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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (57m)
    • 1. Intro Beginners Guide to Google Sheets

    • 2. Part 2 Common Terms

    • 3. Part 3 Creation

    • 4. Part 4 Formatting

    • 5. Part 5 Analysis

    • 6. Part 6 Share

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About This Class

A starter course to learn the basics of Google Sheets, becoming acquainted with its features.

What is Google Sheets - it is basically an online spreadsheet app on steroids, looking very similar to excel and others but offering so much more through the power of Google!

Broken into six parts

  1. Introduction and what is Google Sheets?
  2. Common Spreadsheet Terms.
  3. Create a Spreadsheet and Fill in With Data.
  4. Format Data for Easy Viewing.
  5. Basic Analysis.
  6. Share, protect and move your data.

Meet Your Teacher

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Chris Gage

Analysis, Forecast and Business Planning


Hello, I'm Chris. I like spreadsheets!

Come and follow my Learn with Chris Roadmap to see what I am working on.

I am an award-winning Director of Business Improvement with a distinct focus on Customer Service.  All in all, I like technology and ways to become more productive and efficient.

I have recently become a published author of Ebooks; as a person with Dyslexia, this has been a real achievement for me. Check them out here if you like my courses.

If you want to ask me any questions or get involved in my community, feel free to join my Learn with Chris Linkedin or Facebook page.

