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Beginner's German Class 1 - German with Jaxx

teacher avatar Jacqui France, Come and learn German with me

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Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (51m)
    • 1. Introduction to the course

    • 2. Lesson 1 - Learn the German alphabet

    • 3. Lesson 2 - Learn the numbers 0-20

    • 4. Lesson 3 - Learn the numbers 21-100

    • 5. Lesson 4 - Learn how to say your name and age

    • 6. Lesson 5 - Learn greetings and ways to say goodbye

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About This Class

This class will lay the foundations for your German learning journey. When learning a new language, it is important to learn the alphabet and how the letters sound. The next step is to learn the numbers. These lessons take you through ABC and the numbers 0-100.

You will then apply what you have learned by completing a reading and speaking exercise on the letters and numbers.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jacqui France

Come and learn German with me


Hi everyone, I'm Jacqui (or Jaxx, or whatever you want really, I'm not fussy ).
I'm a Scottish lassie who loves languages, German in particular. I've currently been learning German for 20 years (and yes, I'm STILL learning!). My primary school, for some reason, taught German instead of French. I then continued this all through high school, where I also threw Spanish into the mix, and also during my 3 year stint at uni. After graduating in 2007 (wow, I'm old), I pretty much fell away from languages.

I decided to start studying German and Spanish again about 4/5 years ago with the Open University and I have now completed the German part of my degree.

I decided to share this picture as this marked a significant point in one of the most terrifying yet magical experienc... See full profile

