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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Class Introduction/Tips

    • 2. SS Swing Basic Step

    • 3. SS Swing Underarm Turns

    • 4. SS Swing The Hammerlock

    • 5. SS Swing The Cuddle 1

    • 6. SS Swing Kicks

    • 7. SS Swing Demonstation

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About This Class

Welcome to our Beginner Swing Course, On behalf of Chelsea and Myself we hope this video helps you begin your journey into Dance! 

Swing is an exciting and fun style of dance! There are many different styles of swing but in this course you will be learning Single Time Swing a.k.a Jitterbug! It’s mainly suited for songs that have a very fast tempo which means incorporating Chasse’s or triple steps would be exhausting or difficult. So this style of swing uses a Single Step to accommodate the speed of the music.

Meet Your Teacher

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Brandon Barker

Teaching the World to Dance


Welcome to BCdancepassion's virtual classroom! Here you will find Dance Lifts and Tricks along with easy partnering techniques that can be used in social and performance applications. Our mission is to equip our students with safe yet fun maneuvers that we believe should be accessible to as many people as possible.

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1. Class Introduction/Tips: back to our skill share course, Everyone. My name is Brandon. This is my dance partner, Chelsea. Today we're gonna be getting into some basic swing out just to point out a couple of things when someone says they do swing dance, they could be West Coast, East coast jitterbug, Jack. I mean, the list is endless. So basically what we're teaching today, single time swing also. But you don't need anything in the way of dance shoes. You just wear something slippery and that will work just fine. Go over a couple of basic positions that we're gonna be using. So the 1st 1 is called to end old or practice holes. So basically, the leaders hands are gonna be underneath thumbs open followers place for hands inside of his hand, and we're just going to see that connection by lowering our thumbs down. But don't clamp down with have a nice life second position, which is in another school share course that we've designed Our fundamental salt, of course, is the clovers dance position. So she's gonna place for right hand inside of my left hand. He's gonna raise your left arm out to the side. We're gonna go ahead and close down that position by placing our right hand on shoulder from a different angle. And this is our clothes position. Now in swing, we're actually gonna do a hybrid of two. So we're gonna being closed on the right hand side, and then we're going to adopt the two hander practice for with our leaders left hand another thing to know in this year. Swing. What happens? We have rocked steps in this in this pattern. So once the arm drops, we're gonna have a little bit of a turn out. There's gonna be We're gonna be creating a B shame with our bodies rather than square towards each other. Just gonna open up nice and natural. 2. SS Swing Basic Step: we're gonna demonstrate the basic step first were demonstrated from two different angles. So we have 567 and 1234 times 6123456 You don't want to come primarily. Just slow, slow, slow, slow way Slow way angles. That 56 way. Okay, so now we're gonna go ahead and get into the gentleman work. So we're gonna start with basic step. First, you start with your feet. First position, feed together. You start with your left leg, and you're going to be a from here. We're gonna do is your step out with your left foot. And then you're going to pick up step onto your right, but were dramatized on your left foot back to Iraq. Steps to wear love. But right foot. 12345612345612345 Followers where started in our right. But we're getting to dance here. Right? Armand's dropped left. Right side, Bram Step. In other words, we're gonna go on right on the left, right? Left. You're counting and we have 123456123456 slows and quicks slow two weeks. So we have slow, slow Wait Slow, slow and wait again. Right way. 3. SS Swing Underarm Turns: next batter we're gonna be doing under a turn out and sort of started one basic that we're going to turn the partner out from Rooth 567 and slow. Slow, way, way. Wait way. You know, this is pretty much the same exact pattern, but the leader will render is we're just going to rotate a little bit more to face our followers. So we're gonna demonstrate that again. We have 567 Slow, slow. Wait. Slow, slow way. Wait. More time for different English times. Way. 567 And slow, slow. Wait. Slow. Slow way. Quick, slow, slow way Slow, slow way. You know, we're getting into the footwork for the leaders on the alternating under our turn or so starting with a basic step. First, we have slow, slow way. Now from here, as we step with our left foot, we're gonna raise this left hand in the air. So we go slow, slow, quick. Now we're gonna maintain contact with this hand. We're gonna raise it up Slow, slow, way More little note. You don't catch catch your fall straight away. You do a couple of basics until you and your fault for a little bit sore. A little extra work, but what I want you think about it literally. Just in basic step. Just rotating like a yo yo Turnout and back. One basic, First of all, wait right now Let's get back with you. Have slow slow One more times Didn't tell you where you're right left, right. 