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10 Lessons (51m)
    • 1. Beginners' German for busy people - Part 2

    • 2. Day 11 - Where is ...?

    • 3. Day 12 - Directions

    • 4. Day 13 - Ordering drinks

    • 5. Day 14 - Ordering food

    • 6. Day 15 I am allergic to

    • 7. Day 16 - Numbers from 11 - 20

    • 8. Day 17 - Numbers from 20 - 100

    • 9. Day 18 - What's the time?

    • 10. Day 19 - How much is that?


Project Description


Day 20 - celebrate your progress, part 2!

Today you won’t learn anything new again. Instead we’ll have another look at what we’ve learnt from the last 9 days

So, today’s task is also your project:

Grab yourself a drink and a comfy chair, then answer the following questions. If you’re not sure about the answers, go back to those lessons and check (that is not cheating, it’s reinforcing what you’ve learnt, so don’t worry if you have to check).

  1. How do you ask for those important places: Where is the station/ the pub/ the hotel? 
  2. What were the words for left/ right/ straight on? 
  3. Where am I telling you to go? “Gehen Sie geradeaus. Dann nehmen Sie die dritte Straße links und dann die zweite Straße rechts.” 
  4. Can you order two different drinks? 
  5. And can you order two different items to eat? 
  6. Do you know the words for anything you really don’t like or are allergic to? Remember, if you need any important allergy sentences translated, ask me! 
  7. Can you count from 11 - 20, yes, in German! 
  8. Can you count from 20 - 100? How do you say 24, 78 or 99? 
  9. What’s the time right now and how do you ask for the time? 
  10. How do you ask how much something costs? And if it costs €27,36 how would you say that in German? 

That’s another nice lot you’ve learnt in a few minutes in another nine days, isn’t it?

If you need to check things again, go over your notes again or watch the videos again.

If you managed to answer all or most questions correctly, WELL DONE!

As there are so many different choices in answers this time, I haven't got an answer sheet for you. But If you're not sure, post it in your project and I'll check them for you. Otherwise just say 10/10 or whatever your answer might be.

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