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1. Intro Beginners Guide to Google Sheets: Well, hello and welcome to this beginner's class for go sheets. So I imagine if you've arrived here, you've used spreadsheets before. Most likely excel potentially even Google sheets, and you either have, ah, professional interest are just a general interest in using spreadsheets for personal life or for business life or a mixture of the above. So what is this course? In fact, no letters start. What is Google sheets? So Google Sheets is on online spreadsheet, too often described as an online budget tool on steroids, not the wording I originally used. But it does make sense. The reason being is because it's fully on line, though it can be used off line to a certain degree is classes. A fully online toe has huge amounts of extra tools, basically because it's powered by Google. I hate off its competitors, for example, Open office in Excel. Not that either of them are bad products, and indeed they do excel. If you part of that in seven elements that could call sheets me no overcoat sheets is very , very clever. It's also completely free. I'm going to assume that you already have a Gmail Google account while she's coming on this video. And indeed you got some free storage which is more than enough for our spreadsheet. So Google Sheets Beginner's Guide. What we're gonna cover you can see on the screen to the left of me. This is our task, Lisk. Now I will share the spreadsheet with you on This will contain considerably more tabs when you see it as well, I've got them hidden. Just know Firstly, an introduction. In fact. Pardon me. Who am I? Some Chris. I am Scottish. So hopefully you can understand my accent. I'm trying to speak as clearly as I can. I, um, hate off intelligence. Basically, all my work is done in a resource planning data analytics and data intelligence. I had a reasonably large team looking into these parameters. So Google Sheets Microsoft Dick sale on many, many other products under my bread and butter on I'm quite passionate about which is why I'm choosing to do these courses for you and hopefully will provide some benefit for you. Intention is to do a beginner's course in an intermediate course. There's already some very good advanced courses out there, so I think I'll leave up at the moment However, I am going to do some specific courses on, for example, how to build your own personal budget with online farm so your family can use it. There's lots of features in Google sheets people don't use and don't talk about because they're kind of between the basic and the advance under. Just know there in that middle ground, intermediate groomed so they're gonna be lots of courses on that. So please have a look at them. Tonight's really us for our introduction. So let's just go over what else will be covering in this? We're going to recovering common spreadsheet terms Very boring, but it's extremely important that we get the terminology correct on. If you're used to this, that's fine. You could probably skip over most of our to note, however, it's extremely important you understand. Terminology will just be focused on the basic ones and again up a little spreadsheet within the spreadsheet I'll share with you. So you're familiar with them. And of course, you could do some Googling to find more five Web. We're gonna create spreadsheet. Of course, on I will share what few this breaching that I have done on. I will then do life the former and that I would expect you to be able to replicate on your own words were doing. This course, of course, has questions. So create spreadsheet and fill it with Dita. I have a few detail tapes I'm considering using. I haven't shared the data course yet, so we'll keep it fairly simple. But a lot of numbers with some text is where honors reasons for not after that for video will look a former data for easy view. So that's that. It's very important, actually, People don't ALOF and priority on this color for mine, for example, or date for buying or value for mine. Some people just can't look a deal table without colors. In fact, I can tell you a lot. Clients of mine can't look at the tables of her farming, so we'll focus on that for mine. The I may take more time than you would expect, but it's just to make sure you understand the basic principles off. After that, we'll look at some basic analysis by announces, will use the TSA and look at summaries. Will look accounts, look at averages, school through some of the basic formulas in some of the output you can get from that. Maybe tournament the charts, for example as well. Or at least lineup the data to be turned into a chart. Okay, and we will do some more advanced filtering in that section as well, Which I will wear assure you have to do very, very brief glimpse of, for example, a pivot table, but we will not go into pivot tables within this. I will put in a spreadsheet in order for you to have a little look at that, and I'll be for the intermediate course and then finally will share. Protect. Move your dear. How is this done? It's really where the power of Google comes into this. The ability to share and collaborate. Life is absolutely incredible and easily the best I've used in terms of feature on capability. So go over, not open. We'll do a small somebody at the end of what you've learned. As you say, I'll share the BTO with you. Please, of course. Ask any questions. Do keep an eye out for the other courses as well as Major, and we thank you very much. I've been Chris and I will see you for the next course 2. Part 2 Common Terms: Well, hello and welcome back to the beginner's course on Google Sheets. So where's his part? Two. And were no looking at common spreadsheet terms, I warn you in advance. No. The most exciting course in the world, however, is exceedingly important that we go over these basic terms. And indeed, I've given you some reference material. You should have opened up their sheep by no on. There's some links in that that I will show you how to get to. But of course, feel free to Google his Google sheets after all. So what I've done here in the to do list that you can see here I mean this bolt, because that's kind, of course, these will all go bold as a video is made for you. But we built to begin with under all hyperlink to the appropriate tap, and I'll explain that in one sick what you'd have to do to use this is click over it over your mouse over it, and then click on this link here. Alternatively, you can clink on the tops blue, so we are in terms document their sort of terms time. It's very, very simple on I will explain why I have deliberately used the term top a few times because it's the 1st 1 I won't talk of it, and we're gonna add ourselves. So top always a top. Well, this is your first piece, of course, Work right to them. Yourself, basically, as we just talked to a top, is the separate elements within the local sheep itself. So, as you can see, the bottom left here to do and terms are separate tops. Okay, so let's start with the very basic, and this is very basic. This is in Maine for people that have really no used any spreadsheets. Artal, whether it's Google or accept so first and foremost after you've taken more tablets because we reference and not a look is a sale. A sale is a single data point or element in a spreadsheet, since complicated. It's no. This year is a sale. This is already highlighted. Any sale? 80 books, basically is a sale. Anything within the Great Plains guys, a single data point element in the spreadsheet call him a vertical set of sense. I imagine you can work this out just for reference. Let's