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11 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Beginners' German for busy people - Part 1

    • 2. Introduction to the challenge

    • 3. Day 1 - Greetings

    • 4. Day 2 - My name is ...

    • 5. Day 3 - I come from ...

    • 6. Day 4 - I live in ...

    • 7. Day 5 - four little words

    • 8. Day 6 - Do you speak English?

    • 9. Day 7 - Sorry!

    • 10. Day 8 - Days of the week

    • 11. Day 9 - numbers 0 - 10

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Project Description


Day 10 - celebrate your progress, part 1!

Today you won’t learn anything new. Instead we’ll have a look at what we’ve learnt so far.

So, today’s task is also your project:

Grab yourself a drink and a comfy chair, then answer the following questions. If you’re not sure about the answers, go back to those lessons and check (that is not cheating, it’s reinforcing what you’ve learnt, so don’t worry if you have to check). Then let me know how you got on, post your answers or just say 12/12, or take a photo of your work or you working ☺

1. How many German greetings do you know? 

2. Do you remember the two ways of asking somebody’s name? 

3. How do you reply to those questions? 

4. How do you ask somebody where they come from and what would your answer be? 

5. How do you ask somebody where they live and what would your answer be? 

6. Do you remember the German words for yes, no, please and thank you? 

7. How do you ask somebody if they can speak English? 

8. What is your answer to the question ‘Sprechen Sie Deutsch?’ 

9. How do you apologise to people? 

10. Which two little words do you need to say ‘pardon?’ 

11. Can you recite the days of the week? 

12. Can you count to 10 and say your telephone number? 

Phew, that is quite a lot you’ve learnt in a few minutes for nine days!
If you need to check things again, go over your notes again or watch the videos again.
If you managed to answer all questions correctly, WELL DONE!
If you've got any questions, please put them in your project or ask in the community section. If you like to see some possible answers, check out the PDF (AFTER you've tested yourself ☺)

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