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1. Introduction to the course: hello and welcome to German with Jax or scale Sheer. That is a beginner's German course as well. Take it for absolutely Seattle German to label we won in German. We will start off by learning the alphabet on numbers is very important. To lay the foundations for your language, learning with their alphabet and then ambush Start off with also do well exercise on the numbers and we will also cover greetings on her to say your name. All right, Thank you. We enjoy Let him with me. 2. Lesson 1 - Learn the German alphabet: Hello and welcome to German with Jax. This is our first lesson. Today we're going to focus on the German alphabet. The German alphabet is pretty similar to the English alphabet and that it has 26 letters, some of which so the same on some of which sound very different in German. That's We will get through it together and we'll see if it is not that difficult. Okay, let's begin. Our fresh later is a the chairman That's pronounced as ah ah ah Let me move on to be which is pronounced quite like the English word be be bay Then we move on to see See is pronounced like See See we're really seeing the world See? But we have to unseat a t at the beginning to make sure bc See See? Okay, we have ah b c. Excellent. Well done. We've just learned ABC Easy. Okay, let's try. De de is pronounced as d day de okay and e is pronounced like our English later e a a Yeah f is pronounced just the same way in German as it as an English if if a Okay, so I tried to stay together de a a fabulous Let's see if we can put them all together starting from E uh, be see de e. Okay. Excellent. Okay, let's move on to G. G is proposed as G in German gay gay do and we move on to each h is pronounced as ha. Huh? Uh huh. Then we have I which is pronounced like our English later E e e. Okay, let's try those ones together, do you? Huh? Being excellent. Okay, let's move on to Gee, I gee, I is pronounced like the English word yacht Yorked yachts. Let me move on to Key, which, if you think of the sneak in jungle book Yeah, care. Yeah. Okay, Good. Oh, next later. Certain just the same in German again and and And okay, let's try those ones together. Your, uh, and excellent, brilliant care. Let's try it from G day. Uh, E york. Uh, and Exide Well done. We're getting there. No. Okay, let's try our next later. It sounds to see him again in German. I m I m I m Okay. Let's move on to our next one again. Said it's just the same in German end and in. Okay. Good. Can we guess where our next one as it also signs to say Oh, oh, Oh, Okay, brilliant. Let's move on to Pee P s produced as P in German pay. Pay pay. Okay, Please try those ones together cause most of thumb are very similar in English. This one should be quite easy. Try em and Oh, pay. Okay, good. No, let's move on now. It gets a little bit more difficult. Try our cue. Mr Noticed. As who? Cool. Cool. Okay, let's try our our mispronounced as air air. Yeah. Okay, let's try those two together. You have cool and air. OK, Excellent. Let's move on to our next one again. It sounds the same in English. Yes, Yes, yes. Okay, let's try t. It's somewhat to the sudden that we used for P said it is t to t here, try you U s pronounced as a word. Um oh, yeah. Let's try this once together. Yes, T Oh, excellent. OK, let's move on to our letter. B V makes the breath of an if so owned in German. The way we pronounce it is foul, foul foul. Here. Let's move. Want to double your double your makes a bit of a V sound in German Now that this pronounced as V the they here. Excellent. Let's move on to x X is pronounced as X in German X x x. Okay, let's childless. Once together we have How they x Okay, good exit. Let's try. Oh, together from S t foul they x que excellent Well done. Only two more to go. Okay, so it's tried. Why? Why is a little bit harder to predict in German Who knows it as Absalon eps alone eps alone then said that has the ts sound like whom used for C. You have to make sure we enunciate that t me Si Sit, sit, sit, sit, sit. Okay, we're done That says going through the whole alphabet. Shall we try it all together? No, it's cool. Ah B c The e a a day Ha e your car l m n o p Cool and s t do foul way. Eakes! Oops! Salon, is it? Oh, yea! Okay, that's it was finished the whole alphabet. We're done. There is ah, worksheet that goes along with this federal which you should be able to aim, click and the attachment So that you can Practice s on your own. Keep subscribing to the shadow for more lessons coming up soon. Thank you. 3. Lesson 2 - Learn the numbers 0-20: Hello and welcome to Lesson number two with German with Jax. Today we're going to learn the numbers 1 to 20. Hey, let's get started. Let's start with zero zero and German is Knoll Northerner. Nor here. Let's move on to number one. Thanks. Science IEDs. Hey, let's try number two. This one is Spy. It's Fi spy. We remember from Ah, alphabet One we have to unseat with a t at the beginning. Spy spy. Okay, so let's try number three City is that I that I that I okay are four is phia Fear fear the V makes a breath friend if sound so we're seeing the world fear fia fia Okay, her number five delicate The eu has a little thoughts above it as an m lote which gives it about ward of on U Sound who was tired. Number five thinks que which tried was altogether from zero up to five. It's cool. No old eines spy that I fia friends. Okay, Excellent kid. Let's try moved. Hey, excellent, kid. Let's try moving on to number six, which is pronounced as six, six, six. Okay, let's try. Number seven seven is pronounced as Z even Z Ben z been Okay, let's try Number eight eight is uh ah Ah! Okay, let's try number nine. Name is create similar in German, as it says in English. It is nine nine nine. Okay, then we have 10 which is seen sane Satan again. Have tenancy of ever t t s. So that exit seen seen soon. Okay, let's try it out from 6 to 10. Okay. Six z been, huh? Knowing saying Ok, excellent. Let's move on to number 11. 