do one here. That is a column so a selection of sales in a rule, it doesn't have to be all the column necessarily. This is a full column all the way down, but arguably, that is also a column. Israel just a vertical selection sounds and although that can also be referenced separately , so for the purpose ease off our course. This is called a full selection. I rule. It's basically the same, a horizontal self sales. There we go here that is a horizontal sales, which is referenced a rope, a range, which is where there's some disputes between people. So it's better to just refer to a full column on a full role as a calm in a row. Arrange something like this. A selection off vertical and horizontal sales. It can be any mixture. So arguably lies a range no call. And I would agree, however, some off the official tutoring on the other products that you mean you used to do spreadsheets would reference that as a column rather in a range. But for the purposes of beginners class, this is a range. This is a column. This is a rule. Ah, formula. Okay, so we're not gonna go into detail informers currently, But formulas really the bread and butter off these spreadsheets, whether it's Google or Excel. So just to give you an example of formula would be something like that. So that's the count formula. I'm just gonna count this. I won't explain what I'm doing currently, but that you can see up here. And also here is a formula. Not answer is zero. There's a very good reason for that. But we're not gonna talk about that right now. We have another part off the course to talk about. That formula sometimes can be referred to just a za function again. For the purpose. Ease off the beginner's course. You can interchangeably call this a function or formula that is not entirely accurate. However, in all the businesses I've wanted on, indeed consulted for people will interchangeably use the term function formula on. Everybody will know what you mean, so you can look followed into the if you will formula function. I tend to use the generic term formula. However, it can be more accurate to use the term function. But I would heavily suggest to not dwell on that particular ailment. Ah, worksheet or she the named set of rules and columns making up your spreadsheet. Once break, she can have multiple sheets. Now. This is why I have tab separately, because there is different terminology, often between countries and also between products. So, worksheet is this your sheet? So everything, including multiple tops. But the spreadsheet can also be called that, so there's a few ways to look at this. The spread she is. It won't be called overall document that you're looking in front of you included on the tops of work she are. She is basically a top, however, between different countries on different products. These changes under no interchangeable they are different. So I think it's a fairly comfortable presumption to say If you call spreadsheet, you mean everything. So every top everything within it if you call a worksheet, a reference in the top on the sheet you're currently on. But they are quite interchangeable, especially for using Excel, and especially if you talk to people, have maybe used Excel 97 as an example. An older version, but spread she is the overall, and either a worksheet or a tab is. The elements are top can also just reference a physical button to go between as well. But just just to be clear, not again. If he used these with anybody that's familiar with these products, they're going to know what you mean. So it's all about her pedantic. You would like to be. How correct a video on product and nation that you're learning from on. Indeed, some businesses just aren't some complexity in their use. Their own terminology to describe that, usually because they have a legacy product. And then they moved on to something like Sheets on Microsoft. Excel Under can be some new and sees thereby again spreadsheets the overall thing on. Then the tab sheet work. She could be broken Grid Ling's so deliberately dot grid lines literally these lanes that are around the sales. There is something that I would say about one in three people do have using this term because and consultancy we always do this. We turn off the complains because it makes it cleaner allows you to sort do some extra for mine that the rest of our spreadsheets I am. Top's overall spreadsheet will have grid lines removed because it's a little bit of a cleaner pharma. Definitely for the video it looks alone, but cleaner. But that is physically grid line. So you can see them still there, because that's for mine. Okay, the hyperlink. Now I'm deliberately gonna show you this. Not so much to formula. I just want hyperlink is because you see me use a hyperlink to get to this top. So up their files to click or not, you can see equals hyper Lincoln. Then there's a complex se of numbers and then home. That's hyper Lincoln. No, in case that worries you. But remember, not for me. You don't need to remember that formula or not function. You just need to know lots of hyperlinks. So hyperlink example again, the work you're working on, we'll have this already done doing this live so you can look as we are looking at it together. So example, and you'd probably know anything I'm using the term what she she and tap into generally as deliberate to try and inspire you to make the choice. And indeed, as colleagues, maybe your business uses different terminology. Okay, so, first off, these are hyperlinks, But directly with the entire name off, the Lincoln will talk about them in one second but add hyperlink. This is a farce function formula. We're showing you right click you simply right click as long as you haven't done any strange set up on your PC, some people have double right click as an example, and I do know some people use a life click instead. Right click. But for 99% of people, that will be right. Click. When you go to Insert Link, which is a left click, you'll get a few different options here. I'm just going to see sheets and spread She left. Click on that and then I'm gonna click to Do, which is basically our homepage. I'm gonna click, apply and, as you can see at the top in a formula, so hover over that left click and it takes us back to that page. Here we go to do no, I'm gonna click on Mystic Books because I believe we have completed that. No, if he's detect when you're looking up UnTech from market progress. There's not a heavily complains course, but it's just good to get used to the new and sees within Google Sheets. We are gonna go, however, back to the Commons. Bridget Temps because there's two final things I'd like to show you. So we over over on, then left click. No Google Sheets is not the only Goodall product out there. That is something called Google Talks, which I imagine you can work out is a document editor very similar to Mike's off wired open office and other products. What's handy? A boat called Docks and indeed, a political document type activities cook of shit. Skakel. Slade's is in a very Easter sheer. People do share and give people access and collaborate. It's really collaborative approach to work in which is absolutely superb so that there and I won't open up just now. Isn't my own resource. A Sunday Elsie's who shared a basic guide to Google sheets terminology. It's a couple years old. However, the terminology hasn't particularly changed. Maybe just some of the pictures look slightly different, but please keep matters reference. That link will walk through this document, so if you keep in this document, you're making yourself a copy. Um, please have look it up. Very