Beginners Guide To Trading Binary Options - Part 4 | Gregory Jeffries | Skillshare

Beginners Guide To Trading Binary Options - Part 4

Gregory Jeffries, Marketing courses for aspiring entrepreneurs

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5 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. BinaryOptionsTradingStrategies practiceindemo

    • 2. BinaryOptionsTradingStrategies drawingtools

    • 3. BinaryOptionsTradingStrategies realtimedata

    • 4. BinaryOptionsTradingStrategies customizeworkspace

    • 5. BinaryOptionsTradingStrategies setcharttimeframe


Project Description

First, go through all the lectures and parts of this entire training.

Next, open a demo account (if you're allowed to in your country). Practicing in a demo will build up your confidence, so that you're not trading off pure emotion when you open a live account.

Then pick one strategy I share inside or study the charting software and develop your own.

**The most important skill in trading is discipline and to not trade off emotion. The strategies I share inside this training ALL work. The hard part is be disciplined enough to not waiver from them.

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