11 in German is pronounced And LF elf Okay, let's try our number 12 again. Concede a little remote above the or that gives it a slightly different sound. His trier worked It is is well is Will is will que Let's try 13. Hey, we look at the war Tear is really seeing 3 10 which would be the right said that I said that I see. Okay, lets try 14. It's several are Israel. It looks like 4 10 which is Fiat, said Fi. It said fi etc Okay, 15 is also quite similar when we see it as feds see friend saying Fed seen. Okay, let's try those ones together. Try Elf Swift that I said. Feed it said Fed. See que excellent. Let's move on to 16. If we look at the wort 1st 16 you noticed that ZX doesn't have its last s on it. That just makes it slightly easier for pronunciation that's produced six seat Zixia six e Oh So a similar thing with 17 rather than having the whole world z been stops at zip just for pronunciation prophecies again. Okay, so 17 is zip sane. Zip said Zip. Say Okay, try 18 18 Is arts in I said Watson. Okay, lets try. 19. 19 is night Scene nine. Seen 19. Okay, there number 20 20 is pronounced as it's fed. Seek. It's fun. Sick, spanned. Seek. Okay, let's try. It was once all together, execs in Seeps in. I said nine. Sin this fancy K. Excellent. See if we can try all the way from Seattle. Kid. Let's try normal Heinz Spy that I Yeah, food six is even Ah knowing saying and swelled that I said fi it said Finch said. Zack said, Zip said. I said nine said Fancy que Excellent as those learning the numbers. 1 to 20 who practice. It's ah, more numbers and earn next lesson. Okay, Thank you. Keeps escaped the channel for more lessons coming up. Thank you. 4. Lesson 3 - Learn the numbers 21-100: Hi, everyone on Welcome to your third place in Off German With Jax on, we have been eagerly awaiting this lessons a little bit, Lee, through this week. But we'll get cracking on with our numbers from 21 to 102nd Attenuation on from lesson to Okay, So let's have a look at how we see 21 now things that are a little bit different and German , the re that they see the numbers. 2122 23 etcetera. 31 41. What they see as one on 20 or three and 20 seven and 60. Like that skin of the really see it, we see a little bit back to front. Okay, so it's about Let's look at 21. You may remember from lesson to that 20 was found sick, found sick and one was ites ites. Okay, so if we look, it s we have to see one on 20. However, if you see the little laying through the s on the ants as because we drop the s so we see a nine once Fancy eine wants fancy here. Try the rest of her twenties. Try 22 which is spy on Stancik Spy Want fancy? That wouldn't just means Andi here. So we're basically saying to Andi 20. Hey, let's try. 23. 23 is dry on spans sick that I wants Francique that I wouldn't spartan seek. Then we have 24 which is fear once Francique Fear wants Francique Fear once fancy. Hey, I'm 25 which is Funf. What's fun? Sick Fender wants fans Sick front once fancy kid, let's try our high 20 snow. Hey, we have 26 which is sex once. Francique ZX once fancy his ex wants Francique. Hey, so let's try. 27. 27 is that's even once. Fancy Sieben once fans sick seep in Swansea. Can you guess what 28 29 are? Hey, 28 is act once Francique atthe wants fans seek. I asked once. Francique, 29 is nine. Wants Francique nine. It's fancy. Nine. Once fancy. Okay, Brilliant Here. The main thing to understand with the German numbers as that they do sort of see them back the front as. And it's like the turned 23 fourty etcetera. So let's have a look at 30 there T is pronounced as right. Sick The right. Sick. Right. Sick. Hey, you may notice it spelt a little. Definitely. This is the only one that doesn't have as eight In it. You can see the strange symbol for between the two eyes is known as an s set in German s sit or Charvis Ace Charvis Ace, which means Ah Sharp s. It's basically come from the sort of older, high German language that sort of the way that the rate used to rate things it quite often is used in place off a double s And what and in this world, 30 issues to I don't see we're like this. It would be instead of using the said the using Essie's sorts on s set, it's pronounced the right sick that I sick Okay their 21 again who remember to drop the s from paints we would say I would try. See, I would try. See, I'm on dry tick care. You guess where all the rest of the numbers are in the thirties. Put with 32 b, It would be a spy won't, right. See, Spy won't right. See? Hey, if you wanted to say 35 or 36 could say foods would try. See? Six would write C. Okay, so all the numbers go the same. Is it that in the twenties all the same all the way through the thirties as an aspiring, tried sick infant, right? Say would Sex and Tracy. Okay, let's have a look at the taste of the numbers we have for 40. I feel sick. I feel sick. Feet seek 50 Is food sick, Finn? Sick, French, sick. And if Ellicott Sex Day. We remember 16. When we that the numbers 1 to 20. The numbers Ah, 60 has six in it. However, we don't put the s on the end of sex. So it is