good. I just wanna reference again. Not my piece of work, But it is interesting on helpful piece the link below Google functions is a Web page, which is provided by Google, which is a full list of all functions. Are Formula and Google tainted references just dysfunctions. It's quite complex, so it's probably not something for no, but it gives every single function I believe is updated as soon as Google sheets is updated . As it is, Google's official supports it. So that's probably what for Luca's Well, that does give a breakdown off what it's for. However, it doesn't necessarily give a description. So, for example, in this course, we're gonna talk about what the count formula really doesn't can't function, really does. That won't necessarily explain that because there's a presumption of knowledge or looking for just a reference gate on their function and formulas themselves definitely worth a look . And definitely we're storing in a bookmark, or at least in this Beijing Hanna we that is us finished for part two of this course. Hopefully, that was quite clear on understood. Obviously, please feel free to re watch this references. She will have this complete spreadsheet available to you on the next task will be looking up. Next course we're looking at is creating a spreadsheet and filling in with data. It's really were there. The bread and butter, which is expressing, I believe over uses. We're manipulate in some detail. Nothing too complex will provide you with the details on a walking toe. Arrange it to a certain degree, and then we'll look a former writing. After that, they're very connected. We will do in two parts, but they are very connected, and we thank you very much. I've been Chris, I'll see for the next part. 3. Part 3 Creation: Well, hello and welcome back to part free creating a spreadsheet and filling it with data. So we're not gonna do that the other way arriving in some ways, we're gonna take the data first, make the spread. She that it should be quite a quick part. So hopefully the tedium of common spreadsheet terms you've passed that Amo make a spreadsheet were stand against that. The real meat off this year. So once again, we have created a link that we will go to so hover over on in life. Click on the link button. And here's some data. Not really for made just centralized detail. No, this is just fake detail that I found by Googling. One of the most benefits off Google sheets is there's lots and lots of just random. Oh, they're happy to use detail, which makes life a lot easier than other type. Something in, for example, via tape. All listen for you guys. So we've called the data. It's on the spreadsheet, but the name of this part is creating a spreadsheet. So this is this is just the data, so we need to spread. So let's do that, shall we? Very, very simple, and you have a few options to how you want to do this. But I'll show you the basic stuff here. So file and I'm gonna do to you. I'm just gonna cover over spreadsheet, but I'm gonna click Spreadsheet. Wow, there is a spreadsheet. So this will get saved in the mean drive off your Google drive. Now, I quite unorganized drivers. A lot people do. If you're just new to this, for example, because you're doing this course, that's fine. It'll be there. Why would, however, suggest he's just giving a name? So we're gonna call this sample detox four. Of course. There we go. So it's no God names, so it's easier to find. It is easy to save this in different places you can download. This is work on Excel and North Es Pdf where it you get the idea could email it directly. Version history is fantastic. We're not gonna cover like too much in this video. Had a short cut. You get the idea. There's lots information, but all we need to do is make a spreadsheet. So we made a spreadsheet. They got two sheets up here. You've got your coursework spreadsheet which you should have open all types, which has your day and it's all I've done here. It's click Appear I should know I'm using opera. This is the browser most people use chrome. Some people use into next border that all functions seem Wait. So at the top here you'll see your two tubs. Another use the term tubs, your details. So what's the easiest way to get this deal? There's a lot of ways, actually, but I'll show you the predominant one. The easiest way if you're taken a full data set is to click here and then copy it and show you had to copy in a second again. We're starting at the rial beginning here. However, we're not gonna do that. We're just gonna go click there on in cold shift key on life quickly. I want to see click Always mean life, Click High World warfare to right click when that's needed. So we've left click on a and inhaled shift and clicked on G on that selects the colors. So the number of ways of doing this, but I find the easiest way is to click here on edit and then go to copy or using the shortcut, which is what I normally do, which is controlled. See if you're not comfortable with that, are you having a small keyboard? Is an example some back users Do you go to a copy? Okay, so we have that copy. What do we want to do? A favor? Well, this part was about makings bridging and India. So what's what we're gonna do? Click on the top and go to the sample D, Of course. Or whatever you named it. There's a number of ways to do this again. But because we're trans preparing a whole heap of data into a new spreadsheet that we want to use, I would select Call them a role one So 81 sale, he won. I mean, that we call to it didn't pieced. And there we go. We have our data. No, there's a number of things that you can do here. We're not gonna go into four months fully right now, but just to needing up. So as I think we majored in a previous video, we will remove the grid lines and two with the grid lines. Few quickly. Just makes l A bit cleaner. Allows us to do some four mind things more. Obviously, in the next video, I'm not really it for this video. He's taken some details. You've made a new spreadsheet or you've made a new spirit, see take. It's a detail and then copied and pasted the data into the spreadsheet. That, my friends, is often a lot of people and businesses do have some deer, sometimes related by database in some sort female by I t I mean, they have to put in a spreadsheet and very, very basically on some filters to it, for example. Now, we wouldn't quite look at that yet. We'll do that in the next one, but that is this bridge India. So quickly we will go back to article sheets. Coursework. No, I havent put any home but in here. So we're gonna have to navigate by the button stamina ball. So we look here, we're gonna go back to our to do we're gonna click on to do I'm We're gonna click. So we've created a spreadsheet and filled it with that's part free hopping Chris. And I'll see Part four 4. Part 4 Formatting: Hello and welcome back to our beginner's course for Google Sheets, part four. So we're on form a data for easy viewing. So this is another quite short video. Video number five will be the longer part of this course, but we'll get there. So we've made a spreadsheet. We have put detained two. So we're now looking for four months India. So we're gonna go up here to the times of the top, but we're gonna go back to the other spreadsheet that we meet, which is a sample deal. Of course, you may have called it something different. So this is our spreadsheet. All we're looking for is for mine. Dia for easier. Look, not so we're not looking at basic analysis are regenerated. So what kind we do here? Well, former and surprisingly, can be one of the most contentious subjects in all off spreadsheet