4. SS Swing The Hammerlock: for this next pattern. This is actually known as the hammer lock. You'll start to recognize patterns as faras turns. Basically, turns are essentially the same. No matter what we're doing. What we will notice is we have a handhold and create a completely different moments. So we're gonna be in a two and hold here. We're gonna start with Basic step Gonna go into this. 567 and slow, slow way Slow, slow way five ways. Just as a quick tipple. I still have my partner here. We're gonna go into the hammerlock position. You feed things. First of all, you don't want fourth year your partner in jail. Actually, I was dancing. Secondly, what you're doing, you're raised left in the air. Drop right one down by the small of fall. Then from here will allow rotation, basically chest pointing towards each other and finish that out. Bring on background in Georgia and position. Okay. So the leaders will work on the hammerlock, essentially the same as Waas Previous pattern. So we're starting off on a to hand over into a basic First we have slow, slow, quick, quick, slow, slow. Wait. Slow, slow way. I'll demonstrate that one more time. Live slow, slow way for the ball were, in fact, just only part. We're trying our hand Hold together. What tricks Here is a lot of trying way. You have a nice last. I feel very awkward and very tight. So have Armstrong. So seriously from behind have dropped way your right arm slow. Wait, Quit. My left arm is trying My back turned back slow, slow way Different angles You can see here in front first it's slow, slow way are slow way slow and quit So for this one because we have to hand told you're gonna feel a little bit Sometimes our partners will be too far away So they're not that you need to look at your stuff Way short with a different super steppe Super tiny that way used the movement once get used to it started. Just help yourself 5. SS Swing The Cuddle 1: right that our next chatter and this one is known as a cuddle or the cradle step. We're gonna demonstrated from the side and then facing products. You get respect. Have 567 and slow, slow way. Go ahead and treat this front on. I have 567 and slow, slow. Wait. Slow, slow, quick, Slow, slow way put Temple. I still have my partner here. It's important that when you're bringing your partner into this cuddle position that you guys were slightly offset. So for what I mean by that, I don't want to be by my partner. I want to be off to the side so that moment. So if she's coming and she's actually gonna be coming into cradle, that's on the right side of my body, not worth my body. And then that way is already will have to worry about leaders being so we're slightly offset after your rock step. Wrong step, she approaches the side of my body goes into the next step. Then we're side by side is a rock rock Step one to rock step. All right, so here is the leaders work for the cradle steps. We have our to 10 hole. We're gonna do one basic for us. So we have one to rock to step. Same formulas before, As I step with my left to my partner raised that left arm. In the years I'm gonna go left, right? And then as she's in this cradle position, we're both going to rock back rock step, raise left hand as I step with the left foot slow, slow and then rock Step one more time for a different angle. So basic first slow, slow quick, slow love Slow way with slow, slow, way, way Starting with our partner Right way Have slow way Turn my body to let Yeah, All right, we're gonna start basic stuff. There are two whole way have right? Let's rock stepped now stepped forth our partner training So right arm way have. Right, We're back. Right? Right. Wait. First word that size rocks. Here it is again. One last time. 567 Slow, slow way 6. SS Swing Kicks: All right. So this is your bonus pattern. This one is called the Swing Kicks is going to have a change of time. Again, it's This could be the most challenging of the basic elements so far. 567 m Slow, slow. Quick, quick, slow. Slow. A 123412345678 Rock step right now. Demonstrate that size problem back. Slow, slow. Quick, quick, slow, slow. 123412345678 Rocks. All right, so, leaders again, this one has a changing of the timing. So I'm gonna top this numerically and then all back to slow. So we're in our dance physician. We're and one basic first way have left. Right rock step for Pete. Left right now, Carrier and step back four times, Starting with your left foot. You have 1234 Now from here, your point Step for these next couple accounts. Starting with your left. You're going to go. Point, step point right. One left. Step right. Step on your back. On your left with rock step your basic more time Now is and slow Slow, quick, quick slow, Slow way. Quick, quick, quick. 1234568 I start with the basic stuff in order to go into four lakhs. Four way. Have 12344 1234 Right, right, right. Left. 1234 of those four cases have been told to switch it up 234 together. 7. SS Swing Demonstation: - on behalf of myself in Chelsea. Want thank you guys for joining us in this scale. Share course, The basic swing. We hope you guys had a great time. Make sure that you practice practice, practice slowly at first and then add the music and later, so you don't get frustrated. If you have any questions, feel free to comment to us or direct message just through skill ship. And if you're interested in dance lessons of your own online, you can noise three Monstrous on www dot bc dance fashion dot com