You see dietary protein, anti Clintons. Your recovery time causes muscle weakness and suppresses your immune system. In short, without it, you will become susceptible to fatigue, feel lethargic and possibly even develop a more severe this order. Examples of this would be athlete to develop overtraining syndrome in most cases usually also have protein deficiency. Some athletes just never recover again off the overtraining syndrome on the one to do take months, if not years, to recover back to full strength again. As you can see from the presentation, my first protein choice is instant oats. The easy solution here would have bean to rely on protein supplements for my protein intake . But protein is such a key part of the equation that I'm leaning towards nature to solve this problem. For me, it's all grain food and are rich in fiber bikinis, vitamin B as well as he and off course, I am protein. They are also low in sodium, sugar, cholesterol and saturated fat because of the night. But I'm also taking with we talk of in a bad light there it is convenient to makes the oats and not but there together for breakfast or lines and get a protein plus unsaturated that boost all in one go. You can also use something like all praise coconut oil to make some of the arts as it is a super Danes in a diesels. Reason I. Joe's not, but they instead is that I can consume it in a similar fashion as a good during the run. So ultimately it came down to the flexibility offered in this regard. My second priding choice is oil Seal Jenna Beckett. On the normal circumstances, you will not find me anywhere close to Gina. Don't get me wrong. It's a super high quality energy source. But the damage over fishing order into the oceans are undeniable, and this was added as a lost resort in a decision I didn't make lightly. A lot of people saw this problem with other free strike food or dehydrated food, but they have a special taste to them and are packaged in a way that boy s precious place in what is already a small backpack that on a lot off the micronutrients contained in the food before their or freeze on the I'd ride that gets lost or damaged in the process 4. Replace What You Lose Along The Way: the next essential part of your strategy should focus on the replacement of electrolytes and avoidance of the iteration. This is more than just replacing actual water you lose through perspiration. It has an equal amount to do with the balance or imbalance off your electrolytes state due to loss of some essential elements for your muscles to keep functioning, it is important to restore elements like sodium chloride, magnesium, calcium and potassium, all of which play a primary role in cellular respiration, or the act of muscle contraction and nerve impulse transmissions I need to do so can result in a state called water intoxication, which can cause a like fatigue, muscle cramps and even stomach upset to Viet cases can even into seizures, unconsciousness and even result in a coma. We are in luck because it is actually quite easy to keep these elements topped up with some really basic fruits and vegetables, most of which are probably in your home right now. They include fruits like banana and oranges, which are high in potassium sodium, which can be replenished with sun dried tomatoes, ravages or any pickled food. There is always normal table salt or sea salt if all else fails, but obviously used in moderation. Next up is calcium and dairy doesn't have the monopoly on this. As much as marketers would love you to believe, Dr Ape Records, plums, Chinese carriages as well as broccoli or all natural ways of getting calls him in. Qasem is one of the more important ones off the four elements, as it is essential for the secretion off all moans in exams. It is the reason why you're cramp without it. And if you ask any person who knows about cramping, it socks los. Off the four elements is magnesium, which can be found in avocados, spinach as well. The scale, all of which are great everyday solutions but not really a convenient solution. Two days it running to carry along for six days. As you can see from the presentation, I had to rely on signs to come to the rescue folders out of necessity. Of course, likely it requires nothing more than a few small back. It's off any rehydration powder or tablets, which are easy defined at most supermarkets or pharmacies. That, and plenty off good old H 20 is all you need 5. Keep Your Engine Running: Welcome back to the third section, where we will cover carbohydrates, I do it or the most important fuel for your athletic performance. Likely has been popular to jump on unsaturated fat bandwagon and consume massive quantities off that while avoiding carbohydrates. Reality is you cannot perform optimally without Khobar Jed's. If no carbohydrates are supplied in your diet, the body will look to your other sources for energy, including proteins and fats. Protein has its own bribery function default than to be used to generate the goats. If brought, things are instead forced to work as glucose providers. They're not able to for for their all off supporting your muscle function. Instead, in