world. I say my history, consulting and the head of intelligence units and so forth can tell you that people are very particular about this. So I'm just gonna show you a couple of methods and you can choose to use them, or you can use them differently and all Very simple more stuff. It's very common for people to meet columns the same size on a low for everything to be seen at once. So all of the nearest life clip calling me like within lots video hailed shift and click column G. Okay, I last holding down shift. Fine. We're gonna hover over column segment here that is highlighted by small blue line. Should build to me coat. I'm just going. Teoh moved up. I've made it larger. Why have I made it larger? Because I'm trying to fit all the detail. So I'm going to do again. There we go. So I got quite a white screen, this mean all fit on everyone's screen. But now I've made all the columns of equal size on larger So every part, for example, Description? Well, no. So that's fairly good base practice, however, Julie Coleman and it's usually that's just give you some ideas and tips is a D or an I. D field. I'm not usually a small local. So what? We're gonna do this without cold and shift right clicking on any columns? We're just gonna hover over this separator, and we're actually gonna make this one smaller. Why did they not do that? Begin with? Because I wanted to show you this, so, you know, got the range smaller. No, this is obviously set up in the UK Former. So maybe that's something you want to change. Or maybe you don't want to change the U. S. Farmer. You just don't, you know, interested in, for example, the day your own interest in a month. So I've collected on the left Quicken. I've clicked on the column, called me, and I am going to move to this. But I'm gonna go to more four months. I'm gonna left click on this. I'm going to click on more four months and I'm gonna go to more date and time for months, I'm gonna life click here. So we've got DE which we sent or no interest in. So there's not something that we're looking for here. We're just looking for the bumps in the year. However, there is an easy way to do this. So there's the month of the year, Okay, but we don't want a day. So we're gonna left here. I'm not gonna click, delete, and then we're going to apply. There we go. You've got by month. And you on the left on site, you can see which, for the purposes of this date set, we're going to pertained is the most relevant piece of information. There's other things we may want to do here. Some very, very small pieces as well. So amounts amounts of very obvious. Maybe you want a quick visual guide on the only former and not doing any analysis. So again we're gonna lift click this color column d we're gonna go to former when we're gonna go to conditional formatting We're gonna life click that and we're gonna go to color scale. So this is the default. This is not particularly helpful for us. So we're going to go from I don't read too Green seems like an obvious one. So Louis number will be read and high stumble green. So all we've done near his click on this click here. Obviously there's a multitude of color. She can create your custom color skill Feel free to play around with us. I've left this at minimum value maximum value with the middle point being the percent O which is basically means the middle 50%. That can all be changed. There's lots of ensued, but for the prophecies of this, that's fine. So we're gonna click done and we're just gonna click off. I'm gonna close that because we don't need that. So there's a very, very quick visual guide, Louis the minimum. It does look like there's repeated daytime estate sent. That's fine. Minimum. Now there's a few other things we want to do. Maybe we want to know something quite specific. We can see all toe on. Goss appears quite alone. This is clearly some of these expenses. I think so. We're gonna do something else here. We're gonna do another type of condition for money. We're gonna click from column C. We're gonna click on former and we're gonna click on Conditional for mine again. Now there's some rules. Here is no empty, not very helpful for us. Text contains. Now that could be quite helpful. So text contains auto. Here we go. We can very quickly see everything. Auto and gas. No, Some part times I wouldn't have the right takes. Contains exactly auto and Gus just in case there might have been a little gas on something else over. Investigators say daughter was sufficient that should be quite obvious, and it's quite easy to do to get back to now. All you do is click former condition for mine. Make sure you selected Ian that conditional foreman and so called him. See, you can edit that. You can delete it. If you eat it, you just go back in to delete you Click. There have been. You can add more rules very much for foreplay around. This doesn't affect Judea defects the former off here. And, of course, somebody haven't referenced. I'm hoping people are familiar with. If no, there's the undo button so you can undo a long, long we with Google Sheets, and I've got to redo to go back. There's also a huge version history sheets, which we're not going to touch on within this video orders course indeed. But you're pretty safe and negotiates, even if you make a bit of a maze. No time current encouraging you to make a mess for insurance purposes. Okay, so that's a basic for mine. Something else. It's quite common, and often best practice in a piece of detail like this is your scrolling down, but you can't see which Hastings they are Okay, so let's freeze the Peens. I should know this. There's quite a number Pieces of information here format here is probably work for Luke. We will indeed do a little bit more on this, but I've hovered over a couple of thes because we're not gonna go into them. You can bold italic underline strike fruit can align. We will show you some alignment that just just just go into this, I could go into more detail into each one, but I have a few. And that might not be the based video to watch. So I would suggest in the four mark column you're pretty safe. So the format me we're just playing around with, um and I suggest you do on this sort of data, and this data will be perfect. But what we're gonna do is we're gonna freeze, and we're just gonna freeze. That will optionally Ghani's. We're gonna freeze. No columns. One called the current group one room. Let's try that. So I frozen one rule and you can see a gray line has appeared. I agree. Line means that that section, this spreadsheet or sheep they should see a tab wilstein and say all types. Often you would freeze it so you can see the first column as well as well as its first rule but not relevant for this dealership. So that just helps us there. So what else can we do? For example, we can collect. Call him G. You can do this. Reform up. I'm going to show you some of the quicker ways to do that. We've collected calm, Gene. This is the institution we don't like that being centralized, this isn't best practices. Is user choice horizontally aligned so intertwined in the Santa like the left? The right. Let's line it there. Left. There we go. It was interesting. There's a little Nunes Grid lines have just appeared next. But we'll do that. We will align to the right. Never you. So what else committed? There's so many things. Let's make the top plane. So I'm gonna click on number one. I'm gonna click there, which is highlight The whole room I'm gonna click on the beat which refers to bold So likes me that bold I won't name bigger so I'm gonna click here font size. I got to 14. I'm also going to go to overpass and