Beginner for Authors, Writers and Speakers (Blogging For Smarties) | Yvonne Wu | Skillshare

Beginner for Authors, Writers and Speakers (Blogging For Smarties)

Yvonne Wu, Author and Speaker Support Services

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15 Videos (1h 7m)
    • Introduction

    • Choosing a Unique Domain Name

    • Planning Your Website Content

    • vs How Are They Different?

    • Website Content Attracting Readers

    • Your Project Breakdown

    • for Beginners Sign-up

    • How to Use the WP Admin Control Panel

    • Customize your Home Page

    • WordPress Add a Menu

    • WordPress Add a Blog Post

    • WordPress Change Your HomePage Advanced

    • Dashboard Settings and Social Sharing

    • WordPress Comments

    • Thank you! Final Project Breakdown


About This Class

This class is part of the Blogging for Smarties Bundle Series.

Are you an Author, Writer or Speaker? Learn WordPress Basics Step by Step! No Coding experience needed. 

Figuring out how to design, market and publish your first WordPress Website by yourself is no easy task. Wouldn’t it be nice if you did not have to struggle or depend on someone else to do it for you?

Learn why you should have a WordPress website, plan and create your first website. Learn what pages you need to effectively market your blog.

In this class, you will learn how to:

Complete the course with your own customized website published using a FREE hosting platform.

Know the difference between and

Plan your website look and page content before creation.

Learn how to choose a domain name.

Create a menu, add Pages, add blog Posts, add users, social media icons and add images the right way.

Understand how the Admin Dashboard works and use it to customize your website.

Learn how to choose your first free WordPress theme using

Learn how to add users and monitor comments.

This course starts at a basic level. You’ll learn how to install your WordPress website and then I go through the back-end administration panel where you can customize your website. You can create and customize your first website with me!





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Yvonne Wu

Author and Speaker Support Services

Yvonne Wu, provides services tailored to professional speakers and authors. She has assisted authors and speakers with a wide variety of projects across North America, helping them tell their story by providing assistance with the tasks that surround the successful completion, publishing and marketing of a book. Yvonne is a web designer, teacher, writer and an award-winning author of a technology book for authors.


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