Beginner Open Chords for Guitar | Guitar Lessons By GuitArmy | Skillshare
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16 Lessons (1h 20m)
    • 1. Open chords introduction

    • 2. What is an open chord?

    • 3. Major chords part 1

    • 4. Major chords part 2

    • 5. Minor chords

    • 6. Dominant 7th chords

    • 7. Sus 2 chords

    • 8. Sus 4 chords

    • 9. Add 9 chords

    • 10. Major 7th chords

    • 11. Minor 7th chords

    • 12. Slash chords

    • 13. Open chord progression 1

    • 14. Open chord progression 2

    • 15. Open chord progression 3

    • 16. Open chord progression 4


About This Class


Are you new to guitar and are frustrated with it because you don't know how to play anything?

Let Chris from GuitArmy get you on your path to playing your favorite songs. 

I created this course Beginner Open Chords for Guitar to teach beginner guitar players how to play their first chords. If you are new to guitar this course will teach you the basic chords you will need to play an endless amount of songs. 

This course is not only for beginners. I think all guitar players can find the course useful because it not only shows you basic chords but you will also learn variations of the chords and more advanced open chords.

In each instructional video the chart for the chord is included right in the video making it very easy to learn the chords. 

A PDF chart of all of the chords is also included in the project section of this course. 

You will learn over 30 different open chords in this course. Below are the types of chords you will learn:

  • major chords
  • minor chords
  • dominant 7th chords
  • sus2 chords
  • sus4 chords
  • add9 chords
  • major 7th chords
  • minor 7th chords
  • slash chords

  After you have learned all these great open chords you will play along with Chris on 4 chord progressions. 

This course is designed to be a fun light course that teaches you the basic chords you'll need to know and makes you a better guitar player. 

I look forward to seeing you inside the course!


Hi Chris, thanks so much for reaching out! I'm about half way through lesson 10 of your Beginner lessons via Skillshare, so I was researching more of your teaching, and what's next... and found GuitArmy! I've gotta tell ya, something about your explanations, your method of teaching, and the detailed resources provided, you've connected so many dots for me -- it's appreciated beyond words! I'm mostly self-taught, regret that I started so late in life, and have tried other online resources, but yours has been the most comprehensive! As a corporate facilitator to adult learners myself, I just wanted to express my gratitude!