the body, carbohydrates are broken down and converted into glucose and sugars needed to supply tissues and organs with the fuel that they need to perform. This very functions, but not just any old carbohydrates will do. And you we need to choose wisely among starches, sugars and fibers, which will help. You might dying your energy levels because of the importance of carbohydrate for energy. Our day to day plan must include in Afghan carbohydrates to keep up glucose stores or the energy which is stolen all my souls brined and ready for action. Without enough carbohydrates, we are not able to recover as well or perform at the same level off intensity. Your body doesn't get enough. Lucas. You can experience low blood sugar or hypoglycemia, as you can see from the presentation once again, science to the rescue There's one thing we are good at creating in labs and factories, carbohydrates, or it. Unfortunately, it's mostly of the laser preferred simple carbohydrates, such as refined sugars found in most supplements instead of healthy. A complex cops when natural products such as fruits, vegetables, beans and all grains, or which would be a little difficult to carry around on a desert run and stole stay within our project guidelines. To my defense, some of the carbohydrate content off the supplements I chose off derived from Bali and other natural sources. What I normally use on any given day for carbohydrates is food period or better known as baby food, which is a natural source off complex. Cobb's what do you do? Some spice, white and energy density factors. It wouldn't be practical to use it in this scenario. These baby food packages are brilliant source off natural energy and contained nothing more than fruit, vegetables or even some votes. They contain caffeine or refined sugar apart from the complex. Sugars naturally contains from the fruit here is made off almost in all situations, cheaper than bars, Dell's or any other supplement out. They're great for assuming running mountain marking, and we'll even make great snack for the ICO's among you. 6. The Skinny on Fat: welcome back to the lost and most probably controversial board off our project. I'm not gonna go into details about why you should and shouldn't eat saturated fat. A lot leave you with is the following saturated fed is the devil, and eating crappy food isn't her reward. It's a punishment. And no, I'm not about to give. You got blinders to eat any and all times off that. So with that in mind, let's quickly have a look at unsaturated fat it. Alps is absorbed many of the vitamins and minerals which we consume because we will be running long enough diet after diet to deplete our short term energy stores. Unsaturated fat helps us build a backup energy source that the body can tap into. It keeps your black again. They've all stopped up long after your simple and complex sugars have been depleted. As you can see from the presentation, my solution for this part of the equation is to take night. But the sash shows with given idea of our energy. Danes, not butter, is this was 100% off the food For this project. The 14,000 calories would why less than 85 ounces or 2.4 kilograms is the type of food ultra runners dreams are made off, and it's a great versatile off the snack to take along. Except if you are allergic demands, then this is obvious bad idea. 7. Rules of The Game: you are finally at the business. End off the project. Please don't run. Why now and not complete the project. I'm sure after all that talk about food, you're hungry to get started. I've outlined deliverables and included a template that you can use to get yourself started with. You are ever more than welcome to create your own to complete the project on what the deliverables should be. The following You need a minimum of 14,000 calories or 60,000 killer jewels. It should. Why no more than 100 and 23 ounces or three comma, five kilograms in total. It should require no refrigeration and still be consumable off the six days. Should you require to be prepared in any way, you only have access to boiling water to my consumable. I've also included some things which you can use to get some insights and ideas on four million topics recovered. But you're more than welcome to pull from any source of information that you can find out for. I'm always up for changing my own ideas and plans, so please share any link that you find out for yourself in the comments section off this clause 8. Test Your Project: thanks for sharing your time with me. And I hope you gain some insight into what it takes to pay for dessert. Congratulations for getting to the oak with your planning and you're now ready to take on the world. Well, at least you won't go hungry for six days. I think guys, you are actually tempted to go and use your project have included some interesting links you can follow and put your plan into action. Remember, the most important thing about limits is that it is always further out than what you think . It iss. You should know already have a good start on an important part of the puzzle. Thanks. And I look forward to running into you in the future.