I'm going to change overpass. Sorry, this is the meaning for changing form. So it's complicitous overpass. You click the arrow next to I'm going to say, How does video There we go. A huge change. If you have companies got fallen off, then it's times new Roman's about deed over Aereo liberal. You've got all the standard font in. Did you got some non standard forms here as well? So please feel free to change. There's an interesting one for U Matic. So we go. It's a basic former and we've got our data. We played a round of law, but we've discovered an interest in unions on Google sheets were grid lines of, say, maybe appeared. It's not too important for this. So thank you. I've been Chris and I will see you for the next video 5. Part 5 Analysis: Well, hello and welcome back to part five of the beginner's course to Google Sheets were no looking at basic analysis, average in some filtering, etcetera. So this could be a fairly complex part, of course, even for beginners, kind. But we are going to focus on the basic formula. So we've completed a four month detail for each of you. So we still have our to spread sheets up here. We have Google sheets, the course to do list, and we have a sample. Of course, again, you may have called the slightly different. You probably get more familiar for some of the new and season I to play around, but we're gonna go back to the sample data. Okay, so we've got a couple of things going on here, and it all looks very street. So what we're gonna do is we're going to select the columns again, and then we're going to centralize. And indeed, I'm going to make some of these a little bit smaller. The reason I'm gonna do this is because I want to use a column to the right to make it look nice. So there we go. They should know how to do that because we did that in the last coursework again, left, clicked on G, hailed shift and collect on B and then changed the size using the phone size. So there's a number of things we can do here. What will do very quickly first is filtering. Filtering is a very simple concept, but it's exceedingly useful. So I'm just gonna click on the one here. We're not gonna spend too much time on Phil three. I'm gonna go to the spine. I have treated filter. I'm gonna click anywhere on spreadsheet. As you can see, there's fillers all the way along here. You can do that by clicking G. I'm in selecting again. But the prophecy. This is fine with clipped unroll one. We want to filter in all for one. What would we use this Philip for? Well, let's have a little look. Category the air Rico. Well, it's clear. So we've got all these options. We've clipped a little water. What do we want to do? Well, I think first off, we want to clear and we're interested in gas. So its life click that There we go. We filtered. All told, gas simple is that kind agree? Okay, we can life click on that game. This time we're gonna slate all click. OK, there's lots of ways you can do this. You can click on here. You can fill it by color. There is no colors in here, but there's colors there, Philip by condition, So a lot of things won't be relevant for this. But if there's any of thes, rules are blank, which might very well be so is empty. You can fill it by his empty is not empty. Text contains is a very useful one. Date is obviously very clear and greater than so. Let's just show you a great airline formula. So let's filter by. Condition is greater. Don clear all sorry, greater than four fives it because we know there's a couple are very high. There we go. It's the paychecks persons piquant with. So here we go, filtered by over $45. We didn't type in the dollars because it's a value. But let's clear that just there. So like us. In fact, we want to leave that potentially. Let's let's just clear. Okay, so we followed up. All I did was to leave a name change the filter to none, so felt by condition. None on in quick. Okay, okay, so we have our filters. You again. I would suggest just playing with that. You can't really break. This isn't really effective details. The viewing off the detail on again, You've got that lovely undo button. So what can we do with this, dear? So many things. We're gonna focus on a few basic formula right now. I'm more focused on the value column. So the end meant because I asked the vast majority of where analysis comes from so we can do equals something so that we go tells your number of things. So some some off seas off numbers on or cells. Okay, so we're gonna open bracket parentheses. If you have open bracket, I'm just gonna click on de Just gonna life click on the top of column D and then we're going to close. Bracket nears is something. What is that? Some off that as a some off this person's three months expenses. So we know they were getting paid about $5500 after all the expenses they've been left with any phase in $639. We can just double check that. So, yes, there was three months, so we know we want to. Any calculation for this? Although we could type incorrectly, there was three months. So we know that some history phase in 600 Fernando's. What does that tell us? That tells us equals click on SL or type in Not sale, which is I 14. As you can see the top divide forward slash and they will get click on this sale, which is 12. That tells us on impress. Enter tells us that each month he had a big 1200. He or she high the big $1200 left over. That's not very good form up for us. So we're gonna click on that sale. We're gonna click on the former, too. We're gonna click home currency. There isn't poems. I won't change that dollars. It's not doing any calculation. It's literally just putting opponents saying in front of it. So $1200 a month, That's how much I believe you secure. She has been Okay, So what else do we have here? Well, there's a number of things here. What would probably want to do is well, mainly not to relevant for this day, I imagine, but let to do the average. So the average of walk again we'll focus on the amount so we're gonna rate in literally average, which is a new medical average value in the data, say, ignoring text. So average open bracket click on call them D close bracket, then click enter average. If any of thes is $36.39. It should be very clear that negative values will have on interesting communes to them have ever been able to focus on anything about You should be able Teoh to see that we will look at that in another course. Using naked values in particular can be a little bit awkward within any spreadsheet. However, for the purposes of this, that is the average any of these sales, indeed, another week to look at this. So if you could call them deep down at the bomb here, but you can't see them because I'm in the week. So let's move me out the week it's moved me up. You can see down here minimum men, so that's the minimum value. If you click on this actually tells you all these different numbers. Interestingly, there the lines of just appeared again. But that is no Have I'd suggest doing so. That's the average value was click Undo. I'm gonna remove average because it's not too relevant. What else do we win? Fight. No apologies. Let's put average barking. Nice. Interesting. Okay, undo and redo didn't work. Let's just do the average again. So average, which is equals Average. Open bracket a moment. Close bracket. Impressive doors. What else could be used? Kempt. So how many amounts Order. How many physically? Curtain on your fingers. How many is what couldn't be any simpler? Equals count, number of numeric values? And is it? So that's accounting numbers, so we can just click on the D again. It's not gonna click Count amount as a number, So click