say, sick. Sick Zic Same with 70. Number seven is zebra 17 was zip's in. We dropped the e n Do the same for 70 and we have zip, zic, zip, zic, zip, zic Hey, let's try 80 80 is are sick are sick. Our csic here strain 90 90 is 90 sick 90 sick knowing sake and become to 100 which is ein hund it. I hold it. He notice again that the s is dropped from agents. You see, I hold it. I'm honed it que excellent. No, we can count all the way up to one hundreds. Her next lesson will be how to introduce our shells and say our names and each so stay tuned for that one, CS and guys. 5. Lesson 4 - Learn how to say your name and age: Hi, everybody and welcome to our four placing off German with Jax. Decided to do a lot of that. You're with me, Anna. And as you can see today, I'm waiting by German T shirt there through a ruble Can me, man, which basically means the arely Bart can shove it. That free of Google can me mad? Okay, that's bad through today as life number four on that says Alison is actually being requested by one of the girls who walked. Use my valuables. They have requested a how to see your name on your age. Sure, let's get cracking on that one. A really firstly of mass in German, we would normally have to ask someone what their name as, and they're sort of two ways we can do that. You can use four more German and informal German. Normally you would use for German if you are speaking to someone older than you like if you're a young passion or tailed even and you're speaking to allow the adult, he reduced the form of action or like ashore for the hotel industry. Like if you're taking someone's name, really just a form of Captain Israel. Also in business with introducing yourself. Okay, so the way to ask someone informed German what the name is You would see the Hi Sid Z be Hi , Sid Z v Hyson z if you notice with the words we have that s set And there again that's in place off to eighties and Hyson Okay, the end for move of action of that to ask what your name is like If you're asking maybe a child or someone younger Danieli or Yeah, I tell you, when you're making frames like someone does sort of seem e judgy, he would say be Hi, do be heist be Hi do Okay, it was the ace set is admit again that's in place of the double bass and notice the difference and ending on the fair price when we're using it in the form of saints, it's going e and ending, remembering using it In the end, foremost AIDS has an ace ti anything hice, Hyson and heist. This is something that will wear as we produce a little bit farther. But this is the sort of started the information for a lot of the regular of Arabs in German , the very high sin is to be cold. Who? Basically saying What are you cold? Hey, another So our way that we can see what is your name And then form of saints is for the east dying Nam the It's they nama the is dying Nam Hey, you know is that Nama is basically spilled the same and Germany's as in English. However, it has a capital letter. Oh, knowns in German began with capital letters And Nama is a known for name in German to be ist dine Nam Keep place that had the answer These questions? No. So for the questions be licensee or behind stool When someone asks you that you can answer west is Hi, Sid. And then your name. You would see you. Hi, sir. And what for your name, Miss. Okay, I'll give an example using my name is Hi. Sit Jack. He's Hi, sir Jackie, if you notice the ending on Hyson again this time it is high Said it's just an e for the the passion passion, passion If height six Okay. And we can learn her to answer the question v Stein llama. If you want onto that creation, you can see mine Nama it's I'm over your name. It's mine. Nama case Hey, don't example with my name again Mine Nama This Jackie Mine Nama based Jackie Hey, was that Satan's? The seventh Slightly seven left a English Although we would see my name as in German My is mine and we obviously have the word Maine in English. So its main nama mine nama it's I'm over your neatness. Okay? We could move on to asking people with their age, this is usually diving sort of more and foremost stating in the ask people that age so well , that's just with the in form of German using do, um this is quite is quite simple ASEAN German. And you would see v out best do the out best do be, uh, best do. Okay, so you notice the word for old is out out best. And to answer that question you can see he been then celebrity Jara Jara out. It's been Yeah, out Go out The an example With my age he been spy with pricey Get out ive been spy who writes it out. I also have some other examples Like if you're young, tell you see your maybe eat you could see he been Oh, yeah, They're out He been after you got out Hey, the age of Russia Waas Give my said You're 21 Ive been ein won't spans IQ Jara he been I'm on spans IQ Yeah, out. Okay. And if you're rather old, I hope that's maybe about road sorted for anyone who's as agents watching, you know, the whole Okay, if you want to see your 84 you could see he's been FIA went ax IQ. Yeah, out. He's been beer axe IQ. Yeah, out. He's been be a want axing yet out. Okay, here we go. We don't know how I see our name on their age. Okay, If you're wanting to ask other people like we may ask your name like if they say the high stool, you give your name and you say each high said jockey, then you could say won't do on you or is a formal more formal say think Jews wouldn't z z if someone had asked v high Cincy you could see FISA but your name is and then Z or won't Z isn't that means and you are won't Z