Beginner's Brand Survival Guide In A Digital Era | Marcelo Bayon | Skillshare

Beginner's Brand Survival Guide In A Digital Era

Marcelo Bayon, Online Educator

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20 Lessons (48m)
    • 1. Introduction Video

    • 2. What Is A Brand Ecosystem

    • 3. Website

    • 4. Email Marketing

    • 5. BLOG

    • 6. Book/Audiobook

    • 7. Podcasting

    • 8. Online Courses

    • 9. Salespage

    • 10. Landingpages


    • 12. Acquisition Stage

    • 13. Activation Stage

    • 14. Retention Stage

    • 15. Revenue Stage

    • 16. Referral Stage

    • 17. Bonus! How To Appear On Google

    • 18. Bonus! How To Use Blog For SEO

    • 19. Bonus! How To Get Facebook Clients

    • 20. Conclusion


About This Class


Have you ever wondered how to increase the chances of business success with a start up? Make sure you focus on making sure all three reasons businesses fail are covered. 

The top three reasons that businesses fail are the following: They stop communicating with their customers, they do not define their value and how it differentiates them from the rest of the market and they do not communicate that value effectively to their audience. 

Building a multi-media brand lets users experience and interact with your brand in whatever way they see best fit. Some users may want to consume your brand in a podcast style format. They throw it on before they start driving or before or during a gym session. They might want to read your blogs or books during flights or long travel. Some members of your brand will want to consume courses your brand offers to help them better solve the problems themselves moving forward. Everyone wants to win and if you can help people show them how they can win bigger, it builds brand loyalty when the client is unwilling or unable to do the work themselves and wants a professional like your brand to solve the problem.

Becoming a brand is all premised upon having a story. A brand is a solution to a pain. When you have a solution you have a brand. When there is no solution, there is no reason to have a brand.

The reason to become a brand is to become visible on the market as a leader, expert, as a person, etc. Becoming a multi-media brand allows you to be available in the media channels yours audience is in and lets them consume your brand in what feels most comfortable to them.

Having a multi-media brand will allow you to grow the biggest audience. There are different learning and consumptions styles and having a dynamic agile brand that is present in multiple media formats, will create more success stories. The different media channels can help understand more problems and questions that your audience may have. Your solutions are able to reach further and you can adjust them as you get feedback from audience interacting with your brand in different ways.

We will also be going over the structure of a sales funnel and the purpose of each stage to continue pushing clients to referral stage.





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Marcelo Bayon

Online Educator

Hello, I'm Marcelo. I want to help others as much as I can because I want to make the biggest impact on the world that I can.

I have been in marketing for 10 years and I have been developing software for about 1 year. My main focus is building marketplaces and helping other increase their impact they are making.

I am also an author and I wrote a book on Brand Ecosystems, a book on forex trading, and a book of dating Latinas.

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