on D close bracket. Enter 100. That's a nice number. So that's her meaning we've got. And you can see some is divided by the coat you may have noticed for a day. The sharp eye people that the average down the bottom right was a little bit different to that because there's different ways to measure average again for the purposes of this average here is just average, so he calls the sum divided by the current. So another way to do this. And there's not a good reason to do it this week, particularly, however, just so you can see So we're gonna do equals for some on instead of getting in on this time , we're gonna click forward slash divided by the count from bracket. Click on column D Close bracket. Click Enter And there we go now another interesting before mine tip so we can click your We can Great Click copy, and then we can right click here and go to Paste Special pieced format only Americo. It's for my $9 indeed, we can go in there right Click on Peace for my only to change that $2. Just a handy little It tells you all the little shortcuts as well. So Control V is the actual shortcut to do for a rake like, you know, again, depending on keyboard types as well. So that's some really, really basic calculations and analysis. However, the vast majority of analysis it's totals, averages, counts, and actually, yet that is other methods and other things you can do. There is some formulas that I would suggest you look up and indeed, we'll cover in an intermediate course. Some EFS count ifs if you know those two. Some X and we won't do this because it's not beginners. But just give me an idea. I could do some if what's the some range? So that's the amount. The range, which happens to be a column which column D on what are the ifs, ifs for me would be, for example, before sorry, greater than or equal to the first of January 2018 and less than the first of February 2018 . And that would do the maths between the two. So a we do the sum for the cut, the number of amounts, initially, the value of their moans in January so we would know them. See, it's not a beginner subject. Eyes definitely mawr Intermediate, but I think it's what for. Look, some efs and current ifs if you can do those two on average. If says well, however, Jeffs can be a little bit more awkward, but it's the same basic mechanic Average ifs. Average range, for example, would be calling the again and what is your average. If maybe you just want to know what's more than one, so you'd be greater. 10 0 And it does tell you quite clearly how to do it again, if you remember in our other spreadsheet, Google Sheets. If we go to the Commons, Bridget terms or definable terms me, you can click here. I won't click it for just now because it will put up a new window and I won't record that window because the way that recordings up you could type in average ifs, and I'll give you a full breakdown of information. So sample data There is a couple of other things I'll show you briefly again. Not necessarily in the Basic World, I think quite important for you. So we're going to select the range if you remember a range. We're just going to select randomly from this top here, and we're going to click on this button here and certain chart. This is gonna provide a chart. So let's just dry got over here. Over say, a lot of these values are negative, but they're all negative because there's no paycheck and we just fine And there we go. We've inserted a chart very easily, which is suing the mortgages, the mean payment, charity and so forth. You can turn on different things. You can play around with this and again. I would heavily suggest you play around here so we can maximize, which is often a feature people want to do. Target City D Yongle back to set up, disappears automatically If it goes away, Double click again. High appear we can change it from a column chart. A line chart pie chart pie chart won't work. Connect values generally on a thr stock TD, a chart and so forth from so far. Just play with this. This is not going to delete your dear. This is only going to interpret the dear you've selected in this Deer Ridge. If you're feeling confident you could use the whole list. Look at all the detail. You can select it by that you can add another range, or you can start again. Also, one other I am that we did mention is we would sure pivoted. Now again. You'll see lots of things in here, so Ndta, I would hesitate to go into this too much to begin with. But feel free on this particular sample spreadsheet and used undue range. So we want to add I'm just gonna slit this. You don't necessarily have do this. I've just clicked and dragged rather than held shift from a G clicked and dragged by, holding down the left most button to conjure going click on data and I'm going to click on a table. I want to create a penalty pivot table based on what's called she Want, which is the name off this time from A to G snatcher efforts in the column on I Want to Do a New sheet. Some, like create I spent menu. She No, this is definitely not be sick anymore, but I'll show you very, very quickly, something here. There is some suggestions. In fact, we will click on the suggestions rather than do pivot tables. Pivot tables are most definitely not basic, but it's suggested so using the power of a gui I it's seeing some off a main for each month doesn't seem very logical, however, the 1st 1 seeing some off a moment for each category that's very relevant. That's the preview. So it's showing us that's a preview. So I think we should go for that. There we go and you can see it's added a rule, which is the category. Are all one gas again showing totals ascending and it's added value. Honest average value? That should give you coin a good indication again. You obviously have this spreadsheet, but you have your own one as well to give a little plea with this. That's very handy for us. One final thing we do is we will make a chart NYSE. Very interesting. I'm deliberately not gonna change this Charters of waterfall chart. It's trying to came for the positive negative from the subtitle, which is very interesting, actually. The way it's done, that here but again, feel free to play with these. I will delete this chart because I don't want to lead anyone down the wrong ripped. But you can either chart for that to get to the pivot table information once again, just click somewhere on the pivot table and he'll do you there. I'm one final thing will go back to shoot one. The sheet This top click here. That's fine. Again, I'm in the week, so let's bring me up top again. Responding here is explored This is all about me. I machine learning type activities. I'm gonna click up and it's gonna look at my dear and he's gonna give me suggestions. Well, I could do. There's a couple there. Some of these are quite relevant count off institutions. It seems to be focused on. There's the pivot table, for example. You can ask about this deal so you can ask date on amount. What would it come up to Indiana moment is that it's not brought benefit for that, but you can tape in. This is very new, and it's not something I use particularly. I use the formula itself. I'm gonna pop this one in the current off institution in search are I'm gonna lower myself down again. I am closer. So what's that given us? That's given us chat to move these, but you just hold the left. Most button and drag by. Dr Keep holdin left most button under a drug cloud down here as well kind of institution. So that's telling me there's Tain checking Dane Bank Very Bank Americans. So So there we go. There's some basic analysis. There's a lot you can do with what you've just