Beginner Pattern Design For Selling Your Own Print On Demand Products | Chantelle Fashion | Skillshare

Beginner Pattern Design For Selling Your Own Print On Demand Products

Chantelle Fashion, freelance fashion designer

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About This Class

If you love creativity, critical thinking and design this short design course is for you. 

you'll learn a number of themes and core skills, to explore and develop your practice in creative thinking and pattern making. This course will help you to start making your own print on demand products. These core skills will help you to gain greater confidence and grow as a pattern designer. This course strives for students to become an inspirational print on demand pattern designers.


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Chantelle Fashion

freelance fashion designer

Hello, I'm Chantelle. A freelance fashion designer, fashion blogger/ vlogger and social media expert. London based designer graduated from University for the creative arts with a degree in BA (Hons) Fashion. Inspired by travel, sewing, textile art, London fashion week and Fashion trends. I decided to make my skills not only my business but my personal brand. I share my passion here on Skillshare! 


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