zint won't the isn't okay again, If you want to know someone's age and they've asked you flushed they've said to you be out this do and you answer with yet out again. You just say toe do Okay. Thanks very much for watching guys. If you haven't collect that subscribe button, please get it collect. Knows where you can see more lessons coming up. It also taught me some comments like me, Nor forget enjoying the fed yours on. Do let me know what you'd like to see coming up next. Because that's the deal. Was that a quest? So any other require self trying? Get a deal done for you. Let me know, guys. Thank you. 6. Lesson 5 - Learn greetings and ways to say goodbye: Hello Said was But Martin Good in tag. Good on our bond, Goethe knocked whatever time it has with you. Welcome toe Lesson five of German with tax. Today we're going to lay on some German greetings and ways to see goodbye. If there are standard greetings that are used and understood all over Germany Um, the 1st 1 we're going to layer on is practically the same as are most common, Angus creating hello. However, Germans promoted with an e. So it's hollow. Hello. Hello. Hey. So it's an easy way to greet someone in German to say good morning to someone and German. We would see Guten Morgan Kortan. Morgan quote Morgan. Okay, that's just saying good morning and to see good afternoon or literally good d we say Gordon , talk Gordon talk! Gooden Attack! Hey! To say good evening. I choose a little bit later. An afternoon probably before you would see a good night. He would say good evening to reduce Gooden our bond. Kortan I haven't Kortan. I happened hate and then to see good night as like a greeting. Maybe when you're going to bed, you would say ghouta knocked. Goethe knocked. Goto knocked if you notice us, one is slightly different. We say Kuta, Ravan. Guten. That's because the word knocked is feminine and German knocked is a feminine. Yes, we have to say Ghouta, go to knocked. This is something that will cover and for their lessons. But it's just something to remember when you are using the greeting you say ghouta knocked ghouta Not okay, Let's move on to some other greetings that are some three things which are more commonly used in southern Germany and Austria. Most of the mean good day. Um, you can use grew she got, which is electorally God creature. It's maybe a little old fashioned, but it is still a greeting that the use in the south of Germany and Austria se boosh got goose, Got produce got Hey, you can also yours Gruesome dick with a friend says a little more and four, Move goose dif produce de head. And if you want Teoh, use a skating in a more four move cinch. You can see produce Z goose Z produce Z, as would be for someone that you don't know. So it's a more formal way to say, like hello or good day um, younger Germans as well also used the word there Bruce to greet each other. They're hush there, Bruce. This one is a little confusing because they can use it to mean Hello on and good bye. So when you're meeting your friend that you bumped your friend, you could say service. And when you're saying goodbye, you could also say service Hey, so let's move on to some other good byes. The most common and most polite way to say goodbye in German is off. Vidas Ian Off Vita Xeon off videos in. That's something you probably have haired before. If you have been studying German, even at little or have just heard in passing off videos in which it means goodbye, electrolyte translated would be we'll see each other again. Vida z and which would be I see each other again. Hey, um, a nice way to see cheerio and German is choose, choose, choose as can be used with more situations in Germany. Mostly, everyone understands choose, so we can use that as well. I mean goodbye or to ched or, um, younger Germans have also adopted chow from the Italians, and they use that to say goodbye so you can see Chow Chou chow. Hey, um some other and four movies to say See you soon or see you later. Ah ah this belt or off belt this belt or off belt this belt off belt These both mean See you soon, kid. We can also use this Sveta or this Dad this strata Orbis Dad this strata this time these both men See you later Another really to see See you later is via Z and want via Zeon Woods via Z and would hey great with when? Some greetings and some ways to say good bye. Um some ways to and telephone calls and German He would see it. Someone talk to you later or by you can use feta Heard ALF feed that heard which would literally mean m I'll hear your later. You've been talking so rather saying off with a Z and which is by when you see someone would say off Vida heard off Vida Hearn off Vita heard another way to Entel Phone call as to say it. We'll talk soon. You would say fia spirit in ones about it via spirit in wooden's but fear Operation ones. But que? Another way to say it. We'll talk later. As via expression, Inch better via expression. Owns beta via orange beta. Okay, good. Eight. No, in or ho to see her law and greet people in German, why not try the zone? Next time you're in Germany or if you speak to a German speaker, you could try them over Israel. Here. If you haven't substrate to my videos, click the subscribe button. No. So you can see new relations coming up in the future. Also, drop me some comments like me on warfarin enjoying the videos and there is you want to see like it. If I did what you would like me to make things you would like to know how you see in German . Hey, am I will see you soon so I'll see baseball to choose.