seen here, especially cleaning up the way the table looks. Maybe making five or six charts but not nice and connected Go go sheet shows you very clearly more than the other special tools. When something's lining up, for example, consider lines there. It lines up perfectly. It's very, very easy to make things look professional and Google sheets and very, very quickly. And the next hip suit the next part, which is the last part of show you had to share this information have ever. You're probably getting used to that already because you're obviously being shared with justice. Finalize and summarize this course work will go through that and export, and we thank you very much, have been Chris. Get very much for joining the video, and I will see you for the next part. 6. Part 6 Share: Hello and welcome back to the beginner's course for Google Sheets. And we're on part six, the final part. Very happy if you need it here. I know the subject can be a little bit dry, but it's very important to go over the basics, which is what this gate is all about. So this is a really, really short how to do, and they will This summarize what we've seen over. Okay, So in order to share, she is so simple because she it's one of the big, big benefits. I've indeed already shared the sheet, which hopefully you have opened up. If you fold the course correctly, it couldn't be any simple shear. Click on the button at the top, right? What I've done is I've put this link in the video description for this course, and I copy that link. So anyone with the Lincoln View and if you followed the little guide in the description, you hopefully meet a copy as well. Now you can be a little bit more advanced finish. You can specifically right in people's names. So if you've got people in your contact list, if you've got a Google account at work you can type in their name cannot. You can give them different types of rights. So I me at my colleague Peter Peter type in his email address, or while his name would come up one type of miracles. You'll see all the email addresses and I would see Okay, he can edit it as well. Or maybe you can comment on it or you can just few. I've only say so. For example, you will be viewing the original one, but you have made a copy. I personally tend to use the link more than email addresses. However, because we don't use Google should primarily for collaboration and work. The collaboration is a fantastic thing to do. What else can we do? Hear? You can click on Advanced. So that's me. I am the owner. If there was more individuals there, I could change their I could share the link directly via email. Of course, on I could share a link directly via Facebook, which is an interest in addition. But obviously some people will be using Facebook for business and invite people again. I can prevent editors from changing access. That's often a good one. So you mean give Peter full access to editing right, but you don't necessarily want him giving anyone else access or, I think, new people. So you prevent that. And you can disable options for downloading print copying for commenters of years. Personally, I don't use this, however, if you're working on something very specific and you want Peter to work on it, a few maybe is a budgetary pizza information for your work or maybe yourself employed. You want people to look at, but you don't want him to be out of print or download a copy. However, that that is extra privacy. But I would see, you know, never share with somebody who you have any concerns about, because there is ways and means to go around, you know, taken Screenshots for an example, but that just at some privacy so that shooting could be any simpler. So we'll just click done. No need for that. No, I've also inserted move data here, another numerous ways to move data within your Google driver. In a very separate subject, you can right click on the document and you can click on move and you can select the location. The other means off moving you can download so you can just download a copy. And quite often people will want a pdf former If you've done some charts, which is a very good or an excel former, this does open up in Excel very well. There's a few features within sheets that won't work in excel and vice of air. So all of the live features which released mixed Google Standard like the life currency changing, for example, won't work in Excel just doesn't have that future you could dangle. This is a white peach. Never done that before, but there could be reasons for it. Comma separated values. So this is very important. One. If you've got a data set like this one and you don't know didn't see his VL download. It's basically the most simple former you can imagine, literally. Just the values comma separated, which can be very helpful if anybody needs this for making report at an example, and you can also download it as a top separate values again, never really used this one, but feel free to do that, and then you can obviously directly email as an attachment, and you could move again. I won't click it because it will open up Google Drive, which is a very different subject. They'll give you very, very clear options on where to move it, and that's really all four. Sheer, protect and move your data. So in essence, that's us. Completed the course. Just to summarize for you, you will have a few spreadsheets available. You will have your Google sheets course to do list, but you should be working through with me. You will have the sample data for course, which I will also provide a link for. You can use mine. I would heavily suggest, however, making a copy like we talked about in prior videos. So you complete with feudal in formulas. So good day ascents got some interest immunities for near gives. Of course, we've also established a pivot table in near. Also, it's very important that you continue to look at the terms. Obviously, that's a very, very light touch on the terms here. But if you follow the basic gate on the Google Functions document, you can find an extensive list on the description and definition off all the terms. Just as a reminder. There is different terminology for, for example, UK, US between products and even businesses. But your fear. Lee comfortable if you use columns to describe the fill column Rose, that's correct. Foot rule range destroyed by an isolation worksheet to describe Sorry spreadsheet to describe it in her home piece that you're walking on tubs or sheets to describe the individual elements. With it, you're pretty safe and Formula One function that there is, there's a proper way of off seeing them function. For example, count is a function, but it can become a formula people honestly will use our interchangeably on. I've never heard in my entire career anyone pick up anyone not and indeed, the dead. I wouldn't know why they would. Of course, on sale was is very understandable is what's literally the element that you're walking. I just want to say thank you for this course. I know it's not the most exciting subject in the world, but hopefully that's giving you some basic understanding who sheets very open to comments. Happy to answer questions is, well, there is considerably more courses on this way. We're doing an intermediate course. Primarily I'm going to be focusing on providing templates and what to do with, um, for example, is a personal budget. Simply I've got some contacts and our templates of people may want to use for forecasting and announces I'm going to show a state by state. Ohio used to build them anyway, Thank you very much. Hope you're enjoying skills here on. I will see you on my other courses.